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Operasjon Lovsprett

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- Excuse me.|- Go on.
- Here is the post.|- Put it on the desk, miss.
I've been recalled.
I was wondering if you could help me.
- I'd like to ask for an exemption.|- Why?
I just got married.|And it's spring.
Well, that's not it ...|It just seems so unnecessary.
What would it be like|if everybody thought like that?
These are troubled times. We|must all do our bit for our country.
This spring is the busiest period|in our department.
We won't lose any sleep.|You'll make a fearsome soldier.
And you'll have a chance to show|how indispensible you are to us.
Snotty little twerp!
The Under-Secretary|of Defence, please.
Mum? I had a bit of a late night.|I spent the night at Else's.
No, it was fun.|It was Else's idea.
What? Yes, Else is fine.
Take care.|I'll be home for dinner.
Goggen? ls this you?
Yes.|This is the boy hero in person.
I've been prepared|since the nappy phase.
Have you seen this one?
Goggen Rask,|the youngest member of the gang.
This was when I won World War II.
- What's that?|- My granddad was a boundary post.
He was a gutsy guy.
It was passed on from him.|From father to son ...
- Damn!|- How nice, Goggen.
It's time to get the|old lumbago going again.
Can I do the brake lining?
Better learn to polish before you|try your hand at mechanics.
Botolph! There's a letter for you.
Hi! I've been dreaming of you again.|About your voice, your eyes ...
Tell that to Bredesen. He's been|waiting for you for an hour.
- He who waits ...|- It's only ten o'clock.
Nice of you to pop in. We're|in the middle of the sales season.
We're about to market|our latest sensation.
The fountain for the Norwegian home.
I was planning to start with Oslo|and surroundings. Then Sørland, -
- then Oppland. And we'll finish|it off with Møre and Romsdal.
Get in your office and start working!
What am I going to do about this?
"Clean and with short hair ..."
"Military service."|I might have known.
Every time I have a new sensation,|something is wrong with you.
I'm stuck with 600 boxes of rotating|toothbrushes because of you!
I had chicken pox.
Babies get chicken pox!|Deal with this.
Otherwise, I'll hire a new salesman.
Turned down?|It doesn't make sense.
I guess the ministry|found out that ...
- They never asked me.|- You know, Lars ...
All I know is that I haven't|sowed the potatoes yet.
And we haven't planted the turnips.
- Don't blame me.|- Aren't you a civil servant?
- Yes, but I can't help it if ...|- God help you if our farm goes bust.
I'll speak to the major.
I don't think people|know patriotism any more.
They dance in the streets on May 17th|and drink to king and country.
But if you venture to recall them|for service, see what happens.
Amazing that the nation can exist|with so many sick people.
These have been turned down.
Here's the happy grenadier.
1125116/48, Rask.
I presume my exemption|has come through?
2511 6?|It's been turned down.
It's nice to see a man with a sense|of humour in the military.
You were exempted|five times in a row.
In 1954, you had your appendix out.|In 1956, your tonsils.
And last year you had your appendix|removed a second time.
You are to serve in communications|as a telephone operator.
But I'm deaf as a post.
- Record office, Captain Bjerke.|- Have you got my record?
Rieber-Larsen?|One moment, I'll have a look.
No, it's been turned down.
{y:i}Our ships contribute more money to|{y:i}society than your scout troop costs.
Most interesting. You are to|report at the appointed time.
This is my record.|Talk about a black book.
Ten days' detention|because of absenteeism.
Four months without leave|because of insubordination.
You can't call up a slacker like me.
You will report|at the appointed time.
You have been made a corporal.
- Is this where you get an exemption?|- Yes. Just pop in there.
- Is it about an exemption?|- Yes. I'm 46762, Johansen.
Not granted.
- You will serve as a cook.|- I'm a car mechanic.
We already have a car mechanic.|Every man in his right place.
Is the other guy a car mechanic|in civil life?
- No, he's a cook.|- I see.
The only thing we haven't got|is a bugler.
I've never seen such a poor lot.
It's sacrilege to put uniforms|on those slobs.
What's this?
Could it be the|Minister of Defence?
How do you do?|My name is Rieber-Larsen.
- Where do I ...?|- The hut over there.
Why do I get all the dregs?
Come in!
I'm 33, Uppengen.
How about some leave?
- Do you feel well?|- Yes. Or ...
- Do you feel well?|- I've got medical certificates ...
You can never have|too many of those. Next.
- So, you have two appendixes?|- Not any more.
Stand still!
When I see a pretty sister like you,|I feel like being your big brother.
One feels so relieved after|such a thorough medical check-up.
There you are.
Let's see how tall we are.
- 5.7.|- Is that all?
Oh, that's right.|I've got my short legs on today.
You must be 36-26-39.
Get on with it, Nurse Bitten.
I'm terribly underweight.|Want to weigh me down tonight?
59 kilos. There you are. Next.
Speed things up a bit, Doctor.|The handing out of kit is at three.
Want to go for a relaxing drive?
Maybe some other time.
I'd like to free you now, Delilah,|but the depot beckons.
- Could you show us the way?|- I'm going in the same direction.
These trousers must be too big.|They're a size 7.
- Give him a smaller pair.|- This is a 4.
We only have sizes 7 and 4.
I'd like to look at a pair|that's snug at the hips.
This is too small. I need a 59.
Pull up your legs|and you're a turtle.
Here's Louis Armstrong.|I can't play, but I got sheet music.
- Is this free?|- Sure.
This is purely a financial|operation for me.
Free board and lodging. Full pay|and full benefit for the wife.
- But you won't get leave.|- Leave?
You have to get inside the wire|before thinking about getting out.
This mattress is comfortable enough.
You tend to get sensitive when|you stay in boarding houses.
- Do you work for the government?|- I cut wooden horses and wickerwork.
And I'm a window and door specialist.|In my spare time.
It doesn't even have a key.
17 A.
There you go.|How old are you?
{y:i}She can't lay eggs|{y:i}and she cannot crow
{y:i}she can't scrape|{y:i}and she can't go
- Who owns this bag?|- I'll remove it.
Throw mine up while you're at it.
BB-216 in action.
- The damask cloth needs fresh air.|- Give mine some air too.
This will be a nice, clean locker|once I get the muck cleaned out.
I'd like to demonstrate|the latest in shrink-free fabrics.
Elegant, flexible and,|above all, fashionable.
Good sleeve and body lengths.|A vest to be worn with pride.
Can be delivered in|plentiful quantities.
- How many do you want?|- I've got one, thanks.
I've got more sensations.
The latest in rayon men's socks.|It stretches forward, -
- backwards and|to the side at the same time.
Extra suppleness in walking.|For any occasion.
Good for summer use|and as a knee stocking.
Or as a pixie hat.
Company, at ease! At ease!
My name is Sergeant-Major Viker.|I'm your commander.
This is Sergeant Røyse.|He will give you further instructions.
- Carry on.|- Attention!
At ease.
As of now, this unit is|in a constant state of alert.
We will follow the usual regulations.|Reveille at 6:30.
Roll-call at 7:30.|Lunch at 12:00.
Dinner at 5 p.m. After that you're|free within the compound.
All quiet is at 9:45.|Lights out at 10:15.
Hello, sir.|You didn't get away, did you?
- Who are you?|- Shipping assistant Røyse.
- I tried to ...|- What a pity I couldn't help you.
It doesn't hurt anyone to get some|fresh air and serve their country.
It'll be tough in the coming days.|Roll-call in full kit in 30 minutes.
- He was kind of brusque.|- We'll take him down a peg.
One more thing.|About cleaning duty.
It has to be done every morning.|We can start with you.
- Honestly, Røyse!|- Sergeant Røyse!
- You'll take it in turns.|- Then you can do my boots, too.
Eyes forward! Attention!
Major. 180 men present, sir.|17 are sick, two commandeered.
Attention! At ease! At ease ...
- Good day, soldiers.|- Good day, Major.
Much has changed since the|last time you were in the army.
New weapons have been introduced.|You must think like military men.
Keep your eyes open.
Today's Norwegian army|is a modern army.
You will see things that are quite|different from earlier models.
Pay attention to the details.
I have seldom seen a stouter,|braver body of men.
I expect a great performance|in the field. Let's inspect them.
- Get another uniform.|- New uniform, yes, sir.
Good grief!|Lots of odds and ends there.
Major?|What about my leave at the weekend?
Company, attention!|Dismissed!
- Is it fun to be a soldier again?|- Well, you know ...
- Have you been called up, too?|- No, I deliver bread and cakes.
We own the café just outside|the gate. Do you like doughnuts?
These are home-made from Solgløtt.
See you at Solgløtt.
- What's with that cake dish?|- Wait and see.
Some water in here. There we are.
Then we put this in here.
Abracadabra!|Now Mummy can light the candles.
- Is that ordinary water?|- From the clearest spring.
The Norwegian home fountain.|For your desk, or bedside table.
A must on every festive table.|Shall I take your order?
- How much is it?|- A mere trifle.
That's one for Johansen. Kenny?
I can give you a down payment of 0|and the rest in instalments.
You get it for a 21-day trial period.
Would you like a fountain?
Nice. Yes, put me down for 150,|for the time being.
The sandman's coming.
It's bedtime.
They can't force adult people|to go to sleep at a fixed time.
According to regulations,|it must be dark.
- What was that?|- 62, Johansen, practising the bugle.
62, Johansen.
Call this soup?|What kind of a cook are you?
- I'm not a cook, I'm a bricklayer.|- I went from kitchen to depot.
The company driver became a runner|instead of the orderly.
That's why the bricklayer became the|cook. The real cook pumps petrol.
That way it's more military|and more clear.
Faster.|It's only another 10 miles.
This year will be a disaster|on the farm.
It's fantastic. You just push|the button and it spurts out ...
Excuse me, Major.
It's about shipping agent Røyse.|He is persecuting me.
- I can't help that.|- He gives me all the dirty work.
- Complain about him.|- I am.
Complaints must be in writing,|following the chain of command, -
- to be certified by the commander,|and by the officer in question.
- Do you think this will help?|- Hardly.
- That was that.|- Good it wasn't my ring finger.
You never know|what might happen between us.
Sit down and let's combine|business with pleasure.
- You lie in your brother's arms.|- That's far enough.
- Lie down now, shall we?|- Oh, yes!
I'm feeling much better now.
- Use the restroom in there.|- Thank you, sister.
{y:i}My dear Marie,|{y:i}here's a little note from me
{y:i}the army really is|{y:i}as tough as it can be
{y:i}hard drill the daytime|{y:i}and knackered at night
{y:i}there is no time at all for fun
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army|{y:i}fighting to defend our country
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}- it's good they're in the world|{y:i}- to defend the girls
{y:i}I am in the hospital|{y:i}not looking too bright
{y:i}after a dangerous operation|{y:i}last night
{y:i}actually our hero cried|{y:i}like a stuck pig
{y:i}when we pulled a thorn|{y:i}out of his hand
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}fighting to defend our country
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}- it's good they're in the world|{y:i}- to defend the girls
{y:i}I'm always faithful|{y:i}I only dream of you
{y:i}send me your picture|{y:i}that's all you have to do
{y:i}writes our Odd|{y:i}but his locker door is full
{y:i}of pictures of ladies|{y:i}without clothes
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army|{y:i}fighting to defend our country
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}- it's good they're in the world|{y:i}- to defend the girls
{y:i}we're on a manoeuvre|{y:i}I am working like a dog
{y:i}bullets are flying|{y:i}in the cold and rain and fog
{y:i}easy to write that|{y:i}while you're lying in your bed
{y:i}fighting a midge|{y:i}that buzzes round your head
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}fighting to defend our country
{y:i}poor poor brave boys in the army
{y:i}- it's good they're in the world|{y:i}- to defend the girls.
Right, left, right, left ...
Rieber-Larsen! I said left!
- Just wait, we'll get back at him.|- When will you learn? Listen to me!
Company, halt! One, two ...
- I'm deaf as a post.|- Company! About face!
About face! March!
About face! March!
Stop! Halt!
- Fresh coffee. You like that ...?|- Botolph.
- Would you like a bite?|- My finances are not up to scratch.
So I think I'll take a|rain check on that.
It's so quiet,|so I think I'll have a cup as well.
- Do you want one? It's on me.|- Thank you ...?
- Molly.|- Lovely. Shame they have a hole.
I think I'll take my workshop|and move over here.
- You repair cars?|- Well ...
I sort of patch them up.|Svein helps me.
- Do you have big children?|- He's my brother. An afterthought.
You shouldn't have children|before you marry.
And that won't happen|until I get engaged.
Girls and money are the same.|They slip through your fingers.
You haven't really held on to them.
If the right one turns up,|I'll hold on all right.
- Where have you been all my life?|- On Mysen. Will I see you tomorrow?
- Who won't be seeing me tomorrow?|- Silly Billy.
I'll call you tomorrow.
- Aren't you sister Florence?|- I've been to the cinema.
You ended up in lovers' lane, too.|Boy, if that lane could write a book.
- lt would be a bestseller.|- With the last chapter about me?
- You don't take anything seriously.|- Florence!
Company. Attention!
What the hell|is this supposed to be?
- I've corrected it, sir.|- This is lese-majesty.
It's a size 60,|temporarily altered to 56.
About my leave ...
- 82, Rieber-Larsen?|- What is it?
That's "yes, sir".|You handed in a complaint.
I'm afraid Lieutenant Viker|saw no reason to certify it.
Report to the quartermaster.|He needs help with the rubbish.
A week from now,|I'll get back at that worm.
Get on with it.
Don't eat any leftovers.
- Are you selling any cake dishes?|- Like hot cakes.
- So your boss will be happy.|- I sent him the orders just now.
Four more fountains! This new|salesman is a genius, I must say.
Write to Rask|that I don't need him any more.
Tell him the new salesman|sold 40 ...
No! Write 140 fountains.
Back at three.
Mr Bredesen!
- Do you know about fan belts?|- Isn't this a garage?
- Aren't you ...|- No. I'm just experimenting.
Svein is our specialist. Svein!
Car trouble?
- Are you Svein?|- I am. What's the problem?
I came to a stop.|There was a knocking noise.
- Crankshaft.|- Then it started to cough.
I'll have to replace your injector|and adjust the manifold.
Then it all depends on the|distributor and the diaphragm.
Key, please.
Come back tomorrow.
Did you send that letter to Rask?|Stop the post. The postman, I mean.
We need a new van. Two vans!
I'll go to the storeroom to count.
Finalise these. We're going to sell|fountains like hot cakes.
My darling! Three cups of|mocca java with a sticky bun.
- May I use the phone?|- Please.
I'm calling from Café Solgløtt|near Haglemoen.
Could you put me through to|Oslo 420502?
That's fine, I'll hold.
I see.
Globe Line? This is Rieber-Larsen.|Get me Langset.
Hello, Langset? Fine, thanks.
The manoeuvre is coming soon.|Could you send representation ...
Yes, exactly. As soon as possible.
How did it go in Hamburg? What?
Europe Line?|All you had to do was get it signed!
Yes, you try that. Goodbye.
I can't leave without the|company falling apart.
If I had done the deal, I would have|100,000 dollars in my hand right now.
- 12.75.|- Thank you very much.
This is a godsend.
Who? Botolph Johansen?
- Do we have a Botolph Johansen?|- Here.
A call for you.|You can take it there.
Johansen's Car Rep ...|Svein, is it you?
How do you assemble|a fuel pump? We've ...
You take in repairs? Have you|taken apart the fuel pump?
I had to,|if I was going to assemble it!
Yes ... Yes.
Yes! Right!
{y:i}- For another three minutes ...|- That's all right, miss.
Aha.|Did you put in the ignition?
Now you put the spindle|through the spring.
- Could you wrap it up?|- Svein must put in the distributor.
Just screw it tight,|turn the ignition and start the ...
- Has the car exploded?|- No, the one Mum is working on.
Hello!|What about the morning concert?
I'm far from satisfied. You are|acting like a bunch of civilians.
You're dressed incorrectly,|you don't know right from left.
The manoeuvre is near.|The unit will have to change tack.
Never in my military career have I|stood face to face with so many ...
47 reported sick. 20 sent home.
It's no good.
Company headquarters, this is|Lieutenant Sem. It's Captain Bjerke.
The Commander-in-Chief|wants to attend the manoeuvre.
What did you say?|The Commander-in-Chief is coming.
- When is he coming?|- Thursday morning. Zone A, point 17.
Zone A, point 17.
That's right on our patch.
I've written a leave application.
- What do you think of the catch?|- What do the girls see in you?
You must have a magical attraction|and a melodious name.
- What's your name again?|- Botolph.
You need a name they can breathe.|Goggen.
Can you hear the sigh? Goggen ...
- What else did you do?|- There are many methods.
See that? Take cover.|I'll show you method number 1.
- Morning. Is anything wrong?|- No, no.
- Nurse? What is ulcus?|- It could be an ulcer.
- Are you sick?|- Where is the spleen?
- Here.|- On me.
- Does it hurt?|- It's like a cramp that spreads ...
- Do you think it's dangerous?|- Come to the hospital so I ...
- I mean the doctor can look at you.|- But then I'll meet Bitten again.
Not between 12 and 2 o'clock.
- That was method number one.|- I can't pretend that I'm sick.
Wait here,|I'll show you the next method.
- Do you know "Some Like It Hot"?|- With Marilyn Monroe?
- The boys said you look like her.|- Me? Go away.
All the boys in the cinema were|whispering yesterday:
"It's like seeing Nurse Bitten. The|same tempting mouth, same figure."
- Did they say that?|- The boys, not me.
- And what do you think?|- Marilyn can't hold a candle to you.
Company, halt! Attention!
The army's private provision|department reports for duty.
For more courage and precision.|Against cold, wet and sore feet.
- How can we take this with us?|- We hide them in a crate in the car.
We'll have a mobile stash.
Men, it's almost time. The|manoeuvre starts tonight at 04:00, -
- when we depart from here. At 08:45,|the camp must be established.
Start packing!|I want everything ready in ...
... ten minutes.|Any questions? Carry on.
I could already see us|in striped pyjamas.
We need a crate.
- Don't push. Hide it inside the car.|- Under the tool boxes.
What the blazes is this?
That's no way to treat|military material!
The contents can knock down an|entire company. Back to the depot.
- You again?|- I couldn't find the depot.
Do you see that hut?|Then turn around!
- That's the depot!|- Oh, right. Yes, sir.
I left a crate here.
- Wasn't it supposed to go in?|- No, it shouldn't have been here.
Here you have it back.
Are you crazy? Do you want|to destroy the whole camp?
I knew it. It's all pell-mell.
A car will come to collect|all the crates XP 319.
Take this list to headquarters.
- Aren't you at headquarters yet?|- I just wanted to help.
You're just talking nonsense.|I know you.
You know what I do every night?|I shout, "Bitten!"
- Oh ...|- Are you sick?
- What's mucus?|- I don't know.
I've got a pain in my mucus.|And I've got a pain in my spleen.
It spreads upwards from here ...
That was method number 1.
- Hi.|- Hi.
Hi there!
Florence. This chair is free.
- Is it you?|- The little sister in flat shoes.
I don't want to be your brother now.
Come and sit with me.
- Can I have a cigarette?|- Please.
Little children shouldn't be playing|with fire.
What about the cinema?|The cinema? Are we going, or what?
Then I tuck them in|and kiss them goodnight.
Is there any hope for a guy|with an arrow through his heart?
Bitten? Didn't you take over the|department for arrow wounds?
Let's ignore them.
- Want to go for a drive, Bitten?|- Yes, thanks.
Be a brave soldier. Goodnight.
How could you be so clumsy?
We're getting warm.
- What are you playing at?|- We're just tidying up.
Come out now!
The ammunition truck|is going to Flattjønn.
You stay here.|We need an extra guard.
Report to Sergeant-Major Viker.
Change the wheel, Rieber-Larsen.|Our office hours are not 9 to 5.
You won't have office hours at all.|You've got three weeks' notice.
Any complaint should follow the chain|of command. That is, through me.
You cover the road from the knoll|to the swamp.
No one may pass. Is that clear?
Not even a gust of wind will|get past. Beat it! It was a beetle.
Headquarters, Lieutenant Sem.|The general has crossed Bang Bridge.
- We've come to see Major Kamstrup.|- Nobody told me.
- This is the Commander-in-Chief.|- Have you got any ID?
- Use your loaf!|- Nobody told me.
- Good day, Major.|- Good day, General.
Hello. You again? Buzz off.
Hello, number four.|Are we through to Flattjønn now?
Hello, Flattjønn?
- I found it!|- What are you going to do with it?
- I can ...|- Let me take care of it.
Come on.
I said Flattjønn. What?|The line's broken?
Better drive up there.
- Oh, my goodness!|- Great, eh? The orders pile in.
And fade away.|I can't hear a thing.
You go to the road,|I'll take the northern section.
Tell them to hurry up with the line.|I must get in touch with Flattjønn.
- Hello, here I am.|- That was quick.
Get it over here. And connect me|with Flattjønn immediately.
The red plug goes with the red wire.|No. 14 into hole No. 5.
Then this here.
Let's see. Wind from the west,|low pressure in the east.
Then we turn this. There you are.
- Hello?|{y:i}- Put me through to Flattjønn.
One moment, please.
I want a case of grenades|XP 319. And make it quick.
- The crate!|- Are you here already?
- I can leave if you want.|- Nonsense. Put the crate down.
- I can't believe you put it down.|- You're like a cartoon character.
Where do you want the case, Major?
Another one? Must be a mistake.|Put it there.
Actually, no. We don't need two.|Take one back.
- Do you get it now?|- Yes. I get real ammunition.
- I take the crate to the major ...|- What's the most important thing?
That I get the crate|that the major has now.
I'm not thick, you know!
- The major has one case.|- Your move.
- He did it. The crate is ours.|- Drømmen, you're a hero.
Hip-hip ...|Hurray, hurray ...
Shall we have a snifter?
Cheers, Drømmen.
Operator? Hello?
{y:i}The lines are engaged.|{y:i}Please wait.
Hello! Hello!
- Hello?|{y:i}- This is the vicar in Hurdal.
- Hello?|- Hello. This is Major Kamstrup.
{y:i}One moment, please.|{y:i}Kamstrup? It's for you.
One moment, please.
Hello. The line is dead!
- Hello?|{y:i}- Give me Captain Børresen.
- He's not here.|- He isn't? Where is he?
I guess|he's running around the terrain.
- Who is this?|- 62, Johansen.
- The major got Drømmen on the line.|- I don't belong here.
- So where do you belong?|- I belong here.
{y:i}- There's a fault on the line.|- What's the position of PV troop?
{y:i}- I said I don't know.|{y:i}- Shut up!
- What?|- It wasn't me.
- The PV troop is in the west.|- No, west. South south-west.
- Who am I speaking to?|- It's still 62, Johansen.
This has gone too far.|Get me the officer in charge!
A call for you, Kamstrup.
- Here's your firewood.|- Hold it. Take this.
You have to dig another latrine.
Do it yourself!
This is for emptying the latrines,|and this is for the obstacle course!
And this is for five years of toiling|for Globe Line!
You little dictator!
Where's our|stuck-up junior partner now?
We break up at 06:00. The artillery|takes up positions at Braskelia.
Our target is the bridge at Krekling.|It must be taken by 12:30.
My farm is over there and|I'm here ruining good potatoes.
- That's not our concern. Dismissed!|- I'll dismiss all right. Go away!
- Do you know about farming?|- I can sow potatoes.
It's a special assignment.|We take off with our convoy ...
- What on earth ...|- Do you know about farming?
- What do you mean?|- Listen ...
13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 ...|This is wrong. There were 19.
Lieutenant Sem!
- We're missing one truck.|- That's right. Three units are gone.
Start a search immediately.|And not a word to the general!
Sergeant Røyse!
One truck and three soldiers are|missing. Search the road back there.
I'll take this.
- They probably broke down.|- They must be found!
The general mustn't find out|about this fiasco.
Leave the rest of the ammo on the|truck until I give further orders.
No snogging behind Simen's barn.
Welcome to operation shovel.
Guess what the boys say about you?|You look like this film star ...
The one in this film about ...|What was it about?
Anyway, that's what all the boys say.|That was method number 2.
How romantic that we meet|between the sheets.
- Isn't that where you usually are?|- Let's forget the world around us.
I wonder what the world|around us says?
{y:i}We need gritty men|{y:i}and fighting girls
{y:i}here comes the first unit
{y:i}armed to the teeth ...
- Molly!|- Botolph!
That was method number three.
First turnip battalion: Eyes right.|Company, forward shovel!
{y:i}We need gritty men|{y:i}and fíghting girls
{y:i}here comes the first unit
{y:i}armed to the teeth|{y:i}for the potatoes
{y:i}up go their shoots
{y:i}weeds will wither and cabbage|{y:i}and spuds thrive when we attack
{y:i}we fight for our fatherland|{y:i}clover away we hack
{y:i}the fields are in bloom|{y:i}the weeds go boom 'cause here are we
{y:i}with our spade and rake company
{y:i}the hens are laying eggs|{y:i}like a machine gun
{y:i}the cows get milked|{y:i}buckets and barrels are filled
{y:i}the crops are bursting out|{y:i}all the plants sprout
{y:i}- we'll make lots of money|{y:i}- and I'll ride a pony
{y:i}potatoes are like hand grenades
{y:i}what a bang they can make
{y:i}we're the rake and spade company
{y:i}we need more men to toil|{y:i}in the spring
{y:i}the major could pull the plough|{y:i}that's the thing
{y:i}the general would work the stables
{y:i}and the secretary|{y:i}would step down a rung
{y:i}nasty sergeants and commandants|{y:i}would be spreading dung
{y:i}away with guns and bullets|{y:i}up with farming say we
{y:i}in the rake and spade company.
Hallo, Whisky? This is Papa!|Please report, over.
This is Whisky. No news.|Awaiting further orders, over.
No result! The manoeuvre was|called off half an hour ago.
You're mad.|Drive to the drill ground immediately.
We never saw each other.
You're breaking a man's heart.
I'm down on my knees, Florence.
- You are like a magnet.|- You are a ... skirt-chaser.
- No more.|- Seriously?
- That was the last one.|- Strange.
The major will never let such|an error pass.
- We're in the middle of the parade.|- When are we getting married?
- Nobody mentioned marriage.|- I did.
- Say yes, or else.|- Don't let go of that chicken.
- All right, I give in.|- Oh, Goggen.
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