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Operation Pacific 1951

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I hope they get here before daylight.
Sure glad to see you, sir.
Here's what held us up.
Oh, a baby. Gee, he's red.
All new babies are red.
Sister Anna, Sister Felicia, this is Mr. Caldwell.
We have a couple life rafts. We'll get you aboard the Thunder.
If you'll step this way.
Sister Anna, go with Mr. Caldwell and three children with you, please.
And the other Sister, will you come with me?
You know Jonesy, sir.
Yes, I know Jonesy, and I'll give him about one more minute.
Mr. Caldwell, what have you got there?
It's a baby, captain.
A baby?
Where is Cmdr. Gifford?
He's in the next boat, captain.
- What have you got there, Jonesy? - Souvenir, sir.
- You were ordered to avoid trouble. - It wasn't any trouble, sir.
Natural causes. He tripped over me.
I couldn't leave him.
You said not to let the Japs know we were here.
This fellow's breathing.
Stuff him under a tree, where he'll be quiet...
...and let's get out of here. - Aye, aye, sir.
All ahead, standard.
Pile it in there, Cookie. These kids look hungry.
Tell them they can have all the seconds they want.
Here we are.
- Sure you do. - Be sure to blow on it. It's hot.
- Under the tree, seeing the fox was right behind him. So he goes up the tree...
Bless this boat and the crew, oh, Lord...
...and the gifts we are about to receive through thy bounty.
- Landing-party report, huh? - Yes, sir, I hope I got everything in there.
- It should be. Five pages. - You think the captain will like it?
I'm sure he will. I can tell you what he'll say in his patrol report.
- What? - "Special mission accomplished."
Yes, sir.
Children, children, children!
Come, come. Be quiet. Quiet, quiet. Come, come, come.
Pass the word, main induction closed.
- Flood negative. - Flood negative.
- Release air. - Release air.
- Green board. - Pressure in the boat.
- Hold at periscope depth. - Hold at periscope depth.
- Radar report. - Several targets. Bearing...
...0- 4-7 degrees true.
Distance to center of formation?
Two six thousand yards. Close ship in formation. Bearing, 0-4-0 degrees.
All ahead, full.
- Steady on course 3-2-0. - All impulses, steady on course 3-2-0.
- Commence the plot. - Aye, aye, sir.
Up scope.
- Bearing? - Mark, 3-5-8.
- Range? - Mark, 2200.
It's a jackpot, sir.
We can fire anytime, sir.
- Stand by to fire all tubes. - Stand by to fire all tubes.
Watch those children. Grab that kid!
Here, sonny. Sister Anna. You better get these kids out of here.
Number one fired.
Number two fired.
Torpedoes exploded halfway to the target. Caldwell, take over.
Get these children out of here.
- Take her down fast. - Hurry it up!
Don't let the bad destroyer get you.
Rig for depth charge. Rig for silent running.
Hang on, it may get a little sticky.
Don't mind that, kids.
Take a look at Butch.
After five special missions, we get a submariner's dream...
...and what happens?
Torpedoes explode halfway to the target. Take over, Duke.
No power on diving rudders. Shift to hand power.
Hard dive. All ahead, full. Level her off.
Leak in forward torpedo room.
- Is there anything we can do? - Yeah, spit teeth and cut!
Sorry, didn't see you.
That's all right, go ahead. I'll spit teeth.
Listens like he kept right on going after the convoy.
No more propellers.
He's gone.
Gone, huh?
They must have rolled that one off a sailboat.
Well, Sister, how did you...?
Mr. Caldwell, remind me to write a letter to the builders of this boat.
Aye, aye, sir. What did you want to say?
"Dear builders: Thanks."
- What's for chow, Cookie? - Creamed rubber gloves.
- Creamed what? - Rubber gloves.
There's a rubber glove in one pan, and there's milk in the other one.
Well, I'm a monkey's uncle. Who ordered that?
The exec.
- It's hot. - Fine time to tell me.
And this is where my brother came in.
Come on, Butch.
Some things kind of crowd a man, don't they?
Those nuns, wonderful, just wonderful. Never a whimper out of them.
Some of them walked 40 miles...
...clear across the island, right through jungles and the Japs...
...and nothing to protect them but a string of beads.
And the kids...
...we couldn't carry them all.
They didn't understand, so they'd cry.
We couldn't let them cry, because they'd give us away.
And that baby. The mother didn't have a chance.
But the kid, he pops into the world...
...we spank him on the bottom and wrap him in a blanket, and let's go.
He's a game little guy.
You ever hear from Mary Stuart?
Did you know she was in Honolulu?
I heard it in Brisbane.
I liked her.
I married her.
I never saw two people start out with so many things going for them:
Army-Navy games, parties at the Bellevue Stratford...
...hops at the academy, graduation...
...hats in the air, wedding in the chapel, honeymoon.
And then the submarine school...
...cold, wet winters at New London...
...sea duty, no home, no leave.
It takes more than that to cause a split-up.
When a gal like Mary Stuart marries into the Navy, she signs on for that stuff.
Not for what I dished out.
The eager beaver.
I was at sea on a volunteer mission...
...making test runs with that new sonar equipment when my son was born.
Five weeks later, I was down 240 feet...
...trying to get a line around the Squalus when he died.
Like you say, some things kind of crowd a man.
What's the matter?
Oh, that baby kind of got to him.
Baby? Him?
Yeah, him.
Well, mister, what is it?
Damage-control report, sir.
Commander, submarine Thunder to COMSUBPAC, Pearl Harbor.
Women and children aboard. Request ambulance and nurses.
Suggest Mary Stuart meet Thunder. It's a priority message.
Aye, sir.
Women and children coming in aboard the submarine Thunder. Go pick them up.
- Thunder? - Yes.
Cmdr. Steele, I'd like to be excused.
- My ex-husband's on that boat. - I thought you wanted to meet him.
I do.
But on the Thunder, I'll be the visiting team.
I'd like the first meeting to be on my home ground.
As your senior officer, I should comply with this request and order you to go.
But as one woman to another, how's your headache?
- Splitting. - You're excused.
Thank you.
- Permission to come aboard? - Good afternoon.
- Welcome to Pearl. How are you? - Good to see you, sir.
- Hello, captain. - Somebody enjoyed himself in Australia.
Yes. Nice people down there, sir.
We're happy to be home too, sir.
- Chief? - Good afternoon, sir.
- What's the matter? You look worried. - I lost one of my children, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
Shall we go below, gentlemen?
Sorry about your carrier, Pop. We contacted the Sarasota...
...and her planes got the cruiser and two destroyers. The carrier got away.
Better luck next patrol.
We'd have wrapped her up...
...except for those two prematures that rattled our eyeteeth.
- What will we do about the torpedoes? - Knocked the bottom out of my gang.
Those magnetic exploders are driving us all crazy.
Everybody is working on it.
We're doing something, dropping them next patrol.
- We're going back to contact exploders. - Maybe we can get a few hits now.
- Here's our patrol report, sir. - Captain, captain.
- Yes. - Sister Anna is leaving...
...and wants to say goodbye. - Go ahead, Pop.
Duke, you brought them aboard. You take the bow.
Bows we take together.
Bye-bye. Be good.
So long.
Sister Anna, we've been looking for you.
Cmdr. Gifford, we've been wondering what to say after "thank you."
- Why don't you let it go at that? - It's a pleasure having you aboard.
Tonight in chapel, the words will come to me.
I seem to think better when I'm kneeling.
- Goodbye. - Goodbye.
- What's the matter? - Huh? Oh, nothing.
Well, don't you think we'd better get below?
Yeah, just a minute. I'll be right back.
Oh, I'm sorry, nurse. I thought she was...
I thought you were somebody else. I beg your pardon.
Think you knew her?
Well, there was a nurse in Darwin, and l...
We better get below.
Hey, Butch. Butch.
Stop that. Do you wanna have them all crying?
- No... - Where's your mask?
- Mask? - Over your nose.
- You're breathing germs in on them. - Where's yours?
- Are you the baby's father? - No...
You shouldn't be here. Leave.
I carried him through the jungle, helped deliver him.
All right, now he's delivered.
As for the rest of it, may I remind you that this is not the jungle? Good day.
Well, how do you like that?
All I wanna do is say hello to Butch, and she comes charging in.
- Butch? - Butch the ba...
I suppose you don't like Butch for a name.
I suppose I love it.
I knew a Butch.
It's still there, huh?
- What? - That old zing.
Of course it's still there, you big ape. What do you think could happen to it?
Those things you said at the trial.
Do you think anybody ever tells the real reason for a divorce at the trial?
What was the real reason?
Just now, when I kissed you...
...well, that's where we were four years ago.
Hey, I'm proud of you. Where did you train?
General Hospital, Durham.
What did the gentleman from North Carolina say?
Dad was all for it.
I told him it was sort of a penance.
You felt like you should do penance?
Well, I felt like one of us should.
I've been numb for four years, trying to figure what happened to us.
We had something, but I guess I kicked it around.
Why don't we pick up the pieces and start over?
- What time do you get out of here? - 6:30.
At 6:30, get your hat, coat, stick and gloves, and we'll go out on the town.
- Wine? - Wine, of course.
Remember that little hotel?
- The waiter asked about you... - The waiter asked about you... You too?
After dinner, we'll dance a while, then sneak away...
Duke, I've got a date.
- Break it. - I can't.
It's with Bob Perry. You would remember him.
Bob Perry? Little Bobby Perry? Pop's kid brother?
- What makes you think he's such a kid? - I used to pat him on the head.
- You seen him recently? - No.
Next time you pat him on the head, let me know. I wanna be there.
- We'll take care of that later. About... - Duke, I got a date.
It's all right, commander.
This is my headache.
Honey, I could never marry a submariner. I like to sleep with the windows open.
- Mr. Caldwell is doing all right. - He sure is.
Tasty. Special?
I promised somebody I'd buy wine tonight.
Here we go.
Say, what ever happened to that kid brother of yours?
Bob? You'd never know him, Duke.
What a great, big, good-Iooking guy he turned out to be.
And what he does to those gals.
He sure got all the glamour in our family.
- Good evening. - For two, please.
Right this way, please.
Look, Bob. It's Pop and Duke.
- Mary Stuart. - Pop.
Bob. Duke, you remember Bob, or don't you recognize him?
Oh, yes, fly-fly boy.
Sara. We got that cruiser for you.
If you find any more good targets, let us know.
- We'll take care of them. - Don't talk, Duke.
We can never hope for glory like they get.
You realize that, huh?
We can do things you pigboat boys can't.
Yes, sir, you sure can.
There's no record of a submarine sinking one of our own planes by mistake.
- All right, all right. - Sit. The wine's good. Duke's buying.
We'd like to, but Mary Stuart and I were about to dance.
It's funny, but Mary Stuart and I were just about to dance.
Well, what do you say, sugar?
Well, it's a very funny thing, but I was just gonna ask Pop to dance.
Excuse us.
What's the matter, Cupid?
I read your wire.
Have you been seeing a lot of Bob?
So we level, like always?
- Like always, Pop. - Good.
I think you and Duke belong together.
I don't know what's keeping you apart...
...but I'd hate to think you were using my kid brother to solve your problem.
Why didn't I meet you first, Pop?
Well, tell me about yourself. Pop hasn't given me a rundown for quite a while.
Oh, I'm a big disappointment to my brother.
When I decided against that Navy career, I stabbed him.
- Well, what did you wanna be? - What do you mean, "wanna be"? I am.
An architect. I build things.
You can't build much from 10,000 feet with a load of bombs.
There's a war on.
You know, Duke, I've always envied you.
When I was a high-school senior, an all-city tackle... ran 92 yards for a touchdown to beat Army.
Then when I got to Stanford, won the UCLA game...
...with a home run in the ninth inning...
...papers were full of what a big man you were at the raising of that sunken sub.
There were 400 dives on that job. I made 10 of them.
I know, but you're the guy they talked about. And then when I joined up... my picture in the hometown paper, they crowded me off in a corner...
...with a story about what a hero you were at the bombing of Cavite.
And now, here we go again.
Aren't you dramatizing this a little?
No. It's different this time.
You're not the hero. You're the sucker.
Any man that would let Mary Stuart get away from him is a sucker.
I see what you mean.
But as the fellow says:
"Like the ashes of Alexander, I was once Alexander."
I'm not sure I get that.
But just to keep the record straight...
...Mary Stuart and I are gonna be married.
- You told her that? - Several times.
What did she say?
Well, she didn't say no.
Excuse me.
- Cutting in, captain. - Sure, Duke, sure.
- You look wonderful. I always liked... - He says he asked you to marry him.
How about it?
I had no idea it was so late.
Bob, I want to explain a little situation to you.
- All right, Pop. - You see...
- Will you get me back before curfew? - Sure. Excuse me.
- Good night, Pop. - Good night.
Good night, Duke.
Thanks for the wine.
Big night for you.
I enjoyed it.
He must be a nice guy.
Pop wouldn't like him, and you wouldn't have married him.
So how's it with us? Still the same?
I wonder if it's ever still the same when a girl meets her ex-husband.
I see what you mean.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Please do.
Mary Stuart.
You're still the softest-walking man I ever heard.
Kid says he asked you to marry him.
That's right.
Gonna do it?
I don't know.
He wants to go someplace where they never heard of the Navy.
- And that appeals to you? - His idea... to fly back to Wichita, Kansas, start walking inland with a pair of oars...
...and when we get to where somebody says:
"What's that you got on your shoulders?" That's it.
Just tell me one thing.
When you kiss him, do you get that old zing?
Now you're talking like a jealous husband.
Ex-husband, and don't evade the question.
It's not a fair question.
A girl can't spend the rest of her life kissing.
It's a good thing to fall back on when you run out of talk.
If you wanted to be a nurse, you didn't have to become a Navy nurse...
...and be sent to Pearl, where you might see me.
Duke, I have a life of my own to live.
I didn't want to live it being afraid to run into you.
So you ran into me.
What now?
I don't know.
It's not as simple as I thought.
It took a war to make me understand...
...or maybe it's just that I'm four years older...
...but there hasn't been a day that you weren't with me...
...or a night...
...on patrol or ashore... town or pushing some kids through the jungles with a baby in my arms.
- Duke. - Especially with that baby in my arms.
Duke, what good will that kind of talk do now?
I'm trying to convince you that I want another chance.
I haven't much time to plead my cause.
I called a chaplain friend of mine and asked him to stand by.
We could have a few days together before I shove off.
Wait a minute.
I didn't spend these years to be rushed off my feet by a white uniform...
...a big moon and ginger flowers.
Tree orchids.
You know what I mean.
You're thinking about the old zing, but I'm thinking about the rest of my life.
I can't afford another mistake.
The only mistake you made was in getting that divorce.
We're both grown up now.
We could have grown up together.
Maybe I wasn't around a lot of times I should have been...
...but I guarantee you that I'm gonna spend...
...all the time I have off duty making it up to you.
- What is it, chief? - I'd like to speak to the commander, sir.
Excuse me, honey.
How did you know where I was?
- Chief. - Good evening, ma'am.
- Lieutenant. - Yes, lieutenant, ma'am.
What's the trouble?
Well, a bunch of the guys went to a luau.
You know, a roast pig, okolehao, fresh from the still...
...hula girls... - Yes, I know.
Well, you know Jonesy. The Hawaiian police tried to break it up...
...then shore patrol got into it, and somebody starts swinging.
They're being held at the shore patrol station.
A friend phoned me.
Couldn't you get them out?
No, ma'am, on account of the Hawaiians. They want damages.
- This may be serious. - I know.
You'd better go take care of your Navy.
Go ahead.
Remember what I told you.
- I meant it. Let's go, chief. - Yes, sir.
- Thunder crew, belay that racket! - Look at my guitar, commander.
Please, commander. Look at my guitar!
Hello, Mick.
- You booked them yet, chief? - Well, no, sir, we...
We haven't, because we haven't figured out all the charges yet.
- That bad, huh? - Worse.
- It's hard to believe. - Do you think they belong in a nursery?
Think I've got them there for stealing dolls?
Give me that report, chief.
"In car number one, we were cruising near Koko Head."
That's five miles out-of-bounds, incidentally.
"Our attention was attracted to a disturbance involving naval personnel.
Investigation disclosed a dozen of the Thunder crew at a luau.
The Hawaiians tried to get them to leave. They became noisy and belligerent.
When the Hawaiians sent the hula girls home, a fight started."
I'd like to talk to the man that made that report.
You'll have to go to the naval hospital.
He's in there with five of my best men.
You submariners are practically winning this war single-handed...
...but I don't see how fighting patrolmen is going to weaken the Japs.
There must have been great provocation for my gang...
...if it was my gang. - Lf it was your gang?
Bring those guys from the Thunderfish out here.
Come on, you thunderbirds.
Oh, no.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
What? I want a story here.
Hurry it up!
Wipe those smiles off your face. Lively, now!
Hurry it up.
Right. Hey!
- Jonesy. - Yes, sir?
- Did you engineer this? - No, sir.
Natural causes.
Could I talk to you privately, commander?
You can talk to me, but it won't do you any good.
Fighting men, huh?
Not even the admiral could get you out of this one.
- Now, let's be reasonable about this... - No, no, not a chance.
I'd like to help you, Duke, but it's gotta stop someplace.
Night after night, my men are getting knocked down.
If it isn't Thunder, it's Tang or Silversides or Oahu or Growler.
- What makes submariners...? - Listen.
- They have been out on a tough patrol. - I know, you brought back some children.
- And two nuns. - That still doesn't excuse the...
Nuns, did you say?
And the kids don't know it, but they're going right out again.
All right.
I'll make a deal with you.
I'll forget my end if you can fix damages with the Hawaiians.
- How much do they want? - $233.50.
$233.50? There isn't that much in the whole crew, including the officers!
- It's the best I can do. - Let me out, let me out!
Take it easy, kid!
- What's the matter with you? - I don't know, sir.
- Something went click, and here I am. - He was hit over the head with a bottle.
- A bottle of what? - Okolehao, sir.
- Okolehao, huh? - Yes, sir.
Intoxicating liquor.
Throw these men in the brig for selling bootleg okolehao to my crew.
Please, commander, please. We had a big luau, a big feast.
We had plenty of okolehao. Good okolehao.
- Where'd you get it? - We made it.
That's what I mean.
- How much are you trying to collect? - $233.50.
Commander, what is the fine for bootlegging okolehao?
But how about our instruments and guitars and the damages?
- How about that bootleg liquor? - Hey, wait a minute.
Why don't you call it even?
You forget the damages. You, the liquor.
How about it?
Very good, captain.
All right with you, commander?
All right.
- Leave before I change my mind. - Very thank you.
We'll have a big luau.
And we'll charge you nothing.
And no okolehao. No okolehao.
Goodbye. Aloha!
Be sure you're smiling next month...
...when those ukuleles come floating across the payroll.
- Get them out of here. - Aye, aye, sir.
Follow me.
Hup, two, three, four. Hup, two, three, four.
So help me, Duke, if that crew shows up again, I'Il...
Aloha, commander.
Good evening.
- Ready for sea, Duke? - Yes, sir.
Excuse us, will you, please?
Don't get hurt.
Don't worry. Take care of yourself.
Thanks for coming down, but did you have to bring that kid?
I didn't bring him, Duke. He came to say goodbye to Pop.
I'll never understand this situation.
If you're using Bob to put me over the jumps, all right.
But if you're, by any chance, serious...
...I wanna make sure you don't do anything about it till I get back.
Sure, I'm using the boat, the flags and everything else that will work for me.
You don't expect a guy to give himself the worst of it, do you?
- Not this guy. - I hope I'm interrupting.
...don't forget to duck.
- Stand by your lines. - Stand by your lines!
Pull in your gangway.
That's it, let it go.
Cast off aft.
Cast off forward.
- All back, one-third. - All back, one-third.
Boy, it's good to be afloat again.
- No curfew. No shore patrol. - No Royal Hawaiian.
- No hula-hula girls. - And no trouble.
When you have more experience...'ll understand dames mean nothing but trouble.
When you got a headache, you take an aspirin.
When you got a bellyache, you take a CC pill.
When you ache all over, that's dames, brother. There ain't no cure for it either.
Boy, have I got an ache.
- Now what? - I don't know.
Torpedoes ran true, hit head-on, no explosion.
Haul out the torpedoes and check the settings.
Check all torpedo settings.
There goes a lot of aviation gasoline... the wrong planes.
Torpedo still running.
Those fish have had time to get to Hoboken.
More duds.
- Down scope, secure tubes. - Secure the tubes.
Take over, Larry. Duke, let's get some coffee.
I've got kind of a half-baked idea about this thing...
...and I'd like you to clear it up.
So I could tell it to somebody. It might help them work it out.
I wish I had time to take a warhead apart and play with the firing pin.
Get this off, urgent priority, COMSUBPAC.
"In attack on two freighters, torpedoes fired at ideal angle...
...hit target but failed to explode.
Torpedoes fired at wide angle, sank target.
All torpedoes issued Pearl Harbor. Will keep trying."
I charted the last four attacks.
By the way, I got an answer to my torpedo message.
I've been ordered back home to help them find the bugs.
It's gonna be kind of tough to leave the Thunder...
...but I really think I can do them some good.
I've recommended you to command the next patrol.
The old girl deserves a chance, Duke.
See that she gets it.
- Sound? - Bearing, 0-4-0.
- 62 feet, sir. - All ahead, one-third.
- All ahead, one-third. - Up scope.
- Put me on 0-4-5. - Mark.
Suggest we change course to 1-3-5 to intercept, sir.
- Right rudder, course 1-3-5. - Right rudder, course 1-3-5, sir.
Battle stations manned.
- Stand by to fire. - Stand by to fire.
Stand by to fire.
- Well, here goes Uncas. - Uncas?
Yeah, The Last of the Mohicans.
A hit right under the stack, and nothing happens.
Wait a minute. What's this?
- Colors are coming down. - What?
Get the exec up here.
Executive officer, report to the conning tower.
Captain wants you in the conning tower.
- Take over, Mr. Caldwell. - Aye, sir.
What is it, captain?
A nice, fat freighter, and our last torpedo was another dud.
A dud?
He's running up the white flag.
Now I've seen everything.
What do you make of it?
We must have punched a hole in her.
- Try to contact her, find out who she is. - On it, sir.
- Radio Room? - Radio Room.
Try and contact Jap freighter, close aboard.
Raise the antenna.
No reply, sir.
They're preparing to abandon ship.
Take her up fast. Down scope.
- Stand by to bridge machine guns. - Stand by to bridge machine guns.
- The hatch is cracked, sir. - Open the hatch.
Here we go.
Move along.
Take her down fast.
- Flood negative. - Flood negative.
Take her down, take her down!
Take her down!
Up scope.
Pump the conning tower. We're fighting an open hatch.
Hatch secure, sir.
All hands.
A Jap decoy ship, flying a white flag, opened up on us.
Pop never left the bridge. The Jap is beginning a depth-charge run.
I intend to dive under and come up astern.
- Stand by for battle surface. - Stand by.
Break out helmets.
- Is she still coming, Sound? - Yes, sir.
- Good, steady on course. - Steady.
- Ammunition passers ready? - Yes, sir.
Helmet, captain?
I wanna be in action when the guns clear.
All stations ready for battle surface.
Battle surface.
Pour it to them!
Give me a hand on this gun.
Lay it in there!
Steady on that 40, chief!
Engine Room, give me all you've got!
Hang on!
Hang on!
All back, full!
- Report on bow damage. - Report on bow damage.
Forward torpedo room's flooding, sir.
- Air pressure in that compartment. - Air pressure in that compartment.
There she goes.
Nothing from the Thunder?
Nothing, sir.
Notify all patrol vessels. She's overdue and may be damaged.
Report immediate contact and render assistance.
Aye, aye, sir.
- Mary Stuart's here again, sir. - Oh, dear.
Wish I had something to tell her.
- Have her come in, Dick. - Yes, sir.
The admiral is in the plotting room.
- I'm sorry to bother you, admiral, but... - Oh, that's all right. Come in anytime.
No word, sir?
But that doesn't mean she's lost.
- But no word. - She's a sturdy boat with a fine crew.
They'll bring her in if she's afloat.
Thank you, sir.
No luck, sir. The set's damaged too bad.
Keep trying.
Engineer and first lieutenant's reports, sir.
All hands.
Here's the story.
The damage to our bow has cut our surface speed in half.
We can submerge, but we can't make much headway.
Means we'll do most of our running at night.
We'll be a little late getting back to Pearl, but sit tight. We'll make it.
That's all.
And Ma in her kerchief And I in my cap
Had just settled ourselves For a long winter's nap
What are we waiting for? That huddle in the wardroom?
Board of Investigation has to decide what happened before anybody goes ashore.
A faulty torpedo cost Capt. Perry his life.
Otherwise, the target would have been disabled.
The Thunder wouldn't have been forced into a dive.
After the dive...
After the dive, I acted according to my understanding of the Thunder's mission...
...which was to destroy enemy shipping. - After the Jap ship went down...
...we cruised the area, searching for Capt. Perry.
What was the condition of the Thunder at that time?
Heavily damaged. Barely able to make headway, sir.
You performed an outstanding submarine feat... getting the Thunder back. - Thank you.
You've had a rough patrol and need a little time to unwind... we are recommending you be sent back to the States.
- I'd rather stay and see to the Thunder. - I'm sorry.
- Jonesy... - Nothing doing, Junior.
I've got business that's gonna keep me busy for days.
Not now, I'm heading for a hot bath and a bottle.
- Hey, Mosconi. - I'd love to, but I'm always booked solid.
- Hey, chief. - Not now, Junior, not now.
Why didn't you tell me?
I didn't know all these guys would be here.
I just dropped in.
Looks like a lot of us had the same idea.
I guess it's up to me to say something.
The most appropriate thing I can think of... the last part of the burial at sea in the Navy Prayer Book.
It goes like this:
"We commend their souls to God and commit their bodies to the deep... sure and certain hope of the resurrection into eternal life...
...through Jesus Christ, at whose coming to judge the world...
...the sea shall give up her dead."
Pop wasn't killed in action.
Duke took that boat down from under him.
I know how you must feel, but how do you suppose Duke feels?
He was responsible for the safety of the Thunder and the lives of the crew.
So he took it down where it was safe...
...but he didn't stay down where it was safe.
He brought it up again to fight. Why?
I'm not the only one asking questions.
They're sending him back. Why?
I don't know, Bob...
...but I'm sure Duke did what he thought was right.
Don't try to defend him, Mary Stuart.
Nothing means a thing to Duke except the chance to be a hero again.
I was over at your quarters, looking for you.
I wanted to tell you about Pop, how we all felt.
What's the use of talking?
All I can think of is Pop out there, helpless...
...while you went glory hunting.
Too bad.
Don't be upset, darling.
Let's sit down over here, and you can tell me what happened.
In time, Bob will forgive you.
Forgive me? For what?
We didn't abandon Pop.
He ordered the Thunder down, knowing he couldn't make it.
Knowing she would be under in a minute.
He gave his life for his crew and his boat.
Bob doesn't understand that. After all, Pop was his brother.
And he was my best friend. I'm gonna miss him.
His kindness and his gruff humor...
...but the missing is all mixed-up with such a fierce pride in what he did...
...that I have no room for mourning. I think Pop understands.
Of course, but that doesn't lessen the hurt.
Wait a minute. I told you how I feel.
If you're offering me a shoulder to cry on, I don't need it.
- I have nothing to cry about. - I'm only trying to help.
You can't help me in this.
My problem is to stay aboard the Thunder and keep the crew together.
I had better get started on it right now.
See you later.
What is the matter?
I guess I know now where I stand.
- Is the admiral in, Joe? - Yes, sir. I think he's expecting you.
- Capt. Gifford of the Thunderfish, sir. - Come in, Duke.
- Thank you for seeing me, sir. - Sit down, relax.
What can I do for you?
I would like to talk to you, sir, about the Thunder.
I could say that the crew was so well-coordinated...
...that it should be kept intact, and that would be true.
I could tell you about Pop, and the promise I made to him.
- There's a lot... - What are you trying to tell me?
- I don't wanna go back to the States. - You had a strenuous time.
I know they said that, sir, but I thought perhaps you could...
Well, there is one possibility for you to stay.
I've been given permission to conduct experiments out here.
Find out why our torpedoes don't explode.
I wouldn't be any good for that, sir. I'm no theory man.
I'm a line officer. I belong aboard the Thunder.
You're a practical submariner, and this is a big job.
Flag lieutenant, sir.
Arrange transportation for Capt. Gifford to the States.
I hadn't finished, sir.
What I meant to say was, I belong aboard a boat...
...but I'll do anything I can.
I thought you'd feel that way.
I gather from Pop's messages...
...that he had ideas about what was wrong.
Yes, sir. He started to explain to me but never finished.
Do you think anybody aboard the Thunder has any ideas?
Well, my chief might.
The whole crew are fine torpedo men.
Go in a huddle with the torpedo officer. See what you can cook up.
- We'll give you all the help we can. - Thank you.
It's all right, Duke. Find the answer for me.
You know, I don't enjoy sending out boats and crews...
...with torpedoes that don't get the job done.
Aye, aye, sir.
- It looks all right here in the shop. - But it doesn't explode.
The brain trust has figured out the force of impact.
If we could approximate the tons with which this hits the ship...
Why don't you take it up high someplace and drop it?
No luck. Ten straight duds.
- That sends me back to the States. - Me too.
This thing is a must for the admiral.
Chief, is there anything we haven't tried?
No, sir, except those aluminum firing pins...
...the base sent over, but they look too light.
- Put one in. - Yes, sir.
Stand clear.
Let her go!
- That did it. - Yes, sir.
Hold it right there. Turn around, and give me all the angles.
Then get your hat, coat and gloves because we're going out.
- I've got something to say. - But do you have to say it now?
- I've got big things... - Yes. I'm not going to enjoy it...
...and I want to get it over with. No, please don't touch me. Just listen.
The last time I saw you was probably the most unselfish moment in my life.
I was practically glowing with things I wanted to do for you...
...but you didn't give me a chance. - I'm sorry...
Now everything's cleared up. You want somebody to howl with you.
- I don't want just somebody, I want you. - I'm not available, Duke.
That night in front of the nurses' quarters and then again at the pier...
...I forgot for the moment why we split up...
...but you reminded me, and the trouble came charging back.
It wasn't the Navy, the wet winters, the bad quarters or you being away.
Those things made it wonderful when you got home.
Sure, we did. We had some great times together...
...but a marriage isn't all laughs. I wanted to cry with you sometimes too.
I wanted to comfort you when you lost your best friend...
...but you wouldn't let me.
I wanted to comfort you when we lost our son...
...but you went off into some corner of your own, never realizing... comforting you, I could have helped my own grief.
Maybe it's my fault.
Maybe I shouldn't have let you shut me out...
...but you have no corner on pride, Duke.
If I can't be a part of everything in your life, I can't be a part of anything.
So there is...
...trouble between us.
You don't need me, Duke.
You never have.
You don't need anybody but yourself.
- Fine boy. - Yeah.
Take good care of him, will you?
A man has got a lot to learn.
I heard every word you said. I've been trying to keep my nose out...
...but I can't stand by and watch you make a fool of yourself.
- Cmdr. Steele, I know... - Keep quiet and listen.
Of course he comes to you when he wants to play.
Where do you want him to go, some other woman?
You married him for what he is and tried to make something else out of him.
When you couldn't, and you never will, you began to feel sorry for yourself.
How long would you love him if he did cry on your shoulder?
"You don't need me." "I shouldn't have let you shut me out."
What kind of silly talk is that? And what has pride got to do with love?
Don't worry. He won't be happy...
...but what is more important, he won't be back.
Keep your seat.
What's the matter, Junior? Getting some fresh air?
No, sir.
I was just sitting up here, thinking about women.
How you miss them till you get ashore...
...and then how you wonder why.
- How soon you start missing them again. - I reckon it's just a vicious circle.
That's a cynical observation for a gentleman from Georgia.
- Alabama, sir. - Oh, I beg your pardon.
Of course, sir.
There's a lot of you corn bread and buttermilk boys in the Navy...
...yet that doesn't seem to be sailor country.
Oh, but it is, sir.
From way back.
My great-grandpappy was on the Merrimac.
My grandpappy was with Dewey at Manila.
My pappy was with Adm. Sims chasing U-boats.
Why, even the town I come from is named Decatur.
Indications lead to an all-out Japanese effort... destroy the recently obtained United States base at Leyte...
...and prevent support and supply by our fleet.
The Imperial Japanese fleet is known to have left its base, headed south.
Several courses are open to them.
Consequently, initial contact is of vital importance.
Our submarines are located along this general line.
And it's our job to locate them.
- You think the Japs will gamble like that? - They have to.
The Philippine landing was a ticklish job.
We bypassed a lot of places to jump in there.
If they let us stay, they're gone geese.
- What is it, Mr. Caldwell? - Message from the Corvina.
They got gear trouble and want to know if we can help.
Check with the engineer officer. If we can, arrange a rendezvous.
Aye, aye, sir.
How long have you been out, Freddie?
Sixty days. Didn't even see a rowboat.
Did you guys bring any new pictures with you?
We've got a thing called George Washington Slept Here.
- Got anything to trade? - Yeah, we have a submarine picture.
- It sure is exciting. - Well, send it over...
...and you can have George Washington Slept Here...
...and six points.
- Hey, Joe! Do me a favor, will you? - Sure!
When you get back to Pearl, go up to Room 202.
If there's a buck under the pillow, it's mine.
If there's a buck under the pillow, I'll split it with you.
All hands, this is Jonesy. There will be movies tonight.
- How's the picture? - Oh, all right, I guess, sir.
The things those Hollywood guys can do with a submarine.
I wonder how Freddie's doing with George Washington.
I can't figure out those explosions Sound reported.
- Torpedoes? - Torpedoes, yes.
Ours or theirs?
Something in the water, sir.
- Can you make it out, Larry? - It looks like an oil slick. Wreckage.
All ahead, full.
Find anything, chief?
Nothing I can identify, sir, but there's a life jacket.
Wait a minute, chief.
Radar reports single contact, sir. Bearing, 1-8-7. Range, 15,000.
Single contact?
Clear the bridge.
- Sound? - I can't make it out.
- Hatch secured, sir. - Pressure in the vault, sir.
- Hold at periscope depth. - Hold at periscope depth.
- Steady, all ahead, one-third. - Steady, all ahead, one-third.
Up periscope.
- Bearing, mark. - Bearing, 1-8-8.
- Range, mark. - Range, 12,000.
Angle on the bow, 40 starboard. Down periscope.
Ask the navigator what time is local noon.
Target course, 3-2-0.
Navigator reports local apparent noon 1146, 14 minutes from now, sir.
Up scope. Battle stations, submerge.
- Bearing, mark. - Bearing, 1-9-5.
Range, mark.
Range, 6000.
One l-type Jap submarine, Mr. Caldwell. Take a look.
What do you suppose he's doing there?
He might be taking a noon sight or maybe just licking his chops.
Down scope.
- All ahead, flank. Right full rudder. - All ahead, flank. Right full rudder.
- Steady on course, 2-8-0. - Steady on course, 2-8-0, sir.
- Make ready all tubes. - Make ready all tubes.
Up scope.
- Bearing, mark. - Bearing, 3-4-6.
- Range, mark. - Range, 900.
- Final bearing, mark. - 3-4-8.
- Set. - Stand by.
Now we have torpedoes, Mr. Caldwell. Take another look.
Gee, that is the first time I ever saw a sub get knocked off.
Some night, huh?
- See anything? - Yeah. Johnstown, Pennsylvania.
There used to be a Ferris wheel just outside of town.
Me and my girl rode it a lot.
One night, something happened...
...and the wheel got stuck with us way up on top.
- Boy, was that a night. - I wonder who's up there with her now.
Radar reports multiple contact, sir. Bearing, 2-7-8 true.
Target on steady course.
- Range? - 22,000, sir.
- Tracking party take stations. - Tracking party take stations.
- Get me the engineer officer. - Engineer officer.
How long are you gonna need on that battery?
We may be down a long while.
- Clear the bridge. - Clear the bridge.
- Hatch secured, sir. - That ain't all, captain.
Propeller noises coming in all around the dial, sir.
Stand by, battle stations.
- Any pinging? - No, sir.
- All ahead, one-third. - All ahead, one-third.
Let's go.
What are we gonna do?
Bring her up easy.
The surface radio antenna.
We try to get away, they'll be on us before we can send a message.
If we send a message from here, we won't be able to get away.
- You know what to say, Larry. - Aye, aye, sir.
I'll never make fun of a movie again.
- Antenna up? - Yes, sir.
COMSUBPAC. Urgent priority. Plain language.
Thunder in middle of Imperial Japanese fleet...
...including carriers, battleships and heavies.
Course, 1-5-0. Speed, 25.
Position, 50 miles north of Point Fox.
- We're sending. - Up scope. Stand by to fire all tubes.
Stand by to fire all tubes.
- No sign of life yet. - They must hear us.
Maybe they don't believe what they hear.
Somebody is getting nosy. Down scope.
This is the captain talking.
Well, we asked for it. Now we got it.
We're in the middle of the entire Japanese Imperial fleet.
We've got to sit like a duck in a shooting gallery...
...until Pearl acknowledges our message.
Searchlights are popping all over...
...and destroyers are cranking up depth charges.
If Pearl acknowledges in time, we have a chance.
With these overlapping targets, I intend to fire all tubes...
... cause so much excitement that we can make a break for it. That is all.
- That's enough. - That's what I was gonna say.
- Anything from Radio Room? - No, sir.
- Radio Room reports acknowledge, sir. - Fire.
There's baby. Oh, baby, you're wonderful!
Take her down fast and deep. Rig for depth charge.
Take her down fast. Rig for depth charge.
- Rig for silent running. - Rig for silent running.
We're going down fast. Rig for depth charge. Rig for silent running.
- Left full rudder. - Left full rudder, sir.
- 120 feet. - Right full rudder.
Right full rudder, sir.
Number six popping!
All compartments report damage.
- How we doing, Mac? - So far, so good.
- She might sweat a little. - Thattaboy, let her sweat.
- Level off. - Level off.
- All ahead, one-third. - All ahead, one-third.
- Mr. Caldwell. - There's a bad leak down here, captain.
A DC party will take care of that.
Hurry up that torpedo reload.
All right, take it away. Get it in there. Ready.
Come on, let's go! Heave!
- Larry. - The usual amount of cork.
Plug on number one. Engine water cooler blown.
Brushes for speed regulator jarred out.
Piping on auxiliary engine and liner elbow cracked.
There's a leak in the torpedo room. What else?
We're losing control. We'll have to surface and repair damage.
Where's that destroyer?
He's echo-ranging. He's not sure of us.
Other screw sounds growing fainter.
Wait a minute. There is something else up there.
Heavier screws.
- Slow turning. - Let's go take a look.
- Periscope depth, fast. - Periscope depth, fast.
This will be down the throat.
- Range? - Eight hundred, sir.
- Stand by, forward tubes. - Heave!
They're running at Rockingham.
Torpedo's running.
- Look here. - After tubes reloaded, sir.
This is the captain. We made it.
Jap fleet is gone, and we took care of the destroyer...
...they left behind to take care of us, but that isn't all.
Somebody must live right.
Sitting topside is the most beautiful carrier you ever saw, with a broken wing.
We can get even for the one Pop missed.
They may send destroyers back, but right now she's meat on a table.
What are we supposed to do, throw rocks?
- Yeah. - Tubes are reloaded.
Can you keep her under control for a few minutes?
For a carrier, I'll hold her up myself.
- Stand by, tubes. - Stand by, tubes.
- Range? - 1800. Bearing, 1-7-5.
- Fire. - Don't miss back there, you guys.
That does it. Take a look.
Pass the word. Everybody take a look. Up antenna.
Detail to the conning tower for a look-see.
Better let everybody hear this.
One of our submarines contacted the Imperial Japanese fleet in Luzon Straits.
Enemy proceeding full speed towards Leyte. Execute plan Royal.
All submarines form lifeguard line.
Stand by, air-sea rescue stations, to take aboard downed fliers.
Well done, Thunder.
I hope Pop heard that.
All leaks repaired, sir. Battle damage under control.
Stand by, rescue stations.
Stand by, rescue stations.
Oboe to Baker. Oboe to Baker.
Baker to Oboe. Baker to Oboe. Go ahead.
One down northeast of San Bernardino Island.
Northeast of San Bernardino Island? It gets a little shallow in there.
There's the fly-fly boy.
Navigator reports bottom at 15 fathoms, sir.
- All ahead, two-thirds. - All ahead, two-thirds.
Mr. Caldwell!
We'll take you in as close as we can, then you'll have to go get him.
Aye, aye, sir.
- Keep those Fathometer readings coming. - 11 fathoms.
The bottom's climbing up fast. I hope it's nice, clean sand.
Nine fathoms. Engineer officer, sir.
Mac, I'm gonna ease her in and put her nose on the reef.
Let her down forward.
- All stop. - All stop.
Mr. Caldwell, shove off!
Navigator reports single plane contact, sir. Bearing, 1-2-0. Range, 29,000.
Man the deck guns.
Take over, Larry.
Take it easy. I've got him, Mr. Caldwell.
Mr. Caldwell!
- Chief! - Junior!
Get back aboard, Mr. Caldwell.
That is an order!
All back, full!
- Jonesy, come on. - Junior, the chief.
They're not coming.
Put me down. I said, put me down.
- You were out cold, captain. - Well, I'm not out now.
- Just cold. - Yes, sir.
- Mr. Caldwell. - Yes, sir?
- Thank you. - Yes, sir.
Junior's personal effects.
He was a good man.
Make sure that it says so on the patrol report.
Aye, aye, sir.
- Look at this. Confederate flag. - Yeah.
Don't forget to mention Alabama.
His great-grandpappy was aboard the Merrimac.
- What you got me in? A straitjacket? - By the time we get to Pearl...'ll be as good as new. - PBM alongside.
- Stand by to transfer wounded. - How you doing?
I wanted to tell you I appreciate what you did for me.
- You went out of your way to get me. - We picked up seven fliers.
You just happened to be one of them.
I'm sorry for the way I put it to you about Pop.
I might have felt the same way...
...if it had been my brother.
- All my life, I've been trying to top you. - You said that before.
I thought I'd done it.
Then, with the whole Pacific Ocean in front of me...
...I had to pick the one spot to crash where you could be a hero again.
Why did you and I have to be in the same Navy?
So I could send you back to Pearl in a PBM, I guess.
All right.
Just a minute.
- What's that for? - Nothing.
I couldn't help it about the chief, sir.
You're remembering how he took care of you.
Yes, sir.
But before you, he took care of Larry.
Before Larry, he took care of me.
Before me, it was Pop. Before Pop...
Chiefs have been taking care of this man's Navy for a long time, Mr. Caldwell.
Don't worry about him.
He's got a lot of good sailors to take care of back there.
The tonnage of this patrol was close to a record.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me, sir.
- It's still there, huh? - What?
- The old zing. - Of course it is.
What could have happened to it?
- I got your message. - What message?
Let's go get Butch.
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