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Subtitles for Orfeu Negro.

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Orfeu Negro

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Adaptation and dialogues by Jacques Viot and Marcel Camus
A film by Marcel Camus
Serafina, look how beautiful!
l am very sorry, but you really scared me
Oh, child... are you shaking? Poor thing...
l can feel your heart beating... right here...
in your hand, like a trapped bird
Let me give you something that will help you forget
Here. lt's not very pretty
lt is very pretty, indeed. Thank you very much
Let me help you if you don't mind
but l won't be able to guide you. l don't know Rio
l'll manage. l know this city like the palm of my hand
l may even point you in the right direction, if you wish
Let's go
Onions... onions
Would you like a steak?
Wonderful. Shall we stroll around? Shall we?
The biggest necklaces, here, the biggest necklaces
Hey, girl, let's go!
Are you done, Orpheus? Go get your paycheck
Hey, you! What are you doing here?
l was told to go to the end of the line
-So? You're looking at it -Thank you
-Are you from around here? -No
-Where are you going? -To my cousin's house
Well, then it's OK
Take care of this girl, Hermes. She's looking for her cousin
He'll find your cousin for you. He finds everything
l must go and get my paycheck
Another one for the collection. Nice girl
-She is naive. -Yeah, right. l know you
-Watch out, Mira is around. -Orpheus!
-Didn't l tell you? -Orpheus!
Sorry to break up your party. Are you telling her fortune?
-Why not? -No way!
With her looks, she'll only have bad luck
You're too much of a show-off to deserve good luck
Are you coming?
She is crazy
-Have you been to carnival? -No, l have not
-ls that why you came? -No
You'll end up going. No one can resist the madness
See? There is no mistake
Just follow this path and you'll find the place
-Thank you very much. -My name is Hermes
lf you get lost again, please come back
l'm always here, l am the station guard
Thanks. Some day l'll be back
You're loaded! Hand it over, let me see it
Did you get the directions?
Yes, thanks
-Do you know her? -No
-Why so much fuss then? -Because l am very kind
-Kind?! -lsn't she cute?
-What about me? Let's go! -Where to?
See, Hermes? He is cynical to the point of asking ''where to''
Don't you remember that we are getting married?
-Pay attention, man! -What eyes she has!
And l have a good memory, you know?
l know! Poor guy!
-Where is the fifth forum? -1 st floor, 2nd door, right side
Take your hat off! Fix your tie. What a mess
Let me fix it, let me
-Give me a kiss. -There's people coming
Marriage license?
Sorry! lt's for tomorrow
No, for today. We want a license
-We want to get married, right? -Are you sure?
-Of course! Why do you ask? -Sorry, l was just kidding
l said that because everybody comes here to get married
lt is quite funny
Names? What is your name?
-Orpheus. -Orpheus
Obviously, the bride's name must be Eurydice
My name is not Eurydice. Why do you say that?
Because everybody knows that Orpheus loves Eurydice
Do you love some woman called Eurydice?
l don't know any Eurydice! What is this?
Nothing... nothing. That's an old story. Just kidding
That's not funny at all!
l'm not interested in these old stories, Orpheus
My name is Mira
Let's go, Mira!
Are you happy now? You got what you wanted
-Are you buying me a ring? -What ring?
Now that we are engaged, you must give me a ring
-With what money? -You did get your paycheck!
-You won't do it? -l've got to get my guitar out of hock
That's what interests me. Tomorrow is carnival. A ring?
-Silly! Buy your own ring! -No, you have to give it to me!
l told you, l have no money!
-l can loan you some. -All right!
But you're the one who has to get me a ring! Come on!
-What else do you want? -First my guitar!
1 04...
31 0...
1 02...
Orpheus... Orpheus
You will look beautiful as a king!
l am the king!
Leave it here on the bench... Enough
-What is this? -These crooks aren't interested...
-All right, all right. -Hold it. Look, it works well!
This relic is worth much more than 1 00 cruzeiros...
Any museum would pay alot for this. And it plays well
l just need the 1 00 cruzeiros
l just want 1 00 cruzeiros for carnival. lt plays well
l know. Here are the 1 00 cruzeiros, and take this away!
-1 00 cruzeiros! Great! -Take this devil away!
No, now it belongs to you
You think that's funny, huh?
You made a good deal
-Hold this piece of junk! -Hold on...
Hold this
Don't get mad, all right? lsn't it a beauty?
-lt is beautiful, indeed. -Yes, but you owe me 1 1 0 bucks
-What? -One hundred and ten!
Are you sad, birdy? He didn't come
He will come. Sing, bird. Sing!
-Bread! -l spent all my money on a costume
Chico! Chico!
Oh... lt's you!
-Good morning. -Good morning. Come in
You're the last thing l expected. l thought it was him
-Him? -Chico Boto! You don't know him
What a man. He travels all the time
But he promised to be here for carnival
-Your husband? -No, why?
We just like each other. And l'm all his!
You should see what a chest he has
lt doesn't mean that l'm not happy to see you!
Actually, since he's not here, it's quite convenient
Let me guess... You came for carnival!
-l ran away. -Ran away?
-l'm scared, Serafina! -You? Scared?
Of what? Of whom?
A man who come to the farm and kept chasing after me
-Because you're beautiful, silly! -No
-l'm sure he wants to kill me. -Are you crazy, girl?
He just wants to get into your pants, don't you see?
No... he wants to kill me. l know he does
l know. Listen and answer me. Does he know you're here?
-No. -Then, forget about that! Come
You must be starving. All l have is onions. Do you have money?
Never mind. l'm asking because my costume was expensive
Forget it. The Portuguese grocer will do anything for a kiss
You are really very beautiful!
Good trick
Good morning, Benedito. How are you?
-ls that amulet for me? -No, it is for her
-You don't even know her! -Now l will. Do you want...
-Thank you, Benedito. -You already know my name?
My name is Eurydice. l'll keep this forever
-Even after l die? -That's nonsense. Come on
That boy is full of strange ideas. Let's go, come on!
Give me a kiss
-Enough! Only one. -And you?
-A fish. -Fish... fish... fish
Something makes me think you came with no money
Exactly! l bring you customers like myself- bold ones
You'll be flexible, won't you?
My pretty little fatso... One more, please
You are terrible! Always asking for credit, and now this!
No way! Nobody owes me money!
Here! This should hold you for a little while
That's much better. What about her?
lt looks like she's not used to this... poor thing!
-What about you? No kiss? -No way! l rather pay!
That's too bad, since her man...
This woman is much smarter than you
-Forget it! That's just talk. -Everybody knows that
lf he's really getting married, poor thing!
lt's time now. They are arriving
Take anything you want!
ls everybody crazy?
You're not going to see him?
She doesn't know him yet. When she does, she'll run
even faster than the others. Are you taking that?
No way, that's green!
Green, green- of course! Did you want a red chayote?
This can't be! Poor baby! You're getting hitched?
She's really serious
Do you want me to get rid of your little fiancée? May l?
-How did you do it? -He insisted
l'm so happy!
-You're suffocating me! -l'm happy for you! Give me a hug
-What's going on? -Oh, it's you! Nothing
Sorry. l must tune the guitar for the rehearsal
-Orpheus! Orpheus! -Later... later!
-He doesn't want it. -Didn't l tell you?
-You're an idiot! -My costume is cool
So beautiful
-Where is Orpheus? -He left already?
Yes, he said we should meet at the rehearsal
He could at least have told me
You know, he is so shaken, poor thing
Let me see your ring again
-What a beauty! ls it real? -Almost
lt looks great, doesn't it?
Orpheus, will you dance with me?
Yes. Soon, at the rehearsal
How is everybody?
How are you, Caruso?
You two... always cuddling, huh?
-Would you ask him? -No, you ask him
l would like to ask you something
ls it true that you make the sun rise by playing guitar?
-Of course l do! -Didn't l tell you?
Could you make the sun rise tomorrow?
Sure! Even better, since tomorrow is carnival!
What do you play to do that?
-l make it up. -And you? Could you?
l could make up a melody! l'd love to make the sun rise
Give him the guitar. Just to ckeck it out
This is a very old guitar...
-''Orpheus is my master''. -Yes, that's true
There was an Orpheus before me. And one may come after l'm gone
but l'm the one ruling now. Do you understand that?
Don't be sad. Don't tell anybody, OK?
l will play a new song l just wrote
Pretty, isn't it?
Morning, such a pretty morning
A new song is born
Singing of your eyes, your laughter, your hands
There will be a day when you come
From the strings of my guitar
That only your love sought
A voice comes And talks about kisses
Kisses lost in your lips
Sing, my heart, happiness is back
ln the dawn of this love
-What are you doing here? -l have the right to...
Zeca, take the guitar! You didn't see me!
-lsn't he here? -Who?
Was that you playing?
Orpheus taught me
Where is he?
He just left with a woman
Since you have the guitar, play something
He'll hear me
That's even better. Play
You again? What are you doing here?
Why didn't you tell me that Serafina is your cousin?
So, we are close. What's your name?
Don't you remember? l'm Eurydice
Wonderful! l like you already!
Of course! Orpheus likes Eurydice, as the story goes
Are you Orpheus?
-Yes, l am. From head to toe. -But l... l don't like you
Yes, you do! Try to remember. This is really an old story
Thousands of years ago, Orpheus was sad and melancholic
like the bird trapped in this cage
One day, from the strings of a guitar, sought by only one love,
a voice spoke of lost kisses from the lips of Eurydice
And Eurydice's lips were trembling with anxiety...
and the perfumed flower of her mouth opened slightly
No! You are too young to remember
Yes... l remember the words you sang...
-because they are the same! -Exactly!
But it was the melody l liked best
Forgive me, Eurydice
l need to talk to him
No, leave them alone!
Orpheus, they're waiting for you at the rehearsal!
Well... l need to go
l know
l'll sing and dance for you!
-Are you coming? -Yes, l am
Take good care of her! Let's go!
See you later
Why aren't you paying any attention to me?
l have no time now
-Answer me! -Go back to your place!
l'm sorry. He already saw you. He and the sun
Look at Serafina. She is the Queen of Night
Look how happy she is
-And who is she? -Her?
That's Mira. She plays the Queen of Day
-She is pretty, isn't she? -Yes
She is Orpheus' fiancée
Look, he's going to kiss her
-OK, that's enough! -What's so funny?
-Nothing! That's enough! -Why didn't you kiss me?
Leave me alone. Have you tried on your costumes?
Of course! Mira's costume is a beauty, isn't it?
lt has embroidered sleeves. Let's go see it
Come and dance, Eurydice, come
Come on!
-And who is that? -Ask Orpheus!
-l want a costume for her, OK? -OK, all right
When it comes to women, nobody is better than you!
Leave me alone!
She is pretty! Hot girl
-lsn't she better than Mira? -Much better! A real beauty!
-She has good taste. -Drop it!
-So what? So what? -Where is the costume?
That's all we have. A woman like this doesn't need costumes
-Hold on, let me look next door. -No
-That's right, you're with Mira. -Why are you talking about her?
lt's nothing... nothing
You don't waste any time, do you?
Shall l introduce my cousin?
Be good now. Take care of her. l want a pretty costume for her
-Oh, you! -Seriously
You don't even know her!
Yes, l do
Look at me
Look at me!
Oh, boy!
Don't make faces! This is not tragic. l'll take care of it
People, leave the girl alone! l'll take care of her!
-l will help! -lt's high time!
Don't just stand there! Move! Go!
Quickly, quickly! l'll take care of her
-Orpheus, is Eurydice here? -Yes. Why?
-Eurydice, someone's looking for you! -Who?
-A man. -Who is he?
l don't know. He's not from around here
-Who is it? -Don't be afraid
Tell him she's left. She's gone
What are you waiting for?
Calm down. Calm down!
Calm down! There's nothing to be afraid of!
Take care of her!
What happened?
-Eurydice! She got scared! -Eurydice? -My cousin
-Her name is Eurydice? -She has the right
What happened, Benedito?
l tried to catch him, but he threw me on the ground
-Where did he go? -l don't know. That way
That's impossible! There is a cliff there!
-The man fled that way. -That way?
What's wrong with him?
-Take care of him. -Orpheus! What happened?
Who is this Eurydice woman? Are you sleeping with her?
-No! Let me go! -Stay here!
lf you go...
So, you chased him away?
ls that you? Serafina! Answer me!
Where are you?
ldiot! You scared me!
You're the one hiding, and l scared you?
-Where is my cousin? -Your cousin?
-Yes, my cousin! -Ah, she was your cousin?
-You scared her too, right? -Who, me?
Fine! l need to find her!
Hold it! l came from Montevideo to see you!
She'll find her way
-Where is Eurydice? -He saw her, but she ran off
Where to?
-Answer, man! -Don't know! That way
He'll find her
-Chico, my love! -You're strangling me!
No! He'll kill you! He'll kill you!
Take care of her
l am not in a hurry
We shall meet soon
So long
You are in my arms, Eurydice
l will protect you forever... against everything
l like you, Eurydice
You will never feel scared again... never
Chico Boto has arrived. Do you want to stay here?
You won't be scared here. They're great
He will protect you too. He is a beast!
And then...
then there is me
-Let go! -Orpheus, is that you?
l swear l heard people talking. Didn't you?
-lt was the dog. -Talking?
No. So what?
-She is in good hands. -Who?
-My cousin. -Your cousin? Didn't she run off?
Dummy! Open your mouth and close your eyes
More! More!
The dog ripped one of the little animals
They're not animals, they're signs of the zodiac
lt's beautiful
That's where l was born. lt's my house in heaven
A baby sheep?
l'll rent the one right next to it, so l'll always be near you
Should l?
Good night
Good night
l'll sleep outside. lt's closer to my house... and yours
Good night, Eurydice
One... two... three... four... five
-They're playing. -l hope they will let us sleep
Come on!
Got you!
You haven't gotten me yet
l can't
l will catch you!
Did l hurt you?
Poor thing!
-ls it still hurting? -No. lt's better
Ah, Chico! l won, didn't l?
You always win
Zeca... Zeca!
Let's go... it's time. Hurry! Hurry!
All right... l'm coming
lt's too early to get up, boy. Let us sleep in peace!
-Close that door! -Yes, yes, gramma
Let's go, it's late already
What are these devils doing at this hour?
Quiet, Caruso!
He won't find it. We better tell him
Yeah, right! Come on, let's see
What if he's asleep?
l'll knock on the door
What did l tell you?
My happiness is dreaming
ln the eyes of my girlfriend
lt's like this night, passing
Seeking the dawn Speak low, please
So she might wake up happy
Look... it's rising
Offering a kiss of love
lt's true
Sadness has no end
Happiness does
Happiness is like a drop of dew
On a flower's petal
Brilliant and tranquil, then quivering
Then falling like a tear of love
Serafina, where is your costume?
Chico is here! He is always hungry!
-You look beautiful! -Wait, let me get Orpheus!
No, l'm in a hurry. l will run ahead
-Are you getting married today? -Orpheus forgot
Why? Didn't he invite you?
Eurydice! Ah, Eurydice
You were here? Quick! Get your costume on, quick!
No. Quick. No, no... not there, no... that way
-ln a hurry, aren't we? -Mira... she's coming
So what if she's coming?
Come, dear. Aren't you ready?
-No... l'm in no hurry. -ls he out of his mind?
-Orpheus, you promised me. -l'll keep your scarf
God, he's silly! How did you get him to be like that?
You're awake already! At least say good morning!
-Who is that? -My cousin
Your cousin?
Let's not start with that again, OK? Go to sleep!
-l'm hungry. -Wait!
Eat, eat, eat all the time! Here, eat and shut up!
God Almighty! What can l do? l like him
lt happens to everybody. Look at you
Wow! You look great!
What am l going to drink?
Here, but l don't want to see you again
-Nice costume. -lt was Orpheus' idea
-Happy you. -Me?
Carnival is very nice, child, but tomorrow Chico leaves again
Here, button this down
-l'd rather fool around with him. -l'd rather dance with Orpheus
Orpheus, open the door!
What if you were to dance in my place?
-No! -Yes! That's it!
-Orpheus, open the door! -l'm coming, l'm coming
What are you doing?
Can't you see? Look
Am l pretty?
-Yes. -What's the matter?
You could at least look
Do you have a sore throat?
-Are you... -Listen, Mira, l need to
New? Must be... What are these animals on the scarf?
They are not animals. They are zodiac signs
Zodiac signs! You don't say!
And the girl next door took you to heaven last night, right?
Answer me!
Here! That's what l think of this bitch's dirty rag
lt's her, isn't it?
-Shut up! -You're afraid she will hear!
Listen, if l see her again with you, l will kill her!
We came to help you take the sun
l will wait for you outside
Here. My tambourine
You look very pretty, you know?
Who was screaming next door?
-Nobody. -Was that Mira?
-Since you already know... -Orpheus told me everything
-He promised to talk to her. -l understand
-Aren't you coming, Serafina? -Yes, l'm coming!
She is going to be mad
-Quick, put your veil down. -Now?
Now! Otherwise Mira will think l've been playing tricks on her
She is no good
l'm coming! Chico, wake up and give my cousin a kiss, quick!
-Your cousin? -Yes!
-That's her! -You win the smart prize!
Now she is me, and you will kiss her as if she were me, OK?
-Kiss her? -Yes, her!
No, not here. At the door! l'm coming! Soon! Soon!
Kiss her! Hard!
Say something to her!
-Like what? -What? How, what?
What... what... what
But l don't know your cousin!
-Look at Serafina's costume. -Too much veil, not enough face!
For Serafina, that's an advantage, trust me!
Orpheus, are you going to stand there forever? Let's go!
Ask Serafina if Eurydice is coming. Run!
Serafina, Orpheus wants to know if Eurydice is coming
Why do you have her amulet?
-ls it a secret? -Yes. Only Orpheus may know it
l'll run and tell him to wait for you
Attention! Attention! Here comes the best...
Portela Samba School!
Come, Zeca, let's help hold the rope
Didn't even notice it
-What? -Don't know, look at Serafina
-l love you. -And l love you, Orpheus
Let's go, it is our turn!
Here comes Babylon United Samba School!
-Do you love me? -Dance in your spot!
Answer me!
l wanted to explain before. Now it's too late. Go!
Zeca, look! Death!
That's nothing. Just a masked man
My amulet!
Watch out! Catch it, Benedito!
Attention! The presence of Orpheus, representative...
of United Babylon is required at the Jury's stand!
Why did you choose Serafina to dance in my place?
Not now. The Jury is calling me! Come, Lourdes!
Orpheus, please, the Jury's stand is this way!
Thank you, thanks... everybody deserves... look, look
l will kill you!
l'll kill you! l'll kill you!
Attention! Here comes ''Estaçăo Primeira''!
Eurydice, Eurydice
What happened, child? Calm down, calm down
-He wants to kill me! -Don't cry! Come on
He is going to kill me!
Go to my house. You'll be safe there
-l'll tell Orpheus. -No, l am so scared
Calm down, child. Let me look for him
You know the way
Go, my child
Don't worry, go... l will tell Orpheus right away. Go!
Eurydice! Where are you?
Now she is mine!
lt's OK... it's nothing
No, it's
-lt's over, Orpheus! -Eurydice!
She is dead, Orpheus!
-No! l want to see Eurydice! -You can only see her dead
-No! -She was sent to the morgue
No, she is alive! l'm going to find her!
lt's true, Orpheus. Wait!
-May l go? -Yes
Wait , Orpheus! Orpheus!
-They are all like that at first. -No!
They really liked each other
Really... does that exist?
lt does
Orpheus, wait for me!
l'd like some information
Are you family? Then you can't stay here
lt is forbidden. You can't come in
Stop, stop!
You can't go up! Go, go- Go away!
lt went up
What do you want?
What are you doing here?
-Nothing. -Then, please leave
lt's forbidden and we have no time to waste
Don't be sad, Orpheus
lt's over...
lt's all over
Hold this bitch!
-l know him. -l know this guy
-Are you Orpheus, from Babylon? -Yes, l am
He is incredible! The best! Great singer!
Sing something for us! The one you sang for us... how was it?
Sing, man! What's your problem?
-l'm looking for a lost person. -That's not here
These are soccer fans. Missing Persons, 1 2th floor
-Where is that? -l'll show you. Come here
Show me that step
That thing... that one. Something like that
OK, go... get out of here
Get out of here!
Go away!
Anybody there?
What are you looking for, brother?
Missing Persons
There is such a section...
but l never saw any missing people there. Just paper
That's Missing Persons
See? Nobody there...
but lots of paper, see?
The house is full. 1 5 floors of paper...
for nothing
Can you read?
-Yes. -l can't
Feel free to look around, if you wish...
but you will not find missing people in papers
On the contrary, that's where they get lost
Are you suffering, my brother?
l lost Eurydice
lt's as if she were burning inside my heart
Keep calling... She will come
l am calling
You alone... that's not strong enough...
and these papers will not give you an answer
Do you think paper cares for anybody?
Let's go, my brother. l know where to take you
Let's go
Sweeping, or not sweeping, there is always more paper
Come, Orpheus
Quiet! Calm down, Cerberus... calm down
Calm down, Cerberus
That's how it goes. She received the spirit
Call her... Sing, Orpheus!
Sing, Orpheus... go ahead! Sing, Orpheus!
Orpheus, Orpheus
Don't look back, Orpheus. You will never see me again
Where are you, Eurydice?
l'm close to you, Orpheus
Do you love me enough to accept hearing me without seeing me?
l love you, Eurydice, but l want to see you! My arms are empty!
l want to see you, to hold you close to me
No! You will lose me, Orpheus
You are not there. You are tricking me!
l want to see you!
Orpheus, you're killing me!
Farewell, Orpheus. You'll never see me again
No! You lied to me! Why did you do that to me?
-You lied to me. -Calm down, Orpheus. Don't leave!
Hermes, that's him. lt is him!
lt's me. Hermes also came
l've nothing left in life
l am poorer than the poorest of the black men
Seek mercy, my son. We are all poor and...
what's left to be said is the poor people's word- thanks
l ask you for mercy, Hermes
All l can do is give you mercy
Here. l have already done everything that had to be done
l think that you'll get true mercy there
Thank you, Hermes
No, my son. You are going to thank Eurydice
Are you going to take her yourself?
All right. Come with me
lf you don't want it, it's always interesting...
having another cadaver for the doctors, for science
And it is also cheaper for you
lt is my duty to ask that question, because of them...
and, the truth is, when one is here...
Carnival is over, there is nothing one can do
Would you like to try and identify her?
Careful, you'll get a cold dressed like that
Death is cheap here, right?
Careful! You're shaking
The same thing happens to me
lt doesn't help to be careful. l have a cold all year round
Everything is beautiful, Eurydice
My heart is a bird whose thirst is quenched by a drop of dew
Thank you, Eurydice. Thank you for this new day
You are the one who carries me
l am in your arms, like a sleeping child
The sweet breath of your chest
l know you will take me where l must go
Thank you, Eurydice. The path you chose is full of flowers
The sun is rising to embrace us, my love
You are singing, Eurydice
The happiness of the poor is
the great illusion of carnival
We work all year long
No! No! No!
Hurry! Hurry!
-Play and make the sun rise! -l don't know how!
-Sure, you know. -l don't know if l can!
Make it up!
-Come on, play! -l don't know
You do know, come on!
He plays well, doesn't he?
What are you looking at?
Shut up! He is making the sun rise!
He made the sun rise!
Wow! Just like Orpheus!
-Now you are Orpheus. -No
Yes. Take this little flower
Play a song for me, please
Come on!
O Brother Where Art Thou
O Homem Que Copiava 2003 CD1
O Homem Que Copiava 2003 CD2
Oasis CD1
Oasis CD2
Oberst Redl - Colonel Redl CD1
Oberst Redl - Colonel Redl CD2
Object of My Affection The
Objective - Burma CD1
Objective - Burma CD2
Oceans Eleven
October Sky
Octopus CD1
Octopus CD2
Octopussy 1983
Odd Couple The
Odds Against Tomorrow (Robert Wise 1959)
Of Mice and Men
Offence The
Office The 01
Office The 02
Office The 03
Office The 04
Office The 05
Office The 06
Officer and a Gentleman An
Okay 2002
Old Men In New Cars
Old School
Oldboy 2003
Oliver 1968 CD1
Oliver 1968 CD2
Oliver and Co
Oliver and Company
Olsen Banden Junior
Olympia (1936 Leni Riefenstahl)
Om Jai Jagadish 2002
Omega Code
Omega Code 2 The
Omen III - The Final Conflict
Omen IV - The Awakening
Omocha - The Geisha House CD1
Omocha - The Geisha House CD2
Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD1
Omohide Poro Poro - Only Yesterday CD2
On Connait La Chanson 1997
On Her Majestys Secret Service
On The Beach (1959)
On the Line
On the edge
Once A Thief 1990
Once Upon A Time In China 2
Once Upon a Time CD1
Once Upon a Time CD2
Once Upon a Time in America CD1
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Once Upon a Time in America CD3
Once Upon a Time in China
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One-armed Boxer
One Fine Day
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
One Night at McCools
One Nite in Mongkok
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One Take Only 2001
One The
One Two Three 1961
One from the Heart 1982
Ong-Bak (2003)
Onibaba (Devil-woman) 1964
Only Angels Have Wings CD1
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Onna kyuketsuki
Open Hearts CD1
Open Hearts CD2
Open Range CD1
Open Range CD2
Open Water
Operasjon Lovsprett
Operation Pacific 1951
Opposite of Sex The
Orange County
Ordinary People
Orfeu Negro
Original Sin CD1
Original Sin CD2
Orphans 1997
Oscar and Lucinda 1997
Osennij marafon - Autumn Marathon 1979
Oso Rojo Un
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2
Others The
Otogiriso 2001
Our Lady of the Assasins CD1
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Out Cold
Out To Sea 1997
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Out for justice
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