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Original Sin CD1

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"You cannot walk away from love."
That was the advertisement in a Baltimore newspaper.
And that is how he found her.
She was a young woman in need of a husband.
He was a man who wanted a wife.
Too late to talk sense to him now.
You can't marry her. You've never met her.
I meet her today. The boat from America comes at 6:00, we marry at 9:00... 10:00, I'm back at work.
Ridiculous. This is ridiculous.
A man needs a wife, isn't that what you've been telling me? I sent for one.
From America.
What does she look like?
Comes a day in every man's life when a band is playing...
...and he's the only one who can hear it. Today is your day.
I love you, woman.
She is not beautiful.
She is not meant to be beautiful...
...just kind, true and young enough to bear children.
Go on. The sun will be up any minute. The boat will be coming in.
But what about love, Luis? Doesn't love come into this at all?
Love is not for me, Alan.
Love is for those people who believe in it.
Let's go.
Why are you laughing at me? You've been laughing at me all morning.
Never mind. You go! Go on!
No, this is not a love story.
Butitis a story aboutlove, and the powerit has over ourlife.
The power to heal or destroy.
and this is where the story begins.
Mr. Vargas?
Luis Vargas?
You don't recognize me, do you?
Miss Russell?
Julia Russell?
But this, this picture--
I've deceived you. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have.
I was unsure. You see...
...l didn't want you interested in me just because I owned a pretty face.
So I sent another woman's photograph and not my own.
I see.
I hope you forgive me. I meant to write many times. I tried.
But my courage failed me. So l....
Now I stand before you as I am, and you know the worst.
No, no.
Not the worst at all.
Only, not what I was expecting.
If my deception has altered your intentions...
... if you're not satisfied--
No, it isn't that.
...l am determined to make my way back to my home in Delaware.
-If you say so, I will. -Miss Russell....
Miss Russell...
... you have been honest with me.
I will be honest with you, too.
I will admit to a deception of my own.
You are exactly the image of your photograph.
Yes, I am.
But I wrote to you that I am a clerk... a coffee export house. I am not.
I own the house.
The business is my own.
You did not want me to be interested in you...
...just because you owned a pretty bank account.
Then we have something in common.
We are both not to be trusted.
Of course, if my deception has altered your intentions...
...if you are not interested in marrying a wealthy man....
No, I think I could manage.
If you could manage a somewhat prettier wife.
I'll make the effort.
Miss Russell.
Mr. Vargas.
Now we have all the time in the world to get to know each other.
No, not all the time.
We are going to be married at 9:00.
Then we'd better hurry.
"Take this ring...
"... as a sign of my love...
"... and fidelity...
" you."
Ladies and gentlemen, a toast!
To our groom and his beautiful...
... enchanting bride!
Will you dance with me?
I don't dance.
I say you do.
May their life together be like this dance, harmonious, smooth.
Dance for life never ending and--
Alan, enough is enough.
I'm almost through.
You're through now. Sit down.
-Good luck to you. -Thank you.
Would you like to see the house?
Oh, no. I can see it tomorrow.
You must give me a few moments. I'm shy of these things.
I will give you as many moments, days, nights as you need.
When you want me to come to you...
...l will.
Not before.
You would do that for me?
If you say so, yes.
... l will say good night.
The room is there, to the right.
I think I'll find it.
Awake at last.
The day is half-gone.
I'm sorry. I'm not dressed.
I could wait outside, but the coffee would get cold.
No, it's all right.
If someone brought me my coffee every morning before I dressed...
... l would be very happy.
It would change the day.
... you only drink tea.
I do? No.
When I wrote I worked in a coffee company, you wrote back--
That was my sister.
She believed coffee to be a sinful pleasure so I pretended to agree.
She read all my letters to you, so I could not always be truthful.
All the more reason to forget them. That's all behind you.
What do you think?
About what?
Do you believe as my sister does...
...that pleasure could ever be sinful?
Why did you choose an American wife?
Here, we are the past.
There, you are the future.
Why did you choose to leave it?
To escape the future.
To become someone else, I think.
I am someone else with you.
Someone more like...
There, in his arms...
... she became someone else.
Someone more like herself.
I'm telling you, I've never been happier.
There's no such thing as happily married.
It's an oxymoron, like "happily dead".
I thought you'd be finding your way back to the whores by now.
Seeing a little "Creole" time.
Not anymore.
You've had her for yourself long enough.
When do we get to see her again?
We're going to the theatre next week.
An American touring company she wants to see.
Join us.
Soon comes the morning when the knell is rung...
... to take my living breath.
Come, come, the night is almost done.
Satan is near!
The shrieking, grim and...
...hideous brim of hell to uncover.
Come, or you will share her wretched end.
Hellhound! Abominable monster!
Would that I had never been born!
Cheap melodrama.
Was it we who forced our way to you? Who was it sent her to her ruin?
...or you?
What evil thing has risen from the ground?
Father, let angels now have charge of me...
...encamped around heavenly company.
She is condemned to die.
She is redeemed on high!
Hither, to me!
Julia, my dear, you look flushed.
-Are you all right? -Yes, it's the theatre.
I love it...
... even the cheap melodrama.
Will you excuse me?
Does she suffer from fevers?
She suffers from a little too much rouge.
Nonsense. A lady does not wear rouge.
No, a lady doesn't.
And a lady does not wander through the theater alone, either.
Excuse me.
Perhaps you will find the second act more appealing.
Excuse me, sir! The public is not allowed backstage.
Don't touch me, sir.
That is my wife, damn it!
Luis, you've come to my rescue...
... just like a play....
What are you doing here?
Isn't it exciting? Look at all these mysterious contraptions.
-Who was that man? -What man? I was lost, that's all.
You made my heart stop.
Feel my heart. Feel how fast it's beating?
You'll be the death of me.
I hope so.
Places, please.
Ladies and gentlemen, places for act two.
Take me home now.
My own dearestsister.
I can't understand why you treat me thus. Itis many weeks now since you left.
In all that time, no word from you to tell me ofyoursafe arrival...
...whetheryou met Mr. Vargas, whether the marriage has taken place.
What am I to think?
I have contacted the embassy in Havana...
...and the authorities there in Santiago.
I know how you feel about her, but...
... you have to write.
You have to, before she has the police on us.
You're right. I've been unkind to her.
Although she has never been kind to me.
Just do it.
Do it, and then it's done.
No, no, no!
It's all right. It's me, Luis.
You were dreaming.
Are you all right?
That's it.
You were just dreaming.
It's all right.
It was just a dream.
A bad one, that's all.
It was just a dream.
You okay? You need something?
I'm sorry.
You are here with me. Secure.
You're all right.
Will you stay?
Of course.
Of course.
It's all right.
Luis, don't go.
How is the queen of the house this morning?
Look. See? I've done it.
This is for the best. Thank you.
-I'll have Sara post it this morning. -No need. I can do it myself.
I haven't addressed it.
I have the address at the office. Then it's on its way.
What will you do today?
I'm going to an English dressmaker at the Plaza Vieja.
You'll need money.
Sign here, Seņora.
Is this for both your personal and business account?
Yes, thank you.
I want my wife to have free use of all my accounts.
There you are.
Should I sign using my Christian name?
No, your married name.
You must remember to repeat the signature exactly...
... each time you draw a check.
I will try.
Oh, man!
So, Luis, is it love after all...
... or is it just lust?
Is there a difference?
Oh, yes.
To love someone is to give and then want to give more.
And lust?
What is lust, Alan?
Lust is to take and then take more.
To devour, to consume. No logic, no reason.
So...give, take.
Which is it?
I want to give her everything.
And I want to take everything from her.
Oh, Luis. You are a lost man.
No, no.
She is the one who seems to be lost.
How, why, I don't know. But that will change.
I can change that.
Mr. Vargas?
Walter Downs. I didn't mean to startle you.
-That's okay. -I was told I could find you upstairs.
-How can I help? -Small matter.
Hardly worth your trouble. I've been engaged by Miss Russell.
You mean, Julia?
No, Emily. Julia's sister.
In Delaware.
I'm a private investigator.
I just arrived from Wilmington.
I understand. I know Miss Russell was distressed.
But we wrote to her several weeks ago.
I'm sure when she receives the letter, she will be much relieved.
Then Miss Julia is all right?
More than all right. And more than Miss Julia.
She's Seņora Vargas, my wife.
So you are married?
-That's good news. -Happily married.
I can see that.
What a mystery a happy marriage is.
The bloom in the cheek, the spark in the eye.
-It shows, I guess. -Yes, indeed.
Miss Russell will be pleased to hear of it.
I'd appreciate if you'd tell her.
I will indeed.
And I'll be even more convincing when I've met your wife.
Yes, yes.
Why not?
We will be home Sunday afternoon.
You want to come by for a coffee?
Yes, I will.
Convey to your wife how much I look forward to seeing her.
Outside, please. On the terrace.
Do as she says.
Just in time.
This is for Sunday paseo, and this one for weekdays.
Fine, fine.
And the rest?
This one I like.
What do you mean? There are seven days in a week.
Is there nothing in your trunk?
Nothing good. Anyway, I've lost the key.
We'll get a locksmith. It's an easy job. Actually...
... l'll do it myself.
No, I want to show you something. Come.
You must leave now. I'm going to kiss my husband.
Then we're going to take a bath.
What do I smell?
My perfume.
A cigar.
I tried one.
One of my cigars?
I wanted the taste of you in my mouth.
You have no shame at all.
There is no shame in loving each other.
Do you love me? Julia?
Do you love me?
Or are you not the loving kind?
I forgot to tell you.
We have a visitor coming on Sunday.
We do?
...a genuine private investigator...
... all the way from Delaware.
So, Emily sent him.
Yeah. Detective Downs.
Detective Downs, did you say?
Don't worry, he only needs to see that you're well...
... and happy and truly my wife.
-Then this nonsense is over. -When will that damn bird stop screaming?
Careful, it's coming.
Oh, no.
Don Luis, look. He's dead.
He was just singing.
He's not singing now, is he?
Looks like he got his little neck broken.
Take him away. I don't want Julia to see him.
How does a person die on this instrument?
I believe that...
...the turning of the wheel breaks one's neck.
And if it doesn't?
Does one then strangle?
Are you afraid?
Julia is not afraid.
But Bonny is.
I don't understand. Who is Bonny?
Who is Bonny?
I'm looking for Mr. Vargas.
Thatis a question Luis would soon be asking.
Mr. Vargas?
My name is Russell.
Emily Russell.
I am Julia's sister.
So you understand how upset I was to receive this letter.
But...l thought you would be pleased to receive it.
This letter, sir...
...written in answer to the one I last sent...
...and which is signed in her name...
... is not from Julia.
Of course it is.
I mailed it myself.
It was not written by my sister.
Miss Russell.
I'm sorry.
Don't be upset. I swear to you--
Swear as much as you like.
That is not Julia's handwriting.
That is the handwriting of a stranger.
A person unknown.
At least to me.
-Where is she? -I was going to send for you.
Where is she?
Go away. Get out!
Where did she go?
I don't know. She sent me to the post office. When I come back--
She's not coming back, is she, Sara?
She never was here.
You've been married to a dream.
A dream that stole your soul.
Luis! What is it?
Your wife appeared at five minutes to three for a last-minute withdrawal.
As you instructed, I gave her full access to your accounts.
Your balance at closing was...
...51 American dollars and 40 cents in one account...
... ten dollars in the other.
As I explained to your wife, to close both out completely...
...your signature would have been necessary.
I'm sorry.
Don Luis?
God must have been angry with you that day...
...he let you look in that woman's face.
I want her back. Sara...
... l want her back.
No, cariņo. What for?
What for you want her back again?
No, this is not a love story.
Butitis a story aboutlove.
about those who give in to it, and the price they pay.
and those who run away from it because they are afraid...
...or because they do not believe they are worthy ofit.
She ran away.
He gave in.
Mr. Vargas?
Walter Downs.
What a happy coincidence.
Oh, yeah.
I remember you.
And the authorities here could do nothing?
After all...
... there was no crime.
She was my wife. She just took what I had given her.
Your money.
And your love.
And you did not suspect?
It seems that I know a lot less about women than I thought I did.
And I know too much.
Consequently, I've not much use for them...
... apart from the necessities.
For real intercourse, I prefer the company of men.
Listen to me.
Could you find her?
But I am, at the moment...
...engaged to find the real Julia, the one you were meant to marry.
Have you found her?
Have you found her?
Not yet.
If you do... if you do...
...she might lead you to the Julia I married.
And vice versa.
As much as you want I will pay, if you can find her for me.
That's all I want.
Then I assume you have made up your losses.
As much as you want, I will pay, I said it.
I will pay.
Yes, I believe you would.
And if I did find your Julia?
If I brought her to you...
... or you to her...
...what good would it possibly do you?
Money's gone.
The love...
What could you possibly want with her?
What could you possibly want?
I want to kill her.
Yes, I do recall this lady.
Slim and dark and very. ...
I remember, coming along the deck and the breeze catching her skirt.
She was coming towards me.
She quickly held it down with her hand and as she passed, she smiled.
I believe she was traveling with a troupe of American actors...
... touring the island.
Oh, yes, I remember.
She rolled up some lettuce in her napkin.
I thoughtit was strange. She explained it was for her bird.
She was traveling with a bird.
Oh, yes. I remember her.
A lady with a birdcage...
...but this doesn'tlook like her.
She was young and very pretty.
Yes, that's her.
and the real Julia never appears, because...
...she is dead.
-You mean murder. -Yes.
She could have had an accomplice.
These women often have an accomplice.
Someone she might use and then discard.
Someone who might even now be in pursuit of her, just as you and I are.
This is where it happened.
Here in Havana.
This way, gentlemen. Welcome to Havana.
Mr. Downs will be in room 37...
...and Mr. Vargas will be just down the hall in room 42.
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