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Subtitles for Orphans 1997.

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Orphans 1997

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What's that for?
Cut some hair to put in Ma's coffin.
What for?
So part of us stays with her.
We did that at Dad's.
l don't recall.
We did.
You don't need to. l just think it's good to do.
Says we're still a family.
Even after death.
l want to kiss Mum goodbye.
Sshh, it'll be all right. There's nothing to be frightened of.
Just cuddle in, that's it.
lt'll pass, don't worry. lt'll pass.
Sshh. Just think of something nice.
That's it.
That's it. Nothing to be frightened of.
Just cuddle in.
lt'll pass. Don't worry, it'll pass.
Just think of something nice.
That's it.
the neighbours must've thought there was a fire
a policeman started laughing loud when l came back again
cos at my side was Doctor Maclntrye
you can come and see the baby if you care to call
he's lying by his mammy in the wee white shawl
he likes to keep 'em swanky a dumpling in a hanky
we're gonna call him William Angus Jimmy St John McGull
we've got a baby in the house l am his daddy-o
Not bad, eh?
Don't you just love me?
Frank just became a daddy. A round of applause.
Well done.
Let's continue to enjoy ourselves. All join in.
When's your exams? -Next week.
Next week? Fuck.
How'll it go? -Don't know.
Don't fucking care.
Come see the baby if...
All right big man?
Look at that. lsn't he fucking beautiful?
Got some change for condoms?
You don't want that rubbish.
Ride bareback. Get yourself hundreds of babies.
Right, big man? -Aye.
Got any weans? -Two.
Two, hear that? This cunt's got two. -Come on.
l love you, big man. Fucking love you. -Old poof.
You might well be right.
At least l don't wear poky hats.
Am l right or what?
All l'm saying, we should all just love every cunt, right?
That's my motto.
First time singing here. A big hand...
Large vodka & coke on ice.
l'd like to dedicate this to my mother...
who sadly died of a heart attack the day before yesterday.
The funeral service is in Holy Cross Church tomorrow at 10...
so if anybody'd like to come... -The man lost his mother...
so get that stupid smile off your face.
Same for you lot.
if l could make a wish -Bottled coke with your vodka?
Where you sitting?
l'll bring them over.
can't think of anything l need
no cigarettes
no sleep, no light, no sun
nothing to eat
no books to read
making love with you
has left me peaceful, warm and tired
what more could l do
there's nothing left to be desired
peace came upon me
and then leaves me
Watch your mouth.
What's going on?
Sorry, really sorry.
Why'd we get tossed out?
Get the prick in there.
Bunch of pricks. -Come on.
What did l do?
All l said is we should love each other. -Yeah, not tonight, mate.
Get fucking back there and tell them.
You all right, man?
Fucking got him.
Oh fuck. Oh, Jesus Christ.
l've been fucking stabbed. Jesus. Oh my god.
Well done, Michael, well done.
That was really clever. Really fucking bright.
You stupid cunt.
l can't fucking believe it.
He what? -Cunt stabbed me.
l'm gonna kill that greasy bastard.
We'd better get you to Casualty. Whoa, Taxi.
The lnfirmary.
What's with him? -Just not feeling good.
Bleeding? You'll have to go. Not on my seats.
OK if l bleed out the window?
Just take us there.
Sorry, can't have blood on the seats. And no smoking.
Stick your fucking taxi.
Fucking happy now? Prick.
lt's all right, Michael, we'll get another taxi.
Michael, where're you going?
Do you live with your sister?
Aye, l'm Sheila's guardian. The carer.
Now that my Ma's gone.
l'm glad l was able to tell her before she died.
l think she passed peacefully knowing Sheila's looked after.
Mind you, it's not an easy job. l cared for my mother for nearly 20 years.
My God. 20 years. lf you don't mind me asking, when did your mother die?
She's not dead. She's in a home now.
l couldn't really manage any more.
What age is your Ma? -82.
But still sharp as a tack.
Her legs and bowels are gone now.
What age was your mother?
then throw the bugger off the boat
What the fuck?
You gonna get laid? -Margaret's a nurse.
Who's Margaret? -A friend.
Coming in? -Am l, fuck.
Wait out here. -No. They'll think l'm a sad cunt.
Get you at the corner.
You the nurse? -Do l look like one?
Only asked, for fuck's sake.
lt's a while since l've done this.
Gonna get in trouble with me here? -No, we're all right.
Not too tight? -No, that's fine.
lt feels all right.
What are you doing after this?
l don't know.
l've got as far as here.
Sorry about your Ma.
Hold that.
What the fuck? Come on.
All right.
See what you've done to my jacket?
You soaked us, blind old prat.
What do you say?
Deaf and blind? -Leave him alone.
What? -Leave the old guy alone.
You wanna be first? Come here.
You stay there.
Come here.
Oh here, get back with my jacket.
Oh, my jacket.
That was a good jacket.
What are you doing, you crazy bastard? -What did you call me?
You nearly got killed. Off the road.
You get out the fucking road.
Think you're a bigshot.
Think you're a fucking bigshot. -Come on.
lt's a bus, cunt. Gonna take on a bus?
l'll take them all on. -What's up with you? Just calm down.
When you put a hatchet in Duncan's head.
Man, you talk rubbish. l'm won't put a hatchet in anyone's head.
lt was my fault. l shouldn't have gone for him, but l did.
l'll deal with it. lt's got fuck all to do with you.
He may have done me a favour. -What's that?
lndustrial injury. lf l claim it happened at work l could get ten grand.
That all you think of? Money?
Gonna give Duncan chocolates? -No, flowers.
You may not give a fuck about our family. But l do.
That cunt stabbed my brother. l'll get him for it.
Yeah, he's really scared of you.
College boy. -Fuck you. l only did that for my Ma.
And she's gone now.
Well, isn't she? -Aye, she is.
Right, so now l can do whatever l like. Who's gonna stop us, eh?
l'm gonna kill Duncan.
Do you see?
Nobody gives a fuck.
You better get up the road, Michael.
l hear there's a storm coming.
We're here for you, Ma.
l, Thomas, eldest son is here for you.
So too is Sheila. Third eldest and only daughter.
Your sons Michael and John got into a fight in a pub.
And we don't know where they are.
But we are here for you.
God bless you.
Would you like to add anything?
Oh man, l wish we'd got some crisps. l'm starving.
Prawn crackers. -Oh, sorry.
Great. Bye.
All right, Tanga?
Fuck's sake, John.
How you doing? Long time no see, bud.
Sorry about your Ma.
She were a fine woman, Auntie Rose. -Tanga.
Here for a carry out? -No, came in to see you.
All right.
This is my last order. Wanna come?
Go for a few beers later. -Good.
Come on, then.
He stabbed Michael? l never liked the greasy bastard.
He wants it up the arse and can't get it.
l'll kill him. -Right.
lt's a very killable offence.
l mean it. -l know you do.
Know where l can get a gun? -Aye. But the problem's the ammo.
Why? -Fuck knows.
Guys rob shops with no money with guns with no bullets.
Sums this place up.
Get Harrison to do it.
He'd cut your legs off for a pack of fags.
l wanna do it myself.
Reach in and get a beef with bean sauce.
He's one needs shooting.
Always pays with a cheque. Never a tip.
Open it for us, would you?
Oh, that's disgusting. -Right. Fucking black bean sauce.
Evening. -How much?
Twelve seventy-five. -lt's gone up?
Delivery charge is 75 pence now. Scandalous, eh?
For the extra 25 pence you could get 3, 4, 5 crackers.
Hello, Mrs Bell. -Evening.
Cold tonight? -Freezing. Windy as well.
Your number on back.
A gale force is coming. Me and the lads were going to take the yacht out.
We pooled the tips. Got bottles of fine wine. The boat...
Enjoy your meal.
Cut me off right in the middle of my gag. l hate that.
Why do people have to do that? -Don't know.
l'll tell you. Cos they're jealous.
He has a big house, car, beautiful wife...
but he really wants to be me, right? -Sure, Tanga.
Don't talk nonsense.
Why'd he wanna be me? 35 years old and delivering chinkies.
Patronising wee cunt.
When can we get a gun? -Listen.
l'm sensitive and he hurt my feelings.
Nobody looks down on me. Nobody.
Understand what l'm saying?
Aye. Aye, l do.
Right. Let's get you that gun.
you like Connolly? Course you do.
Everyone loves Connolly.
those are the rejects
with a high forehead and a big stick -Oh yeah, tell me, man.
Thomas, l want to go home.
What? -l want to go home.
Sorry. l promised Father Fitzgerald and mother...
we'd stay here the night. -You promised, l didn't.
Look, l can't leave and you can't go yourself.
So you'll need to stay.
Are you cold? -No.
You want my jacket? -No. l just want to go home.
lf l let you, how would you get in?
Michael or John. -lf they're there.
Probably out clubbing. l can't allow it.
Let me out of here.
Bloody hell, Sheila. You smashed the Virgin Mary.
That kind of sin will be big.
Let me out.
ls that what you want? To go? -Aye, l want to.
Tell me then. -l want to go.
Just see how you go. You want to go? -Aye.
Go. Go.
You do that. You go.
Go. Just go ahead. Go, go.
Go on then. -All right, l'm going.
When you see the others, tell them it was your idea.
Ten o'clock tomorrow, remember.
You lot better not be late.
l can't do all this myself.
Sorry, is Alice in?
No, she's out. -Right.
You the babysitter?
l'm Michael. l'm the weans' Da. -Yeah, they showed me pictures of you.
They in their beds? -Yeah, they're sleeping.
Would you mind if l used your toilet? -No, it's OK. ln you come.
Sure? You all right? -Yeah.
Son, you're soaking.
You wet the bed? -No.
We'll get you into your sister's bed.
And we'll change your jammies.
And l'll fix your sheets.
All right?
What's the matter? Stuck?
Where are you going? -Home.
You want to come to a birthday party? A surprise for my Da.
You want to come? l'll give you a push.
This thing weighs a ton. l'll get someone to give us a hand.
Kimberley, you stay here. Stay.
Are you lost? -Shall we give you a hand?
You said she was spastic.
Watch what you're saying. -lt wasn't me. lt was her.
We'll bring you to Carole's. -Want to buy a record?
Come on, we'll give her a push.
Stick it up your jacket. -ls that it?
lt's fucking big.
How much? -l don't know.
l'll see if l can get it for nothing.
That's the guy who got his jacket nicked.
Did you get your jacket back? -Mad PVC.
Made it out of a black poly bag.
Check the state of you, you cunt.
You mad werewolf. -You mad dick, you.
Up you, you big prick. Get him up you.
Welcome to our house.
Are we ready to scream?
l will kill you.
Cyber Sid Spider. Raise your hands when you wanna go faster.
On you get lads. Two pounds each.
Are we ready?
l wanna hear you scream.
You wanted to see their faces. Fucking shat it.
That make you a big man. Frightening wee boys.
l wouldn't have done it if it was loaded.
What will you do when it's loaded? -l'm gonna shoot that cunt.
Don't worry. -l'm not worried.
Just don't let down.
l'll show you how you put the shites up somebody.
Think l'm gonna let you have all the fun?
Caroline, you're dead. -Shut it, you.
Mum, it's Caroline.
Where have you been? Come in. -Ma, l was...
ln now.
l told you not to walk up there. That ramp's for me.
Go on, up the stairs.
Where's she going?
l've got to go in. -What about her?
l've got to go in. -Come on, we need to go.
We can't just leave her here. -We'll come back.
l promise we'll be back. -Come on.
Are they leaving that lassie there? -She's with me.
Most weans bring home stray dogs, but you bring home...
You wait there.
What was your name?
Where do you stay?
Look, can you speak? -Fuck off.
l didn't know you were with Carole.
Do you want to come in?
Come on.
That's my ramp. -l can't get her up the stairs.
That ramp was built for me. -Her chair is broke.
l'm fed up with people thinking this is a shortcut.
My husband, God rest his soul, fought for three years to get that built.
l need to get her inside before she gets pneumonia.
You're not using it. -Shut op, you old bag.
Don't you speak to Mrs Finch like that. Shut the window.
She should be in a home. -Why don't you fuck up?
l'm phoning the police. Get off my ramp. That's my ramp.
l think he's in here.
Your taxi's downstairs, okay?
Thanks a lot. Here you are. -See you later.
You all right? -Aye, fine.
How are they doing? -They're fine, too.
Things like this bring the family together.
Where were you? -My AA meeting.
Being stone cold sober now that would do my head in.
What time's the funeral? -Ten.
You're coming? -Of course.
l'm due a bonus at work.
l was thinking maybe l could buy the kids some bunk beds.
Would that be all right?
All right.
l'm gonna get pissed. l'll see you. -See you.
l hope you're keeping an eye in there. -We're watching.
He should be here soon.
You'll like my Da. He's nice.
He's here.
Hurry op, light the candles, he's here.
Michael. -Quiet, or you'll ruin the surprise.
Please keep quiet. Please.
He's having a wank.
He's pulling his fucking plonker.
O, you cheeky monkey.
O, Jesus.
What is it?
Oh no, the bastard. He came in my fucking face.
Jesus Christ. -Fuck.
l can taste it. lt's in my fucking mouth.
l'm gonna be fucking sick.
l'm gonna smash his fucking jaw in.
We don't have any bullets. -This is all we fucking need.
Moira, phone the police.
Where are you going?
You shot your fucking load in my face, didn't you?
Drop the fucking knife.
Drop the fucking knife. Or you're fucking shot.
What the fuck is it with you?
John, bring her in here.
You tell this prick of a husband of yours to drop that fucking knife.
ln the name of fuck, what is it with you two?
You want me to kill him? You want me to shoot him?
l'll shoot him if you want me to.
l think she does.
l think you do, don't you? You want me, don't you.
l knew it. l knew you fancied me. l knew she fucking fancied me.
John, hold this.
lf he moves, you blast a fucking hole in him.
Come on. -Where are you going?
We're nipping upstairs. -What do you mean?
She's always fancied me. She's into it.
Get your hands off her. Let's get out of here.
My balls are like watermelons. -l'll fucking shoot you.
You're off your fucking head. We don't have any fucking...
Haven't any what? What were you gonna say?
That l don't have any bottles. Move, move.
Was that what you were gonna say? That l haven't any bottle?
Maybe you're right. Maybe l should let him at you.
You stay where you are. He's just winding you up.
He'll kill you. -l will and all.
And you too, if you don't leave.
Fuck the lot of you.
Your man is a wanker.
l'm gonna boot the fuck out of you.
Any time. -l cannot believe you did that.
You wanna come ahead?
You wanna fucking...
Watch the fucking road, you maniac. Mummy, he's gonna kill me.
Look, no hands.
Come on, motherfucking girl.
All right.
Fucking shitebag. -Who's a shitebag?
You fucking are.
No way you're going to go through with this.
You can watch me shoot that cunt. -Swear on your mother's grave.
What? -Go on, swear on your mother's grave.
l'm no fucking wean.
lt shouldn't fucking bother you then.
Swear that you're gonna kill Duncan.
Or you can forget the bullets.
My mother's got fuck all to do with this.
l'm fucking pleased for you.
Now do it.
l swear on my ma's grave l'm going to kill Duncan.
That's a terrible thing that you've said there.
Your ma that wouldn't have hurt a soul.
And you swear on the grave she's not even in yet.
O,'re one wean she'll not be seeing in Heaven.
Hell's fire, here we come.
All right gents, time. Finish your drinks, please.
l've just got it. -What was that?
l've just got it. -Hurry up and finish it.
Let's have you now. Have you no homes to go to?
Please give for the Children's Hospital.
For the Sick Children's Hospital.
Chase yourself to fuck. You should have a license.
l've got a license. -l don't care. Get to fuck.
Something against sick weans? -l wish they'd hurry up and die.
Finish your drinks.
DailyRecord. -Give me two.
Now, out of here.
Do you think this is The Side you're in?
Finish up.
Get your own. And finish your drink. -What the fuck is your problem?
Open that door.
Are you gonna give me trouble?
l'll fucking trouble you. Get in there, you bastard.
Now finish your drinks, please. That's time.
Move it.
Go on.
Open this door, you maniac. -l wouldn't kick the door.
That'll make him really angry.
What is going on here? -We should've gone to The Anchor.
You told me. You got a fag on you, son?
l wouldn't mind one and all if you can afford it.
You think he'll mind? -Fuck him. We can't smoke in jail.
Think he'll mind the smoke?
Jail? -He'll phone the police.
They'll come down and lock us up.
lt's all your fault. -No it wasn't.
She tried to strangle me. -You deserved it, chatting up that slag.
We were just talking about Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources.
She speaks fluent French. -And you talk constant pish.
l can't stay here. He can't keep us here like this is a cell.
What are you in for? -l looked at his paper.
That's terrible. He's really lost it tonight.
That's nothing. l put my feet on a chair.
He puts me in here for that. You, feet off the chair, he says.
Calm down, l said. l'm trying to get myself more comfy.
l've been in here since seven. Missed quiz night.
ls there anybody else here? An aerobic group or a flute band?
lt's just us.
ls there any other way out? -l'm afraid not.
Give us a hand with this.
Mr. Hanson.
What the fucking...
You better not have damaged my property.
l'll make sure you get three years if you have.
Are you all right, wee man?
That one doesn't count.
He's tensing up his arse again.
Listen, stop tensing your arse up.
Just relax. lt's only a game, remember?
There's your heavy. -Thanks.
Where do you work, son?
Flemins. -On the waterfront? Good job.
Full of pricks like him. -The world's full of them.
My cousin works at Flemins.
What's his name? -Stevie Torrington.
One-eyed Torrie. -You know him then?
Complete wank, isn't he?
l didn't want to say. -He's family, what can you do?
You can't choose family. You're born with what you get.
l'm going ahead. -Have another one.
l better go. -What about him?
Take him to the back and take his wallet.
Then take a brick each...
and smash them against his head.
And don't stop until you hear his skull crack open.
Then turn him on his back and listen to him choke on his own blood.
We couldn't do that, son. Could we?
l'd never do a thing like that.
l might if l was jellied out of my nut.
That was a nice pint.
That's what l think you should do, but l'm not the best person to ask.
lf you don't wanna do that, take his wallet and run.
We'll probably do that anyway, if that's all right.
We'll have a few more drinks and let you go.
A cider. -Wait.
Make that a half, no, a double. -Just wait a minute.
Who is it? -Thomas.
Thomas, it's Michael. Let us in.
Michael? My brother Michael?
Aye, your brother Michael. Now let us in.
l can't, it's locked. -Well, unlock it then.
l promised Father Fitzgerald these doors would stay locked till morning.
lt's pissing with rain out here.
l'm not going to argue with you, so just open the doors.
No, l promised Father Fitzgerald.
Do you know that vandals stole the chalice?
Stole it. Can you believe it? -Open these fucking doors.
l'm not going to break a promise to a priest.
Not even for my own brother.
You fucking stupid bastard. -Why do you want it?
Tell me that. Why?
Sanctuary, you thick pathetic bastard.
l want fucking sanctuary.
No, that's not it. That's not a reason.
Why do you have to be the hard man?
Why can't you just say you miss your mother?
And you want to be with her before they lay her to rest.
l've said it. l've told Father Fitzgerald, l've told him.
l want to stay with my mother.
And the reason he let me stay...
the reason he trusted me, was because he knew l was telling the truth.
He knew the depth in my love for my mother.
That l was prepared to go without sleep to be by her side.
But you...
you're out drinking and fighting and God knows what else.
And now... -You left the side door open.
You left the side door open.
That sums you up.
You set yourself up as guardian to our mother, but you leave the side open.
l'm gonna kill you, Thomas. Because you're an embarrassment.
l'm ashamed to have such a dim-witted fuck for a brother.
l need a fag.
There's a fire in here somewhere.
You can't smoke in here.
Don't start me, Thomas. Don't start me.
lf you ever came to chapel, you'd know we're central heated.
Aye? What do you call that then?
Now give us a bunky up.
l haven't done this since l was an alter boy.
You were never an alter boy. -You were never an alter boy, l was.
What have you done? -lt wasn't my fault. lt was Sheila.
Where is Sheila? -She went up the road.
You let her go out by herself? -She wanted to.
You were to look after her. -She didn't want me to.
But you were looking after her all the same.
l'm looking after her mother. -Her mother is dead.
Sheila is not.
You're bleeding again. -What?
That boy in the pub hurt you. -Not as much as your singing.
l have to find Sheila.
Pray nothing's happened to her. -Where's John?
He's trying to kill a guy. Don't let that bother you, Thomas.
As long as you're all right. That's all that matters.
l love John.
And Sheila.
And you.
But l made a promise to your mother and l intend to keep it.
Good for you, Thomas.
Good for useless cunting you.
Shall we wait until morning and get him when he signs on?
Get him when he signs on? What do you think?
l'll kill him in the morning.
Get some target practice in.
Fuck, man. lt was your idea anyway.
Come back here with that money. Move it.
You bastard.
l'm gonna get the police. l'm gonna get you done.
You're going to do time for this. You can count on it, you bastard.
Who's a chorus boy now?
Don't worry, Ma. Everything will be okay for your service.
l'll see to that.
Mummy, l'm cold. -There's a power cut. We're all cold.
Jesus, Ed. You nearly knocked me off the bloody ladder.
ln you go. -Come in, Alice.
l had such a fright. -Keep warm.
l was in my bath, my lights went out. -l know.
l'd never bother you, but l'm all alone in there.
Girls, get a blanket for Mrs. Finch. That's it.
Just park that there.
Are you okay? Can l get one of these for Mrs. Finch?
That's a girl. Wrap that around you.
And l was all by myself.
Ma, can we sleep here? -We'll see.
He shouldn't have died and left me.
May l use the toilet?
You okay? -May l?
Yes, come in. ln you come.
l'll not shut it completely. l'll stop the weans from jumping in.
You don't want a cup a tea, Alice?
Are you sure you're all right?
Slow up and l'll get the door for you.
Goodbye, then.
Christ, a thank you wouldn't kill you, missus. Stupid bitch.
Oh, here. Out of there.
Out you get. Two minutes, okay?
l'm sorry, l didn't make it.
lt's okay, it doesn't matter.
l've never done this before. -lt's all right, these things happen.
lt's my Mum's funeral today.
l'll get you changed and l'll take you.
l don't want to go. -Nobody'd blame you if you didn't.
But l have to go. -l know, l know.
lt's terrible, isn't it? -Let's just get you changed, okay?
l'm late, that's it.
l'm not even supposed to be here today.
l'm supposed to be at a funeral.
l'm telling you, l want compensation.
How many times have l said that needs a safety guard on it?
Many times.
Look at the state of me.
You come in here to work and the fucking machine nearly kills you.
And you...
you're in charge of safety in the workplace. Some job you're doing.
Because l'm not supposed to be here today. l should be at a funeral.
l only came in, because l know you're behind...
and you need all the hands you can get. And what do you get for it?
l nearly got killed.
Well, l'll tell you. l want compensation.
You're my witnesses. l want compensation.
l want...
l want my mammy.
l want my mammy.
Don't fuck up. -l won't.
Hey, P.J.
Hey, Duncan.
What the fuck? Oh, for fuck's sake.
Oh fuck, John.
Shoot him.
Fucking shoot him.
Go on, you cunt. Kill him.
Shoot the wean.
Shoot him, don't run.
Just kill the bastard, you shit bag.
Where are you going? Give me that.
Go then, Billy. Give us a story. Shut your face. Bang.
And his face was shut.
He says: Open your face.
Let that be a lesson to you.
He says: l'm not going to give you a story today.
l'm going for to give you a prophesy.
'Do you hear that?' says the heathen.
A prophesy, eh?
Stay with the wean. Stay there.
l'm sorry, but l can't wait for the rest of the immediate family.
The insurers are coming to inspect the church.
You go right ahead, Father. -God bless.
Thomas. -Uncle lan.
Thanks for coming, l appreciate it. -Where are they?
Who? -Your brothers and your sister.
l don't know. -Didn't you stay at your Ma's?
l stayed here. Just as well or Ma would've been buried in the rubble.
Did you see what happened to the statue? Total write off.
Thomas, phone the house. Maybe they slept in.
That's really sad, isn't it?
What kind of people would sleep in for their Ma's funeral?
ln the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
The Lord be with you. -And with you.
When we get to there, take that stupid hat off.
lt's not stupid, you're stupid. -What did you say?
Nothing. -Show some respect.
And that scabby dog isn't going in either.
l think God will have to move house.
Leonard, up here.
Up here.
Watch this.
Let us pray.
Father, we firmly believe your Son died and rose to life.
We pray for His sister Rosemary who died in Christ.
Praise her at the last day to share the glory of Christ.
You've called your daughter from this life.
Fulfil her faith in You and lead her safely home to Heaven...
to be happy with You forever.
Oh, Michael.
Who are you going to walk away for?
Are you all right?
How come you weren't going in?
Did you kill that guy?
Did you kill that guy?
Come here.
l nearly killed him, Michael. Nearly killed him and his baby.
l nearly killed a baby, Michael.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
You didn't kill him.
You didn't kill his baby.
That's all that matters.
And now l'm going to say goodbye to my Ma.
With all the grace and all the dignity she deserves.
A reading from the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians.
Death is swallowed up in victory.
l will tell you what has been a secret:
That we're not all going to die, but we shall be changed.
This'll be instantaneous, when the last trumpet sounds.
lt will sound.
And the dead shall be raised, imperishable.
And we shall be changed as well...
because our present perishable nature...
must put on imperishability.
And this mortal nature must put on immortality.
She looks really scared of me, John.
l think l may have fucked up more than anybody.
And when this immortal nature has put on immortality...
Gonna give us a hand, Thomas? -Oh God, Michael.
Call him an ambulance. Get him to the hospital.
Come on, Michael.
Are you coming, Tom?
lt's all right, don't worry. lt's all right.
Now the sting of death is sin.
And sin gets its power from the law.
So thank the Lord for giving us this victory through Jesus Christ.
This is the word of the Lord.
Thanks be to God.
Would the pallbearers please come forward?
l'll take her.
You'll need some help. -l'll take her on my own.
l think you'll find she's too heavy.
She ain't heavy, she's my mother.
Are you all right?
Thomas, are you all right?
God bless.
Here's your change. -Thanks, cheerio.
All right, Thomas?
When did you get out of hospital? -An hour ago.
Nobody told me. -l did.
When? -Last night.
You never. -l did.
l told you we were going to pick him up and if you wanted to come with us.
Nobody told me, l'd have remembered.
Don't worry about it. -l'm not.
Nobody told, l'd have remembered.
l was going to visit, but l've been busy.
l can see that.
You're looking well though. -l look shite.
You're looking fit. Have you lost weight?
About four and a half pints worth.
Because you're looking lean about the face. Good strong jaw.
Thanks. -No bother.
Looking good, brother.
l'm gonna go before l start greeting. We're going for a curry. Coming?
l don't know.
Well, you're invited. -Thanks for that.
Maybe later. Where are you going? -Shannands.
Maybe l'll see you down there.
You're not coming, are you?
We just want you to know we're here for you.
l want you to know that.
l know that.
And l'm here for you. -No, you're not.
This place is full of dead people. We don't belong here.
Are you coming?
Come on. -Come on, Thomas.
l'm not really hungry. -Let's go.
When l said l'm here for you, l meant it.
ln my heart, l am.
Maybe l'll come for a starter. Their mushroom pakora is not bad.
See you, Ma.
See you, Da.
God bless.
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