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Gami, wake up. The sun is up.
Gami, wake up!
You sleepy head!
I've been awake, Gilson.
You're lying. Why were you so still then?
I was listening to how happy you sound
looking at the ocean.
Gami, do you know what the ocean looks like?
It looks like the sky, but moves like a barley field.
That's the breeze.
- Breeze? - Yes.
Feel it... it's soft.
It is! It's like the touch of your hand.
Gami, there are many birds in the ocean.
They are seagulls. Mommy told me about them.
- They are so lucky. - Why?
They have wings.
They can ride the wind to find Mommy.
No, Gami. Not that way.
This way.
I bet Mommy is where the breeze begins.
Screenplay by Choi Min-yong, Lee Seo-gyung & Sung Baek-yeop
Character Design: Hong Won-taek
Background Setup: Choi Hyun-joo Color Coordinator: Kim Mi-sun
Production director: Yang Jin-chul Art director: Song Gyu-hwan & Lee Yoon-ho
Cinematography: Muhn Sung-chul
Sound supervisor: Lee Young-bin Music director: Kang Ho-jung
Theme song by Yoon Do-hyun & Lee So-eun
Produced by Lee Jeong-ho
Directed by Sung Baek-yeop
Here, Gami, eat this.
You eat some. I ate enough.
There's more.
The fat lady gave us a lot.
They are still warm.
Oh! What is it?
It's okay. It's not a bug. It's a leaf.
It's pretty like your hand.
- Is it red? - Yep.
Oh, I like red.
Wow, what pretty leaves!
Hey, are you okay?
Yeah, I just slipped.
Should be more careful.
- Look! Doesn't it look just like us? - Huh?
Well, what do you think?
What a goofball.
Why don't you share our dinner with it too?
Good idea.
Gami, it's a stream.
We have to cross the stone bridge, but they're wide apart.
- Is the water deep? - Uh, huh.
If it's shallow, I can cross it barefoot.
It's not too deep. But it looks cold.
- It's cold, isn't it? - Just a little.
If I was bigger, I could carry you on my back.
Yeah, I wish you were all grown up, too, Gilson.
It's too deep. Gilson, I'm scared.
Just a little further.
Two, three... just five more stones, okay?
Puppy!! Wait here a second, Gami.
Gilson, I'm scared.
Hold on a second. I'll get you across.
It's a white pup. You like puppies!
Come down, please...
I'll catch you if you fall.
Oops. Sorry!
Shoo! You're mean!
- What a naughty cat. - Gilson!
How could you?
How could you? I was so scared.
I'm sorry, Gami. I won't do it again.
You should've waited a bit.
The water was so deep.
And I can't even see. How could you just go off alone?
Don't ever leave me alone again, okay?
Gilson? Where did you go now?
What's wrong? Where are you?
What are you doing? Answer me, Gilson.
What's this noise? It sounds like a dog barking.
It's a child's voice.
Anyone there? Help, help!
What's wrong?
Who's there?
Holy cow!
Mister, please, help me. I'm about to fall off.
This is one strange tree. It grows everything.
Wow, how did that rice cake sack get there?
Did you say rice cake? Darn!
It's warm here. Thank you.
It's late. You should go to bed.
Thank you so much, Sir.
Buddha has plans for everything. Sleep well.
Hey, there, you boy! You should sleep, too
Let's take you somewhere warm.
What's wrong, boy? Come on.
Sir, I think he wants to stay near Gilson.
Ah hah! Is that it?
It'll be cold here, though.
It's getting late. Go to sleep.
Oh, no! They all look alike.
Sir! Sir!
Sir! Sir!
Ha! They all look like you. I had such hard time...
Gilson. You!
Do you know where this is?
I had such good sleep last night, thanks to you.
- Hey... - I love it here.
The birds sing so well. I found an ant farm under the porch.
Oh, don't worry, I didn't kill them. I'll just play with them a little.
Ah hah! Almost forgot. You're hungry, aren't you?
Oh, you're lucky. They're still warm.
Here, eat it. Gami got these rice balls from the kitchen.
No, no. Don't worry about me. I already ate.
You little brat!
No rice balls for you. You're too fat.
You disobedient boy.
Breeze, that's not polite.
It's your fault. You clean it.
- Gilson? - Yes?
- What? - I think you should clean your feet first.
Oh, sorry. I'll clean it up. Don't worry.
It's cold!
- Don't forget your promise! - Uh huh!
- Say "yes," not "uh huh". - Yes, Mister!
It's "Sir," not "Mister".
- Wow, your name is "Sir"? - What?
That's an interesting name, Mister Sir.
No, that's not it.
Never mind. Go play. I think the dog will lose its voice soon.
- Breeze!! - Gilson!
Ah, shhhhh!
Breeze, let's go!
I'll do it now. Why don't you take a break?
No, I'm okay.
No, it's so cold. It's already Winter. We've even had the first snow.
Look at your hands... they're frozen.
Go ahead, go on in. Poor thing, such a good girl!
Ooooh. So cold.
Hold still. I'll make you warm.
Wait a second. Lift your feet.
There you go. You'll be warm even when it snows.
No, come back!
You still have to put on pants!
Hey, birds! Where are you going?
You're going home, aren't you?
You can't fool me. This is my home.
Gilson, come down here right this minute!
Breeze, hush! Yahoo...
At least he's got a good voice.
Gami, the sky is so pretty today.
You can hear the birds sing, can't you?
Gilson, why don't you sing a song?
- A song? - Yes, a song.
Loudly so that the mountain over there can answer you.
Gami sings much better than me!
When mother goes to the island to pick oysters,
the child cries all alone, until it falls sweetly asleep.
The child left all alone keeps the home safe,
until it hears the waves sing a lullaby.
Then it falls sweetly asleep...
Deep, deeply asleep...
I still can't sleep.
Sing another one, Gami.
Stay still if you want to sleep.
Come sleep with me, Gami.
After I finish this.
Here, Gami. Oh, blood!
- It's okay, It doesn't hurt. - Hold on, I'll do it for you.
- It's like a flower petal. - Flower petal?
Yeah. Like the one I put in your hair last Summer.
The one you said looks like a torch on a Winter night?
Ah hah! That's why you smell like flowers.
Yep, that's me. I'm a flower.
- See, you're sleepy, aren't you? - I'm gonna sleep on your lap today.
Be a good boy starting tomorrow, Gilson. Okay?
But it's so boring here.
Everybody is so busy imitating the Buddha.
The only things that move here is me and Breeze.
- When are we going to look for Mommy? - Mommy...
I wanna go find Mommy.
Okay, we'll go look for her soon. When the cold Winter is over.
It's still too cold. When the warm Spring comes, we'll go then.
Gilson, are you asleep?
Will I never see your face again?
Not even once?
Gami, three women are praying to Buddha.
They are praying for luck and fame, Mister said.
An old lady is going circles around the stone tower.
I wonder what she wants. Probably to go to Heaven.
Geez, Buddha must be so annoyed!
I bet Buddha is sitting so still
because he is so tired of their requests.
If it was me, I would try to make him laugh, right, Gami?
You're all grown up, Gilson. You understand Buddha.
- Did you say "hello" to the monks? - Yes!
- Wait for me. - Hurry up, stupid!
What's wrong? Aren't you going to Mister?
You wanna to go pick acorns?
- Not fair. Even bad kids have a Mom. - What?
- Thank you, ma'am. - Drink water with it.
My sister is waiting for me by the lake.
Give us one rice cake and we'll let you go.
Give us one rice cake and we'll let you go.
It's not rice cake. Really.
- Oh, yeah? - Oh, yeah?
- Don't imitate me! - Don't imitate me!
I mean you, stupid!
Okay, okay.
- Freeze! - I told you it's not rice cake.
It's boiled potatoes.
It pisses you off, doesn't it?
- You should learn to share. - You are right.
- I have to share it with my sister. - Ah, you have a sister, too, do ya?
- Beggar sister, I bet. - She's not a beggar.
- Give it back! That's mine! - Wo... scary!
Give it back!
Gami, I wish the lady who gave us the potatoes was our Mommy.
- The fat lady? - No. She's not fat, she's very pretty.
Got it. She's a very pretty lady.
- Are you mad? - I'm gonna do it like Mom.
Let's go gather acorns in the backyard, Gilson.
No, I'm gonna sleep.
Gilson, are you really going to sleep?
You're mad at me, aren't you?
Fine. I'll just go alone then.
I wonder what is wrong with my sweet brother...
- I can't see. - I can't see.
- It's all dark. - It's so dark.
Oh, my god! Who is it?
- See? See? - Yep! Yep!
- I told you, right? - Yeah, you're right. She's blind as a bat.
- Wanna do it again? - Yeah! This is so much fun!
Can I do it this time?
Who is it? Stop it!
But her eyes are wide open.
She's an open-eyed bat, dummy. I'll do it this time. Watch this!
- She's calling for her beggar brother. - She's gonna tell on us.
- Gilson, where are you? - Call him, call him.
Don't pick on her! I'll kick your butt.
- Everybody, stop it! - Go, Bro! Go, Bro!
You asked for it.
Stop it!
Stop it...
How annoying!
Gilson, come here.
- He asked for it and got it, huh? - Yeah, you really got him good.
- Are you okay? You're not hurt? - I'm fine.
I'm sorry, This is all my fault.
- You're bleeding! - It's not blood. It's just my nose running.
Look, he's lying to her because she's blind.
He's lying. That's blood.
- You jerk! - Big Bro... blood!
Another one. Lots of blood.
- I'm bleeding. - Mommy, Big Brother is bleeding!
- Mommy... - He's dying!
- Hurry, Mommy... - Jong Chul!
- Who did this? - He did it!
Who hurt my boy?
- Oh, my goodness! - That beggar over there punched him.
We're sorry. But they started...
What? Beat up my kid half to death and you try to make excuses?
If you're living off of the nice monks,
you should at least mind your manners.
How can such little kids be so ill bred?
My baby. Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot?
My baby, Gilson. Are you hurting? Oh, no! You're badly wounded.
Who hurt my precious boy? I'll have a talk with the bad kids.
Hey, you!
No, the big one. Come here.
Gilson! Gilson!
My goodness! Look at the bad manner!
No respect for elders whatsoever.
You still want to make excuses for him?
- Mommy, she's blind. - What?
She can't see a thing.
I'm bleeding in the nose, too, Mommy.
I'm hurting a lot, too, Mommy.
Hey, Gilson. Bet you can't skip rocks like I can.
Hmmm... Why is our troublemaker so quiet today?
Let me guess. You're missing your Mommy, right?
I can't even remember her face.
She doesn't come to my dreams.
She only visits Gami's dreams. She is so mean.
But she is in your heart.
You may not see her, but she's always inside you.
That's a lie!
Mommy is like the breeze.
She shakes up my hopes, but never appears.
Can Buddha see breeze?
In Buddha's eyes...? Yes, of course he can see the breeze.
- How come? - Because the eyes of his soul are open.
There are eyes on a soul?
Of course. Each one of us has many eyes.
In Gami's case, her body's eyes are closed.
In your case and mine, the soul's eyes are closed.
But if we study very hard, we can open our eyes one by one...
until we can see the breeze... until we can see beyond the sky.
I want to open my soul's eyes, too.
I wanna see the breeze and over the sky.
Then you must study diligently.
Gilson, do you want to go study with me?
Can I really?
But you have to be apart from Gami for a while.
- Why? - Because the way there is rough...
- ...and it'll be too much for Gami. - Where is it?
Up there on top of that mountain. It's called Gwanumlan.
- When will we come back down? - In Spring.
Gilson, you're back.
Shucks. How come you always know when I come near?
I know
because you smell so good.
You mean I smell delicious, like food?
Yep! So much so that I want to take a bite out of you.
You're bored, aren't you, dear?
No, I'm not bored. Mister is going away tomorrow, to study.
Do you want to study, too?
- He says if I study, I can see the breeze. - Maybe...
Then I can probably see Mommy, too.
- Shall I tell you about Mom again? - Oh, yes!
We had a little wooden bed in our front yard.
Yeah! We sat there and ate potatoes and corns, right?
Uh huh. We ate potatoes and corns.
We watched stars at night and listened to Mommy tell fairy tales.
The one about the sun and the moon?
Uh huh! The one about the sun and the moon.
And the one about the tiger and dried persimmons?
Yes! And when we got sleepy...
we fell asleep with our head on Mommy's lap.
Gami, tell me about your ribbon.
It was on my birthday. Mommy and I took a bath.
And then she braided my hair into a pretty rope.
And then?
- Gilson... - Hmmm?
This ribbon is still pretty, isn't it?
I remember there were sparkly gold designs on them.
Yes, there're still pretty gold spots on them.
I think the evening prayer is done.
I better go to the kitchen. You stay here and play quietly.
- Mommy! - Gami!
Mommy! Mommy...
I'm so sorry, Gilson. I lied to you.
We can never see Mommy again.
We can only see her... in our mind.
But what I really want to see... What I am really dying to see...
is you, who are next to me.
White snow...
The roads will be slippery today.
Please, watch over Gilson for me.
You know what a nice kid he is.
He won't be much trouble. Please, make sure that he is okay.
Oops! I got too close.
I'm sorry.
Are you really going to go with me?
Not again! I told you at least one, two, seven...
...a million times!
- You rascal! - What I mean is...
Okay, okay! We got it. Troublemakers love to yak.
Here. Take the hat. It's a gift.
Thank you. It's warm... Gami!
- Hmmm? - Where's your ribbon?
- Ha! I have a surprise for you, too. - What is it?
- Here it is. - It's your ribbon!
- Yep. You know it's my most treasured possession. - Of course, I do.
- I'll be back soon, Gami. - Here's a present for you, too.
From now on, Breeze will accompany you when you go for a walk.
Breeze, you better be a good boy!
Don't make trouble.
You should talk, Gilson!
- Talk? What do you mean? - Talk about what?
- What do you mean? - Never mind.
What is it? What is it?
- Stop it! I'm gonna fall over. - Tell me!
- Gami. - Yes, Sir. Please, have a good trip
I will. Don't worry about Gilson.
- Yes, Sir. - We'll see you soon, then.
- Uhm, Sir? - Yes? What is it, Gami?
Here... I want you to have this. It's not well made, but...
Gilson broke your praying beads a while ago. I'm really sorry.
How did you manage to do this? Thank you so much, Gami.
- Put me down. We have to go now. - Okay. Have a good journey!
I'll be back soon. Bye!
It's cold. Let's go inside, Gami. It's freezing!
Not yet. Gilson is still waving at me.
Don't cry.
- Are we there yet? - A few more hills still.
- But we walked so much already. - We did, didn't we?
- Are you tired? - I'll just roll there.
Gilson, come on.
What do you want to study at the temple?
Should we try writing?
- No. That's boring. - Then?
I want to learn to see things with my eyes closed.
So I can teach it to Gami.
Then she'll be able to see the blue sky, birds and trees.
She can even see the white snow.
It'll be cool if she can see the mountain over there, too.
Hmm... Thoughtful boy.
- Hey, that's cold! - Put me down now.
Mister, what's the name of that bird?
- That's a thrush. - Oh, really!?
Gami, the name of that bird is a thrush. It's funny, isn't it?
But its song sounds so sad, huh?
Gami, the flowers are blooming, though it's still Winter.
They're soft, like hair on the chest of a newborn chick.
The Buddha over there must have kept it warm with his breath.
Wow! No! Don't go away. I'm going to be living with you guys.
- What a kid! - Don't run away!
You must be tired, it was a long journey. Sleep tight.
I must go pray now.
- You can sleep alone, can't you? - Uh, huh!
I've heated the floors. They'll keep you warm 'til tomorrow.
- It's toasty, right? - Yes.
Don't turn the light off.
- I'm scared. - Okay. Sleep well, my boy.
Wow, you're up. And so early, too, although you must be tired.
Go wash up, then we'll eat.
Gilson, wash your face.
Whoa! Cold!
Mister, I'm done.
Already? I didn't hear water splash.
Look... No eye booger. See?
What's this drool stain? Never mind, kid. Let's go in.
You'll give me lots of rice, won't you?
Okay! Go wait inside.
Let's go catch a rabbit!
I'll catch one for sure tomorrow.
You're mine.
No... Don't go away!
Whoa... Anybody there? I'm stuck.
Let's play, please?
Fine. I'm coming, too. I can go to the top.
Ha! You can't go any further, can you? I can!
He thinks he's a super squirrel... I just want to play.
Mister! Sir, play with me.
Is there something on the wall?
If you're just gonna stare at the wall all day, why did you come here?
There are walls at home, too.
Gami, the white cloud went away.
I think it was bored, too.
The tree leaf boat I left behind today...
I still think of it lying by mother's side...
I bet it's floating in a pond,
where the blue moon and white clouds drift lazily away.
I should make the trip before the snowfall gets heavier.
Someone didn't finish the carving. It looks kind of like Gilson.
There you are. You were in the room.
Gilson... Do you want to...
Hey, kiddo. What are you doing?
- Studying. - Studying?
Come play with me.
It's a fun game.
Well... I guess I'll just go study, too.
Mister, don't...
Look, Gilson. Watch this. This is called dance snowboarding.
Wow, that's really cool!
Let's go again tomorrow.
Okay, but you have to stay alone tomorrow.
I have to go to the market before it snows more.
- Why? - There are things to get.
No, I'm scared to be alone.
That's silly, when there's Buddha to watch over you.
You'll be right back?
Of course. I won't be long. Gilson, if you get scared...
call "Dear Goddess of Mercy".
Then she will come visit me?
Of course. If you call her with all your heart.
You mean, if I call her with all my heart, Mommy will come?
Not your Mom... the Goddess of Mercy.
Sir... Have a good trip.
Hurry back, Sir.
That's the room where a monk with leprosy died.
Gami, doesn't the room look scary? The door's covered with dust.
Will you stand there and wait for me?
I'll be right out, okay?
Don't go into that room.
It's a monster!
What's this? There's nothing.
Did I scare you? Hello. My name is Gilson.
I knew it, you are the Goddess of Mercy.
What's the name of that flower? It's pretty like my sister.
Shucks, am I talking too much? Well, goodbye.
I can come back tomorrow, right?
Did you say "yes"? Okay, I'll come again tomorrow.
I'll fix the door, don't worry.
Oops. Maybe not. Goodbye, Goddess of Mercy.
What a cute baby.
I think you'd better hurry, Sir.
It looks like a snowstorm is on the way.
No!! Gilson is alone. I'll be right there, Gilson.
Just wait a little... a little...
Sir... Have a good trip! Hurry back, Sir...
No, I can't... Gilson. I can't...
He's still not here.
The room is clean now, isn't it? I put some heat in, too.
There was a lot of snow today. Maybe that's why Mister is so late.
I slept alone last night. Was I scared?
He he. A little. But I didn't cry.
Did you stay here by yourself? I'll come visit you often.
Hold on one second.
It's warm, isn't it? You know, I came here to study with Mister.
What kind of study?
The one where I can see things with my eyes closed.
I'm going to teach it to my sister,
because we have to go look for our Mommy soon.
And I don't know what she looks like.
But Gami knows, because she dreams about her.
However, Gami cannot see when she is awake.
She may not recognize Mommy even if we find her.
That's why I have to study...
Can I call you Mommy?
I think I'll go see if Mister is coming. I'll come again tomorrow.
Sir, Sir...
I'm coming, Gilson...
Second day and he's still like this...
Mommy, did you sleep well?
It snowed tons today, too. The whole world is white.
And Mister...
I think Mister is mad at me.
So many dark nights passed by already.
I made so much trouble.
I'm sorry, Sir...
Gami, I called Mommy with all my heart,
but she is still not here.
I think she must be mad at me, too.
Gami, tell me how I can make her hear...
Gami, when are we going to look for Mommy?
When the warm Spring comes.
It's finally Spring, Gilson.
Sir, why does the bird cry so sadly?
That's the thrush...
Gami, the name of that bird is a thrush. It's funny, isn't it?
But its song sounds so sad, huh?
we must be almost there. I can feel him.
Yes, we're almost there. Come, get on my back.
Dear Goddess of Mercy... Dear Goddess of Mercy...
- What was that? - That's Gilson's voice, Sir!
Gilson! Gilson!
You stay here, Gami! Gilson!!!
Gami! Mommy is here!
She gave me food when I was hungry...
and she played games with me.
Gami, I met Mommy.
This child is the image of Heaven.
He called to me with the pureness of heart,
and looked for me with a spirit undivided.
This child's innocence will light the world bright.
Gilson, are you sleeping?
- Yes, Gami. Am I dreaming? - Yes.
- Together with you? - Yes, together with me.
Then let's dream about Mommy.
Okay, go to sleep now, Gilson.
Oseam was called Gwanumlan as one of the hermitage in Baekdamsa.
To help the soul of a 5 year old child to enter into Nirvana,
the hermitage was reconstructed and changed its name to Oseam.
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