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Oso Rojo Un

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Happy birthday to you,...
...happy birthday to you,...
...happy birthday, dear Alice,...
...happy birthday to you!
Hey, sweetie, look, this is your cake.
Look, the candle, blow it!
- Well done, well done, baby! - Where's the cake?
It was very nice.
I love your house, it's so nice.
Come on, let's go.
Where are you going?
Where are you going, Ruben?
Relax, I'll be right back.
Where are you going?
- Have a piece of cake first. - Take that out.
Freeze! Freeze! If you move I'll kill you!
Drop the gun! Drop the gun!
Drop the gun! Don't move!
Where's the baby?
I left her at the day-care.
What's wrong?
- Nothing, nothing is wrong. I brought you a... - What?
A picture, I brough a picture.
Look at her!
Where's your wedding-ring?
Why did you take it off?
Where is your wedding-ring, bitch? Tell me!
Bitch! Bitch!
Bitch, you are a whore!
- Security alert... - Let him go, don't hit him!
Bitch, you are a bitch!
- Bitch! - Don't touch me!
Are you looking for someone?
- Yeah, for the one-handed man. - He moved, he's in La Boca.
Do you know him?
- Yes. - It seems he sold some dope with the mayor,...
...made good money and then he moved.
Don't you have a coin for beer?
Thanks, man.
- Hi. - Hello.
- What can I get you? - I'm looking for Turk.
He's not here.
Who's looking for him?
Come in, leave them right there, later on...
...the boys'll take care of them.
What's up, Bear?
Don't you know we don't want faggots here?
How are you, man?
It's been so long, pal.
I always ask the Uruguayan guy about you.
Don't look at me like that,...
...have you forgotten the Uruguayan guy? - No, I haven't.
I also asked Felpa but he didn't know about you,...
...I saw him 2 or 3 weeks ago, he knew nothing.
Bring us 2 beers. Come, let's sit over there.
It's nice to see you.
-When did you get out? -Today.
And you came here, what else could you do?
Where else could you go?
- How's your brother? - Okay, he's in Uruguay.
He'll do good there, he's no fool, he'll do good.
And you must be looking for a job, right?
I'll tell the Chinese guy about your, he's...
I want my money, Turk.
You didn't give it to Natalia or to muy brother.
I didn't give it to your brother because I didn't see him,... just told me he's in Uruguay, and I didn't give it... Natalia because she left with that guy.
- Give it to me now. - Turk.
Carabajal is on the phone.
Tell him I'm not here and take the message.
Listen, give me a phone number, I'll call you next week.
Give me yours.
Give me a pen and a piece of paper, please.
Call me next week.
I'll call you tomorrow.
And then I have this one, it's more expensive,...
...but it's better, it's not so big as this one,...
...but look at this muzzle.
- How much is this one? - This one costs 52.
- I'll take it. - Shall I wrap it up? - No.
-Don't you want a box or a bag? - No, thanks.
This can be touched but not moved and this one can... moved but not touched.
Wait, my mum doesn't allow me to go so far.
Wait for me!
Wait for me!
Alice? Alice, come inside, you must do your homework.
Leave the bike, go inside.
What's up?
I'm fine, and you?
I'm fine.
- Hello. - Hello.
- When did you get out? - Today.
Ruben, you know I...
- ...l'm still living... - Yes, my brother told me.
His name is Sergio, right?
Sergio, yes, Sergio.
Mum, it's getting late.
-Is she going to school? -No,...
...she's going to the club for her gym classes.
- Is she in 3rd. grade? - No, she's doing 2nd. grade again.
She has problems with her reading.
Here. Give it to her, it's a present.
- Thanks. - I'll come to see her during the week,... I'm going to see a job.
Okay, then we must settle all this.
- Settle what? - Settle the papers, all that.
Anyway you'll be able to see her until then.
I'm going inside.
Good luck. With the job, I mean, good luck.
- Bye. - Bye.
Ramiro, you go, you must dive him downtown.
- I must fill up with gas. - Okay, go ahead.
What can I do for you?
I was told there was a grocery store here.
- Who are you looking for? - GŘemes.
The Raven send me, I must give him this.
Show me.
Is he scared of coming here?
He's in jail.
- Can you drive? - Yes.
You can stay here tonight.
Tomorrow you'd better look for a place to stay.
I can look for it today.
Yes, I got all the money.
No, it's just and andvanced payment, I'll get...
...the rest at the end of the month.
Yes, okay.
- I'll pick you up. - Hello, Horacio?
- Okay. - His brother. - Let's go out for dinner.
I don't know, we'll see.
Turk? Bear speaking.
Have you got the money?
The money, Turk.
- No, I don't want 50 bucks. - I'll see you in 20 minutes.
I want everything next week.
No, I'll call you tomorrow.
Hey, man, can you give me $1 0.
$10? You can't ask for 1 0 bucks, pal.
No, man, get a job!
- Wait, wait, man! - Don't you look at me, fucker.
-lf you do I kill you. -OK. OK.
- Where's the money? - What money?
- Tell me where the money is, fucker! - In my pocket.
- Don't look at me! - No. In the other pocket.
Don't hurt me.
Why are you crying? Why?
Are you crying for a pussy?
No, don't cry, she doesn't deserve it.
You shouldn't cry for a woman.
If you look at me I'll kill you, mother fucker.
The only room I have will cost you $1 5 a day, 80 a week.
- Okay. - Wait for me here,...
...l'll show you the room.
- What do you say? - It's OK. - You're alone, right?
- Right. - No problem.
Great. You can get visitors in the room but... must be discreet. I'll leave you the key,... can pay me later on.
"...of money in cash,...
- ...the small shops..." - When is he coming?
Sergio, please. We discussed it last night.
If I hadn't told you it'd be worse, wouldn't it?
Besides, he's her father, he has the right to see her.
But we can't have him here everyday.
- As if he lived here. - "As if he lived here"!
That's nonsense. He came here 2 days ago and...
...hasn't come back yet.
I'll say nothing else because Alice is here,...
...but if I see him here, I'll go to jail.
"...the stores...
...where these services...
...were already available...
- ...are..." - Alice, please brush your teeth, we're leaving.
Do me a favor.
When you come back buy something for dinner.
I'll see about a job.
If I have time, I'll do it.
- I'll pay him later. - We already owe him a lot.
What are you doing, sweetie?
It's a game a friend taught me, but I can't do it right.
- Tell me. - You must place this coin between these two.
This can be moved but not touched, this one can be...
...touched but not moved.
My friend says it's easy.
Let's try it.
Your firend lied to you.
My queen.
See you.
Don't forget your book.
What's this, Alice?
Alice, look at me.
Just for today. Understood?
What are you doing here?
I've come to see Alice.
We agreed you'd let me know beforehand.
How can I let you know?
- Let's go. Me must go, we're late already. - I'll drive you.
"Taxis. New Del Carril agency."
The teacher told her she has to practice,... read as much as she can.
"Minimum fee: $2."
Your surname is Del Carril?
No, that's the name of the place I work in.
- Who owns this car? - The agency owner.
And he lends it to you.
Yes, something like that.
Did you borrow it or did you steal it?
What are you saying, Alice?
Leave her.
See you.
Aly, come say goodby.
See you. Wait, come here.
- Here, buy some candies with it. - Thanks, bye.
- Okay... - No, no, wait, I'll drive you.
No, no, I'm not going home.
Never mind, I'll drive you.
- It's very near. - It's too hot to walk, let's go.
Okay, thanks.
Are you working?
A few days, in the morning.
As a maid.
There, on the next corner, the white house.
- That one? - Yes.
This is the number of the agency I work for,...
...and I'll write down the nunber...
...and the address of the hotel.
Okay, see you. Thanks.
- I'll visit the girl the day after tomorrow. - Okay.
- Toto, get a beer for Chinese. - Okay.
Turk, he's here.
Hi, what's up?
I thought you'd call me before you came.
I see you got a good job, you have a car and everything.
Bring a cold beer.
How's your family?
They are okay.
That's good, man.
Where's the money?
I've told you, I can't get four grand overnight.
I want my money, Turk.
- Cheers, boys. - Cheers, Turk.
It's very sad to be in jail,...
...not to be able to see your family for so long.
You've just got out, the cops come here every night... play pool, we can't quarrell over 4 filthy grands.
You think I want you screw you, Bear.
The truth is I'm broke.
I'm planning something big.
It's not about 4 grand, Bear, it's about 50 grand.
You don't even have to show your face,...'s just you and your car.
Or are you going to drive a taxi for the rest of your life?
You wouldn't like that, right?
You can't support your family with 600 bucks.
Unless somebody else supports your wife.
As soon as I can fix this job I'll give you the money back.
Bye, send my regards to your family, I know they live... San Justo, that place is more dangerous then the Far West.
- Cheers, boys. - Cheers, Turk.
- Who is it? - Alice?
- Who is it? - It's me.
Mum hasn't arrived yet.
I know, but she told me she'd come back at noon.
Yes,but she hasn't arrived yet.
I can't open the door to anyone.
Besides, how do I know you're my dad?
This is you, your mum, and me.
My mum told me not to open the door to strangers.
But she didn't say anything about you. Come in.
You may sit down if you want.
Lots of homework?
Are they hard?
So so.
Did it hurt when you had that tatooed on your arm?
- No. - Does it wash off?
No, nothing can wash it off, never.
My mum and Sergio had a car too, but they sold it...
...because Sergio lost his job.
What are you doing here?
- Tell me. - I let him in because it was pouring.
You could've waited in the car.
You know I don't live alone, please go.
Yeah, in a minute. I came to see Alice, I brought her this.
What's that?
It's a book with fairy tales, so you can read.
- Has it got pictures? - Yes.
I'd like to take you out for pizza.
Get your boots, it's raining.
Why don't you come too?
I have things to do here.
No, wait, wait.
Why are you doing 2nd. grade again?
Because I didn't like the teacher.
My new teacher is a lot nicer, her name is Araceli.
Don't make a scene and don't bring me here again.
On Monday we have the Independence Day celebration... school,I'll escort the flag.
A pizza with pepperoni.
Have you got a girlfriend?
No, no I don't.
- Is it true you killed a cop? - No.
I'd never do such a thing. It's wrong.
Will you go back to jail?
Never again?
- What's that? - It's a quizz a friend taught me.
Sergio says it can't be solved.
- Tell me about it. - You must put this one between...
...these two, this one can be touched but not moved,...
...and this one can be moved but not touched.
Let's see.
- I can touch this one, not move it. - Right.
- I can move this one, not touch it. - Right.
-Right. I can do whatever I want with this one. - Right.
" the flamingoes,...
...and to the alligators...
...and to the fish.
Since the fish...
...cannot walk..."
Alice, why are you awake, reading so late,...
- ...tomorrow you must get up early. - I'm not sleepy.
Never mind, you must try to sleep, come on.
But you told me I had to practice to improve...
- reading. - But you... can't read at night, baby, you must read during the day.
Okay, let's see, where did you stop?
Here. Where it says "I know what we can do."
This is what we'll do,...
...l'll read to you until you fall asleep, tomorrow you go on.
A kiss.
"I know what we can do, said a flamingo,...
...we'll put on red and black socks...
...and coral snakes...
...will fall in love with us.
My sister in law, the owl, has red and black socks...
...said the armadillo who was mocking the flamingoes.
- It would certainly be a pleasure, said the owl... - Taxis.
...and in a while she came back with the socks, but...
...they weren't real socks, they were coral-snake skins.
Beautiful snake skins that the owl had just taken off...
...the snakes it had caught.
Don't you worry about a thing, the owl said,...
...only remember you must dance all night long,...
...don't you ever stop, not even a moment,...
...if you do, instead of dancing you'll cry.
The flamingoes, mad with joy,...
...put on the snake skins as if they were socks...
...and they flew to the party.
All the animals envied the flamingoes when...
...they appeared in their beautiful socks.
The snakes wanted to dance with them only,...
...and since the flamingoes didn't stop moving their legs...
...they couldn't see clearly...
...what those beautiful socks were made of."
- Show me that one. - This one? - No, the other one.
- This costs $1 0, do you want it? - Yes.
It was about time.
- Hi, Sergio. - Hi, man, what's up?
Fine, just fine.
Let's see how it goes.
See you later.
I'm not stupid, I read the papers.
"Pretyface" won yesterday.
I'm not asking for credit.
Yeah, but Quique told me to credit it to your account.
To credit it?
Yes, to reduce your debt.
Miguel,... can't do this to me.
You'd better talk to Quique, he's sitting over there. Go.
- Yes? - Coffee. Have you got doughnuts? - Yes.
OK, credit everything to my account and bet on...
- ...these horses... - Bets are in cash.
- What? - You can't bet on credit.
What's going on here?
What's wrong? Why does he say I can't bet here?
Yes, you can bet here.
But your credit is no good.
You owe me, and I don't think you can pay me.
You know what? You should look for a job,...
...and relax a bit, man.
And then you pay me, little by little, there's no hurry.
It's 8 o'clock, you are the only one who bets so early.
You can't do this to me.
Don't cut me down, you know I'm looking fo a job,...
...I have a family, a girl.
Besides I am your first client, don't treat me like this.
You my first client?
If all my clients were like you I'd be broke.
You owe me a lot of money, over 1,000 bucks, man.
Get out.
Next time you come, bring the money.
My money.
- You fucked up. - What? - You fucked up.
That's none of your business, mother fucker?
What's wrong with you?
Why mother fucker? If my kid has problems...
...because of you, I'll kill you, is that clear?
Why are you telling me this,...
...l've never interfered with your daughter and you,...
- ...what's wrong with you? - Nothing. You're so nice.
I don't want to have problems with you,... just got out of prison and you...
Do you think I want to mess up with your family,...
...with your daughter? I support her, but she's still your daughter.
Do you think you're my shrink, fucker?
Go away before you fuck up.
Fuck off!
Want to ride on it?
Do you? Come on.
Now you can get on.
- Good afternoon, officers. - Hello. - That girl is alone,... fact she's with her father, he's an exconvict and I think...
- Are you alone? - No, I'm with my kid.
Who's your kid?
She's my kid.
I don't want to see you around here again.
Come on.
- Hi. - Hi. - Give him the keys, Bear.
You visited your kid?
How is she?
- She's fine. - How did you find her?
She's fine, she's beautiful.
Take good care of her. If you need me, I'll be outside.
He had a granddaughter.
Sometimes she kept him company while he drove.
One day his son got involved in an ugly business.
He had been in and out of jail several times.
He made good money.
I think his name was Raul.
I don't remember and I don't want to ask him.
One day he bought the girl a bike and went for a ride.
The cops had been watching him and went after him.
They set him up.
They say they didn't see the girl, they just saw the guy.
She was shot several times, I'm sure they saw her.
Her mum never forgave him.
And she doesn't allow him to see his grandson.
He says it's better this way.
Sometimes it's better to leave alone the people we love.
This lady wants to see you.
- Don't take too long, she shouldn't be here. - Okay.
What's wrong?
- What's wrong? - You ask me?
You'll never change!
You think you can hit people just because you were in jail?
- Don't shout. - I'm not shouting!
I don't get it, what are you looking for?
Did I ask you to go to court to see the girl?
- No. - So don't mess up with me, Ruben!
Why do you take on Sergio?
He's the one who supported, who fed your daughter...
...who bought her clothes and sent her to school.
- You know nothing. - What?
You don't know what he does.
You mean he bets on horses?
- That's none of your business. - My kid is my business.
Your kid's had and will always have everything she needs,...
...l'll see about that.
You can help her, but don't mess up with me.
Here. Keep your presents, we don't need them,...
...and we don't want to pay for them.
And if you want to see her, you'de better get a lawyer.
Now everything is wrong, we'll be evicted,...
...I have no more credit, I can't buy food,...
...I can't pay my debts...
Leave me alone.
Is the door open?
It is.
- Is it cold? - Freezing cold.
- Pour yourself some. - Thanks.
Bunch of faggots!
What is it, faggot?
Faggot, faggot,...
...faggot and faggot.
You're all faggots, and you...
...are the faggots' queen.
Do you know why?
Because you're a faggot and a traitor.
Now I'm sure you'll tell one of your faggots... kick my ass, mother fucker
- I could tell the cops, but I won't. - Why not?
- Because I'm no stool-pidgeon. - Bring me the money...
...and fuck off, I don't want to see you here again.
Come, come.
Give me some tissues, Miguel.
Give me some tissues!
Hey, fucker.
Who are you?
The one who'll kick your ass.
Whose ass?
Let's go.
How much does he owe you?
How much?
About 1,000 or 1,200 bucks.
He'll pay you next week.
If you let him in again, I'll come for you.
There's no more credit here for anyone,...
...not even for friends. Is that clear?
Mother fuckers!
You want to play tough guy with me because I'm drunk?
Here, wipe the blood.
- Pull over. - Relax. - I want to get out!
- Cut it out! - Pull over!
You wanted your family? There is your family!
Do you want money?
I'm broke, brother.
Forget about what happened.
What do you mean?
You are a rat, brother.
Did Natalia go to see you?
Natalia talked to you but I am the rat.
What's wrong with you, man?
She knew everything even before I told her.
Besides that's none of your business,...
...we have problems, we're going to be evicted.
I told her to go to her brothers, and I'll go to hell.
I don't want to have more problems, please, no more.
Everything is bad, very bad, brother.
And then I go to see these mother fuckers, I ask them... help me and they give me the cold shoulder, they are...
...worse that the others. Fuck them!
Get out, come on.
I don't get it.
- I don't, really. - You must...
...take care of your people, it's not so hard to understand.
It's quite easy, you just have to drive,... drive, that's all.
- We split it in 5. - We must give something... our informer, a cop who works there.
We'll get about 1,000 salaries.
And don't think everybody earns 400 bucks.
I can get a car, but not a gun.
Don't worry about that.
You just think about driving.
And you'll get your share.
Of course. The mildfield men also deserve some credit,...
...not only the strikers.
Nothing in the neighborhood, that's important.
And when I get the money, I'll pay you...
...everything I owe you, and we start over.
And you'll be able to get a good lawyer to... you get your kid back.
But we must do it tomorrow,...
...otherwise we have to wait till next Friday.
I can't get a gun, I told you.
Alfredo will get you one, as I told you, don't you worry.
Why did you decide to accept?
Aly, go to bed, darling.
- In a minute. - Now, darling, you can't sleep late tomorrow.
- Where's the book? - The book? I've already packed it.
Won't we read today?
Darling you must go to bed, please, do as I say.
It's easy, guys. I can't do it myself because...
...I have arthrosis, arthrisis or whatever it is.
You'll get the money in cash, ready money.
You have 5 minutes, you get in, take the money and get out.
He's driving a blue car.
And don't you even think of coming back here.
So... has Bear got a gun?
Otherwise he won't do it.
- What if the bastard fucks up? - Impossible, man.
See? You are three.
You have guns. He's just one man.
One man.
Only one gun.
Guys, if you do it well, we'll have another shere to split.
I have a job to do.
- You got it overnight. - Yes.
How's Alice?
- She's fine. - You got out just a month ago.
Are you doing it alone?
It's well adjusted, it's never failed me.
I don't want it.
I'll have problems if you steal my car.
The cops will ask too many questions.
I can get another car.
Welcome. We want to thank you for sharing...
...this celebration with your children.
Please, come to attention,...
...we're going to honor our flag.
Many years ago a bunch of men believed they could... free and independent and so they decided to fight for it.
They believed they had the right to do so.
Come to attention, look at the flag,...
...we are going to sing Argentina's National Song.
- Good morning. - Hello.
Didn't you have a blue car?
Couldn't get it, man, get on, come on.
Hey, man!
Come on!
Lay down, come on!
Go ahead, lay down!
Hurry up, mother fucker!
- I'm coming, man! - Hurry up!
That's all man.
Let's go now. Let's go!
- Hello, how are you? - Hello, Hester.
- Where's Sergio? - He's at home, he's packing?
Are you moving today?
Yes,the van comes in the afternoon.
- Are you going far? - Yes. No, to my brother's.
- Hi, darling. - Hello, sweetie.
- Bye. - Bye.
- You did very good, Aly. - Where's dad?
I don't know, darling. Let's go.
That fucking Turk!
Why didn't he tell us there were 3 cops in the van?
He told us.
- When did he tell us? I didn't hear him. - He told us, man.
Am I stupid or what?
Of course he told us, what is it? Are you deaf?
He didn't! Keep driving.
Go on.
We must get rid of the car.
Here, here, turn left, no, right, I mean. Right here.
Turk told me to send you to hell.
Mother fucker!
What time is he coming?
About 2:30, 2:45.
Alberto'll be waiting for us.
I'll call him in 5 minutes.
Why don't you call him now?
I don't want to move.
Go ahead, come on.
Come, give me a kiss.
Why don't go now?
- I'll go to a booth. - OK.
You can go to Hester's too.
Now what?
Holly shit!
- What's this? - Pay all your debts.
Where did you get it?
Forget it.
...I don't want trouble.
- I don't want dirty money. - Come on, take it.
Money is dirty by nature. Here.
Give this to my daughter.
Kiss them for me.
Are we leaving or not?
No, it'd be a mess, Aly.
We better stay here.
Why did my dad leave?
- Won't he drive me to school tomorrow? - Yes.
If he can... if he can he'll drive you,...
...of course, he's your dad.
Hey, Turk, bring me another beer.
You'll never pay me, will you?
Come on, man, one good turn deserves another.
That's over, nobody believes in that any more.
Go ahead.
Turk, Bear is here.
What happened?
Where are the boys?
We split because the cops followed us.
Did they follow you here?
Was everything OK?
Mother fucker!
Mother fucker!
Mother fucker!
"Finally, when the snakes saw the socks...
...were torn to pieces,...
...they set the flamingoes free,...
...and very tired, left trying to tidy up their dresses.
Sometimes the flamingoes get out of the water...
...and walk a few steps on earth to see how they feel,...
...but the pain caused by the poison is unbearable,... they rush back to water.
Sometimes their legs burn so much they stand... leg for hours because they can't stand the pain.
This is the story of flamingoes,...
...whose legs used to be white, and now are red".
That's the end.
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