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Subtitles for Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1.

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Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1

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M. Gorky Central Film Studio for Youth and Children
Robert Louis Stevenson's TREASURE ISLAND
I was just past my fifteenth birthday.
My mother kept a seaside inn, "The Admiral Benbow",
a fair distance from the nearest town.
In those autumn days a brown old seaman,
with a sabre cut on his cheek, took up his lodging under our roof.
He would spend whole days wandering around the cove
with a brass telescope.
All evening he sat in a corner of the parlor next to the fire.
It was one of those quiet evenings when the events
that still sear my memory began.
I can call it to mind what an icy wind blew through the door
when the blind man entered,
and how fast I had to run to look for help!
If I hadn't met the Squire on the road,
and Doctor Livesey,
I would never have heard of Treasure Island.
Can any one inform a blind man who gave up his sight
in the defense of England, and may God bless King George,
is this the inn?
- The Admiral Benbow? - Yes! Can we help you?
And where can I find my mate, seaman Billy?
Who's that moving there?
That you, Billy?
Stay where you are!
Don't you even call to mind your former shipmate?
- Is it you, Pew? - Himself.
When Flint cast off, and you had disappeared, the boys were angry!
It's not good, a man deserting his old friends.
- Tell me why you have come? - I bear you the good wish...
of the one-legged man.
The Black Spot!
This has to be done.
Just one hour, that's all, Billy!
Run, Jim, make haste.
- Where are you going? - I won't be long, mama.
Where is he making for in the dead of night?
In one hour, I won't give a lead penny for the Admiral Benbow,
nor for you, if nobody comes to help us.
You had better leave.
And why should I leave my own house, sir?
If you don't leave, go down to the cellar and bolt yourself in.
You must pay two months rent, Mister Bones.
I have every intention of staying longer in this cabin.
Billy, have you thought it over? We have you over a barrel.
Let's come to an agreement like good shipmates.
Give us the map, and we'll pull up anchor with the tide.
Can you hear me, Billy?
Better down the door, my lads!
'Tis the map that you're wanting?
All right, scum! Come get it!
You heard him, didn't you? Forward, you lubbers!
It's Dirk's whistle! We must get away!
Dirk's a fool! Forward! Into the house, men! Make haste!
- We must fly, Pew! - Come back, you dogs!
Or we'll lose everything! I'll do it alone!
Let me go! I'll kill you, you curs!
Take your hands off me!
Stay there then, you blind scum!
You filthy sewer rat!
Shipmates! Johnny, where are you?
Don't leave me beached here!
- Out of the way! - Look out, Trelawney!
The devil's curse on the fool!
It seems he wasn't a rich man.
- Then why did they come? - Cannot you guess?
- Does the name of Flint ring a bell? - Only a few misty legends.
By Trinidad, I saw with my eyes the flag flying from his masthead!
But our good Captain was afraid and put full sail back.
The bloodiest pirate that sailed upon the seven seas, sir!
The Black Beard was a babe in comparison!
The Spaniards were so fearful of Flint, I was proud he was English.
He was the last of the pirate race. The rest are mere sea trash.
We shall come down, Mrs. Hawkins.
- I shall set you up in Jim's room. - We're honored to share with Jim.
You bore yourself like a valiant gentleman, Jim!
You're a formidable man, Livesey!
Stop pretending that you haven't seen this packet here.
I must admit, it is the key to the treasure of Captain Flint.
But is it worth while searching for that accursed gold?
Of course. By thunder, why not?
Haven't you dreamed of setting out with topsails billowing,
to go searching for treasure in the tropics?
Whether or not it exists doesn't matter a damn.
I will go and fit out a ship, take you and Jim Hawkins,
and this spring we shall set out, my lads!
Perhaps there's nothing in here but an old scarf of his mother's.
He was sentimental, like all the worst pirates.
All right. Well, Jim, shall we look?
"On the shore he was given everything he had coming to him."
I'd like to know what that was.
"May Billy Bones' dreams come true."
It's not that, Livesey.
"Tall tree, Spyglass shoulder,
bearing a point to the N. Of N.N.E."
The treasure is there.
She's called "Hispaniola".
She draws two hundred tons, and makes 12 knots by a fair wind.
She has a swivel canon. And she's close on her rudder!
Some claim that I paid three times too much for her,
but that is certainly nothing but pure jealousy!
You will see foryourself, Livesey.
The Captain I put in command is a good seaman.
The best captain to be had on this part of the English Coast.
Very highly recommended to me, once an officer of the fleet.
A little dry in his manner,
but at least "Hispaniola" will have proper, reliable, naval discipline.
But what a task it was to find a crew!
I worked night and day to find six, and we shall need at least twenty,
in case we should meet savages, or those accursed Frenchmen.
I was talking with a fellow at the port, just a chance encounter,
and he arranged everything for me.
An old seaman, he has a tavern.
And he is ready to set to sea with us, as a simple cook.
His name is John Silver.
That day he was at the port, just to breathe in the good salt air.
This Silver has only one leg!
He lost the other fighting for England.
And he has no pension, Livesey.
Imagine the abominable age we live in!
It's wisest to mistrust chance acquaintances.
I did make inquiries. John Silver is actually rather rich.
With a bank account and money in it. He has a wife.
And I actually saw her.
I believe I know what compels this Master John to sail once more.
- Captain Smollett? - That is correct, sir!
Show him in!
Let me introduce you. The Captain of the "Hispaniola", Mr. Smollett.
Mr. Livesey, our ship's doctor, and Hawkins, the cabin boy.
Well, gentlemen, they are waiting.
Here we are, gentlemen. This is John Silver.
Top of the day, gentlemen.
Here is your crew, sir.
Mere novices to the business of seafaring!
I'm surprised that their mamas were willing to let them come.
What we want in the way of victuals
and what we care for the most of all is pudding with figs in it.
Hands here's been sailing 30 years and he's still a mere bosun!
Once he sailed as ship's officer, but he hadn't no diploma, sir.
O'Brien, carpenter. Bob Henderson.
Tom Morgan, he's a fine fellow, but a little weak below the belt.
George Merry.
The complete ship's list, giving all their little vices.
And you, if my mind tells me right, you're our little cabin boy.
There's lots of Admirals who started off like that.
You've got to begin on the lowest rung.
Clap your spyglass on Tom Morgan here. I remember him as a cabin boy.
Just like you, young and handsome.
Yes, he was too shy and timid, like a blushing maid.
He's an honest lad, our Morgan, only he has a real thirst.
Hold close by John Silver, and I'll make you a real sailing man.
Welcome, men! I hope that
on this voyage you'll merit only thanks.
If we have success with our expedition,
you will all be given a large bonus.
Thank you heartily, sir.
That's not so bad a crew at all.
What do you say to that, Mr. Smollett?
The Captain is personally responsible for his vessel.
Because of that I should have recruited the personnel myself.
I hope that's quite clear. Don't you think so?
Cabin boy!
- To the storeroom! - Ay, ay, sir!
- We're under way at nearly 10 knots. - Very likely, sir.
- She handles well to the helm. - True, sir!
- You take the wheel! - Ay, ay, sir!
It won't take much from that fellow to cause me to lose my temper.
Come in, Hawkins!
Nobody is more welcome here than you, my lad.
- Can I give this to Captain Flint? - You do that.
Captain Flint prophesies success for our voyage.
That parrot must be 200 summers old.
Only old Nick himself can have seen as much evil as my parrot.
She sailed with the famous pirate, Captain England.
She's been to Madagascar and at Surinam,
and Providence and Porto Bello.
She was at the fishing up of the wrecked treasure galleons.
It was there that she learned to say "pieces of eight".
And you'd think she was a mere chick.
But you smelt the powder, didn't you, Captain?
- Stand by to go about! - She's a real sailorman.
Devil take your guts! Thunder and brimstone! I'll cut your heart out!
Living in the pitch, you can't help getting mucked with it.
This poor innocent bird here is swearing blue fire.
She don't know what she speaks. She'd talk the same before Lord.
Calls himself a cook? The man's a preacher!
Why, he'll finish up a bishop, eh, Jim?
- What are you doing, my hearties? - We're changing their place.
And why for, then?
They're executing my orders. And you mind your own business.
Ay, ay, sir!
- He's a good man! - That's very possible, sir.
Put three reefs on the jib! Trim your yards for your port-tack!
His Panama campaign was a stroke of genius.
But how many towns were smashed through the fault of the man.
Morgan came too late. Everything had already been discovered.
Sir Francis Drake was the one who found many new places.
Morgan and Drake were pirates. They brought death in their wake.
And there's no voyage of discovery that's worth that.
Thank you, Jim, put it here.
All the same, they were very great sailors. The glory of England.
The shame of England.
Come Jim, read it, this ought to interest you.
It's not a bad story at all, although written by a Frenchman.
I thought it was by a Hollander.
Oh, my poor Tommy, My poor Tom,
Why have you left Your old home?
Under the black flag, We went on a raid,
All seventy five of us, That was our fate.
Goodbye, Jenny, Goodbye, don't feel sad.
Don't wait for me, Jenny, And don't be mad.
Oh, my poor Tommy, My poor Tom,
Your sail is torn down, You're battered by storm.
Your sail is torn down, Your ship has been wrecked.
Your wind of good fortune Has got you but trapped.
Goodbye, Jenny...
Goodbye, don't feel sad. Goodbye, Jenny, don't be mad.
The same broadside that I lost my leg, Pew lost his day-lights.
After that he spent 1,200 pounds a year, like a Lord in Parliament.
And two years ago, he was already starving.
He stole and he slit throats, and for all that he starved.
Where is he now? No more. Under hatches for good.
- Who'd be a pirate? - It ain't much use for fools.
Many know how to get money, but few know how to keep it.
I'd let Captain Smollett navigate us until we pick up the trade-winds,
then we would know that we're on the right course.
- But all of us are seamen here. - Just fo'c's'le hands, my lad.
We can steer a course. But who's to set the course?
What did I tell you? Never really happy 'till you're full of rum.
- What'll we do with those? - I give my vote-death!
Only I want that blessed Squire. And I'll cut his fat head off!
- Dick is with us. - He's got a head on his shoulders.
So when is it? I just can't wait to get my hands on the Captain.
You will go on eating this slop I've been giving you
and you will keep on with sleeping belowforthe time being.
And never any tiny drop of wine before I give you a good word.
- I just want to know when? - As late as we can do it.
Flint would have taken over this vessel by now.
Flint, yes, and Billy also. They loved having fun.
Only where are they now?
I'm waiting till the fruit is ready, then I'll pick it.
- Go and get some apples, Dick. - You're going to suck that muck?
All right, perhaps a tot or two...
Here's to Flint's treasure and here's to our luck!
Land ahoy!
Then the watch shouted "Land Ahoy". That was all.
Has any of you ever seen this land previously?
I've seen it, sir!
- We watered there once. - Come up here!
One of the boys knew the names of the places on it
that were given by blessed pirates.
There's three hills: Foremast Hill, Main Hill and Mizzen Hill.
The Main Hill, they also called it the Spyglass Shoulder.
The pirates kept their watch on it
when they was in anchorage for cleaning.
Begging pardon, sir.
See if this is the place.
Yes, this is the spot.
And nicely drawn it is.
I'm wondering who might've done it. Pirates is too ignorant.
You've picked the best place to anchor her, sir.
- Help the man on the wheel. - Ay, ay, sir!
A touch to your portside.
Go steady now.
We can rely only on Silver.
- I'll have him hanged myself. - He's in no hurry to mutiny.
If I give one more order, they'll cut us into slices.
- May I suggest a plan, sir? - You're the Captain, sir.
We must let the men go ashore.
If they all go, we'll take control of the ship and set sail.
We can maroon the crew here to die with Flint's treasure.
Are you in agreement, gentlemen?
I'm the one who is to blame for this situation.
We will, indeed, follow your plan.
I never beheld anybody run so fast.
We can't put off to sea without the boy.
Here's the location of the stockade, and log-house.
- But this ship is our fortress. - We'll soon be lacking water.
You have a sense of duty, John. Why have you gone in with them?
I'm trying to save your neck, because I think the world of ya!
What's done is done, and you can't change nothing.
I believe the time for debating is over!
- Alan didn't want to join neither? - He wasn't very wise.
- Easy, lad, easy! - Maybe, Silver.
I know that there are honest men among you.
I'm ordering you to follow your captain.
You have 30 seconds to decide.
We're going to take care of you mighty soon, son.
The others in the hold, lively!
- Bring down the flag! - Ay, ay, sir!
The cannon, sir!
Pull harder!
Hands was Flint's gunner.
- Who is the best shot here? - Why, it's Squire Trelawney.
Pick off Hands if you can.
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