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Subtitles for Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2.

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Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2

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- Is Flint on that ship? - No, Flint is dead.
- Are you with the one-legged? - No.
- What's your name? - Jim Hawkins.
What are you afraid of? Three years I been living on this island.
Many's the night I've dreamed of Christian company.
- Do you have any cheese on you? - No, I have nothing.
- What you sniveling for? - Because I don't know what to do.
You're a good fellow. Trust me and I'll pull you out of this.
Now tell me, and the truth too, what's happening down there?
That's my boat I made with my hands.
It was Flint who built that there stockade.
Flint was afraid of nobody and nothing except Silver.
- We'll go now? - I'm not going over there.
You're a fine young lad, only I don't know the others.
You can tell your Doctor that I've got an important proposition.
He must come all alone. I'll wait here, from noon till three.
Say that I put more confidence in a gentleman, than a man of fortune.
Ahoy! The blockhouse!
Man your posts!
Captain Silver wants permission to come on board
and make terms with you.
Captain Silver? Don't know him.
It's me, sir!
All I ask is your word to let me out of here safe and sound.
If you wish to speak with me, come on here.
I'll take your word on that then, Captain.
These poor lads elected me their Captain.
Just after your desertion of the "Hispaniola", sir.
Sit down and speak out.
It's a mighty chill morning to sit out on the sand.
- Hey, sonny! - Speak out!
Always business first of all!
We want that chart. And all of you want to keep living.
So here's our conditions.
You give us the map and don't bother us while we load that treasure.
In return we take you somewhere along the coast
or leave you here, dividing the provisions.
I promise to send up the first ship we see to take you aboard.
I trust that you all heed me.
Since what is said for one is said for all.
Have you finished?
Now you listen to me!
If you'll come up one by one with your hands up,
I'll engage to clap you in irons
and take you home to a fair trial to England.
If you won't come...
As positively as my name is Alexander Smollett,
I'll see you all to the bottom of the sea.
You can't find the treasure. No one of you can handle the ship.
Neither are you any good at fighting.
Your ship's aground, Captain Silver.
These are the last good words that you're ever going to get from me.
And now, get out of here, quick!
Will you give me your hand?
Which one of you will give me a hand up?
In just one hour, those of you who are still among the living
will envy those who've been killed!
Who said you could desert your posts?
I'm surprised at you, sir.
And you, Doctor, I thought you'd worn the King's uniform.
If that's how you served at Fontenoy, you might as well have stayed home.
The devil! This is as dull as the doldrums.
Not even a breath of wind. Gray, whistle for it.
If I see anyone, am I to fire?
- I told you so, didn't I? - Thank you, sir.
- Did you hit anybody? - No, sir, I don't believe I did.
You reload his musket, Hawkins.
- Ball, sir? Or with shot? - Stop it, Jim Hawkins!
They're coming, sir!
Cutlasses! At them with cutlasses!
Get back into cover!
They've had all they want for today, I believe.
At that moment, I felt I could no longer stay in the stockade.
I had one idea in my head - to avenge the deaths
and take the ship from the pirates.
If I'd known that the doctor and Ben Gunn planned
to leave the fort to Silver and go into the hills,
I would not have acted so recklessly,
and then things might have turned out quite differently.
Doctor Livesey!
Now that was a useful meeting, gentlemen.
Thanks to Jim. Where is Jim?
He vanished, Livesey.
- Ran away, sir! - What?
So it's you there, Hawkins!
- Did you cut the anchor? - Yes.
What do you intend to do now?
- Where's O'Brien? - He weren't no proper sailor.
Hawkins, you haven't the experience to handle this ship.
But you'll want her up close to the beach.
We might talk about that.
Bind up my wounds, and I'll help you sail this ship.
I ain't going to return to her old anchorage.
I see what you mean. Anyway I haven't much choice.
Put her more into the wind now, Captain Hawkins.
Hawkins, can you bring me somethin' to eat?
And maybe some brandy.
Tie down her wheel and she'll keep going smooth.
This here's an unlucky ship, this "Hispaniola".
So many sailors've been sent back to their makers since we left Bristol.
I never knew such a bad voyage!
And now, O'Brien's no more. And I shan't last so much longer.
You'd better repent, while you've the chance.
Repent? What for?
You said many sailors have perished aboard the "Hispaniola".
Only it was you and Silver that were the cause of it all.
And you don't know why you should repent?
Why? You weren't after the gold, too, maybe, young fellow?
Thirty years I've been sailing, and saw good things and bad things.
But I have never seen good
turn to any kind of profit yet.
We've had enough of this foolishness.
The tide's getting good now, and here's a bay, over there.
Just obey my orders, Captain Hawkins!
- Straight at that tree. - And if we beach?
That don't matter! Take a line about that tree and turn the capstan.
- Hard to starboard. - Ay, ay, sir!
Move! A little more!
Again, now starboard a touch. Just keep her under the wind!
Another step, Mister Hands, and I'll shoot your brains out!
Please, Mister Hands, don't make me shoot!
Pieces of eight!
Dick, bring that torch here!
So here's Jim Hawkins! Shiver my timbers!
So you're just visiting us, eh? That's real nice and friendly.
I always thought I'd like to have you with us.
I reckon you've something to say. We're listening to you.
Now, gentlemen, you have no need to stand at attention.
Just what do you want me to say?
You can start by telling us where the blessed ship is.
No, I refuse to tell you.
You'll tell!
Who d'you think you are, George Merry? Are there two captains here?
Just let the lad say where the ship is.
Hold yourtalk!
I can't see what course you're on, John.
Son of a sea-cook! I've had enough of being ordered around.
Well, that's what you want, is it?
We're all gentlemen of fortune here, and you know about our laws.
I'll be seeing the color of his guts faster than this pipe goes out.
Anyone who touches this lad is going to have to deal with me.
He's a hostage, you bunch of blessed moonheads!
And much more of a real man than any of you.
Pardon me, sir. Only you're a little free with the rules.
Many of the crew don't like it. They have rights like anyone else.
Begging pardon and all, sir! Since after all you're still Captain!
But we'll step out and hold a council.
That's the pirate's law!
Come closer to me, lad.
Matters is going hard, Jim.
They shall break me as a leader, and you'll be killed, too.
You've got nowhere to turn. The Squire has abandoned you.
"I don't want to know where the boy is," that's what the doctor said.
- Where are they? - I don't know.
Seems like the game is over for you, finished!
Only I can still be your last card.
Maybe I might help you out!
All I ask is your word to save me from the gallows.
- I'll do what I can. - Then it's a bargain.
Pieces of eight, pieces of eight.
Step up, lads! I won't eat you!
Hand over what you've got there!
I knew it, the Black Spot!
Where'd you get the paper? Out of the Bible?
- That's bad luck for you. - I told you so!
Who had this Bible?
- It's mine! - Then better start praying.
God's going to punish you! Let's have some light.
"Deposed". Good handwriting. Is it yours?
- We've got to vote for a Captain! - You'll have to wait a little.
You'd first make the charges, and I'll reply to them.
Till then I'm still your Captain!
Don't worry, we'll be legal. Well now, point by point.
First, you've spoiled the whole scheme.
Next, you permitted them to get away, when they was hemmed in.
I don't know why, but they wanted to get away for some reason.
Third point! You wouldn't let us attack them on the march.
You're playing a double hand, Silver.
Last point of all, we want this boy here.
- That's all? - Ain't it enough?
You say that things is going bad.
Why, you simply can't imagine just how bad.
We're so close to Execution Dock, that my neck's stiff already.
We're dancing in the chains, with the crows pecking at our eyes.
Men all pointing at us and wondering what we done.
"Why! That's John Silver! I once sailed with him."
You all know what I said to you! Don't never hurry!
If you'd listened to me, now the "Hispaniola"'d be sailing for Bermuda
with her belly full of that treasure of Flint's.
So who stopped me?
Who kept on making trouble here?
Hands and George Merry. You've got no heads and no memory.
I wouldn't have talked with the doctor for no reason.
You've all forgotten the reason we're here.
We're here for this!
You there, inside the blockhouse!
The top of the day, sir. You're up early.
I've brought some bandages. How's the wounded man?
He's much better, sir. Only we have a surprise for you.
Oh, really? What is it?
I'd like to have a word with him.
I knew you would want that. It shouldn't be difficult to arrange.
But one condition: he'll be staying inside of the palisade.
Give me your word of honor that you won't try any tricks.
You can have it, sir.
Only don't make haste, my lad.
They'll be at our throats if they notice that we make haste.
I'll just walk aside so you can talk together.
Master Jim will tell you how I managed to save his life.
Only I nearly lost my position of Captain.
Does that mean you're afraid, John?
You're a good man, and you'll not forget any of the good I've done.
You see? I'm moving aside.
Well, Jim, we always reap what we sow.
You left the fortress when there were only three men fit to fight.
Doctor! I would be dead now if it weren't for Silver!
They wanted to torture me, to find out where the ship is!
She's aground on the northern beach.
My boy! What is it?
That's Hands. I shot him dead.
Jim, jump over the fence and run.
- I gave my word. - I'll take the responsibility.
That's something you wouldn't do either.
Yes. All right.
Ben Gunn keeps saying he thinks you're a really wonderful fellow.
I'm going to make an attempt to save you from the gallows.
That's a right pleasant thing to hear.
But your life depends entirely on this boy here.
It's as clear as sunshine.
When are you going to start looking for the treasure?
I can't hold'em back any longer. I think it'll have to be today.
Try to gain as much time as you can.
I'll see you soon.
Just keep the boy close beside you, and away from the others.
Keep your distance, as a proper captain should.
Here are some bandages and medicines.
Since I'm now a pirate's doctor, dealing with mutineers,
I consider it my duty to make them well enough for the gallows.
I saw how he wanted to persuade you to desert us.
You're a genuine gentleman, Jim! I'm grateful to you!
A tall tree on the slope of Spyglass shoulder, a point to the N. Of N.N.E.
It ain't this. Let's find a passage.
A sailor!
I suppose you wasn't expecting to find a bishop here.
- Is it Ben Gunn? - It might be. The hair's yellow.
Hey, that would be Allardyce! You mind Allardyce, Tom?
He took my knife when he went ashore.
All six of them must be here somewhere.
- All seven! - What do you mean, seven?
Flint took six of the boys, but he forbade us to come ashore.
They stopped upon the island a week, while we waited on the "Cassandra".
At night we made Ben Gunn look for those buried doubloons.
He wasn't discreet enough I suppose.
Two days later we sighted the longboat. Flint was in it.
A blue scarf on his head,
and a parrot sitting upon his shoulder. This here one.
Those six boys were good lusty salts, so was Ben...
How Flint got the better of them, only this here parrot knows.
It chills the blood in my heart when I think of Flint.
You missed a lot by not knowing Captain Flint.
The likes of him aren't forgotten so easy.
This I suppose to be an arrow to show the trail.
Seven hundred thousand is waiting there, close by!
Here's that passage!
George, you go in first.
Take this, sonny, and stand by for trouble.
- By the gods! A guinea! - Give it here!
A single guinea! No more but just that!
Here's the guinea, you see? Where's the 700 thousand?
Dig away, boys. Perhaps you'll find a pair of pignuts.
Why, you!
You're never going to be a Captain, George.
We were held up by those devilish rocks.
You came just in the nick of time, sir.
How I hate this island!
Is that you, Ben Gunn? I'm pleased you're alive and kicking.
- It's been a long time. - Did Flint see you on the island?
No, only I saw him kill the others one after the other.
The way you killed Merry just now.
- Where is it? - In my cave.
I carried it there bit by bit upon my back.
- What'll you do with it? - I don't know yet.
That treasure belonged to all the men who were with Flint.
It'll bring you nothing but worries, and not only to you.
- While you're alive, it will. - We're all in the hands of the Lord.
Fifteen men on the dead man's chest, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink, or the Devil will make a mess, Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
The most we can do for you is
not to take you home to England, where the gallows await you.
There is little else to add.
We finally reached England,
but it was a hard voyage, since we were of course shorthanded.
We had to work like demons.
At our first port of call where we hired a crew,
Silver vanished from the ship,
and vanished out of my life forever.
When we put the treasure aboard,
we filled the crew's quarters with it up to the brim.
Captain Flint's treasure,
for which we had embarked on our hazardous adventure,
for which 15 men of the "Hispaniola"'s crew had perished.
All of us had an ample share of the treasure,
the doctor calling it sharing the booty.
Ben Gunn spent his in three weeks, and he was back begging after that.
The Captain's wound turned out to be serious.
He retired from the sea, and settled in a village.
From his house he couldn't see the sea.
The Doctor gave up practicing, and settled in London.
We see each other occasionally.
The Squire loves to tell guests tales of our adventures.
But his stories have little resemblance to the truth.
I have no desire to remember the island.
The worst dreams I ever have are the surf booming on the coast,
and I start upright in my bed,
with the sharp piercing voice of Captain Flint in my ears.
Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!
Screenplay by Edgar DUBROVSKY, Yevgeny FRIDMAN
Directed by Yevgeny FRIDMAN
Director of Photography Valery BAZYLEV
Production Designer Konstantin ZAGORSKY
Music by A. RYBNIKOV Sound by N. SHARY
Boris ANDREYEV as John Silver
Aare LAANEMETS as Jim Hawkins
L. NOREIKA as Doctor Livesey A. MASIULIS as Squire Trelawney
I. URMONAVICHUS as Captain Smollett L. SHAGALOVA as Mrs. Hawkins
A. PIKYALIS as Israel Hands V. TOMKUS as George Merry
M. SELYUTIN as Dick Johnson H. AVENS as Morgan
N. SILIS as Tom Yu. PLYAVINSH as Gray
I. KLASS as Ben Gunn K. VITKUS as Billy Bones
A. FAIT as Pew
V. GRAMMATIKOV as Joyce A. ROSS as Redrett
A. ALYOSHIN as Hunter V. RUDOVICH as Bob
The End
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