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Subtitles for Otogiriso 2001.

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Otogiriso 2001

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It's not there yet...
It doesn't have...the feeling.
The second half is too slow?
Yeah, that's right.
How about the graphics?
Oh, they're great.
62 percent.
Not even "amateur".
Aw, shut up!
Okay, the hospital sequence...
Nami, 16.
Mother, don't die! Don't leave me alone!
Forgive me...please...
What? What did you say?
Nami, 20.
And the certified copy of your census register?
Here it is.
Well, that's it, then.
Thank you. I never knew... about my mother and father.
Well, let's get down to business.
The last will and testament of your father...
the late Kaizawa Soichi.
The land, house and its contents in their entirety...
are left to you.
It's Nami.
Ready to quit school and work here?
Shinichi! Don't rush her!
Oh...thanks for these.
They help a lot.
I can't draw this kind of stuff.
I love Nami's illustrations.
They're so soft and gentle.
I guess it's because she goes to art school.
He's upstairs, in the president's office.
Is it time already?
It's okay. I slept a bit.
I mean about my asking you to do this.
It's okay. We haven't gone driving for a while.
Good work.
We'll be back tonight.
What's this? A date?
Nami and I are history.
So what's going on?
Material. Ideas we can use in the next game.
You mean the old mansion she inherited?
You know, I've been thinking...
Why was I abandoned?
You weren't "abandoned"...
Yes, I was!
Didn't your mother die when you were born?
Your father couldn't have raised you alone.
Who's living there now?
No one!
The lawyer said a caretaker lives nearby.
Hello? ls Shinichi there?
Well, when he gets back, tell him we've arrived.
Yeah, okay!
So this is where you were born...
Do you remember it?
Of course not! I left when I was two or three.
That's why you can't remember.
But when I was a kid I'd have this dream...
There was a room with a portrait of a king, and a big staircase.
I'd be standing in front of the picture looking at it.
A big staircase...
There might be one like it here.
I've been waiting for you.
I've been the caretaker here for 20 years...
but you are its first visitors.
Miss, your late father wanted so mush to meet you.
Well, here is the key.
If you need anything, please call me.
Make yourself at home.
Look at this place!
That's St John's wort.
Those were my mother's last words!
The aunt who raised you?
Remember how each flower means something in old poetry?
Well, "St. John's wort"...
stand for "revenge".
Only in very old poems.
Come on.
It's huge!
Isn't this what you were talking about?
The staircase in your dream?
Oh, that...
This isn't it.
I see.
A Kaizawa Soichi!
And that one!
That one, too!
Wow! Fantastic!
You know him?
I never told you?
In high school I thought he was great!
I heard he died in an accident a while back...
Was Kaizawa Soichi your father?
But I never knew he was a painter.
Wow! lsn't that amazing!
He was better known abroad than he was in Japan.
It won't fit?
We'll ask the caretaker about it later.
Is there a studio?
There must be. This is Kaizawa Soichi's house!
But there's a lot about him no one's sure of.
One story says he went abroad in his teens.
They say he was a recluse...
who only ever saw his dealer.
Up there!
That's the only portrait of him.
A portrait?
So that's my real father?
Kaizawa Soichi...
At least now we understand one thing.
Where you get your talent.
You're his daughter, for sure.
What's the next room?
Kaizawa Soichi!
What is it?
Do you think that might be your mother?
Wow! lncredible!
Look at them all!
Look at this!
What about it?
Maybe it was yours.
These are pretty shocking.
I guess there're hidden meanings beneath them.
What's this?
Hey, here's another cane...
The last room.
A bedroom...
Your dad's shirts?
It won't work.
What's in here?
Does it open?
A music box...
"Nami, Naomi"...
Is that me?
Maybe you had a twin!
Who's "Naomi"?
Your twin, maybe.
No way!
I wonder if I'm the older or the younger...
Your name's written first...
So I'm older?
Guess so!
How does it feel?
What was that?
Didn't you hear it?
I heard something!
Like a little girl's voice.
There it is again!
I can't hear it.
It came from over there.
It did!
I heard it!
Let's check the video.
Guess so!
How does it feel?
How does it feel?
There! I heard it!
You did?
I don't know...
It was a little girl.
Maybe you just heard it because you believe there's a voice.
You're wrong! I heard it.
But there's no one here.
That was a surprise!
What happened?
What happened?!
Nami, it's a key!
Maybe for that room you tried to go into...
It's blank.
But to where?
There's no more rooms.
Oh shit! The battery's dead.
Where were you?
You're going?
Yep. Good night!
Any word from Kohei?
This is Nami's mansion.
Wow! Look at that!
What are you doing?
I was going to use this to make a map.
Give me a gum.
What's the matter? Were you born in a barn?
Toko's making a map!
There must be a notebook or something...
Hey, here's a door!
Those keys...
His studio...
"Woman with Eyes of Flame"...
Could it be?
Kaizawa Soichi's great lost masterpiece...
All I've heard is the title...
It doesn't look like it's finished.
An unfinished masterpiece...
"Kaizawa Soichi"...
"Berlin Exhibition"...
"Girl, 6, Missing"...
What's this?
"Shoes found in nearby swamp..."
14 years ago...six years old...
"Hope Fades For Lost Girl"...
"Search Called Off."
It's a doll.
A doll?
It's real.
A child...
A child? Naomi?
Nami! It's not her!
It's not!
Don't get carried away!
The heavy rain has triggered mudslides in some areas.
Roads closed include Prefectural Route 127...
That's our road!
It's done! The map's finished!
Shinichi, wake up!
I've got the map done!
You've got mail.
"Call the police right away!"
The police?! Why?
What the hell are you doing?
Wake up!
That suits you!
It was probably my mother's.
Yeah, maybe!
Do you think maybe we could start over again?
It wouldn't work.
Why not?
Sure, it's fine right now...
but when you get busy, it'll be just like it was.
Iet's say if today goes well,
we continue tomorrow.
And if tomorrow's good, then the next day.
We'll take it one day at a time.
There's that voice again!
"Don't leave me alone!"
Who is it?!
That caretaker!
The guy I fought...
had marks on his wrist.
Mail from Shinichi.
"A strange room"?
Another room!
is that where the caretaker is?
I'm going in there.
He might know about my father...
and about Naomi.
But you're safe here!
But I want to know!
I don't know who I am.
Or what I am.
When I heard of my real family line.
I just can't believe it.
Why did they abandon me?
I want to find all that out.
I want to know who I am.
What's this?
He's been watching us!
Kohei? Are you okay?
Yeah, more or less. The map helped.
We're where you told us.
The damn caretaker was watching us from here.
It's all computerized.
I'll send you its data.
Because I'm going to go and find that caretaker.
I'll send the old files from the hard-drive, too.
I'll need help on this.
Kohei's so amazing!
I'll help from over there.
Look at the monitor file!
Which one?
For the kitchen. Compare it with your footage.
The kitchen? Okay!
What's that?
The caretaker...
More mummies?
Yeah. Six of them.
All young children.
Other kids...
besides Naomi?
Check the papers!
What about the caretaker?
We'll leave him. The police can handle that.
Stay with Nami!
I wonder if these are paintings of those kids...
Don't say that!
I've just sent you back a video file.
What's on it?
Kaizawa Soichi's secret.
It's pretty bad.
Why don't you go upstairs?
Get some sleep!
When the police get here tomorrow, things are going to get busy.
I've still got things to do.
Work again?
Different things.
It's okay! I can see you.
If anything happens I'll come.
I knew this wouldn't work.
You never change.
We didn't even last through one night.
where's that file?
I wonder if these are paintings of those kids...
You're his daughter, for sure.
I'm sending his paintings. Toko.
What'll I tell Nami?
I'll erase all this.
Not so fast.
It'll be evidence.
Didn't you see something?
The hall upstairs.
I don't see a thing.
I thought I saw something moving.
I'm done.
Hello? It's Toko. I did a newspaper search.
There've been seven kids disappear there,
over the last dozen years.
Seven? You're sure it's not six?
No, seven.
It fits if you include the one in the studio.
But that was...
Maybe that isn't Naomi.
The papers say it was all boys that disappeared.
I checked it with the police lists, too.
There's yellow flowers in this picture, too.
And this one.
Yellow flowers...
That one, too!
Is that St. John's wort?
The papers say it was all boys that disappeared.
She's growing!
I didn't want you to see.
I don't know what to say.
But when I was a kid I'd have these dreams...
There was a room with a portrait of a king...
and a big staircase.
I'd be standing in front of the picture looking at it.
Are you Naomi?
My younger sister?
I drew those!
your twin...
When they took you away...
I waited and waited for you to come back.
Don't leave me alone!
you forgot me.
You were happy growing up not knowing anything about me!
Why should I be the only one to suffer, I wondered.
I hated you.
I wanted to make you as scared as I'd always been.
And I did.
But the fear that you've felt...
is only a millionth of what I have!
I was terrified of Father.
All my life!
But when he died, I realized...
only he could have painted what he did.
His love was in them.
I was happy I'd been the model for his painting.
All of those pictures...are of me...
proof that I existed.
will you do me a favor?
I know you will.
I want you to finish this picture, in Father's place.
That picture?
Paint me...
with eyes of flame.
We're the only ones who can understand him.
You can do it.
It's his blood that flows in you.
Father always treasured...
these pictures.
You were here...
together with us...
you'll do it, won't you.
It's kind of mean to Nami...
It's fine as an ending.
I think it's a bit harsh.
Well, let's see mine.
Kohei! What happened?!
It's Naomi!
She's alive!
Is there another room?
I'm looking!
There's no time!
Kohei, are you okay?
I've found them!
Go upstairs...
Answer me!
Let go of me!
Let go!
Nami, that's great!
I didn't do that last part!
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