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Subtitles for Our Lady of the Assasins CD2.

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Our Lady of the Assasins CD2

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Look who's here. The Grim Reaper's messenger, Deathboy.
What brings you?
Today they're gonna waste you!
Two guys on a black Kawa.
The driver's wearing a white shirt, the rider a green jacket.
See you.
To protect their poor-box and silverware.
And to stop people from sleeping or smoking crack in there.
For some reason l never went inside this church.
The house where l was born.
lt's exactly the same.
l wonder who owns it now.
We had a pool,
a piano, two yards and a lemon tree,
and a parrot called Faust.
Too bad. You'll never live as happily as l did then.
Happiness can't exist in your world
of TV's, ghetto blasters, punks and rockers.
We gave that parrot altar wine to loosen its tongue,
then it'd recite the Scriptures.
''Get up, you little bastards!''
lt'd say that to wake us up.
My life has slipped away...
They got blood on my house!
They wanted to take you for a ride!
And on a Kawa!
You gonna buy me a pastry?
A whole box, if you want.
You a Mafioso, or what?
Go get 'em, man.
A box of glory cakes. With guava filling.
l remember this street as full of pretty faces.
Where did they go?
My taste got better or the genes got worse.
Everything changes.
Even God. He's not the static force theologists claim.
Dumb priests! Nothing stays still!
Even rocks move!
ln every atom of every rock, electrons spin around nuclei.
Matter and movement are one and the same.
Matter doesn't need God to move.
But He needs us to exist.
Without our thoughts, He doesn't exist.
l'm paying for a box of pastries.
l'm hungry.
Get in line, scumbags!
Line up.
On your knees! Or you get none!
Some for me, little father.
Here, grandma.
He's gone nuts.
Where are we going?
l don't know... Wherever you say.
l didn't know there were still places like this.
Know what they're playing?
''Francisco Alegre'', a pasodoble.
You like it?
No, this music reminds me of too much.
But now l like it. l'm with you.
lt'll be our song. l'll remember you when l hear it.
And l you.
Let's celebrate with a drink.
Welcome to ''Patio del Tango''.
Why a pasodoble?
For a change.
l knew a ''Patio del Tango'', years ago in Guayaquil.
Same place.
l came here when they pulled it down.
Then l know you. You're Don Hannibal.
You won't remember me. l was a boy, then.
What do you do now?
- l'm supposed to be a writer. - What do you write?
Don't believe him. He's a joker.
Nothing is written for all eternity.
All roads are open, everything changes!
Don't delude yourselves that things will stay as they are!
Everything you see today will soon be gone without a trace!
Time will sweep it all away.
All this is unreal.
We're a flowing river, a mirage of nothingness.
Scumbags, crackheads, petty thieves!
Colombian people!
Thanks, my fellow countrymen!
Love yourselves as l loved you, you fuckers!
For Thine is the kingdom of heaven!
''The Kingdom of Heaven''?
That's the name of the grocery store under my house.
What's going on?
What have we come to?
All these absurd deaths.
lt preys on my mind. How many so far?
Don't count them.
Make a wish.
For us to be together forever.
Last night l made the same wish: us together, forever.
What now, freako?
They'll be back today.
How? They're already dead!
Or can the dead come back to life now?
New guys.
Their blessed bullets can't miss.
They're on a red Yamaha 100.
The driver's wearing a red jacket.
Blessed bullets?
You put six bullets in a pan
on an electric hotplate till they're red hot.
Then sprinkle them with holy water from the Church of St Jude.
While it evaporates
you count to three and pray as hard as you can.
''By the grace of St Jude,
''may these blessed bullets hit their mark
''and may he die painlessly.''
ls that them?
lt's not a Yamaha. The driver isn't wearing a red jacket.
Where will we go?
We'll see. The world's a big place.
The Fine Arts Building. l studied piano there.
lt's them!
Lady, what did they do to you?
They killed him!
So what? People get killed here all the time!
This isn't Switzerland! lt's Medellin, Colombia.
Don't you ever go out?
Yes, l do.
But he was an innocent person.
You sure?
No innocents here, they're all guilty!
More so if they breed!
''An innocent!''
Calm down, lady! lt's just another corpse.
Not one, two.
Now l can't leave my house any more,
or have more kids.
You're the best thing life ever gave me.
What can it be?
lt's coming from down there.
lt's a dog.
Let's go look.
He can't get out.
Got hit by a car.
His legs are broken.
Who knows how long he's been stuck in there?
Maybe several days.
No use getting him out in that state.
He'll never walk again.
lf we get him out he'll only suffer more.
We have to kill him.
- How? - Shoot him.
l can't.
l can.
God doesn't exist.
And if he does, he's the worst scumbag.
l can't stand life anymore.
The stream got our gun.
Too bad it didn't get us, too.
l'd like to get out of here.
Where to?
New York.
No, it's full of Colombians.
lt's full of Cubans.
Then to France.
The French are a pain. They fight with everyone.
And Spain?
The Spaniards smoke a lot and shout. l can't stand them.
A desert island?
With you, yes. You're all l need.
Watch out! Fernando!
Help me lift him, so l can take him to a hospital.
Poor kid.
How many times was he hit?
Let's go! Hurry!
We'll go to that hospital over there. What's it called?
- l saw the guy! - A fuckin' hitman!
He'll get blood on my carpet.
l'll pay for the cleaning.
Over here!
How dare you dump a corpse at a hospital!
Nobody comes up here! Not even in an armored car!
Even the cops get mugged.
This is it, Santo Domingo Savio.
Hey, kids!
Where's the grocery store? What was that name?
''The Kingdom of Heaven.''
Up there, by the soccer field.
l won't wait for you. You'll have to get back on your own.
He hadn't been here in a long while.
He and my other husband,
they were always fighting.
My husband drank a lot.
When he was drunk
he was impossible, gross. They didn't get on.
So Alexis stopped coming.
l don't know where he hung out. Or what his problems were.
l know he loved me.
He didn't tell me, but l know he did.
My brother Alexis got killed.
Got shot right there. l know who did it.
Liar, you don't know!
Yes, l do. ''The Blue Lagoon''!
A kid from around La Francia.
He's sworn he'll kill him.
Yes, l'll kill him, l'll kill him!
You know why?
How would l know?
l came to give you this for the kids.
You're the writer?
Where's your son?
He left for the U.S.
Another drink?
No, l'm leaving.
Funds for education will be increased by 60%/%.
By the end of my mandate, 90%/% of Colombians
will have running water and main sewers.
Who's he?
The President.
No, it isn't.
Then who is it?
Someone else. Another scumbag.
What's his name?
What's the date today?
March 3rd.
The year's already over?
Hi, you OK?
l saw you on TV.
l've never been on TV. And you?
Me, neither.
So we're both fucked. We might as well not exist.
People who aren't on TV don't exist.
What are you up to?
Nothing much. Hanging out.
- You had lunch? - Two days ago.
Then l'll buy you lunch.
l was fucking starving, man!
Like a pothead.
But l don't smoke pot. Or crack. Nothing.
That's not good.
We should indulge in every vice to make sure we're alive.
Virtue is for the dead.
Ever seen a dead person fuck his neighbor's wife?
What's your name? Don't tell me...
Let me guess.
Tyson Alexander?
Thanks for lunch.
That's OK.
So l'll see you.
See you soon.
l'm going to the Church of San Antonio. lf you want to come...
lt's open! Let's go in.
How strange!
l've never been in this church, but it feels so familiar.
ln the back there's a Holy Sepulchre and some tombs.
l'm sure of it.
You see? How weird!
lt's incredible.
l'd never seen this side of the church.
''House of God, the Door to Heaven.''
As a kid l thought l'd die if l entered this church.
So l never went inside.
Then why does it seem so familiar?
Where have l read that inscription?
Maybe l went in alive and now l'm dead?
lt's empty?
Empty? Can't you see that table?
There's a bed in the bedroom.
There's no music! Not even a hifi!
Not even.
l'm training for the silence of the grave.
Come here.
That's all the clothes you have?
Plus what l have on, which l don't need now.
Get undressed, kid.
l bet you have another on your left ankle.
How'd you know?
l'm psychic.
Are you OK?
Not really.
What's wrong?
l don't know.
At night my head starts spinning
and l remember things.
Maybe you should leave.
What are we gonna do?
l don't know.
Whatever you want.
What's it for?
ln case l need it.
Mine was a dumb question.
That's what a gun's for: in case one needs it.
Let's go for breakfast.
Write what you want out of life on these tiny napkins.
What's all this? Weird handwriting! Looks like Chinese.
What brand sneakers?
What else? You read.
Paco Rabanne blue jeans,
three Ocean Pacific T-shirts,
Calvin Klein shorts,
a Honda bike,
a mini-Uzi,
a Whirlpool fridge for my mom.
Now you write what you want out of life.
l hate goddamn cab drivers with loud radios!
You should've told him to turn it off.
My policy for living in peace in this war zone is:
look, listen and shut up.
And no one will change my mind.
What about the phone? Does it work?
l don't know.
And l don't care.
l don't call anybody and nobody calls me.
Sure. How can it work if it's disconnected?
Who could it be?
Yes? Who do you want to speak to?
Check or cash, whatever you like.
We don't cheat anyone here.
You can send it right away.
l'm Honore de Balzac.
Who am l speaking to? John Jairo Arbelaez?
Okay, John Jairo, l'll be waiting.
See you soon.
Poor guy! He'll show up with his truckload of plants.
And there'll be nobody there.
You're a bastard!
l have to keep myself busy.
l hate people who whistle.
My brother used to whistle at all times.
Like you and l breathe.
Man has no business stealing the sacred language of birds!
l'm a firm defender of animal rights.
Something bothering you, fucker?
Alexis, kid, wake up. Sorry, Wilmar.
What happened?
lt just hit me.
l knew that guy you offed.
Who was it?
A mugger.
l saw him hold up a guy in a Jeep.
The guy put up a fight and he shot him.
That's divine justice.
Or Satan's justice, since God is such a failure.
His dumb son Jesus tried to abolish an eye for an eye,
and spread all that crap about turning the other cheek.
Blessed art thou, Satan!
God neglects us, so you've come to right the wrongs of this world.
OK, let's sleep.
What's up, dude!
''The Pest''! Good to see you! Things OK?
Fine. l knocked up my girlfriend to have a kid to avenge me.
Who from?
Anyone. Anything l can't handle once l'm dead.
Congratulations, Pest.
At least our youth has foresight!
When there's a future, the present takes care of itself.
And as to the past...
The past is what's fucking me up.
Why do you date the guy who killed Alexis?
What? The guy who killed Alexis?
l'm with Wilmar. Alexis was killed by ''The Blue Lagoon''.
Wilmar is ''The Blue Lagoon''.
Why does he have that absurd nickname?
From the movie.
He looked like the kid in the movie.
He used to dye his hair blond.
l never saw that movie. l don't go to movies now.
You coming?
OK, see you.
You know that kid?
He's from the hills, too?
From Santo Domingo Savio.
Like you?
No, l'm from La Francia.
You want one?
l'll wait for you here.
Enlighten me...
Lord, help me kill that bastard.
Why were you so weird all day?
What did l do?
Why are we going to a motel?
l don't get you.
Don't mind me, l'm superstitious.
l got obsessed: if l stayed home tonight l'd get killed.
By who?
l don't know. Don't ask questions.
l'm worried, that's all.
Turn it off.
So you're ''The Blue Lagoon''?
Why did you kill Alexis?
He killed my brother.
l was with Alexis the night you killed him.
l know. When we met and became friends,
l recognized you.
So from that first night in my apartment
you could've killed me?
l could never kill you. l love you.
Who was driving the motorbike you shot him from?
A kid from the barrio. He got offed 2 days later.
Why? Who killed him?
No one knows. They may never find out.
All this butchery leads nowhere.
Let's leave.
Where to?
We'll see. Wherever.
There's a world beyond this valley and those mountains.
Sure, people are the same all over.
Same crap, but different.
Then let's buy a fridge for my mom and split.
l like this one.
What's that for?
To make ice cubes. Look!
Can it make a whisky on the rocks?
Not state-of-the-art!
Doesn't matter. My mom doesn't drink.
Can you deliver it?
No, l'll go with them. Or they'll get ripped off.
- Rip off a refrigerator? - The truck, too!
Anyway, l want to say goodbye to my mom.
Of course.
Don't be too long, l'll wait at the apartment.
Then we'll pack and leave.
See you later.
Yes, that's me.
Where did you find him?
Where is he now?
Where's that?
No, l don't know that either...
l'm on my way.
That's him!
Wait over there, please.
''Cause of death: cardio-respiratory failure due to blood loss.''
The clerk in the DA's office noted
the boy had your phone number on him.
He was shot from a motorcycle.
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