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Subtitles for Out for a Kill.

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Out for a Kill

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All warfare is based on the art of deception.|Sun Tzu The Art of War
{y:i}My name is Tommie Ling,|{y:i}and I'm based out of Hong Kong...
{y:i}investigating narcotics|{y:i}and other related crimes.
{y:i}I was assigned to work|{y:i}with an American D.E.A. Agent, Ed Grey.
{y:i}We've been in six countries|{y:i}tracking an international drug ring.
I'm here with the cop|from Hong Kong Narcotics.
She says this is|a typical Chinese gang takeover.
They didn't spare anyone.
As I look at the men|seated around this table...
I see the beginning of a new era.
Sai Lo from Paris.
Sai Lo - Controls:|Shipment in the French heroin market
Front: Laundromats all over Paris
Tang Zhili from New York.
Tang Zhili a.k.a. The Bird - Controls:|Entire New York drug conglomerate
Runs Mahjong gambling rackets
Yin Quinshi from Sofia.
Yin Quinshi|Controls: Eastern European drug cartel
Hobbies: Auto racing and sky diving
Li Bo from Shanghai.
Li Bo - Controls: Shang Hai drug exports
Has a penchant for French restaurants
Fang Lee from Paris.
Fang Lee a.k.a. The Barber
Controls: Paris drug cartel|Known to hire unique assassins
Mr. Chang from London.
Mr. Chang - Controls: London drug money
Like all great conglomerates|around the world...
the Chinese families are merging.
A united tong is powerful enough|to push other syndicates...
out of business.
There will come a day|when the Chinese families...
control the entire market.
This is a dangerous time.
We must take special care...
so that nothing...
and no one interferes|with this historic event.
It will be the most important merger|and business transaction...
in the history of the Chinese families.
Would you look at that? It's so beautiful.
It only has one eye.
You know what they say:
"In the land of the blind,|the one-eyed man is king."
{y:i}As a consequence|{y:i}of his recent meticulous excavations...
{y:i}at the Yangling Tombs...
{y:i}Professor Robert Burns|{y:i}has been selected to be the recipient...
{y:i}of the prestigious and much coveted|{y:i}Winthrop Award...
{y:i}for excellence in archeology.|{y:i}It is now my honor to call to this stage...
{y:i}this university's|{y:i}most distinguished academician. ;
{y:i}Professor Burns.
{y:i}I'd like to thank my loving wife, Maya...
{y:i}dedicated assistant Yi,|{y:i}and her father, my mentor...
{y:i}Professor Luo Dazhong.
{y:i}Without them I wouldn't be here today.
{y:i}I look very much forward|{y:i}to my next dig in China.
{y:i}Thank you so much.
What's an ex-jarhead pilot|doing over here in China?
Some of the places I set down,|that's why they hire me.
You flew 130s and|now you're flying this little piece of shit.
You're sure going down in the world.
Tell you what.
The more off the beaten track it is,|the better I like it.
That's impressive.|Is that why they call you Crash?
No, it's just a little joke, Professor.
They call me Crash because I never have.
Next time you need to go somewhere,|call me.
You're from New York.|I run a flight school back there.
Stop by sometime, okay?
Look at that view!
Your site is right over that second hill.
Zaysun Archeological Dig Site|Chinese"l"Kazakhstan Border
These artifacts are just amazing.
Ancient Chinese emperors stored the ashes|and spirits of their loved ones in these.
They used to be used in processions|of the Third Dynasty.
They're all hand-carved from jade.
- Let's get these ready for shipping.|- Okay, Professor.
Make sure you date and log all these notes.
Remember to sign them, Professor.
The seals have to be closed|according to customs specifications.
All right, let's get these|up to the transport shack.
- Who's this guy over here?|- I've never seen him before.
- I don't know.|- What does that tag say?
- "Beijing University Archeology."|- Not an archeologist, is he?
- Not really.|- Something's up here.
I'm gonna check out the storage shack.|Shall we?
They seem to hurry.
I just sealed this thing.
This is broken. I don't know, Yi.
This guy at the dig site steps on an artifact.
The seal's broken on this.
- But where's his tag?|- That's really strange.
I really don't like the looks of this.
What is that?
Let's go. The key's in the jeep?
Do we have enough gas|to get to the border?
I think so.
Stop them before they get to the border...
Stop them...
Have we lost them?
- I think we're safe.|- Thank God.
On your left, we got 'em spotted.|Cut 'em off. Stop 'em! Stop 'em!!!
Oh, my God! Go faster!
Go faster!
He's making a run for the border...
Stop him now!!!
The border's just over that ridge,|back off, back off.
I think I hit one of them...
They got away, call Sai Lo.
Tell them to clear out the shack. Leave|enough evidence to hang the professor...
Call the border, looks like trouble coming.
Chinese"l"Kazakhstan Border Post
D.E.A.! Get out of the car.|Get your hands over your head.
No one shoot. Put down your guns.
Put your face on the ground.|Stretch your arms out in front of you.
Wong Dai,|there's been a breach of our security.
Our shipment in Zaysun|has been discovered and seized.
Fortunately, a certain "gwilo" professor|has been highly documented...
as having packed the product himself.
He's been arrested.
Does he possess information...
which can be used against us?
No, he was unaware of our operations.
Su Chou Prison - China
What, you don't recognize him?
No, sir.
His real name's Alex Fong.|But he goes by the name of Sai Lo.
- Is this ringing any bells with you?|- No, sir.
- He's the guy who hired you.|- I thought I was hired by the university.
I'm an archeologist,|a specialist in the Han Dynasty.
I was sent here|to appraise a bunch of artifacts.
- I think I might like to call my wife.|- Come on, Professor.
You're telling me you didn't have an inkling|you were smuggling?
Yeah, that's kind of what I'm trying to say.
I prepared these documents myself.
Yeah, you prepared them all right.
You know what the deal is here?|This is China, pal.
You're looking at a murder rap,|plus you're looking at narcotics trafficking.
I think you got the wrong guy.|I'm a professor. I just received an award.
Your signature is on these documents.
They set you up to take the fall,|and you just sit here.
- I think I need a lawyer.|- That's the first smart thing you said all day.
I'm done talking to this guy. You talk to him.
The system's like a pit bull.
Once it grabs a hold of someone,|it doesn't let go without real good reason.
You have to give us that reason.
I'm gonna give you the reason.|You know what it is?
I'm innocent.
I don't know this man.
I need a phone. I wanna call my wife.
I wish I could help you.
Archeologist my ass.|That boy is as crooked as a stick.
You know it's not his fault.
Is this one of those female-intuition things?
He screwed up, he got caught. End of story.
He said he was innocent.
You remember, you told me to tell you|when you over-complicated things?
You're doing it. This is one of those times.
I'll go call New York.
{y:i}I want this professor released.
We need to use him as bait|and see who bites.
{y:i}Chinese cops won't release him that easily.
{y:i}Chinese authorities are not very happy|{y:i}with our professor.
{y:i}They don't believe he's innocent,|{y:i}and his signature's all over every document.
{y:i}And who's this Wong Dai|{y:i}they keep referring to?
He's this Chinese guy...
{y:i}running a drug-smuggling|{y:i}and international money-laundering ring.
{y:i}His people are responsible|{y:i}for shooting up that nightclub in Bulgaria.
{y:i}He keeps shifting bases|{y:i}between the Far East and Europe.
{y:i}We also know that Wong Dai|{y:i}is trying to eliminate his opposition.
{y:i}I want you to use this professor as bait.
{y:i}Let Wong Dai think he works for us.
{y:i}He'll use the professor|{y:i}to rub out his own men.
{y:i}It's an old Chinese-gang tactic.
{y:i}What happens to the professor|{y:i}and his family?
{y:i}Fuck him.
9:00 AM Friday - New Haven, Connecticut
{y:i}Here is a news alert.
{y:i}Noted archeologist and winner|{y:i}of the prestigious Winthrop Award...
{y:i}Professor Robert Burns has been arrested|{y:i}in the Hunan province of China...
{y:i}during an archeological excavation.
{y:i}The Chinese police have charged him|{y:i}with narcotics trafficking.
{y:i}Local authorities say he will be held...
{y:i}pending his arraignment tomorrow|{y:i}on these charges.
{y:i}No bail has been set.
The name's King.
My name is Burns. Nice to meet you.
So, what you doing in a place like this?
I guess I was in the wrong place|at the wrong time.
- That's what they all say.|- Do they?
How about you?
Truth is, I was crossing|the Kazakhstan border...
trafficking some weed.
{y:i}Some ragheaded motherfuckers busted me.
{y:i}As far as I can tell,|{y:i}American Embassy is talking to the D.E. A...
{y:i}and I think they're gonna see this|{y:i}as a big misunderstanding...
{y:i}I forgive you, okay?|{y:i}I will get you out of here.
{y:i}I love you.
{y:i}I know how hard you try.
{y:i}I love you.
I hate to let him think|he's getting a free ride.
Where are you from?
We're from the D.E.A.
- U.S.A. And Hong Kong.|- Photo please.
These officers are here|to pickup the prisoners.
I need our paperwork.
It's already filed, let's hurry up.
It's not that simple. I mean, he's a professor.
What if he's innocent?
If he's innocent, the Pope wears panties.
- Here you are.|- Ok, right this way.
- Once a friend, a friend for life.|- Take care, my man.
- You ain't going down no rat hole.|- Don't forget about me.
- Love and respect.|- Walk in peace, my man.
I'll see you soon.
Don't forget about me, Burns!
2:07 AM Thursday - Paris
Why would they release him?
The American D.E.A. Gave the order.
You say this "gwilo" knows nothing|of our operation?
That is correct.
I want to know exactly who this man is|and what he knows.
I don't want him to be in a position...
to cause us any complication.
9:50 PM Friday - New Haven, Connecticut
I missed you.
I'm glad you're back.
I missed you. Thank God you're home.
I have decided we must put an end|to this professor.
Tomorrow is the funeral of his assistant.
It will be his funeral.
Wait until the father leaves,|then cut him into pieces.
10:00 AM Saturday|Chinatown, New York City
Condolences, "shefu".
A mind is a mirror, a bright light shining.
Be sure to clean it every day.
Allow no dust to cling.
There is no mirror...
there is no dust, there is no darkness.
Only the mind is light.
I think you know what I have to do.
I will wait by the open grave for your return.
"Danger below."
"A river."
This "gwilo" professor|is becoming a problem.
No longer have we among us|Mr. Wu of New York...
and Mr. Ping of Los Angeles.
Yes, the "gwilo" is causing trouble|in Chinatown.
Have we found out more about this "gwilo"?
He's not a cop, a soldier,|or a government agent.
He's like one of us.
What do you mean?
We found out that this "gwilo" professor...
was once one of the greatest thieves|in Shanghai, New York and Paris.
He specialized in valuable paintings|and priceless Chinese artifacts.
He was known as the "Goei", or the "Ghost."
Some thought he had died,|but he had disappeared.
In 1985 he returned to the United States|and was arrested.
He served seven years in a Federal prison.
Using his expertise in Chinese artifacts...
he used his prison stay to earn himself|a doctorate in Chinese archeology.
When he got out, he created a new identity|and became a professor.
Tang Zhili, go to New York|and take care of him.
8: 15 PM Sunday - New York
I have to go to the bathroom.
Sir, I work for an international|business conglomerate.
We believe you might have an interest|in interfering in our business.
- Our paths have crossed before.|- Have they?
If you're wondering how and why...
certain unpleasant things|have happened to you in the past.
So, I'm here to make you an offer.|Leave us alone...
and we'll leave you alone.
Consider it done.|I'll never think of you guys again...
lead a humble, quiet life,|and I'll be on my way.
Good. Because if you don't...
we will kill your dog...
we will kill you...
and then we will kill your wife.
"The crane."
Maya, come!
Tommie, you know what I think?
I think our archeology professor|has got a mind at digging his own grave.
Guess he's not digging it deep enough.
- This looks like self-defense to me.|- No, don't get me wrong.
I don't want him arrested.
I think our boy is just starting to party.
Who were those people? Who are you?
I'm sorry.
I don't know who those people are.|But I'm gonna find out.
11:30 PM Sunday - New Haven, Connecticut
6:30 AM Monday|D.E.A. Offices - New York City
You know the dead girl's father,|Luo Dazhong?
He used to be one|of the world's leading masters in "chi kung".
This is so weird.
There's no record on the professor|before 1984.
Yeah. Grey.
We're on our way. Get your coat.
The professor's house|just went up in flames.
9:08 AM Monday - Luo Dazhong's Home|Greenwich, Connecticut
{y:i}Your daughter, my wife, both dead.
{y:i}I came here to make you a promise.
{y:i}Within one week I'll avenge their deaths,|{y:i}before the funeral of my wife.
I think you know how hard I've tried|to put my past behind me.
It hasn't worked very well.
They say, "Kill one to warn a hundred."
I might have to kill a hundred to warn one.
They say when one sets out on revenge|to first dig two graves.
I know you know that meaning.|But I promise you one thing:
The souls of our enemies will be|the ashes and dust gone in the sky...
before the funeral of our loved ones.|That's a promise.
{y:i}I give you my blessing...
{y:i}to avenge those who killed our loved ones.
{y:i}The key is in the symbols|{y:i}tattooed on their arms.
9: 22 AM Tuesday|Springer Airport, New York
He wants two hours?|Fucking-A. Send him over. I'll take it.
Is this Kupper Aviation?
- Don't I know you from somewhere?|- No, sir, you don't.
The Cessna's gassed up and ready to go.
- Are you sure I don't know you?|- What are you talking about, man?
You're that archeologist I flew|back in China.
I feel really bad|about what happened to your wife.
How do you know|what happened to my wife?
What the hell are you doing?
- Do you think I'm crazy?|- No, man!
Wrong answer. I am crazy!
- You are crazy!|- Now, you will listen to me.
- I'm really starting to like this guy.|- Me, too.
- Who the hell hired you?|- What the hell are you doing?
- I need some details.|- I don't know him!
Don't kill me!
- What the hell do you want?|- I want Sai Lo.
- Who the fuck is Sai Lo?|- Let's try it again.
- What about Alex Fong?|- I don't know any Alex fucking Fong.
- Who hired you?|- It was the Chinese guy, The Bird!
- What's his name?|- Tang Zhili, he hired me!
Tang Zhili, "The Bird."|Where can I find him?
Chinatown. Pull up!
I need some details!
We met at a barbershop|in Chinatown, New York City.
There's a big neon salamander|next to the door.
I swear to fuck on my mother's grave,|that's all I know.
{y:i}- I did exactly as you instructed.|- Excellent.
{y:i}- You sent him?|- Yes, sir.
{y:i}- The barbershop?|- That's what I did.
{y:i}- In Chinatown?|- Yeah, he believed everything.
- I'm sure of it.|- Excellent.
Who was that?
The pilot.|He had trouble with the "gwilo" professor.
We will have to sort that out.
10:44 AM Wednesday|Chinatown, New York City
- Think we should go in together?|- Forget it, Tommie. It's Chinatown.
Very nice of you to finally show your face.
Wrong face, my friend.
Where's Tang Zhili, "The Bird,"|the man who killed my wife?
Half Moon...
He's been in there too long.
I don't like the look of this.
You cover the front. I'll take the back.
If you're looking for the Half Moon,|it's over there.
You sleeping good at night? You should be.
You know, I like your style. I really do.
You set me up in China...
put an innocent man behind bars.
Then you let me go because|you think I'll lead you to the bad guys.
And my favorite?
It was through|your brilliant detective work...
you cost me the life of my wife.
- I had no idea.|- Do you expect me to believe that?
Believe this:
I'll do your work for you...
better than you ever could.
Stay out of my life. Stay out of my way.
{y:i}All I knew about Robert Burns for sure...
{y:i}was that he was a man|{y:i}who had lost everything.
{y:i}The law had failed him.
{y:i}He had nothing to go back to...
{y:i}and no future to protect.
{y:i}When you have nothing left to lose,|{y:i}you do not fear death.
{y:i}The shadows of what had been done to him|{y:i}would not clear.
I've had trouble sleeping.
I'm sorry about what happened to you|and to your wife.
But I can't change that now.
So if there's anything I can do to help you,|I will.
My daddy always used to say:
"Steal a little, go to jail.
"Steal a lot, you become king."
In my cell,|there was a young man called King.
I'd like you to get him out.
He needs a second chance,|the one my wife never got.
What the fuck happened?
I have no idea.
Hey Bird, Bird...|Tang Zhili, King of Mahjong...
This is private property, man. Beat it.
This man doesn't look|like he's here for the mahjong.
Distant waters cannot quench your thirst.
Better to light a candle|than to curse the darkness.
{y:i}Now I have you.
{y:i}Who killed my wife? You? Sai Lo?
{y:i}I don't know.
Today, you die.
You're fucked now, white boy.
Where is Sai Lo?
Crows everywhere are equally black.
I'll give you one more chance.|Where is Sai Lo?
I don't know this man.
This "gwilo" must be stopped at all costs.
He brings great misfortune among us.
He must be stopped now.
He's jeopardizing|the biggest shipment from Burma.
This is our largest shipment ever.
Most importantly, it is symbolic...
of the merging|of the entire Chinese crime structure.
This is the first time|all of the families have come together.
We must protect this...
no matter what the cost.
8: 12 PM Wednesday|Chinatown, New York City
"Danger below."
"The crane."
RED DRAGON EXPORT - Sofia, Bulgaria
What do you mean?
"Fe Yue."
That's one of the names|of the 12th century Chinese general...
also known as Wong Dai.
4: 15 PM Thursday - Sofia, Bulgaria
May I help you, sir?
Ma'am, can I speak with the owner?
- Can I help you, sir?|- Is the owner around?
I'm sorry, sir. He's not in.
- Why don't you tell him I stopped by?|- I'll tell him, sir.
You do that.
Let's go. Fill this carton.
This shipment is our priority.|Don't worry. The gwilo is being watched.
Clear the table,|we have two more flats to count.
Hurry up! We don't have all day.
11:48 AM Thursday|Chinatown, New York City
{y:i}Robert Burns was certainly|{y:i}not a hard man to track.
{y:i}He left bodies behind him wherever he went.
{y:i}He understood the symbols|{y:i}tattooed on the assassins' arms.
{y:i}Burns followed their message...
{y:i}moving like a ghost,|{y:i}from the streets of Chinatown...
{y:i}to the back alleys of Eastern Europe.
Looks like somebody's been busy.
What do you think, Tommie?
You want to tell me something?
Looks like we're going|to Eastern Europe, partner.
3: 10 AM Friday - Sofia, Bulgaria
Looks like they do take-out.
Let's go.
All right. Let's see what we catch.
You come out of there with a tattoo,|I'm gonna find a new partner.
Do you want a tattoo?
I'm not sure.
I'm a little scared of needles.
Does it hurt?
Only if you want it to.
Maybe I'll come back...
after you finish sticking that needle|into baldy's skull.
We hope you do.
3:50 AM - Sofia, Bulgaria
Play with her like a mouse.|Then take her to the house.
Hi, baby. You ready for that tattoo?
Maybe I'm looking for something else.
You can get anything you want around here.
But you better be sure before you go there.
She did come back for something else.
Maybe I did.
How do we know you're not a cop?
Do I look like a cop to you?
You sure don't feel like a cop.
Well, girls...
are you going to help me cop?
Follow me, baby.
What are you scared about?
{y:i}Flash the cash.|{y:i}Show him the money, sweetie.
Come on up.
Stand him up.
Drag him to the basement.
He's in the basement, sir.
Make sure you tie him up.
Go check out upstairs.
Why are you so scared?
I'm not scared. Who has the dope?
Time to join your partner in the basement.
Tattoo this, bitch.
Go get your partner and be careful.
- I had them right where I wanted them.|- Yeah, sure.
5:32 AM Friday - Sofia, Bulgaria
I don't want him to be in a position|to cause us any complications.
The "gwilo" professor is becoming a problem.
This "gwilo" must be stopped at all costs.
I'm in pursuit, need back-up...
- Who killed my wife, asshole?|- Sai Lo.
Where's Sai Lo?
Paris. Somewhere in Paris.
6: 14 AM Friday - Sofia, Bulgaria
Wong Dai's orders. Remove all trace.|Leave nothing behind.
That "gwilo" professor fucked us royally.
He spoiled my cover here.|But it will be certain death for him...
if he finds us in Paris.
I don't understand how one man|can walk away from certain death...
so many times.
We haven't come this far|because we are amateurs.
I suggest we utilize our resources...
quietly remove all obstacles...
before this critical juncture.
Or I myself will get involved.
7: 23 PM Friday - Paris
We have sources which have|passed on information linking them.
What kind of sauces?|Tomato, pasta, "vin rouge"?
- Sources, not...|- I know. I'm playing with you.
It's just a little something we've dug up.|You Lieutenant Breton?
Tommie, I thought you got lucky. I'm Grey.
You dress better than you sound.|I'll give you that.
Another comedian.
We found this manifest...
in the ashes of that torched warehouse|in Eastern Europe.
Maybe you can do us a favor.
We're looking for a truck.|A Chinese Chance truck.
There's a license plate|we got from the company manifest...
which also has Sai Lo's name on it.
We know that Sai Lo operates|out of this laundry.
And we don't think he's pressing shirts.
We think he's headed here.
I'll see what I can come up with.
In the meantime, you two take care.|We haven't located your professor yet...
and everyone in this town knows|where the D.E.A. Stay.
Same hotel?
I don't know. Maybe they tell them before.
I think they like staking us cops.
Sorry to wake you, but we need to talk.
Here's your robe.
Darling, we don't need to be like that.|You need me and I need you.
Let's work together|and put our differences aside.
I have something for you,|but I want something back.
- What do you have?|- This is a book of addresses in code.
It's an ancient Chinese system|used by messengers to the emperor.
On the arm of every Chinese tong member...
is tattooed a symbol|from the emperor's code.
Decode it and you'll get the boss's empire.|Wong Dai, the emperor himself.
- What is it you want?|- I'd like the location of Sai Lo...
the man who killed my wife.
We've been after this Wong Dai|for a long time.
But we need hard evidence to nail him.
He's using an old building,|Crane River Laundry, Rue de la Grue.
Thank you very much. I'll see you soon.
{y:i}You come and go like a ghost.
RUE de la GRUE - 10: 19 AM Saturday - Paris
Where's Sai Lo?
Sai Lo's not here.
You can't go in there.
Sai Lo. I thought I might find you here.
They asked me to leave you alone.|Would have been my pleasure.
But you made one very big mistake.
You touched|the most sacred thing in my life.
You killed my wife.
Now you force me to dig two graves.
No mistake. Just some unfinished business.
I'm going to send you|to your wife, motherfucker!
"Danger below."
Wong Dai has betrayed your confidence...
and the lives of you and your brothers.
Know that if you tell me where he is,|he will be punished.
Where does the crane fly?
31 Rue de la Grue, Paris.
I will take care of this|cock sucker professor myself.
- What's going on?|- That frog cop called.
Who, Breton?
He spotted the truck.
I think we both know|where it's gonna wind up. Let's go.
Does it bother you that people|keep turning up dead around this guy?
It's not that simple.
If I don't bust somebody's ass soon,|I'm going to lose all my mystique.
All this dirty underground money|comes up clean...
in a Chinese laundry in Paris.
Chinese laundry with a Swiss bank account.
What's the story, partner?
You holding out on me?
{y:i}Tommie, I might take you fishing.|{y:i}Deep-sea fishing.
{y:i}Tommie, I might take you fishing.|{y:i}Deep-sea fishing.
{y:i}We'd get the bait...
{y:i}Big fish bite, then know you're in for a fight.|{y:i}They run...
{y:i}You gotta give him the head, gentlemen.
{y:i}The first thing you gotta do...|{y:i}Tommie, you listening to me?
{y:i}The first thing you gotta do|{y:i}is strap yourself in...
{y:i}'cause when the big fish hits|{y:i}it can yank you right off that boat.
{y:i}And when you're in the water...|{y:i}Tommie, you listening to me?
A present from Wong Dai.
Clear the area as soon as you can.|Go and get help.
So nice to finally see you.
What a pleasant surprise. Please sit down.
"The crane flies above a river.
"Peaceful surface hides danger below."
I believe this is the riddle that I solved|by killing 10 of your men.
Very good.
Wasn't this the message I retrieved|from the tattoos on the bodies of your men?
You are truly a scholar|of Chinese history and philosophy...
to have figured this out.
"A river will be filled with red."|Is that also you?
Very good.
It seems to me that the 10 people|that probably sat at this very table...
all gave their life for you.
If I had one man|that would give his life for me...
I'd be very lucky.|And you wasted 10 of them.
You deliberately put 10 men|in the mouth of the tiger...
knowing that I would cut them down...
so that you'd have no one|to share your fortune.
You're a despicable man...
and you cost me the life of my wife.
So tell me, what's my next move?
It's time for you to die.
No, the moment of your death is dawning.
"The crane flies...
"above a river.
"hides danger below."
2:39 PM Sunday|D.E.A. Offices, New York City
His empire ends here.|This is about all you'll need.
10:03 AM Monday - New Haven, Connecticut
"Our Father, who art in Heaven..."
Sorrow is just another part of life.
{y:i}I don't claim to understand Robert Burns|{y:i}any better now...
{y:i}than I did when I followed his path.
{y:i}But I never saw anyone like him before.
{y:i}And I never expect to... again.
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