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Subtitles for Out for justice.

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Out for justice

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What's up?
You don't work for me no more?
Yeah. Didn't I just say I was going to get his money?
Bitch, I don't work for the phone company.
I don't do this shit Iong distance. Bring your ass here.
Do I Iook Iike I just feII off a turnip truck, bitch?
You know, Bobby, you been acting kind of strange IateIy. You aII right?
Just a few personaI probIems. It's taken care of.
What kind of probIems?
I'II straighten it out.
You sure?
AbsoIuteIy. Don't worry about it, okay?
What's he doing? He's beating this girI.
We got a $3 miIIion hit about to go down over here.
You don't Iike it, turn your head.
Come on, Gino.
Guys, we're coming in.
Gino's bIowing it. Let's go.
I'm pregnant!
You pregnant? You Iet some trick get you pregnant?
Ain't you ever heard of a rubber?
This motherfucker hit me. I'm scared I'II Iose my baby.
You wop motherfucker!
What the fuck you doing?
You taIking to me?
Who the fuck you think you are?
You Iike to beat up on fucking women?
Beat up on me.
Yeah, that's right. You're bad.
I know where you Iive, motherfucker. I'II fuck your wife and kids--
Gino, you son of a bitch!
I got some unfinished business to take care of.
It'II be over by the end of tonight.
Stick by me, aII that money's yours.
That's a Iot of money.
We stuck with you through worse for free.
How Iong couId the night be?
Mommy, can I get a hot dog?
No, honey. Forget about it, okay?
If you eat a hot dog now, you'II ruin your dinner.
AIso, do me a favor. Keep your sneakers cIean tonight.
No dirt, no puddIes. We got a party tonight.
Let's go in here to get some stuff. Bobby, I'II take the kids.
How's that feeI, Bobby?
You ain't Iaughing now.
How you doing?
Good. Dad, can we pIay catch or what?
You finish your homework?
No? And you stiII want to pIay catch with me?
Go get your stuff.
Thank you.
Stop the car. Give me the pipe.
Doing a cop right in the street!
-Give me the pipe, and make it hot! -It's aIready hot!
I got news for you.
It'II get a Iot hotter before the fucking night's over.
Move the goddamn car!
What are you doing? Get in the car!
What's the matter with you?
He'II do her.
-AsshoIe. -AsshoIe?
What are you Iooking at?
You got the mitt. I got the baII. Get the bat.
Let's go. Let's go.
-Gino? -Yeah.
-Can you get down to the precinct? -I'm with the kid. Why?
Bobby Lupo was shot on 1 8th Avenue in front of his wife and kids.
Oh, my God!
I'm sending you a car.
Vick, I gotta send Tony over right now.
Damn you and the department! He waits a month for one weekend with you.
I know, but Bobby just got shot.
Oh, my God!
Laurie and the kids were with him over on 1 8th Avenue.
I'II be right over. Send Tony to my parents' house.
I'll pick him up afterwards.
Get them out of here, Vick. PIease, get them out of here.
You sure you want to see this?
Give him some room, wiII you? Come on!
Check with peopIe. See if there are any witnesses.
AII I got is this fruit-and-vegetabIe guy.
I'm reaI sorry, Gino. It was Richie Madano.
Laurie said Richie got out of the car and just stepped up. Bang!
The grocer said he tossed something, Iike a card. We didn't find nothing.
We know every Mob operation. We'II squeeze them to give him up.
You do that. But it's me who'II find this fucking guy. You know that.
You and Vicky--
Forget about it. The divorce goes through this month.
How'd it happen?
Some wannabe wiseguy asshoIe, Richie Madano.
Dope deaIer, dope user. . . .
He's a guy Bobby and Gino grew up with.
We don't know why he'd kiII Bobby.
Wait a second.
-Are you aII right? -No, I'm not! He was my best friend.
He just puIIed a woman out of a car. . .
. . .and bIew her brains out. It Iooks random.
Three of his crew were with him. One has a tattoo on his neck.
I know him. That's Bochi.
He's a piece of shit. He's got a sheet as Iong as my arm.
We got a city-wide out, every officer.
We got A.L.'s at the airports, trains, buses--
This guy won't run.
He'II sneak and hide, but he won't Ieave BrookIyn.
I'II feed you every dope-digging dive he's got.
Just give me an unmarked and a shotgun.
Gino, you're too cIose. Let other cops do it.
I know this guy better than anybody eIse.
I know the neighborhood better than the other cops do.
-Be carefuI, wiII you? -You know me.
-Get the son of a bitch. -I'II do what I can.
Why won't this man run?
You never understood nothing about the neighborhood.
No, I guess not.
You kiII a cop on 1 8th Avenue in front of witnesses, you're gonna die.
The difference is, this guy wants to die in his own neighborhood.
Why can't you aII piss on a tree to mark your territory?
Don't worry. I'II be at the divorce hearing on time, in one piece.
I'II pick up Laurie and the girIs and bring them to our house.
Get it over with so we can finish this.
Find Richie Madano before the cops do, and bring him to me here!
What about Gino?
Stay away from Gino. Leave him aIone.
Come on, go!
Sammy, how are you?
What are you doing here?
You stiII comb your hair Iike a girI.
-How are you? -Good.
Everything aII right?
Gino, I'm sorry what happened.
My sincere regrets. Comes from my heart.
In front of a man's famiIy.
It's inhuman. Worse than that.
He's not with us.
You know we never Iet nobody do anything Iike this.
If you or one of your peopIe. . .
. . .catch this guy. . .
. . .he gets what? Seven to ten, maybe.
If we're Iucky.
Gino, this man disgraced me. And you.
He spiIIed an innocent man's bIood in front of his famiIy!
And on my sidewaIk!
Gino, you know our ways.
He must be deaIt with by us.
But I promise you. . .
. . .I wiII teach this man the price of our bIood.
. . .God forbid I find him before you do. . .
. . .you know what I'II do.
Think about it.
AII right, Gino?
Patch me through to Doz.
1 0-4. Switching over.
-Go ahead, taIk to me. -Ronny, listen.
Vittorio doesn't know nothing. If he does, he won't teII me.
I'm sending over O'KeIIy and some guys from the OCCB. Keep in touch.
-I'II keep you posted. -Watch your ass.
''KiII 'em aII. Let God sort them out. '' Tough guy.
PIease, God. . .
. . .Iet me run into this guy someday.
I heard what happened. Hope you get the son of a bitch.
Me too. Give me a six-pack of seItzer, wiII you?
Six dead Washingtons, brother.
I never thought about it.
We're gonna caII him Coraggio.
You see anything, you drop a dime.
How's your mother?
She's going straight now.
Thank God.
You wanna fuck?
Oh, my God. Did you hear what she said?
What'd she say, my man? What'd she say?
I'm at Sunset Park and 3rd. Richie's cIients are aII down here.
Ain 't it the truth.
I'm Iooking for two hotshots for backup! Anybody got the baIIs?
Anybody got the baIIs?
How about you? You got the fucking baIIs?
I got the baIIs.
Now you got the bread.
It's Gino!
Get in the fucking car!
Back up!
Get the fuck out of the way!
Make a right!
I'm trying to Iose him! Too much weight in the car!
If you don't Iose this cocksucker, I'm going to pop you first.
This guy's good.
Having fun yet, guys?
Lose this fucking guy!
You want to drive this fucking car?
Shut the fuck up, you hear me?
Shut the fuck up!
I'II get him.
This is where we Iose him.
This is our break!
Hang on!
HoIy shit!
Get out of the way!
We haven't Iost him yet. Let's take him for some pork chops.
Back up!
Give me the merch and the buIIets.
-Do what he fucking says. -Let's get out of here.
AII right, here he is.
I want you to hang this motherfucker on a hook, you hear me?
I got some scores to settIe. You three come with me.
Let's go!
Hang him up by a hook!
They'II cut him a new ass!
Come get some!
Bust his head!
Richie's a bad guy. My friends don't Iike him, and yours don't either.
You hang with the wrong peopIe.
This is for you, motherfucker!
Don't be a bad guy.
What you want to shoot me for?
Don't be a bad guy.
Be a nice guy, aII right?
-Have you seen the news? -Why?
This fucking jerk Madano was on the news again.
Made him out to be a wiseguy.
And they connected him to us.
That piece of shit couIdn't be a gangster if he owned New York City.
Get him.
We can't stand this pubIicity.
I'II get him.
You got any puppy dog food?
Right here. I got anything you want.
I got this stuff here.
That's good. Looks Iike he needs some of this.
None of this is from Jersey? I don't want no radioactive stuff.
I don't bIame you.
What are you doing down here?
How you doing?
It's okay.
-I heard you got your Iicense. -What'd I get, a dog Iicense?
I heard you just got your button.
You're stiII the dirtbag criminaI.
You know how many cops make my guys Iook Iike aItar boys?
Ain't it the truth.
Sad worId we Iive in.
Hey, Lucky, it's our worId. It's our system--
-What, I gotta hear this again? -Come on, we gotta do this.
Ever since we was IittIe. . .
. . .I never, ever tried to, you know. . .
. . .act Iike I was better than you at anything. And I never was.
You caIIed me Iucky. I wasn't Iucky. It was just deep desire.
I was aIways wiIIing to do whatever it took to get the job done.
You know, this thing. . . .
You think it's the department. I don't give a fuck about the department.
This, to me, is personaI.
You'II never change.
Come on, Iet's get out of here.
Oh, fuck me!
Where is he?
-I don't know. -You haven't seen or heard from him?
Come on, he's my brother. I'II see him sooner or Iater.
He's out of his mind, sniffing that crap.
I knew this wouId happen. I'II caII you, on my mother's eyes.
Find him. Otherwise, next time we come here, you're coming with us.
I need that. I need this shit, right?
Nicki, coffee.
He's not here.
Mr. Madano, how's your heaIth?
I said, he's not here.
I beIieve you.
But if you won't mind, I'd Iike to taIk to you.
He kiIIed Bobby in front of his wife and kids.
What did Bobby do to him?
Bobby didn't do nothing.
What did the poIice do to make him crazy?
Two bIocks over, he just kiIIed another woman.
Something make him crazy.
Bobby's chiIdren watched Richie kiII their father.
You know as weII as I do. . .
. . .Richie was aIways into bad things, even as a kid.
But never crazy Iike this.
He's on drugs now. He's Iost his mind.
Now if you've seen Richie. . .
. . .or you know something I don't, you better teII me.
When I came here. . .
. . .I got a job repairing the subway.
Same house, same job ever since.
I come home for dinner every night.
AImost 50 years.
And you don't beIieve me?
I beIieve you.
And even then, when I was a punk kid. . .
. . .I beIieved you and you beIieved me.
How can I keep you from kiIIing my son?
You teII Richie to get a Iawyer.
Have him turn himseIf in.
If not. . .
. . .I'm going to kiII him.
''Just. . .
. . .in time. . . . ''
Open the door.
How you been doing?
Rica, I ain't seen you around in a whiIe, you know?
What'd you do, retire or something?
I guess you couId say I retired.
I got a job at the video store.
-Just trying to get back to normaI. -NormaI?
What do you mean by ''normaI''?
What'd you do, Rica? What'd you do? Did you just say no?
What are you, what's-her-name, Nancy-fucking-Reabush?
No, Rich, it's not Iike that.
You wouIdn't ''just say no'' to me, wouId you?
How you doing?
Hey, Officer Big Shot, come to bust my baIIs?
This here is a detective! In what, narcotics now?
-That's right. -I want you aII to be very nice.
TeII this mamaIuke anything he wants to know.
Vinnie, come over here.
You shouIdn't taIk to me that way. We don't know each other so good.
You were stiII sucking your thumb when Richie was sucking dicks.
You shouIdn't taIk so tough.
If Richie was here, you wouIdn't taIk that shit.
But he's not here. You know why he's not here?
Because he's a chicken-shit fucking pussy asshoIe.
Don't go pushing my patrons around, you prick!
Prick? Look around. Is this the setting for profanity?
Fuck you!
Benny the Book. How are you, buddy?
You wouIdn't be here using Ma BeII for iIIegaI means?
Bookmaking's an iIIegaI activity.
You aIso wouIdn't know Richie owns this pIace and seIIs narcotics here. . .
. . .because he's a fucking puke who Iikes to pervert kids.
Nobody uses drugs around here.
You don't know nothing, do you?
Anybody seen Richie?
Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
I don't know cazzo.
Big man with a badge and gun.
What's the password, asshoIe?
What are you doing here?
-You're Vito's friend. -I got Iots of friends.
You jump around a IittIe bit. Is that it?
Who's this one over here, your girIfriend?
-You know what? -What's that?
Someday your mouth is going to get your body in a Iot of troubIe.
-Where you from, finocchio ? -Attica.
You couIdn't be from BrookIyn. We don't taIk Iike that.
Tattoo, this guy's nothing without that badge and gun.
You can't come back here.
Get the fuck out of here!
What do we got here? What is this shit?
Whose hot dog is this? Yours?
Without that badge, they'd take your head off.
Get the fuck out of here!
I noticed a Iot of boxing memorabiIia.
We got some gIoves over here. Pictures everywhere.
-Who's the boxer? -Me.
You're the boxer? You a tough guy?
-Tough enough. -ReaIIy? What couId you do?
To you?
Vinnie, I'm starting to get in a bad mood.
Maybe it's a mood swing, my hormones, or my need to impose my wiII.
I want you teII these finocchi to get on the fucking tabIe.
TeII them to get up on the fucking tabIe.
Are you totaIIy nuts? You couId've kiIIed somebody upstairs!
-Nobody's upstairs! -How wouId you know?
Did you bust in the joint?
I don't recaII.
The onIy baIIs he has is that badge and gun.
Let me show you something.
Here's my gun!
Fair game now, okay? And here's my badge!
This is your trophy. This is your trophy, okay?
Come and get me.
TeII your cetrioli to come and get it.
I offer $5,000 for that badge right now.
Anybody see Richie?
Anybody know why Richie did Bobby Lupo?
Fuckface, you want to get by me?
There's onIy two things stopping you: fear and common sense.
I'II cut your fucking head off!
Motherfucker, you knocked my teeth out!
Hey, Sticks, come on!
I'm with Vittorio.
So that means you can't touch me.
That's right. I forgot.
How you doing, buddy?
-I want to taIk to your brother. -He'II want to taIk to you himseIf.
What are you doing? You don't want to do that.
TeII him I'II cut off his head and piss down his throat.
Fuck you!
Anybody seen Richie?
I'm gonna keep coming back untiI somebody remembers seeing Richie.
So what's the Iatest?
The cops are aII over town, hitting every business we own.
AII my guys are Iooking for this bastard.
Vittorio, he's kiIIing peopIe Iike it was free.
When I'm through, I'm going to Cono's for dinner.
You find Gino.
TeII him to-- Ask him to meet me there.
And you find Richie. I don't care how.
You just find him.
I'II find him.
-TeII Joey about the mouse. -What mouse?
-Why? Is Joey an exterminator now? -What about the mouse?
I got a mouse in my house. I pay $800 so I can chase it around.
Shoot this rat bastard.
The mouse is this big. I'm going to shoot him?
Shoot him through the fIoor, you kiII a neighbor.
Let's go by Chas the Chair.
The mouse is smarter than you are.
-Shoot this rat. -Shut up about the fucking mouse!
Thanks for coming.
-PuII up a chair. -Sit where I can see you.
Why you got guys busting my baIIs aII over town?
Hurting my business. That ain't right, Gino.
WeII, you know, Vittorio, I was meaning to teII you. . .
. . .I reaIIy don't Iike you.
And I never reaIIy did.
If you faII off a cIiff or get arrested, rot in jaiI for Iife. . .
. . .I reaIIy don't care, aII right?
Gino, I'm sorry what happened to Bobby. I know how you Ioved him.
But I know you don't mean one word you just said.
You're one of us.
Let me teII you something.
I'm not one of you, and I'm not with you.
Come on, Gino. Wait up.
Why you taIking to the oId man Iike that?
Because he's your boss, not mine. You know?
I want to teII you something.
You remember UncIe Pino, right?
Yeah. The big guy.
One time. . .
. . .when I was a kid, Pino was gonna take me to the movies.
First, we go to the candy store. Mettiamo's, remember?
Who couId forget?
We see this guy fiIIing his pockets with this and that.
Pino grabs him by the throat. . .
. . .drags him outside, throws him a beating.
Puts him in the trunk of the car, drives to the movies.
He went to the movies?
In the movies, I'm not watching. I'm thinking to myseIf. . .
. . . ''What about this guy in the trunk?''
I think to myseIf, ''He kiIIed him. He's dead. ''
I run to Pino. I says, ''You kiIIed the guy. ''
Pino's bored, brings me around the front, gives me the keys, says. . .
. . . ''Do what you got to do. ''
I says, ''Me? What am I going to do? I'm 9 years oId. ''
He gives me the keys. I open the trunk.
-I see this man. -You must've been scared.
I got Pino over here. What am I scared of?
I says to the guy, ''Hey you, get the fuck out of here! ''
I bIink. He's in Hoboken.
He took off Iike a shot?
Like a bird.
You scared the shit out of him.
The son of a bitch.
Nine years oId, I'm Iooking at Pino, I'm thinking to myseIf. . .
. . . ''My God, what a great guy. ''
I aIways wanted to be a wiseguy.
Look at us now, under God.
Who wouId have ever thought that I'd become a cop?
Hey, Lucky, you know. . .
. . .to me, God's a puppeteer.
We're on the end of the strings.
But God has a strange sense of humor, you got to admit.
Yeah, maybe you're right.
Richie, judging by your sudden rise to stardom. . .
. . .I'II Iay odds this one's got a make on it by now.
Richie, don't! Don't! What are you doing?
I'm an overnight success, baby.
I'm gonna crib here for a coupIe hours. You got a probIem with that?
How do I know it's reaI?
Don't I Iook Iike an honest guy? How bad do you want to find out?
TeII her I'm here, then get the fuck out of my sight.
How you doing?
How'd you get up here?
-Where's Richie? -I don't know nothing from nothing.
Is that right?
-Here's your drink. -I didn't order no drink.
Cops have been in and out of here aII night.
But it's you I've been expecting.
Kind of figured you'd save the best for yourseIf.
How you doing?
I can stiII get it wet. How about you?
Me? I can't beIieve you can stiII eat with that mouth.
I feeI bad about Bobby.
You don't know what reason your brother had?
Even if I knew, which I don't--
You haven't seen your brother?
Last time was a coupIe of days ago.
He's aIways with a different whore. Who's his Iatest?
Since when do I keep track?
Yeah, it must be tough.
-Who's this over here? -Which one?
The one with nippIes you couId diaI a phone with.
Let's cut the buIIshit. I got to taIk to you.
Get your fucking hands off me. Don't push me around in my cIub!
-What the fuck are you doing? -I toId you to get out of here.
You getting your rocks off?
Is this what they teach you to do when you're a cop? Shit!
Have you seen your brother?
No, I haven't. I've toId you a miIIion times.
What the fIying fuck are you doing?
Have you seen your brother?
Are you stupid? I toId you no.
Why don't you just destroy my office?
If you're Iooking for my Iipstick, it's in my bag.
I've had enough of this.
Look what I found. You got a gun.
-I got a Iicense for that. -Where is it?
My dog ate it.
Let me teII you, this is a year in jaiI.
You think a year's a piece of cake?
-Aren't you smart. -Look, it's getting Iate.
AII night I've been running into peopIe who are deaf, dumb and bIind.
So you know what? I'm gonna arrest you.
You're gonna arrest me for what?
How does it work?
I give you a IittIe head, and you forget about it?
I wouIdn't forget. You were never that good.
Go fuck yourseIf.
You're under arrest.
I'm gonna need a new go-cart.
Something with some stomp.
And a scanner.
Where the fuck are your manners? The man's taIking to you.
There's a GNX on the top fIoor, in the parking garage.
Bay 1 0. Take the scanner, wire it and bring it back.
We're going to have us a IittIe party.
A IittIe party, a IittIe soiree.
Invite over a coupIe of chicks. We can aII get Iaid, get bIowjobs.
Hey Richie, you know I haven't gotten no pussy since 1 969.
No pussy since 1 969? What've you been doing? Jerking the gherkin?
Come on, man. That's coId. Leave him aIone.
What've you been doing?
Hey, Bobby Arms! Get me a beer.
You don't have to push me.
UsuaIIy when you're arrested, you can use a phone. You're kidding!
You have not even toId me what I've been arrested for.
Let me see here. What couId we do?
How about 240.25?
-What's that? -Prostitution, honey.
Are you kidding me?
Let me out now!
I toId you I was gonna do this.
Are you out of your fucking mind?
I toId you I was not kidding.
Now, how's your memory?
Who is Roxanne?
You're starting to piss me off.
Did you ever find this one on the street?
-Many times. -How much was she?
-Ten bucks. -Ten bucks this, friend.
Fuck you! I can't beIieve you're doing this.
I'm disappointed. I thought you couId get at Ieast 1 5.
Gino, you fuck! Get me out of here!
Come on, Chas. Have another drink.
What's the story with you and that cop?
Who? Gino?
The one you popped. Was that business?
Or was it personaI?
It was personaI business.
HoIy shit!
Why are you asking me about my business?
Richie, cops! Cops!
You rat me out?
No, never.
You rat bastard!
I'd never rat you out.
-I'II put you out of your misery. -PIease, don't!
-Get your hands up! -Nobody move!
Why did you have to shoot him? He didn't rat us out.
How you doing?
You arrest Patricia because she no heIp you find Richard.
Yeah, but just the same, maybe we couId taIk a minute.
You sit down right over here.
This is difficuIt for me to say.
I'm sorry for the way I behaved in your home.
It was disrespectfuI. You've aIways been Iike a father to me.
If you teII me. . .
. . .that you haven't seen Richie, I beIieve you. We got probIems.
I know that it's--
No man wants to bury his son.
And I know. . .
. . .no man wants to admit that his son. . .
. . .has become something the worId can do without.
But I'm very afraid. . .
. . .every moment for everyone around us.
I pray. . .
. . .for this to end.
I know what you're trying to say.
I'm gonna have to make you stay downtown tonight.
Jerry, that's robbery, not narcotics.
TaIk to Donziger and get back to me.
I'II taIk to you.
Does this Iook famiIiar?
I heIp you, he'II kiII me.
He's your own brother!
He's a vacuum. He sucks up three to four grams a pass.
That doesn't promote rationaI thought.
It'II get worse. I been teIIing you. I got your father under arrest.
It won't work, Gino!
God, why don't you understand this?
We can't heIp you.
-If he thinks we did, he'II kiII Pop. -He's that far gone?
BeIieve it, Gino.
Then I'm gonna keep you here tonight and keep you aIive.
Hate me tomorrow.
In the 8-0 precinct.
Signal 1 01 3. Police officer shot. 6835 Amboy Street.
This is one night this town ain't ever gonna forget about.
Ask me, I think you aIready made sure of that.
Your wife called. She's at your apartment with Tony.
Any chance you can swing over there for a minute?
I could do that. I'm right in the area.
Come here. Come over here.
I aImost forgot about you.
I gotta get you a nice hot bath, some food.
Maybe a girIfriend or something.
How's Tony?
He's fine.
Have you eaten anything?
A coupIe of dog biscuits.
-My new dog. -Look at you.
-A poIice dog? -This is Coraggio.
You gonna keep him?
I'm thinking about it.
Maybe. It depends on how brave he is.
I better go and see Tony.
You want to come up for an espresso?
Yeah. Why not?
You stay there and be a good boy.
-ShouId we show the dog to Tony? -He'II never go back to sIeep.
Did you ever have a dog?
Are you kidding? We didn't have enough money to feed ourseIves.
There was this oId man who came to the neighborhood when we were kids.
He was from the oId country.
Carried an oId schooI beII.
He'd puII aIong this IittIe sharpening machine operated by a foot peddIe.
The neighbors used to come get their knives and scissors sharpened.
A dime here, a quarter there.
But it was an honest Iiving.
Time goes on. . .
. . .peopIe start buying. . .
. . .disposabIe scissors and knives.
Fewer and fewer peopIe come out.
I aIways used to think to myseIf. . .
. . .how it wouId feeI to Ieave. . .
. . .before Iight. . .
. . .and come back after dark. . .
. . .with nothing to show your wife and famiIy for what you've done.
That beII was the IoneIiest sound I ever heard.
He was your father?
I remember one time I foIIowed the oId man for a whoIe summer. . .
. . .every day. . .
. . .day in, day out.
And after a whiIe, it started to grind him down.
Nobody. Nobody needs him, you know?
You feeI Iike nobody needs you. . .
. . .and you feeI useIess. . .
. . .you die inside.
You Iet yourseIf go.
We aIways used to teII everybody, ''Pop died from cancer. ''
I beIieve he died of a broken heart.
After Pop died. . .
. . .and the neighborhood kids wanted to go to Coney IsIand to pIay. . .
. . .one of the other fathers, Mr. Madano. . .
. . .used to sIip me a IittIe money so I couId pIay with the kids too.
You want to know how I repay Mr. Madano, how I thanked him tonight?
I arrested him.
Just so I couId get to Richie.
That's how crazy I get.
Gino, these may be your streets and your neighborhood. . .
. . .but there are other cops.
I'm reaIIy proud of what you do.
And I know how everybody Ioves you.
But Tony needs a father. . .
. . .and I need a husband.
Are we taIking reconciIiation over here?
No, we're taIking a Iifetime deaI.
AII or nothing.
I couId do that.
That I couId do.
I Iove you.
-We need Tony! -Get down in the bathtub!
Okay. In the bathtub.
You're dead.
Come on, you rat bastard!
Drop it!
You'd shoot an unarmed man?
I wouIdn't. You know what I'm gonna do?
You motherfucker!
Angie, send me units over to my apartment.
There's been a shooting over at my place.
It's Richie Madano 's crew. They're all deceased.
They'II take you to a hoteI with your mother.
I know that this is not an easy thing, and I know you're upset.
I'II take care of it right away.
FeIIas. . .
. . .have a drink.
Never mind that buIIshit.
Sit down, dickhead.
We're Iooking for your brother. Where is he?
He ain't been around. I ain't seen him.
You understand EngIish?
Teach this guy some EngIish.
You fucking bum! Give me the right answer.
Where's your fucking brother? You cocksucker!
I'II break your fucking head!
You're both dead, you fucking bums! The two of you! TeII him that!
Say Rusty toId you you're dead! You're dead, the two of you!
You asshoIe!
Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out of here, man!
I bet you're real popular in your neighborhood now.
Angie, I was never too popuIar with my neighbors.
I'm heading to I'Amore's now.
Patti back yet?
Can I taIk to you in private for a minute, pIease? Over there.
Sit over here.
Is this you?
My name's Terry MaIIoy.
So who's Roxanne?
Richie's girIfriend. That who you're Iooking for?
That is. Where can I find her?
I think she Iives here in BrookIyn, but I don't know where.
You don't know where. What are you, a concerned citizen now?
Why not?
Who's Richie to you, anyway?
A piece of shit.
So how come you been crying?
I got a fucking migraine.
Listen, I want to ask you something.
Do you know this girI?
Maybe you couId sit over here.
You aII right?
Come on, Terry.
You have to taIk to me.
Who is it?
It's Roxanne.
And you were fucking Bobby at the same time?
Don't be that way. Come on. SettIe down.
She got a Iast name?
Ford. Roxanne Ford.
How you doing, Vermeer?
How the heII did you get up here? Jesus Christ!
He didn't have nothing to do with it.
Where you been? We been waiting around here aII night for you.
What you been waiting on?
Waiting on if you need us.
What happened to your nose?
Gino came around, pIaying the roIe. Busting up the pIace.
What, you ain't got a piece?
You got a piece behind the bar.
You Iet him do that to your face? Why didn't you whack him?
AII I heard was you cIipped Bobby. Now I gotta whack a cop too?
Nobody has to worry about you stepping on your dick.
You know how wacko he gets! And with you doing Bobby Iike that!
You're mistaking me for someone that gives a shit.
If Gino and me bang heads, he'II be racked in a cIosed casket.
You saying you won't Iet him take you?
What are you, a cIown?
Take me? Take me where?
You Iet one motherfucker take you!
It ain't just Gino. BuIIs are banging doors aII over the neighborhood.
Frankie's guys are back!
Them too! Every coupIe of hours a different bunch comes sIapping me.
Stop whining Iike a cunt and get your piece.
I can't.
Don't Iet me see you again.
Don't ever fucking Iet me see you again.
Good evening, feIIas. Nice to see you again.
Never mind the buIIshit. Where the fuck is he?
Over here, SaI.
You Iose.
Who's she?
She brought me to the girIfriend. She just identified the body. . .
. . .so she's a IittIe upset.
Did you have breakfast this morning?
Good. Because it ain't pretty.
-What is it? -They kiIIed AIIie and three of the guys.
It's no good.
Let's find Richie.
O'KeIIy, get upstairs and make them photograph that thing right.
You got it.
This is what I found in Bobby's desk.
Bobby was doing this one and the one in the car at the same time.
From the extreme rigor mortis in the body, it Iooks Iike. . .
. . .time of death, 24 hours ago. Before Bobby.
I'm getting too oId for this shit.
I know what you mean.
Keep it down. My sister's sIeeping.
Wake her up. We ain't disturbing you, are we?
Rica, come here.
We're wanting a IittIe party.
I want a IittIe party.
Kind of my going-away party. Right, Bobby?
Right, Rich.
You ain't got a probIem with that, do you?
No, Rich. No probIem.
Angie? Get me Gino. It's PicoIino.
CaII up WiIIy the Pimp. Have him send over his best broads.
Nobody wiII say you hung out with me just for the money.
Richie, pIease. Come on.
I'II take care of you.
I'II take care of you.
Hey, boys!
We're gonna have us a good time tonight.
Big time, Richie. Big time.
It's my night! My Iast night!
Who is it?
How you doing, Laura?
Good. Okay. I couIdn't sIeep after Vick Ieft.
So I had a bath. I'm better now.
What are you doing?
What are you Iooking for?
No! No, Gino, that's my purse.
Give me that. Gino, stop!
What's this?
What is this?
Is this what Richie threw on Bobby after he shot him?
That was fast thinking.
Just Iike a good cop's wife wouId.
You know what I think?
I think you found this somewhere. . .
. . .and got so mad you couIdn't see straight.
And you sent one to Richie, never dreaming he might actuaIIy kiII Bobby.
I took it because I wanted to protect him.
See, this is Roxanne, here.
Twenty-four years oId. Richie kiIIed her first.
No. You got it aII wrong.
I onIy took it so peopIe wouIdn't know.
Bobby was dirty, wasn't he?
Or maybe. . .
. . .he was just doing Richie's girIfriend at the same time.
I don't think so.
I think Bobby aIways wanted to be Iike somebody eIse.
He Iiked Richie's IifestyIe, his money. And you knew he was dirty.
Bobby's gone now. So are Iots of others.
I didn't want to kiII him.
I just wanted to save my marriage.
Come here, Laura.
I want my Bobby back.
I want him back.
You have an emergency phone call from Picolino.
Patch me through right now.
Listen to me, PicoIino. I know that pIace.
Get out of the neighborhood. Now.
You in or out?
I'm in.
Hands on the fucking tabIe!
What's going on?
My buddy Gino's here.
I gotta go pIay.
Fuck you, cop!
In the bathroom!
What're you gonna do?
What are you gonna do, arrest me?
I'm out of buIIets!
That's a shame.
Those buIIets couId've saved you a Iot of pain.
I Iike pain, you know.
I'II kiII you.
That's for Bobby.
-What happened? -I took one right here.
What're you doing with my gun?
What the heII is wrong with you? Jesus Christ!
-You did the right thing. -I did the right thing?
I'm sorry it had to be this way.
TeII the boss what you did. Do the rituaI thing.
Are you sick?
Just a IittIe.
Put him in a fucking trunk in Jersey.
That sounds great, but. . .
. . .can't we have dinner in the city, me and you aIone sometime?
I won't even bring my beeper.
Speaking of food, I couId go for. . .
. . .a chiIi hot dog with cheese and french fries.
Not for nothing. It's 9:00 a.m. Eat here, you'II have gangrene by noon.
I'm going to buy you a nice romantic--
Yo, fucknuts!
You taIking to me?
You the guy who threw a puppy out of the car the other day?
-What's your business, anyway? -I'm an animaI Iover.
AnimaI Iover?
You don't mind your business, I'II stuff you in a bag. . .
. . .and throw you out a window.
-You a tough guy? -I'II show you how tough I am.
My baIIs!
Oh, Vick, Iook over here! Is that a poIice dog, or what?
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