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Out of Reach Rescue The

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Yeah. You're a good bird.
Take you home, get your leg better.
Dear William, thank you so much for the birthday present.
I'm so happy you remembered, as few here at the orphanage did.
It's interesting how life works out, isn't it?
Years ago, when you first joined my orphanage's outreach program...
...I never imagined we would become such good friends.
You have enriched my life.
And for doing this, I'm eternally grateful.
Hope all is going well on the wildlife refuge.
-Please write again soon. -How are you feeling?
I do so look forward to your letters.
Always your friend, Irena Morawska.
Dear Irena...
...I'm glad you like the American Indian bracelet...
...a true symbol of our friendship.
At the same time, it pains me that others at the orphanage...
...failed to recognize your special day.
You're an intelligent, special girl.
So trust me when I tell you this:
Pave your own path.
Do not wait for others to lead you.
You'll benefit more in the end.
By the way, you've done well with the tracker puzzles I've sent you.
Over the next couple of letters, I'll send ones that are more challenging.
This one's called a cipher.
Like I said, it's more advanced, but I am sure you'll catch on quick.
Friends forever.
Here's another cipher for you to try and solve.
Remember Napoleon, the great general, once wrote:
''He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat. ''
I suppose I'm just trying to say that we can rise above our problems.
The answers are all there if we look close enough.
-Be strong. -Watch where you go.
In six months, I will be 14 and have to leave the orphanage.
I'm not sure where to go after that.
Still, as you have taught me...
...I can see opportunity in all things.
Mrs. Donata told me she has big plans for me and not to worry.
Whatever happens, I know that you and I will remain connected.
Anything else?
Thank you, Rosie. Do you know any good jokes?
Guess that means no.
-Cup of coffee? -Just give me whatever he's having.
Look what the cat drug in.
-You thought you'd never see me here. -l was hoping l wouldn't, you know.
But shit happens.
Old Shepherd talked about the mighty shit you once did for the government.
But that's in the past.
We're living in the here and now.
You saved my ass a few times, as l recall.
l owe you one, Billy.
Well, let's just call it even.
No way.
l'll count to 10.
Let's see how far you can run before l catch you.
...two, three....
The thrill of the chase, Mrs. Donata.
lt's always a constant source of amusement to me.
Dear Irena...
...I may have to go away for a while, but don't worry.
You can contact me in Montreal at the address below.
It's hidden in a cipher called zodiac.
Remember Napoleon and be strong.
Ania Brotzcha.
Mata Majerska.
lrena Morawska.
Annoucheka Ravinska.
You've all dreamed of homes...
...families and a better life.
Well, dreams can come true.
lt's my job to expedite such dreams.
lf you could be anything, what would you like to be?
A model. ln a magazine.
A model?
Well, you're not exactly model material.
And you, what would you like to be?
A good student, sir.
Lord have mercy. What a mess.
How do you want to play this?
Doesn't have to be difficult, William.
Just need to talk.
Well, l'll tell you what.
Play this by the books for me...
...and l'll come peacefully.
Sure. By the book.
lt's nothing personal. lt's just too many loose ends.
Cabin's a nice touch.
You know, l built this cabin with my own money.
Glad to see you saved.
That was smart.
Bring William to the van.
Take him.
Put the gun down, Shepherd.
Set it down very gently.
Now, get over here.
Very good.
Now l want you to turn around.
lt doesn't matter how far a man runs.
He can't run away from himself.
You're still a company man, William.
And we will find you.
lt's time to leave, lrena.
My American friend.
Will you make sure that he receives this?
Oh, that's funny.
Okay, l gotta go. Bye.
Mr. Delacroix?
Anything in the box for Lansing?
Let's take a look.
l'm afraid only one this time.
Dear Mr. Lansing, we regret to inform you...
...that Irena Morawska will no longer be able to correspond with you.
Let me have your bag.
Be better for the photo.
All right.
You can smile a bit.
All right.
What kind of foster program is this?
lt's a special program...
...for very talented kids.
Good students, like you.
What do we have here?
A letter from America, huh?
Those are mine.
Burn these.
What do we have here?
l haven't seen a cipher like this... a long time.
l think we will call her Lola.
-Lola? -Lola.
l like Lola.
Whenever you're ready.
And just remember to look right into the lens, okay?
My name is Annoucheka.
When l grow up, l want to be a model.
Go on. You're doing fine. Go on.
A model.
All professional models suffer from stage fright.
Welcome to Poland, Mr. Davenport. Are you here for business or pleasure?
A little sightseeing.
This doesn't look like a modeling agency to me.
Annoucheka, what are you thinking?
Be careful.
Annoucheka, no. Please don't.
You can try to run, but there's nowhere to hide.
And now, l am forced into making an example of you.
You're fast.
Not quite fast enough.
Come in.
-Hi. -Can l help you?
l'm William Lansing. l'm staying at the Royal Hotel.
l received a letter from you about lrena Morawska.
l'm sorry, Mr. Lansing. l wasn't expecting--
l mean, lrena said you worked outside with animals.
Did she say that?
Would you go with me for a moment?
This is where she would sleep.
lt was all such a terrible business.
lrena running away, l mean.
Of course, l called the police, but....
-lrena ran away, huh? -Perhaps there was a boy.
She was at that age.
And lrena was special.
She was special, but l don't think there was a boy.
You don't mind if l call the police?
Of course.
But would your colleagues expect you to return home shortly?
Thank you, ma'am.
Hello. Yes.
We have a problem.
A man asking questions.
Says he's calling the police.
I told you, any more trouble, I want out.
You going somewhere?
Sit down.
l told him nothing.
This Mr. Lansing...
...did he say anything out of the ordinary?
A soldier. An emperor.
But still, to some...
...just a little corporal.
Pretty, isn't it?
But like any rose...
...the company must cut its thorns.
I have no pen to write with. No paper.
And something is very wrong with the men who have taken me.
I'll try to leave you a message.
Don't give up on me.
I'll never give up on you.
Pan Pomieniawski, please.
Hello, l have an emergency missing-person situation.
Would you be able to see me immediately?
My name is Williams.
Forty minutes? l can do that.
Thank you, dziekuje. Thank you.
Who sent you?
Up there.
Who sent you?
Wrong answer.
Yes, Mrs. Donata, the head of the orphanage, has been murdered.
That's all the information we've got so far.
How you doing, young man?
Try these on.
Now, that's what l'm talking about. See, where l come from...
...we would say you look cool.
l like that.
That's right.
...l'm gonna write down my phone number and where l am.
lf you need me... me.
That's where l am. You hear?
Can l help you, sir?
Yeah, l was looking for the director.
l am Detective Lato. Was she expecting you?
Not really.
Let's talk outside.
Mrs. Donata was brutally murdered.
Hours later, l find a mysterious stranger on her doorstep...
...asking questions.
Who are you?
l'm Bill Hale. l'm with the Global Relief Fund.
How well did you know Mrs. Donata?
l didn't know her very well at all. l just kind of met her in passing.
You don't look like a typical outreach volunteer.
How long have you been in Warsaw, Mr. Hale?
You know what? l gotta send my boss an e-mail.
-l gotta go. -Okay.
Send your e-mail from our office... we have a few more minor questions for you.
You're late, Faisal.
l'm here, Mr. Elgin.
What is the problem?
A multimillion-dollar business.
An empire... more profitable than narcotics trafficking.
lt's like a giant hand with fingers that stretch out across the globe.
''Human trafficking'' always seemed... such an uninspired phrase.
Still, it's extraordinary what you hear on the BBC World Service these days.
You know...
...l heard about a woman who was murdered in an orphanage.
l was only attending to matters personally.
Well, your personal touch... turning into cause for concern.
l've always proven reliable in the past, haven't l?
There can be no further exposure.
And l don't want to discuss this ever again.
Just think of it like chess.
lf you don't protect your king...'re on the road to ruin.
l apologize.
-There's a call for you. -Please take a seat, Mr. Hale.
l'll be right back.
lrena Morawska.
''United Alliance of Nations.''
We called the Global Relief Fund.
Your story seemed to check out.
Just write down your contact information, and you are free to go.
You're losing your touch, lbo. Getting fat and sloppy.
l'm not sure l like this new work, colonel.
Pain is your friend, lbo.
Learn to love pain...
...and it'll set you free.
l understand.
Azimi, over here and tell me something good.
The American?
l check governmental sources, nongovernmental sources.
He doesn't exist.
-Then why are all your friends dead? -They very good men.
And the codes in the letters?
l want this entire operation moved swiftly, Azimi.
You're a very clever girl.
I can see why William is so fond of you...
...and even more why I can't let you go.
It's time to devise a killer plan for your Mr. Lansing.
Digital videotape.
Let's get it to the lab.
You said it was urgent.
l found this.
-lt's your handwriting. -That it is.
We found your letter on the girl.
There is also this.
l read your letter, Mr. Lansing.
You knew how to pass as a volunteer for the Global Relief Fund.
You knew about the message on the mirror walls.
l'm an amateur.
Just a little bit of guesswork.
l don't believe you came all this way on guesswork.
You obviously have a past.
Sounds to me like you're the one doing the guesswork now.
Look, every year, thousands of children go missing.
We have a serious problem of human trafficking here.
With the evidence l have...
...l could hold you on suspicion of murder.
And you are not leaving this town until l find out what's going on.
-Who are you? -Like l said...
...just an amateur shooting in the dark. Thanks for the drink.
United Alliance of Nations.
lrena taught you that, didn't she?
-lrena? -See, l taught lrena that.
lt's a code.
Come on in here.
Men came for lrena, didn't they?
What'd they look like?
And what'd they look like?
You pickpocketed them, didn't you?
You know what this is?
This is a Turkish flag.
Yeah, we're getting somewhere.
This is the lrena Morawska case, right?
Detective Lato said that you were having trouble with the tape?
See, now, this is a simple case of signal vs. digital throughput.
You think this is funny?
You want to get drunk?
lt's like a big ring.
-And what's this here? -Embassies.
-Diplomats. -Embassies and diplomats?
That's right.
You saw who took the girls.
Help me, Nikki, and l'll make sure that this doesn't happen again.
Why the long face, Weiss, huh?
This is the best shipment we've had in a long time.
Don't tell me you're getting soft on me now, are you?
That's it, follow me.
Thank you.
No, let her stay.
-Hi. -Hi.
Tell me, what move would you make, huh?
You have the wrong pieces protecting your king.
Smart move.
Very smart.
Good afternoon, madam. l am Mr. DiMonroe.
l'm here with the lnternational Education Fund.
Who should l see about donations?
l think you have to talk to Mr. Weiss in Finance and Operations...
...but he's still out to lunch.
Okay, well, l'll just wait over here. Thank you.
Any messages for me?
The man from the American Education Fund asking about donations.
l told him to wait.
Mr. Weiss, l have been waiting here for a half an hour.
You know, they say time is money...
...and l've been known to make some very large donations.
But it's a little thing called respect, you know.
You should bring that American in.
l don't think he did it.
Do you have anything new?
The girl. She came from a UAN school, like all the other missing girls.
My friend Annoucheka. l heard her screaming.
As long as you do as you are told, you're all right, Lola.
My name is lrena.
Sure it is. Eat your food.
Missing-people department, please.
This is Weiss. All tapes delivered.
International online bidding will commence now.
''Max-Com lnternet.''
Washington paid 75,000.
London bids 200,000.
l trust my men won't have any problem at the embassy ball.
lt's not a problem.
Mr. Lansing seems to have ignored our message.
But if he thinks the girl is dead, then he is not a problem.
Some homicide detective phoned Weiss asking about school records.
-Weiss sent out the shipment of tapes. -Time to ship him out.
Missing children. You've not heard anything?
You don't want this case, Kasia.
And if your father was alive, he'd tell you the same thing.
l thought l'd find you guys here.
Kasia, be smart. Stay out of trouble.
You know, maybe you shouldn't be drinking with folks like that.
Maybe l shouldn't be drinking with you.
...he's my uncle.
Did l offend you?
So to what do l owe this visit?
lf there was an illegal lnternet service in Warsaw...
-...who would l talk to about it? -Maybe you should ask my uncle.
Look, you want real information, you tell me something good.
Okay. The girl from the warehouse, her name was Annoucheka Ravinska.
-l already know that. -Okay.
-There's a man called Weiss. -From the UAN. l know that too.
He has information for me back at his house.
Aside from the joking, these people are serious...
-...and they don't care who they kill. -l can take care of myself.
Can l ask you a question? How much have you had to drink?
Why don't l be your designated driver.
Give me the keys. l'll take you where you want to go.
Oh, man. You're gonna be all right.
Just lie down. Relax.
You have to drink and get rid of some of this pain.
Little bit more.
lt will take away the pain.
Lie down.
You're gonna be all right. Just stay with me.
l'm gonna cauterize this to stop the bleeding.
Come on. Wake up. Stay with me. Lie down. Relax.
We're done.
lt's over.
You did good.
You did good.
-Did you get the mail? -Where's the letter from Max-Com?
It was delivered. It should be on the shelf.
Then somebody's been in here.
ls it done?
Weiss and his mistress, yes.
What about the female homicide detective? Was she there?
Yes, but we have a slight problem.
The American was there.
Let's see...
...if you can do something right.
Shoot me.
Do it!
You know what the problem with my father was?
He wasn't hard enough on me.
Don't worry, l closed my eyes during the procedure.
Where did you learn this?
l've been around a couple of places.
You were in the military, weren't you?
Please don't move.
The people who killed Weiss are going to look for us... we have to be very careful.
Who's behind all of this?
l think they're people with diplomatic connections. Possibly Turkish.
Whatever you do, don't call your colleagues.
lt will only endanger their lives.
l made a mistake once. l'm not gonna make the same mistake again.
Good morning, colonel.
Your message seemed rather vague.
Like l said, l'm a stranger going to the West.
Where are you from?
What if l said l was from the East?
What do you want, friend?
l think we both know where this comes from, colonel.
l don't understand.
l hear you're looking for a man who writes letters.
And why is this of any interest to you?
Let's just say l could help you put a face to the name.
l'll have somebody contact you.
Your business isn't my concern.
We need to put an old dog out of his misery.
Find something interesting?
ls this your home?
One of many.
Where's your real home?
lt's everywhere.
Tell me about your new friend William.
He's nice.
ls that all?
You're onto where the children might be.
Well, l'll tell you what, l think this company, ltara...
...has got an online lnternet scam selling people all over the world.
lt fits.
-What do you think? -Good to go.
Would you like to go to a party?
An embassy ball.
What would you be doing at an embassy ball?
Business, pleasure.
Just like this game of chess.
Simply about the moves you make.
l want to go home now.
You are home, dear.
My friend...
...he'll come.
You'll see.
l look forward to meeting him.
The sooner the better.
ls that him?
ls that the man?
Son, is that the man?
What l need to do is get an invitation to this embassy ball.
l'm hungry.
The caviar looks nice.
l'll bring you food after l put you downstairs. Walk.
l think you're gonna drug my food, and l won't eat it.
Your food won't be drugged.
lf you don't let me eat some of that caviar, l'll scream.
No, you won't.
Let her eat.
...a trap.
You had enough.
Make sure no one touches this.
lt's been a while, my friend.
Yes, it has. How are you?
What can l do for you?
l was thinking, l wanted to get into the Turkish embassy ball tonight.
Thought maybe you could arrange a special pass.
l'm not certain that l can help you this time.
All right. Well, l'm sorry for asking.
l'll just go to our old friends in Moscow and do it like that.
Right, l want both of these stairwells covered in case he tries to exit.
Hey. Gentlemen, will you excuse me for a second?
There's somebody who wants to see you, sir.
He says that your friend who was traveling West sent him.
Traveling West?
Yes. lbo, take over for me.
Where are you going so dressed up?
Got a rental car in the parking lot.
Here's the keys.
Cash in the glove box.
lf you leave now, you could hit the Czech border by nightfall.
How about you?
l'd like you to keep going. Don't stop for anyone. Not even to eat.
When you get to the Capital Hotel, call me.
-You're leaving us, aren't you? -Not exactly.
l just think this could get a little bit dangerous...
-...and l don't want you around. -You said we were friends.
Yeah, we are friends. Nothing to do with that.
Come here, give me a hug.
All right.
-Take care of her. -You gonna give her a hug?
Be safe, guys.
Be careful.
Why didn't they invite you to the party upstairs?
Stop trying to get inside my head.
l should be upstairs on point, not down here playing babysitter.
Besides, l'm the only one who can identify this guy.
That's why you're here.
...if anyone comes through that door, you know what to do, right?
-How are you? Nice to see you. -How are you? Very nice to see you.
Either put that thing out or open the door.
Hello, Mr. Morak.
My friend from Russia, Nikolai Verchinko.
-Nice to meet you. -A businessman.
-l would love to, very much. -My old friend Nikolai Verchinko.
Friend from Russia.
-Faisal. -Always a pleasure, Vasily.
How are you?
-Who's this? -l'm Nikolai Verchinko.
-lt's nice to meet you. -A firm grip there...
...and your name is indeed familiar.
No, no. Bring the special caviar for our Russian guest.
So maybe we'll speak again in a more intimate setting.
-Perhaps. -Yeah.
Some food?
Compliments of Mr. Faisal.
An elegant arrangement.
My compliments to the chef.
This is a trap.
You should try some.
She's here.
Your friend Nikolai...
...where is he?
Where'd he go, Vasily?
-Now we've got him. -Go.
Excuse me.
You're not going anywhere--
Don't worry.
Hang in there, kid.
-ls it warm? -As usual.
Good evening.
May l help you?
Well, l've been told that you have a rather spectacular establishment...
...and l was wondering if you could show me around.
The structure itself dates back to the time of King Stanislav.
He was the lover of Catherine the Great.
They used to meet here in secret.
The walls have hidden passages for those who may need a discreet exit.
We pride ourselves on discretion.
lt's a beautiful room.
Listen, you know the young lady that l saw earlier...
...with the hair combed straight back?
Do you think l could spend some time with her?
Smart choice.
-l'll send her in. -Thank you so much.
-You speak English? -Yes.
-Where are you from? -l'm from Turkey.
l know that you're used to one thing or another...
...but we'll do something different.
He's probably checked out of the hotel.
l wouldn't even know where to look for him.
-Coffee, sir? -Thank you.
Who's that lady?
She is a lady of the night.
-Do you know her? -Yes.
Be my guest.
Sorry about your head. l didn't mean to do that.
l just need five minutes of your time.
lf l'm not back soon, they'll look for me.
l'll get to the point. This is a simple exchange of information.
Tell me what l need to know...
...and then l need you to tell Faisal what l want him to think.
What do you want?
l'm gonna give you $ 10,000 cash.
Why should l trust you?
You don't really have much of a choice.
Then after you've done what l asked...
...l'll give you another 10,000, cash, just because l like you so much.
-You said five minutes of my time? -That's about all it'll take.
Okay. What do you need?
ls this the Oasis Hotel? This is Dr. Graham.
Have my wife and son checked out yet?
A message?
lnside. Quickly.
What are you doing here? l told you not to stop. l told you to keep going.
He wouldn't let me leave you.
-lt's not safe for you here. -lt's not safe out there either.
You're gonna need some real firepower...
...and l know where to get it.
-Who's gonna look after the boy? -l can look after him.
We won't be gone long.
Are you gonna be all right?
-As soon as the car leaves-- -l know what to do. Good luck.
Thank you.
Be safe.
What happened to you?
The American.
-He sent a hooker to lure me away. -You see him?
l know where he is, or should l say, where he is gonna be.
l beat it out the filthy bitch. She fought back, but....
The restaurant owner verifies your man's story.
We should at least check the place out, colonel.
Well, if this is all true, lbo...
...tell me, why do you look so guilty?
l didn't mean to hit her so hard, but....
You killed her?
l'm impressed, lbo.
Now she can't tell the American that we're onto him.
How many men can you give me?
Five should be enough. Take care of it, Azimi.
l'd like to get cleaned up, colonel.
Be quick.
You got what l asked for?
Excellent. Benelli Super 90. Exactly what the doctor ordered.
You're gonna be all right?
So, what's the plan?
lbo says that lrena will probably be in Faisal's room all the time.
-His room? -l know how that sounds.
We're just gonna have to hope for the best.
Any reason you chose a place like this?
This is a nice place, and there is a method to my madness.
And this is a part of my method. This is a secret passageway...
...courtesy of King Stanislav.
Were you ever married, William?
Oh, you're forever the detective, aren't you?
You still haven't told me why.
Why all of this for a girl you've never even met?
You know, some of us have done bad things in the past.
And once in a while, we find something...
...that makes us feel better about ourselves.
This little girl means a lot to me.
Take them out.
Good evening. May l help you?
The American. Where's he at?
The door at the end. The Japanese room.
-Anybody else down there? -No.
Okay. Out. Now.
-You okay? -Yes, l'm fine.
Sounds like your friend's down, Billy Ray.
lt's down to the wire, Billy.
Like the old saying goes, good guys finish last.
You've gone soft.
Look where that got you tonight. Huh, Billy Ray?
Lewis, you're playing a whore's game.
You ain't nothing but a whore.
And you know what happens to whores.
-What? -Whores always get fucked, don't they?
You gonna fuck me, huh?
Hey, Billy...
-...l'm out. -Ain't that a coincidence? l'm out too.
You see?
So how do you want to play this?
Hey, Billy, it's your call, man.
Look, just like old times. Just me and you.
-Hey, l was just kidding. -l was just kidding too.
You okay?
-Go get the girl. -You sure?
Stand up.
Get up!
We're gonna take a little journey together.
lt's my favorite moment in life.
-What's that? -When the predator becomes the prey.
Also my favorite moment, but it remains to be seen...
...who's the predator and who's the prey.
lt's okay. Don't be afraid.
-Who are you? -You knew l'd come for you.
You know, with these guns, l can't really kill you slowly, and l'd like to.
-What? ln front of the child? -Exactly.
So why don't we settle this like men, outside, without the guns?
This won't take long.
You're right about that.
l despise taking human life.
l'm kind of embarrassed to admit the fact...
...that l'm gonna enjoy killing you slowly.
My sentiments exactly.
Dear Kasia, Nikki and I are finally safe and well in America.
William sends his regards and thanks. William doesn't say very much.
As you know, he's not one for words.
He spends most of his time by himself...
...wandering the forest looking for injured animals.
He seems to like it that way.
At least now, though, he'll never be alone.
All our love, Irena and Nikki.
-Where do you think he's flying? -Maybe he has a family too.
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Once A Thief 1990
Once Upon A Time In China 2
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One-armed Boxer
One Fine Day
One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
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One The
One Two Three 1961
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Ong-Bak (2003)
Onibaba (Devil-woman) 1964
Only Angels Have Wings CD1
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Onna kyuketsuki
Open Hearts CD1
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Open Range CD1
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Open Water
Operasjon Lovsprett
Operation Pacific 1951
Opposite of Sex The
Orange County
Ordinary People
Orfeu Negro
Original Sin CD1
Original Sin CD2
Orphans 1997
Oscar and Lucinda 1997
Osennij marafon - Autumn Marathon 1979
Oso Rojo Un
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD1
Ostrov Sokrovisch (Yevgheny Fridman USSR 1971) CD2
Others The
Otogiriso 2001
Our Lady of the Assasins CD1
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Out-of-Towners The (1970)
Out Cold
Out To Sea 1997
Out for Justice 1991
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Out for justice
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Out of Sight Collector Edition
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