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Over the Rainbow

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A Kang Je Gyu Films production
From Seajongn City Hall to Kwanghwamoon and
Chung-gye overpass to Majangdong...
Have you seen rainbow recently?
I read a daily to day and it said
"Lee Jung-jae" The theme song for Wizard of Oz.
Some Where Over The Rainbow
Jang Jin-young
Over the Rainbow
For tomorrow's weather
We'll see rain all across the nation.
Seoul's morning temperatures...
Lee Jin-soo.
Time to go to bed.
Turn on the light!
You're no fun.
You're supposed to play along.
I must be in the wrong room.
I can see your reflection.
Does the hospital give you this?
Does your company give you this?
You must be better now since your humor is back.
When do you get out?
Why? Gonna come?
Are you nuts?
So I can buy you a drink?
Then choke on this.
Staying here all day wouldn't be so boring.
Stop fooling around with other people's stuff.
So what? It's fun.
If you look in the bag you can tell who it is.
If they're rich, poor
in love, have a lot of friends orjust a few.
Look at this guy!
Doesn't he look hilarious?
Don't you think?
I said don't touch them.
Would you like it if someone did the same?
No fair!
Since they're not retrieving it, why not?
That favorite lighter of yours.
I found it today while organizing my desk.
I thought I should return it to you.
Call me!
Hey, Gyung-soo!
Who is this?
Who's that on the answering machine?
Don't know!
Isn't it for you?
You know I don't have a girlfriend.
Then who is it?
Not going to bed?
I thought you had work tomorrow.
Yeah, I will!
This movie is really good!
So what happens to them in the end?
How should I know?
You said you saw this before
I did?
- What's the ring for? - Huh?
Oh this? It's from Gi-hoon.
Isn't too early to exchange
rings before the wedding?
So what? Wanna see?
It's corny!
Doesn't it look kind of dull?
So is this how people get married?
Then what do you want?
I don't even know myself.
Come here!
Which TV should I buy?
Sony or
You and Gi-hoon will use it so ask him first.
I guess you're right.
It will rain from 5mm to 40mm max tomorrow
When it rains the driver's view will be interrupted
Prepare a bright color of umbrella
Morning temperature will be 6 to 8 degree which is about the same as today
and the max temperature will be 10 to 12 degree which is about the same as today
It also will be cloudy and rain on the sea...
Doesn't he look a bit nervous?
That's it for
the weather forecast.
Good job everyone.
That was great, Mr. Kim.
- How was I today? - Yes?
You did a good job.
Oh yeah, where are
we drinking today?
I heard you're buying to celebrate your recovery.
The producer said so.
I have to meet my old college buddies.
I see!
- Let's do it later. - Okay!
How could you leave me at that store, and in this rain?
I had to carry home everything by myself!
If you had your cell phone I could've called at least.
You don't look so good.
Is something bothering you?
Not really.
It's just that I feel restless and unfocused lately.
Could it be from the accident?
No, I'm not hurt anywhere.
I'm sorry gentlemen.
There's been a blackout suddenly.
Just turn the light on.
What's with the attitude, sir?
Miss! Miss!
There's nothing, don't worry.
Come on, don't you know how to play along?
How old are you for you to joke around like that?
Don't you think it's embarrassing?
It's my life.
Sorry for the embarrassment.
Damn smart-alecky.
Cut the chatter and pour me a drink.
- Here! - Thanks!
That's enough.
Hey Jin-soo!
I saw you on TV earlier.
- Feeling okay now? - I'm okay!
What did I tell you?
You should've gotten casualty insurance from me.
Speaking of which...
Hey! Hey!
Take a look first.
Insurance that
Satisfies Insurance anyone.
Jin-soo, your ID is the same, right?
- This is your last chance. - Okay!
Lee Jin-soo, 740410...
Jin-soo, if you keep this up it'll be a habit.
Choi Sang-in! you'll go to ruin.
You'll be ruined on your own definitely.
Oh yeah, how's Mee-young?
You should marry her soon.
Hey, are you out of your mind or what?
I almost died out there when I heard you.
Something wrong?
Did he break up with Mee-young?
Hey, idiot!
What are you talking about?
Don't you know that Mee-young's dead?
You even went to her funeral last year.
If you're gonna leave like that why'd you come back?
What's the dog for?
Poopoo, my older brother
seems mad since you left.
Is this our dog?
What's wrong with you?
I guess you did overdo it.
I almost didn't recognize you too, bad boy.
Are you feeling sick?
You look pale!
So this dog is really ours?
Are you still a sleep or something?
You said this girl gave it to you.
Why? Not getting along lately?
Anyway what does this girl do?
Love Comes Down with Rain
The lighter I was
gonna return to you,
I just thought it didn't really mean anything to us.
If it's okay I'll just put it away.
What's with this girl?
If we don't do anything she'll keep calling.
- Gyung-soo! - Yep!
Actually, I have something to tell you.
I went to the hospital a few days ago.
Why? Something got in it?
called him yesterday.
Why did you do it?
So what did he say?
He didn't answer, huh?
Rotten bastard.
He's not thinking about you anymore, so forget him.
I move, I get a new job,
and then I go to New York.
Things are hectic!
Take care of yourself.
Worry about yourself instead.
Oh yeah what did the hospital say?
You haven't gone yet?
I don't think it's something to blow over.
I know.
Even if you're busy get a check up.
You'll be late for work. I'm taking off.
- Sang-in! - What?
By the way...
Have I ever told you
about some girl I'm seeing?
A girl?
You've been hiding a girl from me?
Never mind!
Let's talk about it later.
You'll miss your plane.
Naughty boy!
Better introduce me to her later.
Have a nice trip!
It's me!
Are you raising Poopoo well?
- I never call you again! - Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
I said hello?
Did you give my brother a dog by any chance?
If I did?
He wants to meet you really badly.
He probably doesn't.
If so, he would've called first.
It's not that.
He got into a car accident and went to the hospital.
Is he hurt bad?
No, his body didn't get hurt
but something happened to his brain.
What happened?
He's got partial amnesia.
So I was thinking
what if you two met?
Excuse me!
So she was looking for Sang-in?
But he moved out of here ages ago.
Then what about Poopoo?
It must've been for Sang-in.
What is this?
Then it was no big deal.
You could've gotten killed.
Are you okay now?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You're probably disappointed to see me instead.
you didn't know either.
But still.
It's okay.
It's good to see you after so long.
It was strange to see you on TV
But seeing you in person you haven't changed.
We were really close back then.
Forget about what I said on the phone.
Sure, okay!
So you're really okay?
I said I'm fine.
I'm more worried about you.
Oh yeah, I'm raising Poopoo really well.
So you're taking care of Poopoo?
This is Sang-in's card.
Call him when he gets back.
Hey, hey!
So how did it go?
Did you meet Sang-in?
Lee Jin-soo!
I thought you were asleep again.
If I call you answer me!
What's this?
The insurance guy came today
and said it's for you.
He said it's stuff that was in your car.
Let's go Poopoo!
After the accident
I keep feeling restless and unfocused.
But after having illusions of this girl
the symptoms have gotten worse.
You're having an IMR dilemma.
That is, a case of instinctually restoring vital memories.
As people live, they don't
realize that they erase
memories important to them,
which is known as memory lapse.
But for IMR, when essential
memories are damaged,
people try to restore them through dreams or illusions.
So most likely
it must be someone
important to you.
"1994, a trace of sunshine"?
Looks like it was taken in 1994
And "trace of sunshine" must be its title
Could it be a picture of your girlfriend in college?
I had a girlfriend back then?
Well, it looks to be taken
when we were in our club.
Don't you remember being in a photography club?
The print isn't finished.
One moment!
I can't tell just with this.
Do you have the film?
So she's the one who loves freesia flowers that much?
You really must've forgotten.
On the day of your accident
you bought them here for her.
Do you know who she is?
Then could you tell if you were me?
I'm not sure what for but can't we meet later?
I see!
Did I call too late in the night?
No it's not that.
Anyway, now is a bad time.
- Was I too harsh? - Yep!
By any chance...
do you know who
the girl is in this picture?
Turn off the music!
Since you're trying to memorize the steps, you're off!
I told you to ride the rhythm naturally.
Got it?
Now, no mistakes this time
and concentrate.
Got it everyone?
Now, let's start over.
One, two, three, four!
Waited long, huh?
- You got flowers again? - Move away! Move away!
Jin-soo, did you
See Mee-young?
No, I didn't.
Man, I'm going crazy.
Weren't you who sang "somewhere, over..."
So what about Mee-young?
Oh, right!
I heard she went on a secret date.
Where could she be?
This time, I'm gonna...
Hey, isn't that Mee-young?
Walking with that guy over there.
It's definitely Mee-young.
They're dead!
Gyung-hee, by the way.
What's the name of this flower?
This flower?
So, this is freesia!
You like this flower, too?
Not really Just that someone like it!
Back then
you looked so happy.
I was so curious about
what girl made you so happy.
I saw her before just once.
What's wrong?
I'm allergic to this flower.
- It's forsythias! - They are so pretty!
Forsythias, really?
No, they're freesias!
Three more drafts!
Young-mee, I'm really sorry.
It's just that the girls in my club love those flowers.
Don't lie to me!
My nose sniffed it out.
So who is she? Is it her?
Introduction to Advertisement
I didn't see her face that day
but I'm positive she was in your club.
Yeun-hee! There's a letter for you.
- Eun-song! - Yep!
Have plans after work? Wanna have dinner?
Why? Got something to say?
Just because!
I can't today.
Gi-hoon's mom
came up to visit today.
Gotta go, you know.
- Really? - Yes!
Guess you'll be late.
Well, I might sleep over there.
Don't mind sleeping alone, right?
Not at all!
It's me, Jin-soo.
Am I calling too late?
No, it's okay.
Oh yeah, how did it go meeting Gyung-hee?
Well, that's what I called about.
I think you made a mistake.
I don't think I did.
Anyway, it's not Gyung-hee.
I see.
- Yeun-hee! - Jin-soo!
- Yeah? - Huh?
You go first.
No, you go ahead.
It's my birthday today.
Happy birthday.
Got a lot of presents?
What were you going to say before?
Oh, right!
Advertising major?
- Is she sure? - Yeah!
She said she was in our club.
Advertising major...
Advertising major...
I can't remember.
I see.
What's this?
Happy birthday.
I'm a bit late, huh?
But this isn't why I came out.
What are you thinking about?
That I'm already this old.
You know, we were nineteen when we first met.
Who was it?
Who was it?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Yeun-hee.
Happy birthday to you!
Why is it so loud in here?
What a mess!
I caught you again.
During the seven years
I've never met students like you all.
Me, neither.
I have someone to introduce.
His name is Lee...
Lee Jin-soo.
What major could he be in?
He looks like a good drinker.
You boneheads.
Stop screwing around and greet him officially.
I'm Jenny Hwang English major.
Nice to meet you,
I'm Goh So-yeun gardening major.
Kim Young-min international relations major.
Let's have good relations from now on.
Nice to meet you.
Choi Sang-in business management major.
Roora came to sing at the school concert!
Clean up this mess first!
So what major are you in?
There's a major for that, too?
So can you guess tomorrow's weather?
It was my second choice.
And your home?
Where are you from?
I've been there before.
Why'd you join our club?
Just because.
What's your name?
Kang Yeun-hee.
- Major? - Sociology!
My first choice.
I'm from Seoul.
And just because.
I also joined just because.
Just because.
The darkroom is shared by everyone.
Always work neatly here,
and since we all bought the print paper, use it sparingly.
The same goes with the developer.
If sediment piles up
empty it for the next person.
A club isn't a place to find a date.
Leave if that's what you're here for.
Whoever does is out of the club.
- Got it? - Yes!
Why so?
Who was it?
Is dating so bad?
I like this guy.
The darkroom isn't for kissing and foul play.
It's a place to concentrate quietly.
Pictures rely more on developing than taking them.
Got it?
You're absolutely right.
What is this?
It's all burned.
Hey, Yeun-hee.
Go get some printing paper from my locker.
Advertising Major, Junior Byun Moo-rim
I'm sorry.
All I can think of is our club leader.
Sorry for not
being much help to you.
No, that's okay.
So what is that guy up to lately?
He's the marketing manager at Everland Park.
Wanna go visit him someday?
I visited him before and he talked a lot about you two.
You two?
You and Sang-in, that is.
- Not going home? - Go on ahead!
Alumni directory...
Home economics, architecture Korean literature, history.
Found it!
Byun Moo-rim 89 advertising, not him.
Suh Myung-hee '85, not her.
Not Lee Myung-hoon either.
'82 lm Sun-ae, not her.
Jun Yoo-na, '93...
It's me, Jin-soo.
- Sleeping? - No, I wasn't.
Thank you.
For what?
The birthday present.
Don't thank me.
I'm more thankful.
For what?
Nobody else put in
this much time to help me.
I just told you what I know.
Anyway, Yeun-hee,
know Jun Yoo-na!
Jun Yoo-na?
Oh, Yoo-na.
What about her?
I found her name in the 'Memories' homepage earlier.
She was in advertising, too.
Was she in advertising?
I don't quite remember.
I see.
Anyway, she was in our club, right?
Of course.
For who do you think she joined in the first place?
I think we were sophomores then.
Our club went on a retreat.
The people who went
Young-min, So-yeun, Moo-rim,
and everyone else in our club.
Wait, there's something missing.
Oh yeah, the Youth Hostel.
They were a travel club
and joined us on the retreat.
- Gather in the middle. - Good!
Here it goes.
One, two, three!
Wait, I closed my eyes.
Take it over. Take it over.
You dummy!
Sorry, but I can't help it.
Take it once more.
Okay! It can happen so let's take it again.
Just once. Just once.
But five times is too much.
Then ten times if necessary!
We'll turn into statues by then!
Okay, here I go again.
One, two, three!
You scared me.
What are you taking? There's no one there.
Can you move please?
So this is what sunglasses are made of.
What's this?
Don't dig through other people's stuff.
Are you mad?
It's so nice here.
How is it?
It's nice here, huh?
By the way, do you know
who organized this retreat?
So you still don't know yet.
It was me.
Oh yeah, I heard you take pictures well.
Can you take one of me?
I only take scenic pictures.
Yeah? Then which scenery would be nice?
That house over there is pretty.
I'll be quick, so when I raise my hand, take it.
Here I go.
Take any good pictures?
Young-min fell off a tree while taking a picture.
Let's go to him.
How can you just leave?
Say... to stay with me.
That's enough.
It's Yoo-na from Youth Hostel.
The blinking girl.
You're right.
Hey, Yoo-na.
I have something I need to talk to you about.
Have a seat.
Can't we talk over there?
Why is she here again?
I guess she has some reason.
So what is it?
I was just wondering.
You're close to Jin-soo, right?
Why? Do you like him?
No, I just wanted to learn about photography from him.
You like taking pictures?
Then join our club.
I guess I'll have to, huh?
Wanna learn about photography?
Taking a picture and being taken is the same, so you should never blink.
But the more you try not to,
the more you blink.
And another thing the basics are very important.
If you don't learn them right
Sorry, I'm in the middle
of an important talk.
Right, this is an important talk.
So I should leave?
I understand.
* No dating allowed *
So he rips it up himself eventually.
Think I can learn right in your club?
Jin-soo fixed your camera.
What kind of girl would Jin-soo like?
I'm sorry for spoiling the movie.
Forget it, I'm leaving.
But the movie isn't finished yet.
Are you mad at me?
Do me a favor.
Next time you do this don't ask me to come.
There's someone else that I like.
Lee Jin-soo!
I was really shocked then.
I never saw you mad before.
Anyway, I don't recall if Yoo-na majored in advertising
but I don't think she's the one.
Wanna drink?
Anyway, thanks.
What for?
Just for everything.
Don't thank me.
I'm not much of any help anyway.
That's not true.
I'll think carefully whenever I have time.
To figure out how I can help.
Wanna go?
Hey, it's late.
You're still wearing that watch.
Don't you remember it?
Right, sorry.
We thought it was so weird that this watch had an alarm.
It's a regular wrist watch but it has an alarm.
Damn Jin-soo left his computer on again.
What's this?
New member subscription?
Lee Jin-soo!
So you're chatting at work, huh?
Can't we do it
one more time?
Let's stop now.
But we can't just end it here.
It's too late.
You touched it for 30 minutes already.
What's wrong with it?
This time it'll work.
I'll do it once more, okay?
I think it's broken.
It's so weird it definitely worked before.
- Yeun-hee! - Yep!
Shall I lend this to you?
That's okay.
Go on inside.
I think it's really late.
As you already know besides the nine o'clock news
Our weather corner
has the lowest ratings out of the three stations.
All of you should know that
it's not our hard efforts,
but anchor Song Min-gyu's popularity we owe things to.
So from this week...
Yes, one moment.
Think this is funny?
I said cell phones must be on vibration mode at meetings!
Why is the boss in such a bad mood today?
Beats me!
Old fart's a nuisance.
Kang Yeun-hee
Feels great.
It's my first time
on a pleasure boat.
Why was I so busy?
I must've been too serious.
I think I lived too stressfully after college.
Everyone's the same.
Didn't you say you wanted
to tell me something before?
Oh, right.
I was so wrapped up in myself, I forgot.
What I meant to tell you is...
Know what this is, right?
It's not that easy to write a poem in English
but I had no idea your English
skills would be this bad.
However, there were some
that were very well-written.
Lee Jin-soo!
Oh Mee-young!
Oh Mee-young!
Oh Mee-young isn't here?
What a pretty name.
Then Mee-young come up here first.
The trace of sunshine
A round of applause!
The trace of sunshine
In English it means
a "trace of sunshine."
So are you implying that this is a rainbow?
Usually, a rainbow in literature or poems
symbolizes a child's innocence or hope
But in this poem, I felt like
it was subtlely expressing
a love for someone.
So am I right?
After that day, we always
teased you about your rainbow.
- Rainbow? - Yes!
Everyone was so curious
about who she was at first.
So is that what
- You wanted to tell me? - Yes!
Just that it popped up in my mind at work.
But why hasn't
she called you yet?
By any chance,
could it be that professor?
Just kidding.
No, I think that
professor really liked you.
We're here.
I guess we are.
I had a good time today.
You did?
Lee Jin-soo has been cloudy for a while
but with Yeun-hee's help a girl of 36-24-36 hectopascal
he will experience sunny days from now on.
This is Kang Yeun-hee from
the subway's lost and found.
Was it funny?
You're better than I am.
By the way Jin-soo,
the weather forecast is about
tomorrow, so can't it be fun?
Hi, I'm weatherman Lee Jin-soo.
Let's go to the studio for tomorrow's weather.
Yes! This is the studio.
More rain for this weekend,
So it may dampen your plans.
But I have some good news for you.
Let's take a look at the map.
Tomorrow, high pressure from the west...
What's wrong with him?
Mr. Lee Jin-soo.
Yesterday's weather forecast was fantastic.
Seeing that my wife loved it,
you'll be a star.
Sir, did you really like it?
What kind of moron does the weather like that?
Is TV a playground?
I'm sorry, sir.
The weather forecast is also news.
You have to be polite to viewers by all means!
Behavior like that is why our ratings is a mess!
Why do you think the weather forecast is news?
The news talks about things that have passed
but the weather forecast talks about tomorrow.
I want to make people preparing for tomorrow happy.
Why'd you come back?
I took the day off today.
Anyway what were you doing?
Your mind must be somewhere else.
Is something wrong?
Hey, I think I've heard of this song before.
Going to the pool?
It would suck to work on a nice day like this.
You're so clever.
It's not that I'm clever it's the boss who's dumb.
Wanna go, too?
Three would be a crowd, right?
Hey, I'm borrowing your swimming cap.
Sorry, someone
dropped by the office.
Okay, Yeun-hee I'll call you in a bit.
You're still the same, I see.
Always in deep thought and silent.
The weather's so nice today.
Advertising Major Jun Yoo-na / Chae Hyae-young
Seems like fun in here.
Jin-soo, when did you get here?
I'm invisible, right?
So what brought you here?
I came to get our light meter.
I heard you had it.
That's too bad.
I'm not done yet so it's in the practice room.
Weren't you supposed to return it last week?
Turn the music down! Think you live here alone?
Wait here!
I'll get it for you.
That's my bed.
This isn't my day.
What now?
Today's Open House,
so they were selling flowers.
Okay now?
She said okay, right?
- Get off of me! - O. K!
What's the name of this song?
I've heard it a lot before.
"Over the Rainbow" the theme song for Wizard of Oz.
It's nice, huh?
That day was just as sunny as today.
Jin soo!
Remember that song then?
I liked it so much you called
me 'rainbow' as of that day.
Hi, Jin-soo.
What's wrong with your voice?
I think I found my rainbow.
How do you like my studio?
It's nice.
Thanks for the flowers.
Wow, one bouquet of flowers changes the whole place.
You must really like flowers.
The scent's nice.
I like freesias especially since the scent's subtle.
Jin soo!
What are you thinking so seriously about?
Oh, it's nothing.
Wow, what an interesting-looking camera.
What's wrong with it?
There's no exposure. I can't see anything.
Jin-soo, you have to take the cap off first.
Like this.
You have to take the cap off first.
Like this.
Just putting your eye up to
the camera isn't photography.
And take this lens cap for example.
It's the same principle as a person's eyelid.
Like it if someone took your picture with your eyes closed?
What did you mean by that?
Can you explain it to me again?
It means the camera and eye are fundamentally the same.
Our Yoo-na made a very clear-cut comparison.
Understand now?
Think she can learn about photography in our club?
Well, to be honest it'll be tough.
Jin-soo, someone's asking for you.
Don't know but it's some girl.
- Excuse me! - Okay!
How come his love life is so complicated?
You can say that again.
I think he hides a lot from us.
He probably has a reason.
Even so, does he have
to keep secrets from us?
There's some things you don't tell your friends.
Don't you have any secrets?
I have nothing to hide from Jin-soo.
Isn't that Jin-soo outside?
He's with some girl.
Got him!
Oh my god!
There he is.
Aren't we a photography club?
- That's the best. - Show us what you got.
Do it right.
Hurry up! You're gonna miss them.
Hey, idiot!
Go home!
Okay, okay.
Just lower your hand.
- See her? - I see her.
- The picture is taken! - OK!
Wait, but the camera
didn't sound right.
Why does sound matter anyway?
It's not like there's no film.
You idiot!
You drive me nuts!
I took rainbow's picture.
I'm sorry, Jin-soo.
For lying to you.
This picture is the
last present I can give you.
So it was a picture of Gyung-hee, the actress?
Well, I thought it was Gyung-hee, too.
Are you mad at Hyae-young?
Because of Hyae-young it made me think a lot.
Searching for your memories through another person
can't make you feel how you did before.
If I don't remember on my own
I'm only feeling through
the memories of someone else.
Since it's not the pure
emotions I felt in the past.
Coming back to school feels so great.
Wanna go to our club room?
Can you turn on the switch next to the door?
- Are you okay? - Yes!
Wait, I'll turn it on.
The day I broke up with Sang-in
He taught me how to play pool.
He was really serious about it.
As if he was raising some pool player.
Then he asked me
if I can play alone now?
And I said yes.
he suddenly
asked to break up.
So I asked him why,
and he said there's no reason.
I thought I could've started
to love someone back then.
Looks like it'll keep raining.
Aren't you coming?
What are you thinking about?
No, it's nothing.
Whenever you think,
you always squeeze your lips.
- Really? - Yes!
What is it?
It's just that I really
don't know much about you.
Then start from now.
But it'll take a lot of time.
Being a weatherman,
I have a lot of free time.
Is that so?
I love the sound of rain.
They say that love
comes down with rain.
How are you? - Lee Jin-soo
How's your trip? - Lee Jin-soo
Mails have been deleted
Attention passengers due to worsening weather
there will be slight delay
in landing at Incheon airport.
I'm seeing someone,
but why do I feel so lonely?
No one's gonna retrieve them so why clean them?
Never know when they will though.
Something good happen to you today?
Want me to tell?
No, I'm not interested.
For two guys living here this place is spotless.?
He must recognize me.
What's all this?
Oh, this.
They must be all the pictures that I took before
but I don't remember at all.
Especially, this one.
Is it some furrow?
If you're curious look at the rest.
You always wrote on the back of your pictures.
You have slide films, too.
It looks like a flower card.
You're right.
I didn't know back in school,
but you're really good.
Think so?
You could open up a gallery.
I'm serious, look.
The composition and angle are good.
And it's got a great feel to it.
You should answer the phone.
It's me, Sang-in.
Why is your cell phone turned off?
I just arrived in Seoul.
Let's meet tomorrow.
Why'd you put it on in the first place?
It's expensive.
- Eun-song! - Yeah?
Does Gi-hoon know that you had a boyfriend before?
Think I'm crazy to tell him?
Wasn't Gi-hoon curious?
Why would he be?
Bastard went out with so many girls before me.
So what happened?
How else?
I let him know to take care of them all.
I laid my hands on him.
Like this!
- Here! - Yeah!
Anything happened while I was gone?
Nothing much!
Everything went well in New York?
I just did my part of the job.
Feels great to be back in Seoul.
And to see you, too.
What's up?
Hold on.
What's wrong?
You look upset.
It's nothing.
Who was it?
You had this?
You wanted to meet for this.
There's something else.
I was curious about something.
It's about Jin-soo.
Remember the girl he liked back in school?
What about her?
Just that I wanted to know.
Why are you asking me that?
You were the closest to him.
Is this why you wanted to meet?
What's with you today?
Something bothering you?
Tell me what's wrong.
What's with you now?
Mee-young said she's not coming?
Why can't she come?
She broke her leg or something?
I told her not to come until I'm discharged.
You're coming out strong now.
Be good to her now so you won't regret it later.
- Think for yourself! - You said I was good to you.
- Stop it, you big baby! - Do you two ever stop?
Wait a minute I don't see Yeun-hee here.
Yeun-hee said she can't come today.
Why not?
She said she had to study
for the subway test tomorrow.
I guess we're it to celebrate Young-min's break.
Then let's toast.
- Don't you work tomorrow? - I'll drink till I die!
Then toast among yourselves.
Among yourselves.
Have a drink with me.
Jin-soo, things going well
with that actress, Gyung-hee?
When the rain stops here comes the rainbow.
When the sun rises there goes the rainbow.
What the hell do you know?
It's not Gyung-hee!
Then forget it.
Hey, Jin-soo!
What the hell's wrong with you?
Are you drunk?
I'm going to the army tomorrow.
Jin-soo, that guy,
said he missed her like crazy.
He eventually
met her that day,
and went to the army the day after.
I think she's someone you really loved.
So you want me to
keep looking for her?
She might be waiting for you.
Then why hasn't she called me yet?
Why are you being like this suddenly?
Is it because of Sang-in?
You think I'm like this because of Sang-in?
Come to think of it now,
when I first met her in that cafe.
I think I was attracted to her.
Yeah! Yeun-hee's a good girl.
Since she's always considerate to others.
I was too young back then,
so I didn't know about love.
A time when love takes precedence over everything.
You know, a time everyone experiences.
So you have all your
memories of me, right?
Aren't you very curious
about who she is?
Did someone give this to you?
Of course the person who found it.
Do I have to write their names down?
Where did that person go?
Don't know.
I think he was heading downstairs.
Where did you get this?
I'll tell you about that later.
But look at the slide inside of it first.
I don't want to see.
But you might regret it.
Maybe so.
But I don't want to see it.
Jin-soo, it's not
a hard thing to do.
It won't even take a few minutes.
So then?
What about afterwards?
What's the next step afterwards?
I don't know whether I loved her long ago
but now I don't.
Right here at this moment is more important!
If you really want to check,
then do it yourself.
But leave me out of it.
Are you ready?
Three minutes left till you're on.
One minute left.
Please go to the studio everyone.
Ready to go on air.
30 seconds left!
Light on!
10 seconds left!
Standby music.
- Two! - Music start.
It's a bit messy, huh?
It hasn't been long since I moved in.
The rainy season is ending
Unsettled local atmospheric conditions
A thick layer of showers
that has covered the peninsula
now heads to the East Sea.
With clear skies...
now heads to the East Sea.
With clear skies...
How long have you had this?
What's wrong with him?
You can even expect a rainbow.
Why are you trying to confuse me with this?
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
We'll finally have clear skies.
Now let's look at the map.
Sit down first.
Want some coffee?
You always do this.
Everything has to go your way.
Why did you give me this?
Waves in the sea will mostly rise by 1 to 2 meters.
I think the endless rain has tired both your mind and body.
But wouldn't you miss the rain on a clear day?
They say love comes down with the rain.
That's all for the weather.
Are you alright?
You knew who she was all along, didn't you?
Then why didn't you tell me that day?
How could you do this to me?
Didn't we love
each other once?
Tell me Did you love me?
I said did you love me?
What about you?
Did you love me?
You said you did, but you
never opened your heart to me.
Have you ever disclosed
your true feelings to me?
"I'm always fine."
"I'll take care of it myself."
That's all that you said.
I wanted to do everything with you
but you never gave me a chance.
That is...
Is that what you call love?
We weren't right for each other.
Since the problem all started with me anyway.
I'm late.
What's this?
Use it all the way
and don't get drenched.
You guy!
The train seems to be leaving.
Bye then.
I'll write you often.
The girl that was in the picture I developed...
She was you.
So I became anxious and went to you right away.
Over here!
Hey, what are you doing here?
Can't you see that it's raining?
This looks like my umbrella.
Yeah, I brought it from our club room.
Let's go!
So what's really going on?
I'm normally like this.
Did well on the test?
I don't know.
Only things that I knew showed up.
Pretty confident, I see.
Did Jin-soo leave okay?
Jin-soo? He left fine.
Was he upset that I didn't come?
I wanted to see him before he left.
Well, you had to take the test anyway.
But we hung around for four years,
and thinking I won't see him for a while is sad.
But I'm here.
What are you thinking about?
Aren't you going?
Hold the umbrella right.
I can't see well.
It's cause the rain's falling towards us.
I like those flowers.
Let's go! I'll buy you some later.
You saw this musical, too?
Smells great.
I like this flower.
Who will you give them to?
Can you hold this for me? I have to go to the bathroom.
It's me!
Who's this?
Stop digging through other people's stuff!
Are you mad at me?
There's someone else that I like.
Is that girl in this classroom?
So why did you join our club?
Just because!
To try to find a date.
Looks like it'll rain.
You're not leaving?
It's clear as can be.
Hey, second choice!
Meteorology! second choice!
Lee Jin-soo!
Why did you come here?
To try to find a date.
You remembered that I liked freesias?
By the way,
why am I "rainbow"?
You see...
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