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Pact of Silence The

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Screel deen!
Screel deen!
Open the door!
Open up!
Shut up in there!
Shut up!
Fever and acute abdominal pain.
Already removed.
I can't find a thing.
- How reassuring! - Not for me.
Her pulse is elevated.
She has violent abdominal pain.
I'm keeping her in for observation.
But you said she's fine.
So it seems.
I'm taking her out.
I can't allow it.
I'll bring her back tomorrow.
Do you have her file?
When can she travel?
She has to leave?
We're closing the mission temporarily.
Didn't you know? Aren't you leaving, too?
Yes, home to Paris.
- What about her file? - I've forgotten it.
No, let me handle this.
Quiet now.
See you tomorrow.
I almost forgot.
No drugs.
Only herbs.
It's against our rules.
Mother Emmanuelle.
What does "screel deen" mean?
Sister Sarah often cries out...
something like "screel deen" or "creel deen."
Do you understand that?
No. I have no idea.
Something wrong?
No, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
A cheeseburger.
Bet you haven't eaten junk like that in ages.
Why the transfer?
What'd she do?
Don't ask.
It'd spoil your appetite.
How are your hands?
Lucky you're never the aggressor. It'd endanger your parole.
So you're studying math.
How far are you?
I'm due to take my master's.
Fractals. Aren't they a bit boring?
It passes the time.
You wouldn't rather be separated from the others?
I've had enough of solitary.
That's not too smart.
We'll try to keep your secret, but they'll find out.
The guards won't always be around.
Snore and you're out.
You're not eating?
Are you French?
How's the pain?
I can't feel a thing.
Must be your drugs.
That decoction of herbs. Who prescribed it?
Mother Emmanuelle.
She prescribes potions?
Not her.
A so-called saint from Bechoa.
Santa Omeira, the healer.
An adherent of shamanism.
Mother Emmanuelle says she's a better Catholic than any of us.
It belongs to a girl next door.
When can I get out?
That's up to you.
I haven't decided a thing in 10 years.
The nurse says you're a Cecilian.
Priest and doctor?
That nurse sure says a lot.
It protects me.
From what?
- You don't believe in it? - I believe in miracles of faith...
the power of the soul over the body.
And I believe it's not your body that's suffering right now.
You can talk to me.
To the priest or the doctor?
How old are you?
Nearly 25.
Have you been a Carmelite long?
Ten years.
Ten years.
Isn't that a bit young to follow a calling?
I haven't lost my faith, you know.
I'm not pretending to be sick.
Were you near Yorin during the rioting?
I wasn't one of the nuns who got raped. You're on the wrong track.
If I'm on the wrong track...
then there's a right one.
No! It's been 10 years.
The mirror.
We're not allowed.
Will you be okay?
- Please leave me alone. - Are you going back to France?
Do you have family there?
I don't see them anymore.
That's how he got me.
- Come on. - No.
- Come on. - No.
He knocked me up.
Christ, that bastard knew what he was doing.
You got a guy?
You prefer muff-diving?
Not that I know of.
I hate lesbos.
All I like is cock.
Nothing like a nice, big cock...
don't you think?
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I get this pain here.
The infirmary's there to be used, you know.
How long have you been inside?
Two years?
I get it.
You can't have had much time to sit on a lot of cocks.
Ten years!
That's rough.
What'd you do?
It's been too long. I've forgotten.
Hey, no sweat.
You'll tell me in your own good time.
Where's Sister Sarah?
- She was taken away. - She's not here.
She's left.
They've all left.
Your Grace...
You know I did not search for God in the scriptures...
like St. Augustine.
Nor did I find him on the road to Damascus, like St. Paul.
One day I shouted his name...
like any sinner overwhelmed by pain and wrongdoing.
He asked me to fight for him...
and to love others as I do myself.
Ever since, on every continent...
in all latitudes, I have fought.
I have fought and fought.
But now...
I no longer know for whom I am fighting.
I no longer know how to love.
You must help me, your Grace.
Help me.
Don't thank me.
I'm not the only one in high places to have noticed you.
You deserve to go to Rome.
It seems too...
What? Too comfortable?
Would you prefer Pakistan?
It won't do you any harm to slow down.
You're too hard on yourself.
You and I know why.
I need to stay for a few days.
In Paris?
No, there's nothing for you here.
One of my patients is worrying me.
One of your patients?
A Carmelite.
She was brought back in serious condition.
Where is she now?
St. Pierre Clavet.
I'd like to treat her.
Forget it. They won't let you anywhere near her.
They refuse all medicine.
With your authorization, I...
Out of the question.
I can't force fundamentalist Carmelites to accept your presence.
I received your letter.
I'm losing my sense of purpose.
But you spend your time supporting other people...
helping them, healing them.
There comes a time...
when you have to forgive yourself, Joachim.
God has turned you into a new man.
Someone you can love.
Are you sure you spoke to Mother Emmanuelle?
She's sick enough as it is.
How long has she been like this?
Since she came back.
Get me some water.
An IV every three hours.
We don't use chemical substances.
It's not chemical, it's an opiate.
Please try and find her file.
What are you doing?
Who let you in?
That file is strictly confidential.
Sister Sarah is very sick.
She needs to be hospitalized.
She's totally dehydrated.
What more can you do in your hospital?
Force-feed her?
I already do that three times a day.
You don't know her. It's not her first depression.
I raised her, I know her.
The Bishop's permitted it.
You'll find nothing here to help her.
Come here.
Go see Mother Joseph. She knows Sarah best.
She took her in to the convent the same year as me.
Tell me more.
Sister Sarah's very secretive.
Here. Take this.
What is it?
My cell phone.
It's a phone?
- Take it. - My God, I can't.
My number's on the back.
Call me from anywhere, whenever you want. Take it.
You press the little buttons.
Excuse me, but it's my only pleasure.
Having hair again.
This is from Sister Amťlie.
The archivist.
How sweet.
Why was it you're here?
To talk about Sister Sarah.
- Sister Sarah? - Remember her?
Poor little Sarah.
How she used to scream at night.
Only Mother Emmanuelle and I could calm her down.
- And her nightmares! - What nightmares?
Now that she never let us in on.
We weren't supposed to show favoritism.
But she touched my stubborn old Norman heart...
as my father used to call it.
Did you know Papa?
Sister Sarah, Mother.
I remember.
The Archbishop always said:
"She's done enough wrong. Pray for her."
Sarah did wrong?
No, not Sarah! Her sister!
I didn't know she had a sister.
It's not in her file.
Mother Emmanuelle removed it.
To protect her.
She was crazy about the girl.
Protect her from what?
Look, I think it's time for my nap.
I swore not to tell anyone.
On the Bible, too.
Okay, all I know is...
that it was about a murder.
A murder so terrible...
that Sarah's sister went to prison at 14. For life!
What murder?
Look in that drawer.
The drawer over there.
Screel deen.
You bitch!
I'll show you! Come here!
I'll kill you!
So you killed a kid.
Get up!
You never cry.
Ten years inside, and not a tear.
Even when they broke your collarbone or burned your hands.
You read up on me. I'm flattered.
Still having nightmares?
Describe them.
It's in the file.
Tell me, anyway.
Aren't you sick of hearing the same shit? I'm sick of saying it.
Do you at least regret it?
All of it.
I should note that answer.
- I didn't answer. - Precisely.
See this red pen?
One mark and you stay for another five years.
Is that what you want?
Sometimes I think you don't want to get out.
Search for LENNECK
[File not found]
[Try a different spelling]
Yes, now that you mention it.
Isn't nature strange?
I forgot to tell you...
the other day.
She gave it to me.
What did she give you?
Her secret book.
Can you read it to me?
No, it's in their language.
A foreign language?
Their own "twin language."
But isn't there a drawing...
an address, a name?
Oh, yes, I see her name.
Sarah Le Belleck.
Sarah Le Belleck?
She was signed in to the convent as Lenneck.
Are you a preacher? I mean, a priest?
Yes, why?
Four years in this hole, you're the first I've seen.
- Have fun. - Thanks.
A demon?
Babysitter killer gets life
What's this to you?
You the kid's confessor?
I say "kid," but she must be, what, 24, 25 by now.
Do you know her?
Any new developments?
You're not very talkative.
I understand.
call if I can help with the Le Belleck case.
The newsroom's up there. My little paradise.
A good scoop and I go to heaven.
Show some charity, Father.
Give that to the man outside.
- But Mother... - This is all your fault. Give it to him.
GaŽlle Le Belleck gets out at noon.
So who are you again? Are you the family's confessor?
No, her sister Sarah's.
- Shall I let GaŽlle know? - I'd rather you didn't.
Fine. Be here at noon.
Dialogue in utero
Identical twins share 99.9 percent of their DNA.
So it's difficult for people to understand...
that they're two individuals.
Two souls.
If you like, but I'm an atheist.
It's a classic case of symmetry.
One of those things that embarrass the academy and myself.
I'm a rationalist, so I like clear explanations.
There isn't any for symmetry.
One twin can be sick, but the other displays the symptoms...
often miles away.
You mean it may not be the nun who's sick?
Yes, but both may be in danger.
The one with the symptoms might die. It happens.
Those New Agers love it.
Those who believe in the brain's occult powers, telepathy...
talking plants, that trendy stuff.
You understand Latin? We got a divine message for you.
Forget Le Belleck.
"Ad seculum seculorum."
Screw up and you'll be back here.
Never forget that.
When did she get out?
An hour ago.
The State is more punctual than the Church, apparently.
Where did she go?
I can't divulge that kind of information, even to a priest.
I have to find her.
Aren't you going too far, Father?
I don't think so.
She has a job interview tomorrow.
I expected you tonight.
Come in. They're harmless.
I breed dogs.
It helps make ends meet.
Where's Mama?
Come in.
My little girl.
They let you out.
Sit down.
You must be starving.
It's such a long journey.
I know Brazil as if I'd been there. I read up on it.
But the flight...
was too expensive.
You don't wear a veil in town?
It's GaŽIle.
Not Sarah. GaŽIle.
Get out!
- I've nowhere to go. - Get out!
I never want to see you again!
I didn't know how to tell you.
It got worse after the trial.
You can't stay here.
It'd only make her worse.
You understand?
- Where are you going? - I've got some addresses for a job.
Do you need money for a room?
I am not dying
I am entering into life
I am not dying
I am ascending into love
Screel deen.
Happy birthday
May you have a lovely day
May this cake bring you joy in every way
- You maniac! - I didn't see you.
- In the middle of the road? - Sorry. Are you hurt?
I'm sorry.
- Can I buy you a drink? - No, forget it.
Hop on.
It's my fault. I feel guilty. Let me make it up to you.
I'm Xavier.
And you?
Hop on.
Thank you.
I'll pay you back soon.
I insist.
It's my pleasure.
What were you doing in the middle of nowhere?
What were you doing?
I was lost.
Funny, so was I.
Yeah, that is funny.
Want a lift? Where do you live?
Come on, jump on.
Don't be shy.
So you got nowhere to go?
- Want to stay at my place? - I don't know you.
I don't know you, either.
Do what you like. I won't force you.
Anyway, I'm not sleeping at home tonight.
I work in a hotel.
Make your mind up, GaŽIle.
What did you call me?
Who, me? What do you mean?
How do you know my name, bastard?
What are you talking about?
- You scumbag! - Yeah, I am.
A scumbag hack after a story.
Get lost!
Get lost!
Joachim, stop it!
Why come here first?
There are other places on the list.
The chaplain in jail...
told me you often train ex-offenders.
I could put all your data onto CD-ROM. I studied Excel.
Yes, but...
Life imprisonment after all...
You're so young.
I'm asking you to refuse this job yourself.
Just say it doesn't suit you.
I'm appealing to your Christian spirit.
You're appealing to my Christian spirit!
GaŽIle Le Belleck!
I have to talk to you about your sister.
Yes, Sarah.
GaŽIle, please listen!
No, listen!
GaŽIle, listen to me!
Who told you about my sister?
I've nothing to say to you.
Listen to me.
Acute peritonitis. We need to operate.
Maybe we should call the hospital.
Oh, my God. Sarah!
She's walking!
Lord, we offer you our toil.
For your glory and the world's suffering.
We give grace for our souls' salvation...
and our bodies' healing.
GaŽlle, GaŽlle!
Wait for me.
GaŽlle, wait for me.
You force your way into a convent.
What's more, you forge my signature!
And all for what?
For a Carmelite who's in perfect health.
St. Pierre Clavet's archivist contacted us.
Sister Sarah is healed. Healed!
Because I operated on her twin.
You're suspended from the priesthood.
- My decision is final. - Until when?
Until you come to your senses.
You got many friends like this?
They're not friends. He's a medical professor.
A specialist on twins. I consulted him about you and Sarah.
He only knows your symptoms.
There are the children.
Joachim, at last!
- Suzanne's three weeks early. - We need to talk.
Sure, but could it wait a few hours?
Can you mind the children?
I haven't had time to call anyone.
Can I count on you, Father?
Father Joachim's going to mind you.
We won't be long.
Feel like a few hours of normal life?
They're sleeping.
What does "screel deen" mean?
It's a warning.
To alert the other of danger.
What's stopping you from seeing Sarah?
Not everyone likes to stare the past in the face.
I want to live, do the things I've never done.
Why are you helping me?
Why me?
Why not you?
True, priests help everyone...
especially black sheep.
Why won't you see Sarah again?
Did she tell you I existed?
You found me all by yourself? Not very Christian of her, was it?
It's none of your business.
Why is she shut away in a convent?
I guess she's a believer...
a bit like you.
Why does your mother reject you?
Is this a cross-examination?
You sure you're not a cop, too? I'm tired.
Your room.
Have a good night's...
Don't tell.
Mommy, Mommy!
I want my mommy!
He can't sleep.
Maybe you should get Mommy.
She'll be back soon with a new baby.
It's too early to get up.
Go to sleep.
It couldn't be you.
You can't have done it.
Why not?
It's not possible.
Tell me the truth.
What do you want?
A confession?
You never killed.
Do you want me to deny it?
I can't because I did it.
I killed him, you hear me?
Tell me the truth.
For the love of God.
I don't believe in God.
I don't know if I'm allowed a second chance...
but I'm taking it.
I want to start over.
But it's not possible here.
You have to help me.
Help you do what?
Do what?
Leave the country.
Save me.
Save me.
Save me.
You've got a baby sister called Aurťlie.
I'm asking for help, not a sermon.
Helping her break parole!
You've gone crazy.
- I'll take the risk. - For a murderer?
To think you brought her into our house.
- With our children! - I didn't mean to.
Open your eyes!
She's making you leave France illegally...
and renounce your faith.
I'm not renouncing anything.
I know why you entered the priesthood.
This girl has nothing to do with you.
No 12-year-old commits a crime like that...
unless she's a monster.
A monster?
All I see is a woman.
You killed him!
Of course.
You in love?
When do I get the passport?
11:00, here.
I know I don't look it, but I'm fast.
All right.
11:00 here tomorrow.
Welcome to Brazil.
I have the impression I saw you come through here two or three days ago.
I don't speak...
Didn't you come through two or three days ago?
Pardon me.
I'll translate for her.
Have you already been through here?
She says no.
Welcome to Brazil, Sister.
- Hello? - Father Joachim, it's me.
We had to come back from France.
I've been trying to call you for days.
- Where are you? - In Ceara.
We've just arrived, too.
Sister Sarah's doing worse.
- I thought she'd recovered. - She's letting herself die.
She's lost the use of her legs.
She keeps calling...
for a certain GaŽlle.
We're off to see Santa Omeira.
Mother Emmanuelle says it's her last chance.
11... 00 tonight, Praia de Oro.
Sister Amťlie, we need you.
Coming, Mother.
Get out of here!
Hello? Mother Emmanuelle, please.
Yes, I'll hold.
It was a journalist.
Don't worry.
I'll protect you from him.
You don't want any?
No one will ever love you as I do.
Go on, have some.
Buon giorno.
Not a room.
I'm looking for friends. French.
A big guy, strong...
with a brunette. Dark hair.
Friends. French.
Where are we going?
Where are we?
Your sister's here.
She keeps asking for you. She needs you. You can't refuse her that.
You lured me here?
You had it all planned!
- Help me, Mother! - My child.
God sent him to me. Not to her!
To me, to me...
To me!
Oh, fuck!
Beat me up, I don't care!
I've waited too long for a story like this.
I've e-mailed it all to my paper.
I know all about her past and yours.
Stop it!
I didn't say where you're hiding.
But you know the saying: "God is in the details."
Well, I need details.
Give me the details and I'll keep quiet.
It'll give you a head start.
Then you'll read my article in the tropics, instead of jail.
What do you say?
- No? - Where's your hotel?
The little place on the square.
In one hour.
Come on.
Wait for me at the hotel. Don't go anywhere.
Hello, Joachim?
It's Sarah.
St. Joseph's Church?
It's here.
Come in.
You're photogenic.
Sit down.
What are you doing in my office?
How did you get in?
I saw it all. She started to talk, to walk!
With my own eyes! It's a miracle!
Mother Emmanuelle?
Where is she?
Where is she?
Lia ba mi.
Sio tan soliander.
I missed you...
my sister, my love.
- I am you. - Sio tu.
- You are me. - Et tu sio.
I am sleeping and you...
You're dreaming.
- Tu lalia ima ninora. - You sing.
And Mama no longer knows...
who is Sarah and who is GaŽIle.
What is it?
It's nothing.
It's like last time.
Screel deen.
Is Mama home?
I'll go over to the Vellers' and get her.
I was too late.
My God, Mama!
What have you done?
He wouldn't stop crying.
I couldn't stand it.
I had to stop it.
My God, GaŽIle!
- What'll we do? - Calm down.
Mama, go home with Sarah.
- No, GaŽIle. - Quiet!
Do you hear me?
Do you hear me, Mama?
Go home with Sarah. Right away.
- No, GaŽIle. - Go home.
- They'll be home soon. - I can't leave you.
Take Mama home or they'll put her in an asylum.
Is that what you want?
They'll put me away.
Why you?
Because I'm the strongest.
Don't speak.
He's mine, GaŽIle.
God sent him to me.
No! GaŽIle!
Miss, can you hear me?
The ambulance is on its way.
What's your name?
Her name is Sister Sarah.
You may no longer celebrate Mass or administer the Holy Sacrament.
You may no longer celebrate Mass or administer the Holy Sacrament.
You may not receive confession or confess yourself.
You may not marry the living or bury the dead.
Leave this place and the cloth...
which you have dishonored and soiled...
and for which you are unworthy...
before God and before man.
I never want to see you again.
Subtitles: John Miller
Subtitling TITRA FILM Paris
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