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Paid In Full

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MAN: ...from Uptown, Downtown,
in town, out of town.
We got it going on, 1-4-5,
it's famous, baby, here we go.
It's the world-famous Brucie B.
on the special mix tip
for all my playa niggas, all my niggas gettin' paper.
Ladies lookin' good, fellas, y'all lookin' good.
We gettin' money Uptown style, a'ight? my niggas from 1-5-5, 1-1-2, 1-4-9,
49 is in the house.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
Thinking of a master plan
'Cause ain't nothing but sweat inside my hand
So I dig into my pocket, all my money's spent
So I dig deeper, but still comin' up with lint
So I start my mission, leave my residence
Thinking how could I get some dead presidents
I need money
I used to be a stickup kid
So I think of all the devious things I did
I used to roll up, this is a holdup, ain't nothin' funny
Stop smilin', be still, don't nothin' move but the money
But now I learn to earn 'cause I'm righteous
I feel great, so maybe I might just
Search for a 9:00 to 5:00 if I strive
Then maybe I'll stay alive
So I walk up the street
ACE: This is the stage.
Feelin' out of place 'cause, man, do I miss
If you was here, you was definitely somebody.
And a nice, big plate of fish
Which is my favorite dish
But without no money, it's still a wish
'Cause I don't like to dream about gettin' paid
So I dig into the books of the rhymes that I made
To now test to see if I got pull
And I was there.
Me, Mitch, and Rico.
We did our thing, you know?
We was living. We was living that life.
So, you know, I'm up at this birthday party the other day.
You told me about it. Talkin' about Charlie Rucks?
Yeah, I couldn't make that shit.
So, I'm up at that birthday --
I didn't bring him nothin'.
So, I see everybody up there got stuff for him,
so I walk up to the table --
Ain't got no soy sauce up there, B.?
No, they didn't put no fuckin' soy sauce in the bag, man.
Why these Chinese niggas always doin' this shit, man?
Fuck the soy sauce, man!
Mitch, can I tell a story?
I walk up to the table, right?
- Chinese niggas... - Pick up the cake...
mush it in his face, tell him, "Happy birthday."
Niggas at the party looking at me like I'm buggin'.
I showed that nigga mad love, B.
We lookin' at you like you buggin', man.
You buggin', man.
This nigga...thinks it's funny.
You took the whole cake and mushed it in his face?
Whole cake.
What's up with this nigga here? That's love right there, man.
Why you doin' that, B.?
Why you fuckin' a birthday party up like that?
I know his girl was there.
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
Ace, make that shot again.
Five thou you can't make it again.
I ain't gonna take your $5,000, man. Hold onto your money.
[ Scoffs ] Penny-pinchin' nigga here, man.
You know, he fucks me up, man.
You always trying to save your dough and shit, B.
The thing is, baby, you're fuckin' with the wrong nigga.
You need to be fuckin' with me, man.
Give me that bet, man.
Yeah, you got the bet, Mr. Mitch. What, you drunk?
I'm gonna take this nigga Uptown, man.
- Yeah, take me Uptown, man. - I'm gonna take you Uptown.
Five thou you can't make the shot. You off right here.
- You off right here, man. - [ Speaking indistinctly ]
Your man drunk. That's off right there.
- Where's my money, man? - Lucky cat right there.
- Let me get my money, man. - Nigga, bet it right back.
- That ain't nothin', man. - I need paid.
- Go ahead, nigga. - Thank you.
But double up. Bet it right back.
There go your five. Bet it five right back.
Go ahead, Mr. Mitch. Double up.
Well, now this nigga feelin' lucky, man.
Feelin' like he like you or something, man. Double it up?
Like him? I'm me! Double up!
Let's see if you gonna make the shot now, Mr. Mitch.
Make the shot now, baby. You're soft, Mitch.
Mitch! Make the money count! Make the money count!
Ah, nigga, that's off! Give me my money.
Give me my money.
- Give me my money. - Come on, man.
- I ain't got it right now. - Right here, man.
- You ain't got it? No ribs! - Now, come on, B.!
No ribs, no rice, no champagne!
You don't eat nothin'! Fuck you, man, I'll get my money, man.
Pay me my money, man.
Yo, A., man, just... Ioan me $10 G's real fast
till I get back to the crib.
Loan your man $10 G's, 'cause l ain't givin' him his food back.
- And no more soy sauce, nigga. - That's $5,000, man.
What the fuck you mean? Lend me $10,000 real fast, B.
I'm gonna give you the dough when I get back to the crib.
I got $5,000 man. I'm payin' for your paper bag games, is it?
[ Muffled ] You're a cheap-ass motherfucker.
[ Telephone rings ]
You're a cheap-ass motherfucker.
This motherfucker rich as shit,
acting like he ain't got $10,000.
You just burned anyway 'cause you lost, man.
ACE: Hello? Word.
- Take your money. - Take your food.
No, I'll go get Aunt June.
I'll pick her up. All right.
- I'm gonna slow down. - All right, it's on, baby.
N-N-Now, hold up, B. I ain't finished taking your money.
Nah, Keisha having a baby, man.
- Word? - Word?
Yo, congratulations, my man, having a baby.
- [ Pager beeping ] - Keep that for yourself, man.
You good?
Do your job, man.
Congratulations, motherfucker!
Congratulations, motherfuckin' father!
You was good, motherfucker!
This motherfucker layin' the motherfuckin' power!
- Congratulations! - Yo, we family now!
Fuckin' look!
[ lndistinct rap music playing ]
[ Music stops ]
[ Dog barking in distance ]
- Baby - Doo-doo, doo-doo
Baby, I pray to God above
Uhh! Aah! Uhh!
[ Scuffling, pained grunting ]
[ Wheels squeaking, indistinct conversations ]
MAN: All right.
I need stat portable X-rays.
I want full blood work, coags.
Hey, you okay? Can you hear me? Huh? Can you hear me?
What's your name, man? Tell me your name.
Tell me your name? You with me?
[ Whispering indistinctly ]
All right, now, who did this to you?
[ lnhales deeply ]
I did.
[ lnhales deeply ]
I did.
WOMAN: Move him, move him.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
[ Beep echoing ]
[ lndistinct jazz plays on radio ]
I see you checkin' out that "help wanted" sign.
What? Nah.
Nah, I was just thinking about them, um...
Yeah, so --
so, why you got the "help wanted" sign in the window?
That sign is to make sure you're handlin' your business.
That's whack -- basically, you're making it look like
we ain't taking care of business in here.
[ Telephone rings ]
"Hey, yo, Mr. Pip, I know you need help up in this joint."
- Come on, man. - Mm-hmm.
What I need you to do is make some deliveries.
You always got me making deliveries.
Cece, my nigga.
All day, every day. How much you wanna do?
MAN: Come on, baby, you gonna get the hair and the nails.
Yo, damn, nigga. Every time I step up in this motherfucker,
you runnin' the joint!
Man, why don't you just put your shit in a bag, man?
Fuck a bag, man.
Just, uh -- you worry about the cleaning and shit,
you know what I mean,
'cause I know you making money up in this bitch.
Can I help you?
Uh, nah, that's cool. My man Ace Boogie gonna handle that.
I got it, Mr. Pip.
No, he on his way out the door. I'll help you.
You can change that, right?
[ Whistles ]
That's a big-ass bill.
Hey, you know how it go down.
No, sorry.
A'ight, well, um...
why don't you keep the change?
Nah, you know what?
Fuck that.
Give it to my man, Ace Boogie, a'ight?
He's family, right, baby?
- Hmm. - Yeah, right, man.
Nah, I'm just saying, I hate to see Cakes' big brother
working in a sweatbox.
So, yo, you ever want to get out, then --
Come on, Calvin. Calvin. Don't do that.
He's doin' fine.
Yo, baby, what I told you about runnin' --
PlP: Why don't you relax, Doctor?
How you doin', baby?
I'm doin' fine, Mr. Pip.
Yeah, she doin' fine, thank you.
Hey, yo, Hop Sing, why don't you keep workin' hard,
'cause it's gonna pay off, you know what I mean?
I'm gonna catch you on the rebound.
All right, let's bounce, baby.
[ Door opens ]
His monkey-ass ain't worked a hard day in his life.
That's why he don't know how to act with all of that money.
Think he the king of Harlem.
I hope your sister know with that fool...
- [ Applause ] - it's only a matter of time.
A matter of time.
[ Theme music plays ]
MAN ON TV: Well, congratulations!
[ Door opens ]
Good job, and you really put it away there in that speed round.
And now, last time, you got a car --
MlTCH: All right, now, let me see what you working with.
Come on. All right, all right.
It's looking good, it's looking good.
- Now, you did this side yet? - I did.
Nah, it don't look like you did this side. Stop lying.
[ Chuckles ] I did!
Look, first of all, man, you gotta get you a toothbrush.
You ain't gonna be able to keep the white bottom clean
without it, all right?
Secondly, man, tuck the laces in. You buggin' out.
You don't give nobody a chance to, God.
Give you a chance? You gotta do it in the beginning.
You don't get the shoelaces all wet and dirty,
man can't start calling you a poo putt.
You know what I'm sayin'? All right?
All right, man.
[ Theme music playing on TV ]
[ Knock on door ]
Who is it?!
It's Ace.
Hey, Boogie.
[ Hinges squeaking ]
- What's up, nigga? - What's up, man?
- What's up, homeboy? - I'm chillin', man.
- Everything all right? - Yeah, yeah.
Oh, yeah, before I forget, man,
I need you to do me a favor if you can, man.
Run some clothes down to the cleaners for me if you could.
- Okay, cool, man. - That's cool?
I know it's hectic for you out here and all that.
Keisha! Keisha!
- What?! - This nigga A. here.
Hey, Ace. I didn't know you was here.
Go in the back and get them clothes for me
so he can bring them to Mr. Pip's.
Nigga, what's wrong with your big-ass feet?
What, man?
Get you in need of some grease for them whack-ass baby hairs.
Shut up.
And tuck in that little butt.
Nobody wants to see that little butt.
- Whassup, Ace? - Whassup, little man?
Hey, Mitch, can we shoot some hoops?
I can't, little man. I'm busy, B. I gotta go to work.
I got you, man.
He don't know nothin' about no hoops.
You need to be comin' to me for that.
I'll have you workin' on your left hand. You'll do nice.
All right, man, I'll see you later.
You talkin' back. [ Speaking indistinctly ]
You just came for the clothes?
Nah. Pfft. What you talkin' about?
What's up, man? How you doin'?
Good, baby.
What's up, man?
- Everything all right here? - Yeah, it's good.
Let me see that. Is this $800?
[ Rustling ]
MAN: Come here!
- How you doing, Mr. Crawford? - Hey, Ace.
Got your delivery here.
- Everything cool, though? - Yeah, yeah.
Good, all right. I'll be back.
All right, all right.
[ Latin accent ] Hey, Paisan. Hey, excuse me, my friend.
You work for the cleaners, right?
Yeah. Here you go.
Could you take some clothes for me, please?
Just a few things.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
- Okay. - Go ahead, man.
Thank you.
Come in!
Come in. You want something to drink?
A soda?
But I'll take that laundry you --
All right. Oh! I --
Gotta get these clean, too!
[ Laughs, unzipping zipper ]
What's your name?
You live in the neighborhood, right?
Look, I gotta get outta here, man.
- I gotta get back. - Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Your friend who's the dealer?
Take him to a movie. That's your friend, right?
[ Money rustling ]
[ Chuckles ] I'm Lulu.
Okay, what kind of name is that?
I don't know. It's my name.
[ Laughing ]
Show me your left. Show me your left.
Come on, man. Anybody could do that.
You think you slick? You trying to go between your legs?
Come on -- Nah, the left! The left, baby!
Show me the --
Terrible. Terrible.
[ Motorcycle approaches ]
Oh, snap!
I gotta see this! Yo, that's yours?
Nah, little man, that's ours.
- Can I check it out? - Go check it out.
What's up?
What up, baby? Come on -- no, no, no!
Come on around here, man!
Come on, baby, Stop playing, man.
You know my style, baby.
It ain't my style to be running around here
getting all sweaty on the court, baby.
So, that's your little new bike, huh?
- It's fly, right? - Yeah, it's fly.
I see your shit shimmering, man, you know what I'm saying?
I see you got the Rolex.
You know about this, B.
We need to get you one, man, and stop playing.
- No, no, no, no. - Straight-up pussy magnet, man.
You gonna have no problems, man.
- It ain't my flow, man. - Oh, it ain't your flow.
Oh, you too smooth, now? That's what it is?
Nah, man, it's you.
Oh, it's me.
Yeah, you right, man.
Making money is me, man.
[ Chuckles ] Nah, I'm just fuckin' with you, A., man.
Yes, you'll probably have a whole chain of cleaners
in a hot minute anyway, you know?
Be the George Jefferson of the ghetto, B.
[ Laughs ]
Yeah, nigga's got jokes.
In 10 years, me and you gonna have matching Benzes.
10 years?
I'm thinking more like 10 days, man. 10 days.
[ No audio ]
[ Horns blaring ]
- Yeah, yeah, yeah. - All right. Yeah.
- All right. Get outta here. - [ Money rustling ]
Hey, come here for a minute.
Fuck you mean, "What?" Come here, G.
Talking to myself.
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ Clears throat ]
You, uh --
you talking to Mitch's sister, right?
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, 'cause I be seein' y'all around and all that.
You know, that's cool, man.
The girl kinda bangin'.
You hittin' that, right?
Come on, man.
Oh, my God!
Kid, you're supposed to be hittin' that!
Sweatin' in that laundry for nickels and dimes
is not gonna get you that ass.
Look here -- you saw that Jonesin' motherfucker
that just ran out of here?
That's my clientele.
That's real money right there.
Like -- like what?
I just made enough dough
to bake biscuits for the projects, nigga.
[ Money rustling ]
Try a quick $800 in one day.
The fuck are you shrugging for?
There's something wrong with your back? Yeah?
This here is a hundred a pop.
Only niggas with real dough fuck with this.
And that's all yours?
Hell, yeah, this is all me!
Eight niggas.
All I'm tryin' to tell you...
is that with this money...
your girI'll suck your dick all day.
- Okay, man. - No problem.
[ Man speaking indistinctly on TV ]
[ Woman speaking indistinctly ]
Hey, Ace.
[ Keys jingling ]
Hey, what's goin' on, Miss Billips?
What's goin' on, baby?
You know, we're just gettin' ready for dinner.
I put the tips in the thing.
[ Cheering on TV ]
MAN ON TV: Hey, how about that? A number eight.
Here, this here is for the, uh --
for groceries, Mrs. Billips.
[ Applause ]
Thank you, Cal.
Yeah, no problem.
Yo, uh...
Come on.
Come on where? We eatin'.
Oh, Miss Billips,
we, uh -- you know, we, uh --
we were gonna go out to eat somewhere.
[ Dinging, cheering ]
[ Tapping bowl ]
Why don't you go on ahead, Calvin? She'll be right there.
[ Grunts ]
[ Man speaking indistinctly on TV ]
MAN: What's the next product up to win?
ANNOUNCER: It's a sturdy washer and dryer!
[ Applause ]
[ Door opens ]
You're stupid.
[ lndistinct hip-hop music plays ]
Come on, Ace!
How many times I gotta tell you
about this boobity-boob shit playing in the store?
What you want me to do? Like, not listen to the radio --
I said, half the time, you ain't even in here!
What you want me to do, sit in here and not listen to no music?
It don't make no difference if I'm here or not!
It's my rules, my radio, my store, my music!
You know I don't listen to this shit!
I -- I can't even understand them!
Look, can you even understand this shit?
It's for my ears. Yes, I understand it.
Yeah, you can understand that bullshit,
but you can't understand when I tell you not to --
- [ Tunes to R&B music ] - Ahh.
Yeah. That's it. That's what I'm talking about.
You hear that? You hear that? That's music. That's singing.
There's beauty in singing.
That other shit is just talking.
"Yak, yak, yak, yak, yak, yak."
That's what I'm talking about, you understand what I'm saying?
- [ Telephone rings ] - That's quality shit.
- [ Picks up phone ] - Hello?
Shit, nigga, make it easy on yourself. I don't know.
- No, baby, I ain't -- - [ Horn honking ]
Ain't you sick of giving me your money?
Oh, shit. Ho -- oh!
- I know he didn't do it, baby. - Yeah. Hold on one second.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where you going?
I'm about to go make these drop-offs!
What up, niggas? Everything all right, man?
That chillin', man? Everything a'ight?
Are you feeling the joint, baby?
It's that new shit, man. White niggas ain't even got this.
Hey, Boogie!
What's up, nigga? You feelin' me, man?
It's like a motherfuckin' spaceship, man.
You got the, um...
You feelin' me yet, man?
You got the gold BBS on this motherfucker.
What's up, man?
Let me take you for a spin, show you what it feel like.
I gotta go make these drop-offs.
You think you're the only one out here workin', B.?
I gotta make drop-offs, too, B.
Come on, man, get in, man. I ain't takin' no for an answer.
[ lndistinct rap music plays ]
[ Rap music plays ]
It's the world-famous Brucie B.,
on the mix for my man, Mitch.
You know how we do -- we got the brand-new song,
we coming through town, we bouncin'.
A'ight, here we go.
[ lndistinct rapping, scratching ]
It's flavor! It's my man, Mitch!
I see you, baby. Yeah!
Pump back the bass, the freak lands the best
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
What's up, niggas? What's happenin'?
Money Mitch. Aw, so you got that new Saab thing?
Come on, man, you know I'm out here, man.
- Okay, what's up? - What's up, B.?
I hope you didn't stop to disappoint a nigga, man.
- I hope that game is still on. - What?
Man, I still hope we got that $5,000 bet happenin'.
- What? - The Knicks, nigga.
- What? What? - Turn down the boom-ass stereo.
- Hold on, hold on, hold on. - [ Volume decreases ]
We still have 5 G's, nigga?
You gotta stop acting like you ain't makin' money, man.
Make it $10,000, man. What's wrong with you?
Make it 10 G's, you poor-ass nigga.
We gettin' more money than you, man, you know what I'm sayin'?
I got a G. for every bump on your face, nigga.
Whatever you want, man.
Hey, what's you laughin' at, man?
You need to put your man on. He look bad.
Tell him to get hit with an ounce of somethin' somethin'.
Yo, this is my Thursday car.
On Saturday, I'm breakin' out with something new, all right?
- Saturday, report to bridge -- - Yo, man,
I am the bridge, man.
You report to me, man, always, man.
Hey, none of that shit, man. You might wanna holler at me.
- [ Tires screech ] - You dumb-ass niggas.
Oh, yeah. Everybody's chillin'.
- Tommy Tom. - Yeah, what's up, baby?
- What's up, man? - Hey, baby.
My streetside negro.
Taking care of the community?
Yes, indeed. I'm takin' care of you, too.
It's all good.
Yep. You're so damn neat with your money.
Come on, man. You know me, man.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness.
What's up, little niggas? How y'all livin'?
[ Latin instrumental music plays ]
You left this in your pants last time.
Do you always return everything you find in the laundry?
I didn't think so.
You find something in there, you keep it.
It's a tip for you.
- This? - Mm-hmm.
That's nothing for me. My job brings me plenty.
But you ain't no drug dealer.
I'm not?
Moneymakin' Mitch.
Tell me somethin' good, baby.
- [ Pinball machine dinging ] - It's all good, lce.
I know it is.
Why am I not a drug dealer?
I'm sayin' I don't see you outside.
The way you dress -- you dress nice.
What about your friends?
They dress nice. Fancy.
Tuck them laces in, all right? Don't be slackin' on that.
Yeah, he's your right-hand man, now.
- Next week, nigga. - Makin' that real money.
Yeah, but you -- you dress nice-nice, you understand?
They dress -- whatever, loud-nice.
Okay. Thank you.
You don't even got a car, do you?
What do I need a car for?
Family movin' up in the business.
[ Chuckles ] I know you gonna look after family.
What family you talking about, lce?
[ Laughs ] Fuck, I look invisible, nigga?
Did I pass the test, compre?
It's not --
it's not a test. I'm just sayin' --
You like money, right?
I'm broke, baby. I ain't got no money.
I see you shinin', nigga.
I can smell a motherfucker with money.
Even Ray Charles could see you got money. [ Laughing ]
- [ Machine clacking ] - Look at this nigga.
Little Sonny and his crew, the future of our nation.
Ain't that a bitch?
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
[ lndistinct conversations ]
Damn, man.
You got the John Wayne shit, man.
Fuckin' gun all up in the 007 compartment, man. Damn.
Well, the way you dress, nigga,
you ain't got to worry about those cats.
You'll be invisible up in the club. [ Chuckles ]
Nah, I'm just fuckin' with you, bud.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
What you doin', man? What's that?
You tell me, man.
[ Exhales deeply ]
It looks like coke, nigga.
[ Scoffs ]
[ Laughs ] You fuck me up, A.
You never say shit, B.
Just come out the blue with some coke, huh?
[ Chuckles ]
To tell you the truth, I ain't fuckin' with coke right now.
The shit just ain't clickin', B.
You know what you need to do, man?
You need to fuck with that cat your sister be talkin' to,
that nigga, Calvin, man.
He sells coke.
Nah, I ain't fuckin' with that nigga, man.
Nigga's dumb.
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, man, what, man?
What you mean, "What?"
I'm just tryin' to picture Mr. Jefferson
hustlin' on these streets.
[ Laughs ]
I've seen you roll up in the black Saab
with the gold BBS's, man.
I said, "Damn,
this dickety-stick is really makin' this money.
He's really makin' money, man," you understand?
Listen, hey...
It ain't just about the money.
It's not.
You know what it's about, man?
It's about fuckin' those skeezers like that right there,
it's about drivin' these fly-ass cars,
and it's definitely about never dressin' like a nigga like you.
- Okay, man. - [ Laughs ]
Come on, man. Let's go be stars up in this joint, all right?
[ Rap music plays ]
Yeah, baby! Dance it up, y'all!
Go on and get out there and move it!
[ lndistinct rapping ]
Come on! [ Echoing indistinctly ]
Come on!
Yeah! This is all about boogie.
We boogie nonstop.
We at the top. We got it goin' on.
A'ight, here we go.
- What's up? What's up, man? - Hey, hey.
Hey, my man!
Ladies' lookin' good --
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
ACE: Mitch was a real star...
See, when the lights caught him, he always looked good.
BRUClE B.: Yo, my man, Mitch, in the house!
Yeah! Lookin' good, King! I see you!
A'ight, here we go!
ACE: And Mitch got love from everybody.
I mean, everybody.
[ Distorted, indistinct conversations ]
[ TV blaring indistinctly ]
[ Locks door ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
What are you doing?
Go to sleep, little man.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Jingling ]
[ Beeps ]
[ Bed creaking ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
[ TV continues blaring ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Knock on door ]
Lucky, you're up. You workin' today?
You know, don't call me "Lucky," Ma.
Been a long time since...
I found food stamps or something like that.
Now, don't forget when you picked that $700 --
Ma, that was when I was 12, you know what I'm sayin'?
I'm grown now, and there ain't a whole lot lucky to do with me
getting up and goin' to work right now,
so...I don't wanna be called "Lucky." Thanks, Mom.
All right, baby.
[ lndistinct music plays ]
[ Door unlocks ]
[ Hinges squeaking ]
Guess your sister got to get a better man now.
Boy just got busted by the cops.
[ Keys jingling ]
[ Exhales deeply ]
He was dealing right in front of your building.
Didn't I tell you?
Can't do shit with that cash now...
except hire a lawyer. [ Chuckles ]
Did you see it?
I heard about it on the way over here.
Cops must've been watching his dumb ass.
[ Horn blaring ]
MAN: Yo, chief, you seen Calvin?
Nah, he got locked up.
Yo, takin' his place?
[ Scoffs ] Never mind.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Hold on one second, man. What, um --
what you lookin' for?
Just one.
[ Door opens, indistinct shouting ]
Fuck, B.
You ain't got no bottle?
What? Bottle?
What you need a bottle for, man?
Plastic bottle, whatever?
[ Police siren bleeping ]
Damn, this is a big-ass rock, B.
[ Sniffs, clicking tongue ]
All this for a hundred?
Man, this is better than Calvin's stuff. Word up.
Yo, I could hook up with you later, right?
Nah, man, I'm -- across the street.
The building across the street.
All right, G. Peace out.
LULU: You know what this is?
ACE: Yeah. It's coke.
Yes, but that's a kilo of coke.
How much is it worth?
No "damn."
Damn, that's damn good, okay?
A'ight, I'm sayin' --
The shit on the street is garbage.
This crud that's washed with acetone and kerosene.
This is the best product,
and you gonna be the only one in the street holding this.
$25,000 is the street price.
Of that, I get $18,000.
That's right, for every key that you move.
You know I --
I still got my job at the cleaners, um...
No, it's perfect, man,
because that's how everybody knows you -- as Ace.
Forget about heroin.
This is the wave of the future, baby.
[ lnhales, exhales deeply ]
[ Laughs ]
Crazy, man.
I'm gonna give you...
an eighth of a key, okay?
Break it up.
Do like you did with the rock.
See me in four days, okay?
'Sup, niggas?
How you niggas livin'? You all a'ight?
Everything good out here?
What's up, baby?
Good, good, good. How you feel, baby?
Got that money for me, man? I gotta make moves.
Yeah, I got it, but not all of it, yo.
What you mean, you ain't finished?
I got robbed, yo.
MAN: Park it around the block!
Around the block, man!
The fuck you mean you got robbed, man? Who robbed you?
Got robbed, man. That nigga, Duff.
[ Sighs ]
Nigga Duff?
Let this nigga Duff up on you, man, and take your shit?
And my piece, man.
You had your fuckin' gun on you, man?
What the fuck is wrong with y'all niggas?
You niggas stand out here
Iike the Three Stooges of Harlem or somethin', B.?
You gonna let this nigga come and take your shit?
Aren't you a motherfuckin' man?
You wanna let another man take your shit, B.?
You done lost your privilege of getting any money, man,
until you show me where that man is at.
Until you find that man, you dead up here, man. You dead.
A'ight? You hear what the fuck I'm sayin', man?
Now, get the fuck off my stoop, man.
Go ahead, man. Go find that man, B.
Go find him, B., unless you like being broke, nigga.
Go this way, man. Hey, my man, go this way, man.
Go that way, man.
Them niggas don't seem to understand me out here, B.
Nobody playing games on these streets, man.
Y'all niggas better hold it down out here, a'ight?
Them niggas gonna be lookin' for motherfucking work in Queens
or some shit like that, man.
This is Harlem, man. Y'all niggas better hold it down, B.
[ Cheering ]
Y'all don't know nothin' about this.
Things really got hot in Harlem when "Scarface" came to town.
[ All moan ]
It was like niggas love seein' a poor-ass Cuban
just blow up to be the man all by himself.
[ lndistinct conversation ]
You wait for me. I coming back.
[ Man shouts indistinctly ]
Call police!
[ Speaks indistinctly ]
- What the fuck you lookin' at? - [ Gun cocks ]
[ Shouts indistinctly ]
Come on.
You wanna fuck with me?
You...cockroaches. Come on.
You wanna play games?
Come on.
You wanna play rough?!
Say hello to my little friend!
[ Cheering ]
[ Cheering continues ]
You want more?!
[ Machine-gun fire ]
- [ Dog barking ] - Mitch backed up his words
and ended up doing some time.
Now I'm all by myself in the game,
just like Scarface.
What's up, old man?
What's going on over here, man?
Man, bust it.
You ain't taking my messages or something?
Keisha didn't call?
I dropped some tickets behind this counter,
and this is what I find.
Is this yours...
or you keepin' it for a friend?
Man, it ain't even like that, Mr. Pip.
Well, then, what's it like, Ace?
[ Siren wails ]
It really ain't none of your business what it's like.
[ Telephone ringing ]
It's my store.
Anything up in here is my business.
You don't have to worry about that.
I'm gonna take that out of here.
- I got a life of my own. - [ Ringing stops ]
Oh, check you out.
I guess you know somethin' about the game Calvin didn't, huh?
Ace, you better say something to me if you wanna stay here,
'cause, see, I ain't doing these type of favors for no --
I'm missing one of my tapes.
You seen my tape?
Yeah, you been wantin' to get out of here.
Fine, fuck it, then. Take your ass home.
[ Lighter clicks ]
I want my $75 on Friday.
What you gonna do with $75, Kingpin?
[ Telephone ringing ]
[ Door opens ]
Hey, June.
Yeah, hold on a minute.
[ Music plays ]
[ Door opens ]
Hey, Ace. How you doin'?
I'm good.
Your mama ask you to come pick up something?
Oh, so what's going on, honey?
You wanna make some money?
[ Bell dinging ]
Come on in.
Yo. Check this out.
How many bottles is this?
Damn. 2,000 bottles?
That's a lot of motherfuckin' bottles, man.
[ Rap music plays ]
$100 a bottle, man,
this shit ain't gonna never sell fast enough.
All that for $50?
Yo, man, this shit weak or somethin', man?
- Don't sell me no... - Hey, man, you know me, man.
This the best product in town, man.
Don't insult me. Here.
Man, fuck it, man.
Give me two of them Jones. Give me two of them Jones.
You trippin'.
Yeah, I was trippin', a'ight,
but I was gettin' money -- talkin' 'bout real money.
Bottle this shit up quick, man.
See, other dealers were selling it
at the highest price they could get.
I sold it cheaper, so I was sellin' it faster.
I sold it so cheap,
I started taking their customers away.
See, I was wholesale on the streets, you understand?
Hey, Lucky, you want something to drink?
Don't call me Lucky, I said.
Whatever, Lucky. What you drinkin'?
Fillin' this all the way up.
Now, in the end, I made more money,
and Lulu always got his return when he wanted it.
[ Siren wails ]
But I wasn't trying to keep shit all to myself, see.
I-I wasn't tryin' to get on the stage,
and I didn't want people hatin'.
I put people on, understand?
Streets was happy.
Everybody could eat.
[ Engine revs ]
Yeah, dealin' was a'ight.
[ Engines revving ]
Put this in there for me, man.
Damn, B.!
Hey, yo!
What you doin', man?
Yo, come on, man. You watchin' that ass --
count that cash so we can get up out of here, man.
In lockup, brothers always heard
what was goin' on on the outside,
especially when it involve money.
And they knew Mitch was first in line
to get put on when he got out.
[ lndistinct conversation ]
Have you been keepin' it tight for me?
Yo! Hurry up off the phone, nigga!
Wait. Hold on a second, B.
- Did you hear what I just said? - What the fuck?
I'm talkin' to you, nigga.
Oh, shit!
[ Alarm blares ]
[ lndistinct shouting ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Whistle blows ]
Come on!
10 niggas jumped the nigga, fams.
10 niggas pounded him out,
stomped the shit out of this nigga, man.
A-A-And then this other Panamanian-type of dude --
I don't even know --
he had, like, 10 razors in his ass, man.
He takes it out his ass,
he's -- give a nigga a buck 50 across his face, man,
blood everywhere, shit gushin',
- [ Beeper beeps ] - C.O.'s not even comin',
Iettin' the whole shit go down, man.
What's up with your peoples, man?
- Hey, but, yo. - Go ahead.
What was, um, what was the Puerto Rican kid's name?
Rico, Chico, some -- Mico -- some shit.
He from the East Side, man. You know him.
He be poppin' willies, man, selling coke,
always fuckin' with the bitches, think he a pretty nigga.
You know -- you know that nigga, man.
You know him. He sell a lot of coke, man.
When you get out, man?
Shit, man.
I don't even know, man. We gonna keep that on the low,
'cause I ain't seen you, you ain't seen me, a'ight, Ace?
Ahhh, special.
You stay cool like how you be cool, a'ight?
- No doubt, baby. - A'ight. Water.
Yo, I'm Rico, man, how you doin', G.?
Just wanna say good lookin'
on that little situation back there.
Oh, that shit back there was nothin', man.
Anything you need, let me know. That's why I'm here, B.
Good lookin', man.
Yeah, definitely, man.
Hey, yo, let me get an extra water, B.
Good. Thank you, man.
Where you from, B.?
Oh, I'm from everywhere, baby --
Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Uptown, Downtown...
Oh, yeah? You from everywhere, huh?
It's early. It's only midnight?
[ Beeper beeps ]
Who that?
Who's that?
I don't know this number.
Oh, you don't know the number, huh?
[ Scoffs ]
Here come the bullshit.
Can I get two more grape sodas?
Get on over here.
No, don't come over here. I'm serious.
You got the sauce all on your cheeks.
Oh, yeah, now you wanna be all on me.
When we was in the club, you was dashin' out.
What was up with that?
What you mean what was up with me at the club?
The club ain't my scene.
I like to go to the club, take care of my business,
talk to the people I need to talk to,
put it down like that.
Everybody checkin' you, checkin' me, all flashy and shit.
That's not my thing.
You're just borin', that's all.
That's all.
I ain't that boring.
Oooh, oooh.
I really ain't that boring.
Big shit. What, I'm supposed to take this and go shopping?
If I'm so borin', then, what --
you know, why you with me?
First of all, I ain't impressed by that.
I'm with you 'cause I'm borin', too.
[ Scoffs ]
Give me that money back and give me a kiss.
[ Laughs ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Talks indistinctly ]
Word to mother, man.
She's feelin' good.
Yo. Yo, these guys have been lookin' for you all day.
[ Car door closes in distance ]
I don't know these motherfuckers, man.
Yo, Ace, right?
Yeah, man.
What's goin' on, baby? Yo, I hear you got that butter.
You holdin'?
You know me, man, or somebody?
I don't think you know me, man, you know what I'm sayin'?
I think somebody been misleadin' you, you know what I mean?
Ah, come on, man. Look at you.
Got this European joint all done up,
all rimmed out and everything..
Hey, yo, my man --
me and my man right now, we chillin' right here.
We tryin' to build right here inside of here.
I don't know nothin' about what you talkin' about, understand?
Yo. We'll meet up again, right?
Different time, different circumstances?
Yeah, maybe it'll be love next time, you know what I'm sayin'?
Corny motherfuckers, man.
Got the silent routine, his boy with him and shit.
[ Engine turns over in distance ]
Something was up with those cats.
They was either stickup kids or the feds.
Either way, I wasn't fuckin' with 'em.
[ Knock on door ]
Hey, yo, Lulu?
[ Whistle ]
[ Translation from Spanish ] The messengers.
[ Translation from Spanish ] With $2,000.
Yes, Pedro.
I know you didn't hear it. I know.
Excuse me, um...
What's going on?
Do you know this man?
No, um...
but I'm here about Lulu.
Lulu -- uh...
He -- somebody killed him. You know, I found him.
[ Sighs ]
Why come here?
[ Door hinges creak ]
Well, it being that, you know,
me and him, we did a lot of business together, right?
So, one time he brought me here before,
so that's why I came here.
How much in the bag?
200 long.
Why didn't you keep it?
[ Gasps ]
I ain't like that, man.
Know what I mean? Oh, um...
[ Gun cocks ]
Not here, man.
Calm yourself, Eduardo.
What you got there?
What you got there?
It's just some stuff that l, you know...
[ Sniffs ]
It's Lulu.
He likes the rocks.
[ Chuckles ]
Luis Lujano.
Yeah, cash is too bulky for him.
Real estate and rocks --
that's his game.
Hmm. So, let me get this straight --
you just gonna give me all this stuff.
Why? I mean, it's not my birthday.
[ Laughter ]
I'm saying I sold a lot for him, you know what I mean?
And, uh...
maybe we go on.
Can you handle 10 keys all by yourself?
See, the thing about the game is,
the shit don't stop.
You could be hurt, and it don't matter.
Business will still roll up on you.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
Hey, yo. Yo, yo, yo.
What's up, man?
Rico buggin' out.
- [ Motorcycle engine roaring ] - Oh!
Holy shit.
[ lndistinct shouting ]
[ lndistinct conversations ]
My nigga. That's my nigga.
[ lndistinct conversations continue ]
What up, B.?
[ Engine revs ]
What's happening?
- What's up? - You're Ace, right?
Yeah, no doubt, baby.
It's a navy blue Beemer, huh?
Doin' your thing, man.
Gold BBS's, '87.
'87 joint, huh?
Hey, yo, man, I'm Mitch's man, B.
You got any problems, man, let me know, man, a'ight?
Yeah, no doubt.
We'll talk.
We gonna talk, B.
We definitely gonna do some business, B.
When Mitch get out,
me, you, and Mitch gonna do some business.
[ Laughter ]
What's up, my nigga?
- Home! - I'm home, baby.
- Yeah! - Yo, yo, yo.
MAN: Nobody can't hold you.
Listen, give this to Mitch.
Yeah, that's the little punk there.
Got little man giving me bricks of money now?
Hey, what you doin' over here, man?
Y'all doin' things while a nigga gone?
Check this girl out!
You all right?
I'm good.
Yo, baby. Glad to be home, man.
Yeah, man.
Glad to see you, man.
I been hearin' wonderful things about you, man.
- Oh, yeah? - No lie about that, man.
I see you got your little jewel shining,
got a beeper now -- got a beeper now.
Nigga got a Rolex now. What you doin', B.?
Yeah, yeah, no doubt.
And that's lookin' very fresh. Very fresh.
I see you doin' good things, B.
- You like that? - Love that.
That's my style right there.
Hold onto that, man.
It is your style, you know what I'm sayin'?
Ain't quite my style.
This nigga here.
- Little somethin', kid. - That's my man.
Word, man, word, man. No doubt.
Yo, but on the real -- hey, man.
You wanna hook a nigga up, man?
Hook me up with some of them keys I been hearin' about,
you know what I'm sayin'?
- I got you, man. - Back, baby.
You know what I'm sayin'? Your nigga's back, man.
- A'ight? - Let's do this.
- I got you. - Do this.
Let's see what this lookin' like.
See what the hell's going on with this here, man.
Let's see how the engine sounds, Ace.
You understand, making sure you ain't, you know --
[ Engine turns over ]
- [ Cheering ] - [ Rap music plays ]
BRUClE B.: my nigga Mitch back home
for beatin' that murder rap. Can't keep a good nigga down.
Yeah, we get money -- Uptown style, a'ight?
ACE: It felt good to be rollin' through Harlem
top down and Mitch at the wheel.
[ Brucie B. speaking indistinctly ]
ACE: I just wanted to get my man set up
and back where he belong -- on the stage.
BRUClE B.: The Maximas, the Jettas --
don't know how we do the roll.
We got a lot of things poppin' off, yo.
We got a lot of things poppin' off.
[ Speaking indistinctly ]
Feelin' good out here. How you doin'?
I saw your man, man.
I talked to your man, um...
Panamanian, Puerto Rican cat.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah, I seen him. Talked to him.
He came up on me.
Oh, uh, Rico.
I had a little confrontation in there, you know.
He definitely did, uh, come through, man, you know.
Not sayin' that a nigga ain't gonna handle
what a nigga gotta handle, you know.
He definitely did, but at the same time --
you know, the nigga definitely did show me some love, so...
thinkin' that, you know, it might be good --
you know, maybe we could throw him in there somewhere,
you know, I don't know. We might be able to use --
you know, it's up to you, you know what I'm sayin'?
[ Sonny beat boxing ]
Hey, Mitch, how much this cost?
Man, why you worried about how much those cost?
You 'bout to buy a car or somethin'?
[ Beat boxing ] Yo...
So, when you gonna take me to the club?
Come on, little man,
you don't need to be up in no club.
I just wanna see it.
Well, Uncle lce say y'all in there throwin' your cash around,
Iookin' all fly.
Let me tell you something, little man -- fuck lce.
Don't be listenin' to lce.
You hear what I'm sayin'? Look at me, man.
Ice ain't no real man.
A real man handles his business.
A real man takes care of his family.
Ice don't do none of that.
You understand?
The only thing you need to be concerned with right now
is going to school.
- That's it, a'ight? - A'ight.
- A'ight? - A'ight.
- You ready to be a big man? - Yeah.
Come sit in the front seat, man.
- A'ight? - [ Car door closes ]
Mr. Mitch, man, I've been lookin' all over for you, man.
How you doin'?
- I'm chillin'. - Good.
Life is good, man.
I can tell. Cherry Beemer, huh?
This next year's shit?
You know how I do, man.
Shit is hot right here, man.
I seen you and A. up at 55th 10, the Porsches up, man.
Happy you back in business, man, you're doin' your thing, man.
I'm hearin' life is good for you, too, man.
You know, cats is tellin' me
you're doin' your thing on the East Side,
so I guess that situation with A. is workin' out pretty good.
Listen, man, you know I'm gonna do my thing.
I'm gonna eat regardless.
That don't mean nothing but trou-- I been down in D.C.
D.C. is definitely ready for us, man.
D.C. is it.
I'm tellin' you, man. Mitch, look at me.
D.C. is it.
We need to make that happen.
Yo, you spoke to A. about that?
I mean, you know, I spoke to A., but A. is A.
You know, he runnin' around, tellin' me
get with him later on -- you know how it is.
But we need to make the D.C. thing happen.
I'm gonna talk to him, B.
I'm gonna talk to him.
- That's why I love you. - I'll talk to him.
That's why I love you. Good lookin' out, man.
I appreciate that, man. Good lookin' out.
That your little man right there?
- What up, little man? - What's up, man?
- You a'ight? - Yeah!
Little motherfucker need a medallion
'round that big-ass head of his, B.
But, Mitch, get with me, man.
D.C. is it, man, Holler at me, man.
Rico came through, acting all excited and all that,
talkin' 'bout he ready to expand or somethin'.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
What you think about that, B.?
- Expand like what? - I don't know.
I didn't really get to talk to him too much about it.
He talkin' 'bout he wanna go to D.C. or somethin',
he got a connection in D.C. or somethin'.
No, man. No, man. I ain't goin' nowhere, man.
That's what I'm sayin' -- you know, Harlem, man.
Showin' us love here.
No doubt.
Life is good in Harlem, baby.
I can feel it comin' in the air tonight
Oh, Lord
I've been waiting for this moment
For all my life
Oh, Lord
I can feel it in the air tonight
Oh, Lord
Oh, Lord
Well, I've been waitin' for this moment
For all my life
Oh, Lord
I can feel it comin' in the air tonight
Oh, Lord
CALVlN: Yo, remember me, junior?
What's up, baby? You out?
Yeah, but fuck all that, man.
I heard you top dog now.
Yeah, man, know what I'm sayin'?
- Live and maintain. - Yeah?
This nigga maintaining.
Niggas all over the world
tellin' me you runnin' the neighborhood.
[ lndistinct shouting ]
Walk with me over here, man.
[ Clears throat ]
I'll be back.
Hey, yo. Y'all hold on, man.
Hey, you know I'm gonna handle this, right?
I mean, you know how I was. [ Chuckles ]
Yeah, but, you know, that was then.
Now, see, listen -- this how it's gonna go down.
[ Dog barking in distance, siren wailing ]
Look, I'm gonna set you up with a little corner,
you know what l-- you understand what I'm sayin'?
But, um, I'm gonna let my man work it.
So, all you gotta do, Calvin, man,
is just lay low and make this money.
Yeah, come on, baby.
You know I don't relax with the help.
You know how I get down.
And if -- I'm sayin', look at you, though, man.
- This is -- God. - Come on, man. You understand.
[ Chuckles ]
Junior doin' his thing.
Just call me "Ace."
You're about to get your motherfuckin' head slapped off
your motherfuckin' shoulders, bitch.
Wait right here, man.
Hey, yo, B.
What's up, B.?
This nigga, Wedge, one of your workers, man?
Word. So, what's up, D.?
They sayin' he was tryin' to set you up, B.
- Come on, man. - Hey, man, come find --
Hey, yo, bring this bitch-ass nigga over here, B.
I know this nigga ain't tryin' to set me up. What's up, man?
You feedin' this motherfucker, too, man.
- Fuck. - Hey, yo, what's going on, man?
I'm hearin' things, man.
- Both hands down, man. - Put your fuckin' hands down.
Everything ain't all right, man?
I ain't eatin'!
You ain't eatin'? What you mean you ain't --
You ain't makin' this paper, man?
Everybody eats, B.
Man, fuck this nigga, man.
Don't look me in my motherfuckin' face like that.
Man, fuck this nigga. Turn around, matter of fact.
Fuck this nigga, B. Turn around. Move up.
Stay still, motherfucker.
Get your ass out of here, motherfucker.
Hey, yo, B. --
Hey, yo, A., man,
that's what the fuck will happen to anybody disre--
Put that away, man.
You're right, you're right, you're right.
But that's what the fuck will happen to anybody
who disrespect this family, man.
Me and you is family.
I'm not gonna let that shit slide, B.
If I hear somethin' goin' on, I'm gonna handle it, B.
'Cause niggas not gonna disrespect,
when my niggas feel the same way, B.
And that's what's gonna fuckin' happen to anybody
who disrespects you, B.
I love you, B. Anything, B. Let me know, man.
- All right, baby. - A'ight?
Look out. Let this nigga get in the whip, man.
Let me know, man.
You got it, baby.
The chain, B.?
Oh, got your man. You're shinin' now, nigga.
- You good now. - [ Engine turns over ]
You good now, nigga. You a ice nigga, we good.
Where the fuck is the flash at? Where the fuck is the flash?
Take the fuckin' picture right, man.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
Get it right!
Hey, what's goin' on, dog? It's good, man?
Lookin' good, D.
Chillin', man, you know my peoples, man.
- Y'all met already. - What's up, man?
- He's family, coz. - Yo, man.
Yeah, we met up on that ride.
Know what I mean?
Yo, sorry 'bout all that, you know?
I wasn't tryin' to get up all on you or nothin' like that.
You know, hope there's no hard feelings or anything like that.
In my part of D.C.,
it's just not poppin', so I thought I'd come to you.
What's goin' on? I got his number,
so you can holler at him when you get a chance,
know what I mean?
My peoples. My peoples.
Yo, by the way, you got a price in on them things?
Yeah, man, I got your number, you know what I'm sayin'?
A'ight, man.
I'll give you a call.
A'ight, dog.
It's all good, man.
What you doin', cousin?
Hey, why your family act so motherfuckin' nervous, man?
- They're my peoples, man. - Nigga act like the feds.
Let's take the motherfuckin' picture.
[ Man laughing ]
That's how you fuck, nigga. You see?
I hit her with the "Doug E." shit right there.
You see it? You see it right there?
- Do you see it? - BRUClE B.: We got it goin' on.
You know how we do -- a'ight, here we go.
This is the greatest stuff.
What's happenin', baby?!
Nigga, you see. You see, right?
Do you see? [ Grunting ]
Yeah, yeah.
Hey, yo, man.
You really don't have to be out here like this,
broadcasting all your fuckin' porno shit
and takin' your pictures puttin' your guns in the air, man.
You drawin' too much motherfuckin' attention.
Nigga, that's what I do, man.
I'm livin'.
What you doin'?
Nigga, I'm definitely fuckin' livin' with you, B.
You understand what I'm sayin'?
I'm just doin' my shit on the low side, you know?
- Oh. - You know what I'm sayin'?
No, A., what are you sayin'?
- [ Moans ] - Throw that ass back!
I'm sayin'...
Iive and maintain.
My niggas is maintainin',
and we gettin' money, so...
What are you really sayin', A.?
I'm sayin' you keep shit cool, nigga.
Everybody's gonna eat. Everybody gonna get this money.
Everybody can be happy.
We don't have to be on Front Street all the time, baby.
Okay, take it easy, man. Keep your voice down, man.
- Niggas ain't gonna talk. - [ Chuckles ]
Hey, yo, A., man, niggas been talkin', man.
You know, I'm with y'all niggas
'cause I'm lovin' this shit and everything, B.
But niggas wanna position theyselves to make other moves.
Half of these niggas wanna be the man "just 'cause."
All I'm sayin', A. -- I'm not everybody, B.
- [ Moaning ] - Know what I mean?
But everybody do need to check out that nigga right there,
'cause he's gettin' money and pussy.
And niggas need to be gettin' it just like that, A.,
in that position right there --
on video and shit.
[ Laughs ] Funny-ass nigga, man.
[ Man laughs ]
You ain't even seen when I put my leg up.
Don't forget to pick up on them...y'all.
Got it right here in the deejay booth.
Yo, man, let me talk to you for a minute.
...on the roller skates, my man.
...on the roller skates. Keep it movin'.
Let's go. Whoo!
WOMAN: You should've said somethin' to him.
Yo, what's up with your man?
Who -- Rico?
No, I'm talking about this kid you got running my block for me.
I mean, he's cool and all that. Don't get me wrong.
Kind of reminds me of you
when you was out here runnin' 'round broke.
But the point is, I don't fuckin' need him.
You hot.
- I'm hot? - Yeah, nigga, you hot.
You just got out the joint, understand what I'm sayin'?
The cops are watching you. Yes, you hot.
Come on, A., what you take me for, man?
Your man Mitch just got out of jail.
Is you schooling him like this, too?
I don't have to do that with him, man.
Y-You just need to lay low, man.
That's all you gotta do.
I'm hookin' you up.
H-How is you hookin' me up?
How I'm hookin' you up?
Nigga, you got money in your fuckin' pocket?
I'll deal the block. It's my block.
You can't do that,
'cause if you get fuckin' busted,
you fuckin' all of my shit up.
You understand that? And I ain't havin' that.
You better have this the way I'm givin' this to you,
or you can step.
Man, fuck him. He don't get shit anyway.
I mean, who the fuck is this
Kermit the Frog-face ass nigga right here, B.?
Co, co, co, co, co.
- Slap the shit out you, B. - Hold on, hold on, Rico.
Who the fuck is this nigga?
Co, hold on one motherfuckin' second, man.
I said I got it over here, man. Thank you.
You know what, A.?
I see you out here,
you're doin' your thing with your man, and that's cool.
He's a funny guy and all that.
So, I'm gonna step, a'ight?
But I'll see you later.
Fuck out of here, man. Bitch.
Man, I keep tellin' you
the same fuckin' thing about things, man.
You always tellin' me, man?
What the fuck is the use havin' soldiers if you can't use 'em?
That's why I'm Rico. That's why I do what I do, man.
[ Chain jingles ]
[ Moans ]
[ Sighs ]
Mmm. What's up, baby?
[ Sighs ] Nothin'.
[ Sighs ]
So, when we gonna have this kid?
[ Sighs ]
As soon as you start spendin' more time with me.
[ Chuckles ]
Now you're stressin' me?
[ Groans ] Come on, baby.
It's just...
this is the last time we gonna have alone,
and you just visitin' already.
Did I say I was gonna be there?
[ Sighs ]
It's gonna be fine, baby.
It's gonna be a nice, fine, boring life.
[ Boing! ]
[ Door locks ]
[ Keys jingle ]
[ Television blaring indistinctly ]
Sonny, come on. Get up, man.
What you doin' here?
Huh? What you doin' here?
I fa-- fa-- fall asleep.
Where's Mommy?
[ Sighs ] I think she left.
She left?
Who you talkin' to?
Come on, man.
Go on to the room, okay?
Go ahead.
Hey, Sonny, you hear me talkin' to you, man.
Moneymakin' Mitch.
High roller come to visit.
What the fuck you doin' here, lce?
Hmm? You live here?
I don't think you do, B.
The fuck you talkin' -- fuck off me, man.
I'm tired of seeing you comin' through them doors, man.
You in here, livin' off my moms,
you gettin' high in front of Sonny, man?!
Don't fuckin' come back no more!
You understand that?!
Hey, baby, you the one sold me the drugs
I'm gettin' high on. Come on.
Yo, don't fuckin' walk away from me, nigga.
I sold you those drugs so that you could make money,
you forgetful motherfucker!
You got high, so you fucked up, nigga.
- Oh, I fucked -- - You!
I fucked up?
Yeah, you fucked up!
[ Chuckles ]
No, no, no, no, no, no.
You fucked up!
What, you think bringing
a couple bags of groceries in here means somethin'?
You ain't supportin' shit.
You got a pocketful of money!
You won't even give your mama no real money!
Hey, what about Sonny?
Aw, you so worried about Sonny.
Oh, that's right.
He gonna follow in your footsteps.
[ Chuckles ]
Moneymakin' Sonny.
I better not ever see your fuckin' ass
walk through these doors again!
- You understand me?! - All right, yeah.
Let me tell you somethin' --
you, Tommy, the rest of them bum-ass niggas at the store
- are dead on the streets. - [ Muttering ]
You ain't never gonna see none of my money. Never!
You understand that? Get the fuck out of here!
Get the fuck out!
And give me them fuckin' keys, man.
Give me the fuckin' keys.
Get the fuck out of here and you better not forget it.
I see you again, lce, I gonna fuckin' kill you.
[ Panting ]
[ Sighs ]
Come here, man.
Come here.
[ Panting ]
Come here, man.
I'm sorry about that, all right?
I'm sorry about that, man.
[ Sighs ] Don't worry, man.
We gonna get out of here, all right?
$5 down on this?
Right now. Peace. What up, man?
[ Engine revs ]
What's up, man? You a'ight?
Chillin', man.
Know what, A., man?
I think I need to go out tonight, man.
All right? Meet me at the top.
We're gonna party for real.
Everything a'ight?
Everything's cool, man.
You know, I just need to be around some love, that's all.
- You a'ight? - I'm chillin'.
All right, well, come around here, baby.
Come on the other side of this gate.
I'll show you some love, Mitch. Come on, Dick. Come on, Dick.
Get out of here, you sweatin'-ass nigga.
You wanna see some love? It's love day.
I'm showin' people love out here on the court.
You ain't ready for me, A.
I got you. I got you right here in the pocket.
- All right? - All right, my nigga.
Do something, you bum-ass nigga!
[ Crowd cheering ]
I'm sayin' y'all got to know
who's coming to the stage to represent.
Are y'all ready to rock or what?!
[ Crowd cheering ]
All right, without any further ado,
we want to bring to the Rooftop stage
the one, the only, the world's greatest --
Doug E. Fresh!
[ Crowd cheering ]
Everybody from the Rooftop make some noise!
I wanted this to be special, something more
Than any other feeling that you felt before
Pushin' through the doors I see girls havin' a good time
I might say a rhyme
Old school, new school no school rule, baby
But other than that, everything is cool
I see guys and girls dancin', doin' the new dances
Kissin' while I'm over here romancin'
You ain't sh-- no need to curse
Ask me who she is and let me tell you first
Slow down, be cool, and don't act ill
I came to have a good time, party and chill with you
But plans are made to be broken, smokin'
I'm not jokin', try to dis me and I will give you a token
We're the type of people that can't be stopped
And no matter what we're gonna
Keep -- keep -- keep risin' to the top
Let me hear you say "Ho! Ho!"
ALL: Ho! Ho!
Ho! Ho!
ALL: Ho! Ho!
[ Muffled ] Say "Ho! Ho!"
ALL: Ho! Ho!
[ Muffled speaking ]
[ Muffled audio ]
[ Slurred audio ]
[ lndistinct speaking ]
[ Slurred audio ]
Make the shot there, baby. That's all, Mitch.
Ah, nigga, that's all. Give me my money.
- [ Laughs ] - Bet it right back.
But double up.
Right here, man.
What the fuck you mean? This is...
[ Telephone rings ]
I ain't giving him his food.
[ Slurred audio ]
[ Vocalizing ]
[ Keys jingling ]
[ Clattering ]
[ Grunting ]
[ Gun cocks ]
Get the fuck up, motherfucker!
[ Panting ]
Get the fuck up!
[ Panting ]
[ Crying ]
What you waitin' for, man?
[ Women crying ]
Open the fuckin' safe, nigga!
[ Crying ] Do what they say, Ace.
Open up the motherfuckin' safe, man.
[ Sniffling ]
It's too dark in here, man. What the fuck?
I can't even see the --
Yo, get this nigga some light.
[ Panting ]
[ Coughs ]
Come on, man. Open this fuckin' safe.
Yo, Calvin, man, why you doing this to me?
- I can tell that's you. - Well, fuck all that!
- Shut the...fuck up! - [ Screaming ]
Fuckin' asking me "Why this?" Or "Why that?"
Now, you think I'm playin'?
Leave him alone! Please!
You think I'm playin'?!
Open that fuckin' safe, man!
[ Crying ]
Look at me.
[ Crying ] No!
Look at me. I said look at me!
You think I'm some Kermit motherfucker now? Huh?
Listen, man, don't fuckin' do this, man.
You think I'm fuckin' playin'? Open the safe!
Hold on, man!
Now, next time I ain't gonna miss.
There ain't even no money in this safe, man.
There ain't shit in here. I got 100 grand at the crib.
Look at this nigga playing games.
There ain't no money in the safe.
I can't see with fuckin' blood in my eyes.
Get his ass up out of here.
- Fuck! - Take his ass home.
Clean him up.
Get up, man!
Get up, man!
[ Women crying ]
Get in there, man.
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Water running ]
I told you, I'm not playin'. Shut the fuck up!
What's the fuckin' combination? Huh?
Shut up with that cryin' shit!
I'm not trying to hear that! What's the fuckin' combination?
It's up to three
[ Gunshot ]
What --
I'll be yours, and you'll be mine
[ Machine beeping ]
[ Rustling, footsteps ]
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Bed creaking ]
[ Babbling ]
She was 7 pounds...
and her daddy survived.
[ Clattering ]
Only God and love could have kept me breathing
after all those bullets.
[ Respirator hissing ]
I told myself when I could breathe without a tube
I was gonna breathe deep.
[ Hissing ]
[ Vehicle approaches ]
What's up?
Nigga needs some work, man. What's goin' on?
Ain't nothin' pumpin' right now, B.
Come on, man. I know y'all got something.
Fuck, is you deaf, man?
I said we ain't got shit goin' on right now, B.
So a nigga's supposed to starve 'cause your man got shot?
- What? - Damn!
What's that, partner?
Calvin must got you niggas shook.
What, you one of Calvin -- what the fuck?
Is you one of Calvin's hoes, man?
[ Shouting ]
Get that nigga out of the car, man.
Get that bitch out of the car.
- Get the fuck up. - Shit.
Get up. Do you know what Calvin did?
- Come on, man. Don't do this. - Get the fuck undressed.
What the fuck are you --
[ Both shouting ]
- Your sneakers, too! - All right, man.
Next time you talk about Calvin...
Get off the block!
With me out the game,
shit got dry up on the streets real quick.
Watch your fuckin' mouth next time!
And Rico wasn't showin' nobody love.
[ Laughter ]
Bum-ass fuckin' bullshit.
[ Chewing and crunching ]
Hey, yo, A., niggas get shot every day, B.
You be a'ight, nigga.
You're tough, right?
[ Crunching ]
I'm out, Rico. You understand what I'm saying?
Look at me.
I've been shot in the head, baby.
My body different.
I'm breathing different.
You understand what I'm saying?
The doctor said I wasn't gonna walk the same.
You understand what I'm saying? I'm out.
Yo, A., man, pull your skirt down, B.
The streets is missing you, yo.
Come on, man. What you want -- give all this shit up?
Yo, A., man, it's like this, man.
We down on our last bricks, man.
Shit's drying up out there. You hear me?
Niggas ain't eatin' on the streets.
Everybody gettin' antsy out there, baby.
I know what floats A's boat.
Remember this, nigga?
We can go right around the corner.
Trying pull over to the side on the street
Iike I'm some kind of hoe.
You got paper.
- [ Engine revs ] - Right here.
- What's poppin', Carmen? - Aah!
A'ight, nigga?
You clean now.
[ Screaming ]
[ Engine revs ]
[ Squealing ]
[ Engine revving ]
That motherfucker's gone. He's not coming back, B.
I laid the murder game down
Ietting niggas know we not fuckin' around, man.
Let's just cool, yo.
What the fuck are you doing, man?
Do you even know what you're doing, man?
Don't have the fuckin' cops coming up in here
Iooking for me, man, on account of some shit you did.
You understand?
Shit is hot.
Then you need to give up the connect and let us handle shit.
Look, man, we know what's hot on the streets, man.
Believe me, man. We out there e'day.
But, yo, man, we just got to take it easy, man. That's it.
I mean, it's like what the fuck are we waiting for, B.?
You know your connects on the other motherfuckers.
We wastin' time.
And there's crack shit movin' in.
[ Exhales ]
You know what?
You just need a little more rest, B.
Cover up. Get you some soup.
Some tea.
Come on, man.
You're talking crazy, B.
Hey, yo, check here your man.
Give him a thermometer, take his temperature or something, man.
I'm outta here, Mitch.
Peace, baby.
Still got the flash of that gun in my head, man --
that white light.
And it was like that light, man, was sayin'...
"You're dead."
A., you ain't got to be thinking about that, man.
You here. You blessed.
A'ight, baby? You blessed.
Seeing that light for a long time.
Gettin' this money.
Trying to stay, you know,
trying to stay up out the light,
up out the spotlight, the club,
and all that kind of stuff, man.
Trying to hide.
Trying to, you know...
But it's all fake.
Understand what I'm sayin'?
This life...
this game --
there ain't no love in it.
It don't love you back.
No. I feel ya, A.
I do, man.
But see, man,
a nigga like me, man,
I love the game.
I love the hustle, man.
I be feelin' like one of them ball-playin' niggas, you know?
Like Bird or Magic or something.
Yeah, you know a nigga got dough.
A nigga could leave the league.
But if I leave,
the fans still gonna love me, man?
I get love out here in Harlem, man.
I done sold coke on these streets, man --
hash, weed, heron.
As long as niggas is feeling it,
a nigga like me can hustle it.
That's my gift in life, A.
You know?
[ Laughing ]
What? What the fuck you laughing at, B.?
[ Laughs ]
You, man.
You're funny, man. You're a hustling motherfucker, man.
For real, baby.
You're fuckin' killin' me, man.
Come on. You know me, baby.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Yo. I'm gonna hook you up with that connect, man.
I'm gonna put in a word. You just gotta give me some time.
Man, you just take all the time.
You just get better, baby. A'ight?
- Definitely. - [ Telephone rings ]
[ Sighs ]
Yeah, what up? Who this?
Wait, wait, wait. What?
Wait, calm down. Calm down, first of --
What --
A'ight, I'm coming home, a'ight?
Just take it easy. I'm gonna be there in a minute.
[ Door opens, keys jingling ]
What's up, Ma? What's going on?
Sonny here yet? Sonny!
[ Paper rustling ]
What the fuck is th--
Who gave this to you?
What's this -- a joke or something?
[ Crying ]
Where's this nigga lce?
You told him not to come here! What is he supposed --
Look, I know what I told him to do.
Look, did he tell you anything? Does he know anything?
No, Mitch! Shit! Just pay the guy!
What are you talkin' about? Who gave this to you?
Where's all the money you have? Huh?
Look, look, look. Stop talking about my money, all right?
No. I'm going to the cops.
Look, let me find out what's going on first!
- I didn't do anything! - Just calm down. Calm down!
Get away.
Look, he's probably on 42nd Street playing video games
or something like that, all right?
Let me just take care of it.
Let me look and see what's going on out there first.
- All right? Calm down. - [ Crying ]
[ Sighs ]
Yo, A., Sonny's gone, man.
- What? - Yo, somebody took him, man.
What you mean somebody took him?
Na, this shit is real, B.
They dropped off a note, man, asking for money, man.
Who? Who?
Look, they want $500,000 or they gonna kill him or something.
That's what they said, man.
Shit. $500,000. W-W--
I only got 120 thou on me right now -- cash.
A., I need that connect, man.
I need to get these keys, man,
so I can get this money for Sonny's ransom fee.
Yeah, listen, slow down a second, man.
You know what I mean? I-l-I got you. I got you.
You know what I'm saying?
'Cause this ain't for him, A. This ain't for him, man.
[ Dial tone ]
[ Children talking in distance ]
They jerked him, man.
They fuckin' jerked him, man.
[ Sighs ]
[ lnhales deeply ]
They sent me his finger in an envelope, man...
all bloody and shit.
[ Children shouting in distance ]
[ Crying ] I don't know what to do, A. I don't, man.
I feel naked out here, B.
I'm thinking about how they got Sonny...
in some abandoned building or some basement
just fuckin' bleedin', man.
He's dyin', man.
They're killin' my little man, B.
[ Breathing deeply ]
I'm about to beat on some real murder shit, A.
I'm telling you, man.
Any nigga that ever looked at me wrong,
owes me money,
or ever said any jealous bullshit about me
is fuckin' dead.
You understand what the fuck I'm saying, A.?
They're fuckin' dead, man.
I don't give a fuck about nothing, man.
But I need my little man back, B.
I need him back, man.
I'm dead out here, man.
I can't function.
I can't, B.
[ Sighs ]
There's 22 keys.
14 of them for Sonny.
8 of them I kept.
Sell those, pay this connect back.
It's in the bag, you know what I mean?
Yeah. A'ight.
- [ Sniffs ] - Listen...
Fuckin' hear anything, man.
You understand?
You got what you need?
Let me know, man.
'Cause that's my motherfuckin' little man, too, man.
Let me know.
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
It's gonna be a'ight.
It's gonna be a'ight, man.
Gonna get him back, man.
[ Car door opens ]
No doubt, man.
[ Horn honks ]
[ Crying ]
What's wrong?
[ Sighs ] Fuck.
They found Sonny?
No. Not Sonny.
[ Crying ]
They found Mitch.
He got -- he got shot in the head, baby.
[ Crying ]
He's dead.
He's dead!
[ Breathing heavily ]
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
[ Moaning ] Oh.
All I had left of Mitch was his voice in my head
saying that he was gonna meet up with Rico that night.
[ Clattering ]
You good?
You know I got all my niggas
Iookin' for the little nigga now, B.
Sonny like my little brother, too.
Anything you need, let me know.
Good lookin', baby, 'cause I need your help, Ric.
I need you to help me sell these 14 keys
so I can get this ransom money for Sonny, man.
You got 14 bricks right there?
Who'd you off -- A.?
Yeah, man, but look, B.
Once we get my little brother back, man,
we right the fuck back on, baby.
We right the fuck back on once I get Sonny.
It's gonna be business --
[ Gurgling ] What the fuck?
[ Gasping ]
[ Moaning ]
[ Shouting ]
Hey, yo, A.
What up?
You a'ight, B.?
No, man. Fucked up.
You know I'm fucked up over this shit, too, B.
I murdered them niggas who did that shit to Mitch, B.
I'm trying to find out.
I haven't found any of the damn keys
in that building with Mitch.
Yeah, I gave Mitch a set of keys to get Sonny back, man.
I know he had the fuckin' keys in there with him, man.
Now, you know, I got to get the money or the keys, man,
to pay this connect back with.
Hey, yo, B., why you ain't callin' me on that shit, B.?
You know I would have went with that nigga Mitch
and made that shit happen for you.
I know, I know, man. That's on me. I fucked up.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gasps ]
You talk to Mitch yesterday?
I ain't talked to Mitch or see that nigga
the whole goddamn day yesterday, B.
[ Children shouting in distance ]
What happened to your face, man?
I said, "What happened to your face?"
[ Gunshot ]
This shit?
I was fuckin' with this wild-ass bitch last night.
You know how I play, B.
That's wild, boy. You a wild motherfucker, man.
- Yeah. - You videotape that shit?
You think you know me and shit, man.
I ain't tape that shit last night, B.
I kept another set of keys, understand?
To sell for when the ransom was paid.
Now, look, the way shit is now, man,
it's too hot out on the streets
for me to be caught with myself
trying to go out there and conduct something.
I'm gonna need you to do me this.
I want you to sell these keys for me.
Give me the money, I can pay it to the connect.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Then I take you in there, introduce you to the connect.
So you want me to sell all the keys?
Yeah. It's like this.
I been talking to these kids from out of town
who say, you know, they'd take these keys...
[ Beeping ]
Buy them at a higher price than what's goin'.
You understand what I'm sayin'?
So, you know, all you got to do is sell them.
Then you take the extra cheese off the top.
You understand what I'm sayin'?
Then I can walk away. We all can walk away set.
And you're cool with that?
I'm cool. I'm cool with that.
I don't believe you, A.
I mean, you gonna give up all this shit?
About how much?
Yeah, nigga. I said I was going.
I wanted out.
Oh, no. I'm gonna need more than that for sure.
I wasn't playin' when I said that. You understand?
What's up, man? A'ight?
- A'ight. - Good.
Let's go up here. After you.
You're crazy, B.
Nigga fucking giving up.
I love you, B.
- Put it down! - [ Gunshots ]
Fucking gonna give up all this shit, man.
[ Sirens wailing ]
Freeze! Put your hands up!
- You a'ight? - No. I'm fucked up, man.
Drop the bag!
Drop the bag!
Anything you need, let me know, man.
- Down! - We need an ambulance here.
You lookin' to play no ball, baby?
Yo, A., call me, B.
Call me, B.
Yeah, I called him.
And I gave him the number of fake-ass deals
who turned out to be the feds.
See, I knew Rico's greed would destroy him
and set me free.
I'm sure that he would say I went out like a punk.
But fuck it.
It's a price I could live with.
I don't like the motherfucker anyway. I did it.
But 25 to life...
I did that.
Rico can't live with that.
I ain't snitchin' on nobody from Harlem, man.
I'll give you a couple cats down in D.C.
doing they thing out of town, doing they thing,
but, um, I'm not snitchin' on nobody in Harlem
'cause when I come home, I'm still gonna be the king.
[ lndistinct conversations ]
Meanwhile, Janet sat by the phone,
but no more calls came.
[ Crying ]
Mitch had it right about lce.
His uncle was the one not looking out for family.
His bitterness towards his nephew Mitch
was taken out on his other nephew Sonny --
his own blood.
Stand back.
Tommy did lce's dirty work.
When the ransom money didn't come,
he killed Sonny.
The game was over.
All right, you know what I'm sayin'?
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around some
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around, 'round
If you want a million dollars, put your hands up
If you like sex, put your hands up
And if you want a million dollars, throw your guns up
And if you like sex, pull your nuts up
[ Man rapping indistinctly ]
Now there's a new game.
Us old players are gone.
But you can see our story on music videos
with prop guns and fake champagne.
I guess you don't have to be somebody no more.
I guess you can just front like you somebody you ain't.
[ Rap music playing ]
I have a family.
Lulu's bag of diamonds made a down payment on a new life.
[ Rap music playing ]
As my man Mitch would say...
"Life is good."
Put your hands up, wave them around some
[ Chuckling ] Maybe I will be the George Jefferson
of the neighborhood.
Wave them around, 'round
[ Man rapping indistinctly ]
I'll get back to you on that.
Like "What?" Looking down here like --
Iook at the world like down here like "What?"
Money, money.
[ All shouting ]
Put your hands up... in divorce court
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
Mr. Media Multi, stage and screen, "Fit" Magazine
The radio, cassettes, and CDs
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
Put your guns up
You know I don't tease, don't say "please"
If you want a million dollars, put your hands up
And if you like sex, put your hands up
And if you want a million dollars, throw your guns up
And if you like sex, pull your nuts up
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around some
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around, 'round
Now, if you want a million dollars, put your hands up
And if you like sex, put your hands up
And if you want a million dollars, throw your guns up
And if you like sex, pull your nuts up
Crowd motivator, the home invader
I'm my own bouncer, bodyguard
Alpha, gamma, to the beta, Darth Vader
May the force be with you, may the Ford hit you
...slipping rhymes like...
Gymnastics, 2 1/2 sumi with a full twist, full pike
Want to break my shit? Give me 5 mics
5 mics, 2 turntables, 20 joints, and...
...cause I got a lot of balls
Got guts like... I'm flying like homing pigeons
My own religion... drunken monkey
The...a secret for keepin' it real
I'll take a record deal
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
You started, you starved like it was...
Cut a hit to win, hit again, win again
Hit again, it's great don't hate, celebrate, yo
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around some
Throw your hands up
Wave 'em around, 'round
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
Ladies with the real hair...
Put your hands up... in divorce court
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
Mr. Media Multi, stage and screen, "Fit" Magazine
The radio, cassettes, and CDs
[ Rapping indistinctly ]
Put your guns up
You know I don't tease, don't say "please"
If you want a million dollars, put your hands up
And if you like sex, put your hands up
And if you want a million dollars, throw your guns up
Now, you hearing the hot new shit like this shit here
You need to go check out my man...
[ Hip-hop music plays ]
[ Record scratching ]
Battle physically. Conquer mentally.
Battle physically. Conquer mentally.
Battle physically. Conquer mentally.
[ Music fades ]
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