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Pan Wolodyjowski CD1

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The year 1668.
For twenty years, Poland had been ravaged by numerous wars.
When King John Casimir abdicated,
foreign princes sought to win the Polish throne.
No foreigner will rule us.
I won't vote for any German.
A Frenchman would be better.
Conde is a great warrior.
We can choose from among our own.
But Conde is...
He wants a French King... do you know of any lodging anywhere?
Are you kidding?
Ungrateful city!
I wrested it from the Swedes with my own blood,
and now it begrudges a corner to sleep in.
If Czarniecki were alive, we'd elect him King.
So you're going to Kamenets?
Those were the Hetman's orders.
When do you leave?
Two Sundays from now.
Lord Sobieski worries about Kamenets a lot.
There are threats coming from the Turkish side.
I left Scotland as a boy. Poland is my mother country.
If people here gave up their own private pursuits,
and defended the country, we'd be invincible.
Ketling, you devil!
Lord Zagloba!
It's been so many years! Where are you staying?
I have a country lodge nearby, built after the wars.
You're lucky. I can't seem to find any place.
My good sir,
I would be honored if you would come stay at my house.
God must have sent you!
Young Nowowiejski. Wolodyjowski's friend and officer.
My pleasure. Speaking of Wolodyjowski,
has he and his fiancee arrived in Warsaw?
So, you haven't heard?
The Colonel's fiancee has passed away.
She died... Anula died... Poor Michael.
He never wanted anything from life except a wife.
He knows neither greed nor selfish ambition.
The battlefield's his home.
And now this, right before the wedding.
I've sent for his sister, so that she can comfort him,
but she lives far away and hasn't arrived yet.
Where is he now?
He's disgusted with the world, so he became a Camaldolite.
Camadolite? Good God!
The Hetman's also taken this to heart.
You won't find another soldier anytime soon.
Well, he's not becoming a monk!
Even if I have to storm the monastery!
Calm down.
If I can't persuade him to come back,
then I'll trick him into it. He's a soldier, not a cleric!
I have a letter from the Primate.
Pray, deliver it to the Prior, dear Brother.
It will be done, sir.
Brother, how long have you been here?
Five years.
And you never wanted to leave?
You know, some men are attracted to war,
some to feasts, and some to women.
Have you never been tempted to leave?
You don't leave, once these gates close behind you.
Yes, we'll still see about that.
And how's Colonel Wolodyjowski doing? Is he well?
There's no one by that name here.
Brother Michael. The former Colonel.
We call him Brother Jerzy, now. But he still hasn't taken his vows.
I doubt if he ever will.
You wouldn't believe what kind of a ladies' man he was.
You couldn't find a bigger enemy of female virtue in any monast...
I meant among all the King's horsemen.
I should not listen to this.
Listen, Brother, when Brother Jerzy comes, you'd better leave,
because we're going to be talking about very worldly things.
I think I'd rather leave now.
Praise the Lord. Michael! We all wept over your loss.
I cried, Nowowielski did, Ketling, and all your friends.
It was God's will. Bow to it.
Have you found some comfort behind these walls?
I did. In the words that I hear everyday. Death is my comfort.
Death is easier to find on the battlefield.
There's no life here, because there are no worldly cares.
It's like living in a different world.
If that's the case, then I won't tell you
that the Tartars are mounting a huge offensive against the republic,
since that doesn't concern you anymore.
You're right. It's not hard to understand
that you'd put your own peace of mind above that of your country.
But now, you must come with me for a few days.
Why must I? Just leave me in peace.
Your dear friend, who never hesitated to share anything with you,
is dying, and wishes to see you.
Who's this? Tell me.
Merciful God! What happened?
He was wounded defending me,
and I'm not sure if he'll live another day.
Come comfort a dying man, Michael.
But we must hurry, or it might be too late.
Such a demand is sacred.
I cannot refuse it.
It would be a mortal sin.
It's quite a long trip, and sorrow awaits us at Ketling's bed-side.
Drink, Michael, so that you'll have the strength to bear it all.
To Ketling's health!
Let's go.
What about to my health?
Alright, but quickly.
I would be extremely ungrateful if I didn't drink to yours.
Thank you very much.
I hate empty bottles.
You haven't taken your vows yet, so you can still leave the monastery.
I can, but I don't want to. I will take my vows soon.
I believe that a man should serve God with whatever God made him for.
And he made you for the sword.
Please, don't remind me of the sword.
Get down, gentle sirs!
Leave us alone.
Johann, there's something here for you.
I suggest you let us pass. I'm not supposed to shed any blood.
Have mercy, my Lord!
You serve the commonwealth.
I got your commonwealth right here!
Zagloba succeeded! Victory!
How's Ketling?
Is he still alive?
He is!
Michael, my friend!
This way?
My friend...
No, don't...
They told me to pretend I was dead, but seeing you, I couldn't.
Forgive us. We tricked you out of love.
You traitors!
The Grand Hetman!
Well, old soldier. The hand of God has bowed you to the earth,
but it will raise you and give you comfort.
Today, your country needs your sword more than your prayers.
Well, Colonel, now you'll stay with us.
I will, my Lord.
Why are you being so quiet, Michael? It's like you're dozing on your horse.
Why should I be happy?
Ketling got an expedition and went to Kamenets,
while I'm going to taverns with you.
You'll go, too. In the meantime, you should look around Warsaw.
Many nobles have arrived for parliament with their entire families.
There are plenty of worthy maidens around, some so pretty,
that all you can do is put your hands on your sides, and crow like a rooster.
You should get married, Michael.
Don't remind me of marriage, because it brings back my sorrow.
I won't say another word.
Who's there?
Kiss a dog's tail!
Basia! What am I supposed to do with you?
Forgive her, sir, the young lady mistook you for a thug. Michael!
I was on my way to find you, dear brother.
I left as soon as I had heard of your misfortune. God help you, my dear.
My husband said: "Take the young ladies and go see your brother.
But remember to find lodging before the Tartars since there's danger there.
Then go to Warsaw, and find shelter while there's still time.'
We're short of troops in the country, as usual.
Oh, Michael, your face is so thin!
He told me to find shelter, when I could barely find you!
With three servants! You must help us find a place.
I do have a place for you!
My friend Ketling left his house in my care.
Oh my! I haven't even introduced you to the ladies.
They know who you are, but you don't know who they are.
This is Miss Krystyna Drochojowska.
And this is Miss Barbara Jeziorkowska.
My husband is their guardian.
They live with us, because they're orphans.
So you're the first sword of the commonwealth?
I'm not the last, either. My father said:
God gave you poor stature,
so if people don't fear you, they'll just sneer at you.
Forgive us, sir, we're true parishioners.
We've seen no great cities, nor famous men.
If the city was ten times bigger,
you ladies would still be its most precious ornaments.
How can you tell in the dark?
Hopeless girl!
I am Zagloba. Welcome, your Ladyship.
Forgive me for the delayed welcome,
but my horse ran off, with me still on it.
Supper must be ready by now,
and when the belly's not fed, there's no sense in the head.
I feel that Michael will forget his misfortune
in the presence of this delightful company.
I know him well. Soon, one of them will strike such sparks in him,
that he'll light up like dry wood.
Maidens fear Cupid's arrows, like dogs fear meat.
They're very fair maidens, especially little Barbara.
They don't feel the will of God, yet. Krysia perhaps, but not Basia.
She will, gracious Lady, she will.
Such is our destiny.
Basia! The things I have to put up with!
Her head is full of swords, wars, and horses!
Once, she sneaked away from home to hunt ducks.
She saw a Tartar creeping along towards the village.
She fired at him, and he went down, under the water!
Shot him dead on the spot! And with what? A pellet gun!
I sure got him!
Oh, my darling little teenager.
One Tartar, and you've cut down a thousand!
What am I, in comparison to such knights?
Well, we can teach you sword play, since you're so excited about it.
I'm a little rusty now, but Michael's not bad.
Thank you. I can fence a bit, already.
If we were firing muskets, I'd try, too.
Well, I can see that this place is full of Amazons.
And what is your favorite weapon, young lady?
None, sir.
That's her favorite weapon! And she uses it well!
You brush me away like a fly.
I'm not fencing with you. I'm teaching you.
Good. Quite good. Not bad at all for a woman.
For a woman? I'll give you for a woman!
You're ignoring me!
God forbid!
I can't stand you.
You see the thanks I get? Oh, look, it's snowing again.
Basia, that's enough. You'll lose your breath.
Look out, Miss, or you'll lose your sword.
We'll see.
I accidentally let it go.
Try it again now.
That's enough for today.
Good God, she'll catch a cold after so much exercise!
Krysia, you stay here! Basia! Basia!
You heard the order? I won't let your hand go until they come back.
Then, I am a captive.
Whoever took such a captive, would have no reason to envy a Sultan.
You wouldn't sell me to him, would you?
Basia! Come back!
No, I won't. Let me freeze!
Basia, come down.
I won't!
Come down at once!
No, I won't!
Alright, don't.
But I'll tell you, it isn't proper for a lady to be up on a ladder,
because she might show something that she doesn't want to.
I have breeches on.
More confusion.
Roses grow in the snow, here.
Not for your nose. Please, come inside.
The Grand Hetman wishes to see the Colonel.
Tomorrow morning.
Welcome, my dear Colonel.
You see that I haven't forgotten about you.
My Lord Hetman, you're like a father to us soldiers.
And I want to speak with you like father and son.
Even in those days when we were in the midst of battle,
I thought more than once, that the commonwealth must perish.
People do not respect the law, anymore.
The public good is too often used for private gain.
I thought to myself,
that there aren't many people who really love this country.
But then, I sent 2,000 of you against a horde of 26,000. Remember that?
Of course.
I thought, these men truly love their country.
They're dying for their country out of pure love.
It's because of people like these that this nation will rise once again.
We need examples. Examples which will shine through.
Wolodyjowski, I'm counting on you first and foremost.
Will you return as Commander?
My Lord...
Ketling has sent word that Kamenets,
the border stronghold, is poorly equipped.
He'll report further when he returns.
But we're short of men and the treasury's empty. You'll go to Kamenets.
You'll form garrisons at Rashkov and Hreptov.
Hreptov, a fortified settlement, was burnt down. You'll rebuild it.
Take your old soldiers,
and I'll also give you the Lipki squadron of our Polish Tartars.
Bring in the Commander.
Watch the border very carefully.
If some Tartar hordes happen to cross, crush them.
And come back for the election, because I'll need you here.
This is Melechowicz, who commands the Lipki Tartars.
He's a good soldier, and I commend him warmly.
I'm happy to meet such a fine cavalier.
Soldiers say, that one can meet ghosts in the dark.
Which may be a good or bad omen.
But for me, meeting you here is the best of omens.
Nowowiejski is entertaining Basia,
but I was anxious to find out what the Hetman wanted.
Are you really so concerned about me?
I could fall to my knees on this snow to show you my gratitude.
Don't say such things.
Instead, to reward me,
say that you'll stay with us so that I can take care of you.
I cannot.
That's a soldier's life. I've been posted to the Wild Fields.
A soldier's life.
For many years, I've sacrificed my own happiness to serve the country.
Merciful God, are you crying?!
I hope you don't take me for a frivolous man, or a fop.
I'm too old for such things. Will you have me?
Do you agree?
I owe you so much. Those who don't know so, may blame me.
Must we tell them of our engagement?
What do you mean?
They'll only wonder and speculate. Let's wait until you come back, alright?
God is our witness, and people don't need to know.
I see that your wit equals your beauty. Agreed.
They won't escape us. Their prisoners slow them down.
If you attack them openly, they'll kill the prisoners.
I came back from the expedition and found my house burnt down.
My Halszka was taken by the horde.
Drink, it will allay your sorrows.
Here's to you.
It's best to drown your grief in mead.
After a year,
Armenian merchants brought word that the great Tuhay Bey bought her.
She was under 15, so he didn't put her in his harem.
Then I heard that one of Tuhay Bey's wives lived with his favorite son,
Azya, in a coastal village.
I decided to ambush the boy, in exchange for my Halszka.
I got a large band and succeeded.
I burnt down the village, took the boy, and a large booty.
The pursuers didn't catch us. Near Kamenets, I was assailed by robbers.
They knifed me, throttled me with a rope, and fled with the boy.
That's how my Halszka was lost forever. Maybe she still lives there.
Maybe after Tuhay Bey's death, another heathen took her.
Maybe her son will shed my blood someday.
Didn't you ever look for the boy?
How? Where? They left no trail.
And though the boy was only 3 years old, I'd recognize him to this day,
because he had a fish tattooed on each breast.
Many Tartars wear that mark. Especially along the coast.
That's not true. I saw Tuhay Bey's body when he fell.
He had fish on his breast, too. But the rest of them had other marks.
Many wear the mark of the fish.
Only Tuhay Bey's kin.
The Tartars are a wolfish tribe.
We have our Lipki squadron.
They're nobles, even though they're Tartars.
And they serve the commonwealth faithfully.
To you, sir.
Thank you.
I am Ketling of Elgin.
Michael passed through Kamenets,
and told me whom I have the honor to entertain in my house.
But he did not warn me that I would see a goddess.
Ketling! I welcome you to your own house.
I left this house a barracks, and return to an Olympus.
Delicious, aren't they?
But I fear that the ladies will be leaving us now,
since it's not proper for them to stay in a bachelor's home.
I will never permit that.
I am Wolodyjowski's brother and can entertain his sister.
I beg for your help, young lady, and if need be, on my knees.
He's barely even arrived, and already on his knees.
Is Ketling a great warrior?
No one can equal him.
Is he better than Michael?
No, he isn't.
I knew it.
Why are you so excited about Michael?
What if I am?
Let's go. I'm parched from all this dancing.
I'll tell you something, it's hard to find Ketling's peer in battle,
but he's absolutely peerless in love.
All the maidens love him.
Tell that to Krysia, because I'm not looking for love.
May we join the company?
May I ask what the conversation was about?
About love.
About such a graceful subject?
I would love to hear what you think of it.
It is you, my Lord, who could tell me about it.
Loving is a heavy burden, for it turns a free man into a captive.
Loving is disabling, for a man is blinded to everything but his love.
Love like that has no purpose.
Yet, it's still harder for a man who does not love.
What can pleasure, glory, and riches mean without love?
And since everyone would give their life for love,
then love is worth more than life.
It's great that your Ketling has arrived.
He's sent for musicians to amuse you.
I'm going to have so much fun.
He'll do all sorts of wonders to woo you, until one day, he'll say:
My Lady, I love you so much that I can barely breathe.
I love you on foot, and on horseback, and after dinner, and as Scots do.
Will you be mine?
Oh, I'm so miserable!
Look, here rested the heads of their majesties.
The queen sat on this side. Rest a while in her place.
Is it true that she was unhappy all her life?
She was, because she could not marry the man she loved.
I love you more than life. And before this altar, I profess my love to you.
Let's pray for God's mercy.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Lord, be merciful.
Lord, have mercy on us...
Krysia! By all that's holy!
I love you with all my soul, but I will never be yours!
In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
What happened? You're packing?
I'm going away.
Ketling, what's with you? Where are you going?
Beyond the sea.
In the Name of the Father and Son.
I got a message from Scotland.
My friends have requested that I come immediately.
Hold on for a second. I'm almost over my initial rage.
Hold on. Are you going now?
I have to stop by Warsaw for a couple of days, to take care of some business.
When will you be back?
Krysia, I dreamt that a Tartar killed Michael with an arrow.
Krysia, let's pray that God will avert misfortune.
Krysia, pray with me.
I'll have enough time for prayers.
What are you talking about?
The nunnery is all that's left for me.
Yes, I'm going to the convent.
But why?
Do not ask why, My Lord. I know I'm causing you grief.
But it cannot be otherwise.
Leave me some hope at least.
I cannot.
Michael, may God console you and change Krysia's heart.
Promise me you'll marry Ketling, make him love you,
then tear out his heart and join a convent.
I wish all women were killed!
You should know, I wouldn't become a nun for Ketling!
Oh, those traitors!
For God's sake, someone go after him and stop him!
What's with you, girl?
Out of anger, I told him of their love!
Talk some sense, will you?
Michael went to kill Ketling!
Get the carriage!
Oh, God. Just cut out my tongue! He may be killed!
If anyone is going to be killed, it'll be Ketling.
My Lady, it is no longer a secret, that you and Ketling love each other.
I don't deny that I rushed out of here to seek revenge.
But then I looked into his eyes, and I knew.
What's he to be blamed for? Nothing.
What are you to be blamed for? Nothing.
It's no wonder that Ketling fell in love with you. Who wouldn't?
As for you loving him? That's my fate.
My destiny is to blame, and not any man.
May God give you happiness with Ketling.
God bless you. It hurts me a bit, but that doesn't matter.
God bless you. You won't go to any convent.
I'd rather have both of you bless me, than curse me.
Why are you crying, Miss?
I'm so sorry. You're so noble and good.
God bless you. God bless you for your kind heart. Come on, don't cry.
Krysia's a fool.
I'd rather have one Michael than ten Ketlings.
Because I love Michael with all my heart.
More than Granny, Auntie, or Krysia!
Will you have me?
May I perish, and my fleas with me!
You rogues! Ruffians! Robbers! Rakes! Naughty, beloved brats!
The year 1670.
The incompetent King, Michael Wisniowiecki sat on the Polish Throne.
The country was torn by internal strife.
Small garrisons guarded the south-eastern boundaries of the commonwealth.
A large detachment has crossed the border.
Gentlemen, we move at midnight.
Let her do this.
That's out of the question. You're not coming!
That's the enemy.
Nowowiejski and his men are over there.
Melechowicz and his Polish Tartars are that way.
And Snitko is there.
From here, you'll see the whole battle.
Will you move soon?
First, they'll drive the enemy our way.
We can't stop them, we only have twenty men.
Muszalski will support us.
True. But where is he?
I don't see anything.
Michael, you're the best commander on earth.
It's begun.
Here they come.
Michael. Shouldn't we move back a bit? Well, you know I hate crowds.
Oh, no. Some have broken through.
Here! This way!
She's alright, the moss saved her.
She's okay.
Blessed be her hands. Blessed be her head. Blessed be the earth she walks on.
Tell them...
...that I must stay here for a while.
I am your slave and have no right to speak on your behalf.
From the time I recognized you and told you who you are,
you've known that greatness awaits you.
Great hordes and harems will be yours. Is one woman...
You'll take my message.
Tell them I'm with them, but first I must have her.
Halim, I have to. Allah, I must!
Who are these visitors we have?
Lord Nowowiejski with his daughter.
Michael, send for Melechowicz.
He didn't come because some people think he's unworthy.
I'll go get him.
I really missed that boy.
The rascal ran away ten years ago to join the service.
Don't call your son a rascal, because he's a notable soldier.
Entire commands were entrusted to him. He will soon take command at Hashkov.
I'll go with him, too. It'll make me happy.
And I'll take Eva with me. Let her see the world.
Whenever she sees a handsome officer, she begins to prance around.
It's not safe to travel with wenches these days.
War with the Turks is certain by spring.
We've beaten the Turks before.
Our only hope is the fortress at Kamenets.
It's an eagle's nest.
Only, we're not sure what lives there... an eagle, or a crow.
What do you mean?
Lord Potocki, who commands the fortress,
thinks only about his house, and not the country.
He does not like Hetman Sobieski.
Long live Hetman Sobieski!
Long live Colonel Wolodyjowski!
Long live the Colonel's Lady!
What are you doing here, you dog?
I don't know you, sir. Who are you?
My Lord, this is my man, and a run away.
He's been in my house since boyhood.
Eva, tell me, who is this?
This is my man, Commander, and his name is Azya.
I found him in the steppe during my service days.
He grew up in my house.
My son left home young, so he didn't recognize him.
He was well treated, until he began to court Eva.
I had him flogged, and he ran away.
What are you waiting for? Seize him!
Melechowicz is one of the Hetman's officers.
I know my rights as a noble.
I'm in command here, and no one else.
Melechowicz, what do you have to say about this?
If he's my man, then he's got fish tattooed on his breast.
Azya. Tuhay Bey's son. My Jacek.
I am Tuhay Bey's son.
This squire claims that I'm his man.
Better nobles offered their backs when my father got on his horse.
I took the name of Melechowicz to escape his pursuit.
I could be Khan in the Crimea.
But I give my blood and health to this country.
This is the country I love.
As I love those here, who never treated me as their inferior.
Eva, do you love Azya?
Well, tell me. Do you?
I don't know.
But you don't deny it. So you do love him.
Don't worry. I told Michael of my love first.
And so what? All's well.
You must really have loved each other.
How was it? Tell me.
He told me of his love in the lumber room.
Go on, what then?
Then he grabbed me, and began to kiss me.
That scoundrel! What did you do?
I was too afraid to scream.
You were too afraid, then you do love him.
What happened afterwards?
Father came, and hit him. Then he beat me.
And then he had him flogged. He couldn't walk for two weeks.
Everything's going to be fine. Leave it to me.
You won't go with your father. You'll stay here and be able to see Azya.
He'll take you to Hashkov and fall at your father's feet.
Father will never agree.
He'll have to. Azya is of royal blood.
Actually, I'll come with you, and beg your father to consent.
Do you have any letters?
There are none. I was ordered to relate everything by word of mouth.
Rise and speak.
War is certain. We're supposed to move for Adrianople in the spring.
Where will the Khan be?
He'll cross the Wild Fields and storm Kamenets.
You are welcome under my roof, Halim.
You have brought me good news.
What's wrong?
It's been two weeks since father left, and Azya says nothing.
When he looks, his eyes are so wild, I'm not sure whether it's love or hate.
He's wild, so he loves wildly.
You cannot take her from him, Effendi.
Silence, dog!
Who's there?
It's me. May I come in?
I wish to talk with you.
Please, sit down.
Do you know what this is about?
No, I don't.
Sometimes, one has a love secret hidden in the heart,
but they are afraid to speak of it.
Do you understand?
What exactly are you talking about?
I've kept Eva here on purpose, so that you could have a chance to see her.
I understand.
And understand this, if you do not tell her of your love,
I will not let her go to Hashkov.
I also intended to come, so that I could intercede for you both.
But since you're acting this way...
Do come with us, gracious Lady!
You really love her that much?
To death! To death!
Eva loves you, too.
After the darkest night, God sends light to earth,
and commands the sun to rise from the sea.
In two weeks, she will be mine.
Son of Tuhay Bey, you are great and mighty.
Halim, you're leaving today.
Tell our frontier troops to harass the Poles.
Their Yampoi and Rashkov troops will chase them.
I want the road which we'll take, to be free of troops.
What, honey?
You know, Azya is wildly in love with Eva.
Michael, do you still love me as you did?
My dearest love.
Michael, in a few days, Azya is taking Eva to Rashkov.
I know.
Michael, let me go with them.
What? Get it out of your head.
You're not going...
You're not...
God speed to you.
Farewell, Basia.
There are horse tracks in the snow.
It's doubtful that the Tartars would move in winter, but I have to check.
I'd come with you, but Eva and Miss Wolodyjowska are coming.
Don't be so hard on Azya, father.
Don't tell me what to do.
He's a good officer.
It's none of your business.
Alright. God speed to you.
Men are all like that. Michael won't even look at me when he's on duty.
If you're going to love a soldier, he might as well be a good one.
It's been three days since we left, and Azya has said nothing.
He didn't even have time for me when we stopped.
You know, you should speak with Eva.
I have to watch the men.
Of course, but Rashkov is near,
and before you speak to Nowowiejski, you should talk with Eva.
Their troops have left.
What about the old man?
He stayed at Rashkov.
There are no troops at Mohilov.
None at Yampol.
Nor at Rashkov.
I am the only Lord here.
Azya, what's with you?
Just say the word, and I'll put Akkerman at your feet.
And all the hordes that roam the steppe.
You don't even know that you're the only one I love!
Now you're mine, and no one can take you away from me!
No! No!
What is it, Master?
What happened?
Go after her!
Bring her back dead or alive!
I can't go on...
In whose hands are we? In whose hands, I ask?
In mine. The son of Tuhay Bey.
Whom you have reared...
...and whose back bled under your hands!
Traitor! Don't touch me!
I'll be avenged! I have a son!
And a daughter! For whom you had me flogged!
And whom I'll now give to the lowest of the horde!
Azya! Azya, I've always loved you!
You dog!
Azya! No!
All that I have left now,
is to avenge my father's death and my sister's shame.
I'm going deep into the Turkish lands.
There, I'll sit in hiding and wait.
War is certain in the spring.
The treacherous Lipki Tartars know the roads.
They'll be in the first line of the Sultan's force.
In their own land, we'll catch them off guard.
Either I'll get Tuhay Bey's son, or I'll be killed in the process.
Put out the fires!
Put out the fires!
Put them out!
Commander, they're here!
There are only a few horsemen. They're driving the herd to pasture.
They march at night. It's too hot during the day.
Our Lipki Tartars!
Are you sure?
Well, friend. Talk. Or you'll go to hell with roasted feet.
Have mercy, I'll tell you everything I know.
Where's Tuhay Bey's son?
A mile from here.
How many people does he have?
600 Lipkis.
You're not lying?
I wouldn't dare! He's got no more than that.
The Murza's tent is easily recognizable because it has a horse's tail on top.
Are there any women in his tent?
Did you hear me?
I'll tell you everything! I'm innocent! I just followed his command!
The Murza gave your Excellency's sister... to the horde.
Well, brother. Your time has come.
For what you've done, you'll die in agony.
Begin, but slowly.
Dying already?
Stop! Take the horses away.
Put him up. Be straight.
Now you're going to hell, brother, but before you do, you'll roast for a while.
Christ! He's going to his death. That's where the Turks are!
Give unto him eternal rest, O Lord.
You may go.
Tell the whole company to assemble in the clearing.
So there's no hope any longer.
The entire Turkish power is moving up on us.
What will you do with her?
You'll take her to Warsaw.
Wherever you go, Michael, so will I.
The siege has begun.
I declare the War Council open.
Take the floor, gentlemen.
What are we to debate?
First, we'd like to hear what the command thinks.
The command is with everyone. I entrust it to the whole Council.
Pardon me, my Lord. I've spent my entire life in the service.
But I've never heard of anything like this.
In an emergency, there must be one leader.
I've decided to entrust the command to the Council.
And I maintain my decision.
May I remind your Lordship
that even the Romans, who were the greatest warriors,
had a dictator in times of war.
We have our own wisdom.
It says: Just as there's a greater flame
from an arm-load of wood than from a single log,
so will many heads provide better council than one.
I praise the modesty of Lord Potocki, and support him.
So it is decided.
We debate together,
we command together, and we answer together before the commonwealth.
Now, let's discuss the defense.
Lord Wolodyjowski is most experienced in this field.
Therefore I call on him to speak first.
We have 1,060 soldiers.
I propose we put them in both castles.
The nobles and the citizens will defend the city walls.
Does everyone agree?
Ketling should be put in charge of the artillery.
He is most experienced in this.
The enemy will move its main force into the castles.
Assign the command there to me, my Lords.
And how do you see this whole situation, Colonel?
Can we hold out?
That's what we're here for.
The lower castle will repulse the first attack.
That is, until it's blown up by mines. And it definitely will be.
Are you so certain?
It stands on a rock, so only a fool wouldn't blow it up.
What do we do then?
We'll move the guns to the upper castle.
It's on a cliff, that even mines can't touch it.
That's where the real defense begins.
What if, and God forbid, the castle is reduced to rubble?
Then we'll defend ourselves from rubble.
What other choice do we have, except to defend this place to the death?
We can negotiate.
We didn't come here for negotiations.
We won't give up. We're here to fight!
The Monsignore is protected by his robe. His place is in the church.
I could have been elsewhere.
And is this my reward for not abandoning my people in time of need?
Forgive us, your Grace, we meant no offence.
We were prompted by our eagerness to defend ourselves.
The Council is adjourned. Thank you, gentlemen.
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit...
To your battle stations, dear brothers!
What is your Lordship's opinion, will we succeed?
You heard my Lord Bishop.
We may hold the fortress for a month or two. Maybe three.
Meanwhile, Sobieski will collect an army,
and grow in strength.
I vow and take oath, that being entrusted with the command of the upper castle,
I shall not let the enemy into its walls as long as I live.
Nor shall I leave its walls or raise a white flag.
Even if I am to be buried in its ruins.
So help me God and the Holy Cross. Amen.
I vow and take oath... defend the castle with my last drop of blood...
...before the enemy ever steps into its walls.
So help me God and the Holy Cross. Amen.
Remember, Michael.
Lf, God forbid...
I don't know what would become of me.
Quiet, Basia...
There's dissent in parliament. The Hetman has no power nor army.
Cowards sit on the War Council. Seems like only cowards.
We have to give an example,
that will lift people's hearts and give them fortitude.
If the echo of these cannons does not reach Warsaw
...then the commonwealth will fall.
Light the tar rags.
Mortars, fire! Fire!
Throw the flaming rags!
I think, that the heathens have lost their courage.
Not for long.
They're pounding away, again.
Look at that.
Unusual guests at the walls.
Good morning, gentlemen. How is everything?
We drove them away with heavy fighting.
How were your losses?
As in any siege.
My God, so much Christian blood is being shed here.
They're laying mines.
That's the usual thing in times of siege.
Good God.
So we'll have to abandon the lower castle.
I told you it would only hold out against the first attack.
And what if we have to withdraw from the upper castle? Where will we go?
I'll go there.
God in heaven! What do I see?
She wouldn't listen. I told her she'd get us both killed.
I begged her on my knees, but it was no use.
Basia, you have no fear of God! My faithful friend until death.
Grenades were falling like peas. I thought I'd burst.
From anger, of course, and not fear.
How about the townsfolk?
Brave. The rich merchants, whose stores are burning,
begged the Bishop to surrender the city.
I boxed the ears of the one who begged the most.
For that, the Bishop was mad at me.
Michael, did you hear that?
If only by your side.
Listen, Basia.
What, Michael?
To tell you the truth, we're very happy together.
And I think,
that if one of us would die,
the other would grieve beyond measure.
Michael, have pity on yourself and on me.
When my time comes, which is a soldier's destiny,
you must say to yourself: It's nothing.
You must say to yourself: Michael has gone away.
Sure, it's very far away,
but it's nothing.
Remember, Basia. It's nothing.
We've hit their gun powder!
An order for the colonel! We're surrendering!
A letter from Lord Potocki, sir.
An agreement has been signed.
We must withdraw from the castle.
Each man is free to leave the fortress.
Set about carrying out the order, gentlemen.
Old friend.
Do me a favor.
Go to my wife and tell her from me:
Tell her:
It's nothing.
It's time.
Colonel Wolodyjowski.
For God, Colonel Wolodyjowski.
The alarm has sounded! War!
The enemy is on our land!
But you do not rise!
You do not seize your sword!
You do not mount your horse!
What has happened to you, soldier?
Have you forgotten your former valor,
that you abandon us in your sorrow and anxiety?
Who will resist the enemy?
Who will fight them?
Who will lift our sunken spirit?
One year later.
In the fields of Chocim,
the forces of the commonwealth routed the Turkish army.
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