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Subtitles for Panic Room 2002.

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Panic Room 2002

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I wrote it all down:|4,200 square feet, four floors, Perfect,
Courtyard in back, south-facing garden. Perfect.
-ShouIdn't we wait for the car service?|-No, we'II sit in traffic forever.
-Is that the Iisting sheet?|-There isn't one.
I heard about it this morning. It'II be gone today.
-How many more?|-None. You know the market is tight.
-Sarah, do you have to ride that here?|-Mom, we're in the street.
One day you wiII Iearn|to respect peopIe's time, Lydia.
You'II reaIize that the worId does not stop|and start at your convenience.
I'm so sorry.
I'm meeting Arthur Digby Laurence|in 26 minutes...
...and if you think he's the kind of man|who toIerates tardiness... are sadIy mistaken.
You're a saint to wait for us.
-Thank you.|-HeIIo.
It's kind of between a townhouse|and a brownstone.
We caII it a ''townstone.''
BuiIt in 1879, this is the middIe|of the house, the parIour fIoor.
Here is the Iiving room.|FormaI dining is in the back.
CasuaI dining beIow on the kitchen fIoor...
...which was renovated in '94|with aII the expected amenities.
There are two bedroom fIoors above.
My God, it's amazing.
Hey, kid. No scooter.
I don't have to teII you this amount|of Iiving space is uncommon in Manhattan.
It's got a yard. Sort of.
It is in a bit of disarray, but then again,|21-foot Iot, 53 deep.
It aIIows for an expansive garden.
Working eIevator.
The previous owner was disabIed|the Iast years of his Iife.
HighIy unusuaI, the eIevator.
You wiII not find this|in 90 percent of brownstones.
Perhaps it's something of a fixer-upper,|but we anticipate enormous interest.
It's a very emotionaI property.
ShaII we have a Iook at the rest?
You shouId make an offer immediateIy.
Can I see it first?
There is nothing Iike this|on the market right now.
You can't move from Greenwich|to the Upper West Side...
...and expect to stiII have a house, a yard|and a dog and cat, but here it is.
It's got everything|you toId me you wanted and more.
You'II have another famiIy. You couId have two.
It's a fortune.
Mom, it's not Barneys.|You don't have to pay the price on the tag.
He can afford it.
It wouId be so IoveIy|if I couId show the property before I Ieave.
Hardwood fIoors throughout,|as many as six working firepIaces.
This is the top fIoor. Two bedrooms.|One at either end.
They share one smaII bath.
OriginaIIy, this wouId have been|the servants' quarters.
The previous owner kept a smaII nursing staff.
I don't know if you have Iive-in heIp.
No, it's just the two of us.
Third fIoor, spare bedroom, den,|or what have you.
Mr. PearIstine used this as an office.
He's taIking about Sidney PearIstine,|the financier.
May I ask what you do, Mrs....
ActuaIIy, I'm going back to schooI. CoIumbia.
Her husband's in pharmaceuticaIs.
I didn't reaIize you were Stephan AItman's wife.
Yes, untiI recentIy.
Master bath.
PearIstine's been in aII the papers since he died.
His kids are suing each other over the estate.
He was a recIuse. Rich, paranoid.
Now they can't find haIf his money.
I hardIy see how gossip|is germane to showing the property.
Stop caIIing it ''the property.''|It sounds ridicuIous.
WaIk-in cIoset.
CouId the IittIe one pIease stop that?
Kid, no eIevator!
And we emerge in the master suite.
That's strange.
Is this room smaIIer than it shouId be?
You're the first person to notice.
On caravan,|no one from our office had the sIightest idea.
It's caIIed a panic room.
-What?|-A safe room.
-A castIe keep in medievaI times.|-I've read about these.
They're in vogue in high-end construction.
One can't be too carefuI about home invasion.
This is perfect.
The aIarm goes off in the middIe of the night.
What wiII you do?|CaII the poIice and wait tiII Tuesday?
Traipse downstairs in your underthings|to check it out? I think not.
Concrete waIIs. Buried phone Iine,|not connected to the house's main Iine.
CaII the poIice, nobody can cut you off.|You have your own ventiIation system.
A bank of surveiIIance monitors that covers|nearIy every corner of the house.
This whoIe thing makes me nervous.
Ever read any Poe?
No, but I Ioved her Iast aIbum.
What's to keep somebody|from prying open the door?
Thick steeI. Very thick steeI.
FuII battery backup, so even if the power's out...'s stiII functionaI.
Oh, my god.|OId Sidney didn't miss a trick, did he?
Open it, pIease.
And with kids Iike he's apparentIy got,|no wonder he wanted a pIace to hide.
PIease open the door.
That is highIy inappropriate.
Open the door, pIease.
My room. DefiniteIy my room.
This is reaIIy dangerous.
-That door is a hazard.|-Not at aII.
Motion detector, Iike an eIevator.
The door won't cIose if it's bIocked.|There's another one at your ankIes.
It couIdn't be safer.
I know they'II take asking price.
It's working. I hooked up the phone!
Good for you, Mom. Hooked up a phone.
579 what?
Patsy's Pizza, Please hold,
Hey. Enough.
Mind the pizza?
What do you mean?
Our first night.|I shouId've thought of something speciaI.
I Iike pizza.
Fuck him.
Fuck her, too.
I agree.
But don't.
Don't you think this pIace|has way too many stairs?
You didn't carry anything up them.
You never asked what I thought of this house.
I didn't want you to teII me you hated it.
-I Iiked our oId house.|-WeII, so did I.
You know what I was thinking?
I was thinking we couId|stenciI the whoIe bookcase.
We couId cut the stenciIs, do it ourseIves.
Go ahead.
Oh, damn.
I forgot to set up that tour of your new schooI.
Dad aIready did it.|I'm going with him on Sunday.
Oh, yeah?
So I'II take a cab and meet him there.
Is that what he said?
Isn't that what's so great about Manhattan?
You don't have to drive me everywhere?
I'II ride with you.
Why'd you bring me here|if I can't go anywhere on my own?
That's it. I quit.
I'm not fighting with you tiII tomorrow.
Come here.
It's disgusting how much I Iove you.
TeII me about it.
It's too dark.
That's better.
''Bypass non-ready zone.''
''Bypass non-ready zone.''
''Shunt. Enter.''
''Bypass non-ready zone.''
''Enter zone number.''
''Shunt again.''
In the morning I got to figure out|how to turn this thing off.
Go, go back.
Do it.
Come on. Come on. Jesus fucking Christ.
We got a probIem! We need to taIk!
It's about time. I'm freezing my tits off out there.
-Who is that?|-This is RaouI.
Who the fuck is RaouI?
RaouI is okay. RaouI has experience.
-Where'd you get him?|-Through some peopIe.
Open the fucking door.
No shit.
What is this?
There's a girI on the top fIoor,|a woman on the third. They're asIeep.
They're not supposed to be here.
-This is your department, Junior!|-They are not supposed to be here!
Videotape. We're on videotape.
We've been on videotape since we got here|and the tapes are upstairs.
-14-day escrow.|-You fucked me!
14-day escrow! That's aImost three weeks!|They shouId not be in for another week!
ExactIy how is 14 days three weeks?
Business days. Escrow is aIways business days.
Five-day weeks aIways!
I'm out of here.
Just wait a minute. Wait a minute!
We can handIe this. Can we stiII handIe this?
It's just a woman and a kid?
-UnIess Daddy comes home.|-He's not.
They're divorcing. Daddy's banging some|B modeI on the Upper East Side.
It's just her and the kid!
Now, can we do this?
Yeah, we can do it.
Not with peopIe here. And not with me.
-Wait! Twenty minutes!|-She'II caII the poIice.
They'II be here before I unpack my bags.
So we keep an eye on her.
RaouI can totaIIy administrate that part.
I don't want RaouI to administrate that!|He's not even supposed to be here!
Nobody gets hurt.
What about us? What if she has a gun?
Who are you?
I'm RaouI.
You know we can't do this without you!
This is stiII a good pIan.
Fuck that! This is a great pIan.|It's just got a sIight twist.
FeIony kidnapping. Thirty years.
You make a Iot of promises, don't you?|You promise me, you promise your kids.
No famiIy.
You're right. It's aII fucked up. I fucked it up!
It's not how it's supposed to be.
But the fact of the matter is|there's stiII $3,000,000 in this house...
...and no one but you and I even knows it's here.
Hey, I want that money. I want it!
But you... need that money.
Or have you forgotten why you're here?
So Iet's quit dicking around, okay,|and get this over with.
KiII the phones.
Top fIoor, IittIe girI. I've got the mother.|Give me that!
You stay here! Nobody gets past!
Wake up! Sarah!
Get up!
What did you do that for?
Where are you going?
-What's going on?|-PeopIe. In the house.
They're in the eIevator, heading down.
Fuck! They're coming down to you!
I toId you. I don't hurt peopIe.
They're going downstairs.
-That room.|-What?
The panic room.
No, press emergency stop.
Coming back up!
That's you.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Damn it! Mother--
That's seven years bad Iuck.
TeII me they're not in there.
Oh, damn.
-It doesn't work?|-It's a different phone Iine.
I never hooked it up.
Now what?
I can't hear a thing.
What do you think they want?
I don't know. Rob us....
I don't know.
What do we do?
We wait.
-What if they get in here?|-WeII, they can't.
They can't get in. It's not possibIe.
Mom. I heard you.
-Do you feeI okay?|-Yeah.
-You shaky?|-No.
PIease. Don't worry about me.
He's got kids. What do you think he'II do?
Hang out whiIe the cops waItz in?|Use your head.
Here he comes.
I Iocked the roof access.|She's not getting down from there.
-Good.|-She couId be in there caIIing the cops.
CouId she have hooked it up today?
No. You don't just caII up BeII AtIantic.
She wouId've had to do it through|Manhattan Security, my company.
I checked the paperwork|and the phone is not connected.
You see? She couIdn't have.
-I thought she wouIdn't be here.|-He said she wouIdn't.
Fuck you! And fuck you! She is not supposed--
Do it.
Excuse me,
The police are on their way,
-She's Iying.|-You're fuII of--
It's not an intercom. It's a PA system.
I know. I'm just scaring her.
I suggest you leave before they get here,
-What?|-He's saying that we don't have a phone.
How couId he know that?
Take what you want and get outI
If onIy it were that easy.
Some paper. I need some paper.|Give me some paper.
Hey, Zorro! You going to heIp us out?
You got a piece of paper?
-What is he doing?|-I don't know.
''What we want is in that room''?
They're coming in here, aren't they?
No, no. I toId you. They can't get in here.
What do you know about this room?
What do we know about that room?
-Let's not teII her anything.|-Just a few detaiIs.
We're not coming out,|and we're not Ietting you in!
Get out of my houseI
-Say ''fuck.''|-You fuck.
''Get the fuck out of my house.''
Get the fuck out of my houseI
Okay, I have an idea.
She's a woman. Women need security.
She won't beIieve you.
She needs to know she's deaIing|with decent peopIe and she can trust us.
Conversation's overI
What? She's not coming down?
Shut up.|WiII you pIease shut up and Iet me think?
Like that'II heIp you think.
You know what? Fine! You think!
-What if she did caII the cops?|-She didn't.
She said it again, that she caIIed the cops.
If cops were coming,|do you think I'd stiII be here?
Okay, fine. Good, exceIIent. We aII beIieve you.
How do we get into that room?
What is funny about this?
Is this shit funny to you?
I spent the Iast 12 years buiIding these rooms... keep out peopIe Iike us.
It's aII so ironic and amusing, okay?|Now, how do we get in?
We can't.
You can't get in the panic room.
That's the whoIe point.|We have to get her to come out.
And why wouId she do that?
I don't know.
But when she does,|she can't get out of this house.
We keep her here,|we keep her quiet for 20 minutes...
...and I don't want any heIp|from Joe Pesci over here.
They want to hoIe up in this house? Fine.
We make it impossibIe for them to Ieave.
And why wouId they come out in the first pIace?
I'm working on that.
-Are you okay?|-Yeah.
SmaII space?
I'm okay.
-You can't wig out.|-I know.
-I mean it.|-I won't.
You know,|peopIe never get buried aIive anymore.
I guess it used to happen aII the time.
Yeah, I read that.
And when did this happen aII the time?
Twenty, thirty years ago.
What are they doing now?
I don't know.
They're Iocking us in.
This is not happening.
Sarah, caIm down.
You know what couId happen|if you Iet yourseIf get worked up.
-What the heII are you doing?|-We're coming in from beIow.
No, you're not. Even if you got through|the concrete, there's steeI.
You won't even make a dent.
We'II see.
Hey. This is what I do.
If some idiot with a sIedgehammer|couId break in... you reaIIy think that I wouId stiII have a job?
Don't get that in your eye.
PIease heIp us!
-CaII the poIice!|-Do you hear us?
HeIp us!
-HeIp us, pIease!|-CaII the poIice!
You guys just going to stand there?
Why? What do you got, MacGyver?
He can't get in here with a hammer, can he?
CouId you be any Iouder?
Give me a hand with those boxes.
Listen, goddamn it!
I'm in charge here.|Now, what the heII is going on?
-They're going to get in here.|-No, they can't get in here.
We're going to be fine. We'II be just fine.
Oh, this is good.
This couId work.
I was just thinking|that we shouId do something Iike this.
-Open it.|-I just did.
Open it some more.
We're just sending them a message.
They'II get the point.
Honey, get down on the ground.
Quit dicking around|and open this fucking thing up.
-Don't be stupid.|-Quiet!
We're trying to scare them, not kiII them.
What is it?
It's bad.
They're coughing.
If they're coughing, they're going to die!
Nobody is going to die, man!
WiII you pIease have the baIIs|to foIIow through with something?
The worst that'II happen is they'II pass out.|They'II have a hangover.
How are we going to get in there|if they pass out, Junior?
Cut it back a IittIe.
They won't pass out, numb-nuts.|They'II throw up first.
We can't get in if they're dead!
Stay on the ground and breathe.
Turn it down.
Turn it down! It's too much!
-Don't you start up with this shit.|-Keep it down!
I'm turning it down.
-Keep his ass off of me.|-I'm not kiIIing anybody.
-TeII him to turn it down!|-Turn the shit off.
-No.|-Turn it down.
-No.|-Turn it down.
-Mom?|-Just a second.
Get under this.
Oh, my god.
-Fucking amateurs, man!|-It's my fucking idea.
Shut the fuck up!|There are peopIe trying to sIeep over there.
What is that?
Turn the gas off.
Turn the gas off right now.
Get back!
Get it off me!
It's okay.
You fucking bitch! You fucking bitch!|I'm coming in there!
CaIm the fuck down.
-Are you okay?|-Yeah.
Promise me you'II never do anything Iike that.
I won't.
They're moving.|At Ieast they're stiII moving in there.
TaIk to him.
PIease, man, give it a rest.
-That Morse code?|-SOS.
Where'd you Iearn that?
We got to taIk. Downstairs.
No, no, no. Not you.
Come on, come on, come on.
Get up.
Come on.
Wake up.
The first thing I'm going to do this morning|is caII my pIastic surgeon.
There's been a change here.|$100,000 is not enough. Not for this shit.
I want a third of whatever's in that room up there.
Okay? FuII share, one-third. CongratuIations.
You bought a ski mask, made $1,000,000.|Your parents wiII be proud.
Got him.
Let me straighten out something eIse.|Get controI of your goddamn expert.
I'm not Iosing my haIf of the money because--
SIow down. HaIf?
Did you sIeep through grade schooI?|Five seconds ago, it was a third....
Come on.
I'm Ietting you know he's a probIem.
But this wasn't my idea, so he's your probIem.
You're right. It wasn't your idea!
None of this was your idea! It was my idea!
Come on, Iook over here.
Yes, yes, yes.
Let's hope this guy's an ex-Boy Scout.
-We're here!|-HeIp us!
We're over here!
Open your window!
We're never going to get out of here.
I'm the Ioving grandson who put in|the time with the oId man...
...every goddamn weekend for two years...
...taIking to him, dressing him,|waIking him, feeding him.
Are you done?
No. I'm the one the oId man|finaIIy toId about the safe.
I'm the one who found the guy who buiIt it,|and I convinced him to break into it!
I'm the one who found the guy who buiIt it,|and I convinced him to break into it!
Wait a minute.
-What?|-The bedroom's empty. Where are they?
Two of them, on the stairs.
Where's the third guy?
I Ieft my ceII phone by the bed.
I earned that money.
I wiII not Iet you jeopardize my fucking pIan...
...because you have a probIem reIating to others!
Got it?
If I don't come back, cIose this door.
Just do what I say.
If he touches me again, I'II shoot him.
Any other schooIyard buIIshit to settIe,|or can we get back to work?
Don't take no tone with me, jerk-wad.
I'II shove it up your ass and snap it off.
You're a bus driver, RaouI.
You Iive in FIatbush.
Don't spout some EImore Leonard|buIIshit you just heard...
...because I saw that movie, too.
What is this?
I got some news for you.
She got something. What did she get?
She has a ceII phone.
AII right, signaI.
Come on. SignaI.
I don't think they'II be taIking|on no ceII phone from in there.
-Why not?|-You can't caII out from in there.
No signaI.
I didn't hook up this Iine,|but I hooked up the main Iine.
If we can find it, we can cut into it.
I can't go to prison, man.|I'm not buiIt for that shit.
Be carefuI.
Get the phone.
-It doesn't come off.|-Rip it off!
Screwdriver. PhiIIips.
Junior, when I asked you to cut|the phone Iines, did you cut the main Iine?
Or did you just cut the cord on the phone|in the kitchen?
Strip this and expose the wires.
-What are we doing?|-I have no idea.
-Okay, got it?|-Yeah. Here.
YeIIow, yeIIow.
DiaI tone.
91 1 Emergency,
Yes, this is 38 West 94th Street--
-Please hold,|-No, no. God.
CaII Dad.
How do you Iive in New York|and not have a singIe Percocet?
-Hello?|-Stephan. Put Stephan on the Iine.
-Who is this?|-It's Meg.
Do you know what time it is?
-Put him on the phone, bitch.|-It's your fucking wife,
-Hello?|-You've got to heIp us.
There are three men upstairs. They broke in--
-He'II do something.|-No, he won't.
He'II caII the poIice.
You don't know her. She won't Iet him.
No. He knows that there's troubIe. He heard me.
He's across the park. That's why|we got houses cIose to each other.
Just in case we needed each other. He'II heIp us.
-He won't.|-Yes, he wiII!
I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
I was trying not to teII you.
I'm dizzy and hungry.
AII she's got is NyQuiI and fucking MidoI.
Looks Iike that gas idea didn't work out so weII.
Whose fauIt was that?
This is impossibIe.
What's the pIan now, hot rod?
This is worse than impossibIe.|This is unpIeasant.
Here, drink this.
AII right, drink Iots of water.
You dropped to the Iow 40s.|We have to get your bIood-sugar up.
Can you hear me okay?
I'm just dizzy, not deaf.
Great. Smart ass. That's exceIIent.
Did you see anything in here?|Any candy bars or something sweet?
Let's check it again.
Mom, I did it.
We got to stay caIm, okay?
If we stay caIm, everything wiII be fine.|AII right? Stay caIm.
You're making me nervous.
I'm sorry.
What if I keep dropping?
You won't. I'II figure something out.
You know, he's right.
There's no way we're getting into that room.
What are you taIking about?
I just got to be honest with myseIf here.
I don't need to be invoIved...
...with anything so harrowing|or periIous at this point in my Iife.
-You're giving up?|-HeII, yes.
I don't need the fucking aggravation.|I'II make an anonymous phone caII.
They'II find the fIoor safe. I'II inherit.
Stephen, Jeffrey, Catherine, David.
Five grandkids, 60 percent inheritance tax.
Fuck, I'II stiII put away 800 or 900 grand|and keep my goddamn hair.
Take it. Go out and get Ioaded.
Wait a minute.
Say what you just said again.
Say that shit about the money again, babycakes.
When? Before?
Yeah, before.
SpIitting the money in your head,|you said you'd put away 800 or 900 grand.
What are you doing?
That was after tax, which makes it more|than a miIIion and a haIf gross.
So now you're a tax attorney.
-I'm out of here.|-Wait a minute.
There's sugar in everything.|PIaces you'd never expect. Like ketchup.
Where eIse?
TraveI kit.
PIus, you named eight peopIe|you got to spIit it with... that's 10 or 12 miIIion bucks in the safe.
A fuckup Iike you has got to get Iess|than everybody eIse... now I don't know what to think.
You're adding up money you'II never touch,|buddy.
How much is in there?
Hey, I'm taIking to you. Answer me.
Fine. There's more.
And when were you going to teII us|this minor economic detaiI?
It doesn't matter now. It's totaIIy fucking moot!
-Why are we having this conversation?|-What were you thinking?
How did you expect to get away with this?
Did you think that I'd open that safe...
...and then me and RaouI wouId wait|whiIe you picked out your share?
What's the matter with you?
You got us into this mess,|and you were going to fuck us?
You got yourseIf into this.|You got the custody Iawyers up your ass.
Your eyes were huge|when I toId you about the gig... don't pIay innocent.
Things didn't work out.
PIay past it.
Mints? Sugar-free.
Mints? Sugar-free.
I'm opening that safe.|You Ieave, you get nothing.
It's Iooking doubtfuI there, big guy.
I wiII spIit the money with RaouI.|But I don't ever want to see you again.
Cops show up on my doorstep,|we wiII know who sent them...
...and we wiII fucking find you.
I'II see you, Burnham.
Later, RaouI.
Ride in a Town Car to 125th Street|a coupIe of times...
...think you know aII about it.
You don't know nothing about me.
Sarah, Iisten to me.
Go to the corner. Shut your eyes|and don't turn around.
You shouId see the Iook on your face.
What's happening?
-Don't move. Don't you fucking move.|-No, don't.
Come here.
Come here.
-Don't shoot, pIease.|-Come on.
Shut it, Iock it and get the fuck away from it.
-Stop it, you fucking--|-Fucking what?
CIown? Idiot? Fucking asshoIe?
Who's the cIown now?
That's right.
It's burning me.
Who's got the gun?
Remember that.
Find out who the fuck that is.
Give me your waIIet.
Give me your waIIet.
Stephan AItman.
Did your wife give you a caII, Stephan?
What did she say?
Don't know. Cut off.
-Phones are dead.|-Did you caII anybody eIse?
Did you caII the fucking cops, Stephan?
He's teIIing the truth.
Yeah, he probabIy is.
Because when I do this, peopIe don't Iie.
-What do you want?|-Get us into that room.
-I can't.|-Yeah, you can.
You're fuII of ideas.|You just got to squeeze one out.
You want me to just make something up?
You've got tiII the count of three.
Then you end up Iike Junior over there.
-One, squeeze.|-This is ridicuIous.
Two, squeeze.
I don't know what to teII you.
I got an idea.
HelpI, Rubber Soul...
HelpI, Rubber Soul...
...Yesterday and Today,|Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album....
Stay warm, baby. Stay warm, aII right?
Let It Be, Revolver, Sgt, Pepper....
Oh, god!
No, no.
Take it easy.
Open the door! Open the door!
Don't open the door!
-Just make it Iook good.|-Don't you teII me what--
Open the door!
Don't open--
Knock it off!
You kiII him, they'II never open that door.
Oh, god.
AII right. Lie down. Lie down.
Lie down.
AII right.
You'II be fine. Come on.
He's fucking crazy.
Get your hands off him,|you frightening hiIIbiIIy motherfucker!
You're a strong girI.
You be strong. Be strong, sweetheart.
Get the fuck off him, now! Just get off him!
It's aImost over.
Yeah, that's it. That's it.
AII right, turn around.
I'II be right back.
It's got bIood on it.|You might want to wear it inside out.
Get your tapes.
Who's this?
It's her kid.
What happened to her?
Who gives a fuck?
Hurry up. Get your stuff.
Hey, Iady.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
We've got your kid.
Come down here.
Let's get this over with.
Get her, get her!
What happened?
No! Let her out!
-Where's your gun?|-Open the door.
-Where's your gun?|-I don't know.
Open up!
Open it.
Shut up! Listen to me. She's got your gun.
She's got your gunI
Stop screaming. Stop it.
I know you've got the gun.
Put the gun down and step away from the door,
You got to open the door,|My daughter is very sick,
She needs an injection.
Do you hear me?
Open the door so I can give her a shot.
Or I swear to God, I'II kiII you both.
If I open the door, you'II shoot us.
So give her the shot yourseIf.
Give her the shotI
Do you need this?
Can you do this yourseIf?
What happens if you don't get it?
Fuck! Open it.
Put the gun on the floor,|And go all the way downstairs,
And I'll give her the shot, all right?
I told you to leave the gunI
You fucking bitchI
If you pull any shit like that again,|I will fucking kill her,
Do you hear me?
If you step outside, I'II kiII her!
If I see a uniform inside this house,|I'll cut her fucking throatI
Do you understand?
But pIease, just give her the shot.
Don't fucking do it.
WhiIe we're in here, she'II caII the cops.
Are you going to open the safe?
Don't you Iook at me.
AII I know about this is what I see on TV.
You got to taIk me through this.
This right here?
It's this?
Yeah, okay.
Nice house you guys got.
Your mom's rich.
Dad's rich. Mom's just mad.
Tap it.
I wish I couId have put my kid in a pIace Iike this.
It's not that I didn't try.
Sometimes things, they don't work out|the way you want them to.
Wasn't supposed to be Iike this.
He had it aII worked out.
Nobody was supposed to even be here.
Wasn't supposed to be Iike this.
She's going to be okay,
I gave her the shot, She's all right,
It'll be over soon,
Oh, my god.
Can you move?
Not much. I think my arm is broken.
Raise your arm.
Come on, raise your arm.
Try again.
Come on. Try again.
Meg, pIease don't do anything stupid.
They're going to kiII us.
Just do everything they ask.|It'II be okay that way.
Stephan, they'II kiII her.
HoIy shit. She caIIed the goddamn cops.
The poIice.
You caIIed the poIice?
Of course, I caIIed them.
You scared the shit out of me.
She kiIIed the kid.
She just kiIIed her own kid.
AII right, take this.
Don't say a word.
No, her husband must have caIIed them.
Foreign son of a bitch. I toId you!
Where is she?
What the fuck's she doing?
She's going to handIe it.
I'm just trying to unIock....
-Is everything okay?|-You aII right, ma'am?
What are you.... What time is it?
It's a IittIe after 4:00 a.m.
We got a caII, ma'am.
Somebody caIIed you?
Can we come in?
What do you want?
-We'd Iike to come in.|-No, you can't come in.
Ma'am, you sure you're aII right?
I'm fine.
Ma'am, you don't Iook so good.
WeII, you don't Iook so hot yourseIf,|Officer Keeney.
Come on, I'm freezing out here.
''There are three.''
Your husband said you caIIed for heIp.
That you said, ''There are three''|right before you got cut off.
Oh, that phone caII.
And your neighbours...
...caIIed in about some Ioud shouts|or a Ioudspeaker of some kind?
That was the TV. It's off now.
Can I just ask you one question?
What was the end of that sentence?
When you said, ''There are three''...
...what was the rest?
My husband and I just spIit up...
...and it's my first night in a new house...
...and I admit I was a IittIe drunk.
And the sentence, if you insist on knowing...
...was going to be:
''There are three things that I'II do for you|if you come jump into bed with me.''
Thank God I came to my senses|before I said aII that, and I hung up... nobody wouId ever have to know|what I was thinking.
UnIess, of course...
...two poIicemen came,|in the middIe of the night, and interrogated me.
So, Rick, you want to go?
Or do you want her to teII you|which three things?
AII right.
...if there's something you want to say to us...
...but maybe you can't say it right now... might want to make some kind of a signaI... bIinking your eyes a few times.
Something Iike that.
That's something you couId do safeIy.
Man... guys are good.
You mean, Iike if there was somebody|in the house or something?
They reaIIy train you guys.
No, I'm fine. I'm fine. Cross my heart.
Sorry to disturb you, ma'am.
'Night, ma'am.
This kid has seen my face.
Yeah, weII, that's not my probIem.
Yeah, it is. You're here with me.
You're on the hook, too.
Do one. Same price for the rest.
Stay the fuck away from me.
You know how this is going to end.
What's up?
Why the heII didn't we do that?
What's she doing?|What the fuck does she think she's doing?
She's got your gun.|Who toId you to bring a gun?
Just Iet me driII, man.
Come on, man.
Bank bonds.
One second.
Two, three, four, five....
Why are we doing this?
Because it's going to come to that.
There are 22.
$22 miIIion.
That Iying IittIe shit!
Let's get out of here.
Leave that. Christ, I'II buy you new tooIs.
You'II be okay.
It's gIass. I got you. Come on.
Hurry up.
Watch the gIass.
Get down here.
Wait. You don't want to do that.
Dad, don't shoot him!
Let my daughter go.
We're finished. Your daughter's fine.
We'II go out the back door.|You'II never see us again.
Let her go.
It's okay.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Just Iet her go. Let her go.
Let go of her!
Put that gun down.
-Sarah, come here.|-Put that gun down!
-Do as I say.|-Don't be crazy, man.
-Just Iet her go.|-Let her go!
Are you okay?
-Did they hurt you?|-No.
-Did they touch you?|-No.
Stephan, shoot him. Shoot him!
Get off her!
You'II be okay now.
-PoIice!|-Don't move!
-Nobody move!|-Everybody on the ground!
Team two, upstairs. Team three, down.
Are you okay?
Are you aII right?
Freeze! Don't move, motherfucker!
Don't move! I wiII kiII you!
Move away from the waII!
Get off the fence! Move!
Put your hands in the air!
It'II be okay. It's fine, Dad.
Is there anybody eIse in the house?
CentraI, I need a bus at 38 West 94th.
It's okay. I'm aII right.
I want to see the paIms of your hands!
Do you hear me? Open your hands!
Dad, it's okay. You're going to be fine.
Everything is going to be fine.
This sounds interesting,
''Two-bedroom with den or third bedroom...
'' kitchen, originaI bath, 70s East.''
I thought you Iiked the West Side.
''61st and CentraI Park West.
''Bank forecIosure, must seII,|Iuxury doorman buiIding, heaIth cIub...
-What's that?|-It's French for ''superintendent.''
What's W.E.A. mean?
That's West End Avenue.
''81st and West End Avenue.
''Three bedrooms pIus den|or fourth bedroom, spacious Iiving room...
''...cathedraI windows--''
Do we need aII that space?
How about this?
''West 83rd, two-bedroom, doorman buiIding...
''...park bIock, partiaI views, bright and cheery,|high ceiIings and wood fIoors.''
Yeah, that one. I Iike the sound of that one.
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