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We're on the red carpet tonight for the premiere of Adrenaline Force.
This is Bo Laramie's breakout role...
in what is certain to become a very popular action franchise.
Take a look at the crowd behind me.
They have been completely ignited by the anticipation of Laramie's arrival.
Oh, my God, this is huge, babe.
It's a long way from pounding nails in buildings.
- Do you know all these people? - No, son. I don't know any of'em.
- I think they think they know you, Dad. - Yeah, I think you're right.
Okay, honey, I want you to go out there and have a good time.
- Okay. I love you. - I'm proud of you. You've worked hard.
- Hey. You ready, Bo? - Yeah. I'll see you guys in a little bit.
- Buddy, give me five. Huh? - Go get 'em, Dad!
- Good luck tonight, Bo. - Thanks.
Bo. Your first action film. How are you feeling tonight?
Aw, man, this is all new to me, you know.
I'm just- really just trying to enjoy it. You know?
And, uh, I'm excited. This is- It's unreal.
- Your fans are waiting. Congratulations. - Thank you very much.
Bo! Bo! Bo! Hey, Bo, can you sign this?
- Right here? - Thanks, man.
- Over here.! - Shake his hand.! Shake his hand.!
Whoa. What a night.
Six months ago, I couldn't get arrested with a fresh corpse and a smoking gun.
And today I'm the, uh, "it"guy?
But you can't buy into that. That's an illusion.
That's not real.
You know, there are primitive tribes that believe...
you lose a piece of your soul every time your picture's taken.
After last night, it's a wonder I have any left.
- Bo Laramie. - Hold that thought.
- It is! - Oh, my God!
That's him!
That never happened in high school. Never.
That's an illusion. It's not real.
Life is good.
I guess I'm just gonna keep doin'what I'm doin'..
until somebody figures out I really don't know what I'm doin'
Yeah,you know, that makes sense. That sounds like a plan.
- Hey, buddy. - Hey, Dad.
- What's up? - Mom says you run so you won't get fat.
- Is that true? - Is that what she said? Really?
Well, you know what? Your mother's right again.
That's it. Everything we have fits in half a cabinet.
I love this house.
- You sure it's ours? - It's ours, beautiful.
- It's ours. - How was your run?
Good enough that the fat man and his family can go get some muffins on the way to soccer.
- Muffins! - Did you give our secret away?
- Yeah. - No!
Okay, I'm gonna put you in the cabinet.
- Hey, Bo. - How are you, Sierra? What's goin' on?
- Hi, Zach. - Hi, Sierra.
- Hi, Rusty. - The usual?
You know what, give us three of the blueberry and two coffees, will you please?
Sure. I saw this huge billboard of you going up on Sunset.
I know. It's wild, isn't it?
- Excuse me. You're Bo Laramie, aren't you? - Mm-hmm.
What's your name?
- Oh, I'm Emily, from Ohio. - Nice to meet you, Emily from Ohio.
Thanks. Could I get your autograph?
Yeah, absolutely. Where would you like me to sign?
Right across your crotch would be great.
Hey, Zach, let's go, buddy.
- Where'd you get this? - They just put 'em out at the grocery store.
- Thank you! - Yeah.
Hold this, will you, bud?
- Just keep the change. Thank you, Sierra. - Thanks.
- See ya. - Bye, Sierra.
- We're naked. Can they do this? - They did, Abby.
How dare they put Zach on the cover of a magazine?
There are so many creeps out there. I- He's a minor. Is this legal?
I'm gonna call Gill, and I'm gonna find out. All right?
God, Bo.
My principal, the teachers.
My kids' parents. What are they gonna think?
I'm sorry you're being put through this, Abby.
Why is Daddy in a magazine with a black thing covering his pee-pee?
- You ready to play some soccer today, buddy? - Yeah!
Here you go!
- How's it going, buddy? - Great.
- Morning, guys. - Good morning.
- Hey, listen. Thanks for those tickets. - Oh, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.
You got it, bro. All right, now. Only one thing matters, right?
I know, Dad. Have fun.
I'll be right back, sweetie.
Hey. How you doin', Bo?
All right. What are you doin'?
I'm about to watch a soccer game.
How's Zach doin' this morning? He's a good-lookin' boy.
He's got a birthday comin' up, doesn't he?
You want to take a picture of me? I'm right here, okay?
Take a few shots. 'Cause you had no right taking pictures of my son.
That's a point of law, Mr. Laramie.
I have every right to take pictures of whoever I want in a public park.
- Yes, I do. - Not without my consent you don't, all right?
- Now, come on. - Look. Things have changed.
You're somebody now. You better get used to this.
- Oh, yeah? I'm somebody now? - Yes, you are. You're somebody now.
- Now your game's about to start. - It's a security risk.
I'm asking you nicely, and I'm saying please.
Don't take pictures of my son.
Okay. Okay.
- You got it, Bo. - Thank you. I appreciate it.
I understand.
Sure thing, famous guy.
- Good job, buddy. - You were awesome.
- Thanks, Mom. - I'm proud of you, son. You did a great job, buddy.
You did a great job.
Son of a bitch.
Take him to the car.
What did I tell you? I said don't take another goddamn picture of my family.
- You understand that? Not one more. - Yeah? Kid takes a nice picture.
Won't bring half as much as the ones I have of Abby changing Zach's clothes.
The steamy ones... by the pool.
Oh, yeah?
- Huh? - Is that Bo?
Oh, are you gonna pay.
Smile, Bo.
You get that?
- Ooh, in living color, chief. - Cops are on their way.
- Bo! - Hey, Bo.
Hey, big shot.!
Enjoy what's left of your weekend.
Let's go make some money.
Oh, yeah? huh?
Wow. We're told Laramie was released late Saturday afternoon...
ordered to attend anger-management classes...
as part of a plea agreement.
His people tell us the assault charges will likely be dropped...
in lieu of a settlement that could easily cost...
the rising star half a million dollars.
The victim, 34-year-old Rex Harper...
is also demanding a public apology.
Our very own Giuliana caught up with Bo...
on the set of his new action movie.
- Giuliana? - Thanks, Patrick.
- And thank you for agreeing to sit down with me. - Thanks for having me.
Bo,just so we understand what happened...
you became angry at some photographers...
after they were taking pictures of you at a weekend soccer game?
Mr. Harper was taking pictures of my son.
I politely asked him to stop, and he didn't.
So you hit him?
Well, there's a little bit more to it than that, but,yeah.
This guy is nothing but a low-class parasite.
- Your parasite's right here. - He's never gonna get an apology from me.
And ifhe knows what's good for him, he'll stay away from me and my family.
- Can you believe this prick? - Strong words.
Yeah. I gotta go.
Laramie, I'm gonna destroy your life and eat your soul...
and I can't wait to do it.
Well, here's one for ya. You're lucky.
Real lucky.
Ajudge orders me to spend $400 an hour on therapy...
that I don't need, and that makes me lucky?
You're lucky you're not in jail.
You're not in Montana anymore, Bo.
Anger management is not about upgrading from a 20 to a 12-gauge.
The point is...
you're carrying belief systems from a previous life...
that don't fit your new reality.
Some of your old values may not be valuable anymore.
Not here, not now.
Well, I disagree.
You don't mess with a man's family.
And I'm not gonna change who I am...
to suit my environment or your expectations.
I got to where I am by doing things my own way.
Oh, I think the judge would agree with you.
That's not what I meant, but-
No, I know that.
Look, your, uh- your time here-
it's gonna give you the tools to better deal with situations like last Saturday's.
And I'm considerably cheaper than Mr. Harper.
- All right. Is that it? - For now, yes.
And, uh, if you have a problem, I want you to call me.
All right.
Thank you.
I'll see you next week.
Thanks, Phil.
Must be cold as hell this time of year.
- Huh? - Switzerland.
- What do you mean? - It says here-
This came out of the U.K., so it must be true- "Unnamed sources say...
"Laramie chartered a private jet to Switzerland.
"While there the young star reportedly underwent a penile enhancement...
surprising his wife with it on her birthday. "
- Nice, huh? - You give it a name? "Big Bo"? "The Albatross"?
- Something sexy for the bedroom, to keep it fun. - I'm going to.
- Bo, can we get you for a lineup in here? - Yeah, yeah. Yeah, no problem.
- It's nice, how they caught me. - Yeah.
- Y-You want to show it to me? - Can't keep anything a secret these days.
You got the work done, you might as well let people see it.
If it's big like that, w- why would you want to hide it?
Be nicer to him. Things have changed around here. Take a look.
Amigos. You got the stuff, huh?
Thank you. Muchas gracias, amigos. Merci.
Sure, man.
- Pinche americano, está loco. - Este buey está zafado.
Nice legs. What time do they open?
Does that usually work where you come from?
- Yeah, a couple of times. - Leave!
- Can you believe that guy? - I thought he was kind of cute.
- And you're considering this? - All I'm saying is they called.
Those schmucks over at Web Pics are turning this friggin' business into a trout farm.
Celebrities getting approval over paparazzi's photos? That's bullshit!
The public wants raw and real, and that's what we give them.
Let me tell you something, my friends.
We're the last of the real hunters.
I'll drink to that.
Like those shots you got of Lopez. Now, they were the shit.
- And you are a dog. - Damn straight. I made bank on 'em too.
I spent three nights hidin' in that tree.
Ants crawlin' all over my ass.
I picked her off with a thousand mil from 120 yards out.
It was beautiful.
Yeah. Too bad it wasn't really Lopez.
Nobody knows that. Let me tell you something, Kevin.
Don't start sweatin' the small stuff,okay?
Or you'll get soft, end up like the rest of those pussies working at the agencies.
Hey, I'm here, ain't I?
Hanging with you and Rex, who is, by the way, still the king.
Hundred and five thousand dollars for that shot of Clooney in the woods.
Yeah, Clooney's been a real gold mine.
- How'd it go, huh? - She's a lesbian.
I'm gonna get a second opinion.
God, you get a lot of lesbians.
- Let's go. - Excuse me.
- Buy you another round? - Yeah.
Hey, Dan- Dana.
- I guess you can afford it. - What's that supposed to mean?
You think I wouldn't recognize the guy...
that siphoned half a million dollars out of Bo Laramie?
Hey, I saw you get your ass kicked on TV.
Look, I'm a photojournalist.
- I was doing my job. - Mm-hmm.
I was assaulted, and justice was served.
With the exception of Laramie's apology to me.
I like reading the tabloids. I think they're fun.
- I think you're drunk. - I think you're cute.
Your pictures hurt people.
Do they? The irony-
- Marcy. - Marcy...
is everyone wants to have steak, but nobody wants to date the butcher.
My job is to provide a window of reality for society.
It's up to them whether they want to look through it or not.
Come on. Have you ever bought a tabloid?
- Guilty as charged. - Don't feel guilty. Guilty's bad.
I mean, everyone wants to have a-
little peek, huh?
See? It's human nature.
Look, there's a- there's a premiere tonight...
and an after party I'm covering.
Come with me, as my guest...
and, um, see things from an entirely different perspective-
Hey, do a shot with me and then tell me your story.
I'm a good listener.
- Really? - Uh-huh.
Listen to this- No.
What do you say, Marcy? You want to have a little adventure?
- It's beautiful. You should come and see it. - Yeah?
So, when- Saturday, can you come? Or-
- Saturday would be great. - Hey, Bo. How's it going, mate?
- Good to see you again. Remember me? - Good to see you.
London press junket. You were sitting next to me in the pub.
There was that beautiful bird on your lap and-
- Oh, sorry, man. Is that your wife? - Get out of here.
- Sorry. - Get out of here.
- What the hell was that? - Some jackass.
Hey. She bite?
- There's no way the little missus ignores that. - Great. Let's roll.
Come on, let's go!
- Road trip. - Wait! Aren't we going in?
You want to tell me what's bothering you, honey?
I just think it's interesting, that's all.
- You were in London last spring. - Right.
My girlfriends at home get jealous...
if somebody winks at their husband at the company Christmas party.
Half the civilized world wants my husband.
How do you think that makes me feel?
You know what that guy said tonight is bullshit, right?
- Yeah, I know. - Okay.
I guess it's all just new to me, you know?
It's new to me too, honey. And I'm-
You know, every day I'm learning.
Bo! Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!
- Look at me.! - Hey, Bo! Big shot!
- Look at me! - I can't see a thing.
Bo.! Bo.!
Bo, slow down!
- Daddy! - It's all right, son. It's okay.
Son of a bitch!
Takin' the front!
Okay, Leonard. Box him in.
Hold on!
Len.! Come on. Let's go.
Come on. Come on.
Hello, sweetie.
Yeah, there's been a terrible accident on, uh, 5th and Flower.
We need an ambulance.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, Marcy. Hey, honey.
Everything's gonna be fine, okay? Come on.
Everything's fine. There's an ambulance on the way already.
They're not hurt that bad. We'll go back on my boat and have a drink.
- Okay? I'll be right back. - All right.
- Okay? Okay? - Okay.
Let's go. Clear out. We're finished here.
Go! Go! Go! Come on!
How is she?
She's in recovery. I had to remove her spleen.
The next few weeks will be very difficult, Bo. She'll be in a lot of pain.
We'll manage that with medication, watch her very carefully.
Now, let's talk about your little guy here.
He's stable. His vitals are good.
But comas are a tricky thing, Bo.
All we can do is wait.
- Can we be left alone? - Absolutely.
Thank you, Doctor.
- You taped me? - Mm-hmm.
The wine- You mu- You must have put something in it-
Obviously it made you quite amorous.
It's a shame, Marcy, you don't remember it.
Still going to the police to tell them who caused Laramie's accident? Think again!
Not only will I attach that to every porno site on the Internet...
I will make sure it finds its way to your father's desk at the State Department.
You wouldn't- You wouldn't do that.
You don't see my face on that screen. Do you, Marcy?
Now go- go to the police! See if I'm bluffing! Get out of my goddamn house!
Get out of here.
Hey there, little guy.
I'm gonna come back and see you every day, okay?
It's okay, honey. He can hear you, sweetie. All right?
One second, honey.
I'm gonna go out and talk to the detective. I'll be right back.
Honey, wake up and you can have whatever you want.
- Hi, Bo. - How are you, Detective?
I tracked down those paparazzi guys you told me about. Brought 'em in one at a time.
- They all came up with the same story. - Oh, yeah? What story's that?
Well, they never deny following you.
They say they drove up on the accident...
called 911 and never left until help arrived.
Detective, that's bullshit. You hear me?
Come on, man. Give me a break, will ya?
I'm just tellin' you what I got.
Until I find someone who saw somethin' different, that's all I have.
What about the, uh, other driver?
He died late last night. He never regained consciousness.
I'm sorry, Bo. But listen, if there's a witness out there, I'm gonna find him.
Believe me.
I'm all over this one, Bo.
I appreciate it.
The victim died, Bo.
What now?
Did you mean to kill him, Bo? Nice driving.
- Stellar Agency. Please hold. - That's for pickup, Sara.
Bo, taking these paparazzi to court is only gonna cause more headlines.
Let it go. We've got bigger problems to deal with.
The studio says we get back to work or they will be forced to shut down the picture.
Five weeks, Bo. They're losing a tremendous amount of money.
The bond company is now threatening to go after you. And your production company.
Technically, you weren't hurt.
- What'd you say? - Uh, Bo, you're upset.
You don't know shit.
I'm sorry.
So, what do you want us to do, Bo?
And that's a cut. Excellent!
Well done.
Whoo. Way to do it. Way to do it.
- You all right? - Yeah.
All right. That's a wrap, everybody.
We'll pick it up here tomorrow morning.
What you got,Jay?
Just a bunch of crap.
Oh, man. "Laramie's wife on drugs. "
"Star too busy to notice. "
Mr. Laramie? I'm Reggie, Aegis Security.
- Hey, Reggie. - The studio sent me to keep an eye on things.
I'll be on set for the rest of the show.
Well, I could use you.
- Hey, Bo. No soccer with Zach this mor- - Hey.
- Oh, my God. - No, that's okay.
- Oh, no, no, no. I'm so sorry. - Sierra.
- I can't believe I just said that. - Sierra, look at me. Sierra?
Zach will be fine, okay?
- Okay. - All right?
Goddamn it.
What are you gonna do, hit me too?
Yeah. That's bullshit, man!
Yeah, Beverly Hills.
Let me have the number for a Dr. Jennifer Kelley, please.
- Help me.! - I'm comin', man. Hold on!
You got to help me. Please!
Laramie! Oh, God.
Help me! Hurry!
I'm here.
- Sit up. - Help me. Reach. Reach! Reach! Reach!
- Give me your hand. - Hurry up.
Give me your hand.
What are you trying to do, kill me?
- Shut up and give me your goddamn hand! - Damn! Oh, my God!
Help me.! Please.!
Hold on, man.
Oh, God! You- You think we were up your ass before? I'm gonna own you now, slick.
- What'd you say? - Just pull me up!
Pull me up.
Come on. Pull me up. Hurry!
Pull me up! Now! Now!
I'm startin' to feel much more in control of my anger.
Well, that's quite a leap in progress.
Especially considering your recent tragedy.
Well, I can't let the fact that four paparazzis nearly killed my family...
affect my behavior, now, can I?
What do you mean by that, Bo?
Well, you asked me to work on something, and, uh, I did.
Well, surely you must have some feelings about what happened.
I feel cheated.
I'm angry.
All at the same time.
What's this?
I want you to start recording specific events that prompt your anger...
and how you dealt with them in the moment.
Doing this will help you put a face on your problems.
My problems already have faces, Dr. Kelley.
Well, then you're moving in the right direction.
Let this journal become a sanctuary for you, Bo.
My clients are having great success with it.
This shit happens way too often.
This kid never even hit the brakes.
- This guy ain't no kid. He's close to 40. - They call 'em Rolex riders.
They hang out in Beverly Hills, wear expensive leathers.
Same guy cuts all their hair. Pity. He was cute.
Hey, fellas. Detective Burton, S.I.S.
- You boys mind if I sniff around? - Knock yourself out, Detective.
Hey, why's Special Investigations...
sending a D-2 down to a traffic accident?
Well, I heard your victim's name on the radio.
He was part of a case that I've been working on.
It's probably nothing. I just thought I'd look around.
Here you go, sweetie.
- Thank you. - Sure.
- Anything else? - Mm-mmm.
I'm fine.
One second. All right?
- Hello. - Oh, hi, Bo. It's Detective Burton.
- Hey, Detective. - I hope I'm not bothering you.
No, no, no. We just got back from the hospital.
- Any change? - No, no. No change.
But thanks for asking. So, what's up?
Well, you remember that guy Kevin Rosner?
He was killed earlier today in a motorcycle accident.
The- The name sounds familiar. Wh-
He was one of the photographers that was involved in your accident.
Oh. Well, that's too bad, isn't it?
I just thought you'd like to know.
Yeah, well, I appreciate you calling.
All right.
Chrissy! Hey, baby.
Hey. What do you got?
Just like I expected. Cops refused to release Kevin's personal effects.
- Then what are we doin'- - Would you let me finish? I said I expected it.
So I slapped 'em with a bogus power of attorney. They didn't have any choice.
Ready for the good news?
Cheryl. Do you mind, love?
Check this out.
Even in death, they can't shut him up.
Hey, Cheryl. Call Richard. Tell him to hold the cover.
Hello, Debra. Can you get me through to Richard?
We got something here. We need to speak with him now.
- Bo! Howdy. - Hey, Detective.
- How are you? - Good. How you doin'?
Okay. Good to see you. Yeah, things are good.
- You want a cup of coffee? - I'd love one. Thanks.
- Let's take a walk. I'll show you around. - Okay.
Listen, the other day after I hung up with you I did some digging around.
We're dealing with real scumbags here, Bo.
This guy- Leonard Clark?
He used to be an attorney.
He got himself disbarred for distribution of narcotics.
Is that right?
What do you think the son of a bitch does?
He turns around and sues the police department for illegal search and seizure.
Cost the city a million bucks just to make it go away.
He's still on probation for possession of illegal firearms.
And this other guy- Harper? The guy you slapped around?
He slimed his way out of an attempted rape charge.
Guess who the attorney was.
- Leonard Clark? - Yeah.
And by the way, you're not the first deep pockets he got into.
- This actor, Andy Baldwin? - Alec?
Yeah. One of those Baldwin guys.
Anyway, he slaps Harper around.
Harper takes him to the cleaners...
and then Harper moves into a boat in the marina.
Now, listen, Bo...
until I get this thing straightened out-
I know that you actors have people and places you wanna keep confidential.
If I were you, I would be very careful about what I said on my cell phone.
- Really. Why's that? - Because for a couple hundred dollars...
you can go to your local radio guy...
and you can drop in on anybody at any time.
- Bo, we're ready for you on set. - Okay.
Listen, Detective, thanks for coming by. I appreciate it.
I'll speak to you soon. Okay? Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm scared for Zach. I-
Part of me just wants to take him back to Montana where he can feel secure.
I don't think he's gonna get that here.
- Hey, Reg. Where you at, man? - Yeah, I just got here.
Nicole Kidman's coming by for a lunch meeting.
- I'm on it. - See you in a sec.
You hear that, Leonard, you piece of shit?
Sorry, man. Can't let you slide.
Mr. Laramie's orders.
- Do you mind? - Yes, I do.
- What's going on, Reg? - Uninvited guest.
Oh, yeah?
I don't see anybody hurt or naked. You sure you're in the right place, Leonard?
Very funny. Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Get rid of him, Reg.
- You heard him. - Don't touch me!
I'm leaving.
Emergency Response.
Listen, there's a guy with a blue metallic Volvo station wagon-
He's waving a gun all over the place!
- What is your location? - Westbound on Sunset Boulevard!
We're coming up to Western now!
His license number is ABM543.
He's a white guy! He's crazy! Get somebody down here!
All units, be on the lookout for a blue Volvo wagon...
license Adam-Baker-Mary 543.
Approach with caution.
Driver has priors for illegal weapons possession.
Last seen heading westbound on Sunset near Western.
Pull over immediately!
- Pull your vehicle over.! - Oh, bollocks.
- Do you wanna see a license? - Show me your hands.! Get your hands up.!
- Do it now.! Right now.! - What the hell is this?
And I'll let you stay up as late as you want...
until 10:00.
Do you want a new bike?
We need you to wake up.
One man is dead in what people are describing as a bizarre "suicide by cop. "
The victim, Leonard Clark, pointed a weapon at several officers...
who were forced to open fire...
killing the man instantly.
Details are still sketchy, but police are describing the weapon...
as a modified. 45-caliber blank gun...
commonly used in the motion picture industry.
We're awaiting a press conference by the authorities...
and we'll bring it to you live, when it happens.
Hi. You've reached Wendell Stokes Photography.
You got somethin'to say, say it.
Wendell, it's Rex. Pick up the phone.!
Leonard's dead.! Pick up the phone.!
- It was Laramie, and I know it. - Did you call Burton?
Yeah. Know what he said? "The case is under investigation. "
Look, he's coming for us next, man. You know that.
Yeah, but at least we'll know when he's coming.
The cops don't go after him, Wendell...
we will.
- Did you get those from Rudy? - Yep.
Oh, these are beauties.
They'll transmit to my system perfectly.
H- How are we supposed to get in?
Have a little faith, my friend.
Now, you would think people would be more careful.
- Are you gonna be all right? - Mm-hmm.
If I don't feel well, I'll have Ken cover my class.
Well,just call me and I'll have Reggie pick you up if there's any problem.
Shh! I'll be fine.
Okay. All right.
I'll be with Zach all afternoon.
- I'll see you two for lunch at the hospital. - Mm-hmm.
- I love you, beautiful. - I love you too.
- I'll see you soon. - Okay.
- How's Zach? - He's still in stable condition.
- Thanks for asking. - That's good news, Bo.
- What you got? - It might be a while. We're running a little behind.
I have script changes for you, and there's a Detective Burton here.
- I told him he could wait in your trailer. - He's in my trailer? Thanks.
- Oh, hiya, Bo. - Hey.
- That little girl outside, she said it was okay- - No, no, of course.
- How's it going? - Oh, good.
Geez, look at this place. It's amazing.
My kids will not believe this.
- You got kids, huh? - Yeah.
- Really? How many kids you got? - Six girls.
- Six girls? Wow. - I kept trying for the boy, but-
It sounds like it.
- Well, I guess you know why I'm here, Bo. - It's pretty hard to miss.
- So you know what I'm talking about? - Leonard Clark, no?
Can you believe this guy?
He pulls a gun on half of our department.
- Well, the guy's a bit of a jerk. Come on. - Hey.
- Sorry to interrupt, Bo. - No, it's all right.
Okay, here you go, Detective. This is a copy of the paperwork we gave to the A.T.F.
Well, thank you, Charlie. Thank you very much. I'll stop by on my way out.
All right.
Oh, yeah, we traced the gun here. Charlie reported it missing.
You know Leonard Clark was here that day, right?
I heard that.
I've now got two dead paparazzi...
that were involved in your accident.
I wish I could tell you more about these clowns. It's-
I don't know, it just takes a certain kind of person...
that would do something like this.
Complete and utter distortion of the truth.
Welcome to my world, Detective.
I'll tell you, Bo...
I don't know what I would do if anyone ever hurt one of my family.
I'm running up against it on this one, Bo.
What do you think?
I think you're dealing with a random accident and a suicide. That's what I think.
Well, as it turns out...
Rosner's accident might not be that random.
The investigators are still looking into it.
And now...
I've got this gun.
Excuse me one second.
Excuse me, Bo. Paul sends his apologies.
- That's okay. How soon until I'm up? .00 tomorrow morning.
10:00 tomorrow? All right. Thanks, sweetie.
If that's it, I'm gonna head home.
- Hey, I'm done here. - Okay.
Oh, Bo, there is one thing, and I hate to ask.
Would you sign a picture for my kids?
- Of course. - If it's not too much trouble.
- Let me just grab a pen. - Here.
- Why don't you use this? - Fine.
Thank you.
There you go.
- Thanks. - Sure.
Maybe it's for one of us!
- Bo! - Abby!
- Help me! - Abby!
- Shut up! Shut up! - Wendell!
What the hell are you doing?
Oh! It's Laramie.
Come on!
You say one word to the cops, and I'm coming back for the kid.
They said that if we told anybody...
that- they said they'd hurt Zach.
They're never gonna stop, Bo.
- They're never gonna stop. - It's okay, baby.
I'm here, honey. I'm here.
Aegis Security.
Hey, Reg, listen, I need you to do me a favor.
I need you to go down to the hospital and keep an eye on Zach tonight.
- Hospital? Is Zach okay? What's going on? - Hey, Reg. Reg.
I'll fill you in later. Okay?
Just make sure that nobody goes inside of that room unless they're a doctor.
- It's done. - If there's any problems, you call me.
- All right. - All right. Thanks.
She's gonna be fine, Bo. I gave her something to help her rest.
- Is there anything I should do? - No, no, no.
Just let her rest. She'll sleep a good 12 hours or more.
- I'll call tomorrow, see how she's doing. - All right.
Listen, I appreciate you coming by. Thank you.
- But if there's a change, I want to know. - You got it.
- I'll call you. - Okay.
How you doing, fellas?
How you doing, Mr. Laramie? I'm Deputy Walker. This is Deputy Wilson.
Det. Burton said you might need some extra security.
Just until things settle down.
- I appreciate you guys coming out. - Happy to do it.
We're gonna be out here all night, walk the perimeter every hour.
- Wife never got a look at the guy, huh? - Nah, she didn't.
So, what's the plan? I know you got something up your sleeve.
The idea of going in there, Wendell...
was to protect ourselves.
If we were worried Laramie was coming after us before, we have guaranteed it now.
Why don't we just call the cops?
And tell them...
we broke into his house...
you attacked his wife...
and that we would like some protection?
You're a moron, Wendell.
You're an absolute moron!
What did you expect me to do? The bitch was all over me.
Go home!
Check your monitor. See if Laramie's found the cameras.
I gotta think this through.
Go home. I'll call you later.
- What's up with the light? - Gonna have to see some I.D.
- Ain't that big-ass sign enough I.D. for you? - Let's go.
- License and registration. - What, I look like a terrorist?
- Just the I.D., please. - It's right there. There you go.
Only black man in Malibu.
Guys always messin' with me. Always messin' with me.
- What'd you say? - I said, 30 minutes or it's free.
Go on.
- The money better all be there, or that's your ass. - Move on.
I'm goin' Not waitin'for y'all.
What's going on, man?
- Yo, you Bo, right? You Bo, right? - Yeah.
This your crib!
Yeah. What do I owe you for the pizza?
You don't owe me nothin'.
Just send down one of them bad white bitches, and you can have all the pizza you want.
All right, tell you what. Here's $60.
- All right? - Yo, thanks a lot, man.
The front door's open.
Put one pie inside, the other one to the cops out front, will you, please?
- Have a good night. - Good lookin' out!
Yeah, it's Burton. How's Vic comin' with that Leonard Clark tape?
No kidding.
Tell him to cue it up. I'll be right in.
There you go, chief.
Well, I'll be a son of a bitch.
- Can I get a copy of this? - Copy?
I can give it to you on DVD.
I'm gonna go wake up Laramie.
Hi. You've reached Wendell Stokes Photography.
You got somethin'to say, say it.
Wendell. Rex. I got a plan.
I'll be at your place at 8:.00 a. m. sharp. Keep an eye on those cameras.
And call me ifhe leaves his house.
Hey, Wendell.
What the hell are you doing here?
Aw, shit.
Wait a minute.
This is Burton. Get me Traffic.
- Morning. - Good morning.
Listen, fellas, thanks for helping out.
Brought you some hot coffee and a dozen doughnuts to start your day.
- Great. - Appreciate it, Detective.
You fellas get some rest.
- Hey, Detective. - Good m-
How did you know it was me?
'Cause, uh, I can see your car.
I- I'll let you in.
Hey. You caught me. I was in the shower.
- How did my guys do last night? Were they okay? - They were great.
- I got a great night of sleep thanks to them. - Glad to hear it.
I got something I'd like you to take a look at. It'll only take a minute.
- Is everything all right? - Great.
What is this?
Impound found some video equipment...
in the back of Leonard's car.
Seems he was wearing a miniature camera when he came to the set.
Why are we watching this?
Oh,just be patient. Best part is the end.
Okay, now...
watch this very closely.
It's a jacket.
And there was something about that jacket...
that was bothering me.
And then it hit me.
The boys at the crime lab prepared this for me.
Now, you'll notice that in the first shot...
the lapels are facing away from us.
In the second shot...
the lapels are facing towards us.
I was wondering how the jacket removed itself from its hook...
and turned itself around.
You see, the button-cam is all one shot- it's unedited, uninterrupted.
And Leonard left his car and came back only once.
You know what I think?
I think someone on that set...
planted the gun.
Excuse me.
I'm on my way.
You don't want your disc?
Keep it. We got the original.
Ma'am, my name is Detective Burton.
I'm from the Los Angeles Police Department...
and I'm here to talk to you about the night of April 18.
They lied to you, Detective.
They caused the accident that night.
Then why the hell didn't you come forward with this information before?
This is Detective Burton.
I need two units to pick up Rex Harper on suspicion of rape.
Berth 40, slip seven at the marina.
The suspect is a white male, about six feet tall.
And I also need a patrol car to meet me at the home of Wendell Stokes...
1323 Old Malibu Road.
Both units are code two.
Roger that, Detective.
Units already dispatched to both those locations...
responding to anonymous 9-1-1 calls.
What the-
I want all of this glass bagged up,Jerry.
- What do you got, Tim? - Hey.
Looks like the perp came through the window.
We got a bloody handprint on the wall.
Blunt force, trauma to the head, no sign of a struggle.
Haven't found a weapon yet.
Guy's a bit of a freak, huh?
What's this?
This is a live feed into Laramie's house.
And that's Rex Harper. Press that record button.
Call the Malibu Sheriff s Department. Tell 'em to meet me at Laramie's house with backup!
- Code three! Did you hear me? - Yeah!
Come on, pick it up.!
Come on, Laramie!
Took the bait, huh, Rex?
Answer the damn phone! Come on!
You know what, Rex?
- Rex. - Huh?
This feels a lot better than I thought.
- Laramie, it's Burton. - Detective?
- Harper's on your property with a gun. - He is?
Yes, he is.!Just find a way out.! I'm on my way.!
Hurry, Detective! He's in!
- Talk to me! - Hurry! He's in!
What the hell is going on? Laramie? Laramie.!
Damn it!
You're in a lot of trouble, Rex.
The bat was a nice touch, wasn't it?
You're going down for Wendell's murder.
- You can't do th- Ohh! - What can't I do?
Ooh, the cops are here.
Okay. Okay.
Gotta make this right. Yeah. Okay.
This worked out so perfect, Rex. I don't think I could've written it any better myself.
It's just a shame I can't tell anyone.
Except you. I can tell you, can't I, Rex?
I feel like I can share anything with you. I feel the need to share.
In here, Detective.! Upstairs.!
You ready for the last act, Rex? Huh?
Thank God. Detective, thank God you called me.
You- You saved my life.
Wait a second! He's the one-
I owe you one. He almost killed me.
Come on, now, Bo. Give me the gun.
Take it easy. Okay? It's over.
- Just put the gun down. - Okay. Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Come on.
Get this piece of shit out of my house.
All right, come on. Get up.
Come on. Get up!
Cuff this moron. Get him out of here.
Okay. Okay, okay.
- Oww! - Photographer, my ass.
Hey. I'll be out in a week.
Just another great story for Rex Harper.
In a week you'll be somebody's wife. Come on.
Hey, Russell, come on.
Mr. Harper, what were you doing here?
- Any response to the rape allegations? - Were you and Wendell lovers?
- Did you kill Kevin Rosner? - What about Wendell Stokes?
- Give us a sound bite! - All right, we're comin' through!
Let me through.
Get out of my way!
He's on his last shot. I'm headed towards him now. Can you hang on?
Bo. Hospital.
This is Bo.
Hi, Daddy.
Oh, my boy!
- Hello, son. - Hi, Daddy.
- I missed you, buddy. - I missed you too.
- Bo Laramie! - Hey, Matthew.
- Congratulations. - Thank you, sir.
Good to meet you, man. Hey, meet my family. This is my wife Abby.
Abby? Matthew.
- My son Zach. - What do you say, Zach? Proud of your dad, huh?
- Oh, yeah! - Oh, yeah? All right.
- Keep up the good work. - I will.
Nice to meet y'all. Zach, take care of them. Y'all have a good night.
- Ready, Bo? - Yeah, yeah.
- All right, son, I'm gonna go take some pictures. - Okay!
Sweetheart, see you in the car.
Little baby girl. See ya, honey.
- Are you ready, honey? - Yeah.
Okay. This way.
I love you, Bo!
- Bo! - Come on, Bo! Big smile!
Bo.! Over here, man.! Turn around.! Turn around.!
Hey, Bo!
Packin' on a few pounds there, Laramie?
As a matter of fact, I am.
Looks good on me, doesn't it?
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