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Subtitles for Paradise Hawaiian Style - Elvis Presley (Michael D Moore 1966).

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Paradise Hawaiian Style - Elvis Presley (Michael D Moore 1966)

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Coffee, Rick?
All right, come on, Peggy.
lt'll serve you right if you get burned.
lt won't be the first time.
Oh my, aren't we bitter.
That's no way to start your vacation.
lt's no vacation.
Oh? No trouble, l hope.
Well, l'm going home to get away from trouble.
Now there's a switch, even for you.
Oh, thank you.
What's up, Rick?
l got fired.
Oh, l'm sorry.
But, knowing you, you must have brought it on yourself.
Not this time.
You'll find a spot with another airline.
Have you tried United?
l've tried them all.
But you're a good pilot.
Well, nobody questions my ability.
lt's my reputation.
Nobody will believe l've changed.
l know. lt's the girls that stay the same.
Believe it or not, this time, l was innocent.
l was sitting there flying, minding my own business
when this soft feminine voice came over the intercom
and told me there was something smoldering in the galley.
Don't tell me-- she was.
But l took it straight and l went back to investigate.
And she took advantage of you.
Are you going to tell it, or am l?
All right, so she didn't take advantage of you.
She kissed me.
That doesn't sound too bad.
You never fought it before.
Well, we hit some turbulence
and we both wound up on the deck
in full view of the passengers.
Well, it makes a good story.
Uh, how about having dinner with me tonight?
Help me forget my troubles.
You've been away from the islands too long, skipper.
l got over you years ago.
Well, thanks for the sympathetic ear.
Part of the service.
Welcome to paradise, Hawaiian style.
We're flyin'
Comin' your way
Hawaii, USA
Gee, it's great
To be in that 50th state
The land of enchanted dreams
What an isle
Well, it's heaven, tropical style
Where love weaves a spell
lt seems
Gee, what fun
Just to swim and surf in the sun
While the trade winds caress
The sea
What a sight
Those exotic scenes of delight
Are waiting for you
And me
Thanks a lot, Johnny.
Hey, missionary.
Oh, hi, native.
Welcome back to Paradise.
Why didn't you wire me?
l'd have been at the ramp with a dozen Wahines.
l wanted to surprise you.
You did, you did.
How much vacation time you got?
l got, l got let out of the airlines.
So, what happened this time? What'd you do?
You'd never believe it.
All right, don't tell me.
So what'll you do now, missionary?
Aw, come on, Danny, there hasn't been
a missionary in my family for a hundred years.
You know that.
You can take the boy out of the church
but you can't keep his hands out of the cookie jar.
Who was the cookie?
All right, she was a stewardess.
But l had nothing to do with it.
All l had on my mind
was helping her put out the fire in the galley.
And what was on fire?
She was.
Hey, maybe you can give me a job.
Are you out of your pineapple-pickin' mind?
l go for days without even a sniff of a customer
and with five kids to feed.
You got five kids?
At last count.
What are you trying to do, sink the island?
Well, l've got this nervous habit...
Well, you better try biting your nails.
Hey, l set some lobster nets out on the reef.
How about a lobster luau?
You haven't seen Betty for a long time.
Well, l'd like to, Danny
but l've got to find a job and a place to live.
Tonight, you stay with us.
ln the morning, you can take my car and go find a job.
-Five kids? -Yeah.
You got yourself a baby-sitter.
Finish it up, Earl.
ls this a picnic, Mama?
lt's a welcome home party for Uncle Rick.
Now watch your step.
l have the biggest watermelon!
No, l do.
Now, now, no fighting.
Now be careful, that's heavy.
Here you go, Rick.
Papaya and liquid oxygen.
What time do l blast off?
You won't know a thing until you're in orbit.
lt's the reentry that's rough.
Are you two reminiscing about old times?
We're just talking
about Rick's little adventure with a...
Uh, uh...
l think the kids would like to hear about
my, uh, skin-diving off Malibu.
That would be fun.
Yeah, sit down.
Well, l was down about 50 feet, and l got lost.
And a beautiful mermaid came by and offered me a can of tuna.
Oh, Uncle Rick...
What happened then, Uncle Rick?
Well, uh, uh... l ate the tuna, see...
and, uh, l held my breath and l started swimming
and l swam all the way here.
That's why l'm so tired.
But you came in Daddy's car.
We saw you.
Mmm, well, actually, the, uh, the real truth is, uh...
l flew from San Francisco, see
and my wings are tired.
But only angels have wings.
And you're no angel, because l heard Daddy say so.
Big mouth.
Why don't you take the kids and go help your mother?
Okay, l'll go.
But don't believe any of his stories, Mommy.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Number-one child's very bright.
They all are.
lt's tough to keep up with them.
Yeah, it must be tough to keep track of them.
Ah, you'll find out one of these days.
Him married? Not a chance.
Marriage and children are for squares like us.
l'm glad you're back, Rick.
lt gets dull without you around.
You know, no planes being taxied into offices
on New Year's Eve, no girls calling
at all hours of the night looking for you
no irate fathers writing to newspapers...
Yeah, l guess l did burn some bridges behind me.
Well, you can always go back to crop dusting
or, or working for the Blackmont outfit.
l hear they're looking for someone
to pilot their helicopters.
Oh, l'm not that desperate.
Where will you live, Rick?
l'll get an apartment in Eva Beach.
Well, there goes that neighborhood.
Hey, kids, quiet it down!
We want Queenie!
Maya-maya, where's my papaya?
Boolu-boolu, it's in Honolulu.
Boolu-boolu, it's in Honolulu.
Hey, Uncle Rick, look. l'm Queenie Wahine.
You know, you look like a little queen.
Come on, Uncle Rick, tell us about Queenie Wahine.
Come on, tell us a story!
She sells sea shells, by the seashore
But l know a gal who sells so much more
Queenie Wahine's papaya rates higher
Than pineapple, pumpkin or poi
Please pick her papaya
Put Queenie Wahine in perfect, perpetual joy
Though some peoples' palates prefer pickle salads
Plum pudding, pink popcorn, peach pie
Oh, Queenie's papaya you'll truly desire
When that Queenie Wahine passes by
Queenie Wahine's papaya rates higher
Than pineapple, pumpkin or poi
Please pick her papaya
Put Queenie Wahine in perfect, perpetual joy
Though some people's palates prefer pickle salads
Plum pudding
Pink popcorn
Peach pie
Oh, Queenie's papaya you'll truly desire
When that Queenie Wahine passes by
Queenie Wahine's papaya rates higher
Than pineapple, pumpkin or poi
Please pick her papaya
Put Queenie Wahine in perfect, perpetual joy
Though some people's palates prefer pickle salads
Plum pudding, pink popcorn, peach pie
Oh, Queenie's papaya you'll truly desire
When that Queenie Wahine passes by.
You're fun, Uncle Rick! You're fun!
Hey, Uncle Rick!
Hey, Danny, you got room for one more?
Sure, hop in.
Mr. Cubberson is in alligator shoes.
Hmm, so l see.
Yes, l certainly am.
And our intention is to see everyone
in alligator shoes, Mister, uh...
Uh, Richards. Rick Richards.
-Aloha. -Aloha.
Mr. Cubberson's on his way to the shoe convention on Maui.
Oh, the boys always depend on me
for my old keynote address.
l mustn't be late and let them down.
They know they can count on Cubberson.
How'd it go?
lt's rough out.
That's too bad.
You'll find another spot.
Good commercial pilots are rare.
And so are alligator shoes
and that's what we're trying to sell.
Alligator shoes are a symbol
of prestige, of wealth, of importance.
Hey, yeah, you're right, Mr. Cubberson.
Ah, l'm not going back to work
for somebody else, Danny.
Let me take the controls, l want to show you
a place l looked at this morning.
Why are we sinking?
Where are the life jackets?
Just a slight detour, Mr. Cubberson.
No extra charge.
Oh, but l'm late now
and l have to make that opening speech.
We'll get you there in plenty of time.
Beautiful, aren't they?
Yeah, but, uh, so are
Mr. Cubberson's alligator shoes.
What am l supposed to be seeing?
'Cause whatever it is, l don't.
Well, l came over to see Blackmont, like you said
but instead of going to work for him
we figured out a way to scratch each other's backs.
l sold him on going into partnership with us.
He scratches our backs by putting up the choppers
we scratch his by putting up the service.
Ah, what kind of service?
A personal air service.
Look, we both know these islands, Danny.
We could use the choppers to fly tourists to places
they could never reach by any other means of transportation.
Three passengers at a time?
We couldn't afford it, and neither could the customers.
Why not?
Cubberson has the right idea.
Give the people a little something special
and they'll pay for it.
Two choppers would make it pay us.
And all we'd provide is the service.
Well, not exactly.
Blackmont wants us to put up $10,000 bond.
Yeah, l knew there was a catch.
Where do we get that kind of money?
Well, my severance pay
and the loan you're going to get on your plane.
And if we can't meet the payments
we lose both the choppers and the bond, right?
Ah, yes, but we won't let that happen.
Sorry, old buddy.
l love you like a brother, but it's too risky.
Come on, Cubberson's waiting.
Aloha, aloha!
Gentlemen, l greet you.
lt's delightful to be here.
Oh, it's, it's good to be well-liked.
Danny, l'd like you to meet somebody.
We'll see you later, Mr. Cubberson.
Do l know you?
Allow me to introduce myself.
Rick Richards. This is my buddy, Danny Kohana.
Aren't you a little late?
We had a date, remember?
Well, how could l forget? When?
For dinner.
June 4, two years ago.
And you've been waiting all this time?
Well, you must be starving.
Not anymore.
l ate my heart out for a day or two.
Lehua, l-l know l gave you a bad time
but l'm a different guy now.
Any change would be an improvement.
l said l was sorry.
l'd like to make it up to you.
How about joining us for lunch?
Well, l'm on duty right now.
What time do you have?
Fine. l'll meet you at exactly same time
two years from today.
Lehua, l got a proposition for you.
The same one?
We can help each other.
Sorry, we don't provide that service anymore.
lf you just listen for a minute.
Look, Danny and l are starting
a helicopter line for the tourists.
Hey, wait.
We know these islands better than anybody.
We can take people to places that nobody else can.
And you can help
by lining up some passengers for us.
Not me, honey.
l been that route.
When you take somebody for a ride
it's a long trip.
Uh, chow time?
l'm not giving up that easy.
Don't go away.
Lehua, two years ago, l got sent to the mainland.
l tried to phone you before l left.
For your cards and letters, l thank you.
Well, l'm not much for writing, but l thought about you a lot.
l wish l could believe that.
lf you go along with us, l'll prove it to you.
Look, you're the only one that can help us.
l'll tell you what.
You scratch my back, and l'll scratch yours.
Make bigger circles.
Mmm, bigger, Rick.
Mr. Kohana!
Mr. Kohana!
Quick, quick, we've got to get to the plane.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?
Uh, you've brought me to the wrong convention
is what's the matter.
We're even on the wrong island.
Wrong convention?
This is a convention of the SPCA--
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to...
Oh, quick.
We've got to get out of here.
They're liable to lynch me.
l'm supposed to be at the Hanalei Plantation.
But you said the Maui Sheraton.
Well, l'm a stranger around here.
How am l supposed to know where l'm going?
That's the reason l hired you.
No, you.
Okay, Mr. Cubberson. Let's go.
Yeah, come on.
Hey, that's great.
l know another girl at the Hanalei Plantation.
She can do us a lot of good, too.
Spare me, will you, Rick, buddy?
You're wasting your time.
Don't bet on it.
Come on, come on.
l'll talk to you later, Lehua.
Oh... Oh, well, l'm here in plenty of time.
l'd like to settle up and buy you boys a drink?
l'll take a rain check, Mr. Cubberson.
But don't forget us on your next trip.
Oh, no, l won't.
l'll see you later, Danny.
Aren't you forgetting something, Mr. Cubberson?
Oh, thank you.
Hey, Rick!
Rick, welcome home!
l'm glad to be back, Lani.
l thought you were dead, or worse, married.
Well, l had a few crash landings
but l managed to walk away.
What's new in your life?
Just an absence of you.
Come on.
Oh, where you taking me?
Down to the Piki Niki.
ln case you've forgotten, l work here.
ls Charlie running, or do we walk?
Well, he's still temperamental, but let's risk it.
Tell me you came back to see me, Rick.
Go ahead, lie a little.
Well, the truth is l'm trying to start
a helicopter service with Danny Kohana.
We could fly people to out-of-the-way places
like Moonlight Beach.
Rick, you remembered!
Sure. lt was a long walk, but it was worth it.
Three days of absolute heaven.
When can we go again?
Well, until l get this business started
l'm going to be pretty busy, but there is a way.
What's that?
Well, you could recommend our service
to the hotel guests, and l can combine work
with the pleasure of seeing you.
And l'd be helping you get your business started, right?
ln a way like nobody else could.
You scratch my back and l'll scratch yours.
Huh? What about it?
Start scratching.
And here she is, and none too soon--
Hanalei's own Lani Kaimana.
One good turn deserves another
Be my love, l'll be your lover
lt's all part of nature's laws
Ooba do-bop, do-bop
lf you scratch my back
Ooba do-bop, do-bop
Then l'll scratch yours
Ooba do-bop, a-dooba do-bop
lf you'll scratch-a my back
Then l scratch-a your back
Like two peas in a pack
Let's get rid of our itch together
Joy, they say, is in the givin'
Come on, give, make life worth livin'
Your welfare is my concern
Dooba do-bop, do-bop
Do a favor for me
Dooba do-bop, do-bop
l'll do one in return
Dooba do-bop, a-dooba, do-bop
lf you'll scratch-a my back
Then l'll scratch-a your back
Like two peas in a pack
Let's get rid of our itch together, hmm
Scratch me now, a little lower
What a feeling, do it slower
[ Skipped item nr. 467 ]
Well, l gotta admit
Dooba, do-bop, do-bop
You just hit the spot
Dooba, do-bop, dooba, do-bop
lf you'll scratch-a my back
Then l'll scratch-a your back
Like two peas in a pack
Let's get rid of our itch together
lf you scratch-a my back
Then l'll scratch-a your back
Like two peas in a pack
Let's get rid of our itch together.
Hey, Danny, Blackmont won't wait much longer.
l mean, where would we be
if Captain Cook hadn't taken a chance?
You'd probably be in a stew pot
and my people would still own the islands.
Look, we're missing a chance of a lifetime.
lt could work just great
with Lani and Lehua sending us customers
and there'll be more.
l borrowed all the cash l possibly could
but l still can't make it without you.
l said okay.
And if l don't pay it back, l'll be in hock up to my neck.
That should show how serious l am about this thing.
You said okay?
l did.
That means you'll go?
l already made up my mind.
Lani called about a couple of firm deals
and Lehua called asking about prices.
l may be a little pupule, but...
shake, partner.
''Danrick.'' Dan, Rick.
Thanks for the billing.
Well, we're in business now.
Hey, but, uh, what's the lineup?
Don't tell me we've got customers already.
Well, uh, not exactly.
We need somebody to mind the place
while we're out
so l advertised for a Girl Friday.
You sure it's not a little something
for Saturday and Sunday?
All right, girls.
Follow me inside and...
l'll check out your qualifications.
lt's a good thing
she doesn't have a portable television.
Where did you put the ad, in ''Playboy''?
This way, girls.
Hi, Danny.
Judy, what are you doing?
l told Ben this is the last time l'd rent this plane
if he didn't get the rudder cable fixed.
You practicing for the powder-puff derby?
Ha! My mom won that
when she was nothing but a bored housewife.
Anyway, l've had it for a while.
l'm running too low on cash to rent planes anymore.
Judy, how would you like to work for me?
As a pilot?
A pilot?!
Why not?
Women can set all kinds of records
but not one of you will let us make a living flying.
Well, maybe we can talk about that later.
Ever work in an office?
Where do you think
l get the money to sink into flying?
l've outrun some of the biggest executives in Honolulu!
Did you bring a change of clothes?
Sure. Why?
Don't ask any questions.
Just get cleaned up.
l'll explain it later.
Well, thanks a lot, girls
and we'll get in touch with you later on.
Thank you.
Thank you.
-Good-bye. -Bye.
Well, your qualifications look good.
How's your typing?
l hunt and peck.
Yeah, l'll bet you do.
You sit over at my desk
and l'll be with you in a minute.
How's your shorthand?
l take 180 words per minute.
l also operate a tabulating machine
translate Hawaiian and Japanese
and l'm quite good with a scalp massage.
Yeah, uh, well, you sit right over here
and my partner will talk to you in a few minutes.
How are you at answering the phone?
Depends on what l'm doing when you call.
Well, you wait here, and l'll interview you.
Hey, Rick, can l see you out here for a minute?
Don't go away, girls.
Look, you can let them all go.
l've hired the perfect girl.
She can type, take shorthand
and knows the islands.
Huh... We met before, about two years ago.
On a surfboard.
Yeah, Waikiki.
You were wiped out.
Remember? l scooped you out of the soup.
Oh, yeah, l remember.
You tried to give me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.
The offer still holds.
Hmm, l'll keep it in mind.
You never gave me your name.
Uh, Mrs. Hudson.
Oh. Mrs. Rock Hudson?
Uh, Mrs. Roy Hudson.
Julie's husband's a Navy pilot.
He's out on maneuvers.
Oh. Do you mind if l call you ''Friday''?
Uh, Judy reminds me of a clam shucker.
A clam shucker?
Yeah, it's this girl l used to know.
lt was her favorite pastime-- shucking clams.
Would you excuse us, please?
Why pick a married one?
So you'd keep your mind on your work.
Ah, you worry too much, Danny.
l'm off to forge another link in the Danrick operation.
There's a girl at the Polynesian Culture Center...
Oh, not another one.
Look, we've got enough gals working for us now
to start a modeling agency.
The more girls, the more business.
l promise l won't get emotionally involved.
Take the other girls inside, will you?
And get their numbers while you're at it.
l'll buy one of my own at the dime store.
Sometimes saying you're married
works better than an insect repellent.
Hi, Rick.
Please excuse me.
Rick, aloha noe!
Pua, it's been a long time.
Too long. l've missed you.
Where did you get the helicopter?
l've just gone into business with Danny Kohana.
Then you're going to stay on the islands?
Once l get the helicopter service going
l can spend most of my time here.
Oh, l'm for that! Can l help?
Like nobody else can.
You scratch my back, and l'll scratch yours.
Sounds good.
Oh, but right now l've got to ride on a canoe.
lt's part of the show.
Do you want to come along?
Great! Let's go!
Drums of the islands, you're beating in my heart
You're with me no matter where l roam
lf ever l wander, if ever we're apart
l know that you will lead me home
lf l should journey across the deep blue sea
l'll never forget these coral shores
Drums of the islands, l hear you calling me
And l'll return forever yours
l love each valley, each grain of sand, each hill
The flowers, the music of the isles
These are the things that l love and always will
Though l may roam 10,000 miles
Drums of the islands, you're beating in my heart
You're with me no matter where l roam
lf ever l wander, if ever we're apart
l know that you will lead me home
l love each valley, each grain of sand, each hill
The flowers, the music of the isles
These are the things that l love and always will
Though l may roam 10,000 miles
Drums of the islands, you're beating in my heart
You're with me no matter where l roam
lf ever l wander, if ever we're apart
l know that you will lead me home.
Danrick Airways.
l'm sorry, he's not here right now.
Yes, l will.
Oh, how's it going?
Danny was looking for you.
He had to leave with a customer.
What's up?
You've got a date with some dogs.
Oh, a change of pace, eh?
l meant real ones.
A Mrs. Daisy Barrington chartered our service
to take her pets to a dog show in Kauai.
Nobody else would take them uncrated.
She'll meet you at the country club.
We don't haul dogs.
She's willing to pay a great deal.
Oh. We do haul dogs.
Uh, where are they?
You're to pick them up at the Kahala Hilton.
Like right now.
The Kahala Hilton.
That reminds me, l know a girl who works there.
Might be able to help us.
Another clam shucker?
Very funny.
Oh, uh, by the way, how do you like the job?
l'd rather be doing what you're doing.
l don't think you could take the strain.
Mm. l sure like the way you working girls don't dress.
lt's my day off and l can dress any way l like.
Are those your dogs?
Well, it's time for you to go to work.
Hmm. What a way to earn a living.
lt's nice of you to come along, Joanna.
l want to see what l'm selling.
Thank you.
We'll get them there all right.
lf l had my life to live over, l know just what l'd like to be
A pampered pet of a rich brunette
Sittin' on my mama's knee
Someone to love me, someone to care
Rubba-dubba-dub her little fingers through my hair
l need a dog's life
What a life
That's good enough for me
That's good enough for me
lf l had a bone to be pickin'
A pickin' chicken or a steak
Curled up there in an easy chair
Man, that won't be hard to take
l'll always be faithful
That's what l'd be
Never bite the hand that feeds me, no, sirree
Just lead a dog's life
What a life
That's good enough for me
That's good enough for me
l'd find me a fifi le poodle
And lose my noodle over her
l'd chase her around
All over town
Just to ruffle up her fur
Nuzzle her muzzle, a hole in her paw
Greatest case of puppy lovin' you ever saw
lt's called a dog's life
What a life
That's good enough for me
You heard me say it now
That's good enough for me
That's good enough for me.
Ah, behave yourself.
This evening had better be worth
what l'm going through back here.
l'll buy you the biggest steak you ever had.
Okay, all right, you cats, cool it!
Hey, l'm your friend.
They must be hungry.
Behave yourself.
Ow! You don't eat out much, do you?
Here. You take them and see if you can calm them down.
Hey, get them off me! Help me!
Down, boy.
Down, l said. Not up!
He's blocking my view.
Get him off my lap!
Rick, watch what you're doing!
Joanna, hold him back.
Hey, you want to fly it?
l can't see! Rick!
Yeah, l see it!
Oh, my God, help!
Rick, Rick, Rick, stop!
Rick, the car!
You, you, you... road hog!
There ought to be a law against such an outrage!
l got his number.
This is the day, Ruggles.
The is the big day we've been waiting for.
At last, at last.
lt's their first flight without me.
They're growing up.
Oh, Ruggles, l hope to heaven
my little ones didn't get airsick.
My babies.
My babies.
My babies!
What have they done to you?!
Look at them. Just look at them.
How can l ever show them?!
What have you done to my precious babies?!
Well, look what they've done to me.
Well, they're just fine, ma'am.
See, we had a little party on the way over...
with dancing and music...
and doggie yum-yums.
You fed them dog food?
How dare...!
did that naughty man hurt Mommy's little sweethearts?
Oh, well, you come on with Mommy.
Mommy take care of you.
Come on, Ruggles.
Come on, baby.
Mommy take care of you.
l look a lot worse than they do.
Yeah. How am l going to show you?
By paying for a new hairdo.
And that steak you promised.
Stop it, Andy.
Behave yourself.
You're making me lose my appetite.
Oh, well, l'm improving mine.
l was told you were shy and retiring.
You must have been talking to my mother.
l'm starved.
All l've had all day were those doggie yum-yums.
My hairdresser almost gave up.
She thought l should be declared a disaster area.
l don't know about that.
Stop it!
l'll have a thick slice
of that one.
Uh, new rules: no dogs, alligators or cats.
Just give us two fillets.
You, uh, lose your wedding ring?
Oh, l always take it off when l bathe.
Oh, you've taken a bath.
Uh, Joanna, this is my secretary, Mrs. Hudson.
Oh, hello.
Hi. Well, it's been nice seeing you.
Come on, Andy. The table's ready.
l haven't ordered my steak yet.
l've ordered enough for two-- come on!
Oh, l didn't know your husband was back from maneuvers.
Rick Richards.
Give me a big hunk of that, mac.
Uh, well, this isn't my husband.
He's a friend-- a friend of ours.
Baby, l didn't know you were married.
l'm sorry, l've done a terrible thing
and l can understand you hating me.
But l don't hate you.
l think it's great.
Stop it. l told you, l'm married.
Yeah, l know.
Maybe you better cool it, huh?
Hey, why don't you stick
that big nose somewhere else, buster?
Cut it out.
Just chalk it off to experience.
Now, look, l ain't leaving until l get my steak.
Baby, we could have a good time...
Here's your steak... rare!
One of those, huh?
That's my boy. Dust him off, Rusty.
Duck, Rick!
You... you...!
Get me out of here.
Would you like your steaks put in a doggie bag, sir?
A doggie bag!
After what l've been through?
You're quite a girl, Friday: surfer, pilot, secretary, wife.
Well, yes, sometimes l amaze myself.
l'll see you in the morning?
Why not?
l haven't been fired, have l?
No, your personal life's your own.
l'm sorry l got involved in it tonight.
You can let me off here.
lt's only another block.
For the same fare, l could take you all the way.
Good night, Rick.
Uh, maybe l better go and explain to your husband
that you had to work late.
Uh, no, thanks.
And that you'll be leaving early on a special assignment.
-For the company? -Of course.
But maybe it's better if l tell him about it.
No, he wouldn't understand. He's very jealous.
Well, that didn't bother you earlier.
Which makes me just the kind of girl you like, doesn't it?
Good night.
Aw, come on, you can't be that angry.
Can't l?
l was afraid you might not show up this morning
but l'm glad you did.
Thank you.
There's still something wrong.
That bugs you, doesn't it?
No, it's just good business.
A single girl sells more tickets.
l'll keep it.
lt's a good thing you weren't wearing a charm bracelet.
That's it.
Hold it.
B-But, Mr. Belden
are you sure it was one of our helicopters?
Yes, yes, that's right.
Not now, Jan.
He did what?!
Mr. Belden, why would anyone be driving down
either side of the highway, let alone the wrong side?
Look, Kohana, l'm accustomed
to handling complaints filed by others
and l hate to make more work for myself and the board
but l can not ignore reckless flying and the near-destruction
of government property in the form of my assigned automobile
not to mention my wife.
Your wife? l hope it wasn't serious.
What happened?
Oh, hi, Uncle Rick!
Oh, hi, Jan.
l guess l'm getting too old for that stuff.
No, you got a long way to go, Jan.
What are you doing here?
Daddy promised me a ride in his helicopter!
And then we're going for a swim.
Now there's no point in making a federal case out of it
as long as no one was seriously hurt.
Yes, sir.
Yes, sir, l'll come right over
and see if we can't straighten it out.
Yes, sir, right away.
Do you know who that was?
Surprise me.
Donald Belden.
One of the regional directors of the lsland Aviation Bureau.
Where does he want us to fly him?
He's already been given a short trip--
right into an irrigation ditch.
You forced him off the highway with the chopper.
l what?!
He says his wife will never be the same.
Are you sure he doesn't want to thank me?
Oh, come on. This is no time for jokes.
l've got to go right over and calm him down
before he files a formal complaint.
Look, Danny, l didn't even see him.
lt must've happened when the dogs got loose.
You really set some kind of a new record.
ln addition to Belden
we've had complaints from Mrs. Barrington
the Steak House and the Pineapple Pickers Union.
Oh, boy.
Good news travels fast, doesn't it?
l'll see you all later.
l got to go bail us out, one at a time.
But Dad, you said you were going to go take me for a ride.
l did it, Danny. l'll clear it up.
Let me talk to Belden.
No chance. You couldn't get near him.
l'm sorry, sweetheart. Maybe later.
You keep an eye on her until l get back.
Come on, honey, l'll teach you how to type your name.
l already know that.
Oh, you had two calls.
Business or pleasure?
l'm beginning to wonder if there's a difference.
Uh, Joanna wants you to call her
and Lani has a honeymoon couple on Kauai
who want to come back here to the airport.
Cheer up, Jan.
He'll be back soon.
Why do grownups always think business is so important?
Nothing is more important than you are.
Your daddy just has to straighten out
a mess l got us into.
Now what if l take you up?
Would you, Uncle Rick?
Why not?
Right near the hotel on Kauai
is a place called the lron Kettle
where they have the most beautiful beach
and they build the biggest sand castles you ever saw.
How about it?
That sounds great. Let's go.
That's nice of you, but you think you should?
Sure, why not? We'll have lunch at Hanalei
and then bring the passengers back after that.
lt'll be like a real date!
Hmm... my life gets more and more complicated.
Let's go.
And remember: no dogs, alligators or cats.
And you keep off the highways.
Bye, Friday!
Fun, huh?
lt's like being inside a big glass bug.
l'll teach you how to fly this bug when you're old enough.
Do you really think l could?
Sure, there's nothing to it.
All you have to do is learn how to pat your head
and rub your stomach at the same time.
That's great.
Now try blinking one eye.
Now stick out your tongue.
Oh, that's just being silly.
Well, that's what dates are for.
Datin' is a game that grown-ups play
Datin' means actin' in a silly way
Datin' makes the gals start wiggle walkin'
Datin' makes a guy start baby-talkin'
Dizzy like children on a merry-go-round
Grown-ups are the biggest kids l've found
You'd think they'd belong in a baby carriage
They're doin' things that lead to marriage
Now, don't you laugh at what they do, oh, no
'Cause someday you'll be datin', too
Datin' makes a guy comb his hair just right
So his gal can mess it up when they kiss good night
Datin' makes you quarrel and say you'll break up
Just because it's so much fun to make up
Children can't wait to grow up, but then...
They're datin' and they're actin' like kids again
You'd think they'd belong in a baby carriage
But they're doin' things that lead to marriage
Now, don't you laugh at what they do, oh, no
Someday you'll be datin' too
Oh, boy! Sandcastles!
Welcome, Rick.
Thank you.
You've come back to marry my daughter?
Papa, please.
She has royal blood.
On her mother's side?
My ancestors had the right idea.
lf a young man didn't want to marry your daughter
you dipped him in coconut butter and threw him into a volcano.
ln coconut butter?
They use it on everything.
You think it over, Rick.
l got some other cooking to do.
Well, uh, l better get back to the hotel.
The honeymooners will be waiting.
Oh, they won't be ready until 4:00.
4:00? That's five hours from now.
Wasn't that the point to our deal--
to spend a little time together?
l've got Jan with me.
You can have her back before dark.
We'll leave her here with Papa and go to Moonlight Beach.
No deal.
l can't leave Jan.
l promised not to let her out of my sight.
All right, but it won't be the same.
l'll get my swimsuit and meet you at the 'copter...
with three lunches.
Uncle Rick!
Uncle Rick, come help us build a sand castle.
A house of sand is an empty work of art
Oh, you can take a whole lot of sand
And build a castle on the beach
And though you mold it, and you plan
Still you've got nothing in your reach
One little slip and it tumbles down
One wrong step and it crumbles all around
Like a house without love that's sure to fall apart
A house of sand is an empty work of art
A house of sand is an empty work of art
Oh, you can build a tower of clay
But if you ask my advice
Well, it's worthless, l say
lt's got no heart, it's cold as ice
One little slip and it tumbles down
One wrong step and it crumbles all around
Like a house without love
That's sure to fall apart
A house of sand is an empty work of art
A house of sand is an empty work of art
A house of sand is an empty work of art.
Oh, it's just beautiful! Just beautiful!
You sure you're going to make it?
Yeah, l'm sure.
You made it!
Just like a roller-coaster.
lt was scary.
Well, what do you say we go for a swim?
last one out of the water is a papaya picker!
Uncle Rick, l don't care if l am a papaya picker.
You're the prettiest little papaya picker l've ever seen.
Boy, this is a neat place.
l could stay here forever.
So could l, ''Uncle Rick.''
Uh, we can't stay long.
l've got some business to take care of.
Aren't l part of that business?
You're more pleasure than business.
Well, prove it.
There's a third party at this convention, you know.
Well, she could go bird- watching, or something.
lt's getting late.
Time to go.
Let's pack up.
Party pooper!
You'd better go wash that sand off.
You all packed?
We're all ready, Rick.
Come on.
Oh, no!
All right, Lani, where is it?
Where is what?
The key.
How would l know?
This is no time for games.
We can't stay any longer.
Okay, l'll make a deal with you.
l'm listening.
l'd like your complete attention.
You got 15 seconds.
You want to renegotiate?
l'd like to, but l think my mainspring's busted.
Now, about that key.
Where'd you learn a trick like that?
From you.
Don't you remember?
You ''lost'' the key to your car the first night we met.
That's how we got stranded at Waimea Lookout.
Well, where is it?
l threw it over there.
You threw it?!
Hey, Uncle Rick, what are you doing
digging for sand crabs?
Not exactly.
We're playing a game
called ''one of our keys is missing.''
Oh, gee, can l play, too?
Why not?
First one to find it gets a great big kiss.
Aw, heck, l'd rather have a hot fudge sundae.
Look, Rick, l'll explain
that it all happened because of me.
l don't think that'll help.
l wonder if they've dropped
the death penalty for kidnapping.
Daddy won't be mad, Uncle Rick.
He knows l'm with you.
Hey, you shovel for a while.
Jan, you better get dressed.
How did it go?
What a mess.
l straightened everything out except Belden.
He's already filed a formal complaint.
We could lose our charter to operate.
What are you doing here so late?
Waiting for Rick and Jan.
Where did they go?
Rick took Jan with him to Kauai on a job
but that was hours ago.
l phoned the hotel, but they said he'd left there...
with three picnic lunches.
Maybe he picked up a playmate for Jan.
Yeah, sure.
A playmate named Lani.
Some playmate.
What time did they leave there?
This morning.
MGA six-seven-zero
calling helicopter two-zero-two.
Rick, this is base.
Can you hear me? Over.
[ Skipped item nr. 1157 ]
l'm sure of it.
She'd better be.
Where are you going?
The last time he was with Lani
they spent three days at Moonlight Beach.
lt was their favorite hideaway.
But he wouldn't go there with Jan along, would he?
Wouldn't he?
Sometimes he seems so nice.
You're married, remember?
You stick by the phone.
l'm going to try to find them.
Stay clear of the blades.
Hey, why don't we build a signal fire with driftwood
like they say in the Brownies?
lt's a good idea.
We'll rest awhile, and if no one sees us
then we'll, uh, then we'll start walking.
Let's get some driftwood.
Hey, Uncle Rick, they say in the Brownies
that seaweed makes more smoke.
Want to put some seaweed on it?
Sure. Why not?
What would we do without the Brownies?
Uncle Rick, look!
Hey, it must be Daddy.
He's come to rescue us.
Yeah, l think l'm going to need rescuing
after he gets here.
Daddy! Daddy!
Are you all right, honey?
Oh, l'm fine.
We had a wonderful time.
We went on a picnic, we got marooned
we lost the key
and then we built a big signal fire.
Listen, you can tell me all about it later, Jan.
Now you just get inside.
l've got to get you home.
Your mother's worried about you.
Danny... l can explain the whole thing to you.
Oh, l bet you can. Go ahead.
We were stranded... marooned.
l lost the key.
Aw, come on. That gag was old
when you first started using it ten years ago.
But it wasn't his fault-- l lost the key.
Oh, sure you did.
l must have been crazy
to think l could go into business with you.
We were booked solid today
and your little stunt cost us every passenger
not to mention keeping Jan out all night
and scaring us half to death.
We thought you were spread out all over some mountain.
Calm down, Danny. l'm telling the truth.
We lost the key, we spent the whole night looking for it.
Save it. You can bring the chopper back in
but you and l are through.
Our partnership's dissolved.
Good-bye, Uncle Rick.
lt was a wonderful picnic.
A registered letter for Mr. Richards.
l'll take it.
Thank you.
l'm glad you're back, but where are Danny and Jan?
Aren't they back yet?
Danny called Betty-- Jan's all right.
He was refueling at Hanalei, but that was quite a while ago.
Ah, he flies that thing like an old lady from Pasadena.
Oh, this just came for you.
l was glad to know you hadn't crashed.
That's a matter of opinion.
Going somewhere?
Danny thinks he can get along better without me
so let him settle up with Blackmont
any way he wants to.
And that evens up the score.
That's life, fun and games.
Too bad Danny didn't realize that
before he put himself into hock for all this.
That's his problem. l got my own to worry about.
Has there ever been anyone but you, really?
l mean, have you ever cared about anything or anybody
without thinking what they could do for you?
l tried to explain to him
it wasn't my fault, but he wouldn't listen.
l think you're more to blame for what happens to you
than you're willing to admit.
l think you're bitter and arrogant
and-and just plain selfish.
Danrick Airways.
Oh, hi, Betty.
No. No, not yet.
l-l'm sure they're all right.
Rick just came back.
You sit tight.
l'll ring you the minute they get here.
Where could they be?
They should've been back here long before this.
There's nothing l can do about it.
Belden's had me grounded for 30 days.
l'm sorry, l didn't know.
Forget it.
Somebody has to find them.
You better notify the authorities.
That'll take too long.
l'm going in the plane.
Hey, Friday.
Wait a minute.
lf they're down, you'll never get there in a plane.
We'd better take the chopper.
But if you fly, they'll revoke your license for good.
Well, that's a chance l'll have to take.
Would they go this way?
lt's the shortest route home.
The only place to land around here
is that stretch of beach.
Rick, over there to the left.
Uncle Rick! Uncle Rick!
You all right, Jan?
Yes, but Daddy's hurt.
Where is he?
-He's over there. -Let's go.
Hey, Rick!
You wait right here.
Mountain climbing again, native?
l tried to check the damage to the rotor blade.
l slipped and fell.
l think my leg's broken.
Hey, Rick!
What can l do to help?
Get the first aid kit out of the chopper.
Why didn't you radio?
lt conked out when we came down.
l tried to set her down easy, but without power
l couldn't move away from the ledge.
l'm going to get you fixed up.
Hold it. Easy.
Take it real easy.
Take Jan back to the chopper and wait there.
He'll be all right now, Jan.
We didn't have first aid in the Brownies yet.
l know, honey.
You did very well.
But l lit the flares.
All by yourself?
Daddy showed me how. lt's real easy.
ls it? l never lit one.
Well, you see, you just pull the paper off the end
and strike it like a match.
lt's a lot easier than building a fire.
Mm, sounds like it.
l wonder if the Brownies know about flares?
Watch it.
Come on, attaboy.
All right, what happened?
You wouldn't believe it
just like l didn't believe you.
Don't tell me you lost your key.
Worse than that.
After we left you
we stopped at the plantation to call Betty and gas up.
Then we took off again.
15 minutes later, l was in trouble.
l was so upset, l forgot to fill her up.
l stopped using that gag 15 years ago.
You think she'll stay there?
She'll stay there until l get help to move her.
But remember one thing.
Yeah, what's that?
That's your chopper.
Let's go.
Thank you, nurse.
l'll be back.
Another contact?
Well, you never know.
She could send us some customers.
You know, like, uh, people with broken legs.
How do you feel, Danny?
Ooh, l can't kick.
Very funny.
What about the chopper?
Well, l ordered the parts.
We should be able to fly her out of there in a few days.
A lot of good that'll do us, huh?
With me in that cast and you still grounded.
What's happening with the board?
When are they going to make their ruling?
Next week.
And with my record
they'll never let me near an airplane again.
But it was an emergency.
Yeah, but they got rules
and they don't like to see them broken.
lf l could just talk to Belden.
But he won't even see me.
He's going to be guest of honor
at the Polynesian Welcoming Festival.
Yeah? When's that?
But you won't be able to talk to him there.
Why not?
lt's a big affair, top entertainment.
Hey, Jan's going to sing.
lf l can't get Belden to listen to reason, we've had it.
l told you before, you won't be able to get near him.
Look, why don't we forget the whole thing
and open up a pizza parlor, huh?
Any of those girls ltalian?
Now you're starting to sound like me.
Polynesian Welcoming Festival.
Oh, won't you come home Bill Bailey?
Come on home
She moaned the whole day long
l'll do the cookin', honey
l'll pay the rent
l know l done you wrong
Ah, yes, indeed, ah
Remember that rainy evening l put you out
With nothin', oh, nothin' but a fine-tooth comb?
You see, l know l'm to blame
Well, now, ain't it a shame?
Bill Bailey, won't you please come home?
Won't you come home, Bill Bailey?
Will you please come on home?
This woman moaned and groaned
l'm telling you, a-moaning and a-groaning
The whole day long, she said
l'll do the cooking, honey
l'll pay the rent
l know l done you wrong
Yes, indeed, ah
Remember that rainy evening l a-put you out
With nothing, oh, nothing, but a fine-tooth comb?
You see l know l'm to blame
Well, now ain't it a shame?
Ah, Bill Bailey, won't you please come ho-o-o-ome?
Now, now, now, now, Bill Bailey
Won't you please come home?
Oh, you were fine, honey.
Just fine.
Everybody else seems to think so, too.
Sounds like they want more.
First rule of show business:
Always leave them wanting more, right, Uncle Rick?
Right. You were great, Jan.
Thanks. l'm hungry!
-Me, too. -Me, too.
You having a good time?
Oh, yeah.
Relax, they said Belden wouldn't be here till later.
You might as well enjoy yourself in the meantime.
Oh, well, l am.
But only because you decided to come along
and l promise your husband will never know.
Rick, there's something
l think you have the right to know.
l want you to know...
Uh... let's dance, huh?
What about our food?
Well, l-l-l'm not hungry.
We'll work up an appetite.
What's the matter?
What's the matter?!
Oh, oh, l'm sorry, what were you saying?
Nothing, nothing at all. lt wasn't important.
Why did you stop? We were just starting.
l-l-l'll explain it to you later.
What's the matter?
l think l better wait for Belden outside. Look.
Pua and Lehua?
Yeah, they're all here.
So? l told you everybody on the island would be here.
Oh, no!
Where you are
Don't move an inch
Don't come any closer now, baby
You'll be in a pinch
Don't start what you can't finish
l warn you what's in store
lf it's love you're looking to get
You're gonna get what you're looking for
Where you are
You'd better freeze
Don't fool with fire now, baby
Don't be a tease
Don't start what you can't finish
l told you once before
lf it's love you're lookin' to get
You're gonna get what you're lookin' for
Don't you know
You're walkin' on dangerous ground
Listen, babe, when l make love
l just don't fool around, no, l don't
l just don't play around
Where you are
Just take it slow
Once l put my hands on you, baby
l won't let you go
Don't start what you can't finish
One kiss and l want more
lf it's love you're lookin' to get
You're gonna get what you're lookin' for
Where you are
Don't move an inch
Where you are
You're gonna be in a pinch
Where you are
You're gonna get what you're looking for
Bop-bop, bah
Bop-bop, ba-dah, bop
Bop-bop, bah, ba-dop.
Gee, that was swell, Uncle Rick.
l'll just look outside for Belden.
But you haven't eaten.
Who can eat? There's a storm brewing
and l got to get out of here before it hits.
Oops, too late. lt just hit.
No wonder you're too busy to come see me.
You took the words right out of my mouth.
Hi, Jan.
Hi, Lani.
When are we going on another picnic?
Well, it looks like we're on one right now, honey.
l didn't know you girls knew Rick.
Apparently he went right through the sorority.
What loyalty.
l wonder if he got to our house mother?
Uh... if you'll excuse me, l was just leaving.
l've got business to settle with you first.
That has a familiar ring.
Don't tell me you've been sending him customers, too.
Look, ladies, l can explain the whole thing.
Well, how'd he hook you in this deal?
''You scratch my back and l'll scratch yours.''
ls this any way to run an airline?
l have every intention of paying you for the services rendered.
Wouldn't that be spreading yourself a little thin?
l'd like to make it up to you if you'll just give me a chance.
l-l'll put it on a cash basis.
A percentage of all the business you book for us.
A percentage? ln writing?
ln writing.
Do you think we can trust him?
Well, l guess it couldn't hurt.
Any more than it already has.
Okay, for money, l'll swallow my pride.
And if he doesn't come through
we'll boil him in coconut butter.
Been nice doing business with you all.
l think my date's getting cold.
Bye, girls.
l'll check with you later.
That's quite a harem.
Well, look, uh, l may have made some promises
but that's as far as it went.
You're pretty free with your promises.
How you going to keep that last one?
l'll tell you after l talk to Belden.
Good luck, Rick.
The performance is about to begin in the amphitheater.
Now look, l agreed to the pancake
or whatever it is
but the lipstick is out.
But, sir, it's necessary for the television camera.
Those are my orders.
No lipstick.
-Mr. Belden. -Yes.
Congratulations, sir.
Oh, thank you.
l realize this is an honor
but they're making me feel like an actor.
Who are you? Have we met?
Oh, well, sort of-- l-l know this is not
the time or the place to discuss business, but...
l make it a rule
never to discuss business outside my office.
Well, you wouldn't see me at your office, sir.
And this is an emergency.
l'm Rick Richards.
Rick Richards?
Oh, you're the one responsible for my wife not being here.
She threw her back out when you ran us off the road.
lf you'll just listen, Mr. Belden.
lf l don't get my license reinstated
l'm in real trouble.
My partner, Danny Kohana, hocked everything
to go into business with me
and now he's laid up with a broken leg.
l know all about the rescue.
We're not trying to run you out of business
and we're not unfairly rigid in our interpretation of the law.
We realize, occasionally
there are mitigating circumstances.
Then l-l'll get my license back?
Oh, when the board meets next week
l'll make the recommendation.
lf a man risks his entire future to save a friend
he can't be all bad.
Well, thank you, Mr. Belden. Thank you.
this is the first time
l've been able to get out without my wife in years.
l think l like it.
Thanks again, Mr. Belden.
By George, l think he did it.
He did.
We're back in business.
All you need to do
is get rid of that concrete cowboy boot.
l'd like to talk to you, Mrs. Hudson.
Well, Rick, there's something l've got
to explain to you about Friday.
Danny, l can spot a single girl with my eyes closed--
strictly on instruments.
Excuse us, pal.
You knew all along?
There's some things you just can't hide.
Why didn't you say something?
l didn't want to spoil your fun... and mine.
Oh, no!
This is my heaven
Being here with you
Make it last forever
This is my heaven
lt's a dream come true
Make it last forever
Here 'neath the sky
Beside the sea
This is my heaven
When you
Come to me
La, la-la, la, la
La-la, la-la, la...
La-la, la-la, la...
Drums of the islands, you're beating in my heart
You're with me no matter where l roam
lf ever l wander, if ever we're apart
l know that you will lead me home
l love each valley, each grain of sand, each hill
The flowers, the music of the isles
Of the isles
These are the things that l love and always will
Hut-hut, hut-hut, hut-hut
Though l may roam ten thousand miles
Drums of the islands, you're beating in my heart
You're with me no matter where l roam
lf ever l wander
lf ever we're apart
l know that you will lead me home
Bula, Laie, Hawaii Tale Ga
Veiwekani Kei Viti Kece Ga
''O-Kei-Viti'' E Vakalasalasa
Ni Bula, Ni Bula Kece Sara
E Da Sa Mai Veikune Tale
Sa Noda Tu Na Lagilagi
Me Da Sa Cibi, Cibitaka Yani
Laie, Laie, Noqui Koro Lagilagi
l know that you will lead me home
l know that you will lead me home
l know that you will lead me home
Hawaii, USA!
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Pather Panchali (Satyajit Ray 1955)
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Patton CD3of3 1970
Paul McCartney Back In The US CD1
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Pauline and Paulette
Pauly Shore is Dead
Payback 1999
Peace Hotel The (1995)
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Peppermint Frapp 1967
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Petek13th part 7 A new blood
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Peter Pan (2003)
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Phantom of the Paradise
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Phone Booth
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Piano Lesson The
Piano The
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Pietje Bell
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Pornography 2003
Pornostar (Poruno Suta)
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Poslusne hlasim (1957)
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Posutoman Burusu
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