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Paraiso B

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Look, Diego,|your uncle's up.
Good party...
-Anything new?|-Kind of...
-Something happen?|-No, nothing... you wish...
Are you staying|for lunch?
I can't.
Can you stay with|him a while?
I have to go and see a job.
I can't, I have to|go out collecting.
Okay, I'll ask a neighbor.
-Do you need some money?|-No, I have.
-You sure?|-Yes, I am.
-You gave me the other day.
Do you want|five thousand?
See you, good luck!
-Bye, luck to you.|-Diego!
{y:i}-Who is it!|-Leo
Damn, you live next|door and you're late!
Damn it!
Give that to Carrasco.
Don't count|the money here.
Take Peņa's and Aravena's.
Write down|the remnant well.
Hey, Leo?
What is it, man?
Nothing man, beat it!
We do bets by phone...
We collect and|pay at home.
If he is a good client,|he'll have a $100000 credit.
Any problem, the guaranty|is Ernesto, my boss.
She got me all|fucked up, man!
I can't go on like this, my|dick is falling into pieces!
I gotta keep it for others.
I'll take a candy.
Want some?
Are you coming to the office?
No, you go. I'll stay here.
-Help me close the shop. OK?|-Okay, sugar.
What is it?
My mother died.
Pedro's mother died.
I didn't know|he had a mother.
It was his grandmother,
she raised them.
What's the big deal?|People die, man!
Don't they?
Every minute...
Your dad is here.
Get in.
Excuse me...
Hi, sweetheart.
What a nice surprise|you've brought home...
Come here, Leo, give|your aunt Carmen a hug.
-How are you?|-How are you, Mrs. Carmen?
Are you staying|for dinner?
-No, I can't.|-Too bad...
I'm in a hurry,|I'll pick a video.
Sure. Well, next time.|Come in.
Excuse me...
Why don't you fuck|my mother?
-What about your dad?|-He's used to that.
Do you make porno|videos with this shit?
Do you know what this is?
A flying saucer, isn't it?
The land of the future, man.
Gotta go there...
and we'll be rich.
To many Olimpic Games,|too many kangaroos.
They help you there...
we can be rich.
Cleaning shit|in bathrooms?
Are you kidding me?
You're the best|with numbers, me...
I'm smart...
Do you think the porno|business was my dad's idea?
We'd all be poor.
We're losing|ourselves here, man.
How old are you?
Do you want to stay here|watching your ass grow fat?
Stop waiting for Gloria!
OK, see you.
We gotta to fuck the old man.
Just getting what he|earns in two days,
we get our stuff and leave,|man, to Australia!
-That's how we get there?|-Sure!
We send all his|shitty business to hell!
We're not stealing, man,|we're getting what's ours.
Hey, asshole,
you smell like shit.
Can't I borrow it?
Aren't you gonna say|goodbye to your aunt?
Esteban's got a tip.
-What race?|-10, Carretonero.
Great, man!
We need 20 thousand pesos.
-Where do I get it?|-Don Ernesto.
No way, man. We said we|wouldn't do that anymore.
What's your problem?
Fuck my sister, do it!
I have a sure thing,
it's a lot of money...
we'll be able to do|so many things!
It pays over thirty...
two hundred for you, Gloria.
...those whores are ugly...
I want the money.
I need my 250,
make the deposit,
then...we talk.
Kids can leave.|Okay?
Alright, may be later.
Gotta go, I have a meeting.
Okay, bye.
They say you didn't|want to come.
Here is the money|for your brother.
Need privacy.
Come closer.|That's it.
Hey, man long time!
ls it sure?
No, I don't want to do it,|I don't trust them...
A lot of money,|but it's not safe.
Yeah, I'm fine here.
What's up?
This is for Carrasco.
Be careful not|to lose it again.
Alright, man.
Are you leaving or what?
How long are you staying?
Not much.
How long is that?
Alright, go to work,|asshole!
Where were you?
Pedro's looking for you.
I'm leaving.
Where to?
We can leave together.
What the fuck did|you do, Gloria?
Are you nuts?
What did you do|with the money?
Let me help...
She's a good bite, isn't she?
I heard about a tip.
There's gonna be two races|next Saturday. Good money.
-Are you into something?|-No, nothing.
We live out of gamblers,
not gamblers out of us.
You got it?
Making business|is like cooking,
you gotta do it slowly,|enjoying it.
I think you have too|many things in mind.
You must focus|in two things.
First, you must|rebuild my office.
Second, you must rebuild your|family after your mum died.
Did your sister Gloria|arrive well? ls she okay?
Yeah, thanks.
She came to help me.
You know how important|is a woman to a family.
But be careful,
because women|stain everything.
Who's calling?
Mr. Carrasco, please...
Mr. Carrasco is not in,|he went out.
Can I wait?
Hold on a second.
Yes, who's calling?
Studio, good afternoon.|Hold on a second.
Studio, good afternoon?
Yes, he said|he'd call back.
Fine, yes...
-It was damn hot!|-Shut up!
-What?|-Shut up!
Look, man, what do you think|I break my balls working for?
-What's up with you?|-What is it with me?
I got you a job|and you blow it!
Carrasco called me.
He didn't get his money!!!
He wasn't in.
I'm not going to|wait all day!
lt's your duty. You do|everything for a client, got it?
Go to hell, asshole!
That's great!
I'm the only one to help you!
Call him!
And if he asks you,|go and suck it to him!
The client is always right!|Got it?
-Got it!|-Anything else, shithead?
Fuck off!
Call my son in law
and come to my office.
Look at you, nerds!|Sit!
Did you know there's a place|in the dessert in Morocco...
where people wear black|to block the heat?
It seems black|color absorbs heat.
Amazing, isn't it?
Some peoples|are so smart.
I bet you don't know the|clue to that inteligence.
Let's see, son-in-law...
Team work, sonny,
believing in the other.
We're like a machine,
each one of us is a piece...
that makes the machine work.
That is why,
when a piece is out of order,|the machine screws.
What do you think, Leo?
What do you think?
Speak now that we're|all together, asshole!
Do you want the machine|to go to hell?
Or all of us to go to hell?
I don't...
Then why don't you do|your job well, fucker?
I couldn't...
I couldn't...|The jackass couldn't!
Look, asshole, there isn't|such I couldn't in this office.
Who says that again as no|respect for you all or me, damn!
Is it clear?
Since I arrived|to Santiago,
many have tried to|fuck me up, but they can't.
See this key?
It's from the car|down there.
That car cost me a lot of|work and this office too.
When you got nothing...
you learn to appreciate|what you've earn.
You have nothing, except|your buddies and me.
Stick that well|in your head.
You can tell a man|from hard times.
Boss, the phone|is ringing.
-Go get it.|-Thanks.
Son-in-law, come here.
Here you have some money.
The rest, after|you pay to Carrasco.
Do you want it|in your account?
You close, son-in-law.
No problem...
This is delicious!
This sauce is delicious.
I want you to|see something.
It was among|mum's things.
How were the old|lady's last days?
Her last days?
She didn't even recognise me.
Take it easy.
I got an idea.|You should stay.
Believe me. We'd take|care of each other here.
We're alone!
Gloria, things are working|out for me! They'll be better!
Pedro, I'm fine there.
I know you're fine there.
But it's not the same!
Here you can do|what you like!
Since when do you care?
I don't like what you do or|the people you work with!
I don't like the house!
All this is shit!
I have my dreams and|you won't fuck them up.
You want to wash dirty|clothes forever?
You want to live from the|charity of some dirty old man?
-What are you doing?|-Saving the money.
At this time?
Leo was late,|I'm just closing.
Let me see.
This is Carrasco's money,|it's three grand.
You pay him in two more|days and you finish it.
...c'mon, they're calling|for a some reason...
That one? OK.
Hey, Pedro, what's up?
Hey, Pedro!|How're you doing?
I've been thinking.
I'm in.
-No one will notice?|-lt's very little money, Pedro.
Around ten thousand tickets|will gambled in this race.
This horse has|a good timing.
lt's a healthy horse,|never had a problem.
The jockey is light.
As far as I know, you've never|made 19 grands, have you?
Unless I'm talking nonsense.
Maybe I'm talking nonsense.
Here you have four|and another eight.
Don't worry, Pedro,|we'll make ourselves rich.
Give me five.|Take it easy.
I want the money|before 11.
Don't worry.
I thought, you|wouldn't come back.
I mean it.
Thought I'll|never see you.
You were staying|in Miami.
What's Miami like?
Like in the movies.
Many palm trees,
a lot of sun,
lot of money.
Kind of.
It's not like here then.
You want to stay there?
I try to remember|who took this picture.
I can remember the moment,|but not who took it.
I don't remember|who took it.
{y:i}...and it's getting closer.|{y:i}Boom-Boom is leading now,
{y:i}and the gap in the last|{y:i}200 grows to three bodies.
Boom-Boom, four bodies,|Piece of cake, Boom, Boom.
{y:i}Gap stretches to six bodies, Duca|{y:i}di Milano is coming in second.
It's like, you know,|it's not a love thing.
It's a sexual thing, get it?
The chick's got me|by the balls, I mean it.
You should see her,|she's damn hot, man.
But she's too neurotic|that's her problem.
The other day I invited|her to the disco,
and she started saying no, she|wanted to go to dance salsa.
Have you ever seen|me dancing salsa?
I felt like sending her to|hell, but I was damn horny.
If I didn't take her,|I would've lost, so we went...
lt's $83,500 for the ninth,|minus $15,000 from the tenth.
That makes $73,900.
There it is.
Pedro called me,
he wants to agree|upon what he owes me.
I advise you not to|play this week.
Are you afraid they|realise you're helping me?
Blue Lable, the eighth?
The other is Tapado. lt's sure.|It was sold to the US.
Don't you play?
No one gets|rich from this.
It's a matter of luck.
You see, Pedro?
We know our business.|We don't say nonsense.
You see, Pedro? Take a good|look at that bunch of chicks.
They'll multiply then,|they'll grow wings,
we'll be in heaven|and they'll be angels.
With their tits|falling to the sky.
This is serious, Pedro,
aren't we big guys?
-Sure we are...|-We are, man.
We're smart.|We're rascals.
And we must take advantage|of opportunities, man...
Because tomorrow, tomorrow,|dude, we're gonna be big guys.
We'll win the Big Prize!
We'll win the Big Prize!
You're talking nonsense.
Wake up, sister.
What is it?
Get dressed|and let's celebrate.
Go to sleep, asshole!
To sleep?|What for?
We millionaires don't sleep.
We, the ones with money,|have fun.
Damn, looks like the woman|in the house got mad.
You're the same asshole.
Me? The same?
The lady is giving me lesson.
And you, my love?
How are you?
How are you, Gloria?
Now that you're back...
Now that you forgot|you left me alone?
Get out, you asshole!
I want you to live|like a queen,
cause you deserve it,
we deserve this, honey.
I'm playing for keeps.
You and I are all we have.
Dirty pig!!!
What are you doing here?
And you?
Are you alone?
Not totally alone.
I can manage.
But, would you like|to be with someone?
What do you think?
And you?
I've been faithful to you,|even in my dreams.
I want to piss.
Why did they|close the pool?
No one worried about|putting water in it.
It looked like a swamp.
Until one day a|drunk man fell in.
They found him one|month after, but drunk.
Sandra had a kid.
Your aunt?
Please stay.
It's so strange to be here.
Finding everything the same.
Did you expect me|married with children?
Yeah, maybe...
I haven't been with anyone.
-All this time.|-In seven years, Leo?
I can't.
It doesn't work.
I told Sandra|once about it.
I had never|told anyone.
I talked about you.
She told me to|look for you...
to tell you|I loved you.
If we made love|you'd know it's true.
No, Leo.
That's not love.
You're sick.
What happened?
She's leaving.
-Marta, where's Leo?|-In the bathroom.
Do you like the last one?
Don't you like Ceniza?
No. No way it|will make $1,600.
Did you see it|on December?
-I did.|-So?
Half body, behind|Huracan on regular track.
No way, man.
But behind Huracan,|this lot is much worse.
Cielito Lindo, that's it.
And the trial? 47 in 800.
There's no way.
It's very good!
Cielito will kill it.
Kill it?
I think so.
Don't ask bullshit.
Go Ceniza!
Go, Ceniza, go damn it!
What are you doing here?
I told you not to bet|on that horse, man...
Help me, Leo.
You gotta leave,|they'll fuck you up!
Help me find|that fucker.
What Esteban, man?
I need to get|a lot of money...
How much did you steal?
How much, damn it?
Eight million.
Are you nuts?
You're crazy!|You gotta leave, man!
I gotta get the|money to give it...
back or they'll kill me!
Leave me alone, asshole!
I've already been screwed|up because of you!
Because of me?
I've given you everything,
even my sister.
Asshole, your sister's not|yours, fuckin' asshole!
Your sister's not yours!!
Your sister's not yours!!
Here you are, asshole.
-Where's the money?|-Don't you say hello?
You think I won't|recognise you, man?
Why do you worry?|It's not your money.
Where's my money!!!
Get the hell out!
Where's Pedro, asshole?
He thinks he's smart.
And you?
Circus pinguin?
You'll get away with it this|time. A friendly goodbye.
You know why?
'Cause you're a little shit.
You're nothing but a kid... of Pedro.
Let's see, wait a minute,
son-in-law... I don't|wanna see you with him.
Take all his clients|and make this work!!!
Taina! Go!
Don't touch, man!
{y:i}...the number you just dial...
How much did he steal?
8 million.
It's not the money. He betrayed|the boss, nothing pays that.
He must leave!
Hello boss?
Stop, damn it!
Stay right there!
It's your last chance!
Where can he be?
No idea.
He couldn't have dissapeared.
That would be the best.
He's still my brother...|Although it hurts you.
It should hurt you.
He never regreted|what we did.
I did.
So what?
That doesn't take pain away.
I got my dignity back.
I didn't come here|to be with you, Leo.
I came to bury my mother.
What's up?
I'm looking for Pedro,
they want to throw him away.
Aren't we gonna do anything?
Don't you realise, man?
We've nothing to do here.
Check out my nose.
-We're ready, man.|-Ready for what, man?
To go to Australia,|let's get our stuff and beat it.
Let's go far from this shit.
Stop talking nonsense.
You can't fail me.
Without you I'm fucked up.
So you wanna fuck up|the old man?
Alright, let's fuck him up!
Let's shoot him,|let's get into his house.
Fuck the whole place,|so the cops will come,
you'll be on TV|and we'll all go to jail.
Is that what you want?
C'mon, man, I'm on,|are you on or not?
Partner... we were born here...|and we'll be fucked up here.
Go watch a movie and|stop asking bullshit.
What did they do to you?
This asshole knows|everybody.
I can't leave...
they all know me|I'm fucked up.
I can't leave.
We belong here, Gloria.
Don't involve me in this,
Pedro, please don't!
They're out there,|waiting for me.
Gloria... they'll kill me.|Listen to me,
listen to me well.
You must fuck the boss.|Got it?
What happened?|Where's Pedro?
What did they do to you?
I came to say goodbye.
Don't leave.
What would you do|to make me stay?
let's leave together...|...Anywhere.
Now... Now you dare...
Fatso, it's me.
Just a favor, one favor.
The gun...
No, no, a problem, partner,|my problem.
You must help me, I mean it.
Yeah, I knew it, man,
I'll meet you there.
Alright, man,|I'll be there,
bye, man!
-Do you like it?|-Nice.
It's good!
-Who was that?|-A friend...
-What did he want?|-A favor.
-Will you make it for him?|-I'll make it for you!
Have champagne...
Have champagne...
It's good.
C'mon, drink,|what are you acting?
Look at me...
Look at me...
C'mon, look at me!
I like your eyes.
Let's dance.
Come here!
C'mon, fuckin',|show up!
Damn asshole!
Can I use the phone?
C'mon, take this shit off.
You too.
Alright, it's no big deal.
Get out fucking dog!
You like it,|I know you do.
What do you think about|when you dance?
It depends.
It depends?
It depends on what?
If your partner|is an old man?
Or on how much|they pay you?
It depends on what?
...hold me.
C'mon, hold me tight...
Come here, that way.
Tell me, how much did|the gringos pay you?
No, they didn't pay you anything,|cause you like kids.
That's what you came here for,|to meet with one of them.
Tell me...|Do you like kids?
May I go to the bathroom?
But we're here.
How are you?
C'mon, don't be so noisy.
Why do you wear|so many animals?
Alright, it's working day,|you know what to do...
O man, you're hot, baby...
Got company?
Come, I'll introduce you.
You know you're nasty.
You know it, right?
You are nasty!
-I'll go get my things.|-I'll go with you.
I rather go alone.
I'll go with you.
Quiet... Quiet...
Go in peace...
We'll be alright.
You've done enough for us.
Now it's your turn.
What's that?
From horses.
I kept it|for an emergency.
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