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Parallax View The 1974

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Senator Carroll is here to celebrate Independence Day.
He is so independent,
some say they don't know which party he belongs to.
Austin Tucker is with us today as a political adviser to Senator Carroll.
Austin, we hear that you wanna get the nomination for Senator Carroll.
We're jumping the gun there, Miss Carter.
He's not running for any other office.
Here come Senator Carroll and Mrs Carroll. He looks terrific.
Happy Fourth of July!
Happy Independence for us all!
He is the ideal father. The ideal husband if you're old enough.
And I guess the ideal leader for our country if you're any age.
- Lee, how are you? - Fine, thank you.
Welcome. You look just as wonderful as in all the photographs, always smiling.
I'm happy to be with my constituents on this wonderful day, Independence Day.
- Thank you very much, everybody! - Thank you.
Thank you!
You need a ribbon.
- I'm with her. - Ma'am, is he with you?
All right, we'll try to make it. Schedule it some other time...
How are you?
How are you, sir? Good to see you. You're looking very good.
Hello, how are you?
But I fouled up on that one.
I know a bit about your background, your lovely family. Scotch and water.
Ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much for inviting us today.
Independence Day is very meaningful to me.
I've been called too independent for my own good.
Move back, everybody.
You are here for the official announcement
of the inquiry into the death of Senator Charles Carroll.
This is not a press conference, therefore there will be no questions.
A transcript of the investigation is being prepared for publication on March 1 st.
At that time, the committee will hold a full-scale press conference.
After four months of investigation, followed by nine weeks of hearings,
it is the conclusion of this committee
that Senator Carroll was assassinated by Thomas Richard Linder.
It is our further conclusion that he acted entirely alone,
motivated by a misguided sense of patriotism
and a psychotic desire for public recognition.
The committee wishes to emphasise
that there is no evidence of any wider conspiracy.
No evidence whatsoever.
It's our hope that this will put an end to the kind of irresponsible speculation
conducted by the press in recent months.
The complete text of the hearings,
which provides the basis for these findings,
will be published March 1 st.
When you have examined the evidence,
you will have every opportunity
to ask those questions which remain unanswered, if there are any.
That is all. Thank you.
You could win this! Take a look.
We are just starting with you.
The package you pick might contain...
Excuse me, but my parrot is loose on your back porch.
- What? - My parrot. I wonder if I could...
- What are you talking about? - My parrot. It's very sick.
Let him go look.
- I haven't seen any parrot. - He's hiding.
Freeze! Police officers. Where's the stuff?
- Wendy hits the $25,000.... - Check that, will you?
You've won an all-expense-paid trip to British Columbia!
All right, Frady, you're under arrest.
- You didn't see us, did you? - I did, but I've never seen those two.
- What are you talking about? - You looking for dope?
Maybe one of your men could tell me what I'm here for.
- Destruction of property... - Me, destruction of property?
- I can't believe I... - Terrifying people, trespassing...
Hold it, goddammit! I wanna get something straight.
Is there anybody here who can say I broke into that house,
I was waving my gun around, I threw his wife on the floor?
If you can, do it in front of your watch commander.
- Shit! - What were you doing there?
- What was I doing there? - Yes, Joe.
These assholes have been after me for my sources and you're...
So he told perfect strangers he was looking for his parrot.
- My parrot, that's right. - Can you imagine that kind of nerve?
You're saying can I imagine that kind of nerve?
- Can I imagine it? - Thought you'd teach 'em a lesson?
I don't think I could teach 'em anything.
Why don't you go out and do something worthwhile?
You're not only dumb, you're dirty.
- Look at your shirt. - Get your goddam...
- Hold it, hold it. - You're not even...
- Do I post bail? - What the fuck for?
Malicious mischief, obstructing justice. Good enough?
I'll forget the whole thing, Bill, if you shut him up.
- Malicious mischief... - Come on, Joe.
- It isn't good enough. - Joe, come on.
You're enjoying yourself, aren't you?
- You gotta admit it's funny. - It makes me laugh.
But I don't think it's funny.
What's that supposed to mean?
Ever laughed at a comedian pretending to stutter?
There's nothing funny about stuttering, but people laugh. They're amused.
But they're not happy about it.
You're not gonna print this?
You're not gonna print it?
Not only that, but this is the end of your series on local drug problems.
We're in the business of reporting the news, not creating it.
Joe, we went through all this six years ago.
When I agreed to take you back, I made two suggestions.
One was about your drinking. You seem to have licked that.
The other was that you curb your talent for creative irresponsibility.
You can start working on that right now.
You're really tired, aren't you?
Joe... go home.
Go to a movie. Relax.
Tomorrow you can do a nice dull piece on the Parks and Recreation hearings.
That is, if you feel this job is interesting enough to stick with it.
Hi, Joe, I got a hot one for you. Lee Carter called.
Four times. She must want it pretty bad.
- Did you clean up the room, Schecter? - Sure. I got some mail for you, too.
I hope I'm not interrupting.
- You've been calling me? - A lot.
Any particular reason?
- Somebody's trying to kill me. - Somebody besides yourself?
I've never tried to kill myself successfully.
Last time you were here, I think you lost your cat.
- I haven't lost my cat. - The time before, it was your husband.
You may find this difficult to accept, but I'm terrified.
You were always terrified about something.
- That some guy might attack you in bed. - Not as long as you were there.
Here. Now, why are you here this time?
- I told you. Somebody's trying to kill me. - Jesus.
I don't think I should be looking at this.
- Just look. - What?
Come on, I looked at this three years ago.
Six of these people have since died in accidents.
Four. Look, nobody's trying to kill you.
These people were killed. Whoever killed them is going to try to kill me.
Austin Tucker thinks that maybe we all saw something up there.
- We did see something. - I mean something else!
What do you mean? Has he ever indicated what he means by that?
Did he see anything other than what was in the Commission report?
- Did you see anything? - No.
Neither did I. Believe me, I looked. We all looked.
- If you didn't see it, it's not there? - I know all about these accidents.
Ralph Scaletta hit a piling, killed three other people.
Joy Holder died of anaphylactic shock from an antibiotic.
Herbert Moon burned up in bed, smoking. Harry Lutz had a heart attack.
Harry Lutz was 40. It's too young for a heart attack.
He was in terrific condition.
He found out his wife was banging her psychiatrist
and a bulldozer knocked over his house.
That's future shock, Lee.
You no longer believe there was another assassin?
People were crazy for any kind of explanation.
Some nut was always knocking off one of the best men in the country.
But there's 6 out of 18 dead.
- Four. - That was the last time you looked.
Since then, Norman Lomax has died.
- Now Arthur Bridges. - What are you talking about?
A fishing accident? Where the hell is Salmontail?
Salmontail is where Austin Tucker is now. I tried to reach him.
Why don't you call him? Looks like a small town.
Take me there. We could catch a plane and be there this evening. Please!
Call him up. It's a fishing accident. I got some real problems.
You son of a bitch!
You don't care!
Lee, don't do this.
The alcohol and barbiturates would have killed her in bed,
let alone at the wheel of a car.
Would you call that a possible homicide? Face it, some people wanna die.
Excuse me.
Wait till the cars come to a complete stop.
That's it. Hop right in there. Separate seats.
I want you to read what is over the cars.
- "Please keep hands and feet in cars." - Right.
OK, Frady, what do you know?
Will, tell me something. You still got access to FBI files?
I'll tell you how the FBI feels about me.
Recently, they took my name off the roster of ex-agents.
So now, not only am I not an agent, I'm not even an ex-agent.
Is it possible to kill somebody and make it look like a heart attack?
Sure. They got a pill for it. PEP.
- PEP? - Pulmonary Embolism Pill.
It creates an embolism, but the actual cause of death is biochemical.
The man ends up looking like his heart attacked him.
- What do you know? - I don't know.
Come on, what do you know?
What I know is I need a good alias and a good ID.
What kind of ID?
- I've gotta be a hostile misfit. - For that, you don't need an ID.
- Still got friends on the El Monte force? - Before we get to El Monte...
The minute you know what's going on, I wanna know. Promise me.
I promise.
All right, I think I got a guy for you.
Sunshine Homes hired me to investigate him
when he was doing a night-watchman job for 'em. He's a real nut.
- Richard Partun. - Richard Partun?
Get a fake ID for him, too.
Make it look like he's hiding something.
If they investigate the first, they'll be less careful on the second.
You should look like a guy who's ashamed of something.
- Let's make him a weenie wagger. - A weenie wagger?
Anybody would be ashamed of that. Besides, you look a bit like a flasher.
Hold on to your neighbour, it's happy hour in Salmontail.
We're here to play a little music and have a lot of fun.
This boy goes into a bar down in Texas, see.
He goes up to the bartender and he says, "Give me 12 bourbon and waters."
The bartender goes, "That's a lot of bourbon and waters." He says...
No, I'll catch it.
- Think your date just come in. - I think you're terrible.
- Hi. - Hi.
- My name's Gale. What can I fix you? - I...
How about a Martini? You know what they say about Martinis?
A Martini is like a woman's breast - one ain't enough and three is too many.
- That's an amazing joke, Gale. - Yeah, it is. What can I get you?
- Just a glass of milk. - You're the healthy type, huh?
How are you?
Can I buy you a drink, Miss?
For a moment, I thought you were a man.
- But you aren't, are you? - No, I'm a girl.
Why don't you go over there and tell those people, real loud?
Don't touch me unless you love me.
I told you to go over there to that table and tell those people who you really are.
You don't want me to ask you again.
Come on, get up. I'll buy you a drink.
Come and sit down. You're all right, son.
You wouldn't be offended if I call the police?
No, but you don't have to call far, because Red's a deputy.
I'm the sheriff.
You got some interesting ideas about law enforcement.
Shoulda stopped the fight. I would have, but I dearly love seeing Red get stomped.
- He's your deputy? - He's my sister's boy.
He's so damn mean, he can't get along with anybody.
He's a real turkey. You move his plate five inches, he's gonna starve to death.
He's all right. He does that all the time.
This is Gale, this is Shirley. You met Red.
Now, where you from, son?
Your friend Austin Tucker's long gone.
Did he think that Bridges' drowning wasn't an accident?
- I don't know. What do you think? - That's the river, that's the dam.
Open that dam and that water comes down like a wall.
If you're standing where Bridges was, you're gonna drown.
Isn't there a warning system or does the power company love a surprise?
They got sirens and bells and signs all over the place and they got a watchman.
- There might be just something there. - Where?
The watchman. Buster Hinton.
Nah! Hell, I've known Buster for a long time.
I got no reason to doubt him.
No, go ahead.
This might not have anything to do with anything,
but old Buster showed up with a brand new shotgun.
- Maybe we ought to talk to him. - I'd like to do it kinda casual.
He's up at the dam in the afternoons. I'll take you to where it happened.
You could do some fishing.
- Come up with anything? - Nothing but fish. You?
I've found out a couple of things, but... Here, I've brought you some lunch.
You are aces with me.
Look at this! What did you find out?
- That's the warning, huh? - Yeah, that's it.
Bridges couldn't hear that?
My mother could've heard it and she's dead.
LD, what's the news on your friend Buster?
Actually, there is no Buster.
Yeah? Gale! You want LD?
Drowned in what? The car's right out front.
You gotta be kidding.
Who found the body?
Charley, somebody's broken into LD's house and stole his car.
Get to the intersection and cut him off.
OK, Red, we're on our way.
We got him cut off.
You've been drinking again, haven't you?
Tell the truth, Joe.
Come in, Stanley.
The thought of covering that council meeting was too much for you, wasn't it?
Close the door.
Somebody's systematically knocking off witnesses and you don't care.
Sure I care. I care about my kids' future, this newspaper, my golf handicap.
I've even been known to care about you, you ungrateful bastard.
Drink your coffee. Here. Take it! Shit.
Joe, what evidence have we got?
A girl who died of pills and booze, a sheriff you say tried to kill you
- And the poor bastard drowns. - I got a bank book with $107,000 in it.
- The police are after me. - Why is there no APB on you?
I checked. They say it was an accident.
- They don't wanna answer questions. - You're damn right.
Sheriff LD Wicker and two deputies were indicted three months ago
on a utilities scandal. It was in every paper in the North-West.
He knew you were a reporter,
but it wasn't any national conspiracy he was covering up.
Remember catching the state senator's bagman and it was his nephew's bookie?
You're gonna make a real horse's ass of yourself.
He didn't know I was a reporter. I didn't tell him, I didn't give him my name.
- Did you register at a hotel? - Yeah, under a phoney name.
Boy, you amaze me. You go expecting these things to happen and they do.
Just advance me two weeks' salary.
- For what? - I gotta find Austin Tucker.
If anybody knows about this, he does.
I won't advance you a dime.
I don't care if your self-serving ambition gets you the Pulitzer prize.
I'm not gonna have anything more to do with it.
- Joe... - Can't help it.
I know.
Good shot. Good shot. You got a point.
Not bad, Riggsy.
- That's good. Hey, babe, you're all right. - Winning, huh?
Winning? I'm beating the shit out of him.
I'm Schwartzkopf, this is Riggs.
Harry Nelson. The Psych department gave those vocational tests to you?
I'll go and get those tests.
We establish a centre for the study of violence, they send us every nut in town.
- They get mean? - Yeah. Vicious.
One of them bit the ear off a colleague of mine.
It was OK, though, we sewed it back on. Most of it.
I'm glad about that.
I'm not sure whoever made this knew what they were after.
How you doing, Ernie? It seems to be directing at...
...trying to pull out anger, repression, frustration, stuff like that.
Could it pick up potentially homicidal characteristics?
You mean a killer? Yeah, sure.
Would you be willing to go through it
and tell me what answers would come from a highly violent personality?
Yeah, but it probably wouldn't do much good.
This stuff's pretty sophisticated. It's a lot different than my stuff.
It's not any better, but it would be a difficult...
Fuck it. We'll let Ernie take it. He'll blow 'em right off the graph.
He hacked up his great-aunt and killed two ticket-takers.
Come here, boy.
I'd like you to meet somebody. What's your name again?
Nelson. Harry Nelson.
Harry Nelson, Ernie.
Joe Frady? Looking for Austin Tucker?
D'you wanna see him?
Leave your car here.
- I have to do a skin search. - A what?
You're gonna strip and I'm gonna search you.
- Are you out of your fucking mind? - That's the way Mr Tucker wants it.
And if I don't see you, you don't see him. All right?
All right, Mr Frady, who sent you to look for me?
- Nobody sent me. - Now, look...
I've come 1,300 miles to get a straight answer to that question.
- My life is in danger just being here. - Who really sent you?
- Nobody sent me. - Keep your voice down.
Nobody sent me. I'm a writer...
Stop acting like you're on The New York Times.
You're a third-rate journalist from Oregon or wherever the hell you're from.
You've been asking about things you know nothing about.
There were two attempts made on my life.
I don't know what you want, but if it's money...
...l'll give you $10,000 to keep me out of it.
You don't mention my name or come looking for me.
All I want is to stay out of it.
Money means nothing to me. This story's gonna mean more to me than $10,000.
Fella, you don't know what this story means.
We better talk.
Have you seen this photograph?
It was taken on the Space Needle that day.
There's me, Lee, Bridges...
You know that man?
- The waiter? - Yeah. You know his name?
- No, why? - Just curious.
Lee, Bridges, Joy Holder. Lutz.
Who would have thought?
Sorry, Bill, I didn't mean to scare you.
You're supposed to be dead. Goddammit. You could have called me.
I was scared shitless they'd think I was still alive.
- You mean nobody knows? - Nobody but you.
- Hey, Bill, what's that? - Tomorrow's lead.
I'm demanding a reopening of the Carroll investigation.
- Who are you calling? - The police, FBI, CIA, somebody.
Bill... don't do it.
You suggesting they're involved? Or that they covered up?
There is a bureaucratic tendency to cover up mistakes,
but I got no reason to think any governmental agency was in on it.
Or if they were, that they knew it.
You don't have to infiltrate the whole agency.
It's not only to do with the Carroll assassination.
Whoever's behind this is in the business of recruiting assassins.
Recruiting assassins?
I think I got some of their entrance exams. If I'm right, I'm gonna enlist.
If you print anything now, I'll be exposed.
You alone can uncover what all the agencies couldn't?
Maybe. I'm just asking you not to print anything until I get more evidence.
You'll blow my chance to find out who's behind it.
- What do you expect me to print? - My obituary.
I wanna pre-date a will, name you as executor.
Pick up my things, give them to the Salvation Army.
Make a big show out of it.
I'm dead and I wanna stay that way for a while.
It's about $340. It's all I've got here.
You're gonna need the money.
Hope you know how to take care of yourself.
I hope you do. You're gonna be the only person who knows what I'm doing.
- Who is it? - Richard Paley?
- Who is it? - Are you Richard Paley?
Who wants him?
Congratulations. You had some very interesting scores
on the first series of tests for Parallax.
- Testing for what? - The Parallax Corporation.
You did apply for our training, didn't you?
Oh, Christ, that.
As you know, Parallax receives demands from all phases of industry.
Demands for unusual personnel.
If you qualify, and we think that you can,
we're prepared to offer you the most lucrative and rewarding work.
- What do you get out of it? - We receive a sort of finder's fee.
As I said, the jobs are difficult to fill.
- How tall are you? - Six-two.
- What kind of jobs you talking about? - Whatever you're cooking is burning.
You might as well come in.
I'm Jack. Jack Younger.
But we like to be on a first-name basis with potential candidates.
You look taller than six-two.
What does my height have to do with anything?
Put some ice on it. It'll stop the sting and the blister.
Your tests suggest that you have remarkable talents.
- What do you mean by "talents"? - You have difficulty holding on to a job.
I just don't like to take a lot of shit, so people say I got antisocial tendencies.
Has it ever crossed your mind
that it's everybody else's problem that they don't get along with you?
- Why? - The very quality that gets you in trouble
makes you potentially invaluable.
- What's that? - Your aggressiveness.
I don't wanna intrude on you while you're eating.
Get in touch with me personally if you'd like to go further.
It's been a pleasure, Richard.
Welcome to the testing room
of the Parallax Corporation's Division of Human Engineering.
You will now please cross to the chair.
And you will sit down.
Make yourself comfortable.
Be sure to place each one of your hands on the box on either side of the chair,
making sure that each one of your fingers is on one of the white rectangles.
Just sit back. Nothing is required of you,
except to observe the visual materials that are presented.
Be sure to keep your fingers on the box at all times.
All right. We hope you find the test a pleasant experience.
Will you please proceed to our offices?
Thank you for your cooperation.
Senator, here's an editorial even you can't figure out.
Your drink, Senator Gillingham.
This comparison between you and Carroll is nonsense.
Sorry, sir, you'll have to go back to coach.
Point is, he doesn't like Hammond any better than he likes you.
Your name, sir?
- Paley. Richard Paley. - Is that P-A-I-L-E-Y?
- No, it's P-A-L-E-Y. - Will you be returning with us?
- Is Denver your final destination? - Yeah.
That'll be $68.64.
Out of $70.
- What would you like to drink? - Just a Coke.
Excuse me. Ma'am? Would you like something to drink?
Attention. Due to technical difficulties, we will be returning to Los Angeles.
We regret any inconvenience this may cause you.
Passengers disembarking from Globe Airlines flight 451
will be met by airport security.
We regret any further delay that may be caused by the investigation.
All efforts will be made to have you airborne again quickly.
Passengers disembarking from Globe Airlines flight 451
will be met by airport security.
We regret any further delay that may be caused by the investigation.
We've already received an offer for your services. $25,000 a year.
- Who from? - Manufacturers Intelligence Group.
Never heard of them.
They work out of the Hammond building in Atlanta.
- What do they want me to do? - Work in their security programme.
- Sounds good to me. - Good.
Just one more thing.
What's that?
Who are you?
- Who am I? - You're not Richard Paley.
Your service records don't check.
They don't?
There was a Richard Paley in the 1 st Air Cavalry, but he's dead.
- Gee, I'm sorry to hear that. - So were we.
Who are you?
I don't have to tell you. You're not a cop.
I was getting attached to you. I wouldn't step outside that door.
We simply have to know.
All right.
My name's Richard Partun.
Why did you want us to think you were Richard Paley?
I needed a job. I got into a little difficulty in El Monte a couple of months ago.
What kind of difficulty? It's important.
I was drinking in this bar and... I used to drink a lot.
Next thing I know, I'm running around a laundromat with no clothes on.
Some old lady claimed I was trying to...
- You know, molest her. - Were you?
I don't know. I don't remember what I was doing there, nothing.
All I know is that they arrested me for... indecent exposure.
A thing like that follows you around. Try to get a job, you're a sex offender.
- I'm no sex offender. - No, I'm sure you're not.
I think they put something in my beer that made me take off my clothes.
If that's all there is to it, we'll check it out with the El Monte police.
It'll be no problem... Richard.
I've tried to be a friend to you, haven't I?
At Parallax, I've found that people who have had real trouble in their lives,
so-called antisocial people,
if I can earn their loyalty, I can give them a sense of their own worth.
That's very rewarding, believe me.
I honestly think, with your nature, you're more reliable for security work
than any semi-retired ex-FBI agent they can come up with.
In a risk situation, I believe you'll go right down the line.
That's something money can't buy.
You're invaluable, Richard.
- ... ex-FBI agent they can come up with. - Oh, come on, Frady.
... I believe you'll go right down the line. That's something money can't buy.
You're invaluable, Richard.
Come in, Stanley.
There you are.
You're new, aren't you? Thanks.
It must have been 5.30. That's when I come to clean the office.
- There he was. - All the signs of a massive coronary.
- D'you know if he had a heart condition? - I don't know.
Trusting man. He didn't even lock the drawer he kept his money in.
I'm very pleased with you.
Tomorrow, you'll meet with the other member of your team, Ben Harkins.
He'll have your assignment.
I just... What name am I supposed to use?
Richard Partun. Don't worry, he knows all about you.
Good afternoon. 803, isn't it?
The guy that just checked in, is his name Ben?
I can't remember his last name.
Harkins. It's Mr Ben Harkins. 816, right down the hall from you.
Ben Harkins, please. Ben Harkins.
I got a message for you from Jack.
Don't unpack. There's been a change in plans.
How much money you got left?
- I don't know, maybe $700. - There'll be another $200 at the desk.
Go back to the airport and take the 510 American to Honolulu.
- Honolulu? - Not bad, uh?
When you get to Honolulu, take the first flight to Maui.
When you get there, rent a jeep and drive to a hotel called the Hana Ranch.
- Yeah, Hana Ranch. Got it? - Right.
- Is Jack Younger here? - Mr Younger isn't here.
Richard Partun was here. The guy he sent me to meet didn't show up.
People, let's work now.
Would you please check your cards for sequence?
Check your cards carefully for sequence.
Work smoothly and it'll be a clean, clear picture.
I'm gonna give you a warning, "One, two, three" and a command, "Pull".
Get your concentration here. Make a good, clean, sharp picture.
Here we go.
All right. And one, two, three, pull!
One, two, three, turn!
One, two, three, lift!
Applause, applause. Here he comes.
Here's the man himself, Mr Hammond.
- Quite a surprise. - Nice to see you.
This is Pat Fairfield, Student Body President.
Marilyn Puttnam, Student Federation President.
The youth is rallying, sir.
We're at that point where you'll be coming in.
- If you would make your entrance. - What I'm here for.
- Where do I enter? - Round the table, up the stair.
- Right to the speaker stand. - OK.
Card people, we have a tape of the address Mr Hammond's going to deliver.
We're gonna run that so you can learn your cues.
I'll be giving cues for applause.
When he comes in, greet him for everybody here.
Here he comes, making his entrance. Let's hear it! Come on!
That's the man we're working for, the man people are coming to see.
This is gonna be on television.
Wanna thank you kids for being here, and the band. See you tonight.
Thank you. I am proud to be here tonight.
I can think of no occasion that has given me more pleasure.
We all ache for the chance to be proud again.
I promise you I will not stop, I will not falter,
till that march has reached its destination.
Until, like Moses, I've returned to you
the promised land of liberty our forefathers created.
I cannot take the honours you bestow on me as a personal tribute.
You are here to honour me not as a man but as a representative...
...they're all talking about Jack Nicklaus, Palmer.
Our cause must become the country's.
I am proud...
Our cause must become the country's.
My life has been blessed with success, but that is not why you are here.
My life has been blessed with...
There he is! There he is!
I see him!
Ladies and gentlemen, you've been invited here
for the announcement of the inquiry into the death of George Hammond.
A complete transcript of the investigation is in preparation.
This committee has spent six months of investigation,
followed by 11 weeks of hearings.
After careful deliberation,
it has concluded that George Hammond was assassinated by Joseph Frady.
An overwhelming body of evidence
has revealed that Frady was obsessed with the Carroll assassination.
And in his confused and distorted mind
seems to have imagined that Hammond was responsible for the senator's death.
He was equally convinced that Hammond was plotting to kill him.
It is for those reasons that Frady assassinated him.
Although I'm certain that it will do nothing to discourage the conspiracy pedlars,
there is no evidence of a conspiracy
in the assassination of George Hammond.
Those are our findings.
The evidence will be available to you as soon as possible. Thank you.
This is an announcement, gentlemen.
There will be no questions.
P S 2004
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