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Paran Deamun (1998)

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How old are you?
Same as my daughter, your room
is over there, need to tidy up a bit.
Stop here.
I better drive you home.
No, it's just a few minutes walk.
You come over.
Okay, take care.
Thanks for your ride.
You start working today?
Just call me auntie.
Look at that.
Are you nuts?
You ...- I told you to throw it away.
Hello, wellcome.
Any room?
Yes, that's the one.
Any chicks available?
Sure, hey, Jane.
Go serve your client.
Please, don't ...-
What the hell, come on.
Good morning.
Ken, get up for school.
Screw all the way through.
What? Be quick.
How's it, sister?
Good morning.
You need to pay for your beer.
I thought it ' s free.
Okay, 3 for the total, is it?
Of course not, you ordered 5.
No, it's 3 only.
You shit.
Go back to your room.
Are you alright?
Did I tell don ' t do it in the morning?
My client want to, what can I do?
It's much better doing it at night
rather than doing it in the morning.
Don ' t use this.
What's up to you, sister?
Mom. I need to attend a semina
after school, the lecturer is from U.K.
I'd be late for today.
Be home earlier if you can.
Okay, I'm going to school.
Uncle, can I go for the art class?
It's not that busy in the day time.
Smoke less, please.
How's the meeting today.
Not bad.
You perform well?
I'm sure you are.
Stop that.
What? We're lovers,
that's very common.
No, not before marriage.
When can I meet your parenets?
You behave so strange when I talk about your family.
Where's auntie? You are drawing?
I bought some fishes, it's cheap.
It's like that, can you listen to me?
What are you drawing?
Is it a shark?
Chapman wants to see you both.
Be my guest.
Of course not, it's so shit here.
I'll eat in room starting from tomorrow.
You run it yourself?
I don ' t mean that, I'd like to eat alone.
There's no difference.
Are you crazy?
Sorry, I want to give you the photos.
You got a big one.
You get out.
Look at your photos.
What are you doing?
Give you the photos.
Are you photographer?
That's my dream.
My sister is very rude.
She's like that,
you got goldfish.
My sister got that before.
Do you have time to pose for me.
Nude model.
No way.
Get outta here.
Is Jane here?
How are you?
I'm Jane's brother.
I've been looking for you.
What? Don ' t want to see me?
I've been thinking of you when I was in jail.
Did you throw the painting away?
You two look alike.
You can't get away from me.
Is that man the landlord?
Did he pay you?
I got to search him out.
Don't wanna run or I'll
sell you to overseas.
Let's go.
I buy you something to eat.
Where's my shoes? Shit!
Isn't it a good one?
Come over here.
Be good to my sister.
We go for a walk.
I feel so great.
Let's go for motorboat?
Hey, sir, we want to get a ride.
How's the rate?
It's $50, 000.00
How about $30, 000?
I grow up at the shore. Recalls my memory.
I'm really in the mood.
I forgot those shit happen
and brought away by the sea.
Are you happy?
Shit, are you blind?
It's your fault.
You bastard, my fault?
You are, shithead.
What ' s up?
What's up?
Let them go.
Come on, you take this.
You're careless.
You wanna eat?
Bring an umbrella with you, it's raining.
Let's go.
You and I are different.
You don ' t have to flatter me.
Didn ' t I tell you to bring umbrella?
Why did you come back with Kammie?
Just one of you use the umbrella?
What are you doing here?
Nothing at all.
You ...-
Any room?
You take this one.
Any chicks here?
It ' s you, how much for a night?
You think I'm that kind of woman.
It ' s like I've seen you before.
Where've you been? Wanna go to school?
Don't wanna talk about this. Be quick and do it.
Put on this, come on.
Please, don ' t do this.
Come on, this way, come on, right.
Shit, you got to...-
I don ' t do that.
Just anywhere.
I pay you more.
You should go there, not here.
I don ' t do that, please.
You fucking bitch.
How much for an ass fuck?
No, you get outta here.
Fucking bitch.
You hit me.
Let go.
Why can't I do that?
Who are you?
Where's that bitch's boss?
Shit you.
What we gonna do?
Your dad is gonna kill him.
You got to stop him.
No, stop that.
Stop, you just go away.
Just go away. Stop that.
Come on, quick.
Who beat you up?
That one.
That motel?
You'd better go.
What did you say? The police ...-
You must have got into his nerve.
He's not a rough man, just go away.
Hey, stop that, no.
Come on, I give you a free ride.
I'm asking for your favor.
Sorry, I won't do that.
Sister, please I beg you.
What do you want?
I want to send my porfolio to the press.
Is that okay?
Are you sure no one will be around?
What's up then?
Just one time, just once.
I'm begging you.
I'm the only vingin in class.
You are doing it anyway.
You're too young for that.
Please, just once.
What are you doing?
Nothing at all.
I bought you this, it taste good.
Come on, right.
What ' s this? Good painting.
You'll be famous one day.
Your painting is good, how's the business?
You give me a break.
I even bought you the mandarin.
You better give me the money
before I beat you up.
You'll be dead if I find it.
What's this? Rubbish?
You come over.
Come over, don ' t move.
I want to screw you whenever I see you.
Who the hell the bastard?
What a shit.
Sister, can I come in?
I want to take a look at the goldfish.
It's getting bigger.
The photo is done.
It's good though.
Can you just flow it away?
I've sent it to the press.
May be I'll win the prize, sister...-
You're so beautiful.
You better get off f rom here.
Young, give me that.
You get back to your room.
Can I do it again? Please ...-
No way, you did that already.
Now, you ...-
I'll be leaving then.
You better go to your room.
You're a student though.
How can you take away the stuff?
Be careful.
Mom, I want to buy a walkman.
I need that for learning English.
You use young's one.
Ho won ' t lend it to me.
I've asking for.
I don ' t have money.
I buy it to me next time.
I want it now.
May be later.
No, stop that.
Just sleep together.
How can I trust you.
You got to trust me.
Take off your clothes too.
No, I'm out of here.
I'm not used to this kind of place.
Then you just lie down.
Come on. Come over.
I can ' t stand it. You can check it out.
Are you crazy?
I do mean it.
I'm not a whore.
What's wrong? Making love means intimacy.
I do this because I love you.
Right, but I'm not ready yet.
May be I will if we get married
but not now, you get it?
You men are all animals.
You're right.
That's because of our hormones.
I don ' t feel quite right too.
Hey! Harry, it's me.
The place you told me last time.
Yeah, crowded with chicks.
Here you go.
You come here to make love?
Can I use your phone?
Sorry, I do love you.
We can do it everyday after marriage.
Mom, the client's gone?
Yes, not long.
How does he look like?
Can't remember. I didn ' t give a shit.
He's okay, what ' s up then?
Just asking.
Thanks, mom. Sorry about this morning.
Mom, no more tissues and condoms.
Use it wisely.
Give me a break, mom.
When will I end this kind of life?
That's annoying. How long do I
need to eat with this kind of people?
What else we can do? We started
this business since you were young.
This is the only stuff I know,
Chapman want to visit us tonight.
Can you ...-
I don ' t mind he knows we're poor instead of
knowing that we run that kind of business.
can you come back late in the night.
Onur parents run a motel, come in.
Come in.
Sorry for bothering you.
Please come in, quick.
Hi, there.
No, not now.
You're so handsome.
I do like you.
Mom, I'd like to eat.
Give me the rice.
this is my cousin who works for us.
Wanna know what I do?
What is it?
I'm supposed to hang with those lonely guys.
I'm paid to make love to them.
$50, 000 for one time, and overnight is ...-
Am I right, mom?
That's the truth.
You god damn bitch.
How can you treat us like that?
I'm sorry I've been covering up
but I feel so guilty.
Everytime you want to come over...-
I know that, it's not your fault.
You take life so simple.
Everyone will have your kind of life.
Do you think I'm happy?
Do you really understand me?
Stop that, that's what you ask for.
Stop behaving like in the movie.
What if it ' s been disclosed?
Did he say break up?
He won't break up
with me for those tiny things.
Is it? That's good.
But it looks like I've seen him before.
Who gave you this?
From Chapman?
You bought me this, isn ' t it?
Be honest.
Is this the first time you come here?
I don ' t mean that you are ...-
but my mom said she'd seen you before.
I did see your kind of shoes
in my house a few days ago.
I did come but nothing happen.
Really? You take me as what?
Don ' t fool me around.
I didn't, you can ask her.
Whatever, you're not forgiven for going there.
It's rubbish.
All men will do that.
They will pay for that.
I did pay but I did nothing.
You better ask her.
You told her everything.
Is it necessary? Go away.
You tell her we didn't do that.
Is that so important?
I don ' t care whether you did it or not.
Just go away.
I don ' t want to see you again.
We did it twice.
You also said I had a great body.
What's that? Why are you lying?
You like said endings.
You tell her it's not the truth.
I envy you.
I don ' t have anyone to talk to.
Kammie, she's lying, I didn ' t do it.
Let go.
Don ' t be mad, Kammie. Trust me.
You got to believe me.
Go away.
I didn't do it.
You take this away.
I won ' t take this walkman ever.
I've been longing for that.
I won ' t take anything from the whore.
Kammie ...-
Anyone here?
Looking for rooms?
No, someone reported you're
running a brothel here.
We need to check it out.
What's your relationship?
Miss, I.D. card please.
Listen, sir.
Someone reported this,
we have to do it.
You stayed here today.
Don't need.
You're not the only one depends on this.
We all do.
Sister, dad and Jane got caught.
You still have your appetite.
It's not the first time though ...-
You're really too much.
Who reported this?
Is it the one got beaten up by your dad?
We better stop doing that.
Can you support us for the living?
Are you the one who reported this?
Cos' Jane didn ' t treat you good.
Is it true? Really?
Don ' t hit me.
You gave nothing to me.
I'm af raid of bringing friends
home, do you know why?
Cos they're gossiping about us.
My pride has been ruined, got that?
You're not a kid now.
You should understand that
we do that for our living.
You're still young ...-
You get your injection first.
Next one.
Is it done?
Kammie, you come and get one.
It looks alike?
Mom, I have to talk to you
and it's very important.
What is it?
I've seen Young always hanging with Jane.
Is it?
Don ' t you trust me, mom?
I do, he is ...-
Don ' t be mad, try to talk to him.
You do the check up tomorrow.
You tell me,
did you go to Jane's room?
I send you to school to learn this?
You want to run a brothel too?
You come here,
what did you do to my son?
You have to reject those minors.
You shouldn ' t blame sister.
Shut up! I've mercy to keep you here.
You behave yourself or you'll be outta here.
That bitch seduce you, isn ' t it?
You didn ' t go to her room purposely.
That's enough.
What? Enough?
That bitch seduce your son.
Can I still remain silence?
You go to your room.
What ...- is it,
may be you got seduced by her too.
You ...-
From now on you won't argue
with me for those minor things.
You're leaving cos I scolded you.
How can you do that to me?
You should stay here before I find another one.
You take this to her room.
Where can I buy this watch?
We're off at noon.
I'm looking for Young.
I'm pleased with your photo.
The angle is good ...-
Am I in?
Not sure now...-
Cos you gave us one photo only.
You're talented so I'm here for you.
What should I do now?
Did you keep your negative?
I paid for the negative.
We will discuss this later.
You'll sure have your olance.
Take this, it's $100, 000.
you need my negative now?
You're smart,
you can be a reporter.
You better start now.
I thought the hooker I meet
will have big tits, great body.
Stop those nonsense, do it quick.
I got it ...-
Why don't you scream, lounder.
The one next door need to go to school.
It's good to be grown up here.
Can have fun. Did you do
this with the college student?
You still keep talking about that.
Okay, I stop.
Spread your legs wider.
Thanks for forgiving me.
We can do it?
No, not now.
I want to wait till we get marry.
I respect you and love you.
That bitch.
You bitch.
How can you do that?
How much did you get for this?
You're not an actress.
What the hell you think you're?
I can dump you anytime.
You take this kind of photo
will affect our business.
How much did you get?
I'm not paid.
What? Are you nuts?
You pose nude for nothing?
What do you think I'm?
You should get $10, 000, 000 at least.
Hey! Bitch.
I didn't get paid for that.
Who took the photo, I go for after it.
Don ' t know.
You bitch, come over.
You god damn bitch ...- .
You're so generous? Confess or not?
Stop that, what did Jane do?
You rubbish don ' t have right to hit Jane.
Who are you? Get loss.
You get loss or I'll call the police.
My girl pose for nude photos.
I'm mad about that.
Now I won't go after the magazine.
I just want to get my share.
That's none of your business.
Are you a man?
Why didn ' t you let Jane go?
You get outta here.
You wanna be fixed.
Come over, bitch. I fix you up.
Stop arguing, I give you money tomorrow.
Why don ' t you say that earlier?
You can't get away from me.
I get nothing to do with this.
Shit, it ' s bad luck.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, sister. It's my fault.
Don ' t be silly.
How's your hand now?
Don ' t try to fool me around.
You get over here.
Shit you, I'll be back.
What's up with your eyes?
Your eyes look shit.
Fuck you.
You're not tough as I heard.
What do you want to tell me?
Say it out, what is it?
My son took those photos.
Your son?
He got cheated by the magazine.
Then you pay me, shit.
Jane supports my livivg. You screwed her, right?
What did she do here?
Say it, god damn it.
Everyone goes after me?
You don't fix the boats today?
You're mine, no one can take it,
Right? Shit.
Last time I bought you mandarin, remember?
I really mean it.
Why do I want to screw you as I see you?
Did Chapman do it?
I'll do the same if I'm a man.
You're so beautif ul.
But I feel strange about myself.
Really strange.
Come on.
Anyone here?
Here comes the client.
Wait, I ' II check it out.
You didn't have a good rest.
Call me if he's looking for chicks.
Any room available?
You take this one.
Any chicks?
Are you? How much?
Just a second.
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