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Even after living for 35 years in| U.S., whenever I come to India...
I feel as though I've come to the| warmth of my mother's lap. Today... India may have something| to offer, or not, but she has... thing in abundance, and| that is love. The air here...
...the buildings here,| echo with one word - Love.
One such building| is... The Taj Mahal.
My American friends... in U.S.,| Love means give and take.
But in India it means| give, give and give!
And there comes another| unbelievable thing...
- How is your family?| - My wife is very peeved with you.
This time I'll make it up to her.
You've become a big-wig now.| You last come to us 10 years ago!
- My kids are dying to meet you.| - I'm packing off this lot.
I'll accompany you to Dehra Dun| and spend 3-4 days with your kids.
Put your window up, friend.| It's getting dusty inside.
We've grown up in this dust... how can we stop| it from coming in?
The scent of this dust from| India is out of this world.
For 35 years you've been living in| the U.S., but you haven't changed.
You must be the first Indian to have| earned so much money and fame there.
You're coming to my house| after exactly 10 years!
We sold our house at Dehra Dun and| built a house amidst our land.
My brother lives in the city.| My mother, wife and I live here.
Since it's vacation time,| it's full house at home.
Kulvanti and her kids are here, too.| And they're all awaiting you... though some film star| from Mumbai is expected!
See! We're caught right here.| This is Ganga, my daughter.
The same. Our little Kusum.
- Look who's here, dear.| - Don't tell me. Let me guess...
You're American-uncle, Dad's friend.| 25 years ago... No!
35 years ago, you went there| with Rs. 10,000 in hand.
Today you're rich!
You've a huge family with| 18 sons, 11 daughters...
9 daughters-in-law, 3 sisters, 3| brothers, cars and helicopters too!
And which is that city, Dad?| You live in Hollywood...
...where all the American movie| stars live. And your bungalow is...
Won't you touch his feet| and pay your respects?
- Bless you. - My son...| - I'll go tell Mom.
- Tell her what? They're all| activated as it is. - What happened?
Come along at least.| A royal welcome awaits you.
Master is here with| his American friend.
- What do you mean? He's here?!| - What! He has come? Today?
Somebody get my "chunni"| Get aside, will you?
- Did you have to sit here only?| - Come, friend... - Wow!
- What a lovely farm-house!| - My "chunni", kids! Hurry!
- Is that American here?| - He's here, sis. - How are you?
This is height of shamelessness.| I'm going...
- Namaste...| - Namaste...
- Honestly! You didn't tell me...| - So what? I'm no stranger.
- True, but...| - Good you came.
We were expecting you tomorrow.
Anyway, now that| you're here, welcome.
- I hear you're a big-wig now.| - For you, I'm the same little boy.
I need your blessings, in fact.| So...
- But how can I bless you, son?| - Why not? - Cow-dung!
They are Nitin, Sonali,| Daksha, Dabboo...
That N.R.I. Is being fussed over| as though he's God!
That Surajdev has an complex| about foreign countries!
- I know him for 10 years!| - You are an N.R.I. Too.
- Why don't they fuss over you?| - They will, my dear. They will.
- You'll see.| - When, Dad? When?
When he'll come with a proposal| for his daughter Ganga.
When will he do that?| Years have gone by...
- Then fix it once and for all.| - Fix it? Without deciding dowry?
You've pretty silly. I've educated| this boy; made him a body-builder.
- What for?| - Then go and meet them.
A variety of gourmet dishes have| been made for this richie-rich!
Wow! What a delicious dinner. I used| to return from Delhi and Mumbai.
But the fruits and vegetables| of rural India are unique.
And why not? When they're from| the fields of the Sun God!
This is Amirchand. My mother's| sister-in-laws, sister's son!
Why don't you say| a distant-cousin?
Sir, I'm Amirchand, my brother| Garibchand, and my wife Bhagyashri.
- He's an N.R.I. Too.| - Which country do you come from?
- Not now. He used to live| in Sri Lanka. - So what?
An Indian coming from Sri-Lanka is| an NRI, too! - We're small people.
Variety of rich dishes are laid out| for you. - We're not even invited!
Amirchand, come here and| open your complaints book.
- My respects, Auntie.| - Right. How are you?
Uncle. Take your medicine| for the evening.
- My dose? - You're to take your| dose everyday at 7 p.m. And 9 a.m.
- 9 a.m., 7 p. M...| - Who told you?
- Tell me. Who told you.| - I was ironing your overcoat...
...a slip fell out from it.| It said what you are to eat...
And also what not too.| It was signed "Arjun".
- This is his work, eh?| - Who's this Arjun?
He's my 18th son.| Son of my distant sister.
He sees to my every personal need.| I call him my "Little Master".
He has penned a lovely song.
Have your dose first then go| on about "I love India".
Auntie, why is our Ganga...
...buttering that man so much?
You always smell of jealousy!| Here, have some water.
This uncle can take us to U.S.A.
- How?| - If we impress him, that is.
- But how?| - You ass... - Ass?
...with our music.| - That too English music.
Idiot! He's an out and| out Indian American.
If you try to impress| him, it'll backfire!
- Shall we bet on it?| - Done! - One moment.
Do you remember our| song's English notes?
You can't be serious!
I am very much serious.| For my son Rajiv...
...Im asking your daughter's| hand in marriage.
Look. Rajiv's mother| died 3 years back.
You know Rajiv is my only son.
He was born and brought up there.| He hasn't seen India as yet.
But he definitely knows the hearts...
...and the thoughts of his Indian| parents, and he respects them.
I'm asking your daughter's hand| because...
...we N.R.I. S need girls| like her very badly.
Because we've pushed our kids so| deeply in English books and manners
That somewhere or the other,| even after seeing so much success...
...we feel as though we're failures.
And seeing all this..., girls like Ganga| are our only source of hope.
That's why I've decided that by| making her my son's wife...
...Ill take her from this| house, to that house.
But by asking you| with folded hands.
What nonsense! The fact that she| will go into such a loving family... so comforting.| There's just one hitch...
- We're village folks...| - Don't make such cheap remarks.
You know me well, don't you?| Leave the rest for later.
I'll phone you from America.
No! A girl whom I don't send| to Delhi or Mumbai...
...Ill allow to go to America?| Never! - Try to understand.
Vices depend on one's upbringing
Not the nation.| And America's not far.
How times have changed!| You'll send her to America?
Make her a foreigner?
Oh come on, mother...
Today the whole nation| is westernized.
And Ganga has| graduated in English.
Look at our own kids.| All twenty-four hours...
...they watch musical channels| which show Michael Jackson!
Don't be adamant about it.| I've given my word to my friend.
We had given our word to that| Amirchand too, for his son.
No... we hadn't given| any word to Amirchand.
We had said we'd think about it.| And that son of his...
...he drinks heavily.| - Then go and talk to him.
- They are under that impression.| - So let them be!
My Ganga will marry my friend's son.| And that's my final decision!
- How can you decide by yourself?| - You should've thought about it.
You should've taken some advice.
Enough! Ganga will marry my| friend's son, and that's that!
American uncle has gone,| but he left some snaps...
...of his family and son Rajiv.| - Really? Show us... - No!
But your father doesn't know| which is Rajiv's photograph.
- What! - Yes, because he forgot| to ask and uncle forgot to tell!
- Show me then. I'll tell you.| - Hands off!
I'll show you...| First of all the family.
This is American uncle| with his brother.
- This is his sister-in-law.| - Looks strict!
- This is Padma, his sister.| - She's fashionable.
- And this is his mother, Krishna.| - A wholesome mother.
Now the confusion sets in.| There are 2 heroes!
- And you've to guess which one| is Ganga's! - Show me at least.
I'll show you. Now the first hero.
Now, the second one.
Now you have to guess| which of the two here... her hero!| - Yes. Go ahead and guess.
- Take your time, sis.| - Shall I tell you?
- I say it's this one!| - And I say...
...sister's hero is this one!| - Sis... guess which| of the two is Rajiv.
- Shall I show you?| - Yes, go on.
Yes, show us...
- My respects. - Be happy.| - Did you call me?
Yes I did. Is it true...
...that you've asked your friend's| daughter's hand in marriage? - Yes.
And I've also given him my word.
Good. But Kishorilal... you know this too, that| you're trying to bring...
...Indias pure Ganges to these| concrete jungles of America?
I know it. But how about| our future generation?
Our Indian culture?| Who will preserve it for us?
- Rajiv will never agree to it.| - He'll never.
Our sons don't like to visit India,| how will they choose an Indian girl?
They are westernized, and for| them to marry Indian girls?
- Impossible!| - I'll make the impossible possible.
And my Arjun. My Little Master.
Arjun Sagar, is one of U.S.A. 's,| Canada's and U.K. 's...
...upcoming artists whose| song, "I Love My India"... topping the Asian Music Chart.| Let's now meet him.
How did you come from| India to the U.S.A.?
By Air-India! Actually, I...
I was born in a town called Mathura.
- The town of Lord Krishna?| - Yes, that's right.
But I'm not Krishna, I'm Arjun.| That too, from these modern times.
Actually, I was 10 years old| when my parents died.
My father was a musician,| and my mother, a school teacher.
I was just living a life| of an orphan, when Kishorilal...
...who was like a brother to| my mother, came into my life.
- Then?| - Then I came to America, and...
...I worked in| a garage for 3 years.
Plied a taxi for 4 years.
And then Kishorilal made me| a manager in his own garage.
Today he's my father...
...deity, God... everything!
When he came to know that| I love singing and dancing...
...he built a work-studio for me.| Where we do our work...
...and our rehearsals too.
- Any regrets? - No.| - Any siblings? - No.
- Any relations? - No.| - A Beloved? - Only in songs.
- Ever loved anyone? - Never!| - Why is that?
- Never found one.| - Who's your dream-girl?
An Indian girl...| I don't really know.
Because she's in my mind...| In paintings. I haven't met her.
- How long have you been| away from India? - 5 years.
- Your future plans?| - It's only to...
...raise my father's house in| Mathura and build a music school.
Where poor kids can come, and...
- Yes Rajiv? - Where are you?| Daddy wants you. Go home now.
- Has he called me now? - He has| chosen an Indian girl for me!
- That's why he wants you.| - Has he called me alone?
- Don't worry. I'll meet him.| - Else, he'll parcel me to India!
Just one last question.
- Sorry, but I've to go.| - It's an important question.
Look, didn't I just tell you that| nobody is an important as Kishorilal?
Not even me!
Arjun, Rajiv has| never gone to India...
...and nor does he want to!| But I want him to go there.
To breathe the fragrance there...
To understand the values there.| And choose the Ganga there.
To agree to marry her| with all his heart.
Just think that this is| my life's most important...
...and beautiful dream.
Which only you can fulfill for| Rajiv is your friend, and...
No, Daddy. Don't you worry.| I promise you.
Rajiv will agree to marry Ganga!
Give Monica 5 days leave.
Take that as an order from me.
- Who sent these flowers?| - That friend of yours...
- I sent them, sir.| - Welcome, welcome.
- How do you like them?| - They're beautiful, and...
I also know why you've sent them.| Advocating for Daddy, are you?
I know I've to go to India| with you. Look around...
- Approve the girl and...| - You know everything...
Daddy did one good thing.| He gave me the right to choose.
- Meaning?| - He left the choice to me!
Come and see India once at least.| You'll like it very much.
I knew you'd join us too.| So, I booked 3 tickets to Delhi.
- By Air-India!| - Why Air-India?
Sis! Sis! We got the information.
- Sis! - What is it?| - We got the news! - What news?
- Who's to be your husband.| - Who? - You won and he lost.
Yes, I did lose. Here's your| prince Rajiv's photo...
- What is it?| - Get up! Your prince is here.
- What! - Yes. Come and see.| - No. I don't want to.
Come on... see for yourself.| Ram hasn't come, but Krishna has!
- What are you talking about?| - Rajiv is still in Delhi.
- He has sent some Arjun| to see to things. - What?
Look, uncle... Try to understand| what I'm saying.
Rajiv is totally American. He will| not stand this heat and dust.
And the stink! If something| stinks... I mean, he'll go mad!
Do you know what'll happen if| he comes here? He'll faint!
He'll faint first, then come| to his senses and just fly off!
No. We're with you. Last night| Kishorilal told me everything.
So now do as I tell you.
- First remove these cows from here.| - The buffaloes, son.
Whatever. Then send these| goats away some place.
- Now this... does he bite?| - No. Just barks.
You'll have to shift him because| Rajiv is allergic to dogs.
- Is this cot for the dog?| - That cot...
- It's our servant's cot.| - No no. He can't sleep here.
Build a servant quarter for him.| Everything must've its own set up.
Uncle, you do follow me, don't you?| We must clean up this place fast!
- This straw here...| - It's cow-dung, son.
Ramu... that's your name, right?| Just throw this out at once.
- Son, Kishorilal...| - Not him; talk about the son.
He won't stand all this, so,| it's vital that we clean up.
- Pompous, isn't he?| - Tells us to oust our dog!
- Asks Ramu to sleep out.| - Is he a human or a beast?
I'll turn this beast| into a man pretty soon.
- How?| - I've a remedy for it.
What will you do? What idea?
Says our Ganga...
- You are? - Daksha, a cousin.| - Good. Sit down please.
- And you?| - Shake hands at least...
- I'm the brother... only one.| - Please stand here.
- Where's Ganga? Didn't see her.| - Come in, Sis...
Don't remove your glasses.| I'm really Ganga.
So then... that is... you are| chosen by Daddy for Rajiv?
Yes, when uncle saw me,| he said he won't find such...
...lovely Ganga in the whole of| India! Isn't that so? - Sure.
Daddy was right! We won't| find a girl like you... this whole world,| let alone India.
Is there a... te... telephone here?
Will you let me talk to Rajiv?
Come along... Not you.| You sit right here.
Book a call please. Yes...| 'Lightning' call will do.
Yes, I know it cost's 8 times more.| Charge 16 times more, even 32...
...but I must get the call through.
Let the lines be down or not...
Even if they are down| try and put this call...
What the hell are you doing?| No, I don't mean you...
- Go sit there, please.| - Let me talk to Rajiv...
I can't do that. Go and sit now.| Sit her there and see that she does!
Stay here... No Madam, I'm back.
Look Madam, have pity on me.
I had told you, you won't get| a line for 4 hours.
- Is there any secluded place here?| - Yes. - I want to be left alone.
- And the moment the call| comes through, call me. - Fine.
There's a problem...
Yes, put me through. Kishorilal?
How are you?| No, I didn't phone you.
Arjun is here and Rajiv is coming| tomorrow. We're all fine.
I'll just call her.| Ganga, my dear...
- Yes, Papa? - Your phone.| - Who's calling?
- It's an important call. - From?| - Guess. - Tell me, Papa.
- Kishorilal uncle.| - Really? Let me talk to him.
Uncle? This is Ganga here.| My respects...
I'm fine. Oh uncle! How| will I not remember you?
And that song of yours...| We all sing it.
It's a super hit.| Even Grandma sings it!
Yes? And how are you? Do you| take your medicine on time?
Your Little Master| is here. He's okay.
A bit pompous... No, uncle.| He's nice.
- Okay, I'll give it to him.| - Yes, go on...
Everything's fine.
- That soap in your room...| - Keep it as I told you to.
- This is...| - Ganga.
- And that one then... - A trick.| - You may go.
- I'm... My name is...| - I know. You're Arjun.
Rajiv's friend. You have come| to see me and my home.
I'm sorry.| My entry was a bit mistimed.
All good people admit their| error, and apologize at once.
I'll say that all the good| people in this world...
...forgive those, who apologize.
Your face shows that| you've forgiven me.
And your smile says that we| must become friends soon.
And your hand says we must| shake hands soon. Right?
- A firm friendship? - Yes.| - Absolutely? - Sure.
Every relation in this house| is bound with bond of love.
Whether it's with an animal, or| between a servant and his master.
To form new relationships| we don't break old ones!
Do you have any shame, or not?
Forgot the rules set here? It seems| he's not fixing your betrothal...
...but you're confirming his!| - My dear...
Whatever Arjun's doing is| for your own good.
Imagine that he's a film director.
Who is planning to get the hero| and the heroine together.
Rajiv is coming tomorrow.| In his honor, I've invited...
...the elite of the city.| So don't do any mischief tomorrow.
Am I not here to break the| legs that you're standing on!
How will you? And why?| As if you were never little.
You too must've been naughty then.| Don't laugh! You'll grow old too.
Now everything is fine between| us. We know each other...
I just wish to explain one thing.| Think anything you like about me.
Rajiv's servant, his "cutlery"...
His friend, brother, anything!| But there's one thing.
A boy like Rajiv is hard to find| in this whole world, let alone U.S.
He's out of this world.| ...he's mind blowing!
Today too, he'll come in a| special car in such great style...
...our American Prince.| - He's here. - Who?
Your dear prince from Delhi| His car had a 4-tyre flat.
Is he coming in a chariot?| So come and see that.
Welcome to India, son-in-law.| Welcome to India.
All the guests are here.
Your father has invited so many| people. Raju must be nervous.
Meet the Asst. Police Comm.| Of our area, Mr. Yadav.
Bless you... it's all right.| So...
- If you have a problem, call me.| - What problem with you around, sir?
I mean if anyone is to be pulled up.| I just jailed a minister, you see.
- What goes on here?| - Nothing. Come, have some snacks.
Pay your respects, son.| Not mine, this gentleman's.
Bless you...
- Cool, sir. - Cool? You're| feeling cold with a coat on?
- No. "Cool" means "fine, thanks".| - Why thank?
- O, wifey... - Right here.| - Come dear, let's go.
In Punjab they hit you like this,| and show their affection.
The chair, sir!| Chair, sir, I say!
- He doesn't know Hindi you see.| Say "Chair". - Go to hell!
Baba, someone has cast an evil| eye on him. Ever since he's here...
...his health has been bad.| Give him a remedy for it.
He's just warding off evil| spirits. Try to understand.
He too is having the same| problem. So please... Just once...
No, no. I'm fine...
- This is Love from India!| - Shall we sit down?
- How is he?| - Shall I tell you the truth?
- He's like a prince!| - Sweet.
- Where's Ganga.| - I'll just go and see.
What's wrong? Why the delay?| Where's Ganga? - Getting ready.
Dressing up in finery...| There she comes now.
- How am I looking?| - Wonderful!
- Didn't I say that when I get| ready, you'll just gawk! - Sure.
- Isn't she looking beautiful?| - Sorry, but she resembles an ape!
Try to understand.| Rajiv hates such heavy ornaments.
- He's American and likes simplicity.| - But this is Indian simplicity.
No! I'll show you simplicity.| Hold this, and you come with me.
Take this off and why did you| wear these gold ornaments?
- What will you have? Tea, juice?| - I'll prefer tea.
Will you have tea, too?
- How much sugar?| - Just one spoon.
- Two more.| - Two more? ...Two.
- Okay, one more.| - One more.
- Do one thing, add the whole lot.| - The whole lot?
You're pretty smart!
Rajiv... How did you like Ganga?
Let me sleep. My head is aching!
Okay then, shall I...
consider her for myself?
You haven't told me how| did you find Rajiv?
- You didn't tell me either.| - Did you like him, or not?
- Liked him not. - Tell me.| - You tell me. - No, you first.
- Tell me... - You tell me.| - Okay, I'll tell you.
I think you didn't| like Rajiv at all.
When did I say that?
So! You like him, eh?
Dad, it's bad. Surajdev| called everyone, but us.
He got scared you may not| spoil his daughter's chances.
I don't spoil chances,| I stop them.
- And what if they get engaged?| - Then? - We'll break it.
Surajdev, let my good days| come. Then I'll show you.
- Where are you going? - To give| milk to Rajiv. - Give it here.
- Ganga, go give this to Rajiv.| - Me? - Yes!
Take it, I said. Hurry up.
- Why her, and not me?| - Arjun said...
...Ganga will give him| the milk today.
In our country a snake is not| considered as an animal, but God.
You have your milk and sleep.| Nothing will happen.
- You?| - I want to meet you... private.| - Why in private?
- Well, won't it be better if we| chat a bit? - So let's chat.
Not here.
- Then where? - In those fields.| Behind the wind-mill.
May I ask my mother?
- Can't you make your own decisions?| - It's not that...
Just wait here. I'll just come.
Auntie, may I go in the| fields with Rajiv?
In the fields? Why ask| me, you shameless girl!
Ask your mother!| Did you hear? Your Rajiv...
...wants to take Ganga in the| fields, behind the wind-mill!
- Who wants to take her there?| - He came as a guest, mother...
...and he wants to take the girl| behind bushes right in front of us!
- Sister! Will you shut up?| - Okay, I'll shut up!
Let her go behind the wind-mill.| It's very hot, isn't it?!!
- Speak softly.| - Why? I can't speak softly.
Are we thieves? Girls do not| roll in the hay before marriage!
If you think it's proper, send her.
Sending her to America! What| are you doing there? Come...
My dear brother, if you| wanted to meet Ganga...
...why talk of the fields?| - What's wrong with the fields?
Look. In Indian etiquette,| before marriage...
...there are various| rules and norms.
A river, is no river without water.
- Wind is no wind without sound| to it. - That marriage... no marriage| without a love-story.
- You do understand what| I mean by that. - No.
Look, before Rajiv and| Ganga get married...'s vital that they click!| And they'll click...
...only when they chat. And they| will chat, only when they meet.
- Why should we mind if they meet?| - You don't mind...
...but yesterday, that scene which| Auntie made about the fields...
I'm being frank. Rajiv is born in| America. He'll just run away!
No, no. If you wish, tomorrow,| we can take them out...
...on a sight seeing tour and| show them the fort there. - Auntie...
- Why should I mind? My lips| are sealed! - Hear that?
No, son. It'll be as you say.| Shut up! Will you, my dear?
It will be as Arjun says.
Don't go too far from the| hearts that are broken.
But don't go too near the ones| that are beating together, either.
The one who drives a Mercedes| is pedaling a cycle...
See how in various ways| he's wooing you! Too good!
But I'm no less either.| You saw my artistry, didn't you?
How I convinced the elders,| that we'll go on a picnic.
This will give you a| chance to talk to Rajiv.
He loves you a lot.| Sometimes I think...
...if he loves you so much now,| how much he'll love you later! Mad!
What is it, Ganga?| Why are you staring at me?
- May I ask you something?| - Sure, go ahead.
I know that I haven't driven Rajiv| mad, but your efforts have.
You are his friend,| and brother too.
But some kind of bond is forged| between you and I also.
A bond of implicit trust| and friendship. Right?
What do you want to say?
I want to ask you...| Is Rajiv right for me?
After so many days now,| this kind of a question...
He has hidden something from me.| Yesterday I was tidying his clothes.
And I found this.| It's not that he smokes...
...but the fact that he hid it.| If he has any more such vices...
...please tell me now.| So that I can decide properly.
Look, your advice can| either make my life...
...or, ruin it.
Ganga, you're totally mistaken.
This packet is not Rajiv's.| It's mine.
Actually, sometimes, I do smoke.
But Rajiv... drinks and cigarettes...
- There must be a lighter with this.| - I'd rather you not smoke either!
- A man looks so rotten.| - Shall I leave it?
- Leave it. - There!| - You're very bad!
- Am I still?
Yes, Daddy. Rajiv has liked Ganga.
- You're not saying anything, son.| - Daddy...
...I think Ganga should go| to the U.S. Before marriage.
- See the culture, the people there.| - Right!
- It's the girl who will live abroad| not the boy. - It'll be nice...
...if she comes with us to America| for 1-2 months and sees everything.
I'm happy to see you| speak so maturely.
- I'll talk to her father.| - What are you saying?
That we send her to America| all alone? Are you alright?
What's wrong in that? He's a friend.| Can't she go to my friend's house?
Indian girls do not go| without marrying, son.
- I too have decided that| she will not go. - Correct.
Okay. Call the whole thing off.| I'll speak to Kishorilal.
Then what was the need for all this?| Why did you call him all the way?
Then what do we do?| Become Americans?
Come, Kishorilal.
How can we send the girl without a| betrothal or a confirmed relation?
Just think.| We live in a small town.
- What will people say?| - They've already started gossiping.
And suppose she returns| without marrying your son?
- I've got a solution to it.| - What?
We'll get Rajiv and Ganga| engaged this week itself.
Then she'll go with us,| and after a month...
...we'll get them married in| U.S.A. In style. Okay?
Okay? You shouldn't have| any objection now.
Why should we have any objection to| an engagement? Right, my dear?
- Say you agree. It's okay.| - What I say is... all come with us.| - No, that's impossible.
It's our harvest season, you see.| None of us can make it.
If none of us can make it| my daughter can go instead.
America? No, I can't.| How can you suggest it?
Yes, that'll be perfect.| If you stay with Ganga...
...she won't feel lonely.| - Go, Mom.
Okay. If you all insist, I'll go.
So it's all fixed now.| Engagement on Monday.
Then Ganga's "farewell" and on| that note give us sweet-meats.
Yes, it'll be a farewell, no doubt.| Who knows when she will visit India?
What's this? You're| sitting all alone here?
What's up? You're getting engaged| and you're crying?
I know. You don't wish| to leave Papa, do you?
- I don't want to go anywhere!| - That is unavoidable, dear.
All girls marry and| go away one day.
Leaving their mother| and father behind.
Forever and ever.
Why are you crying now?
- You made me cry. - You did.| - You made me cry. - You did!
Come on. The engagement and the| farewell are both on Monday.
- The cards will be sent today.| - Cards? Must be Arjun's idea.
What! Kusum engaged to Rajiv?
Never! Did you hear that?
This is absolutely unfair.| The whole town knows...
...that Ganga was to marry my son.| - Indeed.
He hasn't just insulted me,| but this whole town!
- That's a lie! Uncle had not| promised you anything. - Shut up!
Stop jumping, son. Will you?| That foreigner is marrying Ganga.
Rajiv is no foreigner.| He's the son of an Indian.
That bastard Kishorilal...
First they broke the engagement,| now they're breaking my son! Help!
No Rajiv, No. No, Arjun.
- You will not fight. For my sake.| - We'll have to decide Surajdev.
What do you mean? I'm her father.| I'll give her away where I want to.
How will you decide? Tell us.| We'll decide today, right now.
Then come let's have a combat.| The winner will take Ganga.
- Agreed. Today, either you take| her, or I will. - Good!
Even Lord Rama had to lift| Lord Shiva's bow, to win Sita.
So today whoever wins,| shall be Ganga's groom!
This is too much! My daughter's| future will be decided by bouts?
Then admit you're a cheat, and| that you sold yourself to a N.R.I.
Suraj is not a cheat,| but you are!
And we'll give you| an apt reply to it.
Good thing the Headman| mentioned about Ram-Sita.
My son's shoulder is willing| to carry any bow you wish.
Tell me, which bow do you have?| Let me see how strong your son is!
- I'm ready, Daddy.| - So Manuchand...
...what's your choice?| Running, wrestling, boxing...
- "Kabbaddi"!| - "Kabbaddi"?
Okay. Today and now!
- What? A kabbaddi-match?| - Yes.
- And the winner will be sis's| bridegroom! - Nonsense.
Go and see. Stop them.
No... It won't be possible.
Don't you worry, Suraj.| We'll defeat them.
You'll say, take care of Ganga,| and I'll say she's my daughter now.
- So you have no right.| - Right on.
- Arjun hasn't come as yet.| - He's not coming with us.
- Why? - He'll stay back a bit more.| - Meaning?
Meaning... Here he comes.| Ask him yourself.
- For Rajiv and you.| - What's this? You're not coming?
I've to go back to Mathura, where| my father has an old house.
I've to rebuild it as a music-school.| So I'll have a lot of paper work.
- You didn't tell me this earlier.| - Didn't get a chance to.
- Keep these. - What for? I'm going| abroad for the first time.
- I'll be so lonely. - Why?| There is Daddy, Rajiv, your aunt...
- And many others who'll take care.| - But you won't be there.
You had said you'd be there| with me. I agreed only because...
Look. My responsibility,| and work ends here.
Now your life and my life| go different ways.
- Okay?| - Why are you saying that?
Because, now you've to become| a responsible daughter-in-law.
- Abroad, and live happily with| everybody. - Don't give a sermon.
- Hurry. Your plane will leave| without you. - I can go alone.
I don't need your help.| I can take care of myself.
Crazy kid!
Are you Arjun Sagar? - Yes.| - A passenger's sent you this note.
Arjun, come soon.
And see that girl there?| In a maroon dress.
That's Nita, my younger brother| Sandy's wife. - Sandy?
Sandip actually, but he became| 'Sandy' after coming here.
This is Katy...
- Daddy has brought a lovely girl.| - But she looks dominating.
- Why? Feeling scared?| - I'm not scared of anyone.
Sister, does everyone wear| such clothes in this country?
Sister! You called me sister?| Do I look like a sister to you.
My name is Padma, and people| out here call me "Paddy".
And this is your Auntie Nita.| I had pointed out her to you.
And he is my youngest| brother, Sandy.
- May I go?| - Yes.
Get lost! You rascal.
Don't you have any mother and sister| that you kiss her publicly like this?
Is this a way to meet a girl?| And you shameless girl... can you be so intimate with| these whites? Forgot family norms?
- She's still young... - Why are| you firing her? She's ours now.
Come, my dear.
- That was quite a scene.| - What can I say, Mr. Mitra.
Kishorilal went to India and| got real shit for us!
Ganga, my dear.| Come and sit near me.
Isn't she beautiful?
You haven't eaten anything since| morning, and you must be famished!
Get some food for us, please.
Today I'll eat with her.
Bless you. What were you| looking at? A new country?
It's either very quiet here,| or it's most vociferous.
Man is either alone,| or he's in a crowd.
Last night the party that| was given in your honor...
The abhorrence that Nita showed you...| I saw and heard, too.
But my Aunt was at fault too.
My dear. In the house of a| benevolent man like Kishorilal...
...half are Indian, and| half are westerners.
That's why, a pure soul like you| will always be shown resentment.
And you'll have to endure it.| That will be your acid test.
Mother says a woman is tested| through out her life!
You've caught on.| My blessings are with you.
What are you whispering| with my daughter, Sis?
Look, she is managing the| household duties already.
No! She'll do nothing of the sort.
She has to tour America and| Canada as yet. Right, my dear?
Good news, my dear. Tomorrow, in| honor of our new Ambassador...
...all the Indian VIPs of the| city are being invited.
They'll honor you and Rajiv, too.
- Hasn't Arjun come as yet?| - He's a fool.
I don't know. Should come| in a couple of days.
After this, we've to| welcome one more person.
This welcome is of that Ganga| who has come here for the 1st time.
The would-be daughter-in-law| of Kishorilal, Miss Kusum Ganga... India's Goddess of knowledge,| a symbol of our culture.
I'll now request her to come here...
...and sing some songs for us.
Your would-be daughter-in-law| is very beautiful.
- What shall I sing?| - We'd all like to know... you feel| after coming abroad.
- But I don't know the full song.| - Sing anyway.
Arjun! You're here?
Why did you take so long to come?| I had such a difficult time.
- Auntie had one of her scenes...| - What are you doing?
This is no time to chat.| Everyone's looking. Go on.
- They want me to sing "India" song.| - So sing. - You also sing with me.
No, I can't sing with you.| Daddy's getting angry. Go now.
He's my second son.| A nephew who's like a son.
- No, I can't. Daddy's angry. Go!| - Okay, but I've lots to tell you.
- This is the city's biggest paper.| - You too are the greatest prince.
Keep it safely.| We'll have it framed later.
- Are we going to Hollywood?| - Tomorrow. - Who all are going?
- We all.| - Neeta Auntie too?
Neeta Auntie's not going.
- And Arjun?| - He's not coming either.
Yesterday I spoke to him, and,| he said he can't make it.
- Why not? - Ask him yourself.| You know him well too.
Now hurry up and give me a kiss.| I've to go to the office.
What delicious parathas!
Honestly, you won't find such| parathas even in India.
Doesn't Arjun live in this house?
This is the main house,| not a servant quarter.
- You mean Arjun is a servant here?| - More or less. My brother-in-law...
...did quite a lot for him. He tends| to our cars in our garage...
...and runs a studio above it.| - Here...
- Then where does he eat?| - In a hotel or some such place.
When he comes here, we feed| him, like we feed the poor.
To hell with Arjun.| Have this, else it'll get cold.
Krishna Ma has sent these| especially for you.
- Will you do me a favor?| - Yes.
Kusum Ganga has sent| you this letter...
...and the parathas for us!| - Let me eat them...
...and you read the letter.
It says..."Little Master Arjunji...| Don't show your mastery..."
"Come with us quietly.| Daddy's orders totally, and...
...swear on me honestly.
- If someone wrote such| things to me... - Honestly...
...Id go to hell with her!| - Idiots!
- She's going to be Rajiv's wife.| - Going-to-be... she isn't yet!
See this!
What did you do with that paper?| Lost it! Where?
I don't remember| where I put it...
- I wrapped parathas in it.| - Parathas?
- For Arjun.| - Really? Meaning... wrapped up my respect| along with those parathas too!
It's so obvious!
You said it this once...| Don't ever repeat it!
Why don't you understand, that| it was the only copy I had!
But it's original copy is with me!
You didn't tell Rajiv, that when| you sent me those parathas... had sent me a letter,| that I take this photograph...
...and frame it beautifully.| You do forget.
Look. See how I've put it| in a beautiful frame.
See what Rajiv's doing?| He's smoking a cigarette.
And you said he never smoked.
This is America. We're in a disco.| It's fashionable to smoke here.
90%% people here are smoking.
So Rajiv is from those 90%% .| You lied to me, didn't you?
What am I asking you?| Who was she?
He's saying that the boy and| the girl who win this contest...
...will have to give a number| and if that matches their number...
...then they'll get| the "Made in Heaven Award".
- Why's that? - According to them,| the couple made in this world... not as great as the pair| made in Heaven! - Good!
- Shall we go to Rajiv?| - Want to play? Come on...
- Let's take part in the contest.| - It's a kid's game, dear.
What will I do in it?| Make Arjun your partner.
- No. I won't go with Arjun.| - Why not?
She won't go. And she shouldn't| I'll dance with Kelly...
I'm willing to go with you.
I can buy everything!| Everything...
This is a normal scene.| He drinks and gets knocked out.
And Arjun takes him home.
- How are you, dear?| - Fine.
- Hows Rajiv?| - Nice.
- And Arjun? - Very nice!| - Are you happy abroad?
I don't know.
There's everything... yet nothing.
I've invited 1,000 guests...| Book all the 5-star hotels.
The whites will never forget| my son's marriage.
What are all these papers...
- Don't you clean your master's room?| - He doesn't allow anyone in.
What dirty magazines...
What are you looking at?
- What... what's all this?| - Oh that!
She's Rajiv's girlfriend, Kelly.
Kelly loved Rajiv, and he| too loved her very much.
But he never mentioned this.
Is this something one mentions?| Dear girl...
Girlfriends are a status symbol| of the richie-rich!
Consider yourself lucky, that Kelly| didn't get Rajiv, but you did.
The millionaire Kishorilal's| daughter-in-law...
...will be you, not Kelly.
O Duerden doll, this is America...
Rajiv is an American, and you...'ll have to stay| with an American.
Kelly was your girlfriend, right?
Did you love her very much?
Even wanted to marry her?
Did you and Kelly...| I mean...
...did you have a physical| relationship with her.
In America such relationships| occur... they just happen.
Why make such a national| issue out of it?
Kelly was my past, and,| you are my present.
You won't believe it, but we were| just talking about you. Honest.
Going to Australia, eh? Tonight?
Want to meet me, eh?| Then come to my office...
...we'll go together for a dinner.
Kelly learnt Hindi when we| were going around together.
It's essential that I go,| else Kelly will be offended.
I'll be coming in late,| so you better have your dinner.
I brought this...
I entered at the wrong time.| Never mind, later may be.
Everything's gone haywire.| And it's all your fault!
You lied through your teeth!| Rajiv's like this and that...
This is Rajiv's true picture.
Look, all these| small petty matters...'ll have to adjust| yourself to them.
Small petty matters?| Is this a small matter?
This is a small petty| matter in your view?
Look, I don't want jilted palaces!| I just want some love from a man.
Understand? Small matter, indeed!
- But everybody here loves you.| - No! And I don't want such love.
- I don't!| - What kind of love do you want?
Ask yourself that! The kind| of love you give others.
That's the kind of love I want!
Taking me to be some innocent photo,| you've trapped me in a golden frame.
And you want me to hang| on some wall quietly...
...and become a part of| this synthetic decor!
Had I come with this dream| to this foreign land, Arjun?
Look, everything will be fine.
I'll talk to Rajiv myself| tomorrow. But Ganga... too will have to| take things patiently.
I'll go now.
You'll also not| leave me, will you?
- She's not that kind of a girl.| - Then what kind of a girl is she?
Look, don't get me wrong.| But girls from India...
...especially those from rural areas,| they can't bear this cultural shock.
If you want to change her, then| go slow about it. After marriage...
Look. You're my friend.| And Ganga's my wife.
Let the friend stay a friend,| And the wife, a wife.
And it'll be better if you don't| interfere in our personal matters.
Your role as a friend ends| here. Now let me play my role.
Whether you accept it or not.| You've fallen in love.
- No! - Yes!| - No! - Yes!
- No!| - Yes!
- No? - Yes!| - Well, you are, aren't you?
I won't go to her house,| nor will I meet her. Okay?
Okay. Let's see.
What! He'll never come here?
Even to meet me? Okay.| Go tell him this.
If he's not bothered about me,| I don't care either!
Cares, my foot! If he really| cared, he'd answer my calls.
Today's his birthday?
He doesn't want to meet anyone?| Not even me?
I'll show him!
Arjun is not in. Don't know| when he'll return.
If any one calls,| tell them I'm out.
I wish to be alone today.
So what if it's his birthday?| He didn't invite me.
He hasn't invited anyone.| He's all alone and depressed.
So what shall I do about it?
Look, in America we leave people| alone, if they wish it.
But in India we never| leave our friends alone.
In fact, we gate-crash and wish| our friends on such occasions.
- This isn't India, but America!| - But he's still your friend.
- Have you forgotten his obligations?| - He didn't oblige me, but Daddy.
He wants Daddy to take interest in| a music company he wishes to launch.
Anyway, I've to attend a party,| and... Look Ganga... can go with Paul if you wish.
And... take some old gift lying| around the house for him.
Have you understood now,| what Rajiv wants?
Yes...| It's 11:30 p.m.
- Everyone's waiting for you.| - It's Arjun's birthday today.
Everyone's ridiculing you that| you're dancing with those workers.
- But I've taken Rajiv's permission.| - I'm asking you for the last time.
Are you coming home| this minute, or not.
Just a minute. Talk to Arjun.
I couldn't make it, friend.| Now send my Ganga back.
- She and Paul are just leaving.| - And listen. Tomorrow...
...Im holding a party| at the dockyard...
...and you're attending it.| - I won't be able to, Rajiv.
Oh come on. The problem is one| of the musicians has run off.
So in his place, you come| with your guitar...
...and sit in a corner| and strum it...
- Why did you hit him?| - He went for her "chunni"...- So?
- It's embarrassing for her.| - Isn't it my job to protect her?
Whose wife is she going to be?| Mine or yours?
You small fries shouldn't be| invited at all. Auntie was right.
Go! Go!
A storm never warns before it hits.
It just comes, ruins| everybody, and goes away.
- What are you hinting at?| - Fire and wax...
...have a star-crossed| relationship. We just know...
...that they emit light together.| But we don't realize this...
...that under that fire, the| wax is slowly melting away.
Come straight to the point.
The intimacy between| Arjun and Ganga is...
Enough! You had your say today, but| don't give it a thought hereafter.
Whatever's to be done,| leave it to me.
- Did you call me, Daddy?| - Yes, Arjun.
- I've some good news for you.| - Good news?
You've been chosen as the President| of Norse Engineers Auto Co.
You'll also have its| major share holdings.
Now you'll have your| own bungalow, a car...
You like my car very much, right?| Here, take these.
From today the car is yours.
You seem very happy today.| What's the matter?
I'm happy, and I'm sad too.
Sad because you'll have to leave| this city tomorrow itself.
Rajiv will get married on the 9th.
Be present here on the 9th morning.
That means I'll have to| leave tomorrow morning.
Yes. Tomorrow morning at 5 a.m.!
Tomorrow morning...
- Can't I leave after 2 days?| - No.
It concerns your career, and you| have your first Board meeting.
You'll have to go.
Bless you. Now you too select| a nice girl and settle down.
I'll go now, Dad.
Call Arjun on the line.| I'm Ganga speaking.
- Arjun has gone.| - Where to?
That I don't know. But I do| know that he has left us!
This morning, when we were all| sleeping, he just left.
Yes, Papa. This is Kusum Ganga.| You phoned after ages.
Hows mother? And the boys?| And Duksha-Sonali?
I'm fine.| He has gone out.
Everybody's gone out.| I'm alone here.
I'm alright.| And happy too.
No... I'm very happy.| Why do you ask again and again?
Yes? My voice?
It's because of the ice-cream.
Aren't you coming to U.S.A.?| Please come, Papa...
I can't hear...
Can't hear...
No, my dear.| Don't cry so.
You had an engagement ring...| Where is it?
Engagement ring? Where is it?| Where did I keep it?
I'll tell you.| Since yesterday evening... was lying by the pool.| And now...'s in my hand.| Hence, put it on.
Take this. Put it on.
I've brought you from India.
You are hope to your parents.| And, future to us.
You are Rajiv's life| in the years ahead.
I know my son is| a difficult person.
But by getting to know| his American ways and habits...
...change them to your liking.
Promise! Isn't that what| we had promised each other?
Hadn't we?
I've to go to Las Vegas| with my friends for a wedding.
Then go! Take her with you too.| And show her the town.
Of course, my foot! First apologize| to her. Say sorry.
See?| How soft hearted my son is!
Now go do your packing,| and get into a happy mood...
...and go to Las Vegas.
Kishorilalji...| What's this Las Vegas like?
It's a town full of good-time,| and vices, from song-dance...
...gambling, marriages, honey-moon.| All sorts of fun and frolic.
- Are they meant only for kids?| - No. Adults also go there.
But not with children!
When will we go there?
I meant you, me, Krishnama,| and other family members?
I'll also be taking you all.
- Really?| - To the temple!
You mean Arjun left the city?
Before a fire breaks out,| there's always smoke...
This air there is like| the scene here.
- What are you doing? - I'm playing| with this romantic city of lights.
- I'm teaching you how to make love.| - I don't want to learn.
- Now go to your room please| - Look, you'll have to learn that.
Every wife has to, else| the husband gets offended.
Look, I'm not your wife.
- There are still a few days left| for our wedding. - So what?
We'll get married right now.
There! We're married.
I beg you. Please go to your room.
All my western friends, with| their girl friends...
...are enjoying life| behind closed doors.
Try to understand. They are| westerners. And we're Indians.
Our culture forbids boys and girls| doing such things before marriage.
We're also going| to get married soon.
Then wait for a few days.| Let's take our vows at least.
- Let me become your wife...| - Vows! Vows!
Leave me...| Don't touch me!
There is nobody as hypocritical| and you Indians,
Mention sex, and you start| whining and crying!
The two sexes are kept separate;| women have their own society.
Men have their own. Yet you have| a world record in population!
You, your parents, and| other family members...
...are all illiterate villagers...
Want to hear more? Your India| too, is no better than shit!
It stinks like cow-dung!
You fiend!| You abuse our India! Well, listen!
From today, I'm breaking off| this relation with you.
I discard this ring,| a fraud symbol of our bond...
We consider you, your wealth and| your drug-infested America...
...unworthy of holding| a candle to India.
Now go away from here.
You struck me!
Rajiv... don't touch me.
- How did she disappear, damn it!| - I told you, I don't know.
She wasn't there in the morning,| I don't know where she went.
Phone the police commissioner, and| take an urgent appointment for me.
Come with me, Sandy.
You better find our girl. Else| her father will raise hell here!
This truck driver says,| he left some Indian girl... the Waterfront Rly. Station.
Ganga! What happened?
Don't cry, please.| Listen to me.
What happened? Tell me...| Why did you do this?
You ran away all alone?| Tell me, what's the matter?
Stop crying and tell| me what happened?
- Who did this to you?| - Rajiv.
Okay. Let's go.| Don't cry. We'll go home.
- No! I don't want to!| - Listen... - No!
Didn't you hear me? I don't want| to marry, nor stay in America.
- I don't want to stay here,| - Okay, we won't stay here.
- But we'll meet Daddy at least.| - No! Go ahead, if you wish.
I'll die, but I won't go back!| I've taken a vow!
- Shut up! Stop this madness, and| let's go. - You'll send me to India.
- Now! This moment!| - Okay, I'll take you back.
This is a foreign place.| Meet Dad, just once
Don't take me back if you wish.| I'll go alone.
I don't need you!| I can do without you.
No! I'll go on my own.
I told you this was foreign land.| Let's go from here.
No! You are lying!
It's true. My friend saw them| boarding a plane for Delhi.
- This cannot be!| - Be bold enough to face the truth.
The truth is that Arjun has taken...| Ganga to India!
No! No!
Give me a call to America.| The number is...
You will not phone them.| You will never phone them.
We are dead to them, and they| are dead to us! That is it
Sis! Wake up!| I'm Dabboo. Wake up.
I've been betrayed!| I'll not keep quiet.
We'll leave for India tonight!
Ganga will have to return! She's| mine and will always be mine!
You wolf in sheep's clothing!| Now I know what your game is!
- What's my game?| - You lured her into your arms...
...and betrayed my friend and| you lied about Rajiv.
No! What are you doing!| Slashing the very person who...
Get aside!| Why didn't you die there?
I had seen you off in bridal finery.| I wish you had returned in a shroud!
At least you wouldn't have returned| with shame with this rascal!
What do you think you're doing?
- You'll not hit Ganga!| - I'll kill her!
My blood will flow before hers.
And it too will say,| Ganga is as pure us the Ganges.
I'll go. Now. This very moment.| Never to return.
But you'll not lift| your hand to hit her.
For God's sake, please go.| Else, it'll be disastrous.
- No! No! Arjun is innocent| - Shut up!
I don't believe a word you say.| You have let me down!
Betrayed us very badly.| Our self-respect has gone to dogs!
Die! Die, damn you!
I'll really and truly die!
Stop him, Papa.
Rs. 50 only,| It fulfills all your wishes.
- When is the Mathura bus due?| - It's gone.
- How long ago? - One hour.| - When is the next one? - Evening.
- At what time?| - 6.30 p.m.
- Where are you from?| - Nowhere!
Look all of you,| try to understand me.
There's nothing between| Arjun and me.
These are all lies!
Then change those lies| into Truth, Sis.
Yes, Sis. We all agree on this.| Only Arjun loves you truly.
Not Rajiv.
Remember?| Once you had said...
Sing the song which is fragrant| with this soil. Arjun has that.
You realized that later, but| we all knew it from the beginning.
What are you all advising her| on the sly? Get lost from here.
- Granny, we just... - Go away!| Else your Dad will kill you.
Eat a few morsels, my dear.| You've not eaten for hours.
No, Granny.| I won't eat anything.
Your father and mother...
...have shut you in because| their own eyes are shut!
But this old woman's eyes,| are still wide open at this age!
I agree with what Daksha| and Sonali have said.
- Granny! - My dear, Arjun| is a God-sent boon.
And such blessings are not| to be let go, so easily.
Go; stop him. I'm practicing| what I'm preaching.
Everything has been done| to help you escape from here.
Look. There are your helpers.| To help you escape from this jail.
They're all ready. Where's Ramu?
- Mother. Rajiv is in India.| - I see.
- Where's Suraj? - He has gone to| collect Kulwanti and Kishorilal.
What! Is that man coming here too?
What will we tell them?
Stop right there.| And go back home.
I will. But tell me just once...
...that you don't love me.| - No.
- I don't love you.| - But you do!
- This is not proper.| - Then say that.
Why do you say| you don't love me?
No! I don't love you at all.| Understand?
Now go back home. Go!
Why did you bring him here?
The bullet which will leave the| pistol I have in my pocket...
...will either target you, or me.
I trusted you.
...gave you everything.| Tell me the truth now.
What is the truth? Tell me.
Truth? You don't want| to know the truth.
Because those who want to know it,| don't carry a pistol... their pocket, and,| hatred in their hearts.
It takes a big heart.| One needs a big heart... hear the truth.| And the truth is...
When a man gains status| with wealth and power...
...he distances himself| from truth and moral.
He thinks, whatever he| thinks is the truth.
Whatever he did, was right.
And that's what has happened| with you too, sir.
You made it big alright, but| remained small in personal matters.
Because the truth is, that| you lied to yourself.
You lied that an Indian girl can| be a wife to a foreigner like him.
And to turn this lie into truth,| you made me lie too.
And I, suppressed under your| obligations, lied through my teeth.
Lied that Rajiv is very nice.
A very nice boy without| any vices whatsoever.
He's a son of a great,| millionaire Indian.
A son of a wealthy man.| A son... yes!
A son, sir. But not an Indian.
And the truth is,| I always lied to Ganga.
- What is your relationship| with Ganga? - Trust.
Respect, reverence, and... Love.
If protecting her, adds| up to love, then, yes!
Yes! Yes! I love her.
And I always will. But I never| tried to woo her for myself.
And neither will I do it now.
Because Ganga is yours.
Her father's.
I'll go now, sir.| And I'll never come back.
You heard the truth from Arjun.| Now hear me also.
Want to see, Daddy, what| your son wanted to do... a drunken state,| at the Las Vegas hotel...
...behind bolted doors with me?| Then see this.
I ask you, what kind of| a culture is this...
...where a would-be husband,| behaves like this with his fiance?
Even then, if you ask me| to throw myself in this fire...
...then I'll do it, Papa.| Because you are my father.
Decider of my fate. If you| ask me to take poison...
...Ill take it!| - Why should you?
For centuries now, we women| have been taking poison only.
First we listen to our parents,| then the husband, and finally, kids!
- You'll not take any poison!| - Don't interfere, mother.
Keep quiet! You've lost your senses!
You've humiliated this poor girl.
Didn't you sing, "India is my| country and religion"?
You wished to nestle an Indian| girl, India itself... in America?
Is this what you achieved?| Wonderful!
I ask you, if a girl from here| goes to another land...
...where she has nothing in common,| why should she go there?
- Ganga will go abroad!| - You're still saying that?
Yes! I'm still saying it.
Remember me saying, "One day,| I'd make her my son's wife?"
From this house, to that one?| By asking you for her hand...
With folded hands?
She'll become my daughter-in-law.| Alright. But as the wife of...
...not Rajiv, but Arjun.
Yes, she'll marry Arjun!
Your mother is right.| If a girl from here...
- Goes to another land...| - What are you doing, Dad?
Get lost from here.
P S 2004
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