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Party7 2000

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I need to pee.
Not no. 2! The vent's no good!
The lights...
Am I sick or what?
C'mon stop...
No. 2 / No. 1
- Washed your hands? - Yup.
- And the lights? - Oops.
Hey, but you lied about that locust.
It didn't have a penis, man.
Oh, yeah. The locust.
Well, you fell for it. I had to play along.
But this. This is for real.
I swear. This shit's for real.
No way.
It's totally true.
Definitely not.
Hey, never use that word.
It's definitely true.
Hey, the d-word!
It's really, really, really true.
Really, really, really true?
People say 'really' twice, but not 3 times.
Oh, yes they do.
No they don't.
No one does.
You know what?
Who cares if it's two 'really's or three, huh?
Don't get upset.
I'm not upset!
All right, I believe you.
You think I can smoke?
Why not, the owner's not around anyway.
You sound upset.
Well, I'm not.
So, it really was shit, huh?
See! I knew it! You don't believe me!
I told you I do.
No you don't! Definitely, definitely not!
The d-word. Twice.
So what? Twice, three times, who the fuck cares?
The point is whether you believe it or not!
I told you I do.
Yeah, but I know you don't.
I mean, look at you! It's obvious!
See! You never did believe me.
Yeah, well.
But why?
Why are you so serious?
- You think it's funny? - No.
Yes you do.
Maybe a bit.
Here we go again.
But, you know...
I knew it, man!
But it's obviously a lie.
Look, the shit really fell out of the sky.
The sky?
Yeah! That's why it's so weird!
It wasn't thrown?
No one throws shit nowadays.
Never was mainstream anyway.
Kids these days are so clean, they won't even go near mud.
And even if it were thrown, the parabola'd be more like an arc.
Like this? An arc?
The shit fell vertically.
It came directly from above.
Human shit?
Don't know.
But let's go see.
I'm on the night shift.
When. then?
Forget it.
Why? You really should see it.
Witness the wonders of life.
I don't want to.
Oh, c'mon. I'll draw a map... It's a must-see.
Must-see shitt!
I don't want a map.
It's kinda far.
I'm not going.
Why? You've got to see it!
I'm too old for this shit.
I'm not going!
It's not that far. 20 minutes by car.
I don't drive.
Or an hour by bicycle.
Oh yeah. there's a short cut!
I'm not going!
You should.
My bike's broken too.
Can I check in?
Just a moment, sir.
Mr. Miki?
Thank you.
Will you kindly fill out this form?
I'd better get going, so I'll see you.
What the fuck are you two doing?!
Do you know what time it is?!
It's your shift!
Get out there before I kill you!
Sir. can you sign here too please?
Sir? Sir?
Over here?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
So. what do you think?
Not bad.
Nice, isn't it?
I like it.
Good. Being off-season, it's easy to book too.
Hardly any guests.
Then don't book.
No can do. That's my job.
So, it's unpopular.
Isn't it just perfect?
The location's bad too.
So, it's little-known.
Isn't it perfect?
Writers use it to hide from the editors.
So, it's a hideout!
Perfect for your weird request.
It's not weird...
Oh yes?
'Money is not an issue.'
'An unpopular hotel that no one knows about.'
'In a quiet place, a few hours away from the city.'
'Inconveniently situated.'
'With escape routes...'
'...covering the vicinity like a...'
' a maze, in case I need to run.'
This is one weird request.
I'll ask you again.
You really have nothing to do with this?
That's right.
Nothing at all?
No. But could it be true?
Look, if Matsuken hasn't received it...'s got to be that idiot.
You know we've got to stay put right now.
We're being watched...
...with the one-eyed dying and all.
You follow?
In a way, you're responsible for this mess too.
I'm counting on you to tidy things up.
My name is...
Captain Banana.
Give me the key!
What the fuck!
Let go, will you?
But, um...
What!? It's my stuff. I'll carry it.
It's my job.
Then don't do your job.
But it's heavy. I'll carry lt.
That's my call, baldie.
Let go!
You just said 'baldie'.
I take it back.
I'm not bald.
Stop it!
I'm not bald!
Why did you call me baldie?
Because... look bald-ish.
Just let go!
C'mon! Your job here is done.
How did you guess?
Let's drop it.
It's not OK!
C'mon let go.
How? It's so fucking obvious!
No one can miss that wig!
Hey! Don't cry!
I'm not crying!
You are crying!
It happens when I get dust in my eyes.
An allergy, different from hay fever...
I'm not interested!
I waited two years...
...young Okita.
How do you know my name?
This hotel was built by your father...
...Ryujiro Okita.
I'm sorry.
I've seen enough of you.
This is the past time.
I've heard that before.
I'm sorry.
You're the peeper, right?
I know you.
I'm strry.
Excuse me, where can I find Ryujiro Okita?
I don't know.
Can anybody help me?
I told you I don't know.
Soji, you fool!
Where the hell were you? Your dad is dying! that you?
Dad. are you okay?
Stay back!
What? I'm his son.
I'm saying I'm his son, not this son!
Soji, it is you.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry. I was arrested again.
For peeping?
I...I'm sick.
The peeping syndrome...
There's no such thing.
I'm sorry, dad. I'm really sorry!!
Unlimited peeping...
Come closer.
I built this hotel with a secret room...
...just for peeping.
It's my room...
That's right.
Your father...
...built this room for me.
All by himself.
Little by little, bit by bit.
Before he got sick, he'd come twice a week
And we'd spend our time peeping together.
As his only son, you have a right to peep too.
Captain Banana.
Captain Banana.
That's my name.
Captain Banana...
That's right.
Here, have a seat.
Come on.
Will you just let go!?
Wait a minute.
So, girls only go for guys with cars?
How should I know?
You laughed at me!
No. No. No. I said cars are more convenient!
My parents bought me that bicycle as a present...
Shut up!
Hey, your wig!
What is this place?
My hotel.
What the...?
I gotta pay?
Ow, c'mon...
Go away, baldie!
A visitor.
A girl, perhaps?
A girl?
Could be.
A girl!
Yes! I'm coming!
Ow, give me a break...
Kana, honey.
Don't you honey me.
Calm down, Okita.
That's Kana.
Thanks, I know.
No thanks.
Boy, you're big fun.
Ooh, it's really nice and tasty.
You got my message?
And I want my money back.
Oh yeah. Getting married and whatnot.
Whatnot? Give me back my money.
Take it easy. After all, you've come all this way.
And I want to leave now. Where is it?
Or when can you pay me?
Ow, c'mon, let's talk about something else.
You should relax , baby.
You owe me money, you bastard!
Do I?
Hey , don't you dare pull that on me.
My money. Now.
Yeah well...
Nothing's well.
Just relax.
Take a deep breath and stretch your body.
Or take a shower.
You know, it's just you and me in this room.
My money.
So, who's the lucky guy?
None of your business.
Oh, I get it. He's got no money.
He's poor. You're marrying a poor guy.
The guy's rich.
Then go to him.
I'm not going to, OK?
But the guy's rich.
Ask him.
The guy's rich, but I need my money back, OK?
But why?
None of your buslness.
OK. I'll explain then.
You're gonna marry a rich guy.
So borrow the money from him.
No problem.
The guy's rich, but I really need the money.
What for?
Debts. maybe?
But she can ask her fiancÚ.
You know nothing about women, Okita.
That girl...
Yes. Kana.
Kana's obviously experienced.
So, she knows.
Knows what?
That it's the tiny things that count.
And how they can affect her image.
For her rich beau. clearing her debts may be...
...a tiny, tiny, tiny thing.
But it creates a 'minus image'.
Tiny, but a 'minus image'.
And that's what counts in the long run.
Kana knows this.
But he's rich?
Very rich.
What's his name?
His name.
None of your business.
Because I said so.
You used to be my girl!
A long time ago, yeah.
Not that long ago.
A long time ago.
They had a relationship.
A long time ago...
A long time ago...
Lucky bastard.
A long time ago...
A long time ago!
I used to date a girl cuter than Kana.
He's got a proper job.
Got a problem?
Proper and rich?
You can be proper and rich, you know.
I got it.
`Young girls give me energy...'
A drunk orangutan?
No! Orangutan's speak Orangutanese. not Japanese!
That's 'cause...
Will you get to the point?
You're marrying an old man.
He dribbles saliva and wears diapers. No one goes near 'cause he stinks.
He's known as Mr. Nappy, but the kids call him Nappy.
They invite Nappy to play soccer, but bury him in the ground instead.
He dies at least 3 times, but is alive somehow.
Sometimes, young women go to him for advice.
And he gets a hard-on every once in 2 years.
That's your man.
Mr. Nappy.
He doesn't wear diapers.
But he's old.
He's younger than you.
Look. you owe me money.
What does he do?
I said, none of your business.
It is my business.
No it isn't.
Yes it is.
You're after his money.
So, marry me.
What do you mean?
What is it?
Gotta shit.
How'd you find me anyway?
Oh, hi Kana!
I'm looking for Miki.
He was just here.
No way.
Need the address?
Hold on.
How's your new beau?
He's really sweet.
Ah, found it. Here.
She's not supposed to do that.
Why not?
It's confidential, isn't it?
No, it's not.
I thought it was.
You're stupid.
I'm grateful for the view...
But this looks like a no-sex scenario.
From my experience, yes.
Well, anyone can see that.
What did you just say?
Even a fool...
A fool?
Did you say fool?
I'm sorry.
You just called me a fool.
A fool!
I'm sorry.
You gotta pay?
Thank god. You're here.
How did you find me?
Oh, you're Kana's boyfriend.
No, Todohira.
I said so.
You said Dodonuberahe.
That's not even a name.
Kana just left.
Do you know where she went?
Do you know where she went?
Why did you follow me?
I wanted to see you.
We date every weekend!
Well, yes. I know...
But I wanted to see you.
I couldn't help it. I don't know why.
But's love.
OK! OK! Then call me.
But you lost your mobile.
At home!
I called, but...
Oh, your line's dead.
So, I got really worried and went to your place.
I was ringing the doorbell like crazy.
Wait a minute.
My place is off-limlts.
I know...
But you went?
To my house?
Why? I told you not to!
To wait until I move into my new flat!
I know, but...
I told you!
You did! You did! But I went because...
I' know... love...with you?
It's so shabby.
No, it's not!
Yes, it is.
And now you despise me! Deep down in your heart!
Deep down in my heart?
How can you know that?
You hate me.
I don't.
You do.
I don't.
- Really? - Really.
- Really true? - Really true.
Hold on.
Found it.
'Ah' my ass, you Four-eyes.
Who are you?
A human being.
Who are you?
Told you. A human.
Hey, stop!
Cut it out!
C'mon guys!
Cool it!
Both of them are total airheads.
Like me.
Are you stlll upset?
Look. I...
Oh, just shut up!
I apologized.
I said sorry, no?
Yeah. Yeah.
So why are you upset?
I'm not upset!
Yes you are!
No I'm not!
It's obvious.
I'm not. What do you mean, 'obvious'?
Sorry. I was out of line.
...not a fool.
I know.
No you don't!
Since you arrived. you've asked me nothing...
...about my outfit...
...or why I'm called Captain Banana. Do you know why?
`Cause you think I'm a nutcase.
You think I'm crazy.
A little on the flip side.
You're choosing words...
...carefully keeping your distance...
...desperately trying not to upset me.
And that proves you think I'm nuts.
That's not true.
That you're kinda cool.
Totally, utterly cool.
Funky even.
Yes? Cool?
You get this vibe?
Oh yes.
Wonderful! Just wonderful!
It's so cool.
Tell me the truth.
Well, go on!
Oh, shut up.
C'mon, answer.
What did you first think of me?
Can't we just drop it?
Drop it? Drop it!?
I'm dying.
What do you mean, no?
You didn't care at first.
So what's with the compassion bit?
I mean really.
What'd you think I am anyway?
For 10 years, this room existed for just the two of us.
It has history , this space.
I had my reasons to become Captain Banana.
Same with the suit.
That's why...
...I don't want you to think I'm crazy.
I don't...
You do.
Yes, you do.
In the back...
...of your heart...
...just around the lid... do. Definitely.
You're nuts.
That's you.
You're nuts.
You think...
...that I think...'re a nutcase around...
...the back lid...
...of my heart?
Well, um...
You know... heart that well. Captain?!
I was just...
Then tell me...
I'm no good.
I'm a pervert.
I'm a pervert.
You're scaring me.
A pervert and a loser.
A loser and a pervert... A pervert and a loser...
What's wrong, Okita?
Calm down.
Can you breathe?
Ever since I was little...
If you get all worked up and anxious. just try to relax and breathe.
Now. relax...
And exhale...
Ever since I was little...
...I was peeping.
It was better when I was a kid, though.
Aunt Maki would let me peep.
And even spread her legs.
Aunt Maki?
She lived around the corner.
Was 25 or 26, had red-ish hair...
...and a figure. Voluptuous.
She looked a bit like Madonna.
Red hair up here and...
...down there?
No hair down there.
And knowing you were peeping...
...she'd spread her legs like this?
Not like that. Inch by inch.
Inch by inch...?
I used to wear this maroon blazer everyday.
And had long hair, like a girl.
I was about 5 or 6.
Hmm...inch by inch...
Back then was paradise.
Wait a second now. Wait a second.
Wait, wait. wait, wait Okita.
Inch by inch.
You mean, like this?
Um, actually...wait, let me show you.
She'd reach this way...
Inch by inch. Like this.
And she'd twist her body.
Twist, you say! Twist!
Then came the sharp ones.
Ooh. I love the twists.
And the angle?
Say you were me.
And I'm Maki.
The window'd be around here.
I'd be there. standing on my toes.
Right here? And you were peeping like this?
Yes. And she would...
Dear me. Full exposure!
In all its glory!
I was just another precocious boy.
Until I was arrested and sent to the reformatory.
I've been in and out since.
I guess I was lucky to see dad before he died.
Peep, my boy.
It's your soul.
It's screaming 'I want to peep'!
Peep, young Okita!
During my 42 years of peeping...
...I had my share of rough times.
But now. I'm a hotel owner with my own peeping room.
A Peeping Tom's...
Give me your hand.
Warm huh?
Hurts, huh?
This is contact. Say it.
I know. Your turn.
There are no rules in making friends.
Say it. No rules.
No rules.
In making...
No rules in making friends.
Maybe... were born to be here.
From your soul to your father's to mine.
Our souls are connected, Okita!
I'm not getting it...
It's OK.
You don't need to understand now.
It'll come to you.
I hope so...
Let us peep!
`Know thy friends to know thy self.'
For example, I'm wearing Shiatsu sandals.
But I'm not just hoping to be healthy.
If you feel your heart catch fire...
That is true friendship, Okita.
Light up your heart...
...before your crotch.
My heart is on fire...
We're one of a kind, son.
I feel it.
I feel the fire.
I...feel like crying...
I'm ashamed.
Shame doesn't belong in this room.
That's so cool...
My heart. It's burning.
Do you want to hear more of my story?
Oh. yes, please!
Like Captain Banana's 10 Best Peeps.
No problem.
So, what's so great about Four-eyes?
Hey, don't say four-eyes!
I'm rich too, you know!
Oh yeah?
Who are you anyway?
Her ex.
That was ages ago!
Not that far ago.
You told me I was your first.
You did.
You lied to me?
He's just an old friend.
So this weirdo lied!
You nerd!
Yeah, nerd... and what the fuck is this?
Stop it!
Don't make fun of my gestures!
You can make fun of my speech...
...but not my gestures!
And the glasses?
Glasses are great! I love 'em!
One for glasses!
Are you mimicking me?
You jerk!
Stop it.
Oh, I get it.
Get what?
Nah, forget it.
Say it.
Say it.
Is it possible that you think...'re attractive?
You do, don't you?
You really do!
I said `no'. Normally!
Cut it out!
Tell me the truth.
You're my one and only.
I've got money.
So what?
I'm rich.
Did I ask you?
What's this about?
Say Kana-san!
`Say Kana-chan.'
I didn't say Kana-chan.
Stop it!
Kana's marrying you for the money!
What money?
She wants to marry money.
What's with you!
She loves me.
You're after the money?
Captain Banana's 10 Best Peeps. No. 7!
Ah, No. 7...
`Oh my, the girl's got dark nipples.'
Can't wait, Captain!
What've you done, you idiot!?
How'd you find me?
Long time no see.
You went to auntie, Miki.
How stupid can you be?
It seemed safe.
Where'd you get that idea anyway?
So. it was the three of you, huh?
I don't know what you mean?
Me neither.
This was a solo act?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You betrayed me too, you know.
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry!
What happened?
Stay out, Kana.
Do you know each other?
I'm her ex.
A long time ago.
A very long time ago.
A very long...
I'd forgotten.
What is this, a reunion?!
I love you!
You lied!
Save the quarrel for later.
What are you doing here anyway?
To collect what Miki owes me.
What the fuck is it for?!
None of your business!
It is my business!
'Cause I love you!
You what?
I love you!
Well, don't!
I want you!
That's not love!
I still love you!
No, you're just horny!
You wanna get laid!
That's not true.
Oh, for fuck's sake!
You said you were a virgin!
When we first met. you said you were a virgin!
You did?
You did.
She did.
She said she was a virgin?
She did.
I, um...
You did! I remember!
I meant that I was a virgin that day.
You bitch...
A virgin that day!?
What is that?!
I mean...
From day one, I knew we'd be together.
Me too!
That's why!
That's why...
I wanted you to like me.
I wanted to look decent.
Because, like Sonoda...
...and Miki...
I was brought up at...
You don't have to.
I want to!
I want you to know.
We all met at an orphanage when we were kids.
And yes, I was a flirt. I needed to feel secure.
But when we first met...
...I knew this was it.
We got engaged in no time. and I was so happy...
...'til I remembered...
...I'd lied about my parents being teachers.
And I panicked.
It's OK.
Imagine the wedding!
Your guests are all proper and wealthy.
And I don't even have a family.
My mind went blank.
That's when I found...
...this agency that provides extras for weddings.
One 'friend' costs 20,000 yen.
30,000 for a nice one.
40,000 for the parents and older guests.
So I needed cash.
Don't worry about it.
But I do!
So, that's why...
I didn't want to ask you.
- It's not necessary! - It is!
- It's not necessary! - It is!
I'll pay!
I'll pay for it! All of it!
I've got cash! Lots of it!
It's true. Right, Sonoda?
It's syndicate money!
It's ours !
Ours? You moron!
You're the moron!
What'd you say?!
Don't you see? We got no future in that family!
I'm stupid and a wimp.
As long as we're a team...
I'll get in your way and you'll never get ahead.
- You don't know that. - I do.
I was happy...
Really happy when you said...
...we're partners for life.
But when I heard these punks bad-mouthing you...
I couldn't stand it any more. So I decided to leave.
And took the money.
How much?
200 million.
200 million?!
That'd be 860 yen.
It's not flushing.
Be with you in a sec.
I always had a knack for lifting money.
Do you have any idea what you've done?
You robbed the boss!
I know that.
They'll kill you.
So. we'll run!
You gotta believe me, man. I mean it's amazing.
Don't you just love these local toy shops?
Rommel Tank Series for 1800 yen! That was the original price, you know.
Dead stick! Left in a dead kid's bedroom for 20 years!
It was just sitting there, untouched. This is what I call a real find!
Rommel Tank Series for 1800 yen!
In mint condition. complete with a remote!
These local toy shops are full of goodies, man.
Miki. You were planning to run with me ?
And why do you think I'm here?
A camera?
A camera.
It's shiny.
Yup, shiny. The boss gave it to me.
Ultra expensive.
Told me to take a photo...
...after I do you in and recover the loot.
And you want me to betray him?
It's a gift?
It is a gift.
I'm the first to be given a camera.
A shiny one, too.
And golden.
But it's really cheap.
What was that?
It's really cheap.
Come again?
It's true. It's shiny, but cheap.
I have the same one, but it was cheap.
Different color.
So. yours isn't golden and shiny.
But they're both cheap!
Cut the crap!
He's not lying!
It's 1,980 yen at my place!
Your place?
It's plated.
Fake plating on plastic.
Speak Japanese!
It is Japanese!
If it was chrome-plated metal with brass parts...
...then it'd be expensive.
What are you?
He's a camera wiz.
I'm a camera wiz.
It's not gold?
Plastic ?
It's light, isn't it?
It's an old model.
How do you know?
He's an expert!
He knows everything!
Plus. It's kinda uncool.
Well, to tell you the truth...
I sort of thought it was pretty uncool too.
Is it really cheap?
About 500 yen.
I'll give you mine, if you want.
500 yen.
This is ultra expensive.
That's what he said.
So? He was lying.
He lied to you.
500 yen. 500...
Shut up!
Are you sure your boss has faith in you?
What did you just say?
I'm sorry!
But...I guess you're right.
Come with me!
No, we'll all go!
If you two go, Kana'll be suspected.
What if they get to her. huh?
I see your point.
What if they torture you?
I'll break!
Same with me.
So we should all run.
You're right.
What about the shop?
The shop?
The one you run?
Your shop?
His shop.
It's a lie.
A lie?
A lie?
It's a lie?
I worked part-time.
What are you doing taking obscene photos?!
These cameras are on display for sale!
My boss was a bully , so I quit.
You quit?
So what do you do?
- Nothing? - Out of work?
Out of work?!
No benefits too.
Since when?
Ages ago.
Ages ago.
So, you're completely unemployed?
But, you're rich, right?
That's a lie too.
Plus, I've got debts!
Up to my ears.
So, you're in trouble!
It'll be OK! We'll take the Russian route from Kyushu to Amsterdam!
How do you know this?
It was my job before the recession hit.
A getaway pro?
You're in the trade!
In a sense.
I had no idea.
Leave it to me guys!
This is great.
This is perfect!
This is for you, Sonoda.
He gave me this suit too.
And now! Captain Banana's Best of Peeps No. 2!
Almost there!
Yes. No. 2. Finally.
No. 5 was in Kyoto, 20 years ago, No. 4 was at the unmanned station.
And No.3 was...
The underwater peep!
And now, No.2.
Wait a minute.
This is all great, but shouldn't we save some for after?
Oh, my dear Okita...
It's the first encounter that matters!
You've changed immensely in one hour.
I'm flattered.
So, returning to No.2.
Yes. What is it?
I'm sorry.
What's wrong?
No.2 is...
...a memory...
...I share with your dad.
With my dad...
I told you about how I became Captain Banana.
Yes. That was No.6.
He admired this suit.
'It's wonderful, Captain!' He'd say.
'I'll get my own suit one day. One that belongs to this world.'
I identify with that.
You do?
Yes. When I first came here, I thought you looked...
...kind of strange, but now, I feel like I'm the odd one.
That's exactly what he said.
Father and son, huh?
I'll show you a photo.
A photo?
This is No.2.
The birth of Captain the Yellow!
Is this dad?
Oh, yes.
Captain Yellow?
Captain the Yellow! The.
Captain the Yellow...
I gave the suit to him on his last birthday.
He got all excited.
Saying that he'd finally found his place.
Oh, Yellow...
Counseling can only do so much.
As a father. you should talk to him about what's against the law.
I'm doing my best as a parent.
But he's already been to the reformatory 4 times for peeping.
As a father, I'm responsible for his actlons!
I'm so sorry!
Um. I'm not the police, you know.
What's wrong?
It's true.
Your dad was so ecstatic, he even forgot to peep...
As a father, I'm responsible for his actlons!
I'm so sorry.
He hugged me in excitement.
It was touching.
You're lying.
No, I'm not.
You're lying!
What's wrong, Okita?
This is a composite or something!
Dad would never wear that!
You're acting weird.
You're the weirdo!
You're crazy! What did you do to my dad!
Are you feeling tired?
You're fucking crazy!
And I was about to be had!
What do you mean?
You can't fool me!
Fool you? Are you OK?
Don't come near me!
You're the weirdo!
In this room, this is cool.
Stop that dance! Stop that!
It's those clothes. son.
Stop wiggling, will you!
Stop it!
Wear this.
This'll help.
What is it?!
- Stop! Stop! - Strip! Strip!
Look at it!
It's a memento of your dad.
The Captain the Yellow suit!
If you don't feel comfortable. I won't force you to stay.
But I'm not going to let you walk out without trying it on.
Even your dad needed to slip into this to free his soul.
But I'm confused...
Think carefully.
Um...excuse me...
Where's the restroom?
Behind that large panel.
We understand it's difficult for you...
...but that suit doesn't really prove...
...that the boss trusts you.
I told you.
Only 3 people...
...were ever given Armanis. His son, Wakagashira and me.
It signifies a guaranteed future.
Now. wear the suit for me.
Captain the Yellow Jr.!
I'm leaving!
C'mon. ease up.
Stop! Let go!
Just once, my boy!
Mr. Polar!
What the...!
Mr. Polar! Mr. Polar!
Mr. Polar! Give me a hand!
Can I have a look?
Hey. what are you doing?
Don't touch me!
Stop! What are you doing!
As I thought.
What is?
God, I'm good. This suit's cheap!
Not my hair! It hurts! Hair hurts!
What did you just say?
Stop it!
It's cheap!
Come again!
It's cheap!
It's an Armani!
Armani's not cheap!
Never disrespect an Armani!
You're dead, you son of a bitch.
Ne ?
That's what it says! See!
Oh yeah!
Told you.
It even says 'The Real Thing' in brackets...
Ow, c'mon. No way.
Oh my god...
'The Real Thing' in brackets. Fuckin' embroidered. too.
That's so sad...
Giorgio Armane ? Who is he anyway?
I mean does he even exist?
What is this? Huh?
Actually, I thought it looked kinda fake too.
Hey, watch your mouth!
So, the boss has zero faith in me.
Looks that way.
Zero. Nil.
Where's the money?
Over here.
Find a better place next time.
OK, let's go!
Sooner the better!
What's wrong with him?!
Hi, Sonoda! So you did betray us.
You're dead!
You're dead too!
As for you! And you!
Who are you!?
They know nothing!
You used the family car?
The Z.
Yes! The Fairlady Z!
Nissan Fairlady Z240, everyone's dream car!
The Z was mine!
It's got a transmitter!
My Buick Dynaflow Special can track you down easily!
Unfortunate for you!
Yes, Sonoda!
We'll return the money!
Kill me, but not Sonoda!
Don't move!
Motion overruled!
Told you not to move!
I haven't. See!
The money's not here!
Oh my god!
Stop it! Ouch! Stop it!
Help me!
A bear! And aliens!
You just shot me! You just shot me, you idiot!
You're the receptionist!
Call an ambulance!
What's going on!?
It was...
How do you know my name!?
Where's the money! at first sight!
This is my hotel!
Who are you!?
Don't ignore me!
Yeah, you!
Captain Banana!
Where's the money!
I love you!
I'm Captain Banana!
An ambulance!
The suit's not mine.
Don't come near me.
I'm human.
I'm Capt. Banana
What's going on?!
Where's the money!
Don't ask me!
Who should I ask?!
An ambulance!
I'm Captain Banana.
Enough, you creep!
I'm no creep!
Can I call you?
Don't come closer!
I'm not a creep!
Where's the money!
Don't ask me!
Kana's mine.
No, I'm not!
Isn't that our orphanage?
Mr. Onizuka...
...please use the money as you see fit.
Is that right?
An ambulance! Now!
Did you find something?
Let's see.
Why are you fidgeting?
Well, I did find this. Have a leak.
I need to pee.
Not no. 2! The vent's no good!
The lights...
- Washed your hands? - Yup.
- And the lights? - Oops.
So. what do you think?
Not bad.
It's nice, huh?
It's really, really true.
Right from the sky.
It came from outer space.
I knew it...
It was a lie...
This shit's for real. man!!
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