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Pasolini Volume 2

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Who will bid for this slave? The Lady of the Moons
She will give you the best massages you have ever received...
...on your neck so you'll sleep like a calipha...
...on your legs so you'll jump around like a goat.
It is said: "A woman who knows how to give a good massage is worth more than a wise man. For in her hands are the heads of kings
-I bid 500 dinars -600.
You have heard, Lady of the Moons, they offer 700 dinars.
-Will he be your owner? -I will not be owned by a man with a monkey's beard.
She's mine. I'll give 800 dinars!
You are most likely an evil man and God has punished you by putting out one of your eyes.
You dare to insult me?
And you, how can you permit her to do such a thing?
I can't help it; it's not my fault. Her owner has given her the right to choose her buyer.
1000 dinars.
1000 dinars! A price fit for a queen! Do you accept this old man as your owner, Zumarud?
You must have a really flaccid member between your legs. When you go to sleep, he gets up...
...and when you get up, he goes to sleep. God have mercy on whoever has to sleep with you!!
How can you permit a slave to humilliate all of us... brazenly...
...a stupid disrespectful slavegirl?
I will not be sold to anyone...
...except to that boy over there.
To me?
But that young man has neither job nor money.
Is your mind made up then?
Only he can be my owner. His air of self-confidence and his good looks have captivated me.
Be brave, lad. Buy her. Don't you see that she has chosen you?
Go ahead. What are you waiting for? She's yours.
Take my hand and let's be off.
Here. Take this moneybag.
And do what...?
Pay the seller. With the rest of the money, go and rent a house in the carpenters' quarter.
Not like that, silly. Not like that.
I don't know how to do it. Help me.
Stop playing around, Barsum, and come here.
I said, come here, quickly!
Nuradin look, come here.
Look at what, my love?
Oh!... did you make that? Have you been working all night?
Go quickly to the market and sell this tapis for 200 dinars.
But listen carefully: Do not sell it to a man with blue eyes
for whatever price. Do you understand?
Oh Lord... I fear being separated from you, ...I have a strange feeling about this...
Be calm, I'm still here.
Look, this is so beautiful, isn't it?
I can see that it is the work of expert hands. Who made it?
A slave-girl made it for me.
I would buy the slave-girl!
Are you asking me to sell my very soul?
You must be kidding. Please sir, buy this tapis from me...
...for 200 dinars.
I will give you 1000 dinars.
No, I am prohibited from selling it to a man with blue eyes.
It's a generous offer. If you don't accept the offer then, my boy, you are a fool.
Ok. Give me the 1000 dinars, but then stay away from me.
Oh Christian, why are you following me like a dog?
I just wanted to ask you if you have anything to give me to eat, that's all; I'm very hungry.
I have no food in the house. May God provide for you!
In your religion... whoever does not give food to a guest is an ingrate, isn't that so?
What are you doing?
What are you reading?
"My eyes saw her, but it was my misfortune to do so.
What agony it was to leave her there". are the poet of my court.
Let's see if it's true that the poets know how to speak about things that they haven't glimpsed...
Recite a poem that begins with the following words:
"My eyes saw her, but it was my misfortune to do so. What agony it was to leave her there".
You continue!
"My eyes saw her, but it was my misfortune to do so. What agony it was to leave her there...
...the gazelle which kept me captive in the shade of the palm trees...
bathing herelf with a golden cup... seeing me, she covered her pubis...
but her hands were too small too hide her charms.
Ah, to lie with her for an hour or two...''
I told two young boys: "I love you both" "Do you have any money?" they answered
"Yes," I said. "And I spend it generously".
The boys then exclaimed: "It's a deal".
Oh, wait a second. Who are those boys?
Hey, boys... Can I read you some lines of poetry?
I wrote them when I was young, almost as young as you are.
Now that I am old, but still with the desires of a young man
Empassioned by entertainment the morning sun rises in the spirit of Mosúl,
the city of Purity; but our desires always follow the sinful life of Aleppo"
And now, I wish to propose something to you...
-We are listening. -Speak.
If you come with me, I will fill you to the brim with the very best of things.
Expensive wines, bought from the monks at the monastery.
The tastiest lamb, and all kinds of fowl,
We'll eat and drink, you will be able to enjoy so many pleasures.
...if you are willing to be kind to an old man like myself.
Ok, delighted to do so.
Let's go then.
"The greatest happiness is that acheived by a man who is drunk and in the company of attractive young boys...
One sings to him, another drinks to his health...
while the third one, still green in the affairs of love, offers his mouth for a kiss".
Sir, why don't you make up a poem for each one of us?
"I would give my life for the freshness
of this cheek; there is no greater treasure in the world:.
"Bless God for having made smooth hairless faces
which lets its color radiate outward in all its splendor".
"Although my soul is at peace in this city,
my heart is being ripped apart by desire:
A compelling love for the minarets of Baghdad,
and a love for the Land of Flies".
-What's you name? -My name is Berhame.
-How old are you? -15.
-Are you married? -No, I'm never going to get married!
Why? Has some woman hurt you?
No, but all the books say that they are unfaithful.
"Earthly paradise is when you see the moon and the sky between her two mountains".
That is what is written in the books!
But her nature is to betray a man, as soon as he is three feet away from her.
They paint their eyes, dye their hair. They make you suffer all the time.
Look, I propose the following...
Why don't you come with me to my lands.
Oh yes! Thank you, my lord.
-What's your name? -My name is Giana
-How old are you? -15.
-Will you come with me? -It would be a pleasure.
You would lose the bet, Zuedi. Your girl is a bag of piss compared with my Berhame
Let's not argue their merits right now.
We gave them sleeping potions at different times so they would sleep... that they wouldn't wake at the same time.
Let's wait to judge... you and I are never in agreement about anything.
She is much more beautiful than he is. Look at them.
You're wrong, he's much more beautiful.
It will be love which decides which is the most beautiful.
We shall observe them, and the one who makes love to the other will be the least beautiful...
...because it's always the least beautiful one who ends up falling in love with the more beautiful one.
Ok. We will let love decide for us.
That which God desires will happen, and that which he does not desire will not.
Both of us have lost. The two of them have fallen in love with each other.
One is the mirror of the other. Two bright moons in the same sky.
How did you get in?
What's the difference?
Do you recognize me, Zumarud?
You dared to say that my member would not be able to rise...
At that time it couldn't, but right now, Zumurud... you will receive the punishment you deserve.
God will punish you for your actions!
Blood of my blood. Zumarud!
Zumarud, where are you?
Zumarud! Zumarud!
What's the matter, boy? Why are you crying?
Tell me what has happened.
I have lost Zumarud, my slave. I bought her for 1000 dinars.
A Christian with blue eyes stole her from my house.
I will die without her!
Don't cry. I will find your Zumarud...
...dressing up as a holy woman, I'll be able to gain entrance to all the houses of the city.
Nuradin! I have good news for you... cheer up.
Just as I thought, your slave is a prisoner in the house of Raschid. I spoke to her there.
She is waiting for you to come there tonight.
Whistle, and she will escape with you.
I have helped you, now you should reward me... make me feel like a woman.
My darling.
You are causing it to stand up very straight.
That's good.
Nuradin! Grab the rope.
Help me, my darling.
Carry away this sack of gold.
Who are you? Where are you taking me?
I am who I am! And I'll take you wherever I feel like it.
Nuradin's hair is silky. Yours feels like a pig, leave me alone!
Let me go, you filthy beast!
Shut up or I'll kill you... Now march!
We killed that soldier. And we'll do the same to you if you don't shut your mouth.
We are the 40 thieves... and tonight every single one of us is going to have his way with you, one after the other.
Father, I have brought something priceless, guard it well...
I will go for the others and return as soon as possible.
I'll bet your hair his full of lice...
Shall I get rid of them for you?
Sleep, my baby, sleep... Sweet dreams.
Oh noble one who comes out of the desert, you are to be crowned King of this city.
-What is your name? -I am a soldier, my name is Warden.
According to our custom if the King dies without having any sons...
we await the first man who arrives from the desert...
we seize him and make him our King.
Blessed be the Lord for sending us such an attractive and slender youth.
Before you are crowned, you must take a wife. You are to marry my daughter.
And who said I wanted to marry anyone?
If you do not, according to our custom you will be thrown from the highest tower.
I will comply with the will of God.
There is something you must do tonight and it is not to say the rosary.
Don't you like your new wife?
You are beautiful, Hayat, but I am very unhappy.
Are you in love with another woman?
You have to know that if our marriage is not consumated,
you will be thrown from the highest tower in the city.
Hayat, there is something I have to tell you. Can you keep a secret?
Yes, I promise.
Look at me...
Well, now you know my secret. If you betray me, I will be thrown from the highest tower.
I will not betray you, Warden.
My name is Zumarud. I am the slave of a young man called Nuradin. But I have no idea where he is.
I will help you to find him. And rest assured, I will not betray you.
I had given up on finding him, but if we can find some way to attract people to come to this city, it will be easier.
Try and act as my wife and keep our secret.
Ww will find a way to attract as many people as you wish.
What are you doing, stranger? Don't eat from that plate!
The King has declared that we can eat until we are stuffed,
but with the proviso that we do not put our hand in the plate of another.
I will eat if I want to.
Eat. Eat whatever you want... but you'll choke on it.
I told him not to put his hand in the plate of another.
And if the King orders him to be flogged, he deserves it.
Tell me your name and why you have come to our country.
My name is Ali. I'm a weaver and I've come here to do business.
Raise your head, foreigner, and look me in the eye!
Dog! Do you lie to the King? Your name is Barsum, the Christian who kidnapped a women with deceit!
That is correct, your highness. My name is Barsum.
Take hold of this man with the blue eyes, take him outside the city and crucify him!
Excuse me, do you know where I might find my slave Zumarud?
Children, have you seen Zumarud pass by here?
And who is this Zumarud?
Come. Come with us!
Don't be frightened. We only want to give you a pleasant massage.
Lie down here.
-Stop! You are making it grow. -Exactly, my boy.
I think that you are keeping all the wealth for yourself.
One part of it is mine, share it with me.
I prefer to keep it all. As my mother says: "Whoever gives life is the owner and should enjoy it".
Not at all. My mother told me something very different.
..."Life belongs to whoever holds it, not to whoever heals it".
You are the one who has healed it, so it's mine.
Since the two of you cannot agree on it...
this treasure belongs to me.
Heed me brother, you cannot touch that!
I will eat what I please.
That plate is cursed. If you eat from it, you'll be crucified. It has already happened once.
What does it matter to me what will happen. I have always done what I want.
And even so, he hasn't stopped eating...
Let him eat. Just looking at him we can see the face of a dead man.
We can do nothing against the will of God.
Hey beggar, I am in need of strong arms to carry my shopping.
If you help me, I will pay you well.
Shopkeeper, give me apples from Siria...
peaches from Amman, jasmin from Aleppo, lemons from Egipto...
myrtle, camomille...
pommegranates, white rose and nutmeg, cold sherbert, sweets...
cakes, honey biscuits, sugar, incense...
amber, musk and candle wax.
Nabur! Budar!
Sisters! Come down and help, I have brought everything!
"When he was an adolescent, Taci Almolup, the son of King Solomon, was so good-looking...
that everyone he met was enchanted by him...
up to the point of inspiring poems, playing havoc with the modesty of even the purest of women;
he was that beautiful.
I embraced him and became light-headed from his perfume...
Like a branch blown about by the wind, I became drunk without having drunk any wine...
...drunk on the sweet liquor of his saliva.
Riding on his horse...
Taci saw a kind-looking boy, dressed in black.
But the boy seemed to be sad...
depressed, as if he had been separated from his beloved...
-What is it that has caught your interest? -Something that only I can see.
Don't be afraid. Let me see it.
Glory be to God, who allows a man who does not know to learn.
Can you tell me why this parchment makes you cry?
It is a very long story...
and the tale which includes the parchment, its owner and myself is a very strange one.
Tell me your story and the story of this parchment.
My name is Aziz and I was engaged to be married to my cousin Aziza.
The day of the wedding, when everything was prepared, I went out to have a bath.
-May you have good fortune! -Thank you.
What nice perfume, you smell like a flower!
Aziza, my future wife..
I have forgotten to invite my best friend, Ali. I'll be back in a minute.
What are you doing Aziz? Aziza is waiting for you.
Your face is streaming with perspiration, be careful you don't choke on your sweat.
"The sun and the moon are amazed when he appears...
and even rose buds are ashamed when they see his curly locks.
Nice time to show up...everyone came; the Emir, the merchants...they waited for you.
And as you didn't come, they left. Your father has postponed the wedding for one year.
What's the matter with you?
I'm in love with a young lady. She threw me her handkerchief from the window and then disappeared.
And she didn't say anything?
No. She just did this...
What could she have meant?
By putting her finger in her mouth, she meant that she has chosen you to be the body of her soul.
Two fingers between her breasts means: "Come back here in 2 days' time to console my heart".
2 days!
Aziz, how unhappy you look.
You haven't slept or eaten or drunk anything...
Now, freshen yourself and be happy.. The two days have passed.
Dress up in your finest clothes before you go.
May God grant your love.
Well, Aziz...
Why haven't you spent the night with your beloved? Weren't you even able to see her?
Forgive me for making fun of you. Tell me what happened.
She didn't appear.
Aziz, don't be sad. She didn't appear because she was testing to see if your love was true.
Tomorrow, you should go back and keep a vigil under her window again.
Your problem is over. Now, eat something if you do not wish to die.
Someone who is overcome by love cannot eat, drink or sleep!
I know that very well. It's a sure sign of being in love.
-Well, how did it go? -She did this...
What does it mean?
Wait until the sun goes down...
when night has fallen...
go to the orchard at the end of town and keep looking until you see a tent with a light in it...
There, the love which is killing you and is killing her will await you.
It still is not dark yet. Rest a little! You haven't eaten anything for 8 days.
How did it go? Good?
I ate and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, I found this resting on my stomach...
The coin showing the right eye means that she has sworn an oath.
The dagger means that she has sworn to kill you if you behave like you did last night ever again.
What should I do, now?
Go back to the orchard again tonight...
But this time, don't fall asleep. Now, eat something and rest a little.
I will die.
Get up and eat something.
I'm not hungry.
Of course you are... Come on, eat. Don't be a baby.
This time, make sure that you don't eat or fall sleep; she will come at dawn.
But I will give you this piece of advice...
Before you leave her, after you... you know... you have to recite these lines:
"Sweet beloved, in the name of God, what is a young girl to do when she is overcome by love?"
I won't touch anything. Not a thing.!
Aziz, my darling, you have waited up for me.
Did you recite the lines I gave you?
Oh! I forgot to do it because she gave me this parchment.
Will you give it to me?
Yes of course; you can keep it if you like.
Tomorrow, before you leave her, after making love, promise me that you'll recite the lines.
Yes, I promise. But let me sleep. I am so happy now.
"Sweet beloved, in the name of God, what is a young girl to do when she is overcome by love?"
"Be skillful with your love, keep your secret, be patient and you shall be rewarded".
-Where is Aziza? -She went up on to the terrace after bursting into tears.
What a poor heart you must have to leave her like that, with no remorse for making her suffer so.
Did you recite the lines to her?
Yes, and she answered: "Be skillful with your love, keep your secret, be patient and you shall be rewarded".
"She has already tried that, but her heart is desperate from passion".
Tomorrow, when you leave her, recite the lines that I have just said.
"She has already tried that, but her heart is desperate from passion".
"If she does not resign herself to her fate, the best thing for her will be death".
Did you recite the lines?
Yes, and she responded: "If she cannot resign herself, then the best thing for her is death".
"I hear and I obey, and now I will die. Greetings to her who has prevented my love from being".
"I hear and I obey, and now I will die. Greetings to her who has prevented my love from being".
In the name of God! The author of those lines is dead...
and you have something to do with it. I will never allow you to get near me again.
But she is my cousin.
Did she know that we were making love?
God should now make you weep for her as you made her weep for you.
Go and see her.
How long is the ceremony going to last?
We will pray until sunrise. And you should as well, since you are responsable for her death.
What did you do to her to break her heart? She never told me anything.
I didn't do anything.
Before she died, she recited some lines to me so that you would recite them to your lover:
"Loyalty is a virtue, but there is no virtue like lightness of being".
I will tell her.
She gave me something to give to you. I will give it to you when I have seen that you really mourn her passing.
Show it to me!
I do not see that you are really in mourning for her.
I have to go. I can't wait any longer.
My love!
You were right. She's dead. We buried her today in the cementary.
You are to blame for her death, I am sure of it.
She left these words for you:
"Loyalty is a virtue, but there is no virtue like lightness of being".
She has saved you with those words, because I had thought to do you harm.
Harm? How so?
Tonight, before you make love to me, you should give alms for your cousin's soul.
and order a gravestone carved out of marble as if she were a saint.
I will do as you say.
Wait, Aziz. Some perfume.
To your good health!
Please, can you read this letter from my son who works in a far off land?
"Dear Father, I am well...
but I am unable to earn a living here.
May God's will be done. With love. Your son, Alí".
Thank you! Why don't you come into my house and have a glass of wine?
Which do you like best: To live or to die?
To live!
Then marry me.
Marry you?
Yes, by marrying me, you will free yourself from The Crazy Budur.
And who is the Crazy Budur?
What? You've been having sex with her for one full year and you still do not know her?
Until now, Aziza was the one who saved you, but where are you going to find someone else like her?
You are very naive in the face of the perversity of women, isn't that so?
I will save you; but not selflessly like your cousin.
I am rich, in house we never lack food in the pantry or water in the well.
my reward shall be that you will do to me what the cock does.
And what does a cock do?
You are locked in, you cannot escape from here.
And now, do whatever you want to me, I am your slave.
go ahead. Give it all to me. My life is yours to do with as you please.
One year has now passed, Aziz, and we have kept our promises to each other.
You can leave to see your mother; but swear to me that you'll come back before nightfall.
I swear!
Were you here waiting for me? How did you know that I'd come back today?
I didn't know. It's been one year and I haven't moved from this spot day or night.
I got marrried and I have a child. I've come to spend only one night with you.
Thank you, Aziz, but...
I am no longer interested in you. You have a wife and child. And if you can't be mine, you will not be hers either.
Come, women!
"Loyalty is a virtue, but there is no virtue like lightness of being".
Once more, Aziza has saved you with those words.
But she has only saved your life... because you deserve the punishment that I'm going to give you!
Put some dirt on it to cauterize the wound.
What are you going to do to me?
Aziz, my son! Where have you been?
What have you been doing all this time?
Aziza, you did so much good for me! You gave me so much love!
This is what Aziza left you...
Now I can give it to you.
"This parchment is the work of Princess Dunya...
You must know, my darling, that I don't blame you for anything...
and I give thanks to God that I die before you do. Your Aziza".
I went into the garden of Princess Dunya...
just seeing her made me fall in love with her...
But what can I do now? Now that my body is like a woman's.
What is happening to you, Sir?
Let's go to the city of Dunya.
Without setting eyes upon her, I have fallen in love with her. If you help me find her, I will reward you handsomely..
When my father sees my bloody clothes, he'll think I've died.
That's Dunya's father. Perhaps she's looking for a new one.
Let's go, Taci.
Is the chief of the market here?
Yes, but be careful with the Shekh of the Market.
He prefers bananas to figs.
He's the one smoking over there.
Good morning, Shekh.
What a pair of good-looking boys.
It's a shame you're so dirty from your travels.
Before anything, you should have a bath.
"May God grant a long and happy life to the keeper of the bathhouse...
because his hands sweetly caress the naked bodies born for the water and the light".
What you want to do is get into the bath with these two beauties, right?
For sure; I am not like Dunya who distrusts all men.
and who cannot stand anyone speaking to her about marriage.
Are you the keeper of this garden?
Yes, I am sir. Why?
Can we visit the garden?
-Whose garden is it? -It's Dunya's. The King's daughter.
-The one who hates men and will not marry? -Yes, that's her.
She had a dream that a male pigeon was trapped in a net and was saved by a female...
but when the female was captured the male flew away to safety and didn't help her.
and the female pigeon died.
Now she thinks that all men are like the male pigeon.
Listen: How much does Dunya pay you per month?
Just one dinar.
I wish to do something good in this garden for which you will remember me the rest of your life.
What is this about?
-For the moment, here, take these 300 dinars. -The garden will be open to you whenever you wish!
What are we going to do?
-Are you looking for work? I need two laborers. -How much will you pay?
3 dinars per day.
-No, not for us. -4 dinars, then.
6... 9.
We will only accept if you pay us 1 dinar per day.
Are you brothers?
We are not brothers by blood, but we are brothers in God.
And how is it that being so saintly you have become beggars?
To serve God!
Why don't you tell me your story that has led you up to here?
In this way you can teach me something good... being that I am so young.
If it will serve to agrandize the Glory of God, I will tell you my story.
Thank you for helping me, I am dying of thirst and hunger.
I am the son of a King. We were attacked by bandits who carried off the people for the King of India.
You had better not say anything. Our countries are enemies, but I will show you hospitality.
I wil not be a burden to you. I can work...
I have studied.
I can write, do mathematics. I know science and literature.
That is worth nothing to the people around here.
The only thing they understand is money.
If you can walk, you can go and gather wood; that'll do for the moment.
Are you a man or a devil?
A man.
-And how did you get here? -I imagine that it was by fate.
Praise be to fate, then. You have ended my pain and sadness.
Who are you young maiden?
I am a King's daughter. I was kidnapped by a devil and shut away in this tomb.
Every 10 days he comes to make love to me.
If I have need of him, I only have to touch the words on that piece of wood and he'll come.
My darling, I will liberate you from this devil!
You should belong only to me. I will free you from this tomb.
If the devil comes, I will deal harshly with him!
If the devil sees you, he will kill you!
Do you know who the owner of these slippers is?
No, I've never seen them before.
I'm looking for the owner of these slippers.
None of us has lost any.
Tailor, do you know who owns these slippers?
Someone has found your slippers!
Here is your lover. Kill him and save yourself!
Kill her and I'll let you go without doing you harm.
I cannot kill a woman whom I have never seen before and who has never done anything bad.
I can see that there is something between you.
I still see that you are making love with your eyes.
I am not sure that you you have betrayed me with her.
I will not kill you. But you will not get off scott free.
I beg of you, be kind to me, let me go.
Don't expect me to do that.
Tightly! Tightly!
Hold on tightly, you evil monkey!
In the name of God and by His power...
return to your primitive native state.
A monkey.
Before we arrive at port, you should write the story of this voyage.
Have you forgotten, Captain?
"Until destinty runs its course...
have acceptance for what you are given. Do not be thankful or reproachful for anything.
But if you open the inkwell of power and grace...
have the ink flow freely and generously'.'
That saying us truly beautiful.
None of my counsellors could write something of that nature.
Dress the author in our finest habit and bring him before me.
Ibriza... look!
Father, how could you permit a foreigner to see me ?
Is it true what my daughter says, that you are a man and not a monkey?
Father, this monkey is not an animal, but a man.
Then free him from his present condition. I will make him my Visir.
I obey your orders.
Although Inplace my life at risk, you are welcome here.
Poor monkey... your soul is a prisoner of your nature.
Thank you for giving me back my soul.
That girl sacrficed her life for mine by throwing herself into the fire.
My pain was such that...
I could have destroyed mountains.
It was then that I felt that I had offended God.
You are going to renounce your wealth, your position and your knowledgea... Why?
What I give up is not for generosity's sake. It is for the fate which governs huamnity.
May God be with you.
And with you as well.
I am going to give you a task to perform, as if you were my oldest friend
A task? Ok, tell me.
God has revealed to me that at noon tomorrow...
you will go to search for me on the island that is in the middle of the gulf...
where you will find me dead.
At that time, wash me and wrap me in a shroud which you will find by my side.
Then pick up my tunic and turban. Give them to whoever asks you for them.
I will do so.
"Yunan, my son, keep your eyes closed and listen to me
The sea, Yunan, the sea
Ask your father...
if he will allow you to make a sea voyage".
We possess an island in the sea, don't we?
Yes, why?
I am going to prepare a ship to take me there.
You, at sea? My son, what's got into your head?
You get scared when you take a bath.
You still play with small boys and you spend your days sleeping.
Father, I want to see the world. I am going to make this sea voyage.
Hey you. Climb up the mast and tell us what you see.
On the starboard side I see the surface of the sea full of fish.
And beyond that an enormous shadow.
A shadow that is sometimes black and sometimes white.
We are lost. We will all die!
Speak! What is happening?
We are near the Mountain of the Black Stone.
Where the copper dome stands above a statue of a copper warrior.
When the warrior beats the sea, all ships are dragged toward the mountain.
where they are destroyed on the rocks.
"At your feet you will find a copper bow and a lead arrow
Throw the arrow at the warrior under the dome.
Then, let him fall into the sea and free the world from this curse".
Don't go out for any reason.
When I return, I will open the door.
Goodbye, my son.
Who are you?
Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
You aren't going to kill me?
Please, let me live!
I am the son of a King, and you are the son of a King. We should be friends. Why did you think that I might want to kill you?
It has been foretold that I would be killed today, on my 15th birthday...
by a blind man who came from the sea...
after having freed the world from a great copper warrior.
In order to achieve that, an innocent victim was needed, that's me.
Now, trust in the goodness of God and be happy.
I am happy that the shipwreck has brought me here to protect you.
Anyone who wishes to do you harm will have to pass over me first.
I am happy to have you here as a guest. Here we lack for nothing, even though we are below ground.
Look, here is a beautiful bath. Come in.
"Happy is the bathhouse boy because his hands touch the breast of Ali and the sword of Malik".
"The bathhouse might seem as hot as Hell, but it is indeed Paradise,
wherever you look you will see young bodies like suns and moons".
I also know a poem about the bathhouse.
"A life of joy
for those bathers whose tears have healed".
Look at that boy on the beach.
I wish it were my son, Yunan.
Yes, it's him. I recognize him!
My son! Yunan! It's your father!
God be with you sir..
Has anyone left you a tunic for me?
Give it to me.
What's the matter with you?
Goodbye, father.
Where are you going my son?
Dunya, look at the ceiling inside the house.
Look how beautiful it is.
Who could have done this?
It's beautiful, Dunya.
I don't understand. It's the story of my dream.
Yes, I see. The pigeon trapped in the net...
but there is something that does not coincide with your dream.
The pigeon that is fleeing has been captured by a large bird of prey.
Sometimes dreams teach us poorly, Dunya...
because the truth is not in one single dream, but in many dreams.
Look, stupid, come here. Look closely under the water.
What's this called?
Honey cake.
-Pigeon -Not right.
Well then, you tell me what it's called!
It's called perfumed meadow grass.
Thank God for perfumed meadow grass.
Now it's my turn, what's this called?
and don't make a mistake.
Perfumed meadow grass.
No stupid. You're wrong.
Then tell me what it's called.
It's called crystallized pommegranate.
Now it's my turn. What's this called?
Study it well and don't make any more mistakes.
Crystallized pommegranate.
Idiot! That's not its name!
Well then, what's it called?
It's called the Inn of the Grand Cuisine.
And what's this called?
Study it carefully and don't make a mistake.
Tell us what it's called.
It's called the little donkey...
the little donkey that grazes on perfumed meadow grass, which eats peeled pommegranates...
and which spends the night in the Inn of the Grand Cuisine.
Do you want to rip me to pieces? Go ahead!
I am tired of walking. I'm fed up with sitting down.
I had the most beautiful slave girl in the world and I lost her.
Quick lion, kill me! Devour me! That's how to end my pain.
What do you want?
I don't understand.
Do you want me to follow you?
Ok, here I go.
Stop! Don't eat from that dish. It could be dangerous.
Be careful! Everyone who has eaten from that dish is now dead.
Let him eat!...And we'll see what happens.
If I am killed, better for me! My pain will be ended.
-What's your name? -Nuradin
Dress him, perfume him and bring him to me at the palace.
The King has treated him kindly. It looks like this boy is not going to die.
For sure. The King must have seen his beautiful eyes.
It's likely that the King likes melons better than plums.
Friends, you are not going to believe me, but I felt the same thing for that boy.
Come here and massage my legs.
Come on, higher up.
I will massage your thighs, but that's it.
You must do what i order you to do. Do what I say.
I'm going to take you as my lover. If you satisfy me, I might name you my Emir.
What do I have to do?
Lie down on my bed.
I will never do that. Keep your presents and let me leave this city.
Obey me! Lie down on the bed...
or I will have your head cut off!
Turn over, face down!
Now take off your pants.
I beg of you, don't do anything bad to me.
Do you like love poems? Have you ever heard one?
Don't look at me! Listen:
"A myrtle branch...
shining on a youth's cheeks...
The sun and the moon are astonished when it appears...
and how shameful for the branch when it gives way".
It sounds nice.
And do you know this other poem? Don't look at me!
"I spoke to him about mounting him and he said: 'Do not ofend me!'"
...but when I showed him a dinar...
the beautiful boy took it and said:
'If it be fate, whoever wants to be mounted by you cannot refuse'."
One more poem... But do not look at me!
"My love is great and that lovely boy says to me:
'Take what you want forcefully'."
Isn't it standing straight?
No, not if you don't stroke it with your hand. Touch it... you know what to expect if you don't obey me.
Come on.
You are built like a woman. Now it's mine which is standing straight.
My darling, don't you recognize me? I am your slave!
Zumarud, my love!
you know, I also know some lines of poetry:
"What a night! God has not created one that is the same. Its beginning was bitter, but how sweet is its end".
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