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Passion 1982 30fps

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Hear work
Hear me to say
You will return
Cut Lu Qi
And so on me
Lu card cut Fu Si Ji, what words have you to say?
Do not make false appearance, rely on imagination make
It can not be completely true
Certainly, can not also break away from reality completely
Via deep consideration rear actuality
Follow reality not complete the same thing
Uncle Nie Er, what words have you to say?
The composition of here is blank, also unbalanced a lot
If not go on tight composition
Want to pull general orchid special person study
See lip and eye carefully
It is supernatural
You why leave me no matter?
Storehouse special Er, what words have you to say?
It is what to sink, is illumination too strong
From left arrive right, from on arrive, from surface, go to deep layer
This does not be the police in night, and is the police of daytime
Is the sun fall the light before mountain
Intermediate that that has shadow is a part of
With shine to compose the light of woman
In the man who wears red clothing and the team leader who wears black clothing between
Have work those light that flies suddenly
With environmental compare do not be very bright
If not pay attention
That light can shine too strong
Have destroied drawing
Do not say that trouble, does director how to say?
Do not be all right
Stop, begin tomorrow continuously
Where do you do not be all right?
Why do not pat continuously
Because this light does not be all right
Have gone through 4 months, have terminated next week if still not be all right
Now stop at once
I had been dismissed
But can still struggle
Try hard continuously
Do not be all right, this matter can not be done
I had been also dismissed probably
This evening, an assembly comes
Do you do not be to have said before I?
Me here condition also not good
Self with world both sides can not save
I think of mistake
This historical thing
Exist before making
It is hard to record the thing owned
I will resign before having been expeled
Arrive here assembly
You are necessary very much
You have had three times and have broken the appointment
Say that is to come
Promise is promise
Do not realize promise as if steal thing as
Sometimes, the person that must follow film circle exchanges
Since most still being
Will always write what
Argentina and Poland break off relationship
I miss you, come Sunday
Me do not think to mention part matter
That should not affect us
Cut Lu Qi
Also take that fool to come over
I seek thing
Give me pocket knife
Pocket knife? You want to do what
That thin woman have the place of which one good?
That looks very good
She sand shellfish Er, your work how?
Do not ridicule labour class
Good-bye, Madame president
The employee who does not follow me talks
Are you dry and what here?
Add oil
Do not use is high Xin Wan oil, it is too expensive
Are you to want to sell hotel?
That is my hotel
Here by me, have said that calculate
You in follow who speak?
Deliver to me
Have words evening to say that you wait for me
I have known
Return in go wrong lean you
Give me telephone, I can fly
The horse matter that blocks advantage is requested
Good, good-bye
Here, there is the stamp of Xiao De
You are
I make to be general to pull emperor nun
The general stamp that pulls emperor nun is amount
260 laws light not, 2600
Tomorrow, I send to pass
On where go?
Still have than the matter of more important factory?
It is more important to have what than working?
I am also not clear
Sorry, I do not pass
Horse card is done good to, you do not go
Is because of you
Already at five o'clock, I have important appointment
With whose appointment?
Do you do not want to say?
Say again can how
Say also for
Action is more important than language
Have you been furious? Excuse me
When arriving, have only one of my person speech?
Do you want beer?
Do I drink back?
Real yes
Cut Lu Qi how?
He can not come
Other persons have come
Come in
Grandfather soon, time arrives to sleep
Still drink soup
Grandfather sleeps soon
Can say a sentence
Say to say soon
Do not let me disappointed
Grandfather says quickly
Poor is justjust
It is this to return you
What book?
The night of worker
Autonomy and military problem
Let world shake Jing words
God can excuse you
People poor have
Say continuously
Horse Fei inferior Good morning
This have no what new Yi
Estimate the weight of the dead with skill
She bites work lip, sees that lover bleeds
This is to concern the problem of all
Horse card advantage how?
Are you to speak that laborer permit matter?
Not, in film, can come out surely
I am to say TV play
It is not same to have what? Do you know?
About director with the matter of other persons
This sink method
Film is been named
Have begun to have pated
My workload one day is 2000
It is to give money according to hour, the element of production is many
It is really hard to follow the mechanical person that has dealings
Though, sit on chair, waist is past tilting forward always
Sometimes when trunk is some and little, in the evening, still works overtime
Is also notes wages, if reach base
Can have income
But if press, it is not good
Because it is the subtle work that goes on with hand
To reach, will spend time accurately
It is different to follow the general schoolwork of automation line
If police come
Application is necessary still
It also does not be to give wages according to month
Do you do not again deliver tax, can apply for succeeding?
This is struggle declaration
Inspect content well
Think well
Remember have heard a poetry of Spaniard in childhood
Dusk 5 o'clock time make one fear
Is this elephant the declaration of love?
If I have happened here, disturbance
You do not be in charge of me
This assembly is for what?
Have you what problem?
About bicycle greenhouse
It is daily to live
I can still work
I had been expeled
Have exaggerated too
Once is asked so
If police intervenes, can how?
Are you saying me?
Yes, say you
Should how do?
My what also does not hope
Say you
Do you want to say that let our two ones had been also expeled?
Have no, say your matter
It how to be done that I understand here, you what to do?
Here, to discuss are not as good as writing petition and being signing above
Content is very important
Consider well
Give the penalty due to breach of contract of twenty thousands with light law
The salary of all has also decreased
It is good to write what?
Write the matter of date and all assembly
Still have resolution book
Etc. install Wei Fu orchid rope
Do you so write?
Describe us again is love labour is love still work
She sand shellfish Er
Take light to come over according to near point
Do not be all right, go to here today to finish
What do you make matter?
It is what to sink, that light does not be all right
This however a smallpox loses the newest working room of light two-hundreds thousands law
Light is to not be all right
This kind of light lets one have no thought
Stop, come tomorrow again
All strength is great
Pull Shi Luo sir there have the words that will say
Do not show face just look valuable
All spread apart
Demand Fei, I can have no this ability
You are directed
But have no ability
To observe, move, alternate
To back composition for can
The rule that some will comply with has had got
Film has no regular rule
So, film is welcomed by others
This have law, the development of story is basis pull Si Luo intention
Have no
Good, close lamplight to finish
Direct be most difficult is two matters
The trouble of high limit and the effort of minimum limit
Lu card cut sir Fu Si Ji
In Ba Te Ke
Can words let me send you back
My Japanese vehicle had been bumped against
Fool says repeated
My Japanese vehicle had been bumped against
This fool, energy sinks really
Is horse card done good to?
Under etc., I scold her again
Are you to want to have also expeled me?
Hotel is mine
Metre rest Er
I have loved you warmly
It is returned together that you follow always the girl that does not know
That you go to ask Kang Ci
Money aspect do not lose though others
Why will fall are behind others
Is because of her to make the film
Well-behaved person is also such
Somebody because of the turmoil of Poland get benefit
It does not be understood that this kind of one lets one do really
But the good elephent of that woman is she sand shellfish Er
Arrive this tape every day
Follow horse advantage to install that still have Sa pull in chat
Penalty due to breach of contract has just paid
This time is very confused
Achievement worsen is because of own reason
Do you want to sell here?
I also do not know
You forget thing
Sa pull, are you doing what?
Put in order quickly
The gancy suiting that handkerchief pulls?
In room in
Inside have no
Yourself says
On Taiwan there, do what
Many words will say
Are you to have person to make you to perform?
In 3 months, it is former
Today is 21 days
Is incorrect, is 22 days
What do you make matter?
She says that resign
Do you do not be to have signed contract?
I do not want to have done
I want to resign
I make higher cost
It is now that I am in charge of you
It is now that I take the responsibility
Let me follow her to say
Do not use, I want to return
Is who let your mood not good?
Us for you not bad yes
That why?
Your all persons
I can not believe all
Make the film with in factory in is as
Do you know what I am saying?
What requirement have you?
It can be quiet to work happily if I think
The work that makes one yearn for...
It should be very good
Love and labour should part, meaning work what? works
Do you seek additionally a girl?
I have now gone
Follow a shape that I say
Factory, still have a woman
You feel that girl how?
My little stamp?
Next time, our two persons talk
Follow me to say how?
My stamp?
Lu card cut Fu Si Ji
Do notjoke
Cut Lu Qi
Responsible person is taking vacation, can not find out time
So long as having your signature, have been all right
He can return Sunday
This is for folk and has very important people from trade
Sorry, I still have work
My little stamp in where?
This time us go to factory talk well
Now, can also go
Do not be all right today
Father and daughter in
Papa, why has each thing outline?
This outline thing you want to see it in where
Have you been frightened?
Still think that you will not return, I am missing you
I can only also return
Pull Si Luo can get angry
Have to think of method
Complete matter as far as possible
Use genuine light
Have done 3 months, we do together
Is determined to me, meet difficulty
I do not want to develop to take off clothing play
Person is disagreeable labour
Say for
Do you know?
Do not be willing in German in i s the meaning that violated for a long time
It is too similar that the labour that you claim follow love
Is on certain level
It is also to have possibility
Today is few numbers
21 days
Not, it is 22 days
Why will you ask this matter?
Still think that I am telling story
Are you doing what?
Work quickly, you have been expeled
You can not go in
Do not make noise
Have admited defeat
Go in
You always do what here
I am seeking some actors of the masses
Do you do not find yet?
We seek time to talk over
No matter having work in film how intense fantasy
If not unite concerning thought, will not look strong
Do not enter factory
How to know that have had to salary, have to person to resume post
You discover that have no
Yes, it is that and female
In Ba Te Ke, soon
Do not be all right, she is my niece
It is rapid that she talk
Face disadvantage and ear are also not clear
Hear me to say
Do not be all right, have visitor
Is just now that person your friend?
Still kiss than friend
Can I go to the place that you work?
I want to see that others takes a picture
It pleads whether can follow director, it is good that you follow him to concern
Is impossible
It is that and this what to do
Can I ask?
In film and television in
Watch film
Will not also see the person that works in factory
Here, do not permit to take a picture
Really as this
Have you what problem?
I have thought always
Labour with happy always similar
Labour with make love as
Though, rhythm is different
Is in labour
Lu card cut Fu Si Ji
He is calling
Come quickly
Lu card cut Fu Si Ji
I pass at once
Come soon
It is that and female to hit cable words
The woman of which one?
It is the female host of that hotel
Soon, seek director
Let him comfort Italian
Do not be afraid of, see to compose me
This is the accomplishment of labour
This is working, is working
It is different to have what?
Say the place of love and the difference of labour
Do you do not know?
You feel how to?
Look and do not spoil
Soon, meet the g in Ba Te
Good, good-bye
Do you do what with my money?
I let you see
Let me see
This one is 1000 laws light, this is 2500
This is 320,015,000,000
The 50005000s of ten thousands of twenty thousands of thirty thousands
The 5000 of twenty thousands still has this spoon 150
Three-hundreds millions
1000 three-hundreds thousandses
Deliver to me
You come to happen
Have said that is very many, everything will pass through me first
Let me see
Polish in where?
Is working
Call to him
Can, I have made eight millions
It also does not be the matter that not done so
Disaster is the problem on language
It can be Polish to talk about
Can you express own meaning completely?
Grammar aspect have the what of verb adjective, have troubled too
So, is also meddlesome
For exchange and to subsist, is different
I do not understand still
White has killed many American Indians
And say me know, so do not be all right
The person owned had been killed
Is because of language not utilize correctly
I also understand this
But or can not understand you
It is also not definitely effective to have understood
So long as grasping that meaning for can
You grasp me
Use this hand
Do not hate us, live continuously
From god, you can get, is more more than us to mourn
Love has no age
Us now is away from do not boil
It has been the meat with opposite side
Are all doing what?
Have no instruction
This morning is rehearsed
But have no smoothly
Light does not be all right originally, carries out what to rehearse
Perform cost can maintain January?
The problem of money does not say first
Before story is decided, should think
Story circumstances is day on drop?
All rest first 45 minutes
Story is still not clear
Prepare stage background
Prepare stage background!
What discovery has papa?
For Poland, are you still satisfying?
Return can
You also return
Still have child
Want to return return
Everybody is worrying
France there
It is to worry about own national citizen really that somebody says to have no country of which one
Her is manager red nun Er assistant
Pull Si Luo?
With Italian in bar in
Until December 20, budget will be overspended
Have exceeded twenty millions
Have in
Pull Si Luo
This is the clothing that done in Roman
It is too good
This is give pull g specially Luo Hua clothing
Finland there
Good, that uses
In Ba Te Ke
She develops the role of virgin
It is also that assistant
Demand Fei
What is that and female is that
It is to replcae the horse that has resigned to block advantage
But compared with horse card, advantage is too pretty
You go to water
You enter the water quickly
You develop the daughter of workshop God
It is niece
No matter how, float as the elephant star in water
Is star such, are not seen?
Fu orchid rope inferior
Put quickly just now music
So, can you make the film?
Say too much
Obey director
Are you seeing what?
I am seeing universal wound
The biography typewriter of power transmission error come
Cover to the department of Brazil society
With the result of other company's agreements
Film passion publicize in 1 years after
We can not accept the subsidy of the U.S. dollor of forty thousands
After publicizing moreover
After having seen, can negotiate?
Have prepared
From last week, exceed budget
I know
If Italy does not be all right, have to seek America there
It is American but do not be all right
Those thing of background
I do not want to return to eastern Europe
Tell me the reason of restricting by light
The part of that light of background wall is seen
Also have on street
Let sky dark come down
All barriers are electrical
Before talking about smooth problem, you see first
Can find out the difference of day and night
As if Chinese that and she sand shellfish Er
It is open to have with enclose
I seek between two persons
Everybody seeks between this two
All as
Seek the center that loses, make film
Such universe wave is not is have exaggerated too
Those female actors of the masses have come
Me as if with she sand shellfish Er with in
This is her come to letter
Why are you interested in her?
She has character
You should have treated, it is still stammerer
Do you do not be to work in factory?
So speak but do not be all right
Do not come in disorder
Cut Lu Qi, relieve
Say that what wants to do what in factory than racket flat
You not is very stupid?
Work to me
Return on location
Let me take to go out
It is said that I have words to follow her
Do not work to me to pay penalty due to breach of contract
Select with you
Go out quickly
Help me to grasp her
You in trunk Ma
Are you friend there?
Return on work
Do you feel only that is self correct?
Horse card is done good to!
This is the method of sinking matter
Do not be all right to I stop
Until tomorrow moreover
Under etc. moreover
I introduce
Leading role decides to use Chinese that
Do not be you, is Chinese and that
It is sober and a little
Matter sinks
This shadow thing does not exist
That is smooth reflection however
Go to Du La Ke Luo Hua words
At the beginning drawing soldier is then sage
Go to lover again, then go to virtue to pull
Old age time him in drawing flower
You are doing what
Me also think to be indefferent land a love person
Count No.104 and No.105 to me
The latent thing in smooth bottom
Is by the dark thing that swallows
In eye see not to dark in, light is being expanded
Work soon
Enter location
Enter location
Why do not move
I also do not want to have worked
Work quickly
Do quickly
I also love you
Please enter
Put on chair
Follow me point different
Do you want whatjust now?
Whale soup
This is the song that older sister makes to me
Do you still want snack?
Count tomato
Put on chair
Are you doing what?
Write the thing that you want
Have written
Have come
Road is easy in?
Is road easy? Condition how to?
Do not be in charge of it
I do not know
Have calculated
Good, next week good-bye
Have also refused us there
Say that what has no story circumstances
You have in hear me say?
I am hearing
This kind of equipment can use
There are also story circumstances and light it is enough
I already give her to forget
Begin to have worked, I call them
Calculate is given up
I know that forget
Now, begin self and own dialogue
It is on this kind of meaning
Self more likes to find out own shortcoming
Story circumstances, circumstances seek do not arrive this what to do?
Circumstances are been necessary still
Have to follow her say?
Have spoken that to be turn for me and her and have said
You hear only
It is what story, about whose story
The story of this woman
Have no relation with you
Forget you
You will not forget
Will not forget me
I have forgotten
Have forgotten you
Have forgotten you
This is in factory
This is the thing of love and money
It is also the thing that can let we recall
You not bad
Are you to have been expeled?
Still do not know
Hit telephone to Tom
I will talk with produce director
Want to talk about once with you
Before have also heard
This expense will be signed by you
Under etc. moreover
President, my little check?
Should can take from bank
Is also yesterday
Is ready for any eventuality your place also leave
You know, squeeze in E r shellfish special No.25
This is
Is, do you do not feel that have made mistake here?
I confirm again that you wait for me in office
Will come soon
It is this and female
Will pull g with virtue Luo Hua
She does not be all right
Now again not is bleed times
How to say that should also see to understand these articles
Read to me to hear
In this one the ruthless place of deciding fate
Can all realize An Ji Er to pull Si depressed
It is this that An Ji Er who fills with revolutionary spirit pull
The place of not complete some but also does not be absolute
Treat violence condition can only with Bao system Bao
Count soup to me
Are you hearing?
Yes me always in hear you
Is, that us is comrade
It does not be comrade
That us is what relation?
Director is also my prince
Princess, you say that hear to me to hear
Want to let you help to make a little soup
Follow friend just now to say
Say now not is bleed times
I do not agree with
Is also opposed
Do you do what?
Die if go for director
Not, it is to bleed
That tries to see
Yourself comes
My little check
President, my little check
Give me little check
This situation is tattered really
Feelings poetry the first
Why all do not be willing go to America
Soup water?
Do you want to return country really?
There is possibility
Are you there pretty?
The place of which one is pretty
The name of film shouts
Are you to say the works that pated here?
It is current work
Call passion
How story?
Say that you are also not clear
Real yes, do you want to escape?
Condition of the injury how to?
Is slight wound, can be treated at once
That is good
Also not definitely
Why will you leave me?
Have calculated, I will return country
Go to own country in
Because we just note here
Because me?
Because you
Is not is think speak the matter in the aspect of politics
But return country
Is because of the riot of here?
This is the matter that met by chance
Have what person and have died
I know
I do not know that do not know that you have wife there
How should those penalty due to breach of contracts use?
Do not decide yet, do not be to say that will give you
I pawn it to make the capital of film
Are you necessary?
Than buying that factory, it will be cheap
It is such
You are for Madame
Real so say
Return the what of country together
But she is willing to stay in here with you
It is opposite that this and I's hope to happen
Though, I want to return country together with you
You again say if with me together words, stay in this
Is such
Moreover once
Do you say that is what?
Say that this is true
Is true, I have so said for Chinese that
Han is that
You have spoken real words
Cut Lu Qi
In addition with Sa pull
Have made what matter
Her always say what arrive final
And you like to say that begin
Do you make him to come in?
You are friend
Male aspect him is my only best friend
There is very important matter
Arrive go above
m reply says that is thatv board of directors has passed the
Will you go to California?
When leave
Tonight on walk
You always repeat, I will go to shortcut
Mood relax land go
That local light is adequate
It is those light of dizzy person
Add husband graceful before the light that has said
Cut Lu Qi
Need not go out
Has he left to have no?
Go to America
I will go out
Have who in?
Have gone out
Good evening, she sand shellfish Er
Have bothered really sorry
This is his upper garment
Is sewn by I
Him have in?
Have visitor there
Cut Lu Qi
Who are you?
Is me, is Chinese and that
Yourjacket has been mended , I have taken to you
It is to also want to see me a little while
5 minutes for can
Here for can
Before you have said have possibility
It is to have so said
Seems do not be all right
Do not be furious
Return can good-bye surface
You do what here
Is my self think come
Madame not in
I send penalty due to breach of contract
Good, thanks
Can begin to do business
What business?
Make refreshments aspect or car aspect
She still has character than me
The matter of factory does not be done
Have you been Polish?
You know workshop advocate peace the difference of worker
I do not want to know these matters
Try hard well
Then, I think
May be given up by you
The matter on that work
Do you like labour?
It is lonely that factory have closed me
Like labour
It is to like because of having at heart
It does not be to like because of having
Work to serve love
That attacks to love
You first?
Is probably
Supernatural little sheep
Eliminate this crime in the world
Rest to them
Supernatural little sheep
Eliminate this crime in the world, I's is main
Let them rest
From back, do you begin?
From back, hold me
How is just all right
Otherwise, reserve trace
Do not be all right
It is this kind of and smooth but do not be all right
If seek, do not arrive
Feel with hand
Let down
Handkerchief Er Ba pull, are you doing what?
Good morning
Have to see cut Lu Qi?
He has said goodbye to us
Now in where?
In the past
This what to do
We see and have lost
Cut Lu Qi those persons?
Go to Hollywood
They go to America
Do you direct?
I want to not rise, will say finally that is what
Here, trunk is what
I do not do
Sa pull?
Work in factory
Will you go to station?
Do not use, I do not like to take turning
She sand shellfish Er, do you do what here?
Follow all to do same matter
Is going home
Here, have no home
Get on quickly
On where go?
Go to Poland
Story is very good, has finished
To beginning arrive have finished finally completely
Do you go together?
Do not use, I do not like to take turning
Queen, you do what here
Follow all as, prepare to go home
I will keep pace with those Polish women
Is this the vehicle of president?
Have only this
Do you walk together?
I do not like to take turning
This is the carpet of flight
Come up, queen
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Planet Of The Apes (1969)
Planet of the Apes 1968
Planet of the Apes 2001
Planets The 1 - Different Worlds
Planets The 2 - Terra Firma
Planets The 3 - Giants
Planets The 4 - Moon
Planets The 5 - Star
Planets The 6 - Atmosphere
Planets The 7 - Life
Planets The 8 - Destiny
Planta 4
Plastic Tree CD1
Plastic Tree CD2
Platee CD1
Platee CD2
Platonic Sex CD1
Platonic Sex CD2
Platoon (Special Edition)
Play It Again Sam
Playing By Heart
Playtime CD1
Playtime CD2
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD1
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD2
Plumas de Caballo
Plunkett and Macleane
Pocketful of Miracles CD1
Pocketful of Miracles CD2
Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window)
Poika ja ilves
Point Break - CD1 1991
Point Break - CD2 1991
Pokemon - Movie 1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back
Poker (2001) CD1
Poker (2001) CD2
Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982
Pola X 1999 CD1
Pola X 1999 CD2
Police Academy (1984)
Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment 1985
Police Academy 3 Back in Training 1986
Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol 1987
Police Story (2004) CD1
Police Story (2004) CD2
Police Story 2
Poltergeist 2 The Other Side 1986
Poltergeist 3 (1988)
Poolhall Junkies
Pork Chop Hill
Porky - Awful Orphan (1949)
Porky - Dough for the Do Do (1949)
Porky - Porky Chops (1949)
Porky - The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Pornographer The
Pornography 2003
Pornostar (Poruno Suta)
Port of Call (1948)
Portrait of a Lady The
Poseidon Adventure The
Poslusne hlasim (1957)
Possession (2002)
Possible Loves - Eng - 2000
Post Coitum 2004
Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
Pride and Prejudice CD2
Pride and Prejudice CD3
Pride and Prejudice CD4
Pride and Prejudice CD5
Pride and Prejudice CD6
Pride and Prejudice The Making of
Pride and the Passion The
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD1
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD2
Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
Princess Diaries The CD2
Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
Project A CD2
Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
Pupendo (2003) CD1
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Purple Rose Of Cairo The
Purple Sunset (2001)
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Pyrokinesis (2000)