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Subtitles for Patlabor - The Movie - 1990.

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Patlabor - The Movie - 1990

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Planning and Story: Headgear
First unit to command craft. Landing completed.
The key sector has been secured !
Command vehicle to transport: Commence second drop !
Conceptual work: Masami Yuhki. Screenplay: Kazumori ltoh.
Zero-one to command --
Target sighted !
Direction zero-two, distance twelve-hundred... !
Target confirmed !
Character design: Akemi Takada Mechanical design: Yutaka lzubuchi
Direction: Sawai Kouji Animation Supervisor: Kazuchika Kise
Target heading direction zero-three. Velocity 40 kph.
We will commence air-to-ground engagement upon visual contact !
Ground personnel, be advised !
Art: Atsuyoshi Ogura Music: Kenji Kawai
Recording Engineer: Shigeharu Shiba Camera: Akinobu Yoshida
Layout: Takashi Watanabe Color Designer: Sayuri lke
Producers: Unosawa Noburo & Tadashi Kubo
Director: Mamoru Oshii.
...and that's the Second Kisarazu Artificial lsland.
450,000 square meters in total area.
That and the artificial island off the coast of Kawasaki are the key points of this project.
When it's done, the project will be in its final stage.
Then we'll construct a 15 km long dike to connect both islands to each other...
...and to Kawasaki and Kisarazu on the mainland.
When the project is complete it will not only provide a highway that circumvents the metropolis...
...but it'll use tidal height differences to drain the water from the area.
In ten years it'll have created 45, 000 hectares of new land.
Enough to eliminate our land problems for the rest of the century.
Like Babylon, Tokyo will be an eternal paradise.
Project Babylon... the biggest project of the century.
Given the difficulty of the adjustments facing the participants... might not've been completed in this century. But Labor systems made it possible.
The basic research was completed in the late 80's.
But if it weren't for the massive demand for this project... would never have developed this quickly.
As a matter of fact, we have a total of 3600 Labors working here, large and small.
That's about 40% of the Labors working in the entire country.
A Labor is a machine that can do the work of ten men in less time...
...and this ocean project is only practical because of an intensive use of them.
An old fairytale is now coming true.
Mind you... we're now getting things like Labor-crimes...
...which we couldn't have imagined either.
Aaahh, that's your specialty isn't it ?
Oh, there it is at 5 o'clock.
It's 500 meters in length, and 150 meters high.
The platform handles maintenance for all the Labors working on the project.
We call it the Ark
Tell me... why's it called the Ark ?
How the hell should l know ?
Deactivating systems 1 to 5.
Display functioning normally...
See ? It's working perfectly.
There don't seem to be any problems yet.
Come on ! There won't be any problems !
To begin with, we checked thoroughly before we even brought it in here.
Was it Shige, from your place ?
It's good to be careful, but he's too careful.
Anyway, there haven't been any problems with them, right ?
The guys from Hachiouji have been pushing me to get the OK... roll out Unit #2 and start production of the others.
...I'll start it up with the backup this time...
Oh, wait.
Two people from the second unit are here to pick you up.
The Second Unit ?
...ALRIGHT !!!
Whaddya think Noa ? Wasn't it worth coming over ?
I don't like this kid...
You said you wanted to see it, so l made all the excuses to get here.
And this's the thanks l get ?!
Sorry, it just slipped out...
Okay, let's call it a day.
Officers Shinohara and Izumi reporting.
Here to pick up Chief Nagumo.
Well, that was pretty quick.
I didn't know you two were coming.
We hitched a ride on a civilian chopper that happened to drop by SV2, Ma'am.
The maintenance squad's ferry is on the way.
But if possible, while we wait for it. ..I was wondering...
You're Goto's men alright.
I don't know how you sniffed it out...
...but you can test it if you like.
Though, Officer lzumi doesn't seem to like it...
Looks like she heard us...
That's 'cause you didn't watch what you were saying.
Now she'll have it in for you.
But what l said was true.
He looks a bit villainous.
That's a matter of opinion.
Once it's officially registered it'll be called a Type-0...
...the final version of the Type-98.
It's also the first designed to be run entirely by HOS.
What's HOS ?
You don't know a thing about software do you ?
It's a system program that makes Labors run more efficiently.
Oh, it's just the Operating System...
HOS is the revolutionary OS that Shinohara released two months ago.
Even when installed in a conventional Labor it increases performance by 30%.
Hyper Operating System, ``HOS''.
Most Labors now have their mainframes re-written to HOS.
But no matter how good the vehicle is, it all comes down to the pilot's...
... brains and guts !
Good !
Chief Nagumo of SV2, your ferry has arrived.
Please go to deck A-12.
It's here already ?
Come on, let's go.
Wow !
Just like a world for giants !
It's all Labor sized...
I'm gonna leave you two behind if you don't hurry !
Chief Nagumo, can l ask you a question ?
If it's about this place, l doubt l know any more than you...
No, it's about the Type-0...
Why is it here ?
You know that three of them were issued... the New York police as an experiment...
You mean that crazy story about Kanuka...
...becoming chief of the first Labor unit over there ?
Shige, who went over there to give technical assistance...
...phoned me and asked if we could have it checked inside and out by someone from SV2.
Well, here we have access to Shinohara's Labor facilities...
...and we're close to the second command station.
It's the perfect place to keep it secret.
Is there a problem then ?
Certainly not.
If there was, it would've caused big trouble already.
It's just that it was Shige who asked, so l couldn't ignore it.
Extension of the training period ?
But l had your word that we'd have everybody back this week !
Yes, but things have changed.
The First unit's training on the Type-0 is being extended for another week.
I demand a complete explanation.
We're already overworking the Second Unit, and they have problems to begin with.
If we have to work them even harder, there's no telling what kind of disaster we could have.
And I'm sure if we brought back the First Unit now they'd do just fine.
Nagumo, this decision came from the main department.
There's nothing l can do.
Then I'll report to the main department myself...
...and l will personally ask the Guard Division Chief to return the First Unit.
Wait !
Look, this goes against my better judgement...
... so try to keep it a secret.
In the early morning, the day before yesterday...
...the JSDF 7th Sector's prototype heavy Labor suddenly ran away during a wind tunnel test.
It escaped from the base, and it actually took the paratroop Labor unit to stop it.
They don't know what caused the prototype to run away...
...and it was so heavily damaged that examinations haven't helped.
They must've been really panicked to have trashed it instead of taking it in one piece.
But what does that have to do with this ?
The Labor in question was built by Shinohara Heavy Industries...
...and it had the same OS as the Type-0.
I should also mention that they're trying to cover up the fact...
...that, at the time it ran away, he Labor was unmanned.
You get the picture ? This could become a real problem.
We'll have to practice self-restraint, as of right now.
You're joking, right ?
Seriously ?
Darn it. I hope this'll be over soon.
That's a rotten attitude !
Until the First Unit comes back...
...we're the only ones who can protect this city from criminals !
And who's gonna protect our human rights ?
We don't have any !!
Shocking, isn't it Shinshi ?
Yeah...I've only been home three times this month.
It's a certified marriage crisis.
That's why you shouldn't have gotten married !
Stationed in the middle of the reclaimed lands, far away from your family...
But hey, aren't we getting more dispatches these days ?
Call from sector 7, 205 at Shimoya, Taitoh Ward !
Second Unit report to the site !
Repeat, 205 at Shimoya, Taitoh Ward...
As soon as you said it. Damn...
Let's Go !!
Roll out the trailer !
Hurry up with that revolver cannon !
I'll personally murder any slow-pokes, so move it !
A dangerous Labor is out of control and moving this way !
Please evacuate the area !
Run !!
Didn't you hear me ? I said run ! Oh, here it comes !!
This is Sakura Fubuki 12 to Chief Goto of SV2, Second Unit.
The target's a Yotsubishi Tyrant 2000, from a construction site on Kokusai Street.
It's moving at 4km an hour and destroying civilian buildings.
Shinohara, keep going along the river; try to get ahead of the Labor.
Yes, sir !
Unit #2, start up immediately and pursue the target.
Roger !
Beginning start-up.
Ohta, remember ! Think of the driver's safety first ! You know what l mean ! !
Shut Up ! Quick response ! Believe in your judgement at the scene !
Wouldn't it be better if you just said it out loud ? `DON'T USE THE GUN.'
Raise him...
The Yotsuboshi Tyrant is one of those heavy classes.
It's not very fast, but it's guaranteed to have a lot of power. Watch it.
I don't like these...
Hey !
He went that way !
That bastard crushed my squad car !
Make him pay !
Leave it to me !
Somebody ! Help me !
You ! Driving the Labor !
This is the SV2, Second Unit ! Hang on, l'm here to rescue you !
SECOND UNlT ? I'm dead !
What the...?!
I was being nice to you, just because you're a tax payer !
Well, no more Mr. Nice guy !
You bastard !
This is Sakura Fubuki 12, observing for Chief Goto.
102 is pummeling the runaway Labor in the middle of a residential area.
Oh, now it's kicking...
... a drop kick now...
Can't you do something about him ?
Target and Unit #2 closing in.
It's coming Noa !
Hey, do something about the driver !
This thing's too strong !
Ohta ! Use the stun stick !
Hit the S-RAM unit in the left chest area; you can finish it with one shot !
Alright, done !
Let's go grab some lunch.
What the hell !?
Ohta, don't !
All trailers, prepare to move out.
You just bought the farm !
Mission complete.
Target has been completely destroyed, damage to surrounding area extensive.
Give it a careful washing, then dry it !
And where's the twit who dropped the Labor into the river ?!
He's taking a bath out back.
Okay, tell him to report to me when he's done.
Yes sir.
Reactivated ?
You mean to tell me that a deactivated Labor started up again...
... without a driver ?
I couldn't believe it myself, even though l saw it with my own eyes.
And that idiot filled it with so many holes there's nothing left to examine.
Could you have made a mistake ?
You guys are tired, you've had a lot of dispatches...
What caused the original problem ?
What did the driver have to say ?
The usual sort of thing.
It just started-up all of a sudden during work...
Sure, of course he said that.
After all, he caused one hell of a mess.
But don't you think it's kind of unnatural ?
Until two months ago nothing like this ever happened.
We have 22 cases so far this month.
I wish we could run away.
What do we do with this report ?
What do YOU do ?
Do you think the brass would accept this ?
As far as they're concerned, today's Labors can't possibly run away.
Program malfunctions couldn't cause this kind of accident.
We'll just have to settle for driver error.
There won't be any legal action...
...not when all they have is the testimony of the driver...
...and a black-listed Labor unit member.
Noa !
What is it ?
Im not giving you any ! This is my last bag !
Can you dig out the dispatch records for this month...
... and copies of the reports ?
What do you want those for ?
Just do it.
Hey Pops !!
Can l use the fridge ?!
The computer room ?
Alright. Go ahead.
Thank-you !
You're so good at using people.
This isn't any of your business is it ?
What's it got to do with the Type-0 ?
Chief ! There's a call for you from Matsui of the lnvestigation division !
Fine ! I'll take it in my office.
What have you started ?
Why ? Interested ?
``Yes. Shige Shiba from Tokyo City Police.''
``Special Vehicle, Section #2.''
``Absent ?''
``Oh yeah, Kanuka Clancy.''
Are you still at it ?
Is that you Noa ? Don't stay in here, you might catch a cold.
Go get some sleep.
You never know when you'll get a dispatch.
You too, Asuma.
Wow !
They're smaller than usual.
I wasn't able to give them all the attention they needed.
You're good at this, Hiromi.
Everyone'll be so pleased.
Well then, lzumi, please pick some.
We aren't sending them to market, so just take the red, ripe ones.
By the way, where's Asuma ?
I thought he said he'd help, too.
He said he was on his way to the chief's office.
Looked like he'd pulled an all-nighter. It may have something to do with that...
Hey, why don't we go share these with the chief ?
Taking into consideration each Labor's manufacturer, condition...
...and the background of each driver, l've found only one common factor among the runaways.
All of them, regardless of manufacturer, have a Shinohara HOS mainframe.
But 80% of registered Labors carry HOS...
Maybe, but it was in 100% of the runaways.
And another thing; the increase in runaway cases began two months ago...
...coinciding with the date HOS was released.
It can't be a coincidence. ``HOS'' has some fatal defect.
I think we should submit this data to the department chiefs...
...and press Shinohara to release the HOS program !
Chief ?!
HOS is a revolutionary OS, and it has monopolized the field.
If there should be any defect, it would ruin Shinohara.
Besides, the officials who approve Labor OS's aren't total fools either.
If there was any defect in HOS, it should have been detected during de-bug.
Let's say there is some relationship between the runaways and HOS.
But what if ``HOS'' isn't defective ?
I mean, what if the runaways aren't caused by some bug...
...but something intentionally programmed ?
Would you read this for us ? This's the first report from Matsui.
Report on Hoba Eiichi...
Hoba ?...
You mean Hoba Eiichi, the programmer ?
Hoba Eiichi, the ace of Shinohara's software development division.
He's the genius who single-handedly developed HOS.
Or rather, he was...
Estimated age: 30.
Returned from MlT in '97...
...and was immediately hired by Shinohara Heavy lndustries.
Address unknown. Profile unknown. Criminal record unknown.
Approximately 170cm. Physical character, including major illnesses unknown...
What lS this ?
Not only Shinohara's personnel computer, but school, city hall...
...and all of his personal records have been erased.
He's far past the point of suspiscion...
Then it's a piece of cake.
Just bust him and bring him in for questioning.
We can't.
Can't ?
Why ?
Five days ago he was sent to the Shinohara line at the Ark...
... and jumped into the sea.
His body was never found.
We certainly started a bit late on this.
Just when we started sniffing around HOS...
If we'd only done something earlier...Dammit.
Oh, well.
Bug...program...Either way it looks like HOS is the culprit.
Now we have to figure out the big picture, and how Hoba fits in.
We'll leave the investigation of Hoba to Matsui, and...
Shinohara, why are you making a face ?
Then you knew it was HOS all along.
Boy, do l look like a fool, working all night...
If nothing turns up, you WlLL.
We still don't know what triggers the runaway.
I want you to continue with your analysis, assuming of course you still want to ?
YES !!!
Oh, and this matter should just be between those of us in this room.
Why's that ?
Don't you remember ?
Following last month's orders from above, Shige installed HOS in the Type 98's.
If there's a relation between HOS and the runaways...
...then the 98's are also at risk.
Despite that, if there's a dispatch order, we have to go.
Revealing this information would only serve to worry the men.
I'm going over to Hachioji.
I've got things l wanna check.
I'm not gonna interfere with your investigation.
I'd like to go too, Chief !
Please, can l ?
I probably don't have to tell you this, but...
I'll behave myself !!!
Wha'cha doing ? Move it !
All right !
Are you sure about this ?
They'll be back by tonight. If we get a dispatch order l'll take over the command car.
I don't get it.
He's trying to prove that Shinohara lndustries is involved in this case.
It's so ironic.
The father's the president of a major Labor manufacturer...
...and the son's in the police Labor unit.
On top of that they're constantly fighting, like cats and dogs.
But it's up to Shinohara to make the decision.
I don't like forcing people to make decisions, or ordering them to do so...
Now that production for project Babylon is done for awhile...
...we're concentrating on export.
We just recently increased production on this line by 20%.
I see.
You know, even though l see this view every day, l still feel like l'm dreaming.
Fifty years ago, we started a small parts factory for the US occupational force.
Then we grew from vehicle parts to machine manufacturing.
We started on industrial robot development the year Asuma was born.
And now the monsters called Labors are flowing down the line.
But l'm lost...
I studied a lot, but fifth generation computer or system engineering...
I just can't handle them. As a mechanic. .. I really feel lonely...
I'm just about the same.
Everybody was constantly kicking me upstairs as a ``Vehicle God'' or something,
but when it comes to software l'm basically a beginner...
There's no way l can compete with Shige or any of the younger guys...
But Sakaki...
There's no point in fossil engineers sitting around comforting each other.
No matter how technology develops, there's one thing that holds true.
As long as the human side, those who make the machines...
...those who maintain the machines, and those who handle the machines...
...don't do anything bad, the machines won't play foul.
But Jitsuyama, l didn't come here as the SV2 maintenance squad leader...
...meeting the manager of Shinohara lndustries' Hachiouji factory.
I came to speak openly, as men who spend more time with machines than with their wives.
Your company's HOS, is it safe ?
That sure wasn't what l expected you to say...
This company's future depends on HOS.
It's been well received everywhere.
As a matter of fact, Project Babylon's construction time has been reduced by 30%.
That's not what l'm asking.
How is it ?
It's safe.
You have my guarantee.
Okay, got the copy is finished.
The master copy of HOS...
E...H...O.. .B...A......
E.Hoba ?
It's spreading rapidly !
No, l don't know the exact rate !
What ? We can't do that !
Just do it ! Shut down the main computer !
Did you forget we're connected to the computers at other factories, too ? !
That little twit !
Damn ! Did that surprise me or what ?
Did you leave anything behind that they could trace back to you ?
No way.
But the only people who know the room's lock's combination me and Jitsuyama... they'll figure it out sooner or later.
Guess we can't go back there for a while...
But we did get the data we needed.
If something that risky is in the master copy...
...then even Shinohara lndustries hasn't broken the protection on HOS.
We have eight thousand Labors lurking around Tokyo with a suspicious OS...
...and God only knows what's in it.
It's bad news alright...
...and sooner or later some of the sharper folks'll start to notice.
Eventually Noa will find out too.
We'd better deal with this quickly.
Yes, sir !
We can see that again...
Oh ?
We saw it from every room...
...but that's pretty common in today's Tokyo...
... must be a coincidence.
I still don't get this Hoba guy.
I mean Labor related jobs have really high salaries, right ?
So why did he choose all these battered apartments; 26 of them in three years ?
Don't you think it might be the best way to keep from being traced,
Buildings about to be demolished to make way for redevelopment are just as good as battered ones.
No neighbors to be interrogated.
If he was that cautious, then why'd he leave behind a change-of-address at city hall ?
And this after breaking into the files...
...and not only erasing his personal data at work...
... but at his school over-seas.
As if he were showing off, eh ?
Hey, Officers.
You through yet ?
Oh, thank-you. Sorry about that.
Maybe he wanted to show us something.
Show us what ?
What for ?
To find that out, l guess l'll have to follow our man Hoba's trail.
Matsui, are you sure we can screw around like this ?
The chief won't say anything for a while.
That's the way things always work.
That's what l don't understand !
Us, in the Crime lnvestigation Division, working at the request of the Guard Division !
That man, Goto, what is he ?
``Razor'' Goto. He's notorious at headquarters.
Then how come he's stuck out in the middle of the reclaimed land ?
Cause he was TOO sharp.
Let's go.
Wait !
This shows the geographical distribution of the runaways.
They're pretty concentrated alright.
Riverside Redevelopment... Shinjuku Subdowntown Development...
Ariake Harbor City...
But Shinohara, aren't they the areas that have the greatest numbers of Labors to begin with ?
I thought so too.
This is the distribution of Labors in Tokyo.
I see. Interesting.
There are other areas of concentration...
...but the incidents only occurred in these limited areas.
So there's something in those areas that triggers the runaways.
But what is it ?
I've been inputting anything and everything that comes to mind...
...and searching for a common factor, but the conditions are vague...
It's just no good...
I wish Shige was here...
Shinohara, why don't you take a break ?
You didn't get any sleep again last night, did you ?
I can't.
We don't know when our own Type 98's might start doing something...
Look, just go out and get some fresh air !
Yesterday's dream is today's hope, and tomorrow's reality.
Making a step towards the realization of a fulfilled tomorrow...Project Babylon.
A challenge for the 21st century !
Sorry to keep you waiting !
ALL RlGHT !!!!
One each !
Hey, Asuma.
Why don't you have one ?
A tomato ?
Come on. You look like you need the most vitamins.
Why couldn't you get something more gutsy...!
What's wrong ?
I washed them.
...did you...
Come with me !
What is it ?
Just come !
Say l've got a date with you !
What the hell's this about ?
Did you actually get permission to leave ?
The chief said get some fresh air !
That's close enough, right ?
But we're both still in uniform, riding double on a scooter, without helmets...
...and l still think it's too risky.
Someone might see us together.
Don't worry about it !
I already checked the patrol schedules for the squad cars.
I'm not talking about that !
What ?
I said l'm not talking about that !
Then what are you talking about ?
Dammit ! Just forget it !
Okay !
Thank you for waiting.
20 inch slop pizza, ethnic style.
Are you sure about this ? Looks like we're attracting attention.
Just act natural and there won't be any problem.
Cheers !
But really, why'd you suddenly decide to treat me ?
Well, you see...
By the way, Noa...
Yes ?
How's Alphonse been doing lately ?
He's doing great, of course....
Why do you ask ?
Just wanted to know...
Alphonse is always doing great...
Sakaki and everyone in the maintenance squad take good care of him...
He's been a good boy, and...
... and he's doing just great !
He's not gonna run away !
You did hear us, after all...
Tell me...
....Alphonse won't run away, right ?
I don't know.
I still don't know what triggers the runaway...
The only man who did know is dead...
...and we haven't figured it out yet.
Then we can just rewrite the OS !
If HOS isn't online anymore...
Rewriting the OS would have to be done at the manufacturer...
...and to do that we'd have to fill out the paperwork.
Unless we come up with some proof of what...
...causes the runaways, the brass'll never approve it.
But if we leave them like this and Alphonse runs away, then...
...he'll be destroyed, right ?
Like the Labors Ohta and l destroyed...
Noa, just give me a little more time.
I'll find the solution.
``Forward and backup are two-in-one.''
``The pilot shall follow the order of command.''
Come on...
Let's eat.
It's gonna get cold.
Look, just like Alphonse.
Alphonse 1, the dog l had when l was little.
Oh ?
Then the present one is the second ?
Nope, number 3.
The second was a cat.
Hunh ?
What's he doing ?
He must've heard something.
Dogs can hear some sounds that humans can't.
The wind must be whistling somewhere...
Wind whistling...
What's wrong ? You look funny...
Sounds inaudible to humans...
Noa, l've got to borrow this !
There's something l have to check out, fast !
Borrow ? Then how am supposed to get back ?
And when you get back, tell the the chief to wait for my phone call !
See ya !
Wait !
Idiot !
I couldn't get hold of my old man.
The main office wouldn't tell me anything...
...and when l phoned home they said he hasn't been back for a while.
He's a busy man.
Sorry the place is a mess... daughter and her children came over.
Your grandchildren ?
I guess beer is out if you're still on duty...
I'll make you some coffee.
Before you do that, l want to know what sound frequency triggers the Labor runaways.
The Sumitomo Building at Shinjuku Subdowntown.
The Twin Building at Riverside Park 21.
Both are high rises with a structure that acts like a giant whistle when the wind blows.
The Ariake harp bridge that connects Daiba and Chiba...
...its wire should vibrate, also making a whistle...
Inaudible sounds to humans, but quite audible to a Labor's sensitive receptors.
That's what triggered all these recent runaways.
Labor work places are concentrated in areas of the city...
...or in construction sites where such sounds are easily produced.
Hoba was quite a genius, choosing low frequency sounds to trigger the runaway.
It's no coincidence that he joined Shinohara, which was behind in the field.
My old man was trying to go up against the major corporations...
...and if possible, monopolize the market... he was easily hooked by HOS - the bait.
Just like he wanted, Labor OS is now dominated by HOS...
...and that's what's gonna kill Shinohara lndustries.
That's why l can't reach him. He realized what HOS is and he's running all over town.
If that's made public now. .. Shinohara will be...
If it isn't me, it'll be somebody else; sooner or later somebody'll reach the same conclusions.
I want you to make an announcement about the matter.
You don't want to turn Labors into villains, do you ?
Asuma !
Hey, l'm back !
Asuma !
Rejoice Noa !
Your noble sacrifice has been rewarded !
Asuma ! Asuma !
Officer Asuma Shinohara.
You're being suspended for two weeks. I assume you know the reasons.
No, l don't !
I'll spell it out for you:
Leaving base without permission while on standby.
Nearly using blackmail to elicit testimony, by invading an ordinary citizen's home.
Unauthorized use of a private computer.
Riding double with a colleague, and without a helmet.
Drinking and driving, as well as other various traffic violations.
And more to come !
Under normal circumstances you would be put before a disciplinary comittee...
...for such intolerable violations of the regulations.
But this is not the time, and since Chief Goto so strongly petitioned your case...
...we'll quietly settle this matter.
You should be grateful to him, since he's willing to sacrifice himself to save his men.
I have a question !
What's happened to the Shinohara Heavy lndustries case ?
That isn't really any of your concern...
...but if we just left it at that you'd be a wreck.
Generally this is not something an officer would have anything to do with.
Late last night, the president of Shinohara lndustries himself filed a report... the Ministry of lnternational Trade and lndustry, stating that HOS has a major flaw.
Taking the matter quite seriously...
...the cabinet held an emergency meeting early this morning.
They accepted Shinohara's case and settled on rewriting HOS back to conventional OS.
To prevent any unnecessary panic this process will be carried out...
...and described as a rewrite to a new version of HOS, free of charge.
You're kidding ! What about Shinohara lndustries' responsibility !
I'm being punished, and he's getting away !
Isn't it more fair to punish both sides in a fight ?!
What the hell do you think police are for ?!
Police investigations aren't used to support family feuds !
Well, how about that.
You guys knew the truth and were...
...dealing under the table the whole time !
Well, having someone in the Guard division...
...who doesn't even have the authority to investigate...
...snooping around without the permission of his superior, is lMPERMlSSABLE ! !
He must have figured that it's better to have admitted the fault himself...
...than to have it pointed out by someone else.
The government's more concerned about the public turning against Labors
...than about Shinohara's responsibility...
Project Babylon is involved, and if that sinks, so will they.
So they stay silent about Shinohara.
They keep it quiet and cover it up...
That's about it; don't get depressed, you did a great job...
We may have all had the data, but you reached the conclusion by yourself.
Though that last move wasn't so good.
But how did the captain find out about the scooter ride ?
Oh, that ? I forced lzumi to spit it out, and then l informed him.
....CHlEF ?!
You're tired aren't you ?
Well, now you can stop working and concentrate on the investigation.
Investigation...Are you still thinking of continuing that ?
You're so pessimistic for your age.
Even Shinohara itself doesn't have a complete grasp on the matter.
If the solution was as simple as a rewrite...
...Hoba wouldn't have killed himself so early on.
Don't you agree ? still believe in the ``Hoba's intentional crime'' hypothesis.
What do you think, Shinohara ?
I think so too...
Asuma !
He's back !
What's that costume ? ...
I could ask you the same thing. What're you doing in street clothes ?
Well, this and that happened and l got suspended for two weeks.
If you'd talked to us beforehand that may not have happened.
It's the price you pay for not thinking about teamwork.
Oh ? Which button do l have to push to make you say ``teamwork'' ?
Please, calm down, both of you...
...try to honor my safe return...
Oh, Shige, please fill out the form for program re-writing.
Right ! Sorry to put you to work as soon you get back, but could you ?
Do a rewrite ?
Yeah !
For the 98 ?
Of the OS !
What's the problem ?! We can't have HOS aboard !
It's the reason l was killing myself working. ..and got suspended...
I never did the rewrite to HOS.
What ?! But we got the order from headquarters...
So, l just pretended to rewrite. I threw in a dummy activation display...
... and sent back the diskette.
Inside is the same old OS. You didn't have any problems, did you ?
Well, l sure was glad when l got the news over there that HOS was a chancy thing.
But it's all thanks to Sakaki's training.
Even if it was good, l didn't feel like putting in some suspicious new HOS.
If anything happened l'd take full responsibility.
So off l went, secret in my heart. Well, it sure was a success !
Right ?
But nobody ever heard about it ?
Funny...I told Goto when he called me international long-distance...
You told the Chief ?
In other words, he knew that if he didn't tell you..'d work hard enough to kill yourself.
He's at it again...
Now l know how Noa was feeling earlier...
He's been playing me like a puppet. ..That middle-aged weasel...
Poor Asuma...
1-3 Eiichi Hoba...
Hey !
It's in English...
``He bound the heavens also, and came down, and darkness was under his feet''
...It's one of the psalms in the Old Testament.
It must've been written there by Hoba himself.
But l still can't believe you found the house where he was born.
It was nothing. All l did was trace address changes and that's where l ended up.
But that's it, l can't go any further...dead end.
That area of town was deserted during the 80s...
...when there was that sharp increase in land prices.
After the National Land Act it was forgotten.
But how strange this city is...
As l traced his path l started to feel as though time were leaving me behind...
What you think of as a familiar sight starts to rot away here and there... look away for a moment and when you turn back it's gone.
Gone before you even know what it meant.
In this town, the past is a worthless thing...
Look at it this way.
The place where we're talking now was sea until a little while ago.
And in a few years there'll be a huge city in front of us.
And then, someday, that will become the worthless past.
It's like a continual bad joke.
That's probably what Hoba was trying to say...
``Where do we go.. .? What are we ?''
What's that ?
An inscription.
It was left on a wall by a Viking captain in ancient Europe.
You bozo ! Snap it harder !
Well... Sorry about all this...
Before you go...
What's your opinion ?
He's it, Goto, no mistake.
But if he's a goner, then l guess there's not much more an inspector can do...
Well, l owe you for this one. I'll make it up to you some day...
A tomato patch, a chicken house, and the maintenance crews are all out fishing... they really call themselves police ?
Not police...
More like defenders of justice.
Tell me, do you think I'm still over-analyzing ?
What ?
I can't say really...
...but I am grateful that the defect was found before we actually got the Type 0.
I asked Kanuka to do research on Hoba's stay at MIT.
While he was there he was called Jehovah.
Jehovah ?
That's what they call God in the Old Testament.
It sounds alot like his real name, and he was probably smart enough to earn it.
Well, actually there's a follow-up story to that.
The proper pronunciation is ``Yah-weh'' or ``Yah-ha-weh''.
``Je-ho-va'' is an incorrect one that spread by accident.
When he found that out he was insanely happy.
You know, Shinobu, I'm starting to feel I understand the way this Hoba guy thinks.
Looking at those high-rises... after day, wondering what kind of crime to commit.
``And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower...
...which the children of men builded. (Genesis 11-5)
Therefore is the name of it called Babel;
...because there did the Lord confound the language of the earth;
...and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of the earth.
Well, it could be coincidence...
Do you think it's a coincidence that he chose the Ark as the place to kill himself ?
If this plan centers on a code based on the Bible...
...there's no way he's going to pass over a target like Project Babylon.
There's more to come.
These are clues left by Hoba himself.
Another example. He made it a point to leave messages.
All 23 of the places Hoba lived in...
...overlap with the three Labor runaway zones that Asuma pointed out.
Matsui was really puzzled.
He said it was as though Hoba was asking us to solve the mystery.
A challenge ?
He's not that sort of romantic.
He wasn't going up against the police at all.
He had great confidence in his program...
...or else he wouldn't have died before seeing the result.
When he jumped off he was probably laughing at us...
No, everybody who lives in this city...
You know, you look so happy when you talk about Hoba.
... that's dangerous...
Really ?
Anyway, if it's that big a plot, are you sure those two can handle it ?
I think they'll be okay...
I'm sleepy...hungry . ..and worn out.
Okay, input's complete...
Here we go...
Okay...what's the parameter for the simulation program ?
Well, if 10.21Hz is the right number, then this is correct...
That's all the damage there'd be ?
...I feel like I'm dealing blind.
I don't get it...
I know it couldn't end with this little...
What data could be missing ?
That inaccessible file in HOS...
If that could be taken apart we could prove Goto's theory about Hoba's crime.
Then we could spend more resources and personnel...
Then it's a Trojan Horse program ?
That rewrite must've worsened the contamination, spread it even further...
Such a stupid decision...
Shige ! You have a guest !
I've brought provisions !
How's it going ?
It just proved how powerless we are...
That's it ?
Here, I got a newspaper
Let's see how our international affairs are doing...
Compared to ``God'' I feel like a computer-loving little kid...
Noa, coulld you get me some coffee ?
Oooooo, sounds good. I only have instant; sorry.
Sure thing.
Noa, turn on the gas again !
Huh ?!
Just do it !
What's this all about ?
So what ?....
What the... ?
The resonance !
There was no point in simulating the components individually...
...if objects vibrate at the same fixed frequency...
...frequency they reinforce each other's vibrations !
Not much of a difference.
The low frequency that initiates the first resonance is too weak.
It has to kick off with something more powerful !
Blow-through structure buildings, the harp bridge...
...iron pipes in construction sites, air ducts for underground facilities...
There's gotta be something else...
Let's should be located in some big open space...with no outer walls...
...say some multi-level structure...
How could something like that exist in crowded Tokyo...!!
The Ark ?!
How could we have been so blind ?!
I forgot that I made a copy at the Hachiouji factory...
Put the Ark into the wind tunnel simulation...
...raise the windspeed parameter to infinity, and throw the lot into our first simulation...
Hang on ! This computer doesn't have the processing capacity.
Okay, we've got the Fridge online !
The data's not coming back, is it ?
Here it is !
What's the lowest wind velocity that can set off the reaction ?
... 40 m/second ?!!
Damn...You only get that sort of wind when a Typhoon hits...
...and so this rather powerful Typhoon, #19, now at the south west tip of Kei Peninsula...
...heading north east at a speed of 25 kmph.
It will hit Tokyo early tomorrow morning.
The typhoon's air pressure is 950 bar...
...and within 25 km of its center wind speeds are over 40 m/second...
That's it ! We've heard enough !
This is all just a theory !
And I heard that this simulation was programmed by...
...a suspended officer and the maintenance crew.
Do you really expect us to take it seriously ?
According to the Meteorological Agency...
...Typhoon #19 will strike the city early the next morning.
We don't have time for additional testing of the program.
You say it's only an unproven theory...
...but it's a fact that we have no evidence to deny it either.
When the Typhoon reaches Tokyo its heavy winds will cause the Ark to vibrate...
That will stimulate the low-frequency howling of the numerous high-rises at the water front,
...which will itself induce the whirring of the buildings in downtown Tokyo.
And 8000 Labors situated all over the metropolis will become runaways....
What will result need not be mentioned.
Labors aren't just located in the redevelopments around the bay, but also... the city center, and in the Geo-front construction site 100 meters underground.
Also Labors are operating inside some nuclear reactors.
If the simulation results become reality...
...I'd like to know who would take responsibility...
...and how, for not preventing the crime beforehand.
The city-wide OS rewite has been completed.
Even if Eiichi Hoba's crime existed, it is now quite irrelevent, don't you think ?
HOS is still being analyzed, with the assisstance of MIT...
...but it's true nature has not yet been determined.
The experts agree that it may still be hiding in the Labors' memories... that case it is reasonable to assume that any Labors...
...that came in contact with HOS are still contaminated.
Wait for the Typhoon to hit ?
Chop down the high-rises ? Dismantle all 8000 Labors ?
You have only four choices.
Your decision please.
From early tomorrow until the typhoon has passed...
...activation of all Labors within city limits will be prohibited.
Labor production lines and repair facilities will be shut down.
We will request aid from the fire department and the defence ministry... well as neighboring prefectures.
That is all.
Chief, there's a possibility that deactivated Labors may start up by themselves...
...due to the effects of the low frequency noise.
Did you forget about the episode with the JSDF prototype Labor...
Goto !
What was that ?
I never received such a report.
Then I have one more question.
Will you knock it off ?!
If it's caused by a Typhoon, I don't really see how anyone should be held responsible...
I mean it's done by a Typhoon...
Of course. If it's an act of God, it can't be helped...
Chief !!!
Assistant Inspector Goto, returning to the station.
What did he mean ?
As he said, it can't be helped if it's an act of God.
Afterwards, if Hoba's crime can be proven, fine.
If not, let it go as the Typhoon's fault.
If the cat gets let out of the bag, the Captain'll take the fall.
The old snake.
Poor Captain...
We're the poor ones.
If Hoba's crime can't be proved, we'll be criminals.
Want out ?
No. If I'm gonna regret it anyway, better something done than left undone.
Well then.
No turning back now.
I won't be back for awhile. Follow Shinobu's orders until then will you ?
Roger !
What's gonna happen ?
We're gonna destroy the Ark !
After insulating the memory bank and the cockpit, get on with the water-proofing.
We don't have much time !
Boss ! The floats are here !
Okay, let group 3 handle it ! As the crews finish their current jobs I'll send them down !
I got the okay ! Bring out the riot gun too !
We got the experimental explosive shells, right ?!
Load 'em into cartridges !
What ? But that's too risky...
DO IT !!!
Typhoon #19 is continuing on course.
It is still heading north east, and will hit the Kanto area in...
We'll have to purge the platforms with the emergency fire systems after all...
Then the occupation of the control center is the key...
Give me the file on the security robots...
Labors are set up...Attaching the floats to the trailers'll be done in a couple hours...
By the way, how did you get hold of that monster anti-Labor rifle ?
I begged for one from the paratroop unit in Kasumigaura.
When I mentioned the prototype Labor incident they rented me one immediately.
I'm going over to Narita airport now.
We may have to fight every Labor on the Ark so I called in a secret weapon.
Yes, I mean HER.
``Sight seeing ?''
Let the air in !
There's nothing more for me to say.
The Ark should be totally empty after the evacuation order... fight as much as you like !
Are you sure ? You can still call them back !
What if the operation is successful but you still can't prove Hoba's crime ?
Then we're criminals.
But if we don't do anything, and there's a disaster ?
Then we're criminals again.
Which do you prefer ?
And besides, there was no choice to begin with.
If they fail, the bay area will be devastated.
If they succeed, then project Babylon will be crippled by the loss of the Ark.
Either way we lose.
Probably the real fight ended when Hoba jumped.
Don't you agree ?
And you still want to do this ?
You really don't have the right character to be in the police...
I really feel sorry that you always end up getting the short end of the stick.
Where are you going ?
We did get silent approval from headquarters...
...but if they raise hell on the Ark...
...the Maritime Safety Agency and the Ports and Harbors Bureau won't keep quiet.
I'll go over there and buy some time.
This's a job for the chief.
Yes ?
...No, nothing...
Then, please take care of the rescue arrangements.
There it is ! 500 meters ahead !
The Ark !
Doesn't the atmosphere feel Evil ?
Just like a shrine of Idols.
An appropriate grave for a man who assumed the name of the Lord.
Listen, as long as they don't get too close, guard robots aren't much of a concern.
But there's far too many of them, so avoid combat as much as possible !
Ohta, take the point ! Noa, bring up the rear !
We'll run all the way !
Come on you worthless hunks of junk !
I'll rip you apart !
Five to the rear...
Eight... They keep coming !
Wait up !
Move it !
I told you to avoid combat !
We did, as much as possible.
Quick response based on the situation !
The situation is changing all the time !
At any rate, conserve ammo !
We don't know what's up there !
Roger !
There it is !
Move it !
He's so rough, dammit...
If we don't hurry this place is gonna be flooded with security robots !
Start up the emergency routines !
That'll shut off the security automatically !
Okay, here we go...
This will've sounded the alarm back on land.
Well then let's see if we'll be dangerous criminals...
...or heroes by the time the Maritime Safety people get here.
We have until the weather clears.
Can you hear me ? I've deactivated the security systems.
Roger !
Will stand guard !
Okay, let's take this thing apart !
W...wait !
What ?
A person !
There's somebody in subcontrol on the top level !
It's no mistake.
See ? It's moving...
It can't be...
But he's supposed to be dead, isn't he ?
Hoba's ghost ?!
Or some sort of trap. Can you get me into communication with the subcontrol ?
Can't. The subcontrol isn't in use...
It has to be powered up from there.
Someone has to go up and check...
But the time !
The Typhoon's about to hit !
Noa ! Listen up !
What is it ?
We've got a problem.
There's a possibility that someone's still here, in the top floor subcontrol.
A file cross-check says it's Eiichi Hoba.
It's a trap for sure !
But somebody's still up there.
Noa, will you go ?
Why Me ?!
It's too dangerous without a Labor...
...and DELICATE decision-making might be needed.
Ohta CAN'T handle it !
Go !
I'll support you from here...
Forward and backup are two-in-one, right ?
And one more thing !
We don't have much time, so we'll proceed with the original plan at the same time !
I heard HOS's true nature was confirmed.
Oh, Chief Nagumo...
Yeah, we got a call from MIT saying that they'd finally dissected the file.
So what's the verdict ?
We hit the jackpot.
A virus was planted in HOS.
It invades the backup memory to start off...
...then it changes its name and gets into every available space possible.
There's no doubt that any computer that comes in contact with HOS will be contaminated.
By morning there's gonna be one hell of a mess...
MIT has already started programming a vaccine, but I wonder if it'll do the trick...
If only we'd known this half a day earlier, they wouldn't have had to go by themselves...
We can't even send in reinforcements...
But this did prove Goto's theory...
At least now we can arrange the rescue.
Wait a sec !
You said HOS or any computers that came in contact with it, right ?
What about the Ark's main computer? They're using it for the purge !!
D level, block 5, 30 seconds until purge.
All personnel working in this block evacuate immediately.
D-5 block is purged. Alphonse is moving from D-7 to 9.
Get ready for the next one. Code for D-7 ?
Why can't we wait until she goes up to the next level, and then drop the entire floor ?
If the Ark loses too much weight at once it'll become dangerously unstable.
It's ok. If we drop the open blocks first, it should eliminate much of the resonance effect.
What's it like outside ?
Wind velocity 35...
... now it's up to 36 !
D-7, here we go !
D level, block 7 is purged.
Next ! Code for E-2 !
As...Asuma ! Look !
Blocks 3, 5 and 7 of D level, and all of C level !
They're flooded with runaway Labors !
What ?!
But the wind isn't over 40m per second yet !
Either the simulation overlooked something...
...or the purging has worsened the effect !
Come on, you scrapheaps ! I'll waste all of you !
Hiromi ! What's going on ?!
Runaway Labors are piling up at the other end of the bridge.
Ohta charged in just now.
What about Kanuka ?!
She left. She said she was gonna look for a weapon.
What do we do ?
Could it be that she's...
Kanuka, don't ! The Type-0 is too risky !
Don't worry, I'm using a system disk where the virus has been isolated.
Assuming all goes well I should be able to control it.
But what if the virus has hidden somewhere...
Then this Labor will be a threat whether I use it or not !
Besides, Ohta won't be able to hold them all off on his own.
I'm willing to take the gamble. Clancy out !
Noa ! Can you hear me ?! The situation's changed !
The runaways have started earlier than estimated !
We don't have much time left, so proceed at full speed !
That's all !
Thanks for telling me...
Birds ?
The wind velocity outside is now over 40m per second !
We can't wait any longer !
Noa ! Answer me ! Noa !
The ID's around a raven's leg...
Just report your conclusions !
Is there anybody up there ?!
No ! Nobody's here !
It's not accepting any input...
The main computer was contaminated too ?!
Control room, please respond !
Runaway Labors are increasing !
There's so many of them...
I can't hold them off if they start crossing the bridge !
Please hurry up with that purge !
There's gotta be something...
...some way...
There should be a backup manual ignition system...
...something that blows away all the block joints without the computer relay !
But how do we get to the ignition point while we're stuck in this mess ?!
Just deal with it !
The top level of the main shaft, right under subcontrol...
Good thing the police stress the value of human life.
Bingo, and just in time !
It's right under Noa's feet !
Take that !
The Type-0 ?!
My God...!
Ohta ! Kanuka !
We're gonna start purging the entire floor !
Get back to the command center !
Ohta !
30 seconds after ignition, the entire floor should purge !
I don't know what'll happen when the Ark loses that much weight at once !
Listen Noa, don't move away from there after you ignite it, alright ?!
Answer me Noa !
Roger !
Ignition !
Ignition confirmed !
Asuma !
Shinshi !
Kanuka !
Hiromi !
Ohta !
Somebody answer me !
Ow... Hell of an experie....
Noa, don't ! Kanuka is aboard that thing !
Answer me Kanuka !
Get out of your vehicle and run Noa !
There's no way you can beat this thing in hand-to-hand combat !
But can't you stop it ?!
What about the activation disk ?!
I used it. AND reset the computer, and it's still moving !
Probably the virus entered the S-RAM for pattern study,
...and that must be adjusting the program !
Where's the S-RAM ?!
Behind the neck, same as in the Type-98 !
Gotcha !
Noa ! Run ! You can't win with a Type-98 !
...I did it...
I did it...!
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Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
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Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
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Purple Rose Of Cairo The
Purple Sunset (2001)
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