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Patlabor The Movie 3 CD1

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Sub Files by j1nr0h|2 CD Version - Video: MS MPG4 V3 - Audio: AC3|(sound'll start at 00:01:00)

"They won't catch much today."
"It's like that every day lately."
"It isn't just because|they don't know how to fish."
"You can't catch fish|if they aren't there."
"You think so, too?"
"This place is about fished out."
"I got a boatload of turkeys here."
"And the weather report..."
"...said clear skies, too!"
"Can't be helped."
"And here I bought infield seats."
"At Marine Stadium?"
"Marines vs Hawks."
"You bought advance tickets for that?"
"The place'll be empty!"
"Yeah, but the Marines are|our local team!"
The Bluewaves'll walk away with...
...the Pacific League this year.
The Central League's hard to call.
"The Giants have been|falling over their feet all season."
They just haven't decided...
...who should win it this year yet.
"Think the Tigers have a chance?"
"Hey, what's that?"
What's what?
"5 o'clock!"

Ball four!
Don't let it get to you!

He's coming apart!
Hata!|Settle down and throw!

Changing pitchers!

But Mr Okabe...
It's for you.
"On Hold"
"Keep Out"
Mr Hata?
I got a call.
Is Mr Kusumi over there?
This is the fourth time...
Reporting for duty.
That's all that's left of him?
What do you need from me?
Fingerprints,... for DNA sampling...
Where did he live?
Change your damn...
Change your damn clothes!
Having trouble?
Excuse me.
The nearest station|would have been fine...
With that suitcase, on a day like this?
Where can I put this?
Just set it on the dash.
Smoke if you like.
I saw you look at the ashtray.
Go ahead.
I don't mind.
I know it's bad for me,...
...but I just can't quit.
I know. I used to smoke.
This is fine.
But this is heavy!
Release it.
My classroom's right there.
Thank you very much.
No problem.
"Down with the Babylon Project!"
All four incidents...
...involved a labor robot...
...working along the shoreline...
...took place between|late afternoon and early evening...
...and involved equipment|made by the Schaft Co.
All of which leads me to think...
..this is a connected series of crimes.
They could be accidents.
Maybe Schaft's stuff is defective.
It could be terrorists.
These environmental groups...
...opposed to waterfront development...
...attract their fair share of crazies.
We've asked the Public Security...
...Bureau to look into that.
And if they find anything good...
..they'll keep it to themselves.
I didn't tell them much, either.
For now we work both possibilities:...
...accident and foul play.

Unit 1 will work out assignments.
The rest of you can go.
Shouldn't we liaise with...
...Special Vehicles Unit 2 on this?
They've got all the experts|on the labor robots.
There's still tea in that.
No luck.
I'd take it easy, you know.
The bone's just knit back together.
It's nothing.
The Fire Department says it's OK.
The director says he'll use|computer graphics for the audience.
They're just shooting a rock video.
Rock, huh?
A rock show in|a falling-down stadium?
There won't be an audience here.
Giant goby?|Yeah,...
...people go crazy when they come around.
Everyone with a fishing rod|goes after them.
Where are they?
Around here.
Where this mark is.
Too good to be true, isn't it?
The dates and places are close, but...
The first time we got one?
You remember that plane crash?
About ten days after that.
It's kind of far-fetched.
We've got no clues...
...and no witnesses... i'm giving you...
...the case.
What about you?
I'm on the injured list right now.
"TOTO - Bio Medical Laboratory"
You disposed of it?
Well done.
I'll deposit your reward money.
What did the Colonel|have to say?
He's not happy that|the capsule didn't go up.
He says they should have used... of the U.S. bases here instead.

How long can we maintain|number 12?
I'm amazed it's lived this long.
We'll probably terminate it|today or tomorrow.
It should be around here...
There it is!
What the...?!
A breakdown?
There shouldn't be.
That unit's brand-new!
IATA and the Transport Ministry|are thinking along the same lines.
There're not ready to say it was...
...metal fatigue in a bulkhead yet.
Anything aboard?
I noticed one thing...
...on the cargo manifest...
We checked this one|because of how it shattered,...
..but we found|no trace of explosives.
I guess it wasn't secured right.
"Hermes Enterprises"
The container was consigned to...
...a "Hermes Enterprises".
I'll see them tomorrow.

Hata,... Mr Kusumi....
...another one.
Will you look at that!
We just bought it.
A brand-new machine...
...completely wrecked!
Did you find something?
This is a Hishii Industry machine...
Yes, it is.
Not Schaft?
It says right on the plate.
Right here.
Is that what did it?
Hard to tell.
Can we borrow the video?
We can copy it.
Excuse us...
...we're from Special Vehicles Unit 2.
We have an appointment.
Then who are they?
I'll go take a look|at that company.
Which company?
"Ermes". "Hermes"...
...the one that was getting the container.
That's miles from here.
Will the department pay cab fare?
No problem.
Mr Kusumi...
...this is a non-smoking car.
They moved out suddenly|at the end of last month.
Very few people came in or out,|and the post-box was full...
...of sex-club brochures|and direct mail.
Their forwarding address|doesn't exists.
A dummy corporation...
We'll check their phone records,...
...Certificate of Seal, company registry...
It'll take time|but we'll find them.
No TV station... going to help the police.
Probably not.
I might be able to get a copy...
...of the actual news broadcast.
You got a friend?

No. A few websites.
Isn't this a non-smoking car?
Did you get this|from a website, too?
"It's Misaki."
"I'm not in right now."
"Please leave a message..."
"...after the tone."
"It's Miyanomori."
"There's a problem with|the part-time job."
"Call me when you get back."
"I'm very sorry|about the accident."

It is thought that this limit|on somatic cell division...
..thus limits the lifespan...
...of higher organisms.
Cell-lifespan is thought to be...
...determined by "telomeres"...
...DNA-protein complexes|at the ends of linear chromosomes...
...that grow shorter...
...with every cell division... the manner of coupons|being used one by one.
But because cancer cells|can regrow their telomeres...
...there is no limit on cell division...
...and they will flourish forever.
These cells came from a patient|who died of childhood cancer.
While she is dead,|her cells live on even today.
It's a very strange feeling.

All that way to return this?
Well, partly...
It was a good excuse, anyway.
A date, Ms Misaki?
So it's "Ms Misaki"?
Misaki Saeko.
I'm Hata.
Hata Shinichiro.
Show me that part again.

"The works to raise Frontier Airlines|Flight 236 continued today..."
"...with the last body recovered..."
" about 3 p.m."

Watch here...
Yeah, it's the container.
At the left.
Someone's saluting.
Are they military?
So what? American ships|from Yokosuka were helping...
...and Frontier Airlines does...
...a lot of U.S. military work.

Do you see something?
That thing wa saw on|the underwater-robot monitor...
That fin-like thing?
I'd like to know more.
What, you think our perp|was a fish in that container?
She doesn't know|what they're talking about.
All she can hear are|single words.
"What truth?!"
"You see where truth is or is not,|but I seem to have lost my sight."
"You want to step in and settle|all the important questions..."
"...but isn't that because..."
"'re too young to have suffered?"
"You are bolder,..."
"...more honest, deeper that we are..."
"...but be magnanimous,|and have mercy on me."
"I was born here..."
" father and mother|lived here,... and my grandfather."
"I love this house."
"I can't understand life|without that cherry orchard."
"If it really must be sold..."
"...then sell me with it!"
Come on!
Hoshino here...
"Come in. Guardroom."
Guardroom here.
Containers loaded.
We're pulling out.

Operation complete,...
...Mr Yoshida.
"Are you there?"
Hey, Yoshida!
"Emergency call from..."
"Babylon sector storage facility."
"Contact lost with staff inside."
"Come in. Jounan 4."
Jounan 4 here.
"That should be just over|the canal from you."
"Can you see anything?"
Uh, no...
Wait a minute.
The lights are out.
"Roger that."
"Proceed to the scene..."
"...and find out if anything's wrong."
"Ascertain what help|may be needed..."
"...and report back."
Jounan 4. Roger.
We've got to...
...make a stop first.
We should've taken a cab!
It's all part of the job.
The emergency power's off,|so we did it by hand.

One of the security guards took...
...Nomura, Kusumi and Hata inside...
Turn that damn noise down!
Is anybody here?
There should be ten men in here.
Hata, you and Nomura look around.
We'll go find some power.
The cockpit's empty.
The cowling's damaged,...
...probably from when it fell.
Maybe it was lightning.
That's a staff ID card!
"Auxiliary circuits restored."
"Checking system."
"Full power will be restored|in three minutes."
Hurry, Detective!
There's an exit on Level 3!
"Main power unstable."|"Unable to confirm ID."
I'm not waiting!
"Restoring full power"
"Restoring full power"
"Mr Kusumi!"
There's an exit up top!
"Bust a gut if you have to,|but get up there!"
What the hell do you think I'm doing?!
It's coming up after you!
"ID confirmed."
"Input your 17-digit..."
"...access code."
"Above you!"
"Terror on Waterfront?"
"Twelve Dead"
"Anti-Development Terror?"
While we are well aware...
...of the threat...
...such brutality poses... our citizens and our society...
...the case is still|under investigation.
It's the truth!
We've only said it might be terror,...
...and that we're investigating.
...we've got proof!
We're analyzing the tissue.
We should at least block off...
...the waterfront...
...or more people will end up dead!
You think Metro will agree to that...
...because two detectives say so?
They sent that tissue out|for analysis!
We could do it|if they'd just give us the time!
So Forensics is offended?
They sent it to three places!
Todai, Kazusa and Toto.
We look like idiots.
I'll be about 30 minutes.
"Toto Bio Medical Laboratory|March 10, 1981"
I'm surprised.
I thought you were a professor.
I moonlight.
They don't know about it here.
Public Health?
Where you work.
You said you were a civil servant.
"Cilvi servant"... that's right.
My daughter.
Your daughter?
And this is your husband?
He was a researcher, too.
He died in an accident...
...three years ago.
I'm sorry.
"I need to see you."
I'll be right there.
I'm sorry.
The Chief wants to see me.
...about our evidence.
That incident in Babylon Sector...
We needed some tissue analyzed.
You're with the police?
A Detective at Jounan Division.
I see... a civil servant.
Would you like to see?
Yes, please.
Two adults.
Three years, huh?
You ought to come visit more.
I don't like kids running around.
...what's it like|leading school trips?
Most of the kids are pretty good.
I spend half the day asleep!
That cargo jet...
...made a stopover on its way...
...from Honolulu to Haneda.
The Marshall Islands.
Where the U.S. tested|its H-bombs?
They've got military facilities|all over the place there.
A P4-class epidemiology lab|that takes up a whole island.
...and those five robots...
...that were attacked were Schafts.
What are you talking about?
The one laying cable...
Was a Hishii...
...with a Schaft|superconductive motor.
But the truck at the disco...
...was a standard gas motor.
Yeah, you're right.
A young couple...
...would they have|anything superconductive?
A superconductive vibrator?
Move back, everybody!
"Elevator hall secure."
East Building entrance,...
Arrived at Floor East 5.
Commencing search.
It is felt that revealing...
...what happened at Kazusa Labs...
...would spread unnecessary anxiety|and confusion among the public.
It is thought that an error during...
...chemical analysis of evidence...
...from an earlier crime scene... the cause, and we will lose no time...
"...forming an emergency|terror-response committee."
Using liquid nitrogen, the bomb squad|dealt with the creature...
...which had revived and gone into...
...the ventilation system.
The monster... will see is a rendering...
...based on reports by Detectives|Kusumi and Hata of Jounan Division.
It was dark,... it's not exact.
From Forensics, with a cellular|analysis of the tissue,... Mr "Kishida".
I'll summarize the main points.

They seem to be a fusion of cancer|and "Nishiwaki" cells.
Their speed of replication suggests... might take place under|some form of...
...human control.
A man-made monster?
...amazing powers of|revitalization...
..if attacked,...
...may increase by dividing itself.
So we just stand and watch?

"The substance contained|in the Antarctic meteorite..."
"...was called|'Nishiwakitrophin'."
"In 1984 Professor Nishiwaki|and his team..."
"...isolated the gene that|encodes Nishiwakitrophin..."
"...and with it developed a cell that|replicated at amazing speed:..."
"... the 'Nishiwaki cell'."

Find anything?
Nothing that helps much.
I'll try the mass media.
You're good at that.
You should be a computer operator,|not a detective."
These days anyone can do this.

Next article.

Show me Nishiwaki's obituary.
About 1988.
The CD250's growing!
That mark means|it's more than 30 days old.
..without the Nishiwakitrophin...
...we were feeding it...
...the telomerase genes|stop functioning...
...and apoptosis...
...should happen faster.
Meaning it should die.
There was no self-destruct|program in Number 13.
And human cancer cells|were used as well?
Ms Misaki...
...was it you who did this?
I made survival|its first priority.
Why wasn't I asked?
I thought you'd say no.
You're damn right!
You know how fast|cancer cells mutate!
Doesn't it make you happy|to think that child is alive?
In a lab pool, yes.
You can go.
Miyanomori and I will see|what we can do.
How do you...
How do you plan to bring|the situation under control?
Kill that thing.
We've already recommended|that to the client.
Excuse me.
Do you think she was feeding it|Nishiwakitrophin?
In a pool, maybe.
But not in Tokyo Bay.
When the police see|those Forensics results..
...they'll come straight here.
"Althea 17, this is Tsurugi.|Report Sonobuoy drop, over."
I never thought I'd live to see|an antisubmarine op in Tokyo Bay.
Sonar search, 235 degrees.|4100. weak signal.
Target 40 degrees left at 80m,...
...rising rapidly.
Ready flares.
Ready flared.
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