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Subtitles for Patlabor The Movie 3 CD2.

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Patlabor The Movie 3 CD2

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"Misaki Saeko Researcher"
Is it easy to acquire these|"Nishiwaki cells"?
For a researcher, yes.
We hold the patent, but...
...we've sent samples all over the world.
The world?
How many in Japan alone?
I'd have to look at the list.|About 80, maybe...
Was "Hermes" one of them?
...ever heard of it?
Sorry to trouble you.
We'll be on our way.
About being late with your|analysis for us...
...don't worry.
I've got something|a lot better now.
Did you see his face?
That's our man!
So you know who|the Hermes owner is?
Damn right.
Miyanomori Shizuo.
The pale-faced guy|sitting next to the boss.
"Ringing Colonel Ishihara..."
Can't do it.
Lack of evidence.
This Miyanomori guy... the type who'd sing.
We could haul him in... a material witness.
We can find a reason.|I'm not saying "drop it".
I'm saying "no grandstanding".
This guy's the one?
The Chief's hinting that we should...
...lay off Toto about their analysis.
It looks like pressure from above.
The Americans?
I don't know.
For now, try another tack.
If it leads you back Toto again,...
...I'll talk to the Chief.
Just be careful...
...of everyone.

"It's Misaki."
"I'm not in right now."
"Please leave a message|after the tone."
It's me, Hata...
"What sort of unnatural death?"
It doesn't look like either...
...a boat propeller or a shark.
The Fishing Cooperative|sent those over.
It certainly fits the bite marks.
I'll check with the|Fisheries ministry.
I'll check out|Professor Nishiwaki.
He died over 10 years ago.
Maybe his family|can tell us something.
He and Kurisu founded Toto,|after all.
...with the Supt. Motoyama.
It's Kusumi.
Could you check out|something for me?
The toilet's through there.
The light's on your left.
I'll make tea.
Don't worry about it.
Wait in the living-room.

This is quite the collection.
Are they all classical?
I don't see any CDs.
I only listen to records.
You would, wouldn't you.
What did you want me to see?

There was a woman|at the Nishiwaki family grave.
I ran her plate number|with Traffic.
Misaki Saeko,...
...nee Nishiwaki.
The professor's daughter.
Are you dating her?
Did Traffic tell you that, too?
Her initials were on that lighter.
And you're not yourself lately.
I didn't have you checked out.
Is she a suspect?
She's a Toto staff researcher.
It's only natural.
I think you're wrong.
She's not the criminal type.
"She was always so nice!"
"Who'd've thought it!"
Heard that before?
Have you talked to her lately?
With Misaki Saeko?
Have you phoned?
There's no answer.
You know, don't you.
Mr Kusumi!
I'll find Misaki Saeko.
By posting a message on the web?
"I'm looking for the girl|who left me"?
I'll write one for you, too.
"I'm looking for the family|that left me."
...chill out.
I want the virus kept|below minus 80 degrees.
It was cultured very quickly,|so the concentration could drop.
Keep it in dry ice.
This explains what to watch for|when processing it into a warhead.
I realiaze accidents happen, but...
...I don't like how this has been handled.
Especially with that woman.
You asked for the cancer cells...
...and the no-self-destruct program.
You leave tomorrow at 6 p.m.
Colonel Ishihara!
Hard work and stress|aren't good for a person.
Go to Florida. Get some rest.
You know!,...
...this university has|a privacy policy.
You're responsible for this.
What's wrong?
Dr Nagasaki!
Is this the stuff|you were looking for?
Aren't you going in?
"Silence Please"

It's Kusumi.
Do you know?
"They don't use CDs."
"Only records."
I'm Misaki Yoshitake.
I'm Detective Hata,|Jounan Division.
You're Mr Hata?
Wait here a minute.
Saeko left...
...something here the evening|before last.
She said to give it to you.
She seemed almost desperate.|We were a bit embarrassed... we didn't ask|too many questions.
Has Saeko done something?
I don't know yet.
That's why I'm here.
"Film this right, Dad. OK?"
"I understand."
It hadn't been six months...
...since our son Koichi's accident...
...before their little girl...
...went into hospital.
And then, in almost|no time at all...
She died?
It was cancer.
As if seeing your own child die...
...wasn't enough!
It's just someone playing|a piano.
Try the high frequencies.
Filter everything below 15K.
Sample 3.
Filtering to 20K.
Sample 2.
Is that it?
Mr Kusumi!
We found traces of...
...Nishiwakitrophin in your "giant goby".
Well done.
This is a test viral warhead...
...from our Chemical Weapons Division.
The inhibition of telomerase...
...also encourages cell division.
Test results have been good...
...with high cell mortality...
...and damage spreading|to surrounding cell clusters.
So we find the monster and...
...shoot it with this, then?
There are problems.
We have only one warhead...
...and the target is wrapped in|the cowling of a labor robot.
It'll be a difficult shot.
So it's a one-shot deal?
We must also recover|every last bit of its tissue.
Ideally we would...
...have a deserted site|to which access was forbidden.
Unfortunately, we're in Tokyo.
Lights, please.
We trust that...
...the police and self-defence forces...
...will handle...
...the difficulties we expect... a spirit of close cooperation.
How exactly can|Special Vehicles Unit 2 help?
You're the ones who know|how to shoot.
We'll leave that to you.
And you'll take care of...
...all the special weapons?

There's something|you need to hear!
What do you fuckers|think you're doing?!
Who do you think you are,|getting in the way of my filming!
Hey! Answer me, you pig!|You think you're so fucking special!
He says, "These actions|are most regrettable."
This is really something!
Can you do something with that?
One mistake and it's all over.
The circuits are...
...far too complicated.
Just as long as we can|point the lights.
Target at 270 degrees,|range unchanged.
High-frequency sound|draws the monster?
...Everywhere the monster...
...has made an attack...
...there's been...
...a sound source at over 25K.
The Schaft superconductivity|motors...
...the music at the club,...
...the dolphins...
...all of them.
Maybe the motors...
...and the dolphins,...
...but why only that club?
Other places use CDs,|but they use records.
With CDs, sounds over|20K are cut out.
A record can go up|to almost 40K.
Volume 50,...
Volume 180,...
Final speaker check, OK.
"MUV 'Ryujin' ready for launch".
"Ready for launch."
"Clear deck."
"Launch MUV"
"Stand by to cancel|sound induction."
"Standing by."

"Katsuragi's cancellation confirmed."
"Ryujin commencing induction,|over."
Target changing...
...direction to bearing...
...235 degrees.

It's faster that we thought.
With a 96K sampling rate,...
...we can reproduce up to 44K.
With that sound on full volume...
...on high-output equipment...
...we can lure that monster|anywhere we want.
Like where?
The Budokan?
Hey, you! You fucking asshole!|Get off of me right now!
What the hell do you think|you're doing?!
Get your hands off me!
The same as you.
The same as you.
What? What the hell did he say?!|You! What the fuck did you say?
Hey! Hey, you!|Tell me what the fuck he said!
Get your fucking hands off me!
"With the serial labor-robot attacker..."
"..thought to be in Shinkai Sector..."
"...police fear he may have..."
"...biochemical weapons..."
"...and have restricted access|into the area."
"...are also banned."

"White Stork" has been launched.
Unit 6 deployed.
Hurry it up.
There's only one.
Be careful.
We'll take it from here.
Just the one shot?
It wasn't my idea!
One shot will be plenty!
Ohta will take the warhead...
...with Izumi in support.
"There is a Hazardous Materials|warning in effect."
"Access to Shinkai Sector|beyond this point is restricted."
"It is not known when|the restriction will be lifted."
"Police officers will direct you|to an alternate route."
Your license, please.
Let her through.
But, Mr Hata...

...proceeding to...
...Zone 2.
Let's move.
Target in Zone 2.
Speed, 30 knots.
Entering diagonal waterway...
ETA 1930.
He's ours until he gets...
...into the stadium.
For the title match,|he's all yours.
Good luck.
We'll try not to lose|the warm-up bout.
I knew you'd come.
I want to ask you...
...Did you create that thing?
...Did you?
We have it on monitor!
Tell the Ryujin... cease the high-frequency sound.
Ceasing high-frequency sound.
We can't cut Ryujin's signal!
Close East Gate 2.
Divert Ryujin to Zone 2.
Block up the gate...
...with labor robot.
"Ryujin 500 meters from Zone 2."
"Target still 200 meters behind."
"Zone 2. Labor robot ready."
Squad 1 to Zone 2.
"Squad 1, move to Zone 2."
400 meters to go.
Turn starboard...
...into Zone 2.
200 meters to gate.
The gate's not closing!
It'll get the Ryujin!
Take it sideways!
Left roll.
Tsurugi, this is Ryujin.|Request permission to fire.
I repeat...
"...request permision to fire!"
Permission denied!
Squad 1.
Move Squad 1 to the gate.
Quite the opening act.
Why did you give me that tape?
Is this an interrogation?
I'd like to know.
I don't know.
...maybe it was because|of the resemblance...
...between you and my husband.
Maybe it was you|I wanted to stop me.
I don't know.
I've forgotten.
I don't remember why.
Deploy units 1 through 3.
Deploy units 1 through 3.
It was too late|when we found out.
But some of her sample|tissue is reserved.
I mixed her cancer...
...and Nishiwaki cells...
...and started growing an organism...
...with a powerful will to live.
It was just like magic... if my girl had been reborn.
It wasn't your daughter|that was reborn.
It was...
...a monster.
..."baker's dozen"...
..."Number 13, the waste product."
She's been called different names.
But for me her name is the only one.
Let go!
Let go.
"I'm Misaki Hitomi."
"Now I'm going to play..."
"...Beethoven's 8th..."
"...Piano Sonata."
We're not supposed to use that!
The plan's changed.
We're in charge now.
Thanks for coming out.
Megavision's started up!
Let go.
The program's all been pre-set.
If I kill the screen we might|lose the audio too.
Can you make it darker?
We can't control the contrast!
I see it!
Near the South Gate!
"Out of the way!"
All lights on full.
All lights on full.
Izumi! Are you OK?
"I'll figure out something!"
Cease fire!
Cease fire!
...get closer!
"I know that!"
"Izumi! You're in the way!"
Cellular collapse is starting.
That idiot!
Army helicopters?
"Somebody tell me..."
"...what's going on here!"
What is this?
I don't know.
Script change.
So you were going to|burn it from the start?
Your superiors have approved...
...even if they didn't tell you.

"The police are lying."
"Yeah. The terrorist..."
"...wasn't human."

"Check this English site."

"The Japanese sites are all down."
"A cop who was there..."
"...wrote the Japanese original."
"Dalian, south winds, 6 knots,|cloudy, 08, 23 degrees."
"Qingdao, southeast wind, 14 knots,|cloudy, 06, 24 degrees."
"Shanghai, winds SSW, 10 knots,|clear, 08, 28 degrees."
"Hankou, winds ESE, 2 knots,|clear, 01, 32 degrees."
"Amoy, no wind, very clear,|05, 28 degrees."
"Hongkong, east winds, 5 knots,|light rain, 01, 28 degrees."
"Manila, winds ESE, 4 knots,|rain, 08, 24 degrees."
"Chichijima, northwest winds, 2 knots,|cloudy, 16, 26 degrees."
"Minamitorishima, east winds, 12 knots,|clear, 15, 26 degrees."
Mt.Fuji, northwest winds, 26 knots,|and the temperature is 2 degrees.
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