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Subtitles for Peace Hotel The (1995).

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Peace Hotel The (1995)

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00:01:32:No! 00:01:37:No! 00:01:47:No, not my business! 00:01:49:Don't kill me! 00:02:05:Let me go! 00:03:20:There was a story|saying that ten years ago 00:03:23:a big and notorious|troop of mounted bandits 00:03:26:were killed by a guy who was|as terrible as the God of Death 00:03:32:Not anyone could escape 00:03:55:No one knows who this guy is 00:03:57:No one knows where this guy comes from 00:03:59:No one knows his name either 00:04:01:So, the people called him... 00:04:03:The killer 00:04:07:What the hell was|happened on that night? 00:04:10:Why did he kill so many people? 00:04:12:No one knows the truth 00:04:14:But, all believe that 00:04:16:This must be related with a woman 00:04:20:After that night 00:04:22:he marked the boundary|by stabbing a sword there 00:04:24:He opened a hotel, the Peace Hotel 00:04:29:In the following ten years 00:04:30:This hotel let many poor people 00:04:31:who are utterly helpless stay 00:04:57:At that time, there was such an|understanding among the people that 00:04:59:No matter what a person did 00:05:01:no matter who he offended 00:05:03:If only he reaches the Peace Hotel alive 00:05:07:his foes could not pass the|sword and went into the hotel 00:05:10:No one could harm that|person's life again 00:05:12:And the Peace Hotel 00:05:14:will never bother the|affairs between them 00:05:16:They won't support anyone 00:05:18:They won't protect anyone to leave 00:05:36:In these ten years, no one|dares mess up in this Peace Hotel 00:05:41:And Peace Hotel has never broken|the rule to send anyone out 00:05:45:Until the arrival of this woman 00:06:07:Please give me a deluxe room 00:06:10:I want a hot water bath. If|ready, I'll be in the restaurant 00:06:25:Please give me a glass of wine 00:06:28:And if there is any precious food 00:06:30:just bring me some 00:06:42:You have no money! 00:06:44:How dare you cheat with this fake stuff? 00:06:46:Right! 00:06:48:You know, so many nasty|people are living in this hotel 00:06:49:How dare you swindle here?|Don't you want trouble? 00:06:57:Why don't you show this ring 00:06:58:to your boss first? 00:07:03:Bring some food to me at once 00:07:05:If I get starved, you will be in trouble 00:07:08:Go and get it now! 00:07:10:You'd' better tell him... 00:07:12:I didn't intend to have any re-union 00:07:15:Tell him to serve me a room,|I will stay two days only 00:07:19:I won't see him again 00:07:21:I don't want him to|care about my business 00:07:25:Do you know our boss 00:07:27:who you have just mentioned... 00:07:28:is the notorious Killer? 00:07:30:Right! 00:07:32:I don't know killer 00:07:35:I just know he is my damn husband 00:07:39:If I could choose again 00:07:41:I wish I had never met this guy! 00:07:43:Got it? 00:07:44:Boss has had a lover 00:07:46:He established this hotel in|order to wait for her return 00:07:49:Boss... 00:07:52:The woman who you have|waited for 10 years is back! 00:08:13:The man who bought my virginity... 00:08:16:lied on me like a mountain 00:08:20:I cried 00:08:22:I heard those procurers|and procuresses crying 00:08:26:They cried one after another 00:08:30:I knew it's him 00:08:32:He killed all the|procurers and procuresses 00:08:35:Did he kill the man and save you? 00:08:47:How are you? 00:08:58:How are you? 00:09:04:A boy without trousers! Return it to me! 00:09:09:Here... 00:09:19:When he reached the 2nd floor 00:09:23:I was already raped by that man 00:09:25:so bad! 00:09:29:I'll never stop blaming|him for the rest of my life 00:09:32:Why was he so late? 00:09:38:Come on, wear the trousers 00:09:39:Don't let your dick catch cold 00:09:41:Come on. No 00:09:43:Please wear it No 00:09:45:I traveled with him|from province to province 00:09:49:His foes kept on chasing us 00:09:52:he killed whoever came 00:09:56:Once he showed his sword,|he would not let anyone alive 00:09:58:Once he saw blood, he would never stop 00:10:02:Dare you do that again? 00:10:04:You are a big creep! Yes, I am a creep 00:10:06:How dare you? 00:10:07:I am sorry... please|don't hit me that heavily! 00:10:09:You are a big wolf! 00:10:11:Dare you do that again? 00:10:14:Please hit slightly! 00:10:16:How dare you? It's just for fun! 00:10:19:Dare you do that again? 00:10:20:Stop! Or I will be angry with you 00:10:22:Dare you do that again? 00:10:26:He killed and he lost his mind 00:10:28:He killed those deserved to|be killed and those who didn't 00:10:31:He killed men and beast too 00:10:34:He killed whatever|movable in front of him! 00:10:37:He couldn't forget seeing 00:10:38:that man raping me 00:10:40:He released himself by killing 00:10:43:For me. He became an insane killer 00:10:52:Shit... please don't cry! 00:10:56:Is your ass stabbed by the|branches inside the forest? 00:10:58:10 years ago, I was pregnant 00:11:00:I followed him to his station 00:11:02:I was going to deliver 00:11:04:When I was delivering,|I held his hand and said 00:11:06:I wish 00:11:08:there would be a Peace hotel 00:11:09:Once getting there 00:11:10:we won't be afraid of enemies' revenge 00:11:12:We needn't hide a gun under|the pillow when sleeping 00:11:14:Don't cry, this is my fault 00:11:17:I love you, kid, don't cry 00:11:19:He showed me the baby 00:11:23:That's the first time I saw our son 00:11:26:His little eyes were not yet opened 00:11:29:He was sucking his own little fists 00:11:34:Suddenly! 00:11:39:Bang! 00:11:45:Promise me, don't tell|your mom about the trousers 00:11:48:All right? Promise me please 00:11:50:Come on, have a kiss 00:11:52:Come on, have a kiss 00:11:55:Come on, I am sorry,|come on, let me kiss you 00:12:04:He killed everyone in|the station, so what? 00:12:07:He opened the Peace Hotel 00:12:09:Because of my words, so what? 00:12:11:He saved 00:12:12:so many people's lives|in these 10 years so what? 00:12:17:Our son was still the same... 00:12:19:He was dead! 00:12:25:Mistress, please give Boss a chance 00:12:29:He is totally different now! 00:12:33:He is so nice to people! 00:12:37:Say us, we dare not|go out of the station 00:12:40:So he go buying food himself 00:12:42:In these 10 years, he is quite lonely 00:12:45:He hasn't known any other women 00:12:46:My son is his only playmate Yeah! 00:12:49:He regrets so much! Why|not give him a chance? 00:12:52:Right, Mistress, please|give Boss a chance 00:13:07:Stop! 00:13:10:Boss... 00:13:12:I forgot to buy your mom|medicine for hemorrhoid piles 00:13:16:She will babble again! 00:13:18:We forgot to buy a bra for Auntie Skinny 00:13:20:she will cry 00:13:24:Boss... 00:13:26:Don't blame me! 00:13:27:I have to buy 00:13:28:so many things for you all 00:13:30:It's not surprise for|me to forget one or two 00:13:32:Never mind! 00:13:34:Someone will keep you warm at night soon 00:13:37:Boss, Mistress has returned! 00:13:39:Yeah... 00:13:49:Have you bought the thing I need? 00:13:51:Where is the slippers I want? 00:13:56:Your letters! 00:14:51:Thank you... 00:14:54:I am sorry to hide inside your room 00:14:57:Are you the Mistress 00:14:58:who our Boss has waited for 10 years? 00:15:03:What mistress? I am a fake 00:15:09:All people are nasty here 00:15:12:Don't you worry your|identity would be disclosed? 00:15:14:No, my family will come here soon 00:15:18:Do you know my surname? 00:15:20:Soong 00:15:22:Soong Tze-wen is my elder brother 00:15:26:Soong Ching-ling and Soong|Mei-ling are my sisters 00:15:32:I've been here for ages 00:15:33:I don't know much|about the outside world 00:15:37:How about Chiang|Kai-shek and Sun Yat-sen? 00:15:40:They are my|brother-in-laws 00:15:42:They are financially supported|by our family to the president 00:15:44:And the Generalissimo 00:15:47:I just know the Emperor|Ping of the Soong Dynasty 00:15:50:And a guy named Soong who delivers food 00:15:52:Emperor Ping of the|Soong Dynasty is my dad 00:15:54:The Soong who delivers|food is my grandpa 00:15:58:You are daughter of the Emperor Soong? 00:16:00:So, are you a princess? 00:16:02:Can't you imagine that? 00:16:17:Well! Can you lend me... 00:16:20:some money to rent a room? 00:16:25:When my family comes, I|will pay you 10 times of it 00:16:27:How much do you want? 00:16:29:As much as you can 00:16:30:If you lend me more 00:16:31:maybe, I can let you be an official 00:16:35:Thank you 00:16:40:Well, may be I sleep with you 00:16:41:Just pay me some money 00:16:43:$10 by hours and $20 by night 00:16:46:If you think I am terrific,|get some clients/for me 00:16:48:I will give you commission 00:16:50:No! The Boss of this|hotel is so stubborn 00:16:54:He won't let others hook and gamble here 00:16:56:Living here is like staying in prison 00:16:57:He won't let everyone|step out of the hotel 00:17:01:You'd better go after taking your bath 00:17:02:I'll leave your some coins 00:17:04:That's enough for you|to hire a store room 00:17:06:Why don't you counter offer a price? 00:17:13:What a dummy! 00:17:44:Pal, come on cheers! 00:18:31:Boss, don't kill me! 00:18:58:Mistress 00:18:59:Music! 00:19:07:Mistress... 00:19:09:You are so pretty! 00:19:12:I am not hungry 00:19:15:Open a bottle of wine for me please 00:19:17:And bring me some snacks for the wine 00:19:19:Take more bottles of wine here,|I will take them to my room later 00:19:22:And, bring more cigarettes for me please 00:19:24:Sit, you must be tired 00:19:36:Coming... 00:19:39:When I see Mistress wearing your clothes 00:19:41:I know you two have become reconciled 00:19:42:Yeah... 00:19:46:I've said, for woman 00:19:48:She will forget all|hatred after making love 00:19:50:Damn you creep! 00:20:02:Boss... 00:20:08:You have brought so many|followers while you are in fugitive 00:20:11:I can tell you are a big Boss 00:20:15:Have I seen you before? 00:20:17:I came here after sunset 00:20:20:Why do you come here? 00:20:22:I killed 00:20:24:miss, how about you? 00:20:25:Me? 00:20:28:I stole a piece of national treasure 00:20:29:If you want it, just offer a price 00:20:35:See this fountain pen,|if you can take it out 00:20:38:And find a buyer, you will be rich! 00:20:41:Let me show you 00:20:42:Open like this 00:20:46:I have got one upstairs|which is of the same look 00:20:50:How can you compare yours with mine? 00:20:53:This pen was used by Emperor Hsin-feng 00:20:56:for signing insulting treaty 00:21:04:See this lighter 00:21:06:It's opened in this way 00:21:12:I have one which is of the same look 00:21:13:How can you compare yours with mine? 00:21:17:You know? Lin Tsi-hsui|used this to burn the opium! 00:21:30:This watch is great too! 00:21:32:What's its historical background? 00:21:33:Have you ever heard of Emperor|Ping of the Soong Dynasty? 00:21:34:Sure... 00:21:37:This was the favorable|watch of Emperor Ping 00:21:41:When he died, he wanted|this to be buried with him 00:21:44:Let me show you 00:21:46:Don't pull too hard 00:21:48:It's opened like this! 00:21:54:See! There is a picture of Emperor Ping! 00:22:03:You swindled and then stole 00:22:07:Just take it back 00:22:09:And you want to rob too? 00:22:11:Please mind your words 00:22:14:You can't insult me like this 00:22:16:Do you know who I am? 00:22:19:The daughter of Emperor Ping 00:22:23:Dog, Bitch 00:22:24:Skinny Fook Sau 00:22:26:Yes, coming... 00:22:29:Who am I? Mistress 00:22:39:Anything wrong... Boss? 00:22:44:Nothing happened, let me help you 00:22:52:I am going to get changed 00:22:54:Take everything to my room later 00:22:58:What are you doing? 00:22:59:She is choked 00:23:01:Boss, Mistress is|choked by the sour plum 00:23:25:Don't you ever touch my stuff 00:23:37:Return everything you|have stolen from my room 00:23:54:My ring 00:24:08:What are you doing? 00:24:10:Behind the screen 00:24:15:How about sleeping|with you for the rent? 00:24:41:Where did you work, Seven Skies|Nightclub or Paramount Nightclub? 00:24:47:Paramount Nightclub 00:24:49:You know using the|rouge of Fa Heung Hall 00:24:52:Wearing the cheongsam of|the Lo Kai Fook Tailor's 00:24:56:But you wear such ugly shoes 00:24:59:I don't think you have|been a clubgirl for long 00:25:01:Six months? 00:25:02:No. Five months 00:25:08:Why do you come here? Gambling? 00:25:15:Do you owe the loan shark money? 00:25:19:They want me to pay with my body 00:25:21:I paid and they didn't admit that 00:25:23:I was so angry, so I|took a pair of scissors 00:25:26:I stabbed into the ass of the loan shark 00:25:28:That's why he sent someone to kill me 00:25:33:But, I know some rascals too 00:25:37:Maybe they can help me 00:25:40:Don't you want more trouble? 00:25:42:Do you want such person to help you? 00:25:43:And then you want to pay|them by your body too? 00:26:12:Take a seat 00:26:21:Are you Cantonese? 00:26:24:I have seen many Cantonese|snacks inside your bag 00:26:27:Do you have any family? 00:26:32:If you have a family, just go home 00:26:34:Stay here 00:26:35:if only you are utterly helpless 00:26:38:Tomorrow 00:26:39:there will be a train to the|South passing here at 6 am 00:26:42:Leave from the front yard 00:26:44:I hope you would get|onto the train alive 00:26:57:Go and take a room downstairs 00:27:18:Thank you 00:27:50:Take this for your funeral, you asshole! 00:27:56:The water is cold, do you|know adding some hot water? 00:27:59:Bring some ginseng tea for us 00:28:02:You are blind, you don't|need to sleep, do you? 00:28:05:Mistress, we can't stand it any more 00:28:09:Let's play tonight 00:28:11:Yeah... 00:28:14:I lose much money 00:28:18:Well 00:28:19:just forget the money I|owe you, is that alright? 00:28:21:No way... 00:28:23:So, keep on betting 00:29:01:Don't cry in front of me 00:29:03:Tell me! 00:29:03:What have you done before|coming to the Peace Hotel? 00:29:06:I used a pair of scissors to stab|into the ass of a small potato 00:29:09:Small potato? 00:29:15:The small potato has some followers 00:29:17:Get out 00:30:14:Don't you think they come for me? 00:30:17:I am not that capable 00:30:19:Shau Siu-man, you killed our senior 00:30:22:Get out of here at once! 00:30:25:Who is Shau Siu-man? 00:30:28:Who killed their senior? 00:30:30:Confess now! 00:30:32:The one in red cheongsam 00:30:35:The on in red pyjamas! Oh, it's you! 00:30:38:Not me... None of my business 00:30:42:Aren't they coming for you? 00:30:44:Of course not! 00:30:47:If I was wrong, I would|have been your servant! 00:31:02:Right 00:31:03:I stabbed the one who|is lying on the cart 00:31:05:But I did stab his ass twice only 00:31:09:He could chase after me|for a long way by that time 00:31:12:I didn't know why he was dead suddenly 00:31:25:What are you doing? Drop the gun 00:31:29:Haven't you fought enough before? 00:32:01:Are you the Killer? 00:32:18:The bitch inside you hotel 00:32:19:killed our boss 00:32:21:Hand her out at once 00:32:36:That bitch stabbed him with|a pair of scissors first 00:32:39:Then she took his gun and|treated him with 7 shots 00:32:41:She stole 30 gold bars|from our Grand Hall 00:32:45:I don't care 00:32:46:whether she killed you boss or not 00:32:48:since I opened the Peace Hotel 00:32:50:I don't wish anyone 00:32:52:to mess up my place 00:32:55:If you respect the|dead, take him away now 00:32:57:Bury him as soon as possible 00:33:00:Don't you think this rusty sword... 00:33:01:could forbid us 00:33:03:from taking the woman and the gold? 00:33:04:We are all killers 00:33:07:How many people have you ever killed? 00:33:09:Our boss has killed as many as you did 00:33:14:But I am different from you! 00:33:17:Everyone saw me killing 00:33:20:If you don't hand me|the woman and the gold 00:33:22:I will come and get her myself 00:33:24:and I would like to see 00:33:25:whether you can kill all of us or not! 00:33:27:If you are so single|minded, I have nothing to say 00:33:31:I can't rehearse killing in front of you 00:33:34:I have to ensure 00:33:36:the safety of everyone|staying in the Peace Hotel 00:33:39:If you want to get her by|force, I am glad to play with you 00:33:58:If I can't kill that|woman within 21 days 00:34:01:I will disperse my Grand Hall 00:34:11:When will you send me away? 00:34:13:It's a piece of cake|for me to kick you away 00:34:14:Search the place where she has ever been 00:34:15:See whether she did hid the|gold of the Grand Hall or not 00:34:16:Yes! 00:34:18:If I had gold 00:34:18:I wouldn't have been that helpless now 00:34:19:Mistress, you should be blamed! 00:34:21:Why did you mess up with those bastards? 00:34:24:In these ten years, I have been alone... 00:34:27:Do you still pretend to the Mistress? 00:34:30:Isn't she the Mistress? 00:34:31:Isn't she the woman who you|have waited for 10 years? 00:34:34:I haven't waited for any woman 00:34:35:If anyone pretends to be my woman again 00:34:37:just kick her out of here 00:34:40:Aren't you the Mistress? 00:34:41:How about the money you borrowed? 00:34:43:Return my money... 00:34:54:If that woman comes out, just kill her 00:35:08:Get lost! Go and clean|the floor, you bitch! 00:35:17:Clean the toilet later! 00:35:19:Wash the bowls 00:35:21:Prepare the dinner! 00:35:22:And make soup for us! 00:36:15:Boss, why not hand that woman to them? 00:36:18:Yeah... 00:36:20:Good idea 00:36:23:If your foe comes tomorrow 00:36:24:I will hand you out too 00:36:26:I am sorry. I don't mean it 00:36:29:Boss doesn't want to kick the woman away 00:36:32:He must have slept with her last night 00:36:38:No need to wait, let's eat 00:36:40:Boss, let's eat. Let's eat 00:36:53:This what I can do 00:36:55:You'd better send my away 00:36:56:so you won't have much trouble 00:37:00:Hold her Damn it! 00:37:07:Make her drink every drops of it 00:37:26:My husband and my children... 00:37:30:They are waiting for me at home 00:37:33:My husband has got lung disease 00:37:36:That's why I worked in|the Paramount Nightclub 00:37:42:I miss my children so much! 00:37:54:Return the picture to Skinny 00:37:59:I forgot to bring my|family picture with me 00:38:19:Swear! 00:38:22:Then I will tell you a top secret 00:38:28:In fact, the Grand|Hall doesn't aim at me 00:38:33:They just want my... 00:38:36:Confidential name list! 00:38:39:Don't you ever touch|Doggie's exercise book 00:38:48:I've told you that's confidential! 00:38:50:Why did you peep at it? 00:39:11:Great! 00:39:14:She deserves it! 00:39:48:Can you claim yourself a human being? 00:39:50:Don't you ever bother me again 00:39:53:Everyone comes to the Peace|Hotel for they don't want to die 00:39:56:I haven't seen one 00:39:57:who scares death as you do! 00:40:14:Since you have come here 00:40:15:you'd better regret 00:40:18:If you escape this time 00:40:19:I hope you to learn|how to be a human being 00:40:20:Don't waste any time and effort 00:40:23:No matter what tricks will you play 00:40:24:I won't send you away 00:40:26:Go back to your room 00:41:25:I know how foolish I am 00:41:26:They come here in order|to pick on the Peace Hotel 00:41:28:I didn't kill, I haven't stolen the gold 00:41:29:Don't you think you needn't be|killed for stabbing that guy? 00:41:31:You know the truth 00:41:32:But you didn't apologize to me 00:41:34:And you are like the|Buddha to let me stay 00:41:37:When you are angry 00:41:38:You just release your anger on me 00:41:40:You said I lied 00:41:41:in fact yours is the biggest lie! 00:41:42:If you were pure 00:41:43:you would never have|come to the Peace Hotel 00:41:44:They don't trust you 00:41:46:If they break in 00:41:47:Can you kill them all? 00:41:48:Can you? 00:41:49:If you can, you won't bother anything! 00:41:51:You won't let me wait|for death right here! 00:41:53:The Killer opened the Peace Hotel 00:41:54:it's the biggest lie in the world! 00:41:58:Do you want me to launch a|massacre after certain time 00:41:59:so as to make you believe|me to be the Killer? 00:42:02:If you don't trust me, just|go out and let them kill you! 00:42:16:Hurry up... 00:42:25:Bring me wine 00:42:26:Wine! 00:43:40:Freeze 00:45:01:Go... 00:45:15:Go! 00:46:00:If anyone dares to kill in my hotel 00:46:03:and around this station 00:46:05:I will kill without mercy 00:46:08:And I will kill the|men who followed with 00:46:10:as will as the man behind! 00:46:12:I will kill everyone in his gang too 00:46:15:Just like the massacre launched|on the night of 10 years ago 00:46:26:Give way... 00:46:28:Place the tables together 00:46:30:Go and help! 00:46:32:Go and take some medicine here 00:46:34:Put her on the table 00:46:38:You'd better go out 00:46:43:Go out, don't bother us 00:46:46:Go out first 00:47:33:Boss, she is dead 00:47:38:Boss, she is dead, it's real 00:48:59:Get out 00:49:08:Wake up... 00:49:10:Wake up! 00:49:38:She is alright, she is awake 00:50:22:Wonderful! Those bastards are gone 00:50:25:Wonderful... 00:50:28:Let's go and take a look 00:50:33:Let's celebrate! 00:50:38:Come on... 00:50:44:Bet, bet now 00:50:55:Don't you have to work? 00:51:01:Don't be so much! 00:51:03:Yes, Boss 00:51:11:Come in 00:51:20:Boss, I've cooked some|fish congee for Miss Siu-man 00:51:24:Do you have to take care of Doggie? 00:51:26:Yes. Just drop it there 00:51:27:Thank you, Boss 00:51:49:Small has appeared for|5 times continuously 00:51:52:I want to bet $10 on Big 00:52:00:Come on, bet now... 00:52:03:Bet $10 on big please. Alright 00:52:09:Three sixs, all lose 00:52:12:Well, we lose 00:52:23:Why didn't you scold me? 00:52:27:I always ask those 00:52:28:who come here to change his temper 00:52:32:But I haven't changed by bad temper 00:52:35:I have to learn how to be a human being 00:52:39:Do you know how my dad taught his son? 00:52:44:My dad was a war-lord, he had 4 wives 00:52:47:When I was small 00:52:49:he always held my hand|to shoot those he caught 00:52:51:I didn't know anything but|just thought it was funny 00:52:54:He told me, if I killed one or two 00:52:58:I would be a killer,|I would be a nasty guy 00:53:01:But when I killed thousands of people 00:53:04:I would be a hero! A supreme hero 00:53:08:When I was twelve, he|was defeated by others 00:53:12:His head was chopped off by another hero 00:53:17:I had nothing but had to run away 00:53:23:Once I went into a village 00:53:26:I was so hungry and I was sick 00:53:28:I stole a sweat potato from the field 00:53:32:Suddenly a man rounded|my neck with a rope 00:53:35:I fell on the ground and|was dragged away by him 00:53:38:Before I was breathless,|I caught a bamboo 00:53:40:I stabbed him to death! 00:53:43:Later, I was surrounded by 6 strong men 00:53:45:They beat be with farming tools 00:53:48:At last, I killed them all 00:53:54:Do you know... 00:53:56:how the villagers treated 00:53:57:the boy who killed 7 adults? 00:54:03:I stayed in that|village for 10 more days 00:54:05:No one dared to bully me 00:54:07:Whatever I want to eat 00:54:09:They didn't say a word 00:54:15:Before my departure 00:54:18:5 or 6 boys who were older than me 00:54:20:wanted to follow me 00:54:23:At that moment 00:54:26:I strongly believed that|my dad's words were true 00:54:31:The following ten years 00:54:35:I always remembered his words 00:54:38:I built up my own gang 00:54:42:I killed numerous people 00:54:45:I became a notorious and horrible man 00:54:52:Until that night... 00:54:59:Was the real mistress 00:55:02:killed on that night? 00:55:22:In fact, you are similar in many ways 00:55:26:You smoke, you drink|and you love gambling 00:55:30:You are so bold too! 00:55:36:But when she sang on stage 00:55:41:Terrific! She is so charming! 00:55:52:Come on, have some congee first 00:55:58:Come on 00:56:03:Isn't it delicious? 00:56:05:Delicious? 00:56:08:Old man, do you want to go? 00:56:11:The killer shouldn't save that woman 00:56:13:If I were the man from the Grand Hall 00:56:15:I'd come back for revenge 00:56:17:You big mouth! Go to hell 00:56:20:I've said Old Man will leave! 00:56:21:You lose $10 00:56:22:Stranger, do you want|to leave? What's wrong? 00:56:25:The Peace Hotel is not peaceful|at all, that's why I have to leave 00:56:28:Why don't you say a word to Boss? 00:56:30:What should we say? We paid|every penny, you remember? 00:56:33:Go! 00:56:37:Go to hell 00:56:48:Ask them to come back 00:56:50:Boss, they paid all the rent 00:57:24:The men from the Grand Hall haven't left 00:57:26:Go Back... 00:57:28:Hubby, take care of our son! 00:59:09:I was once lost and disappointed 00:59:17:Feeling puzzled and scared in the crowd 00:59:24:How can the lost one moor 00:59:31:When I find this love 00:59:34:I look forward to it 00:59:38:I am enlightened by you 00:59:45:Igniting a candle in the dark 00:59:52:You arouse my passion 00:59:59:I am freed because of you 01:00:06:You change my destiny 01:00:10:Accompanying the one who's crying 01:00:14:The swing in the rain 01:00:17:Swinging just like my heart 01:00:21:Change my fate 01:00:23:Protect me from the snow 01:00:28:I am lost no more 01:00:35:I got into trouble in the past 01:00:42:I was wrong but you heal my pain 01:00:49:You are helping me 01:00:56:Nothing is impossible in my life 01:01:00:I sing this song in peace 01:01:04:Thanks for re-creating me 01:01:38:You change my destiny 01:01:42:Accompanying the one who's crying 01:01:46:The swing in the rain 01:01:50:Swinging just like my heart 01:01:53:Change my fate 01:01:55:Protect me from the snow 01:02:00:I am lost no more 01:02:07:I got into trouble in the past 01:02:14:I was wrong but you heal my pain 01:02:22:You are helping me 01:02:29:Nothing is impossible in my life 01:02:32:I sing this song in peace 01:02:37:Thanks for re-creating me 01:02:44:Thanks for loving me 01:02:53:Boss, why not dance with Miss Shau? 01:02:55:Go dancing! Go! 01:02:57:May I be excused? 01:03:04:Go dancing... 01:03:28:Shit! The men from the|Grand Hall come again! 01:03:31:Boss, I am scared! 01:03:35:Damn it! What are you afraid of? 01:03:39:Most of the nasty people are|living in this Peace Hotel 01:03:43:Music 01:03:58:Our lives 01:03:58:are saved by the Peace Hotel 01:04:00:Come on, let's dance 01:04:01:Let's dance and drink! 01:04:04:How dare they mess up our only shelter? 01:04:05:If 12 come, I will kill a dozen 01:04:07:Let's dance 01:04:22:I am sorry! 01:04:25:This hotel made you become the scapegoat 01:04:27:I hope this hotel can save you 01:04:33:Do you have a wish? 01:04:39:Will you miss me like|missing your passed woman? 01:06:23:Go! 01:06:43:Great! Send her away 01:06:46:You needn't care about|us, we won't be scared 01:07:34:He will go back to the Peace Hotel 01:07:36:Go 01:07:44:Go... 01:07:45:Jump onto whatever train|you see, and never come back 01:07:49:If you send me away 01:07:50:How about you and the hotel? 01:07:51:I won't go 01:07:52:Go! I don't want you to|be beaten to death again 01:07:55:If you die, whatever|I do will be useless 01:07:58:If you like me, let's run away together 01:08:09:Hold this. 01:10:14:Beat him... 01:10:53:Have you beaten enough? 01:10:55:I take that Shau Siu-man|did kill your buddy 01:10:58:I haven't kept my|promise but send her away 01:11:00:This is my fault 01:11:03:My hotel hasn't offended you 01:11:07:You just want face do you? 01:11:10:Now, you have gained what you wanted 01:11:12:Forget it, alright? 01:11:16:You are wrong! That|bitch did kill my buddy 01:11:20:and she stole my gold 01:11:22:But she isn't called Shau Siu-man 01:11:25:She is called Lam Ling 01:11:27:She is an actress 01:11:29:She is a bitch! 01:11:31:She is my woman, Ting Moon's woman 01:11:34:She slept with all my buddies 01:11:49:It's a piece of cake for me to catch her 01:11:52:But I let her alive intentionally 01:11:54:That's why I sent her to the Peace Hotel 01:11:57:I just want her to flatter you 01:11:59:To make you break your|promise and send her away 01:12:05:If you get the gold,|you needn't return to me 01:12:09:She deserves it 01:12:15:10 years ago, your buddies|risked their lives for you 01:12:17:Some of them betrayed you but|you killed everyone in your troop 01:12:19:10 years later, you open this hotel 01:12:21:and you try to cover those scums 01:12:23:Do you think you can face your buddies? 01:12:37:Red cheongsam 01:12:39:Wine glass with lip-stick mark 01:12:43:You love her, you are|right to send her away 01:12:45:If she couldn't cheat|you to send her away 01:12:47:I would have killed her 01:12:49:You were my follower 01:12:52:You are the kid whom|I let go on that night 01:12:57:You did so many wrong|things on that night 01:13:00:Since you killed your wife 01:13:02:you killed all your followers 01:13:04:you should not let a kid go 01:13:06:Even your wife allied with your buddies 01:13:09:to set a trap to kill you! 01:13:11:You should have been killed 10 years ago 01:13:23:All of you listen! 01:13:25:If you don't want to die,|come out before sunset 01:13:29:Otherwise 01:13:32:I will launch a massacre in|the Peace Hotel after sunset 01:13:39:Boss... 01:13:41:Get the medicine... 01:13:44:I'm alright... 01:13:47:You shouldn't take any medicine 01:13:48:He didn't counter attack 01:13:49:That's why he was seriously hurt 01:13:51:Why didn't you counter attack? 01:13:53:Why do you drag us down? 01:13:56:Why did you send that woman away? 01:13:58:They want to kill us all! 01:14:00:Skinny 01:14:01:You saved a woman 01:14:02:and you want to pay our lives for it 01:14:05:You betray us for a woman! 01:14:08:We have been following you 01:14:11:for years 01:14:12:you haven't sent any one of us away 01:14:15:Are you crazy? 01:14:17:If not were Boss, if not were this hotel 01:14:20:all of you would have|been killed for ages! 01:14:22:You charge us! 01:14:24:We charge $4 a day 01:14:26:to provide you accommodation and food 01:14:27:think we have to ensure your safety too? 01:14:28:Damn you blind man! 01:14:30:Don't fight! 01:14:35:Shut up! 01:14:47:I know you are all scared 01:14:50:If you listen to them|and go out of the hotel 01:14:54:I can't take care of your safety anymore 01:14:58:Trust me once more 01:15:01:If you stay in this hotel 01:15:05:We can stay peace 01:15:12:Fook Sau 01:15:14:Follow me to get the guns 01:15:33:Fook Sau, lock the door 01:15:37:Don't kill me, don't kill me... 01:15:43:Skinny, you can't go out 01:15:45:You made mistake and you|want us to die with you? 01:15:48:Don't go out! 01:15:49:We are like prisoners to|stay here with you for 9 years 01:15:51:Do you want my family|to die with you now? 01:15:53:Dog, I beg you! 01:15:54:You can't let Doggie go|out, he will be killed 01:15:56:Who do you think you are? 01:15:57:Let's go 01:15:58:Boss... 01:16:00:Hands off... 01:16:03:Doggie! 01:16:27:Buddies, please bless me 01:16:35:Boss, don't blame them 01:16:39:Those who come here|are all afraid of death 01:16:42:If most of the people stay 01:16:45:three of us will have guts to stay 01:16:49:I am sorry, Boss 01:16:54:You have trusted me for years 01:16:56:Why can't you trust me one more time? 01:16:58:Either live or dead 01:16:59:please let us choose it ourselves. Boss 01:17:02:Sorry, Boss... 01:18:09:You bastards! 01:18:14:You promised not to kill us! 01:18:15:Why do you kill us? 01:18:18:Don't kill me! 01:18:24:Go, run... run away! 01:18:29:Run away! 01:18:35:Get lost! 01:18:37:Thank you for your gold 01:18:39:Thank you for sending|me to the Peace Hotel 01:18:41:Thank you for sending me to hell 01:18:44:So I can tell 01:18:45:who is the heartless creep 01:18:47:And who is the real man! 01:18:49:I am now getting into the Peace Hotel 01:18:50:If you like, beat me to death again 01:19:27:Go! 01:20:26:Doggie, run! 01:22:20:Boss, please don't kill me! No! 01:26:23:Wake up, please wake up! 01:27:40:The Peace Hotel is no longer the same 01:27:42:for the Killer is gone 01:27:46:We, betrayed the hotel for our lives 01:27:49:have to run our own ways 01:27:58:Boss... 01:28:01:That was the last time I saw Boss 01:28:05:After that 01:28:06:I hid with my parents in a|little fishing port in the South 01:28:09:Two years later, our foes came to us 01:28:11:They killed my parents 01:28:14:As I know, other|people say the blind men 01:28:16:Fook, Sau and Skinny,|they had similar endings 01:28:22:later, I have heard|many gossips about Boss 01:28:25:Someone said he saw|Boss in North East China 01:28:27:Someone said, in a station of the North 01:28:30:Boss helped a young widow 01:28:31:and her son in the hotel she operated 01:28:34:I hope 01:28:36:either one stories is true 01:28:38:Although I did see 01:28:40:my friend leave me on that day 01:28:43:>> Napisy pobrane z <<|>>>>>>>> nowa wizja napisów <<<<<<<<
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