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Pearl Harbor

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- German bandits at 2 o'clock! - Increase throttle! Power dive!
Spell it right, Rafe.
''Rudder'' is spelled with two D's.
- Thanks, wingman. - Yeah, sure.
Whoa, bandits!
- Crack shootin', Danny. - Crack shootin', Rafe.
- Land ofthe free. - Home ofthe brave.
Great flyin', Dad!
Come on. I'm gonna teach you how to fly.
- I get the front! - No, you take the back.
I'm bigger, and I should be in front.
I'm older and I'm teachin', so no.
- Wow. It's like we're really flying. - Yeah, I did it lots oftimes.
Come on. You man the guns. I'll give her some throttle.
We gotta get those dirty German bandits.
Oh, gosh!
- Hang on! - Make it stop, Rafe!
I've seen my dad do this lots oftimes. Don't worry!
- Oh, my gosh! We're flying! - We're flying!
My dad's gonna kill me. Come on.
Yes! Woo-hoo!
- We flew! - We flew! Yes! I'm a pilot!
- I know! - Yeah!
We flew.
- You no-account boy! - Daddy!
I done told you, you spend time playing with this stupid boy, can't read...
you ain't never gonna amount to nothin'!
He ain't stupid, Daddy! Daddy!
Come on!
Get on back home. Now!
Get on up. You got work to do.
Come on! Come on. Get on home!
You let him alone!
Daddy, no!
I will bust you open, you dirty German!
What'd you call me?
I fought the Germans in France.
And I fought 'em in the trenches.
And I pray to God no one ever has to see the things that I saw.
You're my best friend.
Daddy, wait!
Daddy, wait.
AdolfHitlerbuilds the German militarymachine...
anddrags all ofEurope into war.
But even while France falls to Hitler...
America stillrefuses tojoin the fighting.
- Where's McCawley and Walker? - Still training, sir.
All right, Danny. Now, let's show 'em how to fly.
We're gonna play chicken. You ready?
This ain't the farm, and these ain't no crop dusters.
- I'm not playing chicken with ya. - Now don't be a baby. I'll tell you what.
- I'm not doing it, Rafe. - Well, I'm coming right at you.
You can turn oryou can hit me. It's up to you.
- What the-- - Oh, boy.
Why you always bustin' my ass, Rafe?
Which way you goin'?
I guess I'll go right. No, left. I'll go left.
- Okay, we're goin' left, right? - Uh, right. Right?
''Right'' like we're going right or ''right'' like we're going left?
Now you got me all mixed up! I don't know. Make up your mind.
God, Rafe, we're going right! Righty-tighty!
Those are some smooth aces.
Did you say something?
'Cause let me tell ya, those farm boys are grounded!
Yes, sir, an entirely unacceptable use of m-m-military aircraft, sir.
- Get my hat. - Yes, sir.
Get those hedge-hoppers in Doolittle's office.
After two years oftraining...
you believe that a $45,000 aeroplane is there foryour amusement?
No, sir. I wasjust trying to keep my edge, Major.
And when you did the outside loop last week, what did you think that was?
Honing your skills?
That's not training, McCawley. That's a stunt.
And I personally consider it to be reckless and irresponsible.
How could that be when you're famous for being the fi rst man in the world ever to do it?
- Don't get cute with me, son. - No, sir. I--
I don't mean to be disrespectful. I just think that-- Well, I--
It is reckless and irresponsible if you'rejust doing it to be a show-off.
But I was doing it to try to inspire the men, sir...
in the way that you've inspired me.
I believe the French even have a word for that...
when the men get together to honour their leaders.
They call it an homage, sir.
- A what? - An homage, sir.
That's bullshit, McCawley!
But it's very, very good bullshit.
Thankyou, sir.
McCawley, you remind me of myself 1 5 years ago.
Which is why we need to discuss this.
Have a seat, son.
The British have accepted you into the Eagle Squadron.
You're on your way to England tomorrow, ifyou still want to go.
Just a few British pilots are all that stand...
between Hitler and total victory in Europe.
They're gonna need all the help they can get.
Yes, sir. Well, I'm on my way.
Just for the record, I'm supposed to askyou to reconsider.
- Sir? - Sooner or later...
we're gonna be in this war whether we like it or not.
And I'm gonna need all of my best pilots.
So it's my duty to askyou to stay.
Major, what would you do?
If it was me...
I'd go.
God! Am I going bald right back here?
Man, I am one good-lookin' son ofa bitch.
Don't you ever die.
Die. That's exactly the concept you gotta work tonight.
You put a drop ofthis clove oil underyour eyes...
and you let 'em sting and well up.
You get your nurse alone, take a breath...
let her see your eyes glisten and say...
''Baby, they're training me for war...
and I don't know what'll happen...
but if I die tomorrow...
I want to know that we lived all we could tonight.''
Come on, guys! We got nurses waitin'.
Come on, before the rest of his hair falls out.
How could you do this?
Well, Doolittle assigned me.
He wanted me to get some real-- real combat training in.
Well, guess what?
It's not training over there. It's war...
where the losers die and there aren't any winners...
just guys who turn into broken-down wrecks like my father.
Yeah, I understand that, Danny, but I feel like I got a duty to go.
Don't preach to me about duty, damn it. I wear the same uniform you do.
Now, iftrouble wants me, I'm ready for it, but why go looking for it?
God, Danny, come on. I'm gonna be 25. I might as well be an old man.
They're gonna have me bein' a flight instructor.
I don't wanna teach loops and barrel rolls.
- I wanna be a combat fi ghter. - Hey, come on!
The nurses can't d-d-dance by themselves.
Let's go.
Ifthe call to duty means seeing 1 50 men in their underwear every day...
we are here to serve.
I can't believe it. Saturday night in New York City.
Do you know what they're doing where I come from? Nothing.
Cow tipping.
That's why you joined the navy, hon.
Get out ofthat dusty little town and see the world.
May I remind you, Barbara, we're navy nurses, not tourists.
I joined to do my patriotic duty and to meet guys.
Me too.
Girls, we're gonna have so much fun tonight in the city.
You gotta tell them the story, Evelyn.
Oh, come on. Tell us.
- Oh, it's such a long story. - We got time.
I saw it happen.
Well, it was about four weeks ago.
What do you think is b-better?
All in the one cheek or spreading them out?
Fusco, Anthony.
You all right, buddy?
Sweetie, do you really have to do this?
I'm not gonna get yellow fever in my barracks.
No? Ifyou'd rather, she can do it.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. J-J-J ust gimme a minute.
Honey, the government says stick 'em, we stick 'em.
Hey, Red, you all right?
Eye exam number four?
Listen, Doc, I have passed a dozen medical checks.
You write that, they won't let me fly.
Sorry, son.
I'm gonna fail. They're gonna take my wings away.
No, they won't.Just relax.
Read the bottom line, please.
Just keep practisin' the bottom line.
And don't worry. I'm right behind you.
- Next. - Ma'am.
J-L-M-K-P-O-E-T-X. Eyes like an eagle, ma'am.
Slow down, flyboy.
And instead ofthe bottom, read the very top. Both eyes.
''C.'' Sorry. ''J.''
''C,'' ''W,'' uh, ''Q', uh, ''Q''
Read the bottom line again, please, but read it right to left...
and every other letter.
- X-E. - X-E.
X-E, ma'am.
Ma'am, I know how this looks.
I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I really am...
but army and navy requires 20/20 vision.
Oh, I-- It's not a problem with my eyes. I mean, I can see.
I mean, I can hit a running rabbit with a $3.00 pistol.
I got a problem with letters, that's all.
Well, maybe after some schooling, you could come back and take the test again.
No, I had schooling. I mean, the teachersjust never knew what to make of it.
It'sjust letters. I mix 'em up sometimes. That's all.
I mean, I just get 'em backward sometimes.
Look here. My math and spacial reasoning and my verbal scores are all excellent.
But you barely passed the written exam.
Yeah, but he did pass it. So is it my turn now?
- No, you'll wait your turn. - Yes, ma'am.
Ma'am, I'm never gonna be an English teacher.
But I know why I'm here: to be a pilot.
And you don't dogfi ght with manuals. You don't fly with gauges.
It is all about feeling and speed...
and lettin' that plane become like a part ofyour body.
And that manual says that a guy who's a slow reader can't be a good pilot.
That fi le says I'm the best pilot in this room.
Ma'am, please, don't take my wings.
Well, I felt so bad.
Evelyn, rotate to station three.
I had no choice.
I passed him.
So then this cocky pilot comes back.
- Say, fella, are you enlisted? - Yeah.
''Yeah''? Boy, you're talking to an officer.
- Yes, sir. Sorry, sir. - Give me that fi le.
- Yes, sir. - Parade rest.
Yes, sir.
Ma'am, I didn't get a chance to thankyou.
Drop your skivvies.
Oh. Okay.
Just like this?
That's fi ne.
He did have a very cute butt.
You know, I know you didn't have to pass me, and you did.
And I just-- I didn't think you'd understand, and you did.
You know, you still haven't said thankyou.
- Thankyou. - You're welcome.
Why'd you do it? I mean, I'm just curious.
You're like my hero now.
Actually, my father was a pilot...
and I've seen fi rsthand what happens when a pilot loses his wings.
You know what? Your father's my hero then too.
In fact, as an officer, I think it'd be my duty...
to take my new hero's daughter out tonightjust to--
- Gosh, did I poke too deep? - I thinkyou hit the bone there.
You are so mean.
What, so is-- so is there any chance that you might kind of, sort of...
you know, like me, or--
How did you guess?
They never taught us how to deal with this feeling.
What feeling?
Well, it's kind of like this.
Well, he was getting fresh, so I poked him again.
All right, Romeo. I want to get this over with.
Hold on a second.
Miss, I really, really lickyou.
Ah! What did he mean?
Like you.
I didn't mean to say that. And I just, um...
I just want to askyou, please, if I can donate dinner.
He started to act very strange.
Or, well, buy you dinner.
- This isn't your chart. - Whoa!
No. That's the, uh, this fellow over here's. I think he left.
Have you already had this shot?
Yeah, well, once already.
Well, I wanted-- I mean, I just-- can I askyou out?
And hejust went wham!
Oh! What'd you do to him?
Poor guy.
Oh, my God. Are you okay?
Uh, yeah. I'm fi ne. I feel great.
This isjust standard, precautionary thing.
But, look, I got some, uh, genuine French champagne from France.
And I thought, you know, maybe we could celebrate.
Celebrate what?
Oh, I don't know. You being my hero, for one.
Okay. Why not?
So I wanted to thankyou...
and I just wanted to put your mind at ease about passing me...
because I really do think you did this country a service.
I mean, I am a great flier.
And ifyou have a fault, which you obviously don't, it's modesty.
No. If I have a fault, it's candour.
You arejust so--
Corkjust got away from me.
God, it hurts!
It hurts something fierce.
I'm sorry.
- It's bleeding. - God.
- Lay still. - I ruined everything. Oh, it hurts.
- It's cold! - It'll stop the bleeding.
- I can't breathe. - Lay still.
You are so beautiful, it hurts.
It's your nose that hurts.
I think it's my heart.
And then I kissed him.
Evelyn, that's the most romantic story I ever heard.
It's been the most romantic four weeks and two days of my life.
I'm sojealous.
Hello, Lieutenant. It's good to see you.
- You, too, Lieutenant. - Pick a hand.
It's beautiful.
What's in your other hand?
Well, it took me six hours to fold these.
I want you to meet my friends.
Rafe, this is Martha, Barbara, Sandra.
- Hi. I'm Betty. - Hi.
Would you happen to have any friends?
Take your pick.
We ever get in this war and somethin' happens to me...
I can't tell you how good it makes me feel to know...
that someone as sweet as you will be there to nurse me back to health.
Good, but we're not in the waryet.
Okay. That was a bad line.
I'm-- I'm Red.
Red S-S-Strange.
- Your last name's Strange? - Yeah, she's all yours, soldier.
No. It's-- It's Winkle.
Red is such a ladies' man.
- Do you always stutter? - No. Only when I'm--
She's totally buying it.
- Nervous? - Yeah.
Why can't I get something like that?
- Hello. - Hi.
Danny seems kind ofshy around the girls.
It's not that he's shy.
He'sjust a little unsure of himself, you know.
His old man used to run him down a lot.
Get him in a plane, he's sure of himself.
He's like my brother. He's like my best friend.
You know, my right hand.
Which, at the moment, is a long way south of my waist.
Oh, I'm sorry.
I guess I lost a little altitude.
Yeah, I guess you did.
Excuse me.
You and me, we got to talk.
So the rumour is the navy's shipping us to Pearl Harbor.
Well, won't be so bad.
It's about as far from the fi ghting as you can get.
You'll get a suntan.
So maybe the army will post you guys there too.
You are a super special woman.
And, and, well--
Well, they're training me to be a big bad warrior...
and, well--
So I mean, you never know what might happen tomorrow or--
or any day after that, you know?
God, we need to make tonight super special.
Why are you crying?
I guess it's the thought that I might not ever get to see you again.
Dry your eyes, toots. Tonight you're mine.
I don't want to be with a crowd tonight.
I just want to be alone with you.
Well, how does New York Harbor by moonlight sound?
Are you gonna be a bad influence?
Ofcourse I'm a bad influence.
Let's see ifwe can commandeer this vessel...
'cause we're officers ofthe U.S. government.
Not for long, we won't be.
One day, we'll take a trip on a boat like that.
Would you like that?
We'll be dressing for cocktails and walk into the Grand Salon.
No one's talking about war. They'rejust dancing to Cole Porter.
- I'll have to get a tux. - Yeah.
- Come on. There you go. All aboard. - You're out ofyour mind.
Yeah. Careful now. Here, sit down.
Now, let's see here.
There we go.
See, this is as close as I could get you to your ship.
So at least I tried, right?
Actually, you know what? This is better.
Yeah, it is.
God, you're pretty.
What's gonna become of us all, Rafe?
Well, the future's not exactly in our hands, is it?
No. I guess you're right.
Oh, my God! Are you all right?
- Yeah, are you? - That was not part ofthe date.
- Watch your step. - Oh, thankyou.
- Evelyn! - Guys, come up! Come on--
Come up! We're in 32 1 .
There's something I got to tell you.
Well, you got no secrets from me, Lieutenant.
I've seen your medical chart.
This can't be good, or it wouldn't be so hard to say.
Yeah. I got to go away.
We're all going away.
but I'm going to the war tomorrow.
I'm flying with the Eagle Squadron.
It's an outfit the British started for American pilots.
I don't understand.
You're in the U.S. Army. How could they orderyou to go?
They didn't order me. I volunteered.
But I passed you. I let you through.
And now you volunteer for the most dangerous place you could go?
It's not your responsibility, not your choice.
Flying's the only thing I ever wanted to do.
I mean, everything in my life has led me up to this point.
Meeting you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
Let's go inside.
All right. Wait a minute. I just-- I can't do this.
Thisjust-- It's not right. I'm sorry. I just--
See, I can't do this. I mean, I--
I mean, I can. I-- I want to.
I'm not trying to be noble, you know.
Or not saying I know what would happen.
Orjust-- I need to stop talking.
I just-- I just don't want it-- I just don't want it to be like everybody else.
I don't want you to have anything about tonight that you'll regret.
I mean, it's been the most incredible night of my life...
and I don't want to ruin that.
Oh, you couldn't ruin it.
If I had one more night to live, I'd want to spend it with you.
See, that's what I want to come home to.
That's what I want to have to think about and dream about.
I want to know that the best part of my life is still ahead of me.
Could you not come see me off?
Because saying goodbye to you once is hard enough.
- Take this. - You think it looks good on me?
I will come back.
I thought you said you told her not to come.
- Yeah, I did. - Why are you looking for her then?
It's my test.
If I tell her not to come, and she comes anyway...
then I-- I know she loves me.
All aboard! Track 57!
If, uh, anything happens to me...
I want you to be the one to tell her, all right?
You just make sure and come back for the both of us, all right?
- See you when I get back. - Yeah.
Good hunting, Rafe.
Evelyn! Evelyn!
Evelyn! Evelyn! Hey!
She loves me.
The German Luftwaffe relentlessly bombards downtown London...
while Churchill's RoyalAirForce is in a deadlystruggle...
to maintain control ofthe British skies.
This is a real mess.
Lieutenant McCawley reporting for duty, sir.
Good. We'll get you settled into your quarters...
and then introduce you to the crate you'll be flying.
Yes, sir, well, ify'all are patching up bullet holes right here on the runway...
maybe we ought to skip housekeeping and get me right into an aeroplane.
Two didn't come back, sir. We counted only eleven.
Are all Yanks as anxious as you to get themselves killed, Pilot Officer?
Not anxious to die, sir. Just anxious to matter.
This is yours.
Good chap.
Didn't die till he'd landed and shut down his engine.
Please be seated, gentlemen.
I'm afraid I'm in a bad mood.
Churchill and Stalin are asking me what I'm asking you.
How long is America going to pretend the world is not at war?
We've increased food and oil supply shipments to them, Mr President...
and as far as I know--
What they really need are tanks, planes, bullets, bombs and men to fi ght.
But our people think Hitler and his Nazi thugs are Europe's problem.
We have to do more.
Send the Brits and Russians more of our ships and anti-aircraft weapons.
And keep cannibalizing the Pacific Fleet?
What choice do we have?
We're building refrigerators while our enemies build bombs.
This is so exciting.
You know, there's about a hundred ships on Pearl.
And how many sailors per ship?
It depends. There's more on a battleship than a sub.
But say, on average, 2,000?
Yeah, but then there's the fliers, the marines, the base personnel.
I'm still working on the sailors.
Girls, I think the odds are in your favour.
Yeah, like 4,000 to 1 .
It's paradise.
See you on the beach, boys! We're in Hawaii!
Hey, you know, you're not supposed to be paintin' titties on the side of my aeroplanes.
And ifyou do, don't make 'em lopsided.
- They were lopsided, Earl. - Look, it says right here.
''Never ride waves amongst rocks or submerged pilings.''
See, it says you shouldn't do that.
Well, how you gonna know they're submerged ifthey're submerged?
Hey, Gooz, what in the hell are you doing?
He's trying to fix this surfboard thing of his.
He keeps taking chunks off his nose on the rocks.
I thought I'd come in on my day off, work on my new invention--
the Gooz cruise fi n.
I'm gonna be a rich fella.
Every surfboard in the nation's gonna need one.
Yeah? You're gonna need a broom.
Oh. Check out these new recruits.
- Hi. - Aloha.
Y'all pilots?
We're working on it.
There's a lot ofswitches and stuff.
- Pride ofthe Pacific. - Who are you?
Terrors ofthe Skies.
- Welcome, ladies. - Hi.
I have to deal with Coastie's sunburnt rump...
before I can show you around.
Dear Evelyn...
it's different than I thought it would be here.
It's cold.
So cold it goes deep into your bones.
There is one place I can go to fi nd warmth.
That is to think ofyou.
I just wish I could be back there with you.
It's not easy making friends.
Two days ago, I had a beer with a couple ofthe RAF pilots.
Yesterday, both ofthem got killed.
Dear Rafe...
I miss you so much.
It's so strange to be halfa world away from you.
I'm right on his tail!
Got one!
Every night I look at the sunset...
and try to draw the last ounce of heat from its long day...
and send it from my heart to yours.
Girl, sir.
The girl.
A lot of people frown on the Yanks for not being in this waryet.
I'd just like to say...
ifthere are many more back home like you...
God help anyone who goes to war with America.
Attention on deck! Admiral Kimmel...
commander-in-chief, Pacific Fleet, on deck.
Sharp presentation, Captain.
Thankyou, Admiral Kimmel.
For four months now, Washington's been blowing pink smoke...
about the threat fromJapan.
Could make us lose our fi ghting edge. I'm determined not to let that happen.
With your permission, Captain.
Admiral, urgent, from Washington.
I'm supposed to keep this fleet battle-ready to take on theJapanese...
cover halfthe damn globe.
Now they want me to transfer another 1 2 destroyers to the Atlantic.
Don't they know what we're facing out here?
They feel Europe is the greater danger, Admiral.
I'm assuming these risk assessments include Hawaii.
Well, Pearl Harbor is too shallow for an aerial torpedo attack...
and we're surrounded by sub nets.
All we have to worry about here is sabotage...
so we bunched our planes together to make them easier to protect.
Distance is our ally, Admiral.
You analysts got it all fi gured out, don't you?
The smart enemy hits you exactly where you thinkyou're safe.
I fixed the hydraulics and electrical systems, sir...
but the oil hoses still need attention.
-Just crank it, Ian! - God speed you, sir.
Red section, take the bombers. Blue section, look out for fi ghters.
Bombers dead ahead.
Let's drop in on 'em and give 'em a reception.
Red Two, follow my lead, high side.
- Go right at the lead bomber. - Following you, Red One.
Good hit! Good hit!
Red One, coming around, reset for the kill.
I have the middle bomber.
Hammer down!
We got him. Nice shot, Red Two.
I got two M.E.'s dead ahead.
I'm on him. I'm on his tail. Hammer down.
I got one ofthem!
I got another one.
Red One, you got fi ghters all overyour tail!
I'm under fi re! I'm taking fi re!
Red One, get out ofthere. Pull up! Pull up!
I got an oil leak!
Can't see a damn thing!
I can't bail! My canopy's stuck!
I can't bail out!
He's on my tail, Red Two.
I'm hit! I'm hit!
Mayday! Mayday!
Oh, my God.
- I'm no good at church. - What do you mean, sweetie?
Well, whenever I'm up there getting my slate wiped clean...
I can't help but think of how I'm gonna dirty it up again.
- This from a virgin. - I've got to inventory supplies.
Oh! Kill me now. Could you be any more boring?
Don't bother. Sundays she writes Rafe.
Ten pages instead ofthe usual five.
Gosh, I wish I was in love.
Hey, sweetheart.
She hates me.
- Good to see you, Red. - Sure good to see you, too, Betty.
What are you doing? You wanna come for a ride? Come on.
Yeah, I'll be your chauffeur.
That-a-boy! Be a mad dog!
You hit pretty hard for a cook.
All right, Walker, who you got? Come on. Fight's almost over.
- I'll take the cook. - Why? You don't like money?
Come on! Get out there now!
- I'll put five on it. - Done.
Against the mechanic? That guy craps rivets.
How's it feel up from that dark, oily engine room? Sunlight botherin' you?
Man, he's getting all busted up in there!
Move! Move!
Come here. We gotta talk. Get down here.
- He can't hurt us. - He can hurt us.
- He cut us. We bleeding. - Bleeding?
That's a scratch. You see this here?
This here's the hard-earned greenbacks ofevery pot-scrubbin', dish-washin' chop in this here fleet.
Now, ifwe don't win, the Teeny here has to fi nd himselfanother battleship.
'Cause there's no way I'm going back to the Arizona empty-handed.
Don't worry about the money.
I'm gonna send that smug engine-fixin' snipe...
back below decks where he belong.
Come on, man! We the man! You the man!
He slapped your mama, remember? Be a son ofa bitch!
Look at this! All right, Dorie!
That's enough. That's enough.
Oh! Where's my money?
Nah. Fight's rigged.
We're rich!
How'd you get this?
Did you win?
Yes, ma'am.
What do you get for winning?
So why do you have to fi ght with your fists to get respect?
I left my mama in Texas and joined the navy to see the world...
become a man.
They made me a cook.
Not even that. I, uh, clean up after other sailors eat.
Two years, they never even let me fi re a weapon.
Well, let's hope you never have to.
Yes, ma'am.
You take care, Petty Officer Miller.
You, too, ma'am.
You know, he taught me to fly.
I always knew that no matter what kind oftrouble I got into...
I'd never be in it alone.
He'd be there with me.
Up there, he was always pushing me to be better and faster.
He told me you were a great flier.
It was the same night he told me he volunteered to go to England.
He told me he'd been assigned.
He was always trying to protect me.
But you know what? I look at myself in the mirror in this uniform...
and I still don't know who I am.
I look like a hero...
but I don't feel like it.
he always looked the part, didn't he?
He couldn't wait to be one.
To Rafe McCawley.
The best pilot...
and the best friend I ever knew...
or ever will know.
To Rafe.
Look at this. Look at this.
TheJapanese are flooding the Pacific with radio traffic.
Everywhere from the Panama Canal to Southeast Asia.
There's no logical pattern in it, Captain.
No, there's-- There's always logic.
They know we read their mail.
They're trying to make us think their fleet is moving south.
I'm not buying it.
Something, something-- Something's up.
Otherwise, why would they take the trouble to bullshit me?
Evelyn, um, I signed for these letters foryou today.
They're from England.
They're from Rafe.
I'm sorry, Ev.
You know how long it takes mail to get here.
- Hurry up! - Show time, boys! Come on!
America stillawaitsJapan's response topeaceproposals.
AmbassadorNomura arrives in Washington...
in what couldhopefullyguarantee continuedpeace in the Pacific.
On the British front, Churchilldeclares...
'Give us the tools, and we willfinish thejob. ''
The RAFhasfought bravely...
against Hitler's ambition to rule theskies overthe Channel.
Victorydoes not come withoutsacrifice.
- Evelyn! - Danny.
- Hey. - Some comedy, huh?
- Yeah. - It's been awhile.
Yeah, I've been logging a lot offlight hours.
I kinda been avoiding you too.
- Look-- - Do you--
- Do you want to? - Sure, yeah.
I remember this one time when I was like seven years old.
I was always building these gadgets and things.
He told me he wanted me to build him some wings...
so that he could fly like his daddy, dusting crops.
I told him you can't fly without some kind ofengine, right?
But he wouldn't listen. You know, he told me...
''Danny, never mind all that. Just build 'em anyway.''
So I did.
And I'm up there, strapping these big ol' wings on his back...
that we made from paper and glue and these massive silk bloomers that we stole.
He looked so stupid, you know? And I told him...
''You can'tjump off the barn in these.''
And bam!
He busted his leg on the backhoe.
God, I miss him.
Yeah, but don't you think that Rafe wasn't back up there the next day...
cast and everything...
telling me to make some adjustments on those wings.
Wow. Check this out. Crossroads to the Pacific.
Tahiti, 1 ,700 miles. All right! Okay.
Say, Betty.
- No, Betty! Get up! - What's going on, Red?
- You've gotta stand up, please. - What do you mean, get up?
Just stand up. Stand up here.
- Betty-- - Red, come on!
We got a dinner reservation.
Can I get a minute?
What's the matter, you sick?
Can a guy propose?
Oh! Thankyou!
Am I talking too much? Sometimes I do that. I'm sorry.
Hold up. Look at this.
- Okay, let's get out of here. - Okay. Hey!
I guess I should go.
Don't let it be three months before I see you again, all right?
- I had a good time. - Yeah, me too.
- Do you want me to walkyou home? - No, I'll be fi ne.
No. Ofcourse.
- Good night, Danny. - Good night.
I wasjust wondering if maybe I could come by some time...
get a cup ofcoffee or a piece of pie.
What am I doing?
Oh! You were asleep. I'm sorry.
Is something wrong?
No! There's nothing wrong. There's no problem. Hi.
It'sjust Danny.
I just-- You-- You forgot this.
Thanks. It was good ofyou to take the trouble to drop it over now.
I-- I thought you might need it, you know...
uh, maybe tomorrow morning.
If, uh-- I mean, not that you wear this to work, but--
No. It's a hanky.
Right, right. Yeah.
Listen, I was thinking maybe, uh, I could come by some time or give you call--
If I gave you a call, could I come by some time?
Once, maybe, ifyou're not busy?
Yeah, maybe.
- Maybe? - Maybe.
Okay, all right.
- Thanks. Good night. - Goodbye. Good night. Good night.
You are such an idiot.
- Did you have fun last night? - It wasn't how it looked.
And if it was, it'd be all right. It's been months. It's time to move on.
- I am moving on. - Ev, don't lie.
All I know is I hearyou crying when you think I'm asleep.
When my dad left, I was too much for my mom to handle...
so she sent me to live with my aunt.
I thought my life was over, but you don't know where it's all going to lead.
If I hadn't have run away and lied about my age and enlisted in the navy...
I-- I wouldn't have met Red, and-- now he's my fiance.
Oh, God, I can't get used to that word.
- It's only been 1 2 hours. - Oh, Betty.
Uh, Little Betty beat us all to the post.
And this is ward three. As you can see, no patients.
Welcome to Hawaii. Come on. I'll show you the bar.
Sandra, new recruits to torture.
- Come on. Excuse me, ladies. - Hi!
We're gonna wait two years until I'm 1 9 and Red can buy me a ring.
Rafe sent his best friend to tell you so you would be okay...
so you can move on.
You gotta go on living, Ev.
Oh! Sorry.
Bye, Rafe.
TheJapanese fleet is missing.
They're operating under radio silence.
This footage was shot four days ago on October 28.
Well, we're sending scout planes in wider vectors all over the Pacific...
but they get nothing.
Now, they could be anywhere in here.
I don't understand how two whole carrier divisions can just disappear.
Oh, we're all over the page.
We got one walleyed and one pigeon-toed.
- Anthony, tap in number six. - All right.
- Gooz? - Yeah?
- Tap in number three. - All right.
Hey, we got a visitor.
Oh, that ain't no navy issue uniform, eh?
- Danny, it's Evelyn. -Jesus.
- You all right? - Yeah, yeah.
I think I'm falling for her.
Wow. You know, I saw this coming.
I didn't want this to happen. Itjust kind ofdid. Can't help it.
Well, Danny, she's got to be with somebody. It might as well be you.
You're telling me ifyou were dead, and you saw your best buddy doing your girl...
you wouldn't come back and beat the livin' crap out of him?
- Tony, back off. - I'd be back so fast.
Danny's being a better friend taking care of her himself.
I got a girlfriend.
That's great. Come on, fellas. Let's split.
Danny, whatever happens now is just about you and her.
You got to try and forget about Rafe.
Be careful, all right?
Ladies cloud the mind.
- Thanks, Gooz. - You're welcome.
Hey, Danny.
Where's everybody going?
Just being discreet.
Does it seem like everybody's acting a little strange?
No, no.
Well, maybe-- maybe a little, yeah.
Well, people in this outfit have way too much time on their hands.
Oh, yeah.
I just hope they don't think there's been something going on between us. That's all.
Oh, no, I mean, no. I mean, that would be embarrassing, right?
I forgot my wrenches.
- It'd defi nitely be embarrassing. - Yeah.
- Hi. Forgot my wrenches. - Hey. He really doesn't have to leave.
I, uh-- I'm just going out with the girls, so--
- Guess I'll see you later. - Yeah.
- All right. - Yeah. All right. I'll see you around.
Have you ever seen Pearl Harbor at sunset?
- Ofcourse. - Well, from the air?
You know, I could get kicked out ofthe military for this.
- Really? - Yes. Stay down.
The Hawaiians call this harbour WaiMomi.
- It means ''water of pearls.'' - It's so beautiful.
My dad took me up a couple oftimes.
Just don't do what he did. What do you call it? When you flip over?
- A barrel roll? - Yeah.
Oh, my God.
- What do you think? - I like that.
- Hey, that plane was supposed... - Duck.
to be back here an hour ago.
Quick. Hide in the parachute hangar.
My heart is pounding.
Danny, last night--
No, that's terrible.
Danny, we need to talk about this.
- Sir. Evelyn! - Danny!
Hey. Hi.
I didn't sleep a wink last night.
I had to see ya.
Last night was crazy, I know, but I'm not sorry.
Are you?
I don't know.
Danny, I had a wonderful time last night. I--
- It'sjust all too fast. - Listen, Evelyn.
I wasjust down at the beach this morning, and I watched the sun rise...
and I knew that everything was gonna be different...
that this was the start ofsomething new...
in this place, in this moment...
and I don't care what anybody else says, you know?
How can I not feel this way?
I kind of like ya.
Oh, you do?
You have your tie on crooked.
Everything's gonna be all right, okay?
Everything's gonna be all right.
Do you have any air tours going through the valley of Oahu?
You do?
Aloha. This is KGMB in Honolulu...
on anotherbeautifulfallday here in paradise.
We have enough information.
We are returning home.
Do you ever wonder if this war's gonna catch up with us?
Not a whole lot.
Every moment we're not together, you're up there training for it.
Yeah, well, I'm training for moments like these.
'Cause I have no idea how I'm gonna get this car out ofthe sand.
Evelyn, can you please come out ofthe bathroom?
You've been there for an hour. Evelyn!
What are you trying to do? Look like me?
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
What's the matter? No, you--
They call it the Vacant Sea.
None ofthe major sea lanes go through it...
and you could bury the entire land mass ofAsia there, and nobody would know.
From there, they could attack anywhere.
Our last signals intercept indicate that theJapanese task force...
is heading south, toward the Philippines or Southeast Asia.
But Captain Thurman of Naval Intelligence here...
has his own theory about the missing ships.
Sir, I believe they'll try to hit us where it'll hurt us the most--
Pearl Harbor.
That's over 4,000 nautical miles fromJapan.
To Pearl, that's a long distance to steam a navy, Captain.
Your theory-- It's based on what?
Well, it's what I would do.
It's not exactly hard evidence, Captain Thurman.
Well, Admiral, if I had hard evidence, we'd already be at war.
Sir, we can read their diplomatic codes faster than they can type them.
But Captain Thurman's cryptology team is still trying to crack the naval codes.
The intercepts have missing words and garbled lines.
So to explain the decrypts...
we have to try to interpret what we think they're trying to do.
Interpret? You mean, guess.
They use their informed intuition, sir.
We guess. It's like playing chess in the dark.
Any rumour, troop movement, ship movement, spine tingle, goosebump...
we pay attention to it.
When I was in the Asiatic fleet, the locals used to try to...
get outside ofa problem to try to see the inside.
Well, I see a strike on Pearl.
It's the worst thing that could happen.
A blow to Pearl would devastate the Pacific Fleet's ability to make war.
So, sir, you would have us mobilize the entire fleet...
at the cost of millions ofdollars...
based on this spine-tingling feeling ofyours?
No, sir. I understand myjob is to gather and interpret material.
Making difficult decisions based on incomplete information...
from my limited decoding ability is yourjob, sir.
Then break the damn naval code, Captain, so I can make a better decision.
Aye, sir. We are trying.
I wonder ifwe shouldn't put the Pacific Fleet on full alert.
In case the optimism ofthe HonoluluAdvertiser...
proves unfounded, gentlemen...
what are General Short and the army going to do about protecting my ships?
Within a ten-mile radius ofyour harbour...
we have fi ghter planes here at Wheeler...
bombers at Hickam and a training strip at Haleiwa.
We've recently established a radar station here that can detect planes 1 25 miles out.
Which is a month old, Admiral, and untested.
I've seen these new radar screens, Major.
There's no way oftelling whether they're ours, theirs or a flock ofdamn birds.
I'm intercepting a call from Tokyo to somewhere close by Pearl.
There's a call from Tokyo. They say they don't know you.
It's a local dentist. He can see Pearl Harbor from his office.
''Are there many sailors around?''
Uh, the dentist says that the flat ships are not in port.
They're talking about the weather.
He doesn't seem to know who he's talking to.
That was a strange call.
Admiral, may I speak to you in private?
Why would a spy use a phone?
They know we tap all international lines.
Our listeners feel it's probably not code talk.
It sounds like someone inJapan is sneaking around...
asking a local citizen the location ofour carriers.
Well, that makes me feel all warm inside.
Get the FBI on it immediately.
Have we found the goddamJapanese fleet yet?
No, Admiral, the bases are looking all over the Pacific.
So the entire fleet could be rounding Diamond Head right now.
We wouldn't know a thing about it.
Get on it.
I'm alive.
This is the fi rst I could get word out.
I told you I'd come back.
Here. Sit down. Sit down. Come here.
It's okay.
It's all right.
- You're real. - Yeah.
- I wished for this every day. - I know. Me too.
Every second, so did I.
I thought you were dead. They-- They said you were shot down in the sea.
Yeah, I was.
I was in the ocean. It was so cold.
I missed you.
I got picked up by a-- a French fishing boat, and I--
I was in Occupied France. I couldn't get word out.
I'll tell you all about it. I promise.
But I'm fi ne. I'm okay, and I'm here now.
I just wanted to see you. You're so beautiful.
I love you.
I love you.
Hey, it's okay. It's okay.
Evelyn-- Evelyn, I'm back.
It's okay. I won't leave you again. I promise.
Rafe, you died.
So did I.
I know, but I'm-- I'm-- It's fi ne now. I'm back.
We're together.
I mean, we are together, right?
I don't know where I am.
Stay away.
This is Radio Honolulu, playing thesweetest music...
on thesweetest island in the Pacific.
lt's a beautifulDecember6 with beautifulmusic...
from the beautifulbeach ofWaikiki.
- Rafe! - Rafe!
Oh! God damn it. There you go.
A real live ace!
An ace is only five. I shot down six M.E.'s.
- And I got two smokers too. They don't count them. - Oh, sorry.
Ofcourse, I got shot down myself before they could pin me.
You got back from behind enemy lines, huh? What was that combat like?
- Were you scared? - Hey! One at a time.
Oh, fi ne.
Well, them Luftwaffe boys can fly pretty good. It's not like, you know, training. They're, uh--
- Danny. - You know, they're all about tactics is what it is.
You see, the Nazis, right? They're faster than you are.
So they'll disappear, and they get up in the soup.
They'll throw like a roll or a hammerhead and come around your high side, you know.
Shoot you from behind, like some Americans will.
Hey, Gooz, you're lookin' at a real live ace.
Well, let me give you the shirt off my back.
- Aloha! There you go! - I'll take it from you!
You all are having a pretty good time out here.
Hey, Rafe, we got to talk, all right?
Ain't got nothing to talk about with you. Here.
Why don't you have a drink?
I'll make a toast.
To returnin' from the dead.
Wasn't all I expected, but, well, that's life.
And to-- to my best friend and loyal buddy Danny...
for keeping up the war effort back here at home.
- Yeah. - All right, here we go. - That was good.
You know, where I come from, somebody makes a toast to you...
and you don't drink, that's sayin' somethin'.
All right, Rafe, that's how it's gonna be.
- To you. - Hey, you guys need to spend some time alone, I think.
Oh, hell, no, Red. Come on.
What are you talking-- No, no, no. We're celebrating here.
Me over there fi ghtin'.
Almost gettin' killed.
My friend Danny back here, looking after my interests for me.
You all know Danny was even good enough to look out for my girl for me while I was gone.
We thought you were dead, Rafe, and it gutted us both...
and we werejust trying to get on with our lives.
Life is good, ain't it, Danny?
You know, you're a rotten drunk. You always have been.
Yeah, well, you're a lousy friend. That's a new development.
You left her to fi ght somebody else's war.
And you made damn sure that I didn't go with ya, and we thought that you were dead!
I almost did die, you little son ofa bitch.
Her face was the last thing that went through my mind.
So don't stand there and tell me to act like it's all right.
Yeah, Rafe, well, I stayed.
I stayed, and you made sure ofthat, and some things changed.
- I hope you can get used to that. - Oh, I have to get used to it.
- Yeah. - All right.
We'll see how I can get used to it.
- Get used to that, boy. - Hey!
- And that's my left hand too. - Hey, hey, hey!
Come on!
Melee at the Hula-la! Send MP's!
You called me a lousy friend?
Come on!
- Let's go get 'em! - Move out!
Oh, they're gonna throw us in the brig. Let's go.
Oh, shit.
Rafe, you're the only family I got.
When you were gone, it was the loneliest I'd ever been.
The same for her too.
Oh, boy, now you're really breaking my heart.
Ifyou hadn't gone, none ofthis would have happened.
Oh, so it's my fault, I guess.
Damn it, Rafe.
I just know there's got to be some way...
we can work things out so that...
things can be right between me and you.
I just don't see how it could ever be the same.
Revered father...
I go now to fulfi l my mission and my destiny.
I hope it is a destiny that will bring honour to our family.
And if it requires my life...
I will sacrifice it gladly to be a good servant ofour nation.
Hey, I got a large haze.
That's too big to be planes, right?
Is that what you want to do? Knight to knight five?
Boom! Wrong move.
Lieutenant! Radar's picking up a large return moving in from the northeast.
Hang on.
Relax. It's a flight of B-1 7's coming in from the mainland.
Nothing to worry about.
Heck ofa lot of B-1 7's.
Good shot, Hot.
This better be good, Commander.
One ofour destroyers reports having fi red and sunk enemy submarine...
attempting to enter Pearl Harbor at 0653.
- It's 7:20. - We had decoder delays, Admiral.
Relay this to Washington. Recall the staff.
Peace talks useless.''
Thurman here. Tokyo transmitting to their embassy in Washington.
''Discontinue use ofyour decoding machine and dispose of immediately.
Special emphasis on destroying important parts.'' Do you read that? Acknowledge.
Admiral, Naval Intel intercepted a transmission from Tokyo...
to theJapanese embassy in Washington...
instructing them to break apart all decoder machines...
and burn all secret documents.
TheJapanese are expectin' a war.
Should we?
Warning of possibleJapanese aggressive movement in any direction.
''Broken relationship. Hostilities imminent.'' But where?
Did you ever lose a fi ght, Miller?
I been lucky so far, Captain.
From what I hear, it ain't luck.
Ship's proud ofyou, son.
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
How do you like that?
Why the hell is the navy doing practice this early on a Sunday?
- Heads up! - Where's that coming from?
Get down!
Go! Go, go, go!
I'm with navy newsreel, and I can tell you one thing! Them ain't navy planes!
-Allhands, manyourbattle stations! -We're being bombed! We're being bombed! Get up! Get up!
Allhands, manyourbattle stations.
Jesus Christ!
- Manyourbattle stations! Allhands, manyourbattle stations. - Another dumb drill.
- Allhands, manyourbattle stations! - What the heck was that?
- It's a bomb! - Go! Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!
Son ofa b--
Go! Go!
Get me the engine room!
My God.
Take cover!
Down! Down!
- Report battle stations! Manned and ready! - Man your battle stations.
Man your battle stations!
This is no shit! Theyjustsunk the Arizona!
- Generalquarters! Generalquarters! - Hustle! Hustle!
Allhands, manyourbattle stations! This is no damn drill!
-Jap planes! - Go! Go!
They look likeJaps.
I didn't even know theJaps were sore at us.
Danny, you just get me into a goddam aeroplane.
Oh, my God! This is good footage. Did you see that?
Holy cow!
I hope there's still an airfield left.
- Hurry up! - What in the world?
Look. So many.
Everybody to the hospital!
Why is the navy always buzzin' us?
Shut up, Red!
- Hey, come on. - Red, it's too early for this.
TheJaps are here!
- What the hell? - Let's go! Let's go!
Get outta here!
Run! Run!
- It's theJaps! - Take cover! - Get down!
- Take cover! - Let's go! Hurry up!
- Generalquarters! - Get corpsmen to the bridge. - Aye, Captain.
Repair says third deck is flooding port side.
Look out!
Get up! Get up, you cowards! Get up there and fi ght! Move it!
- Incoming! - Take cover!
Go, go, go!
Oh, my God!
- I got you, Captain. - You radio for air cover!
Initiate damage control.
Find my XO! Tell him to assume command!
- And you make sure the gunners-- - Everyone is where they need to be, Captain.
You trained us well.
You trained us well.
Get down now!
Oh, my God!
Go, go, go! Go!
Let's go! Let's go! Everybody move! Let's move it!
Get to the guns!
Get the ammo for that 50 cal! Get that 50 cal!
Let's get a fuel hook-up!
- Let's go! We're gotta get-- - Hey!
Come on, man! We gotta get this thing loaded up!
Get to the planes!
Let's go! Let's go!
- Get the fuel. - Help!
Come on! Let's go! Let's go!
Come on! Get down!
Down! Down!
Get to the planes! Get to the planes!
Come on!
Get down!
Danny, get me into a damn plane.
Come on!
- Planes coming in! - Get down!
Get some ammo up here! We need to man these guns!
Sir! Captain says you're in charge, sir!
We need more ammo! Now!
Send up ammunition for the five-inch guns.
- Medic! - All of'em! Now!
Send everything you got!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, you sum'bitch!
Oh, yeah!
I need a doctor! Somebody help me!
Take a deep breath! Come on! Breathe!
Get to the supply room!
Get everything out!
Planes incoming!
Cut 'em down!
Come on! Come on! Get 'em away from the windows!
Get against the wall!
The mattresses! Get 'em against the wall!
Take cover!
- Is everybody all right? - Can you stand?
Come on! Help 'em out!
- Hold your fi re! - Get to the guns! Hurry up!
Get down, Danny!
- Earl! - This is Walker.
We need to get those planes fuelled and loaded right now!
- What's going on out there, huh? - Danny, what the hell's that noise?
Youguys doing targetpractice orsomething?
I think World War II just hit us.
- Get down! - Go, go, go!
- Billy! - Run!
It's a dud.
- It's a bomb! - It's a dud!
Get down!
- Danny! Danny, you all right? - I'm all right!
Come on! Let's go! Come on! Let's go! Gooz, come on, man!
We're sinking! We're sinking!
Stay together! Close the hatches!
- I can't swim! - You hang on!
Move it! Now!
Joe! Go! Go!
- Come on! - We're gettin' out of here! Get in the car!
Get in! Get in! Let's go! Go! Go! Go!
Get out ofthe way! Get out ofthe way!
- Where's this place we're goin'? - We got a small mechanic runway about 1 0 minutes away.
Hasn't been hit yet.
Zeros on our six!
We're trapped.
Try-- Try the door!
Oh, my God! I'm gonna be under! I'm gonna be under!
- It's sucking me back! - The current's too strong!
Watch it! They're still shootin' us!
I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die! I don't wanna die!
- This is it. - Help! There's no way out!
How bad?
It's still not over, sir.
An entire fleet at anchor.
My God. My God.
Barbara, fi ll every syringe you can fi nd with morphine!
Fill up the kitchen! Fill up the ki--
Are you listening to me? Fill up the kitchen!
Over there! Over there!
- Bad neck wound here! We got a dire neck wound! - Surgery!
Go! We've got to get him to surgery!
Oh, God. In here.
Guy's still bleeding. Give me another haemostat.
Hurry! Haemostat! Give me a haemostat now!
Give me another haemostat. Give me another suture.
- Oh, God! I'm so sorry! - Hurry it up!
- Doctor! - Here it is!
Am I gonna die? Am I gonna die?
- Don't leave me! - Doctor, get over here!
My fi ngers are plugging his artery.
Doctor, what do you need?
Doctor, focus. Look at me. What do you need?
- H-H-H-Haemostat. - Haemostat.
Here. All right. Look at me.
It's gonna be all right. It's gonna be all right.
I need more ammo! I need more ammo, ladies!
I need more ammo!
- Earl! We good to go? - Yeah, mostly, but--
- Get down! Get down! - Shit! Take cover! - Oh, jeez--
Oh, my God! Earl, get in here!
Hey, Sergeant! They come back around, we're gonna need more than a shotgun.
You got any other weapons and ammo you can lay us some cover fi re?
Yeah, inside that ammo locker!
Come on! Let's go! Move it!
Go! Go! Go! Gimme a gun, goddam it!
You said the planes were mostly ready ''but.'' But what?
Well, she's down, she's broke, she's shit. I got four left.
One's good to go, two need ammo, one needs fuel.
Fall out. Load up in the bunker.
- Let's go! Get down! - Move! - Come on!
- Get ready to roll. - Get down! Down!
All right, Anthony, Red...
you two are gonna stay here and man the 50-calibre.
Gooz, you get up to the next bunker and you lay down some cover fi re, all right?
Should we fi re?
Stay down! Stay down! No, goddam it, hold your fi re!
- Stay still. Nobody fi re. - Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God! - Hold your fi re.
They don't know we're here.
- Stay down. - We can fi re. - No, no, no, no, no, goddam it.
They don't know we're here. Stay down. Stay still. Don't fi re.
Oh, God.
I don't see any ordnance. I think they're goin' home.
No, they'll be back. We still got planes on the ground.
All right, you pilots, listen up. Get all the airspeed you can coming off the runway.
Don't get on the stick till you get to the very end.
When you get in the air, stay low between the buildings.
You see any Zero on your tail, try to wipe him off. Don't freeze.
All right?Just keep moving. We're gonna try to break 'em up and separate 'em.
- That way we can take 'em out one by one. - All right.
P-40s can't outrun Zeros, so don't try.
We'rejust gonna have to outfly 'em.
We got high-level bombers. They're gonna bust this hangar wide open.
- Grab the 50s! Let's move! - Okay! - Let's go! Let's go!
- Move! Move! Move! - Go, go, go!
- Let's go! - Zeros!
Take cover! Take cover!
Go! Faster!
Take cover! Take cover!
- Get down! Get down! Get down! - Gooz, Danny, come on!
Get in there!
Come on! Come on, buddy!
Leave him! He's dead! He's dead!
- All right, they're kickin' our butt. Get to the aeroplanes! Let's go! - Let's go!
- Come on. Go, go, go! - Get up!
- Danny, let's run! - Red, Anthony, let's go!
Hey! Come on! Help me!
Let's do it, Anthony! Come on!
- Knock 'em dead. - Here. Get in. Here. Put these on.
They're coming around, boys! Pick it up! Let's go, go, go, go, go!
Red, get outta here, goddam it! I'm all right. Go! Go!
Come on, come on. Let's go.
-Joe, get out the way! - I'm rollin'! I'm rollin'!
Clear, clear! Go!
Help me, damn it!
Hey,Joe.Joe, you got three Zeros right behind you! You got three Zeros on your six!
Turn! Turn!
Oh, God!
- Oh, shit. - What are you doing? Get goin'! Get movin'!
Danny, start that thing up and get in the air, now.
I'm not much good without a wingman.
- lneedyou. - I got you.
Let's do it!
It's real tight, Rafe. It's real tight.
Hey, Rafe, I'm not sure we have enough runway!
Get your airspeed up before you leave the dirt!
Don't freeze. Don't freeze.
I don't think I'm gonna make it up over this.
Get up! Get up!
We did it! I'm up!
We got Zeros behind us, Rafe!
How many you see back there?
We got five on our six!
Take it down to the deck, Danny! Now!
We gotta split 'em up, Danny.
You take left, I'll take right.
Earl, you better get some guns in that goddam tower up there!
Okay, okay. Let's go! Get to the truck! Let's go! Follow me!
Danny, I got three on my six!
Stop it! Stop it! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Move it! Move it, Red.
- Let's go. Move it! - Gimme the 50!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
I still got two behind me, Rafe.
Coming in! Take cover!
Son ofa bitch!
Earl, do you hear me, goddam it? Get some guns in that tower!
On the tower. Yeah. Goin' ten storeys up. It's a long son ofa bitch.
- Look! Look! - Move it!
Rafe, they're all over me. I can't get 'em off me!
Danny, I still got three on my tail.
- Keep jinkin' it. Don't let 'em get a handle on you. - I can't shake 'em, Rafe.
Damn it.
Danny, let's play some chicken with theseJap suckers.
All right, I'm with you.
- I'm comin' right at you, Rafe. - Don't break till I tell you. Hold on.
Not yet. Not yet!
Come on! Come on!
Go left, now!
- Whoo! We got 'em! - Whoo! Ha-ha-ha!
Set up over there!
Come on. Load it.
Okay, we're at the top ofthe tower.
Earl, I got one on my tail. I'm gonna bring him right by you.
He's comin' around! He's comin' around! Let's get thisJap sucker!
Hold your fi re. Hold your fi re. Here he comes.
You better be cocked and locked when I come by there.
Hold your fi re.
Whoo! Good shootin', boys!
Nicejob, Earl.
- Now, let's head over to Battleship Row. - I'm with you.
Let's go do some business.
I'm goin' after 'em.
Rafe, I got him!
- Oh, yeah! - P-40s! - Yeah!
They're pullin' out into the clouds, Danny. We ain't gonna let these sons of bitches get home.
How do you like it when someone's shootin' back at you?
Oh, I'm on your ass now.
Danny, I got one!
Come on.
Ah! Come on!
Come on. Stay in there. Stay in there!
I got you, son ofa bitch!
Who taught you how to fly, Lieutenant?
He did.
All right, Bobby, don't kick. I know it's hard, but--
- I have to amputate here! I have to amputate! - You're not gonna die!
I got you. Can you hold on to this--
Sandra, we're running out of morphine, so you gotta--
you gotta mark 'em, you gotta fi nd some way to mark 'em...
so we can keep track ofwho's got-- got the morphine already.
Tell me about your ship. What ship are you from?
- It's not marking. It's not ma-- Ev, you got a marker? - Uh, uh, no.
Use my lipstick. Put M for morphine.
- Evelyn, we need a tourniquet! - Tourniquet?
Where are the clamps? Hurry.
There's nothing left.
- Evelyn. - Here. Use this. - I need you to go outside.
There's too many to help. Okay? You gotta sort 'em out.
Only those that can be saved, you bring in here. You got that?
- I can't. - No, please, do it!
I need you to do it. Go! Go!
- Don't let in anyone without a mark. - Stay back!
- I told you, stand back! - Stay outside. Keep 'em outside.
Come on! Let's go! Take this guy up!
- Wait here. - Don't touch me, youJap! Get your hands off me!
- He's critical. Get him into Critical! - Keep him off me. Keep him off me!
Critical, front ward!
How bad am I?
- You're gonna bejust fi ne, sweetheart. - I don't wanna die! - You're gonna bejust fi ne.
You're not gonna die, sweetheart. I got your hand.
Give him enough morphine to make him comfortable. He's not gonna make it.
Line the critical up in the ward. Get him morphine. Take him over there.
- Take the burn victims by the trees. - I just found her.
- I-I-I don't-- I don't think she's breathing. - No, she's dead. Take her.
- Oh, no. - Oh, God!
Oh, are you sure, Ev? Could you check her one more time to be sure?
She's dead, Sandra, she's dead. Take her over there.
- You've got to be sure before you-- - She's dead. Get back to work. - Oh, my God!
Go back to work, Sandra.
I don't know what to do.
- Over here! - Admiral?
From Washington.
''Attack byJapan considered imminent.''
They're only an hour late.
- How can we help? - We need blood. Come on.
Remember, son, hold on to your faith.
- 1 ,500 cartons over there. - Remember whatJesus said:
''Today you will be with me in paradise.'' So fear not.
Fear not, my son.
You are a man truly blessed. Truly blessed.
You will die in a state of grace.
Remember, pain is temporary, but glory is forever.
Hold on to your faith, my son.
You will be with God and all the saints, all the angels very soon.
I absolve you ofyour sins in the name ofthe Father...
and ofthe Son and the Holy Spirit.
Go with God, my son.
We've got men trapped everywhere in the harbour.
We need help from anybody who can move.
Don't lose us! Keep swimming!
- Get us outta here! - Help!
There's somebody in here! Get somebody down here!
- They're cuttin' through! - Yeah!
Get us outta here!
I hear somebody! Let's get some guys over here!
- Get us outta here! - The room's fi lling up with water!
Get an air line in here!
- Help us! Hurry! - The air hose!
What can we do?
It won't cut any faster!
Cut 'em out!
December 7, 1 941 ...
a date which will live in infamy...
the United States ofAmerica was suddenly and deliberately attacked...
by navalandairforces...
ofthe Empire ofJapan.
lt is obvious thatplanning the attack...
began many weeks ago.
During the intervening time...
theJapanesegovernment hasdeliberatelysought...
to deceive the United States...
by false statements and expressions of hope...
The attackyesterday on the Hawaiian lslands...
has causedsevere damage toAmerican militaryforces.
lregret to tellyou that over3, 000American lives...
have been lost.
No matter how long it may take us...
to overcome this premeditated invasion...
theAmericanpeople in theirrighteous might...
will win through...
to absolute victory.
Because ofthis...
unprovoked, dastardly attack byJapan...
I ask that the Congress declare a state ofwar.
Is it true...
men are still trapped alive inside the Arizona?
We can hear tapping from inside the hull.
We're doing everything we can to get to them, but they're 40 feet below water.
We've been trained to think that we're invincible...
and now our proudest ships have been destroyed...
by an enemy we considered inferior.
We're on the ropes, gentlemen.
That's exactly why we have to strike back now.
We're preparing an attack against the Marshall and Gilbert Islands, sir, to keep our--
I'm talking about hitting the heart ofJapan the way they have hit us.
Mr President, Pearl Harbor caught us unawares...
because we didn't face facts.
This isn't a time for ignoring them again.
The Army Air Corps has long-range bombers but no place to launch them.
Midway is too far, and Russia...
won't allow us to launch a raid from there.
- Admiral? - The navy's planes are small.
They carry light loads and have a short range.
We'd have to get them within a few hundred miles ofJapan...
and therefore risk our carriers, and ifwe lose our carriers...
we'll have no shield against invasion.
Does anyone in this room...
think that victory is possible without facing danger?
We are at war. Ofcourse there's a risk.
But consider the risk, Mr President.
IftheJapanese invade us right now...
they would penetrate as far as Chicago before we could stop them.
most ofyou did not know me when I had the use of my legs.
I was strong and proud and arrogant.
Now I wonder every hour of my life...
why God put me into this chair.
But when I see defeat in the eyes of my countrymen...
in your eyes right now, I start to think that maybe he brought me down...
for times like these when we all need to be reminded who we truly are--
that we will not give up or give in.
Mr President, with all respect, sir.
What you're asking can't be done.
- Mr President-- - Mr President! - Get back, George. Get back.
Do not tell me...
it can't be done.
Japan continues its militaryconquest throughout the Pacific.
But, backhome, millions ofAmerican workers...
bandtogether, bringing factories to life to avenge PearlHarbor.
Mr President, I think we have an idea about how to bomb theJapanese.
Sir, it's risky, but it's bold.
- Who are you? - I, sir?
Captain Low, Mr President.
He's a submariner. He came up with this idea, sir.
I like sub commanders.
They don't have time for bullshit, and neither do I.
Fire away, gentlemen.
And where is God in all this?
Our enemies believe that a divine wind protects them.
But we see our friends laid out here before us--
Hey, Cap'n.
- Lieutenants Rafe McCawley, Daniel Walker? - Major.
You're both going stateside. Fly out in two hours.
What for, sir?
Ask Colonel Doolittle.
Yes, sir.
Over there.
What kind oforders?
The top secret kind.
Dangerous kind.
I, uh, can't fi nd Danny.
That why you're here? Looking for Danny?
He's probably saying goodbye to his squadron. We've been assigned to Doolittle.
I wasn't looking for Danny.
I couldn't have you go away without you understanding something.
Yeah, well, you don't have to explain anything to me.
I do, because you're acting like I didn't love you.
Evelyn, loving you kept me alive.
I should've died over there.
When I was in that water, I made a deal with God.
I told Him I was sorry.
I told Him I knew I'd been a fool for leaving you...
trying to go over there and be a hero...
and I promised I'd never ask for anything again...
if I could just see you one more time.
You know what?
It was worth it.
You kept me alive, Evelyn. You brought me home.
So I'm gonna stand by my end ofthe deal.
I'm gonna walk away, and I won't askyou for anything.
But I just wanna know why.
Just tell me that, will you, please? Just tell me why.
Rafe, I'm pregnant.
Oh, my God.
I didn't even know until the day you turned up alive.
And then all this happened.
I haven't told Danny.
I don't want him to know.
All he needs to think about is how to do this mission and get back alive.
Rafe, all I ever wanted was for us to have a home...
and grow old together, but life never asked me what I wanted.
Now I'm gonna give Danny my whole heart...
but I don't think I'll ever look at another sunset without thinking ofyou.
I'll love you my whole life.
I'll see you on board.
You know, the only thing that scares me...
is that you might love him more than you love me.
I love you, Danny...
and I'll be here waiting foryou when you come back.
Follow me.
- Congratulations on your promotion, sir. - I heard what you did.
We can explain that, sir.
Explain what?
Whatever it is you heard about us, sir.
You mean the hula shirts you were flying in?
Or the seven planes you shot down?
You're both being awarded the Silver Star...
and promoted to captain.
Is that the good news, sir, or--
You'rejust about the only pilots in the army with combat experience.
I need you for a mission I've been ordered to put together.
- You know what top secret is? - Yes, sir.
It's the kind of mission where you get medals.
But they send them to your relatives.
Top secret means you train for something...
never done before in aviation history...
and you go without knowing where you're going.
You do it on that basis or not at all.
I'll go, sir.
I'll go too, sir.
By the way, McCawley, the Brits sent this over.
- It's your personal effects. - Thankyou, sir.
There's only one more thing I can tell you.
Leave your goddam hula shirts at home.
Dear Rafe, it's so strange to be this far from you...
but you should know this: every night--
I've been looking all over foryou.
Danny, this-- this--
this ain't no time to leave things unsaid.
We gotta face facts here.
The fact is, wejust both love the same woman.
You know, she's the fi rst girl I ever felt this way about, Rafe.
I couldn't help what happened any more than you could.
This is different, though, Danny.
Evelyn already lost the man she loved once. I just don't want to see that happen to her again.
Guys like us got no choice. This is war.
She knows that.
Danny, don't do this. Don't go on this mission.
You got nothing to prove.
You've been trying to protect me since we were kids.
Yeah, well, you do tend to need it from time to time.
The mission I'm asking you to volunteer for is exceptionally dangerous.
Take a look at the man beside you.
It's a good bet that in the next six weeks...
you or he...
will be dead.
Everyone brave enough to accept this...
step forward.
Your grandmother could take a B-25 off on a mile-long runway.
Well, I'm gonna train you to do it in 467 feet.
Because at 468 feet...
you're dead.
And once you get it up, you're gonna learn to fly it like a fi ghter...
thirty feet off the ground.
I want you to say hello to Lieutenant Jack Richards, Navy Aviation.
He's gonna help us lighten these fat ladies here.
Dump that ashcan. See that bombsight? Get rid of it.
- Colonel, he's crazy. - The lady's fat! - Listen to him.
She's a fat lady. We want a skinny lady.
Max power!
Get up! Get up! Get up!
- Damn! - How in the heckyou-- - Damn!
Theyjust keep rolling past that line.
- Maybe this mission's a bad idea. - No, they're too heavy. We got to get drastic with these planes.
This armoured plating's got to go.
- I'm sure. I'm sure. Now, lose it like a skirt, son. - Release brakes!
Come on! Come on! Come on! Come on!
- God! - Put every man on the line now!
Let's show these boys how this thing is done!
Come on! Max power!
Well, if he can do it--
Well, gentlemen, now I can tell you that we're going to Tokyo.
And we're gonna bomb it.
That comes as a special request directly from President Roosevelt.
The navy's gonna sneak us about 400 miles off theJapanese coast, and we'll launch from the carrier there.
Has that ever even been done before? Taking army bombers off a navy carrier?
- Any other questions? - Well, sir...
is it even possible to land a B-25 on an aircraft carrier deck?
That won't matter.
As soon as we're airborne, the carrier will head straight back for Hawaii.
But ifthe carriers head home, where do we land?
I have a phrase I want you to memorize.
It means ''I am an American.''
In Chinese.
Ain't gonna be any easier. That's three feet shorter than our practice runway.
- Fellas? - Sir.
- Secretary ofthe navy gave me these. - What are they?
Friendship medals theJapanese gave us when they were pretending they wanted peace.
- What do they want you to do with them, sir? - We're gonna wire them to the bombs and give them back.
- So what's going on? - Well, sir, we only have 1 6 planes.
When theJaps hit us, they had more than 300.
I mean, how much difference we really gonna make?
It's not that we're afraid, sir. It'sjust that we might die doing this, and we wanna know what it's for.
You know, at Pearl, they hit us with a sledgehammer.
This raid, even ifwe make it through...
it'll only be a pinprick.
But it'll be straight through their hearts.
Victory belongs to those that believe in it the most and believe in it the longest.
We're gonna believe. We're gonna make America believe too.
Colonel! I need a minute.
- Excuse me, MajorJackson. - Yes. - Do you remember me?
Oh, sure I do. I'm sorry. I've been meaning to thankyou.
Maybe you can.
When the news starts coming in about those boys in the Doolittle outfit...
- I wanna be in the command post. - I'm sorry.
I-I don't know what you're talking about.
How in the hell do you know about this mission, Lieutenant?
Let's call it an inadvertent disclosure.
You mean some fly boy you're dating shot his mouth off.
Actually, It's about two pilots.
I know they're going into great danger.
I just wanna be there when the news comes in to tell us ifthey've lived or died.
Most officers would have thrown you in the brig.
Most nurses would have gone on to someone else instead of keeping their fi ngers plugged in your artery.
I can't promise you anything.
One, two, three, one! One, two, three, two! One, two, three--
Hey, Red, you think theyjust picked us to do this 'cause we're young and dumb?
Come on, Gooz. We're the tip ofthe sword.
All right, in honour ofour trip toJapan, I got us some, uh, victory cigars!
Yeah, victory cigars! There you go.
Put that in your inside pocket next to your heart.
You know,Jack, we may lose this battle, but we're gonna win this war.
- You know how I know? - No.
Because they're rare.
And in times like these, you see them...
stepping forward.
There's nothing stronger than the heart ofa volunteer,Jack.
My friends in the War Department don't want me to lead this raid...
because they say I'm too valuable.
They don't want me up in the air flying with the men that I've chosen...
that I've chewed out, cussed out, pushed to the limit...
and that I've come to respect.
They want me to stand in the flight deck and wave you off. Well, I don't see it that way.
So I'm going with you.
We take off tomorrow afternoon, drop our fi re and head for China.
Our mission is to hit military targets, aircraft and tank factories.
you've given us the homing beacons, but you've also told us that China is overrun withJapanese troops.
What do we do ifthe beacons are switched off?
You bring her down any way you can and do your best to avoid capture.
What do we do ifour planes are damaged and we have to bail out overJapan?
Well, in that situation, I can't tell you what you should do.
What would you do, Colonel?
I wasn't built to be a prisoner.
So I would have my crew bail out.
I'd fi nd the sweetest military target I could...
and drive my plane right smack into the middle of it.
But that'sjust me.
I'm 45 years old. I'm an old man.
You guys have your whole lives ahead ofyou.
So what you do is up to you.
The mission will launch in a couple of hours.
You'll stay right in here.
Here. Stay here. Don't talk to them. They won't talk to you.
Pretend to type whatever information we pass you. That's it.
This is OrphanAnnie from Radio Tokyo...
to all the lonely boys in theSouth Pacific.
- Watch out. The enemy willgetyou. - Maybe she's right.
Japs transmitting! Japs transmitting!
Captain, Radar reportsJapanese patrol boats range of400 yards.
- How many yards? - 400 yards and closing, sir.
Richards!Japs! 400 yards. Let's go!
Admiral Halsey's ordering the cruisers to open fi re!
We gotta sink theseJap boats before they give away our position.
Go to general quarters!
Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!
Oh, my God.
This can't be good.
Allhands, manyourbattle stations!
Japs one mile away! They've reported our position!
We're supposed to launch 400 miles away. How far are we now?
624 miles.
-Jesus! - What do you wanna do?
624 miles--
I don't know. Colonel...
I don't know ifthe planes can carry enough fuel to make it to China.
Now. We launch now!
Army pilots, man your planes!
They're shooting at something.
Colonel, we're too far out to make it.
These planes need more fuel, but ifthey're too heavy, they might not get off the deck.
Listen. I want you to strip everything out ofthis plane you don't need, and I mean now.
Start preflight. Let's go!
Add ten more cans offuel for each plane.
Every plane!
- Let's go! Let's go! Move! - Come on, you guys. Get up there!
Lose those suitcases now!
- What's your favourite gun? - What?
You wanna get off this deck, you give me one ofthose guns now. It's still too heavy.
Yo. I want you to go to the kitchen, get some broomsticks. Cut 'em down, paint 'em black and bring 'em here.
- You're gonna put a broomstick where this gun was. - A broomstick.
Your plane's gonna be fi ne.
You tell your crew to take a piss before they take off, or they're not gonna clear the deck.
- We've got broomsticks for tail guns. - Yeah, maybe it'll scare 'em.
- You take care ofyourself up there. - Yeah. I will.
Danny, be careful. You hear me?
- I will. I'll see you, Rafe. - Rafe, we're the tip ofthe sword.
- Turning on one! - Turning on two!
All right.
You ready for this?
- Superchargers low and latched. - Superchargers are low and latched.
We're full into the wind.
More speed! More speed!
- Are you nervous? - No-- Yes, sir. Yes.
- When did you fi nd religion? - When you assigned me to this mission, sir.
- I want you to do me a favour. - What's that, Colonel?
- Pray for both of us. - It's gotta be right!
Let's go!
Max power!
Up, please!
Come on! Come on!
- Yeah! - Way to go!
Jesus, that was short.
- Move 'em up! - All right, full power! Full power! Here we go!
Come on!
Come on! Here we go! Here we go!
We made it!
From Berlin, Rome and Tokyo, we have been described...
as a nation ofweaklings and playboys...
who hire British orRussian orChinesesoldiers...
to do ourfighting forus.
Let them repeat that now.
Let them tell that to General MacArthur and his men.
Let them tell that to thesoldiers who today...
are fighting hard in the far waters ofthe Pacific.
Let them tell that to the boys in the Flying Fortresses.
Let them tell that to the marines.
That'sJapan right there, fellas. Tighten up back there. Man your guns!
We're in the enemy's backyard.
All right, look alive back there. I see coastline.
Heads up, boys! Heads up!
- Man your guns back there. - I'm cocked and locked!
Get ready, you suckers.
Approaching targets for bombing raid. Open bomb bay doors. Open bomb bay doors.
Ripley, you got our target in sight?
37 degrees. Target in sight.
All right, boys, let's knock their clocks off!
- Drop your ordnance. - Bombs away.
One away!
- Bombs away! - Bombs away!
Two away!
Three away! Four away!
- We caught 'em bysurprise. - Dropping ordnance.
Bombsaway! Bombsaway!
Factories.Just factories.
- We got it! - We got it!
We hit our targets. Good job, Raiders.
We got flak everywhere.
- Go down there and get Gooz! - I want everyone to separate!
- Clean that up. - Yes, sir.
- Try and clean that up. - They're shooting flakat us!
We gotta try and get out ofthis shit, Gooz.
We got a fi re! We got a fi re!
It's an electric fi-- We got a fi re back here!
I'm gonna short this out!
Get into the clouds, Danny, right now! Get up--
Goddam it!
Red, go check it out.
- I'm getting peppered up here! -Just hope they don't hit a prop.
- I'm hit! - They're gonna tear this plane apart.
We gotta take it up. 800 feet.
I think Theo's dead! Theo, wake up! Theo!
Get into the clouds, Danny, right now. Get up in that soup!
All right, we're gonna pull out ofthis, Gooz. Come on.
Thankyou, George.
What is it, General?
Colonel Doolittle had to advance his execution order by 1 2 hours, Mr President.
There'll be no homing beacons.
The plane carrying them crashed en route to China.
And our bombers may lack the fuel to reach the mainland anyway, sir.
So our boys are flying blind on empty tanks.
God help them.
Still not getting a signal.
All ocean, no land. Homing into nothing.
How many cans offuel we got left?
These are all empty!
- Is this all you got? - That's all we got, Red.
Rafe, you better pray for land.
Break radio silence.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
You're all brave souls...
among the bravest l've everhad theprivilege offlying with.
But we're on our own.
This really was a suicide mission.
- Engine one's fluctuating. - We're gonna lose it any minute.
- Rafe, you gotta prime it. - I'm priming it. How about now?
I see the coastline. I see the coast!
Copy that, Rafe.
- We're gonna make it. - Yeah.
Danny, follow me now. We can make this.
I can see the coast right now. It's only a few miles out. Follow me.
We're following you, Rafe. We gotta fi nd a soft landing spot.
I'm pushing up on two.
Fellas, it's gonna be a hard landing. Hold on.
I see rice paddies right there. We'll bring it in right here.
Oh, God. Engine one's dead.
We're gonna lose engine two any second.
We can make it in. Easy. Pull it back.
We'll glide in, go in on fumes.
Japs! We gotJap patrols all over the place!
There'sJaps everywhere! Danny, landsomewhere else!
Strap yourself in, boys! We're coming in hard!
- We're a dead stick. - Get out ofthe nose!
Hold on, boys! We're going down!
Watch the trees!
Oh, God!
Everyone all right?
I'm okay. I'm okay.
Where's Ripley?
He's dead.
Watch forJaps.
Jap patrols! Take cover!
- Who's got extra magazines? - I got 'em.
We got to get up into those hills and fi nd the Chinese.
They got us pinned down!
- Danny! - Rafe!
- Rafe, no! Rafe! - Danny!
You don't have a chance! Rafe!
Oh, God. Dan-- Danny!
Come on!
- Gooz? You okay, man? - Danny!
Oh, shit. Anthony.
- Can you hear me? Come on. - Yeah. Yeah.
- Danny. Easy, easy, easy. - I've had better landings.
- You saved us back there. - I got something in my neck.
- Let me try to pull this out foryou. - Where's Gooz?
He's fi ne. He's right over there.
Danny. Oh!
- Hold on.Just hold on one second. - Rafe.
Hold on now. I got you. You're all right. You're all right. There you go.
I'm not-- I'm not gonna make it.
Oh, yes, you are. Yes, you are. Danny, look at me.
I'm so cold. I'm so cold.
You're all right. Hey.
Hey, Rafe?
- Can you do me a favour? - What?
Can you have someone else write my name on the tombstone?
You're not gonna die. Look at me. Listen to me. You ain't gonna die.
You hear me? Danny.
Danny, you can't die. You can't die.
You know why? 'Cause you're gonna be a father, Danny.
You're gonna be a daddy. I was-- I wasn't supposed to tell you.
You're gonna be a father.
No, you are.
Please. Please. Please.
Please, Danny.
Hold your fi re. They're Chinese.
When the action is over and we look back...
we understand both more and less.
This much is certain.
Before the Doolittle raid, America knew nothing but defeat.
After it, there was hope ofvictory.
Japan realized, for the fi rst time, that they could lose and began to pull back.
America realized that she would win and surged forward.
It was a war that changed America and the world.
Dorie Miller was the fi rst black American to be awarded the Navy Cross.
But he would not be the last. Hejoined a brotherhood of heroes.
That's for all the Raiders.
World War II, for us, began at Pearl Harbor...
and 1 ,1 77 men still lie entombed in the battleship Arizona.
America suffered, but America grew stronger.
It was not inevitable.
The times tried our souls...
and through the trial, we overcame.
Hey, Danny. How'd you like to go flying?
Come here.
When lthinkback on these times
Andthe dreams we left behind
l'llbeglad 'cause l wasblessedtoget
To haveyou in my life
When llookback on these days
You were right there forme
ln my dreams, l'llalways seeyou
Soarabove thesky
ln my heart, there willalways be aplace foryou
Forallmy life
l'llkeep apart ofyou with me
Andeverywhere lam
Andeverywhere lam
Well, youshowedme howit feels
To feelthesky within my reach
Andlalways willremember
All thestrengthyougave to me
Yourlove made me make it through
Oh, lowe so much toyou
You were right there forme
ln my dreams, l'llalways seeyou
Soarabove thesky
ln my heart, there willalways be
A place foryou
Forallmy life
l'llkeep apart ofyou with me
Andeverywhere lam
'Cause lalways sawinyou my light
Andl wanna thankyou now forall the ways
- You were right there forme - You were right there forme
You were right there forme
ln my dreams, l'llalways seeyou
Soarabove thesky
ln my heart, there willalways be
A place foryou forallmy life
l'llkeep apart ofyou with me
Andeverywhere lam
Andeverywhere lam
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