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Pearls and Pigs

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Free your mind|and the rest will follow
Three hundred?!
Kids cost a lot of money, you know...
Can't she sleep on the couch?|-Where do we watch TV then?
Selfish pigs.|-Go ahead, take her with you
Same time next month.|Right, Daddy?
We'll get at least 5e for the CD
Whadda-ya say,|you did great!
Coming up next, our very own|child star from way back when
Don't fall off the stage, Laura!
Hey Laura! Take them all off!|-Shut up, prick!
It's the faggot brothers!
He's Mr. Faggot to you!
I can't hear you!|-Come closer!
Hard to speak mouth|full of sperm, eh?
Right, take a sip and|have some balls too!
If you fight|I'll ban you from the bar
Let's fight!|-He's never been banned so far.
We got lucky this time...|...a VCR!
We can watch porn all night long.|-Timo, hey...
Your kind of porn too
Timo hey, where does the tape|go in? -The tape slot
See my point? That's some VCR.|-I'd say so
A VCR and record player all in one.|-Put that bloody bag away!
Let's go home and watch porn.|- I'll stay out tonight
Hi there.|-Hi
What's up, boys?
Timo stole a Karaoke set for a VCR|and Bulk ate a bottle. -Really?
So what! You eat the cone|with the ice cream, dontcha?
Where the hell did you learn that?|-Home economics, eighth grade
I almost got banned from the bar.|-Great. Now let's open shop
Boy sang some mean Karaoke tonight!
Who the hell taught him that?|-It wasn't his Dad, for sure
But when you are not around me|I'm breathless with nothing left
I lost my love to the four winds|save me now or when you find it fit
Save me...
Damn, too late to take a leak!|-The commercials are still on
Is your child a good singer|and a talented performer?
If so, you may wish to enter|this year's Super Kid Contest!
Win a brand new car,|and 20 000 euros tax-free
Call the number on the screen,|and you're in!
If Boy was still eight years old,|he'd definitely win
He still could, eh?|Let's just shorten him a little
You bloody moron!
Matula's gonna get beaten up twice|tonight. -I say once
I'll bet 5 e on it.|-I say twice too
Once.|-Zero times
He always gets beaten up.|It's the charm of the series
I changed my mind.|I say zero too
No more changing bets!
Isn't that so, Dad? -You play|the cards that God dealt you
You heard him.|-And God just dealt me a wild card
-Which I'm using now!
Shut up, boys! This episode's|directed by Uli Möller
3-1 score!
You'll pay for the booze next month,|or your head will roll
Hi, this is Marita from|Babies Are Us Magazine...
... had a chance to look at the|free sample we sent you? Hello?
Bloody hell!|You just lost a subscriber!
Dad got the door open!|-Yes!
Hey, guys! And you too, Pam.|Come over here
You guys up for some free vodka?|-What the hell is this?
Not good enough for you, fancypants?|-It is, it is
You didn't see us here today?|-No, we didn't
Sure about that?
Hello. -Hello.|What can I get you?
Something to go with...crayfish
That would be white wine. What|price range were you thinking of?
Cheap, I mean... expensive
I'll see what we have.|-No. You have to stay there
This is a hold up.|-Help!
Nobody move!|-Is this the end of my young life?
Help, he's going to kill him!|-I'm too young to die!
I didn't quite follow
-It's a hold up. Do as I say
I hear the Hounds of Hades|barking on my heels!
Are you serious?|-Yes, I am
Help!|-But don't call the police
Be quiet, dammit!
The cash register's pretty empty|this early in the day-
but if you come back after|the tourists have stopped by...
Fuck the tourists!|I need booze, a lot of it
30 cases of domestic vodka.|-I'm not sure we have it in stock
Make up for the rest with Russian!|-Would that be Stoli or...
Whatever.|-I'll go see to it
Just take it easy in the meanwhile
I'll kill everyone|if the cops show up!
You don't see much of|them around here
What a weirdo.|-You did good, Dad
With a little more practice,|I'd have done even better
If we pull this through,|we'll get you a role on Matula
Nope. The gig is just getting to me
What the hell is taking so long?
Well, I've got to pack the bottles|and the stockroom is a mess...
Go easy on it, boys
I thought you said you'd never|drink again?
When the stuff's this good,|you can't call it drinking
You're sure about this?
Here, sons. My silver medal drink.|-From the bartending contest?
Right, 1986.|-Who won?
Lehikoinen,|but with jury tactics
Not the bartender from our pub?|-The same son of a bitch
What did he do?|-Got the jury so drunk that-
his halfwit brother was the only|member sober enough to vote
There's no justice in the world.|-Let's drink to that
Don't spill it on the register,|Jussi's gonna get mad
Jussi! Will you be our driver?
Roots... roots... beet roots...!
Daddy, make me a new drink!|This one... kind of missed
Jussi! Keep on carrying that vodka!|-I'm sorry... bad back
Lade, hey.|Listen, son
If something should ever happen|to me...
You know how your brothers are...|-Now what would ever happen to you?
Forget it, Dad.|We'll be fine
Right on
Look at them...
I say nothing.|You didn't read me my rights
They only do that in America.|-And we're not as good as them, eh?
I can't go to jail, I already have|a tattoo. Cool, isn't it?
How could I have recognized Dad|he was wearing a mask?
So it was just a coincidence that|the whole Hirvonen family was there?
No, it wasn't.|We're all kind of fond of booze
And the only place to get it|the liquor store
I got so drunk in the end I wouldn't|recognized my own father
And I didn't, did l?
What was the question?|-I'll go straight to the answer
Your father gets charged and the|rest of you get the hell out of here
Thou shalt not play God
A man tried it once,|with pretty ugly results
Erkki Valtteri Hirvonen will be|to prison for 2 years
The other suspects are found|guilty in lack of evidence-
and are to be released
You guys owe us a lot of money.|-No kidding?
Don't be so cocky
Either you pay,|or you die and pay
And if you were planning to|leave town, think about the old man
See him running with that|ball and chain?
This ain't funny
Pig and Sty are an ugly lot-|You'd better disappear for a while.
-And leave Dad in trouble?
You're not worth shit without|your father
And your landlord's been looking|for you. It's about the rent
10 e says Matula gets|beaten up twice
And we die six times over.|-Six is my best bet too
No visitors.|We're in mourning
Fuck off!
Situation over, Timo!|-Shut up
This just keeps getting better
Congratulations, guys.|You've got a healthy sister
What the hell do we do with her?|Let's throw her back in the staircase
I've got Celiac disease.|-What?
It means that bread makes|her fart
Goodbye boredom.|-Hey guys, do we have any bread?
Hey, Lade... guys.|-Yeah?
What's wrong with her?|-What do you think?
Ask her wouldn't she rather cry|on the couch than behind it
Yeah, why don't you just|worry about that
Ask her yourself
I don't speak Child.|Hey Bulk, do you speak Child?
No, but Lade does
Lade, hey.|We can speak child now
Leave it to us experts
This is where I sleep at home too.|-This is where she sleeps at home
You speak Child really well.|-Is she a child or a dog?
Here, girl, fetch!|Lade, can you interpret?
So what do we do now?|-How the hell should I know?
What did you do as a kid|when you were feeling bad?
Jumped on the bed, drank booze|and went out stealing
Not necessarily in that order
And then my all time favorite...|360 degrees
Bulk used to play jumping|over the river when he'd pee in bed
Piranha river, piranha river...
Get lost, Lade
And you can fall on your back|like this and it doesn't hurt
Hey, it's Saara's turn.|There's not enough room for us all
You have to wait for your turn
Come on, try it
I can jump.|-There's not enough room
OK, start jumping, just small|bounces, hop, hop, hop...
I'll just jump here then
Then try higher.|Over the river and back
Watch out for the piranhas...
Higher, higher,|360 degrees!
Guys, we just need a plan.|-So start fucking making one
I'm gonna go pick a fight.|-With whom?
Anyone.|-Wait, I'll come with you
Where are you going?|-Anywhere
I brought the midget back.|Thanks very much for the loan
It's his bastard.|He don't pay, he takes care of her
You can't be serious.|-Try me
Sit right there.|She'll let you in soon
NO FREE DISTRIBUTION -|A hundred for a shag
So the others couldn't make it?
I guess they're scared.|It's not easy when things change
Maybe you boys should move|some place where no one knows you
I'll be okay here.|-Don't worry, we'll sort it out
I just have to get the boys back|in line-
which may be more easily|said than done
You never told us about Saara, then?
It was just a one-night stand
I didn't find out about Saara|until she was born
And by then I had my hands|full with the four of you
I just never got around to it.|-She came over last night
That figures.|-Not a very cheerful child
Hardly surprising,|if you look at her folks
But we're her folks too!
Wanna fight?|-Sure
I bet you a cookie that the|guy did it
The mutant.|-You're on
You fucking faggot!|Come back here!
You can't have this...
Go Bulk, go...|Kill him!
Come on, get up!
East Side's the best!
The bottle return's not working.|-I'll take it. Here's your deposit
The recycling machine won't accept|any bottles. -I'll take a look at it
We'll come back later to see if|it's fixed. -OK
Good work, Saara
Is that the first money you ever|got? -Yeah
Turn it up.|No, the other 'up'
Which do you like better?|Chips or cheese puffs?
Cheese puffs.|-Excellent. So do I.
Can't hear you!
The mike's howling!
If you're feeling alright, clap|your hands! -Clap in your pants!
I've got good news|and bad news
First the bad news!|-No, first the good news!
I listed the bad news first
We're broke, we're on a hit list,|and Dad's in jail
Those were the good news?
But we have lots of chips|and cheese puffs and...
Yeah, two whole bags.|One of each
16 liters of flat beer in a jerry can,|save some for us, Bulk...
and it tastes like diesel oil.|-Petrol
I said diesel oil.|-PETROL!
Hey, let me finish...
And save the condoms.|We can still use them
How can I talk when the whole|house is falling apart around me?
Keep talking, it's a great speech.|-We won't interrupt anymore
You're the family funny man.|-Let's give him a little big hand
Go on, it's a good speech.|-And then we have this new Korean...
Karaoke set.|and a new family member
Thanks a hell of a lot.|Let's party!
Now that we're done with warm-up,|let the Karaoke contest begin
And now let's see who'll be|the first performer
And his name is...|Eros Ramazotti! -That's me
He'll do a song called|"Tears of Despair"
Yes, my name really is|Eros Ramazotti
Take it away, Eros!
I wrote this song especially|for tonight
It goes like this
You left,|and the fields were flooding
The stars died out,|and the wind was howling
The rivers were filled|with tears of despair
This song is so Timo.|-And now the synthesizer
The night ends and a new day|dawns so bright
Oh home, sweet life...
How I love you...
I can't sing.|I've got a terrible cold
Thank you, Bulk.|Saara, do you want to sing?
That's okay.|You don't have to
But let's give Saara a big hand|for helping with the party!
Ladies and gentlemen,|here's tonight's main act... Boy!
This one goes to Dad
See the tree how big it's grown|but friend it hasn't been too long
it wasn't big
I laughed at her and she got mad|the first day that she planted
it was just a twig
Then the first snow came|and she ran out-
to brush the snow away|so it wouldn't die
Came running in all excited,|slipped and almost hurt herself
And I laughed 'til I cried...
It's OK, we'll manage somehow.|We are the Hirvonens, after all!
Hell, I 'm a Hirvonen!
I'm a Hirvonen, you Hirvonen?|Me Hirvonen too...
Saara, come out. You sang great,|there's nothing to be ashamed of
What's going on here?|-Nothing. Go back to bed
I've gotta take a leak.|-Don't shout, you'll scare her!
What are you, parent of the year?|-I'll explain in the morning
A miracle has happened.|-Better wash the coffee pot then-
or you'll have cafe au miracle|in the morning
Saara, hey.|Please come out
And now I present you|our new super kid, Saara
Saara is going to sing us a song|called "Love's Last Farewell"
Press the button and it'll start
That's one hell of an artist|you signed up
Very funny. When you have|no idea what's going on
At her pace you'll sell|at least a hundred gigs a night
Was she good, really?|-Hell, yeah
So maybe it's a stupid idea,|but what have we got to lose?
That's it.|I'm gonna go pick a fight
Well?|-I haven't finished my Donald Duck
You really believe in that super|kid shit? -What's there to lose?
If Pig and Sty see we're trying,|it could buy us some more time-
while we think of something better.|-What say you, Brother Timo?
I'd see it as a better alternative|than selling our internal organs
Give me a... pass... so...|-What?
Did I articulate myself|clearly enough?
I'm drawing helmets on the ducks
Lade, these are in alphabetical|order. -Look what I found
"Eagles don't use stairs"
That's it.|I've fucking had it!
Do you have any books|that make kids go la-la?
We have some song books.|-Do they work?
In what way?|-Do they make kids go la-la?
It doesn't work that way.|-So you don't know, huh?
I wonder what you get paid for!
I made the logo of the employment|office. -It's missing the spot
That looks better. It's 3-D!|-I'm the Michelangelo of multivitamins
What...oh, great helmets!|-Now Donald won't hurt his head
Listen: for healthy self-confidence,|involve the child in daily tasks
I can teach her to fight,|if someone else buys her the booze
They're referring to a normal|family, you idiot
Are you saying we're not normal?
What's normal, anyhow?
Dad's in jail, four grown men|living under the same roof...
Never done an honest day of work...
Between the four of us, we get|laid once a year, if we're lucky
We'd do a higher average|if Boy did his bit
Now I eat the employment office
Hey, I found it
child who refuses to do something|developmentally essential-
or doesn't wish to learn some|new, significant skill-
can be inspired to do so|in form of play
Huh?|-It's singing time
I made you|an employment office too
Did you now?|-Sure did
I'm not letting it burn!
How is it?|-C minus
Let me stir.|-I'll keep the stove on, then
And you! Start setting the table.|-In form of play, remember?
You look cool with those crumbs|flying out your mouth. -You too
Hey Saara, let's play this food game
The guys and I are murderers|on our way to the gas chamber
And as our last wish,|we ask for soup
Or Slurp, as we call it here
You're the warden and you bring|us spoons and plates...
And knives so we can cut|each other's stomachs open
You know what's inside a|human being?
All that great stuff like guts,|we can use them as noodles...
Sounds fun, huh? -Yeah, but it's|more like a boys' game
I'm a boy, I think.|-But she isn't
You play with her then
Never mind him. His games|have always been kind of violent
He's the family idiot
Look, Barbie's dancing happily|like this. -Do that trick!
"We girls can do anything..."
And suddenly she becomes possessed...
See?|-"I come from hell..."
What's with her?|-Spoiled shitless, that's all
But the evil's still in the woman!|Brother Bulk, pass the holy water!
Coming up!|"Vade retro spiritus...-
spiritus vade retro..."
Let go, you demon!
Saara, we have this little custom|to sing a food song before eating
What's the song called?
The Food Song.|-Yes!
I copied the words|so we can all sing together
All rise
I wanna learn it by heart.|-Just read it from the paper
But I have musical ambitions.|-Stand up, smartass
Well, if we're in a rush.|-On the count of four: one, two...
Gee, it'll taste so good.|I can smell the food
The eggs are frying on the pan,|then I run so fast, oh man
Hey, that's enough.|Knock it off
...Then I run so fast, oh man.|See, I learned it by heart!
And without using your hands.|-Without using my hands
I won
You shouldn't|pick on someone smaller
No huh? Wanna stay hanging|up there for the rest of the day?
I'm gonna throw up on you.|-Hey Lade, she's one of us!
And now the final moments of|"Look Who's Singing Now" are at hand
You know the rules. You have|to guess who's singing on tape
Let's start with the first sample
That was you.|-Yup, it was me
OK, lets move on.|Here's the next one
Roots... beet roots...
It must be a monster.|-It was Sepultura
Or at first it was...|but then I improvised
Yeah, so much for that.|Let's give Timo a little big hand
And now to our last contestant...
Where's the sarcasm now, Bulk?
Great soundtrack for the|snuff film we'll make about you
The song's not bad
The voice was a bit hissy.|-Might be due to the microphone
What do you say?|-Let's talk
When's the contest?|-Halfway through August
How much can you get from it?|-Twenty grand
You'll pay us fifteen in August,|or you're dead
Snuffed out
Snuffed indeed
How much time do we have?|-3 weeks, and that's the good news
The kids are selected for regional|trials on the basis of the tapes
And in the finals they have also|interviews and a talent section
What the hell is that?
A display of a child's talent|in an optional field
Drinking, stealing and farting|excluded
Shit, our special fields of|expertise. -I was kidding, moron
Phew. I'd hate to see a good|case of Celiac disease wasted
We need someone to coach Saara.|This won't work otherwise
Saara hey, come here. We need|some personal details for this...
... Housing Department form
Did you see my lollipop?|-A froggypop!
It's Saara's. Put it away or she'll|go mad. -It's my froggypop
You're not thinking of asking that|singing barfly to help us?
Remember as kids when Mom took|us to see her sing at the mall?
The mall sucks.|Security cameras everywhere
Well, it's not like we did do|much stealing back then. -Nope
Sorry we're late.|Laura drove
Quit showing your ass to everybody,|you slut!
Show us your hand, asshole!
Dammit, an ace!
Hey, wanker!
Hey, it's the Faggot Brothers.|What are you staring at?
Looking for a blowjob?
Looks like all you need|is an onion ring
around your dick,|to make a fine Greek salad
It's the Feta cheese in a|Greek salad, you moron
You're gonna fucking die now!
Why don't you just sit down?|No one asked you anything
Sit the fuck down!
We'd like to speak to the lady here
I'm gonna take this dog for a walk.|No animals allowed in here
Your company can't be worse|than them for an old kebab like me
Old kebab? -Meat gone around,|half cow, half sheep
Is that an old saying?|-I just made it up
What a beautiful voice.|-Would you coach her?
Thanks but no thanks.|I've quit the music scene
Say hi to your father from me
Bulk, come on out!
Remember the legwork,|you have to keep moving
When Bulk moves,|you move!
Saara hey, you can't stop.|Keep the legs moving!
Now in time with the music, faster!|Don't let him get near you!
Go, go, keep the rhythm.|Keep spinning, don't stop!
Close the gap!|Who's gonna get this trophy?!
Don't let him get near you!
Start moving your mouth|towards the ears
As high up as you can,|higher...
All the way up to the ears,|showing your teeth...
There you go.|Now flash your teeth
Not like a grimace|but more relaxed...
Now pull the sides of your mouth|ever ever closer to the ears...
And don't forget to blink your eyes
Great, very good.|Now! There's a smile!
And now a series of punches.|Great, and Bulk falls down
Now come here, quickly.|Put your foot on top him
And then the smile
Excellent, Saara.|It's a good start
Are you ready?|Here goes...
And now do the boxing stuff.|-What?
Box to the tune of the song
The other hand.|Not the one with the mike
Now the smile.|Like when you won the match
Now turn around slowly.|-I can't, I need to see the words
Need to see the words, huh?|Just turn around bravely
Look up at us
She fainted
At least the mike's still working
This Karate Kid method of yours|is a real killer
I've had it with you pissass bums!|You guys could at least try!
Give me a Christmas Special,|Lehikoinen
So you came here looking|for trouble? -Yeah a tattoo here saying|"Juhis and Laura forever"...
You can always have the arm cut off...
Oh shit, that fucking queen|wants you! -Where?
OK, boys. Let's beat the shit|out of that faggot!
Aren't you guys so tough.|-Yeah, and hard in the right places
Does this turn you on?|-In your dreams
It turns me on.|-Me too
All set?|-All set
Laura!|-Hi. What are you doing here?
Thought you might use the backdoor.|-Oh?
Have you thought about my offer?|-Sorry, but I'm done with music
If you can't face your past,|you'll find it in your future
What the fuck do you think|you know about my past?
Nothing. I'm sorry
And the book where I read|that line sucked, anyhow
Got a light?
Crappy flat, lousy food,|ugly and horny flatmates...
You get two grand if we win,|to give you a fresh start
That's a really shitty offer
You've got an hour|to pick up your stuff
I saw the homo hop in there
Let's go
That's Bulk.|-Hi. Laura
And the next one's Boy.|-Hi, I'm Boy
And that's Timo.|-Hi. Laura
...hi... Hl.|-Hi
Anyone want the rest?
So what do we do now?|-Have you told her your plan?
We have like... sort of hinted...|-So you haven't told her anything?
That's one way of putting it.|-Good. Does she drink coffee?
Yeah, with lots of milk|and two sugars
Should I go get her?|-No
Bulk, stop staring!|I mean it
Good Morning
It's okay, I just brought|you some coffee
I'm Laura,|I'm a friend of the boys
I'm Saara.|-Hi Saara
Do you like it here?|Are the boys nice?
Well, Lade's nice.|But Timo's kind of weird
What have you guys been doing?|-Singing and fighting
You know I heard you sing on tape.|It sounded really beautiful
You must like singing?
I get scared when there's|someone listening
Would you let me teach you?|-Yeah, but teach the boys too
Their singing is awful,|and they never stop
OK, I promise.|-For sure?
For sure
The trick is not to think|about the audience at all
Just pick one nice person in|the audience whom you sing to
And when you see that that|one person likes your show-
you know everyone else|likes it too
What if he doesn't like it?|-Don't worry, he will
I got it. If I had Boy with me|when I was trying to pick up a girl-
she'd keep her eyes fixed on him,|and I could feel her up in the meantime
Man, you guys are stupid!
Nice touch, boys.|Are you ready?
OK, guys. Out you go.|We'll try it alone first
Lade's the nice one. Nice Lade.|-Shut up!
Could I take these home to be|fitted? - For 24 hours only
Can I see your I.D.?
We'll be expecting them back|tomorrow. -Sure, thanks
I'd like to try on a leather jacket,|but they're chained to the rack
Could you...?|-I'll come and show it to you
I'm taking these home to be fitted.|The girl must have missed a tag
Let's go and check the files
What name is it under?|-Hirvonen. Right there
So it seems.|-It's good to keep an eye on things
She must have missed one of the|tags. -Yeah, it happens sometimes
A performing outfit for my sister.|-Thank you
Right. Thanks a lot.|-Bye
You're supposed to guess how many|times Mr. Matula gets beaten up
And the one who comes the closest|gets all the cookies
This is such a thrill,|really the highlight of the week
Well I say zero times.|-I say zero too
Me too.|-Judas
Zero times.|-And zero for me too
I mean... three times
Still wanna change your bet?|-Make it zero
Look at the nice person
And now smile a little
Baywatch passing gas?|-I'm the bailiff asking for cash
I just wanna see if you're|wearing a wire
You look like you jumped right|out of a German detective series
Go away now
Your rent is due. You'll have to pay.|-I've had it
Say hi to your mom!
He's still there
You mean that if we don't|give you the money.
Big guys will come in|and carry out your stuff
A wave for the big guys!
How big are the big guys?|-I mean it
Now get your ass down the stairs,|and we pretend you never existed
No. I will not leave.|-Sure as hell you will!
You can't get to sleep?|Are you worried?
About what?|-All kinds of stuff
Do you miss home?|-No, or... I'm not sure
I hate it there and like it here,|but everything's just so strange
Should we go see your friends|tomorrow?
I haven't got any
You've got me,|and those idiots in the next room
We can go see them in the kitchen|tomorrow. -That's what we'll do
And hey... thanks, Saara.|-What for?
Just thanks.|-Shall we sleep now?
Yeah, let's sleep.|-Okay
Dear guests of honor-
I present you Saara,|the next Super Kid of the year
Give her a nice round of applause,|or we'll be getting back to you
I can say thank you from|language to language-
and bid greetings to you all
But I can't catch a star|that shines in the early dawn
I can bear hardness and hardship|keep quiet if that's my call
Leave a wreath on the grave|and keep going on
Love has died in the river of life
Save me if it's on the line.|Save me, save me...
What song are you going to sing?
"Loves Last Farewell"
It's a great song
I welcome you all to the 2003|Super Kid Eastern Finland Trials
10 promising young performers|have been selected here-
on the basis of the tapes|they have sent in
Saara Mäkinen is the best!
And our jury members today are...
Marilyn, Marilyn,|if I could turn back the time
The old folks tell tales|of how the devil...
The cat broke its ribs,|when it played, meow, meow...
Thank you, that was very nice.|Let's give Maria a round of applause
And coming up next we have lida!
Hey, get back to your seat
No platonic feelings,|I long for romance
Romeo and Juliet|is the name of the game...
Innocence prevails,|I love you in the dark...
And now to our last contestant,|Saara Mäkinen!
Clap louder,|or I'll punch you in the face!
And now it's finally time to|declare the winner of our trials
Has the jury reached a decision?|Yes, it seems it has!
And here comes Super Bunny too!
Yes, and the winner is...
Saara Mäkinen!
The show was great,|we heard it on the radio!
I never thought anything|good would come out of you
Shut up, Airi, or you won't|get any homebrew tonight!
You're good boys!
Not last week we weren't!
Keep it down,|it's Dad
Say hi from us.|-Yes, yes!
The boys say hi and yes yes
It went really well
Teaching Saara how to rave.|Yeah, the classical style...
She's right here, hold on.|He wants to talk to you
Well, what did he say?|-That I did good
You know what?|You were fantastic!
But it must have been hard?|-I was so nervous
No one could have ever guessed.|-Really?
You know when I used to sing-
I was always really nervous|before going on stage
Was it your job to sing?
Hey, let's go see what|the boys are up to
Yeah, but will you stay with me?|There's so many people there
Sure. Let's go
Now we have a celebrity|living in our building!
Can I have your attention please?|-No!
Thanks. Now that we're here|to celebrate Saara's victory-
I would like to quote the famous|singer. -It's pronounced "loois"
Louis Armstrong.|You, Saara-
may be a small girl to mankind|but a big girl to us Eastsiders|-Yes. I wrote it to sound natural borrow a metaphor from...|-Don't forget to return it later!
"Home is where the brew is..."
We have at least fifty liters of|homebrew, so fill up, folks!
And if it gets to your stomachs,|go crap in your own toilets!
That means you too, Airi!|-Excellent speech!
Saara, sweetheart!|Did you miss Mommy?
Why did you run away like that?
Why did you run away?|Hey, Mom's not mad at you...
Get lost, cow!|-Knock it off, dammit!
Take it easy now. She's the|child's custodian, after all
She's just afraid that I'm angry.|-That ugly imitation of a mother?!
And you Mam, cut the crap,|so we can get this done with
OK, honey. We're going home
Don't worry. You'll be fine,|as long as you just don't sing
Let's go.|-I'll be seeing you!
Get the hell out of here,|everyone! The party's over!
It means you too, Airi.|Get your ass out of here
Lade, hey...
When this super kid crap started|even I wasn't sure about it myself
I just had to think of something|to keep the boys from falling apart
Hey, the guys are doing great,|and Saara's had the time of her life
But the end result...|total shit
Come to bed with me
Good Morning.|-You know what?
It's almost possible to like you.|-A close call, huh?
Should we go see what's going on?
It's probably just Bulk customizing|furniture in his horny Neanderthal fit
What the hell...?
Let go of my brother!|-Hey guys, stop it!
Calm down!|Let go, will you
Now what the fuck|is going on here?
You'll have lots of room to make|love after I throw out your stuff
You go on making love|in your pocket!
You guys are out of here tonight,|either voluntarily or feet first
Nobody's gonna take me out|feet first!
Die mutant!|Or die and die!
And you get the fuck out|of here, fast!
Never surrender!|-Put the god damn bunny away
Timo, be a nice boy|and put the bunny away
No surrender!|-No surrender either!
Take me to your leader!|-Excuse me?
Better do as the UFO man says|or he'll nuke you
We'd like to see the store manager.|-You heard him, act!
Did I get this right? You wish|to make a sponsorship deal-
where you would be granted the use|of a warehouse as rehearsal space-
with electricity, running water,|showers, kitchen...
... and a VCR
And in return, you would wear caps|with the company logo-
promote our teamwork and...|-A scarf
The gay person here wears a scarf.|-I see
Naturally we need a van for|transportation of equipment
We can do promotional rounds|in your parking lot if you want
Like Kimi Räikkönen.|-Right
And we'll cry when they play|the National Anthem. -Like Kimi
And after the contest Saara will|be obliged to perform in the mall-
every day for a period of one week,|4 x 45 minutes per day...
What?|-It's our procedure
Very good. Hartonen will look after|the details
Way to go, Hartonen!
Well, I've got things to do,|so thanks and goodbye
Don't mention it,|you are welcome
And please return the jackets|on your way out
Have you noticed,|ever since we took up honest work-
everyone's been wanting to|beat the shit out of us?
What?|-No shagging in here
Stupido! Say goodbye to live porn
Go ahead and shag!
Aren't they kind of cute?|-No, they're not
Yes, we are!
A man in love is an ugly sight.|-Shit, lets drink to that
Great housewarming party!
Shit, it's a walrus!
Me make art
I'm not gonna pay twice for the|tiles if they keep falling off...
Bloody hell! It's Hirvonen!
See you moved in next door.|-I guess we fucking did
We were just thinking of|paying you a visit
What a great coincidence.|Stay right there...
... we have a wonderful|housewarming gift for you
It's perfect for your new|shithole flat
Oh, I got it... shithole...
Fucking hell!|-What is it?
It's a piece of Dad's ass,|with Mom's name tattooed on it
Oh God!|-Dad never had a tattoo on his ass
Not as far as I remember.|-I thought he had one
Well he certainly doesn't anymore
Why don't you jerks just stay here|and speculate while I go kill those...
Get away from me!|-Take it easy now
Let go of me, Bulk!|Someone's gonna die!
I just don't give a shit anymore!|-You have to
I'm not letting you|get yourself killed
Don't think we don't|appreciate what you're doing
But we're not gonna come|running to thank you
What did you just say?
Come on, sweetie.|Sing Mommy a little song
Just a small one,|just to stay in tune
Come on, have a cookie.|Mommy's little baby...
Sing us a song
Haven't you got any respect|for your mother?
She gave birth to you,|bought the cookies and everything
Let's hear you sing
Now let me tell you something.|Give me that cigarette...
I brought you to this world with|blood and tears-
you have no idea what it's like
I'm asking you to sing,|and you bloody hell refuse to
You are driving me fucking crazy
I'm gonna start kicking that bastard|around soon. Spoiled little brat...
Mommy loves you so.|She just wants to hear her baby sing
Mommy loves you so much
Hey, guys. Did you like the gift?
Yeah, we gave it to Bulk|as an advance on his inheritance
We dropped by for coffee,|now that we are neighbors
Bring out the artist for a|matinee. -She happens to be...
She's visiting her Mom
Too bad. What do we do now?|-We can have Chinese take-away
We'll chop, but you ain't gonna sue!
You're an ugly fucker, but tell me...|which is your prettier half?
I'm the prettier half!|-Stop it!
Hi there, everyone.|-Well hiya-fuckin-ho
I see you've got company
I don't think we've met.|Hi, I'm Saara's Mom!
So, how are things?|-Fucking great
Get your ass out of here,|bitch
Shut up, slut!
Bye then. Mommy's going to|drop by and see you soon
I'm the single parent seal,|and you're the puppy seal
And they go to visit|Bob the Polar Bear-
and his newborn baby
How do the hands go?|-Like this
But they're called flippers
Now let's go
Here comes a Norwegian|seal hunter to kill the seals...
You can't have my baby!|-The puppy's just what I'm after
Watch out, boys! Watch out!
Happy Birthday, Saara
But it's not my birthday
Since you've never had|a birthday party-
we wanted to make up for it|before you reach the big ten
There's at least a hundred|candles on it
Forty-five, for each candle|missed so far
Now blow them out, quickly!|-Blow, blow... excellent!
Here you are.|-Thank you
Here you are.|-Thank you
It's kind of silly,|so can you open it later?
Wow, they're great
Aren't they kind of alike?
It doesn't matter, because this|guy doll is the magician-
and the girls are his assistants.|And because they all look alike-
they can be in different places|all at once
That's just what we had in mind
Remember those tricks|you used to show us as a kid?
Do you have names for the dolls?
What tricks?|-Never mind
Tell us, tell us, tell us!
I knew a few stupid magician's|tricks as a kid, nothing...
A few stupid tricks?|They were supergreat!
At least better than that song,|remember...
Show us a trick.|-Show us, show us, show us!
I'm not sure I remember how.|It's been so long
How did you do that?|-A magician never tells his secret
Except for Lade.|Remember the contest?
Shit, I'd forgotten all about|that talent section
Will you teach me?|-Yeah. Starting now
You know what, Laura?|-What?
I'm so happy
Bleed, ye Christians!
Go Timo, go!
OK, time to sleep
Thank you
Let's tuck in
Good Night.|-Good Night. Good Night, guys
Good Night, Saara!
Good Night, Lade!|-Good Night, Saara!
Good Night, Bulk!|-Good Night, Timo!
Good Night, Boy!|-Good Night, Timo!
Good Night, Laura!|-Good Night, Boy!
And then you switch sides,|you pull it tight...
Make it tight,|and I'll put my hands...
Hi there.|-Hiya ho
Hey honey. Show Mom your|little trick. Go on, boys
How'bout you leave us alone?|We're just practicing
You won't let me stay and watch|my little girl perform?
She and I have a long career|ahead of us after the contest
Hey, it's just this one gig and we|promised you a share. So get lost
You think I'd let scum like you|take all the cream off the cake?
In your dreams, sonny.|-You bloodsucking leech!
Shut up, prick. Show Mommy.|-Get the hell out of here!
Take your hands off me!|Stop...
Get out!
You seem kind of worried again
Are you nervous about the contest?|-No, but I...
What are you worried about?
I don't want to be a singer
I really appreciate that you've|been teaching me and stuff...
And I don't want to leave|the boys in trouble
And if I win,|I get to go to the amusement park
But I never thought about|what's going to happen afterwards
You think your Mom was serious?|-Yes, and it's going to be so awful
Everything's going to be alright
Lade, hey...|-I'm so fucking stupid
I never thought that witch would|come up with plans for Saara
I should have known if anyone
Whatever happens in the contest,|we lose
So which one do we sacrifice,|Dad or Saara?
Lade, hey.|We'll think of something
Should I be proud of you?
Yes!....or damn if I know...
Guess what? We're going to|the amusement park! -Good!
How's the backside?
Well, it still gives a flat|imitation of a bagpipe
Better than nothing
What do you think will happen|after all this is over?
I don't know.|But let's not think about it yet
Everything will turn out fine.|-You just have to seize the moment
My life has really changed|since I left home
I used to sleep on a mattress on|the floor
It was this thin
And you know what?|You couldn't jump on it!
Know what?|I happen to be a champ at this!
"Have you ever seen green and red|dots?" -I do now
Look, you can see them|if you go like this
Bulk, you're the man!|-Room service!
Timo, you know they show porn|on cable TV? -That's tasteless
Porn is tasteless?
Now Bulk is gonna say that|he's having the time of his life
What else can I do?|I'm a sensitive summer dude
God, these kiddy bottles|really mess you up
But luckily I brought their|daddy along
"Have you ever collected ants?"|-"Only when I used to collect ants"
"Have you ever drank up|a whole glass of water?"
"Only after mistaking|salt for sugar"
Hey, for a bunch of idiots|we're not such total idiots
Yes, we are.|And here's to it!
Daddy bottle, kiddy bottle...
Please stay seated,|we are about to go on air
And please see that your|mobile phones are switched off...
Ladies and Gentlemen,|parents of the contestants-
all our TVviewers, welcome to|the finals of the Super Kid Contest!
10 talented, young contestants have|been selected in countrywide trials
Let's give them a nice|round of applause!
And the first prize is,|as you all know-
A brand new Opel Astra with|20 000 euros in the backseat
And here to assure that everything|happens by the book are two-
officers of the law, constables|Risto Mikkonen and Arto Nordström
Hi. My name is Veera.|-I'm Saara
Hey kids! Isn't it past your bedtime?|-Yeah, where's Winnie the Pooh?
Winnie-the-poop is in your pants!
Boys are so stupid.|-Yeah, or not all of them
The trick I am about to perform|requires two volunteers
How about you two gentlemen|in the front row?
Please hold the ends, and then|switch sides, tighten the rope
And do the same again.|To make me more comfortable
Now you press the top,|and you make a knot
You appear to be wearing|a perfect magic jacket
Could you put it on top here,|being that my hands are tied?
And now Ladies and Gentlemen,|do you believe-
that I can untie myself on a count|to ten?
In that case, start counting!|-One, two, three...
Stop, stop...|A little slower, please
Like this: one, two...|-Two, three...
Sir, could you please stop|speaking on the cell phone?
I'm trying to concentrate here
This is not working out.|Can you please carry me out?
So Pasi, what do you|value the most in life?
I guess that would be my hamster
My parents. Without them|I wouldn't be here today
Well, what would we do without|charming hosts like you?
And what do you, Saara,|value the most in life?
My brothers and Laura,|who is my best friend
And what are you going to|become when you grow up?
I haven't even turned ten yet.|Isn't it a bit too early to tell?
Do you have a cell phone?|-No, not yet
Can I have your address|so I can write to you?
I don't really have an address either
How come?|Everyone I know has an address
It's a long story.|But I can write to you first
Oh God, I'm so nervous
And our next contestant is...|Saara Mäkinen!
Oh no!|-You'll do great
Something's gotten hold of my heart|keeping my soul and my senses apart
Something's gotten into my life|cutting its way-
through my dreams like a knife
Turning me up|and turning me down
Making me laugh|and making me frown
In a world that was small|I once lived in a time-
there was peace|with no trouble at all
But then you came my way|and a feeling unknown shook my heart-
made me want you to stay|all of my nights and all of my days
I gotta tell you now
Saara, are you okay?
What happened?|-Did she have a fit or something?
There goes the money
Everyone, please keep calm
All the excitement must have|been too much for her
And now while we're waiting,|a few words about our sponsors...
How can you talk about sponsors|when a little girl just fainted!
Anything might have happened!|Shame on you!
Have you no feelings at all?|Howdy
What's there to applaud?|They lost
Sure they did,|but my son made a great speech
The production company doesn't|wish to make an issue out of this
I have here an official apology-
obliging you not to give|any press interviews
Sign right there
It's a pity though.|The girl was excellent
This really killed her chances|in show biz
We'll just have to live with that
Can we leave now?
It's not really a police matter.|I guess you're free to go
And the winner is...|Veera Airaksinen from Lahti!
Wow, we pulled off one hell of a|talent section, didn't we?!
We just do the interviews tomorrow,|and then we're in the clear
It pissed me off though|that the car wasn't even locked
Lade's speech was so touching|I almost cried
And I nearly forgot to|steal the money
How did you manage to keep a|straight face backstage?
It wasn't easy, believe me.|I didn't even dare look at Lade
Unfortunately this really killed|your chances in show biz
Hey, it was a joke
I should become an actress
Don't ever do that again
And you're not even ten yet,|so it's too early to tell
I made that up myself|because that host was such a jerk
His questions were so stupid
Let's give a nice round of applause|to Saara from Joensuu!
You were fantastic!
There goes.|Pearls for Pigs and Sties
Saara, your share of the money is|in the same locker as Laura's
You two can do something fun|with it together
I'll kick your ass if you start|crying
The same goes for you too
And me too
You're wasting your time on us.|We're on the same side as you
The guys and I were thinking of|starting a detective agency
It's still under development,|but we've thought up a slogan:
"If nature calls, we'll tap the line|and arrange surveillance"
Kind of like Matula,|but specialized in bodily fluids
Really, I almost fainted when I saw|her faint. She was doing so great
Did you see that Jenni Whomever|doing the ballet?
Stuck in this Victorian|type scenario
You lost the money yourselves,|and now you try to frame us
I saw a movie where the|same thing happened
The cops were charged, the chair|sparked and the Hound of Hades barked
And it wasn't even a nature film
Do you work out?
The bad cop routine is|not gonna work on me...
Do you like nature films?|I guess not, since nature doesn't-
draw a line between good and evil.|It puts the police out of business
I'm not speaking,|not even if you cut my head off
Actually, especially not then.|Hey, a joke!
You ever watch Matula?
It's a German detective series.|It's so best
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