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Subtitles for Peculiarities of National Hunting.

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Peculiarities of National Hunting

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Ville Haapassalo, Alexey Buldakov, Victor Bychkov
Semyon Strugachyov, Serguey Koupriyanov, Serguey Russkin, Serguey Gussinsky
in film by Alexandr Rogozhkin
Editing Director Tamara Denissova, Editor Nelli Arzhakova
Make-up Nataliya Ratkevich, Director Alexandr Vassiliev
Composer Vladislav Panchenko, Sound technician
Costume designer Tatiana Dorozhkina Art directors Igor Timoshchenko, Valentina Adekayevskaya
Cameraman Andrey Zhegalov
Financial director Mikhail Kirilyuk
Producer Alexandr Golutva
Screenplay and production Alexandr Rogozhkin
- Bravo, Nikolenka! - Good for you, Nikolenka.
- Well, I can do that too. - Here you are, hold it.
Everyone can do that with a dagger.
Did you see that?
Zakharka! Don't mutilate the boys.
Well, let's start from the Otradnevsky enclosure?
I think we shouldn't set all packs on. We'll pursue by two groups.
- Well, shall we begin from the Otradnevsky enclosure? - Yes.
Here you are.
Let's go! And you dare! Don't do it as the last time.
Those with hounds, go!
Why so much alcohol? Hunting is recreation.
I'm afraid even that much won't be enough.
After all, did You want to know what is the real Russian hunting is?
Yes, I did. But I don't like to drink.
It's voluntary with us. Nobody will pour out by force.
Zhenya, I'll have a walk.
Don't be lost. Don't talk to the locals. For them, a foreigner is just a wonder.
- They may take you for a spy. - What?
Eh, you'll never perceive the features of Russian out-of-the-way parts.
Pardon, it's really inconvenient to trouble you, but my trumpets are burning.
I'm dying completely. Be so kind as to present me a small sum.
Forgive me for troubling you.
Well, the trumpets are burning. Make a donation. Don't let...
- I see, shall I exchange? - Yes, sir.
Thank you ever so much.
Are there many foreigners?
What are you speaking about? What foreigners here? The border is near.
- Are you gonna hunting? - Yea, yea, hunting with General Buldakov.
You've got a very strange number plates.
Devil knows what kind these plates are. We've won that in an international lottery.
- So, you were lucky. - Lucky.
- Hi, Zhenka! - Hullo!
We, ve already loaded. Move! Mikhalych is as angry as the devil!
- And you're a brick. - You know, I've taken more.
Well, they've already swept all.
- Here's Rayvo. - Hi!
- Serguey Olegovich. - Khaapassalo.
- Sayenko... Are you a Finn? - Finn.
- Do you speak Russian? - No, no, Russian is a very difficult language.
Rayvo writes a book about Russian hunting.
Russian hunting? Russian hunting is a very good one. A bear...
Elephant. Russian elephant.
Russian elephant...
Russian elephant is the best friend of the Finnish elephant.
Do you get me?
All right. This is...
- Let's urgently load aboard the ship. - Yes, good.
You'd better drive the car to the parking Lot. Otherwise it'll be stripped to the skin in no time.
Well, how much we should wait? We'll set sail in 5 minutes.
Mikhalych, we hadn't time to load vodka. If we don't take vodka,
...then we'll fulfil the normative. - Vodka we take!
Oh, here is our Finnish guest.
Well? Welcome to the land of your ancestors!
- Rayvo. - Soloveychik.
I studied Finnish at school.
Mikhalych is a general.
- Belt out something in Finnish. - Will I?
Name? Rank? Location of your unit?
GI Khaapassalo! Aerodrome protection company!
If you want to live, take us to the rocket installation.
We don't have any rocket installations.
I see, you studied the Finnish language at military school.
Well, all I knew I've told you.
Mikhalych, what were you asking him about? I hope, without anything specific military?
He asked how to get to the Lenin Museum.
- Did he? - Yes, he did.
- Rayvo, are you all right? - Everything's normal.
Comrade General, battery commander, is interested what will be your next orders.
Let's sail off. Anchors aweigh!
Aye. Anchors aweigh!
We've forgotten, comrade general! We've forgotten a small box!
Comrade General, we've forgotten a small box!
Ahoy, Rayvo, come on.
Sorry. I don't drink. I don't want to drink.
- What does he say? - He says that he doesn't drink.
- Doesn't drink? - No.
We know how you don't drink. Don't break the tradition, otherwise there'll be no hunting.
You must drink. This is a Russian hunting tradition.
Come on! Yeah, yeah!
Well, this one to our meeting.
What I like in you, Mikhalych, that you pronounce capacious and meaty toasts.
Toasts at hunting must be short.
Like a command. Like a shot.
Or else, there'll be no time left for rest.
I come here so many times and still cannot stop wondering:
...what beauty, isn't it?
You only look around. Do you know why there's so much spite in people?
They live in cities, never going to nature, and spite accumulates in their souls.
And the outlet is crimes.
If they could come here though once, roam a little bit, relieve themselves...
I mean...
...they would have lived much easier.
- Mikhalych. - Well, this one to beauty.
Look, he's our man.
- Leave him alone. Let him rest. - Don't worry.
He's tired. Working in the police, Criminal Investigation Department.
Let him sleep.
All right.
Here come wolf-hounds. People in charge, don't fall behind.
Fellow Ivan, do you wish fruit?
Thanks, dear, thanks.
Here you are.
Don't fall behind.
Forward. Forward. Forward!
Come on. C'mon, c'mon, let's go.
Let's go! Let's go!
Come on! Come on!
- Kouzmich! - Kouzmich!
Let's go to the bank. We'll disembark ourselves.
Yes sir! A transport!
This belongs to Kouzmich. I know, know. Letter "K" is drawn over there.
Come here!
Easy, easy.
Well, Kouzmich, meet the guests!
There he is, in the kitchen-garden. Meditating.
Kouzmich! Well, that's enough to meditate. Meet the guests.
Well, Kouzmich...
- Kouzmich? - Kouzmich...
- General! - Kouzmich!
Vanka! Mikhalych has taken sonny Vanka here!
- What son? - So, this is a Finn, Kouzmich.
- I have a doughter. - Lyova!
Kouzmich, you have acquired one more cow, haven't you?
What for? I can hardly cope with one. And wild boars are gone. Gone. Gone far away.
What have you taken the Finn for? The Finn is interested in wild boars, and I have only elks.
Get out of here! Get out!
Zhenya, when, at last, will the hunting begin?
- As soon as the people have a rest we'll go hunting. - Have you come to sleep?
- What does he say? - He asks, when will the hunting begin?
Soon, the hunting will be soon. We'll go there, to the remote cordon.
Why the remote cordon? This will take more than 20 kilometres.
There are many elks. Many elks. All...
Elk is a big animal. Huge antlers, big eyes.
Oh, yeah, yeah, we have excellent girls. Big-eyed. Well, you understand.
- You take her there, to a grove, and there you... her... - Whom, elk?!
Well, brother, there's beautiful nature there. She loses her wits, and you... her...
- You and I? - We go together. You and I, together. Do you see?
- Zhenya, what did he say? - He says that he'll do it with you.
No, no! This is not for me. I love women.
You don't be afraid, girls are near. It's elks what're gone far away.
Elks're gone too far, and girls are near. You only give a whistle, it'll be enough for all.
- You and I, we'll give whistles together, they'll come running. - No, no...
Stop, stop! You may not come here! You may not come here!
Turn away! You may not come here!
What? What do you do?
Well. Who's done it?
Kouzmich, we thought you were calling us, so we went in your direction.
Are you upset? Kouzmich, Don't be upset!
Well, to the friendship.
No, I still don't understand, why to the remote cordon?
How the beast could escape?
How? On feet, on feet. He escaped on feet. Over there.
Zhenya, Kouzmich said that he makes love to elks.
Yes, he loves elks. An elk-cow lived with him for about two years.
Mikhalych. Mikhalych, you, as a military man, give me an advice, what shall I do?
It could be nice to bring a cow to my brother-in-law, to the remote cordon.
I don't need it, and it's exactly what he needs.
Well, now I see, why to the remote cordon.
He needs to transport the cow to his brother-in-law. Have you heard?
So, we'll be transporting it by boat, won't we?
Mikhalych, rack your brains, so far you're a general.
Advise me, how can I deliver the cow to my brother-in-law?
- By plane. - Are you making fun of me? There are only bombers here.
Bomb compartments.
Only I'm not your helping hand in this business. Make an arrangement yourself.
Haven't I given you an idea? I have.
Well, this one to the brotherhood.
Oh! Oh, my arm!
Cold water!
Mikhalych, don't swim beyond the buoys.
I feel as if I'm falling to pieces.
My arms, legs, heart and soul. I'm all separating.
What does he say?
He's well.
Bath, brother, Russian bath! Translate it for him.
- Bath! - Sauna.
Ah, you have come too, my little one. You have come to warm up.
Who's there? He happens to swill vodka.
It's Mikhalych, don't you see? Under the guise of a bear.
- This is a bear! Real. - You don't say so!
- Hold. - Help me!
Serguey, won't it difficult to pour cold water over me?
- Call the General! - Mikhalych. Mikhalych.
- Mikhalych. - Mikhalych!
- This is a bear! - Quiet.
- Yes, this is a bear. It dropped in to drink vodka. - Tame?!
Mikhalych. Mikhalych.
So, you say there are no beasts, yes? Gone to the remote cordon?
- What shall we do? - What, what! Mikhalych will come and lay down this creature.
Yes, if this creature hasn't already laid down Mikhalych.
- Why is it yelling? - Why, why! It's got drunk with vodka, and singing songs now.
Let it be as drunk as a lord... Listen, may be you'll be able to get out of here.
You need only to run up to the house, and there are guns there.
Aha! If you draw out a short one, you go.
Rayvo is excluded. If the bear...
On the whole, we need no international conflict.
I say, what conflict? International conflict, do you understand?
He's also come to hunt. Here's hunting, by the way.
- All are equal... - Before the bear.
All right! Agreed.
Yes, Kouzmich, Kouzmich...
Now my gun is yours.
He seems to have passed.
Where are you Sery?
Help! Help...
It's a long time he doesn't appear.
The bear!
- Hold! - Help!
Give me water! Why are you sitting, give me boiling water!
Hold! Come on!
Come on! Hold!
Let it go!
Mikhalych? And we took you for the bear.
- I haven't understood. - Mikhalych, what's happened?
Why are you carrying him feet ahead? You should carry him head first, head!
Mikhalych, who could know that it was you! We were expecting the bear! Mikhalych.
Why were you crying? We thought it was the bear.
- Come on, come on, bring him to the planked Footway. - Turn around. Turn around.
Don't give orders, turn around.
Oh, how can it be?
Give me light.
Mikhalych. How, Mikhalych?
Bear, bear... You could hardly kill a man.
- Who, me?! - Aha.
And who has hit me with a log?
- I really thought that was the bear. - Mykhalych.
- Rayvo! - Zhenya, the bear is here!
Very good.
Well, you, srew, have staged a real show.
- What was that? - It's still bear. Skunk.
If you hadn't growled when you were getting into the bath house.
- We thought that it was our end. - Yes.
- Where's that dirty scum? - Where's that dirty scum?
- Where? - It is lying there in the grass.
A cub. And what shall we do with it now?
You'd better take it to a sobering-up station, or better don't give it a chance to kill the hangover. Let it suffer.
- It has gorged all our vodka. - Well, bring it here.
Tomorrow my noddle will be splitting. A young one.
- Whose that? - So, these belong to Seryoga.
Seryoga! Seryoga, come out, the bear is sleeping!
So, it has gobbled it, skunk. Has eaten.
Are you gone out of your mind? Look at its belly.
Okay, speak up, where's Seryoga?
- What are you saying? - I asked you, where's Seryoga?
You asked him to write an explanatory note? He is too drunk to make sense.
Better speak, or it'll be worse for you. Yes, he was the last who saw it!
Scum! He will tell me everything now!
- Scum! - He's a bear cub!
A young bear.
Ah, you scum!
Let me go.
It seems to breathe. Seryoga, wait, we'll take you out!
Seryoga, wait, we'll set you free. Have patience.
You, wait.
Zhenya, what's happening?
This is... training.
Before Russian hunting.
Let's put him. Seryozha, give back the gun. Give it back.
Give it to him.
This way.
I thought that it was the end. I'm all completely numb.
This way.
What was that? Stop. Hold it.
Well, what did you expect, it's the rescue facilities.
Well, bring this... to me.
- Quite small. - Yes, small.
But it gorged much vodka.
- Kouzmich, what are you feeding it with? - I told you that it's not the season yet.
Well, what shall we do with it now?
Yes? What shall we do with it?
That's me who asks what to do with it.
Yeah. What to do?
Something should be done.
Say "June".
Oh, mummy! Mummy!
Be careful.
Don't anger it. Easy! This is a beast, after all.
Oh, take it away!
You shouldn't shoot! I've told you, it's not the season yet!
Quiet! Go away! Go away from here!
I'll tackle it myself. Go away!
Look, what a scum!
Easy. Seems all is intact.
What a scum!
- What a scum, isn't it? - Easy.
- Scum, isn't it? - All. All's intact.
Who's shot? You've shot?
- Semyonov, will you drink vodka? - Vodka?
...I will.
And I was guessing, what's the row? And this is you having a rest.
And we've got an emergency case: the cow was stolen yesterday. With the letter "K" on two sides.
The huntsman is all right. There happened an involuntary explosion of hunting cartridges.
Well, you write down like this.
I'd like very much to go to a real Russian hunting. Real Russian hunting.
Yes, the real Russian hunting is very good.
I like hunting, but... I don't have spare time.
Well, give it to me.
Lower, shoot lower.
- What? - When shall we go hunting? Elk.
Ah, I see, I also feel like having a woman. Only it's late already. They are all taken.
If only in a cow-shed. Cows. Dairymaids. You understand? Dairymaids.
- You and I go to dairymaids. - Aha, elk.
And... You see?
Only you should change your clothes. Your clothes are no good.
You and I go to cows to make love. Understand?
I don't so feel making love to cows.
- Zhenya... - Why have you smarten yourself up, is it for dancing?
Kouzmich calls to make love to cows.
It's no good to refuse Kouzmich. I could do it myself, but I can't be unfaithful.
And you go. Go.
I repeat, if there's no car, then they went to fulfil an assignment. Or for vodka.
We've got plenty of vodka, so, they went on assignment.
You were in a uniform alone. Now you're without that uniform.
So, you went on an assignment.
But not for vodka. 'cause we've got plenty of vodka.
You know what rumps they have! Like this!
In Finland we also have very big cows.
- And tits like this! - Ours don't have tits.
Some knocking in the engine.
Here you are, moisten your lips. Have a shot, they like it.
- Get your bearings meanwhile. I'll go to fetch one for you. - No, no!
Kouzmich, Kouzmich, I don't want! I've lost my appetite! In fact I've never had it.
Rayvo, come here.
Smile, They like it.
I see, in our Finland cows also like kindness.
We're mistaken a little. Open up here come your people.
Well, how are they? Pretty.
- Pretty. - Yeah, yeah.
Come on!
Stop. Stop, stop!
Shalfey and Valday are leading. And who's the third one?
- Tuba. - May be Tuba.
- Yeah, yeah, Tuba. - No, it's Zvona. That's its barking.
Exactly Zvona.
Hey, chief.
Chief, let me out.
Chief, please let me out. They've held me here whole night long.
For the sake of Christ.
Chief, you what, you don't understand Russian words?
Open up, I can't stand any longer!
- Kouzmich... - Seems we took a little in excess yesterday.
My noddle's splitting. Have a seat, let's go.
I studied it at school. I don't understand. Have a seat, let's go.
But I've never been at the wheel. You what, have drunken in excess? I'm afraid of a car.
Sit at the steering-wheel.
Oh, my noddle's splitting.
Kouzmich! Open up, Kouzmich!
You what? Turned to be a cop? Open at once!
- Who's there with you? - Move!
Well, Kouzmich...
Fascists! Held me here for the whole night.
Protecting the nature?
- Why hasn't the cop taken the high boots? - What high boots?
- You know, he was looking for the high boots. - Semyonov...
...was looking for the pistol. He's lost his pistol.
Black raven, what are you hovering
Above my head?
You won't get your prey.
Black raven, I'm not yours.
- You've got a very big army. - Is it bad?
Well, you! Stop babbling in a strange language. For all that, it's a secret unit.
Which, this one?
Will come in.
Okay, let's go.
C'mon, c'mon.
You, warrant officer, have you lost your Wits?
We'll go to tribunal because of that cow.
You've gone off your rockers completely. All right, you do what you want.
Come on.
- C'mon, c'mon. - Move!
- Well, drive it on. Come on. - Come on!
Open up.
Move, dear.
- It'll fly up securely. - All right.
What's he doing there?
Commandant. So, they've informed.
Stop. Where are you going?
Stop! I order you to stop!
Stop the engine!
Stop, I'll you to the Court!
Stop! Stop going! Stop!
Stop going!
Listen, will the cow fly up?
Well, it's her first flight.
Now many people will be removed.
Happy flight, dear!
I tell you honestly, they've got a cow in the bomb compartment.
Comrade Colonel, do you think I'm able to confuse cow's urine with somebody else's.
I'm waiting.
Attention! Tulip's calling. To all planes. We've got a slight incident.
An information received that some crew has enlisted a cow.
- Plane 57, did you get me? - Here's Fifty-7, I got you.
I order to stop transmitting any information on the air.
Militia, here's calling major Cherdyntsev, Commandant of the aerodrome.
Plane-57, I order you to come back. Did you get me?
Here's Fifty-7, I got you. Returning home.
You'd have a U-turn in the Western sector. Approach at 1:15 hours.
Boys, we've got a real mess here.
The Commandant called for militia. Regiment commander has arrived.
Even a man from the special section... they are looking for this man. You are expected with the cow.
Commander. Commander!
- Navigator, drop! - Yes, sir. Drop.
A cutlet.
Here's Tulip, what cutlet? Don't interfere with the air.
Forward! Move, move!
Oh, wolf.
What do you do, you mother fuckers, two... have missed?
And how about a hit on your snout?
Comrade colonel, according to your order Captain's Kanopkin's crew has stopped the flight.
We've returned home. Captain Kanopkin, Commander of the crew.
According to my information, you're taking an animal in the bomb compartment.
What animal? Comrade colonel, we are taking no animal.
For sure they're taking, comrade Colonel. Surely, I was reporting you. Exactly an animal.
Open bomb compartment.
Oh, what I've told you, comrade Colonel, they're taking it.
Yes, if you want to live you will be bow-legged even worse.
Comrade Colonel, what I've told you? Here's how they utilize military machinery.
How did it happen to be here?
I'm not in the know. Infiltrated.
And may be it's got here on its own? It was wandering and climbed on.
If it had got here on its own, it would have taken a parachute at least.
The cow-to a slaughter-house, and the crew-under arrest. Home arrest.
- Stop! Hold it! - Stop! Stop!
- Lieutenant, outflank it from the right! - Stop, I tell you!
- Hold it! - From the right, I tell you! From the right!
Semyonov, how is it? How's my little cow?
- I thought it belong to the collective farm. - Well, what?
- Which was stolen. And it's yours that was flying. - It's mine.
- Well, Kouzmich, you'll smear all with shit. - What are you saying? What shit?
- You're under arrest! - Do you have a pistol?
Then you're detained. All!
Come out.
Well, they're drunk! You devils, devils.
- We must go hunting, and you drink! - Not only drink.
Transporting a cow by a military plane.
Kouzmich, are you serious? Well this is old wives' tales!
There was nothing at all!
Tales or not tales, but the fact of infringement is on hand.
- And we have found your high boots. - What high boots? Anything to press with?
And you did involve a foreigner into your dirty ventures.
- Cold. - Well...
...this one to justice.
Zhenya, it seems to me that all this has been already.
Dream, reality.
Yes, we live eternally. Only we forget about this sometimes.
All this has been.
Wait, wait. An important evidence has been lost. A cow.
Without it the investigation may reach a deadlock.
- And a gun. - And the personal arm, Makarov system pistol.
- Our task... - Is to find my pistol!
- And... - And...
- My cow. - And cow!
- Zhenya, is this Russian hunting? - This is a torment.
- That's the end. I quit drinking and smoking. - Zhenya, is it called hunting?
- Oh, Lord, if I'd known. - What? What?
- Yes, this is Russian national hunting. - Kouzmich says there are no beasts here.
For our national hunting the most important thing is the very process, and not beasts.
You are wandering and seeking. You may do nothing but wander.
- Is this possible without vodka? - Oh, we should like to.
- Throw the string-bag! - The string-bag, throw!
- Throw the string-bag! - The string bag, throw!
- Throw the string bag! - Mikhalych, shoot!
- Climb higher, please. - Where higher? Well, where higher?
Oh, take away the butt-stock.
Lord, where are you climbing? Are there few trees around?
I'm indeed not a hunter, not a hunter!
Oh Lord, why have you grabbed me? What am I to blame?
Leave me alone, you skunk! Leave me alone!
- Throw the string-bag. Throw the string-bag. - Leave me alone!
No, he won't throw it.
Aha, with vodka he won't throw it.
- Semyonov... sergeant Semyonov, fire at the beast! - Yes, sir, fire.
And fire with what? We've lost the pistol.
Zhenya, I don't understand the gist of this hunting.
The gist? The gist... to feed and water the beast. - That's very humanely.
Look, it's leaving.
I figure that vodka is unnecessary here.
National tradition.
Well, why are you sitting, come down.
We were crying that you should throw the string-bag. It has sensed vodka and started chasing you.
So we have dropped it.
Why all of it? One bottle could be enough to kill the hangover.
Here's Earth, I'm Semyonov. The cargo is received, thanks.
- Not at all. Regards to the General. - I got you.
Zhenya, When shall we begin hunting?
Now I don't know already.
Black raven, what are you hovering
Above my head?
You won't get the prey...
And it's not seen from Finland.
Black raven, I'm not yours.
Come on, come on!
Where, where? Valday, don't you see the beast?
Valday, Valday, have you lost the tracks? Come to me!
You, come here.
Do you see? Forward. Forward.
"The Emperor's Hunting In Rus"
Here, the idiot's dream has come true.
Well, now all ducks are ours.
You hear, it's answering?
Come on, quick, come on! Why are you dragging on? Mikhalych, Mikhalych.
- What scum has shot? - Michalych, hold on.
- I'll tear off your jaws! - Lyova, hold on.
- We're drowning, Mikhalych, why don't you say anything? - Be quick, come on, be quick.
- Come on, be quick! - Let's row. Jump, jump, Mikhalych!
- Drag me! - Come on, come on.
I'll kill you!
Well, and what scum has shot?
So you've been told, we must go to Gloukhi! And where were you lurching?
And what is this, fucking aboriginal?
And this... is Gloukhi.
- Kouzmich, what number did you shoot, hey? - Five.
It was closely grouped fire. Exactly between us.
- Take off your high boots. - What for?
Come on, take off your high boots. Your boots will go for patches.
- Mikhalych. - Take off, take off.
Lyova, why do you cut them into big pieces? Try from the upper part, the rubber is thinner there.
Be quiet, all the same they will all be used. May be even this won't be sufficient.
There's no fish here. No fish.
So, fish together with beasts are gone to the remote cordon.
Well, stretch! Come on.
Don't be excited. Come on, lift it.
Here it is, here it is, darling!
Who's let it go? Yes, I've let it go. And it lashed me so hard!
Nobody could hold it!
I don't know how to hold it? I held such species!
Of course, in my excitement I could hardly jump for it there.
- Kouzmich. - What?
- You what, got a good command of Finnish? - What Finnish?
- He speak Finnish after all. - Who speaks Finnish?
He's a Finn.
Who's a Finn?
You've found it all the same.
Kouzmich, he says that we should not give way to despair. There's hope we'll find it.
- We'll find what? - My pistol.
Ah, yeah, yeah.
Here, he says that we shouldn't give way to despair. We'll find.
Well, what? D'you know what shall we do now?
We know. Now you may...
...give way to despair. No pistol. It's lost.
You'll go to work. Can you do something?
Well, that's the reason to give way to despair.
And you know what pains me. I held it in my hands. It was like this. Like this!
It wagged its tail, plumped into the water and...
You teach me?! Teach a learned man?! I've seen so much fish what you've never dreamt about!
Now I'll take dynamite, bang so loudly that your eyes will pop out of your head!
- Oh, My! And what I grabbed it by? - Shut up!
And you'd better start fighting, you hot-tempered Finnish boys.
- Well, let's get down to fishing. - Lyova!
Lyova! Skip your fussing about that boat, come to us.
Lyovka, come on have a seat.
You're drinking, aren't you? Drinking and drinking, and drinking, and drinking.
Swapped everything for drink.
Do you think Russia's finished, don't you?
Take this! Take this!
Take this!
Are you scared of something, aren't you? Are you looking for a life-saver in it?
What have you found in it?
Sheer poison.
You what, Lyova? You've scared me. No, that happens to me too.
You know, sometimes it'll grab me, hold and doesn't pass away.
At this moment you resort to it, or go to women.
And it's better altogether at once and in abundance. Yes.
A militia man is born.
The beauty Elle was laundering on the river, she slipped on a piece of soap and fell.
And the lad Yussy was speeding on a bicycle.
The wheel got into a pit, and Yussy fell upon the bicycle carriage.
Now Elle and Yussy cannot love each other.
Okay... this one to art.
And when I was such a little boy I would throw away this one.
Moment. Now I'll prove it.
Let's search over there.
Now we'll be fishing. Now we'll fish to such an extent...
...that your eyes will pop out of your head.
He will see how our people can fish.
I'll prove to you, who's a fisherman among us!
Now it'll bang so that all fish in the river will come to the surface!
- All will see how I can fish! - Dynamite is with him!
Stand! Attention!
First thing in the morning, tomorrow we go hunting. All go to bed.
Oh! Mommy!
Hound pack! Valday!
- Zvona, Zvona! - Commander!
Head, hold its head!
I'm holding.
You've got a good one.
Serv, you've got a good beast. Good fella.
Serduey Kirillovich, little boys saw a whole brood near the new village.
What shall we do?
- Let's go. - To the new village!
And he stopped recognizing the people he has known.
He started forgetting what were the days, months and years.
He didn't know where he was. Then trembling of his extremities began,
...careful, uncertain walk, and then subsequent paralyses.
The teenager has become literally brutalized under the effect of alcohol.
He's got short-tempered, aggressive and reserved.
His behaviour revealed estrangement.
Remember. Alcohol consumption, especially in prime years,
...when a personality is being formed, is not only undesirable, but also intolerable.
Well, will you drink?
No, no, no. And once again...
We must go to the aerodrome. We should comb the whole forest.
So, I haven't got it. Are we to go hunting or to look for your cow?
- Hunting. - Okay, let's go to the cape as agreed.
- And have you got a license? - Of course... no.
- Oh, you've found! - I did told you that Lyova would find it.
- Semyonov, do you understand what you owe us? - You don't ask.
Well, Lyova, you're a real sleuth!
What does it mean they don't fly? I've got a general here. General.
- Good, let's fly. - Come on, I'm waiting.
Now we'll know everything. They send here a helicopter.
No good, from a helicopter, tank-it's not the sporting way.
Semyonov, we've seen wild boars at the distant swamp.
- Listen, my General is an old man, it's hard to walk for him. - I've got you.
Look in the vicinity. No need to go far.
And will you take me to hunting?
Semyonov, we see elks at the cape, near the weir.
- How many there? - Two.
- Two elks at the cape! - And is my cow there?
Come on, move! What are you dawdling there? How long should we wait for you?
- Where should you be? - And where should I be?
- At your number! - Oh, Lord! I'll be at my number for sure.
Is it possible to sit for a minute, have a lunch, isn't it?
Well, why are you standing? Let's go! You, two-bit of hunters.
Kouzmich, Kouzmich.
They're bypassing.
There're stones there. Stones. There're narrow valley there. Narrow valley, you see?
Stand there. The beast isn't a fool, it won't go in your direction, and you... it.
No, no, you'll thank me later on.
Mikhalych, take the launches here, we leave!
That's finish, we've missed the beast. It 's gone through the channel.
The beast has gone through the channel.
Yes, there.
Yes, let's get over.
- Zhenya, we what, hunting apes? - There're no apes in Russia.
I've seen a huge ape. Ape!
Well? What shall we do, shall we return and catch it?
- I don't know. - Well, then let's go hunting elks.
Kouzmich, Rayvo says that he saw some ape.
What do you have here, a snowman inhabiting these parts?
What ape? What snowman? Beasts are leaving, elks too! All aboard!
Again, Semyonov is wandering somewhere, dirty cop. Semyonov!
While you fancy some apes, the elk will go away.
You are exaggerating. They don't produce such high boots here.
Here's the biggest one.
You think hard when you cast bullets.
Now it's cold. Who will let out a naked person outside?
Well, what are you sitting here? Kouzmich!
The beast is over there, in the depression. It dashed so quickly through the forest!
Antlers like this!
Aim lower, comrade General! Lower!
Don't let it escape to the fir-grove!
I've hit it!
Well, have you tumbled it?
Well, have you seen how I laid it? Right in the head, bang!
Of course, you don't say so. I've shot it point-blank. So that's me who tumbled it.
Come, don't dispute. Most important we've got it. Though my shot was the last one.
After all my shot was the last one.
Why to be busy in guess-work? Now we'll descend and see.
Well, eagles, we've laid the beast.
What are you saying? My bullet's got it. My bullet.
And I said to him, comrade General, aim lower. He-bang! And missed. Bang! Missed.
- I started shooting afterwards. - Imagine. You think Mikhalych could miss?
And I'm not surprised at that. By the way, I've been paying heed to that for long: he doesn't kill beasts.
Doesn't kill beasts. In fact he shoots, he shoots, but just aimlessly.
- Well, whose shot was the last one? - Mine. Mine, mine!
- My shot! - Mine! Mine, mine!
No, in general, it was me who shot first.
Well, then I was reloading.
Do you have vodka?
Kouzmich, you've submitted to its loss, aren't you?
All right, I see.
That's fate. It flew by plane...
So many times it was on the verge of death, and here you are.
- And what shall we do with it? - Bury.
Now we'll drag it out and bury.
How? Here's about 300 kilos.
We'll cut it into pieces, take the best, and bury the bones.
As you wish.
- Well, get cutting. - No, I don't know.
- You? - I don't. I'm a vegetarian, and, it's always disgusting.
Aha, it's disgusting to him! It's silly to throw away the meat.
Fastidious jacks.
We take only sirloin.
You only tell where's that sirloin?
What shall we begin with, Lyova? First cut out horns.
Ah, of course.
I see you're kidding, hey? You think that gives me the pleasure.
Simply somebody should begin it. It's unwise to leave it here.
God almighty!
Oh, my God!
Lyova, it's alive.
I began it like this, with the knife. And its side... like this, and leg.
These are reflexes. Go on cutting.
Where are you going? Catch it!
You jump on your heels, it'll pass away at once.
- Don't shoot! We'll take it alive! - Stop, I tell you, stop, or I'll shoot!
I guess myself that it's not a fracture.
There's nothing to be fractured there. Pah!
Kouzmich is shooting. Decided to finish off the livestock.
Well, what's there?
Ah, it's become quite wild, it doesn't let itself to be caught. That's all right, we'll take it afterwards.
- Oh, this pistol isn't mine. - Have you had a good rest?
Mine has number 17-76, the year of signing of the USA Declaration of Independence.
I remember it very well. And this isn't mine.
And here's, comrade General, number 18-37. The year of the death of Pushkin Alexander Sergueyevich.
Those with hound dogs, don't fall behind!
Don't fall behind!
It was a good hunting.
Normal. Quite normal.
The end Lenfilm Studios, Roskomkino, 1995
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