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Peking Opera Blues (1986)

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This girl looks pretty.
Why is she keep staring.
They, wandering singers, could hardly earn their living,
seeing such a huge treasure
no wonder they envy so much.
Well then, how many wives have I got?
One, two, three... altogether around twenty-eight.
Very well, I'll make it twenty-nine.
Is this real?
Don't argue, stay calm!
Please keep in order.
What happened?
No salary for this month.
Again? Yes!
Give us the money...
Are they going to start a riot?
No, they haven't got their salaries for three months.
I've been too busy to remember.
Tell them to stay calm, they'll got their money today.
Get out! Yes!
General, are you going to give them their salaries?
We've lost our money to General Tsao.
Where the hell can I have the money?
Go and tell all my wives and children
to get ready to run. Yes, General!
Well, we all get ready to run.
Alright, you know it, but don't yell.
Yes, no yelling. You're yelling even louder.
Shut up!
Hurry up!
You're so clumsy, don'tjoin us.
It's mine. It's mine.
I should've my share! Let me take it!
Bring me the jewel box.
Bring to me! Yes!
I must be dreaming. Don't wake me up.
Go and take it!
The General tells you all go to the backyard and get on the car
Take it for me, hurry
or you'll be left behind. Wait for me, General.
How dare you wear silk-cotton? Take it off!
Don't... Never wake me up!
Keep on dreaming, you'll gain more and more.
You'll regret when you wake up.
God, you're too good to me!
I swear, if I ever sing again for my living,
I'll be a man no more.
I take no passenger.
Please take me to the railway station. I have to catch a train.
But Miss, it's not on my way.
Take me to the station and keep this.
There's a team of soldier coming over.
Go over there.
There's no suspicious matter in the car.
Search over there.
What is it?
Stand this way!
I've got nothing with me!
Don't move!
You stay here! Yes.
What have you seen?
Somebody suspicious. Suspicious?
Go back!
Report General!
Are there any guerrilla?
Can't find any proof from the man being shot.
Are you alright, General?
I'm OK!
Wan, are you scared? I'm alright, Papa!
You've been away and living in comfort for years
now you've to get use to the way of living of your native land.
I'll certainly make it.
When playing mah-jong game with you, General Tun
has lost all the salaries. He has already got away.
The soldiers have started a riot.
He has lost everything to me only in a few mah-jong games
send someone to settle his folks down.
I'll move in his house right away.
Let me search her.
Stay away!
Let me do it. Yes!
There's nothing. You may go!
Stand aside.
Chun Wo Ban, isn't it a repertory?
The Commander has gone. Don't know who's next?
Chun Wo Ban!
Shape up... you've got to fight.
Boss, the medicine's here.
Hurry! Take it upstairs.
No more delay. Hurry!
Folks... there's not enough actor to play the goods guys
for those who play the bad guys should change to play the good guys
change the costumes... Hurry!
Do you know regulations? No attendance for women in theatre.
Can I go back stage for someone?
No women there too,
if not, the men will not disguise as women.
You look down upon on women,
you'll be castrated one day.
Is that you who've just touched me?
Hardly, I'm searching my shoes.
Be quick... Brother!
I've got few more wrinkles.
Forget them, the harder you count, the more you'll find.
Fa's next.
Go ahead, don't play with me anymore.
He's prettier than the girl last night.
Hurry up... one by one... follow the hero!
Don't go wrong, hurry...
Oh, it's you?
Dad, Kid Hung had a cold.
I take his place...
Damn you!
Want them to know we've got a dame in the repertory?
I'll lose face?
Go and wash your face.
You always dream to be on stage, what can you act?
If you want to perform, reincarnate as a man!
The luggage and the medical kit are back.
Go and wash your face then wrap them up.
Keep on fighting...
There's nothing special to see a woman plays a female role.
Only you want.
Mr. Liu, did you have your meal?
Keep working.
Boss, the Ticketing Officer's here.
Commissioner, please!
Mr. Tun, did you see any guerrilla?
How can I dare to have? Have some tea...
then bring it over.
Yes, Captain!
When did the repertory arrive?
Just arrived yesterday.
Go and search the back stage.
Peking Duck!
in three different dishes or the whole duck.
So troublesome! Let me have it rare.
Are you Comrade?
You are Comrade Sung.
The man that you want to see is standing behind me.
We have to find a more suitable place.
I think here is more suitable.
There's no one.
Hold it!
You also!
He's a traitor.
We're looking for guerrilla.
Who's guerrilla, get out by himself. Don't waste time.
She doesn't belong here.
How do you know?
She's General daughter.
Everyone in Peking knows that.
Stay calm, read this letter first.
We invited her from abroad.
As this matter has connection with her dad.
Don't expose her identity.
If not, we can't succeed.
There's a woman, knock her up!
This mission is about President Yuen.
President Yuen?
We've to steal a document.
What document?
We suspect he loans money from foreign bank secretly.
Loan money from foreigner?
He wants to build up his power to conqueror the South.
Back to monarchism.
Why me then?
We suspect.
My dad is the middle agent for the progress.
And the document is with him.
We've to have that paper.
So we can discover Yuen's conspiracy.
Then we can have democracy.
What's the matter?
We found an unidentity woman. In your repertory.
She's my daughter.
Doing such immoral thing.
How can you prove she is your daughter.
Her mother is my wife.
Give me the proof.
Proof... Take her!
I'll go and find my wife.
Write carefully, if not, they'll lose their temper.
Give me money to save a man.
That's it! A serious matter. Yes!
My wife's coming.
You're cheating.
She's so thin.
How can she's such a big daughter?
Show be a fat one tomorrow.
What are you performing outside?
The Stubborn King.
A good one.
We want to watch.
All women are guerrilla, how about your mom?
How dare you say that?
Take off the pants and give back to Kid Hung.
Prepare supper!
We're having sukiyaki tonight?
Sukiyaki? Potato!
Go away!
Be smart!
He's from Ticketing Office, they're everywhere.
Be careful next time.
Remember, we'll meet at Sung's office.
After I steal the document, you take it down to south.
No bad, prettier than the guy next door.
What's his name? Fa!
Dad, you haven't give money for supper.
Where is the potato of last night?
Did you have enough?
Know eating only. Beware I'll break your leg.
Courting again?
Don't pretend as a gentleman.
Dad, need me to wait for you?
Otherwise I won't ask you to stay?
I'll cut your ear.
What are you doing?
Pretty car.
Brother, how about that guy?
Where is the jewelry?
I didn't take it.
You really didn't take it! Tide him up.
If he didn't say it, castrate him. Did you have another punishment?
Where's General? He's having a meeting with foreigner.
Miss, have a rest first.
OK, get out. Yes!
Guarantee to do according to the contract.
If we fail to do so.
Then the five foreign banks have the right to take everything as penalty.
Repeat what you said.
How much can the President get?
The loan is L$25,000,000.
So he can have 1/3 of it.
And 47 years later.
We'll pay you back L$67,500,000.
That's three times of the loan.
What'll the world be 47 years later. Who knows?
Give me a pen for signature. Yes
I'll show President the contract in two days.
There shouldn't be any problems.
What are they doing?
They're tossing for the President.
Tell them, I invite them for dinner.
Wait me at the living room. Yes!
Hold it! Who's that?
Is you? How come is you?
Taking action without my order. You're too rough.
Don't bullshit, go and get the document.
Careless. Pack up the thing.
How come is you?
We're in a group.
Shouldn't be.
Peking Duck!
Taste good.
She's not our men.
What's the matter?
I heard a shot. Go and check it out. Yes.
Problems inside.
We'll get rich.
How about this guy?
Don't waste time. Bring him along.
Is there a fire out there? Yes!
Check it up. Yes!
Someone is coming. Find another chance another day.
I saw someone over there.
You can't run away.
Wait me at the garage. I'll go to study room.
Wait, where are you going?
Protect me. Yes!
It's too high!
Open! Yes.
In the study room, quick!
General, is it a gun shot?
Why are you so late?
There're guerrilla inside, search!
You listen, there're guerrilla inside. Go in and search!
This is the guerrilla!
After him, quick!
You two protect the General.
Listen, no one goes out or comes in.
Or shoots him down. Yes!
He's gone? Then I have to go!
The house is full of soldiers, you want to be caught?
Do you still want to go?
Sit down!
You tell me the truth. What is your mission in here?
What is "mission"?
You don't know "mission"? Why do you come here?
I don't know myself. I jump into the bucket.
It's the bucket brought me here.
Is that a "mission"? Is it?
I've saved you once, you must promise me.
You won't tell anyone what happens tonight.
I will, I can swear.
You don't have to do that.
No trouble at all, I always swear.
Jump over!
It's too high, I'm afraid. Are you fear of height or fear of dying?
Then jump now!
Brother, a motor car!
Look, the head-light is shinning, how beautiful.
It must be pretty expensive.
Nobody's watching, let's move it away.
Good! Quick, come!
Don't you know it's the General's car...
Give us a hand?
Quick! Come!
Take it to Tinjuin and sale it, then I'm rich.
I beg you Captain, please don't tell anyone you see me here.
Stay here!
If the thing gets spread out.
We can never rob in this way again.
How about we kill him!
If the General knows about it, he will shoot me.
I beg you, Captain, please don't tell...
What are you doing? You guys don't.
Don't be so ruthless!
Don't kill him!
Why is it like this?
We've been discovered by those bastards.
Say no more, close the door!
Why do you take her along?
She came here by accident.
Then we are going to take her by accident.
If we are caught.
Then she will take all our secret.
Help me, I don't want to die.
He's not dead?
What're you doing?
He has saved me, I can't leave him like that.
It's getting crowded, get in!
Have we met somewhere before?
You hurt real bad, you are getting dizzy.
Cover up the wound, quick.
Open the gate. Yes! Open it!
The oil-tank has a hole, the car can't move!
Listen, someone is coming!
It's from the Ticketing Office.
If they see us like this, we are in trouble.
May be we leave the car.
Take them two to a safe place. Or there will be more trouble.
So much blood, I will faint.
Hold him!
Oh my dress...
Damn, they've seen us.
Don't take him with you.
Hey, who are you guys?
What are you doing here?
So you want to get away from these bastards.
Right, lady, that's why you got to help us.
My God, he hurts so bad. He needs an operation.
Find a place for him first. Operation?
I'll go to the car to get the tools. You first take him in.
I'll take him in.
Can't go there, go to my room!
I can't open the door and let everyone in.
OK, our code is "Peking Duck", you remember!
Peking Duck? I'll come back immediately!
This is even more ridiculous.
You've been searching all around what are you looking for?
Do you know where's the box in the car?
Where is the back stage? Over there!
I'll find it!
Come back, no running around!
Girl, do you have a piece of cloth? Take one and clean the blood for me.
Get away! Bastard!
Tell your friend not to run around, will you?
I don't know her.
You don't know her? You don't know her then why are you together?
Is that strange, I don't know him either.
Do you know the woman who went out?
I really don't know what kind of game are you playing.
I'll open the door.
Don't bother, you two watch her.
Peking Duck!
Peking duck...
It's Tuna Fish!
Wrong, go away!
Open the door, I'm your dad!
Bitch, open it!
Dad, I'm sorry!
What Peking Duck, Nanking Duck.
Watch out or I'll tear your ear off.
Are you hungry? Always think of food. Duck your head.
Are you yawning on crying for help?
I'm too tired! Just go to sleep, go to sleep...
Damn, my dad is back, you must go!
Oh no, who is it this time? I'm dead for sure.
No, I must send them away.
Peking Duck or Tuna Fish!
Peking Duck! Right!
How come there is Tuna Fish?
Peking Duck is you.
Tuna Fish is my father, he's already back.
My ears are going to be tortured again.
You better be going!
Take the wine and the cloth here. OK!
And heat some water. Yes!
Shouldn't I send them away?
First tear off his clothes.
Take the cloth and wipe off the blood.
Why are you still standing here? Go get the thing.
OK, he is alright now!
It's too crowded here, you take him out first.
This place is too crowded? Come on! Sit down!
You study medicine overseas?
I study gynaecology.
Really, you can't even hold a lantern.
Go to bed earlier, even your skin will be more beautiful.
Where is my perfume, give me back.
I know, stupid!
Oh no, those actress are coming back.
Before anyone see you, you better leave!
Go, be quick!
Where is the chignon?
Those actress are coming, go...
You look at this watchdog.
She's still laughing. Damn you!
I hate this!
Dad, you've not sleep yet?
So many problems raise up tonight.
How can I sleep?
I thought about that night.
It was almost the same as tonight.
She saved my life.
If not, I'll won't be alive.
This pistol is a gift from a French.
It's dangerous around here.
Take it with you!
Dad, I'll take care myself.
Keep it with you.
I've guards.
I'm worrying about you.
You are my only child.
I worry there's no one
to inherit my country.
I'm old.
I see everything already.
Remember, do anything for your own self.
If I lose this key, w e've to start from the beginning.
Work like a dog.
For his children.
Pay attention to what I said.
I've a companion, go to bed!
Dad keeps the key with him.
If we've to steal the key, and open the safe.
At the same time.
It'll be too obvious.
You're right!
Unless we make a mode for the key.
Then give back the key instantly.
That's simple.
We steal it while he's sleeping.
My dad has a woman with him each night.
That woman will notice.
Is he alone when he's bathing?
Nowhere can hide in the bathroom.
What else can we do?
Can I make a little suggestion?
Why is he here?
It's so easy to be caught running around.
It's safety to stay here?
Can you stop arguing? Listen to my suggestion first!
You said the bedroom and he said the bathroom.
Why not the toilet?
When the General leaves his house.
Everyone has that necessity.
If you can make him to go to that toilet.
And you wait him there.
Then he's trapped.
I finish.
If you've no other way.
We can try this one.
Really the toilet? Which one?
I'm thinking!
Kwok Wo Building!
Mr. Wong, they are the actors from Tinjuin.
Show them to Fa. This way...
Have everything ready.
What are you doing? Come down!
Do anything you see.
Just work. Quick!
Don't pretend to be mysterious.
Pearl... come out!
That way.
The box is up there.
I lost my money.
Why rubbing the stand.
Almost full.
Get away... we're celebrating.
Big real?
Get away.
Get away...
Ask your men to come for present.
Put it down! Don't touch.
What's the matter?
Don't move, I catch you at last.
Who are you send the present to?
With Commander Liu's order.
Send these to Fa.
Who is looking for me?
Someone is sending these to you.
When you are in good luck. Everything goes smooth.
Even the council will take notice of you.
Right, our Commander wants you happy.
After you have these.
He'll pick you up in three days.
Then you'll be his husband.
But I'm a man.
He doesn't want to.
That's it.
I don't want to... go for someone else.
You do it? Don't touch me!
If it spread out, I couldn't get married.
I can't. Sacrifice for you.
Are you get married to commander? No!
Beat him!
You have your choice.
You say that.
Have to be happy.
Can't by force.
His skin is so soft.
Woman needs soothing.
Look at yourself.
Flirting around.
Too bad. Liu's present is here.
Don't flirt anymore.
Sacrifice yourself for the repertory. Get married in three days.
Search around.
My dear.
Think for your comfortable lives afterward.
General's here.
He's here because of me?
If Fa is not with us.
We'll be finished.
Don't do that in front of General.
Pat Neil, you've to save me.
I'm the Ticketing Officer Mr. Liu.
Coming to protect the General.
Are you trying to escape?
Where are you going?
Being a dumb in Chainam.
We've to act in even a small town.
What are you doing?
Take more costume with you.
You can make use of it.
Take my place.
Don't let anyone see me running away.
You're alone.
Take some medicine with you.
Run. Run!
May be we won't see again! Take care!
Take care!
Put on the make up.
The General doesn't like this kind of food.
Change it.
I like this dim-sum.
Who is she? Your daughter.
She makes me lose face.
You there on the horse, Who are you?
Look for Fa?
You shut up your mouth. I'm Mu.
Who is she? I don't know!
That's better.
How come there are two Mu's?
I can't find Fa back-stage.
What? He's gone! Don't let him go away.
She's fake, I'm real.
She's fake, I'm real.
I can't tell which one is true.
Let me take order back to tent.
I'm going back too.
I go over that side.
Wrong position.
What am I going to do?
Follow me.
Do what I do?
General, I'm hungry.
Take a bite then.
Miss, are you alright?
I'm fine.
Take them back-stage.
No need to explain.
Yes, Sir!
I'm hurt.
You can't die, you haven't paid us yet.
He's slightly hurt.
Can't pull it out.
If they are women.
They can become my wives.
They can't be pulled out,
I'd have to die.
Boss, shall I die or not?
Since you like it so much, stay dead.
No need to put on make up disguising as a corpse.
We can get closer afterwards.
General, I've a stomach ache.
Go to the toilet then.
What are we going to do?
Take him away! Yes, sir!
That's difficult.
Who is he? So painful!
Taking advantage!
We're women, what am I going do to now?
I met no opponent. I'm the king of the universe.
Commander Liu!
What's the matter, Miss?
Where's the toilet?
This way, I'll show you. No, thanks!
I can find my way, you stay here to protect General.
Pak Hoi!
You two go to protect Miss.
By the way find out why Miss Choi is late?
What's happening?
Because of me.
Miss Choi!
Miss Choi passed out.
Take her out. Yes!
Here! Yes!
What happened?
A ghost, in the toilet!
Ghost? What ghost.
Not ghost, is Fa.
Protect the General.
Hold me as a hostage!
Hold it!
Grab the guerrilla.
Freeze! Get up!
Lie down!
My dress! This way!
My dress!
You flew excellent.
Too bad you're not a bird.
But you'll be in my hand.
And keep in you my cage. And teach you how to fly!
Release him...
If not, I'll give General a shot.
Shot the guy in black. He's bad.
No, he's my dad as the hostage.
Hope these pistol wouldn't run out fire.
I only have one bullet.
Can you escape after shooting General?
I don't care, exchange hostage.
Go there!
Grab him, don't shoot.
Don't shoot. Look at me!
Hold it!
Who do you think you are! Fire!
Doesn't he think I'm a human.
I did expect I can jump that high.
There's guerrilla in the theatre.
The guerrilla's coming, take them.
Close down the theatre!
Close down the theatre?
I told you not to go on stage.
You bitch, I'll kill you!
Stand still! To where?
I've to kill her.
I told not to go on stage, but you did.
I've to kill you. Don't hold me...
The theatre is closing down.
Why are staying here for?
Dad, I left my thing in the back-stage.
Go home first!
Protect Miss. Yes!
Found it!
It is cold outside, put on a coat.
I don't need your sympathy.
Your performance was terrific.
What for?
A woman performs on stage.
Everyone will laugh at her.
Don't be silly, did you see the acclaims?
Don't get depressed, you're excellent.
Even you fail, try again.
Don't get loose.
The heavens are laughing, flowers are floating in the air
Nature is so wondrous.
People are laughing, their heads are shaking.
They can't get away from the rainful of flowers.
The wind is blowing, clouds are floating.
Songs are heard in the air.
Flowers come and go,
clouds appear and disappear,
Oh, can't forget.
How beautiful, how wondrous, how can I forget?
Make us lose face!
The heavens are still laughing, flowers are still floating.
This feeling is so wondrous.
I remember the song you taught me.
How can I ever forget from it?
Come here!
Let's go for a drink. OK!
These clothes I used to wear before abroad.
How come all educated girls,
dress up so funny.
Can't tell if a boy or a girl.
To move more freely.
What is this?
This is the scope.
This is our world.
This is China. Look!
Where is Peking?
Here, as a dot.
Where is Kwok Wo Building?
Inside the dot.
Are you kidding, there's no houses?
Peking looks like a dot.
The world is so big, where can I go?
Are you planning to go somewhere?
Everyone is running away.
Run for life.
I don't get it, this is a nice place?
Why do we have to run away?
Sometimes we're running around.
And finally we go back to the same route.
Did you sleep? Not yet!
They're my friends. I'm sending them home.
They can stay for a night.
No, I'll be back soon.
Who is it?
They were the actors on stage today.
They are women?
How come you are here?
The Publishing Office is being watched.
Officer told us not to go back there tonight.
Right, we need a place to hide up.
So cold.
Got only one bed and one blanket. How can we sleep?
Doesn't matter, we're all girls.
We can sleep together.
Come on!
We can share the blanket.
You come.
What's the matter?
The General ordered to reopen the theatre.
He's coming tonight.
Look for your daughter and that girl.
If not, you'll die.
Pat Neil...
Pat Neil...
How come you didn't answer me.
What? Are you feeling alright?
Are you having a fever? No, I'd a cold.
If you'd a cold, get a blanket You Really!
Dad hits you is for your good sake.
Don't scare.
Look at your hands, so rough.
Put the blanket on.
I have performed for my whole life.
Look, I've so much grey hair.
Didn't expect you want to act too.
That'll be a waste if you don't act.
You know I like acting.
Yes, I know.
Dad! Good girl!
Dad! Daughter!
Dad, I feel so bad!
You yawn differently each time?
Have a good rest. The General is coming tonight.
He's coming to see me?
Right, also the girl last night.
Where can we find her?
How come you are here?
Are you looking for me?
I didn't see you just now?
You saw her already, show your face!
We'll be on stage tonight.
Why do you dress up like this?
You really have to perform tonight.
I've a way.
I've to act tonight?
Do it.
It's too hard, I don't want to do it.
You mean Sheung Hung seducing my dad?
What? Ask me to seduce her dad?
And stay for a night with your dad?
That's the only to take off my dad's coat.
The key is in the coat.
That means I've to get married to your dad.
And you'll call me mom?
You put this powder in this drink.
He'll wake up in an hour.
She'll take you outside the door.
Why am I helping you for?
Give me this first.
Will pay you the balance afterward.
Why don't you ask Pat Neil?
Because you won't resist on this.
Sheung Hung, Pat Neil, your turn.
Pat Neil, Sheung Hung.
Congratulation for your debut.
Toss for your success.
It's so danger here, you'll get caught?
I want to see you the last time.
Last time?
After the mission.
Will you stay or go with us?
See you again.
Are you worrying your dad?
He's my only relative.
If he finds out you do all these.
Will he forgive you?
May be!
Absolutely not.
He trusts me the most.
The General invites you for a drink.
You've to go too?
What's wrong, once a woman starts working.
They all have this problem.
If you don't go, we'll be finished.
What are you going to do?
I go to fetch Mr. Ling. He can think for something.
Where is the powder!
No need to find, take another one.
Don't lose it, if not, don't come back.
You're terrific, tell you something.
That day in General's house, someone hit you...
Don't say it.
I knew is you.
I don't mean it.
You hit not so hard.
It doesn't matter.
Half an hour...
General's here.
You two perform excellent.
It's really good.
Why don't you sit down?
Look at my hands.
Your hands? Nothing.
Another one, nothing too.
See more clearly.
Do you think, it'll look better with rings.
Bracelets, diamond, right?
You're so greedy and lovely.
Let me see your hands too.
Why are you holding your palms?
Let me see...
Not bad.
Another one, let me see...
What for? General!
What are you doing?
Let's have a game.
What game?
Just guest.
Tell me!
It's finished.
Fool me? You're punished to drink.
I don't know drinking.
You've to drink.
Hold it! Don't!
You've to finish it...
What did you do to my dad?
I only hit him slightly.
Don't wake him up.
How come?
Is it this one?
Where did you get it?
In his pocket.
You opened it?
Is it this one? Yes, it is.
Open it.
This is your balance payment.
That's it?
What do you mean?
You'll be fail.
If I don't have a quick mind.
You wouldn't get this papers.
So I should have more.
I got the papers already.
You won't get more.
You didn't know that.
When I stole those papers, I kept half.
They are with me.
Hand it out!
Hand it out!
You wouldn't shoot me
Pat Neil and I take this with our lives.
You've to pay her too. Don't be silly.
One is for the paper by all means.
One is for money without shame.
Both of you betray your friend.
I don't want to see you again.
Pat Neil!
Don't pull me.
You asked us for a drink.
Because you wanted me to seduce your dad.
I didn't mean that.
You treat your dad that way.
And your friend too, do you have conscience?
I'm not doing this for myself.
Did you know that your dad will not let me off?
What am I going to do?
Release her.
Sheung Hung, you'll be alright.
Don't be afraid.
He's from the Ticketing Office.
He stared at us for a long time.
I'll expose my identity.
Come in silently.
That's Pat Neil.
Pat Neil! Mr. Kam!
Your dad and the actors are imprisoned.
The General is looking for you and Sheung Hung.
What are we going to do?
Where are we going? Nanking!
Our men will meet you there.
Quick. Run!
How about my dad?
Don't worry, Tsao Wan will save your dad.
Go! Quick...
Sheung Hung, how come you're back?
Tsao Wan asked me to give you this.
Where is she?
She said her identity was exposed.
So she has to go back to her dad's.
She'll sacrificed.
Search all around. See if there is anyone?
Go over that side.
Don't come out!
It's dangerous.
Take care this paper. You go first.
Pat Neil, run!
Don't let them run away, chase them!
Go separately!
You two go over that way. Yes!
That's not a way.
Take care the paper.
I lead them away.
You stay here, others follow me.
If not, I'll shoot you.
What are we going to do?
Don't scare, I'll find a way to save them.
We've proof for Tsao's identity.
Did you get her?
How are we going to handle General?
Dad! Pack up.
We all have to go tonight.
If you go away with all these people.
It's too obvious.
And will start a fight.
Dad lost an important matter, he needs to go.
That's too serious.
If your subordinates know you lose your power, there'll be a riot.
It's saver if you disguise.
If I am afraid of dangerous, I'll not be an army.
I fought with my life for years.
Kill those who are defeating me.
Dad, think of the others. Think for the whole situation.
Talking about the situation without me.
Sweet talking.
All people are selfish.
Talk louder with bigger power.
Dad, if every councillor thinks in that way.
Why do we need the government?
That's me, shoot those not agree with me.
No matter what's happening, we'll be together.
Pack up, time is running short.
Alright, I'll go!
Give me the key, you two get out!
Quick, if not, it'll be too late.
We got help... run...
We're save. Yes.
Stop singing, if not, I put you in jail again.
Get away! You...
What are they running!
Dad! Where is your luggage!
Not pack yet.
Let's go without it!
Report! Yes?
The Ticketing Officers are here.
Who do you think they are?
Why are you here? Go!
We want to invite your daughter to our office.
As we suspect her has connection with the guerrilla.
You have no right to say so.
My daughter is not a guerrilla.
Anyone says that, I'll kill him.
She's not a guerrilla.
Wan, run...
Pick up the gun.
General Tun run away with everything.
How come he's back?
I don't understand politics.
Before, Tsao used to have the power. Then Tun had to run away.
Now Tsao was collapsed. Tun is back.
That's simple.
What did you say?
Social talking!
Take him back?
I'm an overseas Chinese.
Even worse. Knock him up.
Captain Sa!
Where's the document?
I swallow it.
In your stomach?
Salt water!
Please stop.
If not, I'll lose my temper.
Would you help me to test Tsao's daughter.
You can do what you like after that.
OK send her to General's house.
Tsao Wan...
You feel lonely.
Sentenced them at night.
Report, someone wants to see you.
I don't see anyone from now till tomorrow morning.
Shoot him if he insist.
Oh, is you?
General, she's looking for you so badly. Even she's sick.
So touching.
Why don't you tell me that?
I did.
Take her to study room.
You can go.
Wait me outside.
Don't bother me, if not, I'll shoot you.
Where am I?
Oh, is you, General?
You passed outjust now.
My heart is beating so fast.
You don't believe me, listen.
What are you doing?
Be patient.
Give me a kiss. Be patient!
Hold it!
Don't fool me.
Don't go...
Come back...
Don't go... come back...
Come back...
Hold it!
I don't trust you.
What are you doing?
What's happening?
General, they come in without your permission.
Get out?
Lead my sisters to come in.
General ask you to go in.
Close the door!
Sheung Hung!
Tsao Wan, how come you are here too?
Keep quiet!
Sit down first.
why are crying?
Who beat you?
Tell me, who?
I'm fine, don't worry.
They'll kill Pak Hoi and Tung Man tonight.
The sun is setting, what can we do?
Find a way to save them.
Did you see the uppest window of the that building?
They're being knocked in there.
Pat Neil, do you think you can climb up there?
I'm looking for a way.
Go and get General's pistol.
Their lives are in your hand.
You've to success.
Go. Be careful!
Tide up the bed sheet.
Tide it up?
Climb down!
Open the door!
Patriotic Ling and Tung intimate to start a riot.
Were sentenced death.
Ready, fire!
How are you?
Take the key.
How about the soldier? Take a rest!
Go over that side?
The garage is over there.
Peking Duck!
Peking Duck is here.
Pak Hoi, Tsao Wan!
Tung Man, Sheung Hung!
Are you OK? I'm fine.
Pat Neil?
Let's hug outside!
Get in the car.
Changing time.
Patriotic, chase...
Where's the document?
In the theatre, let's go back and get it.
Is there anyone being lazy?
How come there's so little good guy? Get out!
Mr. Kam! Pat Neil!
Where is my dad?
Mr. Wong...
Pat Neil, you're back.
Dad! Are you alright?
I'm fine!
We're back for something, and will leave soon.
We're leaving tonight.
Captain, the car is ready.
They must hide somewhere around.
Send a team here. Yes!
Follow me!
Block the streets.
Streets are blocked. Sit down.
Lock the exit. Search the theatre.
They know we are here.
Get out at the back door.
The theatre is being surrounding.
They block all exits.
Tonight we perform the eight fairies. We'll on stage.
The moustache is down.
Can't find them anywhere?
Come over!
We get out from the roof.
The code is collapse.
Captain, all men are here.
In position. Yes!
I want all of them.
I can't take off my shell.
Why they are going up?
Don't be afraid.
Keep quiet, they're just down there.
Get up quick.
Lie down!
Are you alright?
Doesn't matter, my shoulder is hurt.
Be careful.
Beware, Captain!
Tsao Wan!
The bullet.
Good shot.
Go up!
That way!
Tsao Wan!
Go up!
Is Commander Liu?
Who is shooting? No one!
Must be the gnerilla...
We'll go South, to hand this paper to the congress.
Let them to handle Yuen.
We see you off here!
Where are you going?
I'll fetch my dad in Tinjuin.
I'll keep singing. Leave China when I've enough money.
But it's so turbulent.
Then I'll go back to my hometown, first.
Don't feel sad.
We'll see again.
After the revolution, meet you in Peking.
See you then.
Take care.
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