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Peppermint Frapp 1967

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An envelope.
Yes, sir.
-Do me a favor... -Whatever you want.
Go by the hospital when you leave.
l won't have time.
Yes, sir.
-Goodbye, Ana. -Goodbye, Doctor.
-Don't be long. -Yes, sir.
-Julián! -Pablo!
-You haven't changed. -lt's good to see you.
You've lost hair, but that's it.
-Ready? -Ready.
You're in shape.
l do all right. How's Africa?
You always said you'd visit.
l want to hear about you... But we've got time.
We've got the whole day.
-What do you think? -Great.
How's your love life?
This is for you.
We were so handsome!
Thanks. l have something for you, too.
-What? -Later...
First l have a surprise for you.
-Hello, Beatriz. -lt's about time.
You never come visit.
You're right. l have a lot of work.
How's your diabetes?
You don't care about us anymore.
Like my son: he only sends me bad news.
-Some tea? -Please.
That's right.
He didn't tell his mother he's married.
What do you think?
-You got married? -That's the surprise.
Without telling a soul! But she's a darling.
You'll see.
He doesn't deserve her.
l still remember what you like.
When will you marry?
-lt's time you did. -Yes...
-Elena! -When l meet a woman like you.
You're always so nice. l like my tea strong.
My only vice.
With just one lump of sugar.
Today will be an exception.
l take insulin every day.
Old age is terrible.
Peppermint frappé!
-You still drink it? -Yes.
Hello, Julián.
Well? Don't l have good taste?
Definitely. Congratulations.
l almost forgot, l have a present for you.
-Can l have a cigarette? -Yes.
You're not
like l had imagined.
Pablo's told me a lot about you.
Haven't we met
somewhere before?
l remind you of someone?
What do you think? l remembered.
What's this for?
When you were a boy you wanted to be a race car driver.
-Put it on. -lt'll look good on you.
lf you want...
lt looks great. Look in the mirror.
That's enough for now.
Let's go out to dinner.
You will have dinner with us?
Take us to a traditional restaurant.
You're more up to date. What do you advise?
What's in your hand?
l don't know. l don't eat out a lot.
What do you feel like? lt's partridge season.
Do you like partridges?
Whatever you two want.
You never were much of a hunter. Remember rabbit hunting?
l've always greatly respected animals.
-Hello, Don Julián. -Hello.
The door, Ana.
-Let's see. -Yes sir.
Fine. Say something.
-Anything. -What do l say?
Repeat that.
How's your wife?
She's pregnant again.
How many is that?
With this one, five.
We've been married
for six years.
That's all.
A gentleman's waiting for you. Pablo.
He's alone?
Yes, he is.
You've recovered.
Stick to soups and bland food. And do your jaw exercises.
Don Julián, l...
Don't worry. Pay me when you can.
Thank you. l'll pay you next month.
How are you doing?
-Pablo. -Sorry for this...
Not at all. Where's Elena?
Outside in the car. l need a favor.
Remember our lawyer ldalecio?
He died. My mother's affairs are a mess.
You must know someone.
Someone young, preferibly.
Excuse me...
Come in, Ana.
For when?
Right now.
Ana, get Mr. Abelló's number,
the lawyer.
Nice roses.
Three unpaid
We could lose them. My mom is a disaster.
l'll have to come here more often.
-Are there any more patients? -One.
Have him come tomorrow.
Bye. Have fun.
-Excuse me... -Don't you want to drive?
l've never driven a sportscar.
May l?
Thank you.
Shall we go
for a drive or have a drink?
Show me the town.
l'm sick of being inside.
All right.
You're here all year? You never travel?
Not much. l don't have much time.
How did you meet Pablo?
My father's worked with him.
We met at a party,
and we immediately realized
we were made for each other.
Do you like the town?
The upper part is older and prettier,
but everyone lives below.
Then the devil turned into a handsome knight...
-Like you? -Yes, like me.
...and tried to seduce the maiden.
The maiden resisted his temptations.
And one day,
the devil put his hand on the maiden's breast
and the maiden turned into this stone cross.
This is the devil's hand.
lt's the same size as mine.
-Then what happened? -Then?
What happened to her?
She turned into this cross.
You didn't tell Pablo the truth.
What truth?
That we already met each other in Calanda.
-Where? -On Good Friday.
What are you saying?
What is this about Calanda?
Another story for tourists?
This is where people commit suicide here.
That's absurd!
A drum? How did you come up with that?
lt's not that strange. Listen...
Easter Week... Good Friday...
Calanda, a village in Aragón.
All the villagers get together in the plaza
and continuously beat drums for 24 hours.
-Understand? -Yes.
You end up getting a blister on your hand,
after playing all day.
They must go crazy.
Where's a good hairdresser?
Wait... You were there that day.
How did this happen?
l cut myself
opening can of beer.
-Good afternoon. -Hello.
-May l? -Thank you.
lt'll be just a moment.
l thought it over a lot before deciding.
l don't really believe in marriage.
Why not?
lt's signing something forever.
But anything can happen.
Pablo agrees with me.
About what?
Things last as long as they last.
What about children?
We don't have children.
But you will... Or won't you?
l'm not ready for that.
All women are biologically ready.
l don't want to complicate my life right now.
Pablo's much older than you.
l like mature men.
Like you.
You'd have married me?
Why not?
You can go in now.
Are you ready? Then we'll begin the ceremony.
Do you take Pablo?
l do.
Do you take her?
l do.
Put the ring on.
You are married.
l now pronounce you
man and wife.
You're going?
l can stay.
You don't have plans?
Yes, but nothing important. l can stay.
Where are you from, Ana?
From Carboneras, a village in Almería.
Two years working together, and l know nothing about you.
l've never seen you outside. Where do you live?
With my sister. But l do go out a lot...
No, l'm the one who doesn't go out.
As if life was just work.
We lose so much time. We don't organize our lives well.
You have a boyfriend?
A boyfriend? No.
Don't do that, Ana!
Doing that is... l don't know...
Yes, vile.
That's the word,
lt's a habit.
The worst thing is that it's a habit.
To you, Ana.
lt's very good.
You liked it?
Have another.
Make it yourself.
l will.
Shorter skirts are in style now.
Not everyone can wear them, though.
With legs like yours...
Change your style...
you would look good.
Don't be angry, l just want to help.
l'm not angry.
Come here, look at these women.
Now, eye makeup is like this.
Sit down.
False eyelashes.
False eyelashes made with real hair.
You see?
The mouth, like this.
And there are wigs...
l have pretty hair.
And short skirts...
You like this?
You need money for that.
No, losing weight doesn't take money!
You just need to take care of yourself.
Exercise, eat right, that's all.
This is nice.
The stockings are beautiful!
More than anything, her body.
Women should be thin, delicate.
Exercise, Ana.
They're like sticks.
That's how a modern woman should be.
Do you want to get fat when you're thirty?
At my age...
My age doesn't matter... l exercise every morning.
l exercise quite a bit.
ln summer l go to the beach and swim.
l'm not bad.
They should build an indoor pool here.
A what?
The best thing would be a bicycle.
A bicycle? What an idea!
See? You think it's silly, too.
There are these small folding bikes...
But we're all afraid of looking ridiculous.
-Will you make me another? -Yes.
Go in.
-You like it? -Very much.
This is good for cellulite, And for the waist.
One, two... One, two...
One, two... One, two...
100 times every morning.
l've lost 3 cms. of adipose panniculus.
-Now you. -l can't...
Of course you can...
Your feet.
The other one.
Very good.
One, two...
Very good.
Very good.
That's it.
You have to do it 100 times in a row.
Come on.
One, two,
three, four...
100 times.
ln a row.
Now, a shower!
No, thanks.
Of course.
After exercise, hot water then cold water.
The exercise is useless without a Swedish shower.
Come on.
lt'll feel good.
Don't forget: hot water, then cold water.
My back hurts.
That's normal at first.
Let's see.
A blister.
l have another here. lt stings.
We'll take care of that.
Did that hurt?
lt's nothing.
lt doesn't even bleed.
Does it hurt?
Poor girl.
lt's been so long!
lt's changed a lot.
-You like it? -lt's beautiful.
The river's behind the bathhouse.
All the couples came here.
What's that?
The dance floor.
There were dances on Saturday and Sunday. Remember?
l was telling Elena about the dances.
Yeah, it was quite a sight.
Rheumatic patients,
people with kidney stones, fat women...
lt's still here!
l was an expert!
Maybe it's there.
-What? -Nothing...
Come, Elena.
l'll show you the bathhouse.
Lots of people used to come to take the waters.
Families spent their summers here.
You should have seen it.
lt's a bit sad now.
-lt's prettier this way. -l think so, too.
We buried it here when we were kids...
Next to the table. lt was a great dog.
Someone poisoned it.
Well, let's get the things out of the car.
Go in.
This is my refuge.
l come here every weekend.
l have all l need:
books, music...
Above all, peace and quiet.
-You like it? -Very much.
You come here alone?
Yes, l like solitude. Don't you?
-lt depends. -Well...
l'll start the fire. You'll like it here.
-Want a drink? -Not now, thanks.
The bedroom's upstairs.
There's just one?
Right, just one.
Where will you sleep?
On the sofa, don't worry.
This is great.
Who do you bring here, the nurse?
-Who? -l saw how she looked at you.
Don't be absurd.
You put the meat in the trunk,
it stinks of gasoline.
Really? What a shame.
What's that about the nurse?
Pablo's imagination.
ls there a ladder?
There may be one in the yard.
-What for? -Wait, you'll see.
Get this ready, l'll just be a minute.
''l walk, dreaming afternoon paths.
Golden hills, green pines,
dusty oaks. Where will the path lead to?
l walk and sing, traveler, along the road.
The evening is falling.
My heart holds the thorn of a passion. l'll pull it out
some day. l no longer feel my heart.
The whole countryside becomes
mute and somber, meditating.
l hear the wind in the poplars by the river.
The evening grows dark.
And the path that winds and weakly lightens
fades and disappears.''
Do you like it? lf you want, it's yours.
No thanks, l wouldn't read it.
May l?
Come in.
Sorry... l came for a blanket.
l'm going downstairs.
Give me a hand.
All right.
Enough photos, already.
She never stops. Where does she get her energy?
Elena! Come, this is really fun.
What are you doing?
You'll see.
The chain!
l won't miss.
-The expert! -That's not normal...
l want to now! lt's my turn! l want to!
No, it's someone else's turn now.
-No, not me. -lt's your turn!
-Yes, Julián, yes! -Come on!
Good luck!
Pablo and l played here when we were kids.
We thought it was the jungle, full of danger.
The baths were here.
We spied on the women from here.
You see the tub?
-The women were horrible. -Really?
One looked like a hippo.
She kept snorting in the tub.
You little brats! They never caught you?
-What did they do? -Lock us in my aunt's room.
She had images of saints all over.
We had to kneel down for hours,
They didn't fix the hole?
We made it again.
Look at this.
lt'll collapse someday.
lt's a shame.
l think she watched us through the keyhole.
lf we stood up, my aunt would come in.
Elena, come here...
This was her room.
The kneeler's still here.
We knelt near the bed...
There were girls as well?
Were you punished together?
Drop it, you'll get dirty.
We knelt here...
Girls' stuff.
Kneel down.
Kneel down? Why?
l just want to check something.
-Do you mind? -No.
They must have watched us from here.
You're crazy, Julián.
We all have our obsessions. Remember your childhood?
l haven't had time yet.
What's this?
The music room.
lt used to work.
You need a wife.
Yes, this would be perfect with a woman.
No woman would last long here.
Why not?
You wouldn't even come
if you had a wife.
You were lovely in your white dress.
When l saw you in Calanda
on Good Friday, l knew you were the one.
And now, having you here...
Land itself is worth nothing. You need to build.
Of course, the risk is greater.
But the profits are infinitely superior.
We're building in Africa because of its tourism potential.
But tourism is delicate in unstable areas.
That's the risk.
l'm going to bed.
Forget business for awhile.
Goodnight, Julián.
So early?
-Don't take too long. -l won't.
Come to Madrid with us.
-For how long? -Two or three days.
No, l can't.
You have to have capital and know when to buy.
Elena's father listened to me.
Who does the business belong to?
To both of us.
lf Elena loves me, her father loves me even more.
Why don't you do something with this?
You need to have a little initiative.
Build a spa.
There are pine trees, a river. Or sell it.
How big is it? Got a pencil?
-No. -Doesn't matter.
6,000 square meters at 400 pesetas...
Sell it and l'll triple your money, guaranteed.
Pablo! Will you be long?
What a pain! Women don't care.
Think about it. lt's a good deal.
l don't want complications.
We'll talk later. Goodnight.
Goodnight, Pablo.
l'm going to the bathroom.
Be quick, Elena.
Julián! You scared me.
l thought you were asleep.
Elena, l love you. l dream about you night and day.
Yes, Julián. Yes, Julián.
That's enough for today.
Now be a good boy.
Julián... Julián...
l can't now, Ana.
Shall l wait for you?
No, l'll be here awhile.
Go home.
What are you doing here?
What does it look like?
Take your keys, if you don't want to see me... Here.
-What? -l'm going.
Don't be silly.
l say go and you stay. Then you go.
Make up your mind.
Come on...
Please, Ana, please...
What's wrong now?
l wanted to be with you.
Yes, l know... But l'm tired.
l'll go, then.
No, don't go.
Let's see...
Look at me.
That's it.
Now the other one.
You're prettier that way.
You didn't notice the stockings.
-Aren't they pretty? -Yes.
-You like them? -A lot.
Fix yourself up.
What for? We never leave this room.
You're a sight for sore eyes.
Come here...
Do you fix yourself up for people or for me?
For you.
Sit down.
Where are the eyelashes?
ln my bag.
-You're not angry anymore? -Shush.
This is very hard.
Don't move.
-You can tell they're fake. -Right.
That's what they're for.
Well, this one's done.
They're made of real hair.
Now we have to do your eyes and lips.
This is the color. Moisten them.
-Let me. -lt's very difficult.
Just a little. That's it. And only on the mouth.
Very good.
l'll make a ''Peppermint''.
Let me see you.
You're much better this way. What a difference!
You really like me?
You're very pretty.
l told my sister l may leave for a few days.
We'll go away for a weekend.
Everything will be all right.
Don't worry, Ana.
You've never thought of dying your hair?
The problem with buying that land
is if the Public Works Ministry...
Julián, hi!
Sorry l'm late.
We never see you.
-A drink? -No.
No Peppermint?
No. l have the photos.
l wanted to see them.
l don't know. lt's a risky investment.
l'm not sure about it.
-What can l say? -Listen.
lt's not my deal,
l only want to give you advice.
You think it's worth it?
l think so.
Am l like this?
Wow, you're a really good photographer.
That's a great photo!
They're lovely.
That's not good at all.
There's no picture of me?
l haven't developed them all.
Behave yourselves. Especially you, Marisa.
Tomorrow l want an essay,
so pay attention and be careful.
Yes, Ma'am.
lt's my first time.
l think visiting museums is very interesting.
-lt's a curious idea. -Lots of painters come here.
lt's fashionable.
Everything's changed since you've been away.
But all of this must belong to someone.
To a painter. Zóbel.
He donated his private collection.
Chillida. You like it?
Upstairs, there's Tapies, Torner,
Lucio and others.
l don't get it.
Where's Marisa?
Did you tell Pablo? Did you?
-What? -You did. He's strange.
What are you saying?
-Have you seen Marisa? -No.
Where can she be?
Julián, explain this to me.
What do you think?
l don't understand it.
Arturo knows more than l do.
Don't be modest. We've always had the same taste.
Sorry about the other night.
Don't take it the wrong way.
l'm sorry.
Are you there, Marisa? Come out.
This is the black room. lt's disturbing.
Quite disturbing.
They're like X-rays. Right, Julián?
This is the room l like best.
lt's very nice.
Things are changing.
''Lack of interest'' is often lack of information.
The people here really respect this artwork,
apart from the occasional wiseguy.
Everything changes.
What about tourism? Do you advertise? That's essential.
l'm an expert on that.
Without it, you're nothing.
Look! lt's so big!
What do you want now?
Elena... l need you.
l can't live without you.
-Forget it, Julián. -But Elena...
Can't you leave me alone?
Another weekend would be nice,
but you need a date.
What are you laughing at?
Nothing. Wait.
Take the nurse. She's not bad.
All right, l will.
Turn around. Turn around.
-l don't understand... -Elena is like a child.
-The nurse... What's her name? -Ana.
Ana and you...
-ls it serious? -That's my business.
Don't get upset, we're old friends.
You didn't expect that, did you?
We knew you'd like it.
Hi, Julián!
Julián, how are you?
Fine, and you?
Right on time, like always.
-Where's the nurse? -Yes, where is she?
l want to meet her.
She'll come later.
When's the wedding?
We're getting old.
This is nice.
Look what you've done!
Remember this, Pablo.
Ana did it all...
This is amazing!
Pablo, we should wait for Ana.
-She won't be long? -No, she won't.
This is the life!
You like it? You're so unpractical.
Calanda... Easter week...
Can l help?
-Can l help? -No, thanks.
Calanda, Easter week.
And a scar from the drumsticks.
There's no blender here to crush the ice.
This is the famous book of poetry. Remember?
-Pour me a whisky. -First a Peppermint Frappé.
lf you don't mind.
''The evening is falling.
My heart holds the thorn of a passion.
l'll pull it out some day. l no longer feel my heart.
The whole countryside becomes mute and somber, meditating.
l hear the wind in the poplars.
The evening grows dark. And the path that winds
and weakly lightens fades and disappears.
My song once again laments.
Golden thorn...
Who could feel you piercing the heart?
l walk, dreaming afternoon paths.
Golden hills, green pines,
dusty oaks.
Where will it lead to?
l walk and sing, traveler, along the road...''
-This is beautiful! -God, this is boring!
l never liked green.
But you like it?
The color of hope. Thank you.
l'm beginning to like this.
-lt smells like toothpaste. -To you.
To Ana.
And to you, Julián.
This is good.
-Where's Ana? -She's just finishing up some work.
l bought some new records.
Better than this one, l hope.
This is great. You want some more?
Have you seen how she dances?
Come on, dance.
Come on!
Very good.
Loosen up your waist.
l'm an expert at this.
You told Pablo. You told him and you shouldn't have.
-lt was private. -He's my husband.
There are no secrets between us.
Let's have a drink.
-Let's go get Ana. -No!
Why don't we go get Ana?
The nurse!
Last one there's a rotten egg!
You need a woman like her.
l'm coming!
Elena, wait!
Bet you can't catch me!
Wait for me!
Elena, don't go so fast!
Elena, wait for me!
l can't keep running!
Elena, Elena...
l love you, Ana.
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Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
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Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
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