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Perfect Murder A

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There you are!
How was your day? Any progress in saving the world?
I'm working on it.
You changed your mind about tonight?
Not really. Told you I didn't want to miss it.
What happened with that dinner with the London people?
-You made it sound so unavoidable. -It was.
Fortunately, they missed their plane.
Here's to. . .
. . .stolen moments.
You look so handsome, I better see if I can catch up.
Nobody home?
I left some Security Council transcripts out, but everybody's gone.
Anything earth-shattering?
No, it's just important enough not to be left out.
You look incredible.
Yeah, but we have to hurry.
I prefer this one.
Can I have a picture, please?
This way. This way, please.
There's Andrew. Good to see him. Robynn, hi.
Steven, how are you?
Nice to see you. Emily, you look wonderful.
Keep up the good work.
That's Steven Taylor and his wife, Emily.
Well, at last!
The beautiful people have arrived.
Fantastic dress!
Thank you.
I didn't expect to see you tonight, with Greenspan and all.
Why's that?
I thought you'd be up to your ass in alligators.
Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated.
All I need is her phone number.
Absolutely. I must see about something.
Lovely! Thank you, darling.
The temple's hieroglyphics are supplications. . .
. . .to the gods of fertility.
I do believe I know his work.
Perhaps we could come along to your studio one day.
You said he wasn't coming.
He changed his mind. I tried to call you.
What are we going to do?
Nothing. Just relax.
-He doesn't know who I am, right? -No.
You're a peach.
Lunch tomorrow?
And tomorrow. . .
. . .and tomorrow.
I leave you alone for 30 seconds and you elope with a younger man.
Steven, I'd like to introduce you to David Shaw.
Pleasure! Nice to meet you.
David is a painter.
I saw some of his pieces downtown. I thought they were amazing.
What brings you uptown to our little inbred soirée?
Actually, Emily was kind enough to wrangle me an invite.
Me too.
So tell me about your work. . .
. . .David?
A couple small galleries carry me when there's space.
-You studied formally? -Berkeley, Cal Arts.
Almost formally graduated too.
Too much study pollutes the soul.
-And he's good? -He's wonderful.
I'd love to see your pieces. Maybe we can arrange a time.
-Whenever you want. -Emily has your number?
No. The gallery can get ahold of me. You know which one?
If you're as good as she says. . .
. . .I'll pass the word on to my acquisitive friends.
Thanks. That's very generous.
Nice to meet you.
You too.
Pleasure to see you.
We cannot be held accountable...
...for the actions of others that require us to defend ourselves.
Madame Ambassador.
It's the same speech he gave in Geneva 3 months ago, word for word.
-Good morning, how are you? -Fine, thank you.
Steven, spreads are blowing out.
The way things look in Europe, it could turn into a bloodbath.
-So what are we talking? -At least 1 50 basis points.
The Bundesbank will have to tag along.
Your yen and mark positions will get hammered.
So what's our exposure?
Based on my preliminary trend model?
Yes. No frills.
Think Chernobyl.
Greenpoint, next stop.
What you got there?
It's a little surprise.
Come on up.
Here's your fortune.
"You have a deep interest in all that is artistic. "
It's true.
You didn't have to get this for me.
You need a little civilizing.
What do you need?
What do you need?
You know, we could be in Belize this time tomorrow.
You ever been there?
You'd think you'd died and went to heaven.
But I already think that.
You look so pretty today.
Hey, it's David. Leave one. I'll get back to you.
David, hi. It's Steven Taylor. I'm finishing a little early today.
I thought I might come by and check out your work.
Say about six.
If that flies with you, call me at my office here at 5-4-4-...
... 1-8- 1-7.
I look forward to seeing you.
What are you going to do?
I guess I'll call him.
Be kind of weird if I didn't, wouldn't it?
You're playing with fire, David.
If you're so upset about it, why'd you give him my number?
I didn't.
Mr. Taylor?
Hi. Here, sit down.
That was stupid. Sorry about that.
Thanks very much.
No, I'm okay.
Unless you want another one.
I just had us meet here because my place is hard to find.
Like an illegal loft space?
That's one way to put it.
I feel like I'm knee-deep in bohemian cachet.
Lead on.
-How's Emily? -She's fine, thank you.
Well, be sure and say "hi. "
I will.
One more. One more floor.
Building's over 1 00 years old now.
Watch your step.
I can certainly see what Emily was drawn to.
Yeah? What's that?
Your work. It's. . .
. . .very trashy. . .
. . .but potent.
Is that what she said?
Your anger. . .
. . .it's very controlled.
You think I'm angry?
The anger in your work.
The color of despair.
Wonder where that comes from.
I don't know.
Inside, I guess.
Inside. . .
. . .indeed.
Nowhere to sit but the goddamned bed.
You know, I envy you.
You envy me?
You should be. . .
. . .flattered. I'm not prone to envy.
It's a pathetic emotion.
Sneaks up on you like cancer.
I've got it and you know why.
Oh, of course you do.
One of life's legitimately sublime experiences. It's so. . .
. . .utterly complete.
Fucking my wife.
Mr. Taylor, I don't know--
I think it's about time you called me Steven.
We're in love, sir.
That's it?
That's it?
You steal the crown jewel of a man's soul. . .
. . .and your only excuse is some candy-ass Hallmark card sentiment?
Even if it was true, that's not good enough!
If what were true?
She is in love.
You, buddy. . .
. . .you're in business.
What the hell are you saying?
I'm saying you did not meet my wife by chance.
I'm saying you didn't study at Berkeley.
I'm saying you learned to paint while doing 3 to 6 in Soledad Prison. . .
. . .for relieving a widow in San Francisco of her life savings.
Your second conviction. . .
. . .if I'm not mistaken.
Your real name is Winston Lagrange, which I rather like.
Born to pure trailer trash in Barstow, California.
Ward of the courts since the age of ten.
You went from pickpocket to car thief to con man till you found out. . .
. . .that you had a way with the softer sex.
No doubt looking for that mother you can barely remember.
A life made up completely of depressing little scams. . .
. . .until now.
Where'd you get all that?
All that is for sale. The hell of it is, you're not. . .
. . .half-bad with a brush.
Called rehabilitation.
It's called a con. My wife's the grand prize.
But you set your sights too high this time.
She loves me.
She loves David Shaw, your invention.
But you've made a fundamental miscalculation.
Play it out.
Love conquers all.
Emily divorces me. She marries you.
Given your history, her advisors are going to insist upon a prenup.
You might storm the castle. . .
. . .but you ain't getting the keys to the treasure room, ever.
I don't care about that.
The swindler doesn't care about a trust fund that can buy Barstow?
Why don't you cut the shit!
You care, or we would not be having this conversation!
The only thing that stops you from bolting now is bad genes and greed.
Now what?
I can tell Emily who you are, and life will imitate art.
You become a starving painter, game over.
Or you can cash out.
Cash out?
Half a million dollars.
Just for walking away from her?
I said tax-free. I didn't say free.
What's 500 grand for?
Killing my wife.
Imagine my embarrassment if they're not the same.
$1 00,000 now. . .
. . . $400,000 after, cash-and-carry.
You're out of your mind.
Not really.
I appreciate your curiosity, but my agenda doesn't concern you.
I'll go straight to Emily and tell her all this.
That would be my word against yours. . .
. . .Winston.
And what if I call the cops?
Have you ever been to Boca Raton, Florida?
A lady there was carrying on with a younger man.
He was a hell of a tennis player. When the affair ended. . .
. . .he disappeared. . .
. . .along with the lady's bearer bonds.
You sure you've never been there?
Not that I recall.
An acquaintance of mine has a photograph of the suspect.
All they need is a name. . .
. . .as in, strike three.
1 5 years.
No parole.
You think you got a box big enough to hold $1 00,000 in cash?
Come by the apartment around 1 2 o'clock tomorrow.
Unless you have a previous luncheon engagement.
I assume you know where I live.
I'm your best friend!
Half the year goes by and you don't say one thing?
Do you love him? Will you leave Steven?
Talk to me.
I will if you shut up for one second.
I'm waiting.
I didn't tell you because you adore Steven.
You cried at our wedding, for God's sake.
-I cry at every wedding. -No, you don't.
You like the idea of us.
Everybody does.
But you have no idea who he is.
-I know Steven. -No, you don't.
You don't know that everything always has to be on his terms.
You don't know that he has no real interest in who I am.
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
I'm going to figure out a way to tell him. He deserves that.
What makes you think he doesn't know?
Because there's no way.
I mean, he knows that something's not right but. . . .
Does David have a last name?
Shaw. David Shaw.
And he knows about your family?
What do you mean?
What do you think I mean?
We don't talk about that kind of stuff.
In six months, you never mentioned money?
Believe me, okay?
David has absolutely no interest in anything other than painting. . .
. . .and me.
And you.
Is that why you're not wearing your wedding ring?
Oh, my God!
I left it at David's.
Working late?
No, I was having a drink with Raquel.
And how is the Castilian femme fatale?
By the way, I saw your friend David this evening.
He honored me with a visit at his industrial hideaway.
You're kidding.
And where's that?
Greenpoint, Brooklyn.
How'd you get his number?
I called some of those obscure galleries you prowl. . .
. . .dropped your name.
You're right.
He's very talented.
Did you buy anything?
I made him an offer.
And he's chewing on it.
Good morning.
-Hi, it's me. -Hey, how you doing?
-I left my wedding ring. -I know.
I put it away before he got here.
Thank God!
What did you guys talk about?
He wasn't here that long, so just the work.
He didn't have a clue.
He said that he made you an offer.
Matter of fact, he did.
What piece?
It's one you haven't seen.
I thought I'd seen all of them.
Well, almost.
Listen, turns out I got to take a rain check on lunch today.
-Why? What's wrong? -Nothing, nothing.
Some people want to see my sketches. . .
. . .and it'd be a good commission.
You sound funny.
Do l?
I guess it's called being broke, sweetheart.
Tomorrow, then.
Reservation for two.
Quiet table, in back.
Very quiet.
You know I love you.
I know.
-Is that by. . .? -Yeah.
People with money always go for the same things.
And what are those?
Anything, everything, as long as it's recognizable.
Don't worry. None of this would've been yours anyway.
Everything you see here, it's mine.
Why don't you drop that there and come here.
That's nice.
There was a robbery in the building last year.
Probable means of entrance. . .
. . .was this driveway gate.
That granite facade creates a blind spot on the surveillance cameras.
It was never corrected, for aesthetic reasons.
How do you know that?
I'm on the board.
You enter as I leave at 8 p.m.
I won't pull out of the driveway till it's clear.
The gate takes 5 seconds to close.
Hug the right side of the wall as I drive by.
Then you enter the stairs by the service elevator.
The key to the front door also works here for the service entrance.
I'm going to take the key from Emily's purse before I leave. . .
. . .and I'll put it in this. . .
. . .and hide it here, right behind the pipe.
-Where're you going to be? -At my regular card game.
Why don't you leave me your key?
My key implicates me. Her key implicates no one.
It could've been lost or stolen.
In any case, she won't be around to explain.
Why not make a copy of the key?
It's two loose ends, the key and the locksmith.
This door is always bolted. She won't notice, even if she checks it.
You'll be in the stairwell at 9:30.
By that time, Emily will be taking her bath.
She will? How do you know?
Because that's what she does on nights that I play cards.
Why not do it in the tub?
Because that'll look like cold-blooded murder.
It has to appear that she surprised the intruder.
All right?
This is a separate telephone line.
Exactly 1 0 p.m., I will call here.
Emily will answer the phone.
You will enter.
A tragic confrontation will ensue.
It should appear to be. . .
. . .stupid. . .
. . .and spur-of-the-moment.
I've always thought "bludgeon" has a spur-of-the-moment sound.
Maybe you could use one of these.
Rifle the jewelry in the bedroom.
Disable the service entrance lock. Make it look like it was jimmied.
Put the key back under the pipe, then leave the way you came in.
And what happens if the plan goes to hell?
It won't.
So when is this card game of yours?
-Tomorrow night. -Tomorrow?
No fucking way!
A man with your résumé should come up with an alibi in no time.
1 00 thousand.
A man with my résumé should take the money and run.
Bet you 400 thousand more you don't.
Yes, I understand that.
But if we can't get numbers on refugee density. . .
. . .then we can't position the resources to deal with it.
I'll tell her to expect it later today. Thank you.
That's not happiness to see me, is it?
Try surprise.
I had a hole in my schedule. . .
. . .and I thought lunch with my beautiful wife would be indicated.
But I guess you have other plans.
-What makes you say that? -You seem in such a hurry.
It's just errands.
Like shopping for a new wedding ring.
One of the settings felt loose. . .
. . .so I took it in. It'll be ready tomorrow.
And what if there were no tomorrow?
What does that mean?
Wouldn't you regret not having one last lunch with your husband?
Of course.
-Enjoy your meal. -Thank you very much.
I must reply to Francesca about this weekend. Want to do it?
All right, we'll go out--
I got to break this up. Excuse me one minute.
Hey, it's David. Leave one. I'll get back to you.
He was waiting for me...
. . .to take me to lunch.
There was nothing I could do.
I can't do this anymore. I've got to tell him tonight.
Hi, I'm here.
I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
He's never done that before. Something's wrong. He knows.
No, he doesn't.
Don't let your mind get away from you.
I cannot live like this anymore.
It's not fair to him. I've got to tell him.
Tell him what, exactly?
Tell him everything, tonight.
We've waited this long. Hold off another day. . . we can figure it out together.
You know?
So I can help you.
I don't know.
I do.
I do know.
Honey, don 't panic.
Good night, Mr. Taylor.
I'm on my way.
Everything's prepared for you.
Give my best to Mrs. Taylor.
So how was the rest of your day?
Fairly brutal.
I'm sorry to hear about that.
I don't want you to go tonight.
What's wrong?
I'd like to talk to you.
It's too late.
They'll never get anybody to fill in.
Besides, I beat them last week. They'll want their money back.
You scared me.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
I'll call you later.
I might go to Nick's for a burger. If nobody's here, don't worry.
I won't, but you might want to reconsider.
Why is that?
I had Janice make one of her legendary roasts.
Thought we'd eat before the game.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
$1 ,000 to you, George.
-Call. -Down and dirty.
Last one, gentlemen.
-Got to have more than that. -Three sixes still bets.
-Gentlemen, same game. -It's getting a little boring.
I'm out.
Must be morning in Hong Kong.
There's my cards.
Let's have a better hand this time.
You've got to be kidding me.
That's a serious bet.
Who is this?
I'm in.
-Put your money up, here we go. -Just in time!
Different winner this time, though, guys.
I liked the last one.
Oh, my God!
-What happened? -Mrs. Taylor, we have your location.
He's in the kitchen.
Please stay on the line.
Ma 'am? Ma 'am?
Oh, Jesus!
Police! Open up!
Open up!
-Mr. Taylor? -We're all right.
He's in the kitchen. I think he's dead. Follow me.
You didn't hear any. . .
. . .strange sounds. . .
. . .prior to your entering the kitchen?
No, just the phone call.
But before that, nothing unusual?
-How you guys doing? -We're pretty set here.
I want you to dust the elevator cage. . .
. . .and the banister.
Mo, be out of here in 1 5, 20 minutes.
-Detective Karaman. -Steven Taylor.
Pleasure, sir. Mind if I ask you a few questions?
No. Not at all.
I noticed what I assume to be your footprints. . .
. . .in the blood around the deceased.
-Can I assume those are yours? -Yes, you may.
May I ask what you were doing?
Making sure he was dead.
Was he?
Appeared to be, yes.
Take his pulse?
You see right there?
Did you lean over him for something?
I tried to determine whether he was breathing.
-Was he? -Not at that time.
Let's take a look.
Something wrong?
Aside from a dead man lying in my kitchen?
For a moment, I thought you knew the man.
-I don't think so. -Why's that?
I never forget a face.
Anything else?
Your wife must come down to give a statement.
As soon as she's ready.
Mr. Taylor. . .
. . .are you aware of anyone who might wish your wife harm?
My wife has no enemies.
Thanks, Detective.
I know, baby, I know.
It's okay.
You're going to be all right.
What do you think?
I believe her.
What about him?
I couldn't say.
You know, Mo. . .
. . .rich people are different from you and me.
They got a fuck of a lot more money, for one thing.
Very good, Bobby.
Hey, Mo, you going to turn it up, or what?
I like it like this.
You had said before. . .
. . .that they did not speak.
They didn't.
They listened.
Background noise? Did you hear any?
There wasn't any. She told you.
Maybe you should let your wife answer the questions.
She's been through enough tonight.
We're almost through, Mrs. Taylor.
There's just a few more things I'd like to ask.
Remember what time you got home, Mr. Taylor?
1 1 , 1 1 :30. Came from my regular card game at the Drake Club.
You'll love this.
We've l.D.'d the man who broke into your home.
May l?
This man is a career criminal.
You couldn't dream up a better defense for justifiable homicide.
Your wife's on three. She says it's an emergency.
How old is your boy?
One month.
Is he ill?
May God watch over your son and protect him.
And you as well.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
I'm going to ask you not to leave the city.
But she is.
We're going to her mother's house. Roger has the telephone number.
Wait. Hold on.
Why? She hasn't been charged. Her statement's complete.
So it's really just a matter of courtesy.
Courtesy on our part.
If you think of anything else, give me a ring.
I don't know what else there is to think of.
Probably nothing.
May you go in safety.
And you as well.
My baby!
I'm just down the hall, baby.
Here you go.
By tomorrow, this will all seem like a bad dream.
And what if there were no tomorrow?
You know better than that.
Sleep well.
Please tell me.
How could something like this happen?
Sandra, I don't know.
I've gone over it a thousand times myself.
The world's gone crazy.
Roger's prepared a statement the D.A. wants me to sign.
So I'll head back into the city. . .
. . .and come back in the morning to pick up Emily. . .
. . .if she's all right.
It's me.
I just wanted to tell you I'm okay.
I'm not in the city, but I'll call as soon as I can.
I love you.
I don't want her to be rushed.
No, of course not.
I don't want her to be rushed either.
I'm going to check on our patient.
Sorry, David. Emily's resting right now.
But I think we've got something to talk about.
Who was he?
Somebody I met at Berkeley.
Can he be connected to you?
Not anymore.
You got any idea who you're fucking with?
You hired me to kill your wife. . .
. . .because you couldn't do the wet work yourself.
Well, neither could l.
So how do you know he didn't talk to someone?
Ron was a good man.
Not quite good enough.
So what's plan B?
It's a little coincidental if there's another attempt on her life.
Gee, you think?
So we wait.
For what?
I'll let you know.
Do I keep fucking your wife in the meantime, or what?
Thank you, Charles.
Steven called while you were asleep.
He's getting everything ready for you to come home.
He wants to send the car for you tomorrow.
I'm not going home.
I'm going to move in with Raquel for a while.
Em, what's going on?
I'm leaving Steven.
They've started liquidating your long positions to cover.
Which ones?
DMG and Barclays.
Why didn't anybody tell me?
We tried, Steven. We couldn't find you.
I said no calls!
-May I please have our house key? -Sure, Mrs. Taylor.
What happened to yours?
I've absolutely no idea. It doesn't work.
Did my husband change the locks?
No, not that I know of.
Emily, it's me.
I didn't hear you come in.
You left the front door wide open.
I'm your husband.
Oh, God! I can't stay here.
It's all right. We'll get out of here tonight.
I can't stay with you, Steven.
I can't stay with you anymore.
Raquel's waiting for me downstairs.
Okay, there are fresh towels in the bathroom. . .
. . .and you can have anything you want in the fridge. . .
. . .including your favorite yogurt.
Let me ask you a question.
What do you think Steven would do if he knew about David?
Screwing around is the second oldest reason to kill somebody.
Really? And what would be the first?
Money, honey.
But Steven's rich. . .
. . .and with your money, you must've had a prenup.
Tell me you had a prenup.
He offered. I said no.
So if you die, he gets, like. . .
. . .a hundred million bucks?
Something like that.
Lucky guy.
I assume you have a very good reason for asking me to do this.
We'll sure miss you around here.
Come and see me on your way out.
This is Robert Harrington.
Bobby is the Deputy Director of the Commodities Trade Commission.
Take all the time you need.
Mrs. Taylor. . .
. . .passing this kind of information, even to a spouse. . .
. . .is unethical.
I understand.
Your husband has been buying U.S. and foreign bonds on margin. . .
. . .and using those securities as collateral.
That's illegal.
In fact, his company's been under investigation for almost a year.
Some months ago. . .
. . .U.S. interest rates started moving against him.
He should've gotten some horrific margin calls. . .
. . .but the banks he's in bed with have hidden the losses. . .
. . .hoping that things will turn around.
It isn't happening.
Sooner or later. . .
. . .those margin calls will come.
And when they do, your husband will be. . .
. . .wiped out.
Yep, where's the subpoena?
But I can't get the records without it.
I've waited two days.
Just get back to me.
-Detective. -Please sit down.
To what do I owe the pleasure, Mrs. Taylor?
I have some information about my husband.
It seems he's in serious financial trouble. . .
. . .and he was hiding it from me.
And I thought that. . .
. . .might be a possible reason. . .
. . .a possible reason for him to--
Hire someone to kill you?
I know what you're worth, Mrs. Taylor. . .
. . .and that kind of money is always a motive.
Do you mean he's already a suspect?
Until we traced a phone call he made the night you were attacked.
The trace led us to an automated quote system at his office.
It lasted from five minutes before ten to nine minutes after.
That has to be one of the cleaner alibis I've come across.
I took your case apart a thousand times. . .
. . .then I put it back together again.
There was always one piece left. . .
. . . 1 ike a screw that didn't fit.
The dead man had a wallet, cash and change, driver's license. . .
. . .membership card to a video store, but. . .
. . .not a single key.
Not one.
Not even to his apartment.
Elliot, it's a zero-sum game. You don't have the balls for it.
By tomorrow, neither of us will have any balls left.
-Don't panic. -You're damn right I am.
You drop 50 million in a day.
You know how fast 50 becomes 500?
Not now. What's the spot rate?
We're sitting at ground zero.
You're telling me, "Think happy thoughts"?
I said, not now!
I'm sorry, but I have a caller who says this is an emergency.
He says it concerns Emily.
-Who is it? -He won 't identify himself.
Who is this?
A tragic confrontation will ensue.
It should appear to be...
...stupid and...
I've always thought that "bludgeon" has a spur-of-the-moment sound.
Maybe you could use one of these.
Meet me at the diner at the corner of Maiden and South.
Right now.
He was a con named Ronald Diggs.
Fresh from state prison in California.
Must be hard for you.
Mr. Taylor.
You didn't get those fancy shoes dirty walking over here, did you?
What do you want?
The rest of my money.
You didn't fulfill your end of the bargain, did you?
So what do I get?
You get this superfine thing.
Hell, you might even call it. . . .
What was that?
"Legitimately sublime. "
What exactly is this superfine thing?
You're looking at it.
It's called time outside of prison, old partner.
You can't beat it with a stick.
Exactly how much time does $400,000 buy me?
Whatever the market will bear.
It'll take me a few days.
You got four hours.
That's impossible and you know it.
Come on, Steve.
A man with your résumé should come up with 400 grand in no time.
My place.
You don't show up with the cash. . .
. . .I'll do a mailing of Steven's greatest hits.
I understand.
Make fucking sure you do.
Hey, Blondie!
What are you doing here?
Excuse me.
I'm looking for apartment 209.
This way?
Thank you.
There's a blonde coming up.
Leave her alone.
A blonde?
Send her right up!
That's not happiness to see me, is it?
Try surprise.
The key to the dead man's apartment was on my key chain.
Someone put it there after I killed him.
Only one person in the world could've done that.
To protect you.
From what?
Your lover.
Unless somebody else sent these pictures.
Amazing how you know people are in love, even across the street.
He called me here two months ago. . .
. . .bragged about how you'd fallen for him.
I've shelled out over $1 00,000 already. . .
. . .but he wants a lot more.
For what?
For breaking it off.
I don't believe you.
Did he mention Belize?
That's where he took all the other ones.
This guy was quite an aphrodisiac for lonely women of means.
He learned to paint in prison. . .
. . .not at Berkeley.
I don't know where we go from here.
I don't even know if "we" is an option.
I have done everything in my power to protect you from this. . .
. . .career criminal that you've let crawl into our bed.
Why didn't you tell me?
I was sure you were in love with him.
Are you?
I thought that I was.
I can only imagine what I've put you through.
Is this why your business is in trouble?
The banks, margin calls.
How did you know. . .? It hasn't helped, no.
-But it's true, isn't it? -Yes, it's true.
But I can always make money.
There's a goddamn sea of it out there.
But there's only one of you.
But why did you put his key on my key chain?
David threatened violence from the very beginning.
When I saw the body, I was sure it was him.
No doors had been forced open, so I assumed that he had your key.
But when? I'd used it to come home that evening.
Are you sure you used your key? lf memory serves me. . .
. . .the door was wide open. I saw you walk in.
In which case, he could've taken your key anytime. . .
. . .even the day before. Did you see him the day before?
I searched his pockets, I found what I thought was your key. . .
. . .I grabbed a screwdriver, jimmied the door.
I put it in his pocket, took what I thought was your key. . .
. . .and put it on your key chain.
Baby, I am so sorry for having to put you through this.
It was the only thing I could do.
Can you ever forgive me?
Honey, I already have.
We have to go to the police.
I don't know if this is the time for brutal honesty.
I've tampered with evidence. . .
. . .in a homicide.
I paid off a blackmail. I'm in over my head and so are you.
Think it through! David could say anything he wants.
He could say that I hired him to kill you.
Or that he blackmailed us, the happy, wealthy couple.
It'd appear we killed that poor bastard, thinking it was David.
It depends on how he plays it.
What about the man that I killed?
That has to do with David?
Well, it must!
Do you have any idea how many burglaries there are each day?
I don't think so.
What are we going to do now?
We'll have to disentangle ourselves from your artist friend.
Is there anything in his loft that could link David to us?
My ring.
You said it was being repaired.
That was a lie. I left it by the bed.
Anything else?
Isn't that enough?
I'll get it.
Will you be home when I get back?
I'm on my way.
I'm calling for Mr. David Shaw.
It's Truman Travel, confirming your reservation for this afternoon.
Thank you.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you spare 400 grand?
I don't see why not.
Don't think I won't count it.
Think of that as your commemorative copy.
Nice doing business with you, Steve.
You take care.
Last call: boarding train number 32 for Montreal. ..
...departing on track number 16. All aboard.
Right this way.
Here we are, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Wanted to let you know the dining car opens at 7.
Closes at 1 0 sharp.
Okay, everything's fine.
Attention, please.
Last call for train 32 departing to Montreal in 4 minutes.
How's that for wet work?
You should thank me.
Artists are always appreciated more after they're dead.
You lose.
I'm sorry, you got to speak up. I can't hear you.
You're dying.
Steven's. . .
. . .greatest hits.
Excuse me. I got an emergency here.
What are you doing?
-This'll make it easier. -Be my guest!
91 st and Fifth.
Has there been a delivery today?
Just one. It came by messenger, Your wife took it up with the mail.
I didn't know you were here.
I was out on the terrace.
Welcome home.
It's time for a new start.
What do you say we go out for dinner this evening?
Just the two of us, someplace quiet. . .
. . .in the neighborhood.
Like that?
I'll be right back. I'm going to clean up.
Let's stay home tonight. I'll go pick up something to eat.
That's sweet of you. Just don't be too long.
I won't.
Before I forget, I think we should have the locks changed.
Because I still can't find my key.
Good idea. I'll call the locksmith in the morning.
Better be safe than sorry.
See you soon. Hurry back.
Must have put it back on his way in.
Didn't plan on that, did you?
Young David. . .
. . .he was very unpredictable.
Maybe you'll share a cell.
Because of this?
I just found the key you lost.
You left it for him.
You mean the man you killed.
-I never met the gentleman. -David did.
They'll have a hard time proving I knew David.
The blackmail proves it.
What blackmail?
There's only one letter. . .
. . .and I'm afraid that's vanished.
The thing is, we're just another married couple. . .
. . .trying to work things out.
Work it out?
Work it out?
Because that's what she does on nights that I play cards.
Like the combination to the safe?
It's our wedding day, Steven.
You work it out on your fucking own! This is over!
I'll tell you when it's over.
The only way you leave me is dead.
I always thought that "bludgeon" had a spur-of-the-moment sound.
Maybe you could use one of these.
Rifle the jewelry in the bedroom.
Disable the service entrance lock. Make it look like it was jimmied.
Put the key back under the pipe...
... then leave the same way you came in.
And what happens if the plan goes to hell?
It won 't.
He said he was going to kill me.
So I tried to run.
And then he attacked you?
What else could you do?
May God be with you.
And you as well.
Subtitled by: GELULA & CO., INC.
Who is this?
He must have put it back on his way in.
You didn't plan on that, did you?
Young David was very unpredictable.
Well, maybe you'll share a cell.
Because of this?
I just found the key that you lost.
You left it for him.
You mean the man that you killed?
Sorry. I never met the gentleman.
David did.
I think you'll have a hard time proving I even knew David.
The fact is, Emily. . .
. . .you and I are just another married couple. . .
. . .trying to work things out.
Work it out.
Work it out.
You mean like the combination to the safe?
It's our wedding day, Steven.
Because that's what she does on nights that I play cards.
You can work it out. . .
. . .on your fucking own!
This is over.
I'll tell you when it's over.
Because the only way you're going to leave me. . .
. . .is dead.
You'll never. . .
. . .get away with it.
You know something, Mo?
Not now, Bobby.
I always thought that...
... "bludgeon" had a spur-of-the-moment sound.
Maybe you can use one of these.
Rifle the jewelry in the bedroom.
Disable the service entrance lock. Make it look like it was jimmied.
Put the key back under the pipe...
... then leave the same way you came in.
And what happens if the plan goes to hell?
It won 't.
I didn't hear him come in.
Why, because you were listening to the tape?
And then he attacked you?
He said he was going to kill me.
So I tried to run.
Out the service entrance?
And then he grabbed me by my hair.
And shoved me into the counter.
I crawled away and got to my feet.
And shot him.
What else could you do?
May God be with you.
And you, as well.
This is Andy Davis, the director of A Perfect Murder.
I want to welcome you to our DVD commentary.
You're about to see a variation on the ending which we tried... an alternative to the perfect murder.
We felt the ending was powerful and strong. And yet...
... there was something about the smartness of this movie...
...and the character of Michael.
We felt maybe he shouldn 't resort to violence with his wife.
He's been able to talk himself out of everything all along.
So we tried an ending where, basically...
... Gwyneth questions him about the key, leaves the apartment...
...and Michael goes to the back door to retrieve the key.
As he comes back in, the phone rings.
The famous phone in the kitchen rings.
And he knows she's playing with him. Somebody is playing with him.
He picks up the phone, and the same scene that we have now... played in the kitchen, where she confronts him.
The reason we decided to stay with the ending we have now is:
Both endings tested highly...
...but the ending we have now gave Gwyneth a more moral base.
She did not demean herself by acting... a heinous way like the men who she had been a part of.
There was a greater feeling of warmth towards her at the end... her being justified...
...and doing what she did because of her husband's attack.
Instead of him throwing her around...
...Michael says, "The only way you'll leave me is dead. "
Before he has a chance to blink...
...she shoots him cold in the kitchen.
Bang! Falls to the floor.
He looks up and says...
... "You'll never get away with it. "
She looks up at the pots and pans above her...
... tips her head back...
...and whacks her head against the countertop.
We cut. The cops are in the kitchen.
The place is a mess. She has destroyed the kitchen...
...made it look like a huge battle. She is manipulating him.
She's now committing the perfect murder.
The cops walk in.
David Suchet, "Detective Karaman"...
... with his partner, Bobby Fain.
And he smells a rat. Something strange is going on here.
He walks through the kitchen, Michael's body is taken away.
It's very much like the intruder's scene we had before.
And he goes into the office and the tape is playing...
... with Michael laying out the plan of the murder.
He shuts it off, and Gwyneth basically lies to him.
And she fabricates this attack that never happened.
The cop listens for a while...
...makes a moral decision: I don 't care what happened...
... this man deserved to die.
He deserved what he got.
He goes along with her and says...
... "What else could you do?"
And the movie ends.
P S 2004
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