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Petes Dragon (1977)

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[Man] Petey.
[Man #2] Where'd he go?
[Man] He must have went that-a-way.
- [Man] Oh, Petey... - [Owl Hooting]
I'll wring his neck!
[Man #2] Petey!
- Petey. - [Hooting Continues]
- [Whispering] Elliott, put me down. - [Men Chattering, Indistinct]
- [Man] Look around. - [Woman] Spread out!
They're getting closer. We'd better hide.
- [Knocking] - Stop swingin' your tail. You almost knocked me down.
Here they come.
- Squish down! - [Grass Rustling]
- [Whispering] No, don't! - [Rustling]
- [Thudding] - [Screaming]
Somethin' hit me!
[Laughing Continues]
- What somethin'? - If I knowed what somethin',
I wouldn't call it "somethin'," I'd call it by its name.
I told you not to swing your tail.
No, no, don't!
- [Thudding] - [Screaming]
- [Squishing] - [Laughing]
You done it! [Laughing]
Dumb polecats!
Fightin' it out while that little snake of a kid gets further away!
- [Screaming] - Now why are y'all playing in the mud...
when you know we gotta find that boy?
He's gotta be around here somewhere. Find him!
Aw, Ma! Why don't we...
just go on back home and do some eatin'?
I'll tell ya... 'cause you ain't gonna do no eatin'...
until you find that little brat!
- [Rustling, Smacking] - [Screaming] Who done that?
Hey, Ma, why don't we just get ourselves another orphan, huh?
Because I done paid our last $50 for Pete,
plus 50 cents legal fees.
And we ain't got another $50 plus legal, that's why!
Do ya understand? Well, here's somethin' you will understand.
You're gonna have to start workin' the farm with your own two hands...
less'n you spot that little twerp.
- [Muttering] - And get me out of this here mud hole, Merle.
Come on. I'm stuck. Don't just sit around in it.
Come on. Get me out of here.
[Together] Petey! Petey!
[Ma] Petey! Petey, Petey, Petey!
We better stay here. I'm tired, aren't you?
[Speaking Gibberish]
- Good night, Elliott. - [Gibberish]
[Munching, Gulping]
[Gulping, Swallowing Continue]
Hi, Elliott.
Oh, boy. Those look good.
[Clicking Tongue]
I'm starved.
You sure changed my life.
- I didn't think I'd ever be happy until I met you. - Ooh. [Clicks Tongue]
Whoops. One left. You can have it.
- Thanks! - [Gibberish]
Mm. You're a good cook, Elliott.
- [Gibberish] - [Laughing]
I look in your eyes and you whisper sweetly
[Dragon "Singing"]
We don't match in size but we fit so neatly
[Dragon "Scatting"]
It's nice waking up when you're close beside me
Humming in my ear
- [Humming] - You're joking!
- I can't believe it. You do? - [Humming]
- [Humming] - I love you too
[Pete] Remember the night when you first confided
[Elliott Humming]
And things went so right that we both decided
[Elliott Humming]
Now we're together and life is perfect
Don't ever disappear
- [Humming] - Oh, really?
- [Humming] - Oh, you're just saying that.
- [Humming] - Is it true?
- [Humming] - I love you too
We're walking down a road of our own
Where rain can never fall [Giggling]
I'm glad I don't have to be alone
[Humming, Snorting]
You know what to say when I want direction
[Elliott Humming]
You don't turn away when I need protection
Your voice is the sound of an angel singing
Music I wait to hear
- [Humming, Crooning] - Say it again!
- [Humming, Crooning] - And again!
- [Crooning Continues] - Everything seems so new!
- I love you too - [Crooning]
- I love you too - [Crooning]
I love you too
[Bass Crooning]
- I love you too - [Crooning]
- [Chuckling] - "Paz-a-muh-quoddy."
Passamaquoddy. Sounds like a nice place.
[Mumbling Gibberish]
Now, Elliott, we want the people of Passamaquoddy to like us.
- Don't we? - [Gibberish]
I mean, you're kind of big, and we don't want to scare anyone.
- Do we? - [Growling, Clicking Tongue]
So you better not show yourself, understand?
[Gasps, Sighs]
I know how ya feel, but you'll have to make yourself invisible.
- [Panting] - Uh-uh.
- Nope. [Giggling] - [Gibberish]
- Nope. - [Moaning]
- [Panting] - I'm sorry, but the whole thing has to go.
Behave yourself, Elliott.
[Elliott Muttering]
[Muttering Continues]
- Hi! - [Clattering]
- [Whinnying] - [Shouting]
I told ya not to fool around.
Get on the sidewalk and stay next to me.
Look out, Elliott!
- Oops. Clumsy, clumsy, clumsy. - [All Laughing]
I'm sorry, real sorry.
I was telling my dragon not to bump his head on the sign.
All right, smarties. Into your classroom.
March, march, march march, march!
[Teacher] March! March!
March! March!
How dare you?
I mean, how dare you lie and try to embarrass me in front of my students.
- I wasn't lying. - That's a lie on top of a lie.
Ugh! You're not one of my pupils.
What school are you playing hooky from?
- I-I don't go to school. - Ah! I knew it.
That's just what this town needs.
- [Elliott Giggling] - [Teacher] Another ignoramus.
- No, Elliott. - [Ripping]
[All Laughing]
You disgusting little street urchin!
You could be locked up for this. Where's the sheriff?
Gentlemen, I propose to say...
Passamaquoddy's a beautiful community...
where the sun always rises and the sun always sets.
- That's very deep. - Elliott...
It's a place of serenity and security,
where the unexpected never happens.
- Ow! - [Elliott Grumbles, Growls]
- It's okay, Elliott. - [Astonished Mumbling]
It seems to say, "Welcome!"
You-You absolute oaf.
You-You idiot!
- No, come, come. - Look, it was that kid that pushed me.
He pulled off Miss Taylor's petticoat.
- He walked through my cement with his big feet. - He scared my horse, Victoria.
Let's get out of here, Elliott.
- We-Well, where is this person? - Th-There he goes!
- Well, detain him. Detain him. - [Crowd Shouting]
- Elliott... - Uh-oh.
- You spoiled everything. - [Gibberish]
Darn you, Elliott.
I told you to behave.
[Sorrowful Gibberish]
Scallops. And some oysters.
Oh, hello there, little boy.
- Hi. - [Sniffing]
- Hi. - [Puzzled Gibberish]
- Hey! Hey, you look terrible. - Whoopee!
Hey, your friend's... turned green.
- [Gibberish] - If I didn't know any better,
I'd say he was a dragon.
- A drag-drag... - [Growls]
- Elliott, didn't I tell you that... - [Frantic Gibberish]
- [Loud Chattering] - [Screaming, Indistinct]
Oh! Gentlemen...
A dragon, a dragon I swear I saw a dragon
A green and seething fire-breathing monster is in sight
With eyes of red a lion's head and wings as dark as night
Oh, he has a jaw of gleaming teeth He's 50 feet in height
It's true, it's true Oh, what are we to do
It's true, it's true He'll break us all in two
Oh, he's comin' in His great big fin is right against the door
So board up all the windows
And get down on the floor
Has anybody seen my dad?
Nora, please, my child, come in.
- Get off that street. - What's the matter?
- Worst thing I ever saw in my life out on the street. - What was it?
- I don't want to tell you for fear it'll scare you to death! - Scare me.
A dragon, a dragon I swear I saw a dragon
His tail lashing, he'll be smashing every shop in town
With scaly feet he'll crack the street and tear the steeple down
It's not some loony dream I heard a scream from Sheriff Brown
It's true, it's true Oh, what are we to do
- It's true, it's true - Old Lampie's in a stew
A dragon, a dragon I swear there was a dragon
You're off your hinges All those binges put you in a haze
You crazy fools It's all your doggone fault he's in a daze
Let go of me, let go of me and mend your wicked ways
- [Braying] - Aah!
What makes you think there ever was, there never was
There never, never, ever was a dragon, dragon, dragon
Dragon, dragon dragon, dragon, dragon
[Grumbling, Indistinct]
- Now, why don't you just calm down? - I seen his face.
If you wanna call it a face.
It was this close to me.
Why don't you lie down, Dad? Come on.
You know what else? It started to smile at me.
- Well, did you smile back? - I didn't have time to smile. I was too busy running.
And you know... And you know what else?
There was this boy with it.
And he wasn't afraid.
- This boy... - Lie down.
[Clicking, Mumbling]
We're in a lot of trouble, and it's all your fault.
[Inhaling, Exhaling]
I don't wanna play.
You did everything wrong is Passamaquoddy.
Now everybody hates us.
I don't know whether you're good for me...
or bad.
I'm sorry, Elliott. I didn't really mean that.
It's just I don't know what to do,
and I'm scared.
Hello in there!
[Whispering] Get back!
[Grumbling, Grunting]
- What are you doing here? - Oh, just playing tic-tac-toe.
[Chuckling] Well, this isn't exactly the best place for tic-tac-toe.
The tide's coming in. High water reaches this cave sometimes.
You better head for home.
You're not from Passamaquoddy, are you?
Nope. Just sort of... traveling.
Where are your parents?
Where are you staying?
- What's your name? - Pete.
I'm Nora, and I have to get back on watch, up in the lighthouse.
There's chowder on the stove, if you'd like some.
Wh-What's the matter? It's a hand, not a shark.
You can finish that chowder...
if you'd like.
[Exhales, Sniffles]
Oh, I forgot something. Be right back.
I forgive you, Elliott.
- [Giggles] - [Sighs, Chuckles]
Stay here till I see what it's like up in the lighthouse.
The Gogans own me, I guess.
They said it was against the law for me to ever leave them.
Where did you get that bruise?
Mr. Gogan. I was milking the cow, and I missed the bucket.
- Had he done that before? - All the time.
The first time I ran away, the orphan home sent me back.
This time, I'll just keep running.
Well, you'll be safe here.
Nora, no one's ever been this nice to me. I'll always remember it.
Pete, why don't you sleep here tonight?
We'll figure out what to do tomorrow.
Wonderful. I've got work to do. Come on.
Are you anybody's mother?
I'm not even anybody's wife.
But you're gonna get married now, aren't you?
[Scoffs] I'm already married to this lighthouse.
- Who's that? - Paul.
- Is he part of your family? - He almost was.
- How can someone almost be part of a family? - We were going to be married.
How come you weren't?
Well, as far as we know, his ship was headed for a storm.
They were never heard from again. That was a year ago.
He'll come back.
I tell myself the same thing every day,
standing up there watching for ships on the horizon.
[Sighs] Time I should be thinking of other things, so they tell me.
I'll have to ask Elliott about Paul.
He has a way of knowing things.
Who's Elliott?
- My dragon. - Dragon?
[Gasps] So you're the boy with the dragon.
- Yup. - Where is he?
- Down in the cave. - That's interesting.
I've never known anyone with a dragon. What does he look like?
Just a plain, ordinary dragon.
How plain? How ordinary?
He has the head of a camel
The neck of a crocodile
It sounds rather strange.
He's both a fish and a mammal
And I hope he'll never change
'Cause it's not easy to find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
I'm glad I found him I love him
I won't let him get away
'Cause it's not easy
You say the head of a camel
- The neck of a crocodile - And the ears of a cow!
It's clear that friends can be different
Yes, I understand you now
[Together] It's not easy to find someone who cares
It's not easy to find magic in pairs
Now that you have him Hold him
Treasure him from day to day
It's so easy
Life is lollipops and raindrops
With the one you love
Someone you can always be with
Argue and agree with
Climb the highest tree with
[Together] It's not easy
To share somebody's dream
It gets easy when you work as a team
You've got to tend it Fan it
That's what I plan to do
Oh, I had one friend by my side
Now I have two
Him and you
Him and me
[Together] And it's so easy
- Good morning, sir. - Good morning, son.
- Nice to see you again. - Ah. Thank you.
- It's you! - What's the matter?
It's you. The boy with the dragon.
Yes, sir.
Dad! Dad, what is it?
- The boy with the dragon. - I know, I know. Now, just take it easy.
You saw it. You saw it?
I didn't actually see it, but I know what it looks like.
- But wha... - We'll talk about it later.
O-One thing I must know: It isn't in the lighthouse, is it?
- No, Elliott's down in the cave. - Oh, Ellio...
Elliott? Lt... It even has a name.
There's nothing to get upset about.
You're right. Right, there's nothing to get upset about.
Nothing. No, why should I get upset? I should be happy.
L... I should be happy! I'll go down to the saloon and I'll tell the boys.
I'll say, "Boys, here it is." And then hear the apologies. [Laughs]
Elliott'll be happy to do it for you, sir.
Good boy. Good lad.
Just you and me and Elliott. We'll go into the saloon.
Oh. Elliott...
He won't... won't start to scratch or...
or fight, or set anything on fire, will he?
- Well, he's sort of... - Sort of what?
- Unpredictable. - Now, don't do anything with Elliott.
Wh-Why don't you leave him where he is?
- It's too dangerous to take him into town. - It's dangerous.
Now, I don't want either one of you to say a word about Elliott...
- to anyone, do you understand, - No. No. Yes!
Until we've talked this over.
Now, let's all have breakfast. The lamp has to be polished, the lens cleaned,
and I want to take Pete to buy new clothes.
Yes, well, clean Elliott and eat the lamp.
I mean, we'll... clea-clean the lamp.
[Muttering] Elliott! The name's Elliott. Did you hear that?
Doc Terminus is comin'!
Are they still after us?
We lost 'em.
- Passamaquoddy ahead, ahoy! - What?
Pass-a-ma-quoddy ahead, ahoy!
- Oh, no. - Oh, yes.
[Dog Barking]
- [Screams] Slow down! - My fence!
Throw out the anchor!
Since we all concur, gentlemen, I suggest that we adjourn.
[Townspeople Screaming]
- Watch Bones. - Get him off of me! Get him off!
I think they remember us.
Uh-oh. I think I remember them.
- Just act normal. - I am acting normal. I'm ready to run.
- Quick, what's the name of this town again? - Passamaquoddy.
- "Quassama" what? - Passamaquoddy!
Got it. How wonderful to see your smiling faces again.
All of you.
I-I've never known such warmth,
such welcome,
such loving hospitality.
Get out, ya quack!
And don't bring those phony remedies here again.
Go on back where you belong: Jail.
- [Booing] - Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.
I sense enthusiasm,
I sense loving response,
and that's why I feel that this is my home...
away from home.
I've been bringing cures from Pilgrim Heights to Provincetown
Treated rabid fever down on Queen Anne Road
Gout or gastritis Mumps or bronchitis
Bites and burns and blue abrasions Got a pill for all occasions
Little Sipowissot was so nice to visit
And Scraggy Neck is lovely to recall
I took your drug for losing weight and now I'm a blob
But now there's so much more of you to love
I wiped out impetigo on the banks of Buttermilk
Flu is under firm control in Powder Hole
Terminus potions tablets and lotions
Major news in modern science Step up now and join my clients
Spent a day in Buzzard's Bay They couldn't keep me there
Even turned away from Kingdom Hall
They probably threw you out
[Laughing] They probably threw...
My hair was gray and thanks to you it turned into pink
But that color. It's so becoming.
- Aah! - We're gonna wash your phony tonics right down the sink
Wait. Listen.
My specialties are audiology, mycology,
serology, teratology, embryology, psychology, zoology...
and any other "ology" you can think of!
My friends, you're not giving me a chance!
[Sobs] I brought all these medicines back from Paris.
- France. - [Crowd] Ohh!
Honi soit qui mal y pense: Shamed be he who thinks evil of it.
And that's what the medical business is all about, folks: People helping people.
You should all have help.
Gadzooks! What have we here?
Oh, Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. [Panting]
All I'm askin' for is a miracle.
All he wants is a miracle, folks.
How can I deny him? If he's willing to pay for it, he's gonna get it.
- Any price. - One dollar, sir.
[Drumroll Ends]
- I trust him. - I believe in the Doc.
I'd put my life in his hands.
My friends you've seen a miracle and you'll see many more
People will come pourin' in from land and sea
We'll have centers for testing Let's start investing
- Keep those dimes and dollars mounting - I'll collect
I'll do the counting Everyone who lives here will be strong and healthy
You'll be getting richer by the day
- Hurray! - Hear them acclaim us This town will be famous
The whole wide world will look at us and say
Pardonmaquassy No.
Paquamassady, no, no Passamamassy
Quadamapoddy Passamadaddy
Quadampassy Quadamaddy, Deppadaddy
Depamassy, Quadapassy Passapassapassaquassa
- [Bawling] - "Quoddy."
[Crowd] Passamaquoddy
I know.
Pete, if you bring up the oil can, we'll be ready for the night.
Sure. Before that, I'd like to show Elliott my new suit.
No! No, no. You can't bring Elliott up here.
Government regulation 302 states that...
no dragons shall be allowed...
on the premises of the United States' lighthouses.
Now, go on down and get the oil so I can mark it up in the log that you did that.
Okay. Nora, first can I bring Paul's picture down to Elliott?
Then he can start looking for Paul.
All right.
[Door Opens, Closes]
- Thanks, Dad. - For what?
- For making believe about the dragon and going along with it. - Making...
It means a lot to Pete. Sort of a family he made up.
I'm not making believe. I actually saw it.
And I haven't been the same since!
Go to the cave; you'd see it too, and your eyes would...
- [Popping] pop right out! - [Scoffs]
I was there. I saw nothing!
Dad, be realistic.
Oh, you wanna be realistic. Let's talk about how realistic you are.
Here you are, waiting for someone to come back that just ain't gonna come back, Nora.
And if waitin' for over a year hasn't told ya nothin',
then you're not the one to talk about being realistic, are you?
Honey, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean that.
I'm going down to the hardware store.
[Humming, Panting]
Hi, Elliott! How do you like my new suit?
Wow! [Panting]
And new shoes too.
Look at the way they shine!
Nora's so nice to me, I want us to do something for her.
I want you to concentrate on finding Paul for Nora.
This is what he looks like.
Remember his face. Try real hard.
Better go now.
- [Kissing] - Aww.
- See ya tomorrow. - [Whistling]
I've had nothing, nothing but bad luck in this burg.
Hey! Ooh...
- I'm sorry, Doc. - You see what I mean, hmm?
Doc, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, Hoagy.
- I di... Can I buy everybody a round? - Yeah.
Huh? Well... Hey, 'cause, Doc, I gotta talk to you. Okay?
- Sit down. - May I? Thank you.
Hey, you're a ma... You're a man of science, ain't you?
A man of science, yes. Yes, I am.
With degrees from the Royal Medical College, London.
- Huh? - The Gleinen Einen Peitzen in Vienna.
- Oh! - And the Moulin Rouge in Paris.
Oh. You know anything about dragons?
Of course I do. I see them in all the big cities going down the streets,
with that funny little walk, wearing bright colors, fluttering around...
No, no, no. I'm talkin' about a real dragon.
Real dragon. With fire... fire coming out of his mouth.
And he's got real wings.
Uh, you need a veterinarian. Hmm?
- Why do you ask? - I saw one.
Is it sitting at the next table? Hmm? [Chuckling]
I tell ya, I saw a real dragon yesterday afternoon.
He's owned... owned by a young boy...
by the name of Pete.
You are trying to tell me that there is a dragon here...
- In Passamacracka? Yeah. - "Quoddy."
- Yes. - I told you this was a rotten town.
Well, in my educated opinion, sir,
- I think you've been up in your lighthouse too long. - Huh?
Wait. Wait, listen. What if what I just told you was true?
In my scientific opinion, the existence of a dragon...
would have an impact of gigantic proportions.
Mythology and legend would become history and science.
- One could really make a quick buck with it. - Well, I can prove it.
I can prove it! H-His name is Elliott.
[Stammering] H-He's downstairs. You could go and see him right now.
Unfortunately, I cannot make it right now.
I have an appointment with a young lady who's interested in a nursing career.
- Oh. Oh. - I wanna see it.
- You wanna see it? Well, see it you shall! - Okay.
I tell you that he's in there.
[Deep Sighing]
[Lips Smacking]
- Are you convinced? - Absolutely.
- Well, let's get outta here. - Wait a minute.
- Wait a minute. Wait a mi... - I-I want to pet him.
Huh? You wa...
You want to pet him?
Are you crazy?
I know you ain't drunk.
No matter what you see in here,
don't get scared.
Hey, I might as well tell you straight off,
you're gonna see a hideous monster.
- Oh, no. - Oh, yes.
And it's big.
Fifty feet of terror!
Claws! Claws so sharp they could tear a man to shreds.
- [Gulps] - Eyes, evil eyes...
that can see right through ya.
And a tail that's so big and powerful,
it could destroy the hull of a frigate!
It can wipe out an entire crew...
with one swish of his tail.
Face... Face so terrible,
it could turn a man to stone,
a hero into a coward.
A flame so hot,
it could roast a turkey!
And a mouth so terrible,
it could devour a man and... [Spits] spit him 20 leagues.
Stay close.
It's g-g-g-got m-me.
[Stammering] Look at it!
[Both Screaming]
Them eyes are lookin' right through us.
Look, don't ever let a dragon know you're... you're afraid of him.
- [Whimpering] - [Mumbling]
Stop-Stop shaking, and-and smile.
Can't stop shaking, and I am smiling.
[Stammering] Hello. Hello. Hello, Elliott.
Aah! Hey, see how smart he is?
- [Whimpering] - He said hello to me.
Yeah! He likes me!
- Y-You do somethin' so he'll like you. - L-Like me?
Yeah. Do somethin' to make him like you.
- Huh? - You think?
Elliott, would you...
would you like a little b-belt, huh?
[Hissing, Roaring]
[Both Screaming]
[Wheezing, Panting]
Is it... Is it two parts fish oil and three parts seawater...
and six parts potato squeezings,
or is it only two parts seawater, hmm?
Ten parts seawater, hmm? That much. [Chuckles] No wonder they love it.
- Saw it. - Saw what?
What is an "el-el-el dra-dra-dra," hmm?
Dr-Dr-Dragon. [Panting]
I-I saw the dragon.
L-Lampie wasn't lying. It's real. It belched flame at me.
Belched? You saw a belching dragon?
You sure you weren't belching yourself in front of the mirror?
N-Never saw anything so horrible in my life.
Th-Thought I was a goner.
There was no need for him to do that.
I only offered him a sociable drink.
Hoagy, I can't stand you when you're drunk.
Doc, look at me. I'm not drunk.
What I saw tonight sobered me in a second.
I swear... I swear to you, there's a big, horrible dragon...
up in that cave, I swear.
I just realized, I can't stand you when you're sober!
Now, get out of here. Get yourself a good, stiff drink. Out!
I swear. A vicious dragon.
Dragon. [Humming]
I ain't got hardly nothin' to sell.
So? I pulled my nets in, and there weren't a fish in 'em.
I just docked. There ain't nothin' out in that ocean but water.
It's real strange, I'm tellin' ya.
It's like every fish sorta disappeared.
Just suddenly up and disappeared.
There's the cause of it. That kid Pete.
From the day he come to town, the fishing turned sour.
- Don't be ridiculous. - It's that crazy dragon talk of his.
That kid's been nothin' but bad luck wherever he goes.
You're a bunch of superstitious ding-dongs.
You know that fishing grounds shift from time to time.
Elliott'll make the fish come back.
There he goes, talkin' dragons again.
Hey, kid! There ain't no room in this town for a dragon,
and there ain't no room in this town for jinxes like you, neither!
Well, if there's enough room for a chowderhead like you,
then there's more than enough room for a dragon.
There's room for everyone in this world
If everyone makes some room
Won't you move over and share this world
Everyone make some room
Even a dragon deserves a place a wide-open space
With no reins No chains
He wants to play games
Dance with you Give him a chance
To sing his song
He only wants to belong
There's room for everyone in this world
Will everyone make some room
Spread out while Elliott gets uncurled
Fly on his back and zoom
Rock him and ride him and line up beside him
You'll see how quickly you blend
A dragon is just one more stranger
In search of a friend
There's room for everyone in this world
Back up and make some room
Let's all move over and share this world
Everyone make some room
Just think how far out the ocean goes
The whirling wind blows shore to shore, door to door
Think of the valleys and mountaintops The Earth never stops
- So deep, so high - With miles of sky
We all have part of the pie
Welcome the dragon while you have a chance
Give him his moment
To rise up and dance
[Square Dance Music]
There's room for everyone in this world
Will everyone make some room
- Elliott! - Love given freely Can spare this world
Let friendly feelings bloom
[Together] Just give an inch Give a yard, never flinch
When the time comes to offer a hand
So let's all make sure we give everyone somewhere to stand
Let's all make sure we give everyone somewhere to stand
[Nora] Just the way God planned it
Just the way God planned
[Bell Ringing]
[Ringing Continues]
You're late. You're late. Late. Late. Late.
[Bell Ringing]
Why is the bell ringing? There's no one out there.
I'll stop it.
- Elliott, stop it! - [Elliott Chattering]
The bell isn't supposed to ring till recess!
- Stop that! - I'm not doing it.
Liar. Liar, liar.
It's the knuckle cracker for you.
Three for lying and three... for whom the bell tolls. Come.
Put your hands out. Palms down, knuckles up.
One. Two.
- Three! Four! - It doesn't hurt much, Elliott.
- Whom are you talking to? Five, six! - Elliott!
- Whom? - My dragon.
- [Laughing] - Your dragon, wagon. Nothing but a network of lies!
Three more for your imagination!
Seven! Eight! And a great big nine!
Go stand in the corner.
Work, work, work, everyone.
All this nonsense about a dragon.
[Elliott Humming]
- No, Elliott! - You did it! You pulled the chair out from under me.
- It was Elliott. - [Gasps] That does it.
You've had a taste of the knuckle cracker.
Now you'll have a dose of the behind breaker.
- Bend over. - [Elliott Growling, Thumping]
No, no, Elliott. Get out!
[Elliott Grunting]
- [Crowd Chattering] - [Elliott Growling]
No, Elliott, you're going about this the wrong way.
- Go back to the cave. Go on! - [Elliott Grumbling]
[Man] Jehoshaphat! Would you look at that!
- Why do I hear a bell ringing? - School must be out.
It's too early, stupid.
See, I told you. School is out.
- Wait! What's happening? - Pete's dragon wrecked the school!
I told you. I told you!
[Man] What's happened over there? Something crashed right through the school.
Look at it, I'm telling you. It's a big hole in the side of the wall.
And a dragon came in through one wall...
and went out the other wall.
Now do you believe me?
- You think this kid Pete would sell it? - Money talks.
First there's a dragon. Now he tells me money talks.
Will miracles never cease?
Dragons, dragons, dragons.
Dragons. [Coughing]
"List of useful parts:
Claws, ears, tongue."
Hey, this could be a very profitable business.
There are so many cures from bits of dragon.
Dragon whiskers Dragon toes
A dragon tooth
And a dragon nose
Every little piece Every little piece
We could make a million by slicing him, dicing him
Hoagy, we could sell every little shell
There's enough of him to go around
Money, money, money by the pound
Every little piece Every little piece
I can take a scissor and clip him up, rip him up
Every little part is a work of art
Think of what a dragon heart would bring
Wrapped up in a ribbon and a string
Dragon liver can cure a cold
Dragon powder grows hair [Gasping]
With dragon blood you'll never grow old
Every item is covered with gold
Every item is covered with gold
Every little piece
Every little piece
Dragon, you're my wagon to destiny you're the key
Every little shred moving me ahead
Every dream of mine will be fulfilled
Oh, what a dragon business we can build
Dragon cartilage keeps you thin
Dragon fat is for burns [Gasping]
A dragon tear will clear up your skin
Watch the profits come rolling in
Watch the profits come rolling in
Every little piece Every little crease
Oh, lead me to the dragon I'll buy him up, tie him up
Drag him from the cave Show him that I'm brave
I'll bind him up Grind him up
Lop him up Chop him up
Can't you hear that jingle-jangle sound
Oh yeah
[Together] It's money money, money by the pound
Good morning, Miss Nora. So, this is where you live, eh?
At last we've seen the light. [Chuckling]
I tell you, you've got to have a sense of humor these days.
- And you must be Pete. - Yes, sir!
I'm Dr. Terminus, and this is Hoagy,
who's doing his internship with me.
I heard about the incident at school yesterday.
- I'd rather not discuss it. - I realize you must be disturbed about it, and, uh,
up to here in dragons.
You know, Pete, I have always loved dragons.
They're such wonderful creatures.
When they're not busy destroying things, of course.
I've had a dream since I was your age that one day...
I would have my very own dragon.
I would consider my life to be fulfilled...
and would be most grateful if you would sell me your dragon.
You wanna buy Elliott?
Sight unseen. As is.
We'll give him a good home. Bless him.
I couldn't sell him.
Sure you could! That's what life is all about: Buying and selling.
- I'll give ya three dollars. - [Whispering] Offer him four!
I'll offer him five. It'll make his head swim.
Five... dollars.
I can't sell him. I don't own him.
- Well, what did ya do, rent him? - Well, who owns him?
Well, nobody, I guess.
He just came to me. He only goes to those who need him.
I need him.
Listen, Doc, I don't know what you're up to, but you better forget about this.
- He's not for sale. - Nora, go paint your lighthouse.
Pete, my boy, you're conversant with Elliott.
Now, talk to him. Tell him how much I need him.
Deliver Elliott to me and the fiver is yours,
plus a bottle of my medicine that's guaranteed to bring on puberty two years ahead of time,
and that's better than a dragon, hmm? [Chuckling]
- Doc, maybe you should talk to Elliott yourself. - Mm-hmm.
Wh-Where is he? Does he speak English?
Down the beach.
- Where? - Right there, by the water.
- Right. I still don't see... - That's because he's invisible today.
They know they're sitting on a gold mine.
Well, they've had their chance to make a few dollars.
That dragon doesn't belong to anybody. He's fair game, and he's gonna be ours!
We'll bind him up, grind him up Lock him up, chop him up
Can't you hear that jingle-jangle sound
- Oh yeah - [Cackling]
It's money, money, money by the pound
- [Horn Blowing] - Ahh!
Uh! Ah-ah-ah!
Fog! Fog!
- Where's the fog? - There's not much fog.
We were just using the horn to chase off a few buzzards.
Few buzzards. Nora, how many times must l...
Oh, started already, huh?
Look, if you're gonna whitewash, son,
let your brush go up and down, up...
that's a boy... and down.
- Up and down. Up and down. - That's right.
- [Chuckling] - This is fun.
If it's so much fun, I'm gonna leave it to you and Nora to finish up...
while I go in and take a nice little nap.
This is the best time I've ever had in my whole life.
- It is? - Yeah.
Tell him, Nora.
Pete, Lampie and I have talked it over.
- We feel the time has come for you to stop running. - Yes, it's true.
If it's all right with you, we'd like you to live here with us.
Oh, Nora, Lampie, do you mean this could be my real home?
- It certainly does. - And Elliott too?
- Well, l... - Sure, and Elliott too.
But Elliott has to live in the cave.
All right, he will.
- Oh. - [Lampie Chuckling]
No, no, no! Not on me! Not on me!
On the side of the building, please, huh?
- Now up... Up and down. - And down. Up and down.
You know what?
It's a brazzle dazzle day
So throw off the past and everything in it
That's the brazzle dazzle way
Enjoying your time from minute to minute
- Running through the sand without your shoes on - Shoes on
Making sure that you don't keep your blues on
- Finding a boat we can cruise on - [Whistling]
It's a brazzle dazzle day
When you think of love and never of sorrow
That's the brazzle dazzle way
- To do your work now - And take off tomorrow
Flying through the air You don't need wings on
- Wings on - Wings on
Climb right up and feel the thrill it brings on
[All] Rock with the wind as it sings on
Ride higher and higher
And glide above the clouds
No one to catch us or slow us
Even the birds are below us
It's a brazzle dazzle day
A lifetime of joy in just a few hours
All our brazzle dazzle years have just begun
We'll follow the sun and replay
This brazzle dazzle day
[Breathing On Glass]
[Breathing On Glass]
When your job becomes a frolic you'll become a "brazz-a-holic"
[All] Ride higher and higher
And glide above the clouds
No one to catch us or slow us
Even the birds are below us
It's a brazzle dazzle day
A lifetime of joy in just a few hours
All our brazzle dazzle years
Have just begun We'll follow the sun and replay
This brazzle dazzle day
This brazzle dazzle day
This brazzle dazzle day
This brazzle dazzle day
This brazzle dazzle day
This brazzle dazzle day
Come on. Come on.
Whoa, boy. Say, have you seen anything of a mean, fresh kid...
'bout yea big?
Answers to the name of Pete.
Half of the kids in this town answer to the name of Pete.
Other half don't answer.
- Let me break his bones, Pa! - Just a minute!
This particular Pete, he's always talkin'...
to his big, hokey-pokey, uh, whatchamacallit, uh...
- Dragon. - Dragon?
Merle, this here's the place.
Come on, Willie.
It would be unethical of me to leave my patient at a time like this.
It's important. About the dragon.
Put your foot on there.
Now, don't move, stay tense, or that weight will fall,
that clamp will break your jaw, tear your gums apart and go through your cheek.
- Tense. Tense! - [Whimpering]
See that wagonload of worms? They're lookin' for the kid and the dragon.
I knew there'd be competition. Come on.
[Lampie] Careful as you bring 'em aside.
I got one! I got one!
Ugh! It's ugly!
Well! If it ain't our own little Petey!
- [Cackling] - The Gogans!
Well, you look so nice and clean, and those new clothes.
I guess all those good manners I taught you done paid off.
Who's that pretty lady you're with, little Pete?
- Yeah. Introduce us. - Yeah. Introduce us.
I'm Nora, and Pete is staying with me.
Why, boys, I believe she's tryin' to break up our happy little family.
Elliott went to look for Paul. I wish he were here.
Don't worry. They won't get you. Come on, Dad.
I guess we're gonna take him back now, miss,
to his own home, sweet home.
- Come on, Pete. - You won't be taking him anywhere!
Okay, lady. We're gonna take him whether you like it or not.
- Right, boys? - Right, Pa.
Willie, you grab onto Pete,
while I hold onto her.
You grab Pete. I wanna hold her.
- I wanna hold her! - Well, I'm gonna hold her!
All right!
I'll settle this.
You two grab the brat.
I'll hold her.
Lf'n you think you're gonna hold her like my boys wanna hold her,
you're gonna be holdin' your head, ya understand?
Lady, that boy is ours!
We got a bill of sale right here
That says he belongs to us
We bought him fair and square last year
And we own the little cuss
Look here Read the writin'
That gives us a legal claim
[Gogans] Oh, we got a bill of sale right here
With dear little Petey's name
- You can't have him - He's gotta clean and sweep
- You don't love him - Feed the hens and call in the sheep
- All you've done up to now - Plant seeds, pull weeds
- Is break his heart - Bow to all our needs
- You'll abuse him - Carry water from the well
- And just use him - Answer every time we yell
Watch out or I'll take you apart
We'd like to see you try it
We got a bill of sale right here that says he belongs to us
Fight all you want Won't do no good to holler and fume and fuss
Leave town, keep on goin' before I can count to five
- Come on! Row! - [Explosion]
It's Elliott!
We got a bill of sale right here
We got a bill of sale right here
We got a bill of sale right here
Right here
Right here
It's downright dangerous, getting all wet like this.
We done had our bath in May!
- [Sneezing] - [Men] Bless you, Ma.
- [Coughing] - Excuse me, folks.
I witnessed what happened today, and I'm completely sympathetic with you.
- What's sympathetic mean? - I'm Doc Terminus. Like to talk to you.
Oh, Doc, I got this here "poomonia."
- Sit down. - Ahh-ahh-ahh...
- Bless you, Ma. - Bless you, Ma.
[Groaning, Panting] I got this terrible ache in my back!
Good. What's rightfully yours is rightfully yours.
Now, you want Pete, right?
- Right! - Right! - Right!
I want... the dragon.
- The dragon? - The dragon? - [Laughing]
W-W-Wait a minute.
Now I got a stitch in my side.
You really want the dragon?
Very much. Mm-hmm.
Well, then, what are you willing to give for it?
The help you need getting Pete.
I'll need the same kind of help getting the dragon.
N-Now I think the pain's in my head!
- Have we got a deal? - Sure.
We scratch your back, you scratch ours.
The boathouse, sunset, hmm?
Uh, Doc.
What you gonna do with a dragon?
Oh, maybe put him on a ranch, breed him. Hmm?
Big stud fees.
Ahoy. Ahoy. Here.
How would you like to make the fishing good again?
- How do we do that? - Catch that dragon!
Set a trap for him, throw a net over him, drag him away.
Good-bye, Elliott. Hello, fish. Hmm?
Sunset, the boathouse. Spread the word, hmm?
[Fishermen Murmuring In Agreement]
Get back! Get back!
Dr. Terminus! Here's that there harpoon you wanted!
Good! Put it right over there!
[Ma] Now you just remember our bargain!
Okay, I want separate trip lines on the primary tarp,
the secondary net and on the tertiary.
- T-Tertiary? - What's that?
Dragon medicine. [Cackling]
- Okay, fix it. - We've done it!
Don't signal till you're re...
- [Men Shouting] - Get this net up off of me!
Will you get this... Will you get this net up! Up! Up!
Now, I've gotta go and get that kid.
You rehearse this and make it run like clockwork or else.
Oh, Elliott, you were terrific the way you saved us from the Gogans.
- [Laughing] - What?
Do you mean it?
[Clicking Tongue]
Wow! That's great.
You're the most wonderful dragon in the whole world.
[Soft Growling, Clicking Tongue]
Wait till I tell Nora!
Nora! Nora! Good news!
Elliott found Paul, and he's on his way home!
- Pete... - I wouldn't say anything like that if I were you.
But it's true. Elliott said.
There's been enough talk about Paul,
and Elliott too.
[Sighing] Both of us have to be...
Paul's ship went down. He's not coming back.
And I have to adjust my life to it.
You have to make a big adjustment too.
You have us now.
You don't have to make believe your only friend is a dragon.
But I'm not making believe.
That's what I mean by "realistic."
There are no dragons.
Except for Elliott. He's real.
Lampie, you've seen him, haven't you?
Well, l...
I thought I saw him.
Wait till Paul gets here. Then you'll know how realistic Elliott is.
Until that time, let's try not to talk about it.
How about filling the reserve oil can?
Well, at least one of us is entitled to have illusions.
[Wind Howling]
Pete! Pete, it's Elliott!
- What's the matter? - Elliott's in Passapaka... Pakadaka...
He's in town, and he's tearing the place apart.
- You've gotta do something. - Oh, no!
We should be in the channel.
We should've made Passamaquoddy Light by now.
I know the light keepers personally.
- He's in there! Come on! - Elliott! Elliott!
Did I say the primary was really the tertiary?
[Men Shouting]
- Where's Elliott? - Nowhere!
Your hokey-pokey dragon's out helping Santa Claus pull his sled!
- Boys! - Let me go!
Now you're never gonna get away again!
We're gonna put chains on you when you're workin'!
- And when you're not workin'. - And when you're sleepin'!
Okay, okay. Tear him to pieces in your own time.
Right now he is the bait for the trap.
Take him in there where that thing can see him when he comes through the door.
He'll head straight for Pete. We spring the trap.
After the tertiary net drops on him, I'll give you the signal,
and you fire the harpoon right into the middle.
- No! No! - Yes! Yes! Got it?
Got it!
But what I don't got is, h-h-how you gonna get that monster,
that hideous beast, that nightmare sent by the devil, to come here?
Easy. We get someone he knows to bring him here.
Well, who'd be crazy enough to do that?
No! No!
He knows you. He trusts you.
He scares me! He hates me!
We are all on this earth for a purpose,
and the time for your purpose is now.
I know that inside this pale, frail, pathetic shell of a man...
there is a Vesuvius ready to erupt.
Now, I've known you, man and beast,
since, since you were nothing.
But now, Hoagy, now, you're still nothing,
but you could be something!
You can be a somebody.
A legend, Hoagy. A legend in your own lifetime, not a joke!
The moment's here, Hoagy.
Grab it. Grab it!
Today the jester. Tomorrow the king!
- No! - Get out!
[Elliott Snoring]
C-Can you come out here for a second? Please?
Wake up.
W-W-Wake up!
D-D-Don't get n-n-nervous!
I'm a friend.
[Groaning, Snorting]
Don't roast me!
[Snarling] Boo!
- Ahh! - [Laughing]
H-Hon... Honest.
L-l-I-I-I got a m-mess...
m-m-m-message about P-P-Pete!
- T-The G-G-Gogans... - [Snarling]
Got P-P-P-Pete!
- [Bellowing] - Ahh!
[Snarling, Roaring]
Follow me!
There's a reef between us and the channel.
Dad, I can't find Pete.
- Can you get it lit? - I have to put in a dry wick.
Battle stations!
[Hoagy] I told you! I told you, Elliott! There he is!
Look out, Elliott! It's a trap!
Aaah! Get him! He's right here!
Drop everything!
Drop everything!
[Men Shouting]
[Elliott Bellowing]
Elliott, over here!
[Hoagy] Get me out of here! Elliott, don't step on me!
- Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? - It's beginnin' to look like a...
- Dragon! - Don't say that!
I've got it! We've done it! Out!
We've got it! We've got it!
- Hoagy! - [Elliott Growling]
Please! Please, let me out!
- Doc, please! - Get out of there! Get out of there!
- Doc, get me out! Get me out! Get me out! - Okay. Okay!
- [Growling] - [Men Shouting]
Help, Elliott, help!
Man this harpoon. Take this. [Chuckling]
Light the fuse.
No, no! Don't shoot Elliott!
[Ma Screaming, Shouting]
[Pa] Get him back! Get him back!
The other.
- [Pa] Pick him up! - [Ma] Take him outside!
[Hoagy] Get out of the way!
- [Whimpering] - [Screaming]
He's going! Let me get a bead on him!
- Elliott, save me! - [Ma] Don't let him get away again! Get him outta here!
- Hands... - Elliott, don't let 'em take me!
[Stammering] Wait! Wait!
[Ma Shouting]
- [Muttering] - [Gogans Whimpering]
Huh? Pete!
- Thanks, Elliott. - [Muttering]
You just listen to me! That there boy belongs to me!
I paid fifty dollars for him, plus legals, and I got a bill of sale right here to prove it.
- Boo. - [Screaming]
[Ma] Merle, help! Don't just stand there!
Come on! Get me outta here! Get me outta here!
[Ma] You clucks!
[Elliott Laughing]
- [Grunting, Groaning] - [Ma] Let him keep the brat!
[Ma] Come on! Get in the wagon!
[Ma] Wait! Wait for us!
[Elliott Howling]
Aaah-hoo-hoo-hoo! [Screaming]
Aaah! Doh!
Hoagy, get me down!
We've gotta do something! That dragon's gonna get away!
[Screaming] He's gonna eat us up!
[Wagon Crashing] the street. Quite a storm here.
Wait a minute. Watch those stairs.
- [Gasping] - [Electricity Crackling]
Oh, look!
Th-Th-There really is a dragon!
Yes, and he saved us!
- Dragon! - A dragon! A real dragon!
- Attaboy, Elliott. - [Muttering]
[Clicking Tongue]
That ship's headed for the reef!
Go down and sound the foghorn!
[Foghorn Blowing]
Elliott, quick! Quick!
[Foghorn Blowing]
[Ship Creaking]
Nora, let me have the light so I can see what I'm doing.
[Foghorn Blowing]
Come on, Elliott. You can do it.
- [Foghorn Blowing] - I got it!
Come on, Elliott.
- [Foghorn Blowing] - Come on, Elliott!
[Pete] Hurry!
What's the matter?
Everything is wet in here, that's what's the matter!
- Don't worry, Lampie. Elliott came. - Elliott?
That's all I need is a dragon in here. Ah!
Get him outta here!
Start your burner, Elliott. Light the wick.
- [Clicking Tongue] - All right, Elliott. Go ahead. Light it.
[Pete] Now, Elliott! Now!
All right. Where's the fire?
- [Groaning] - What's the matter?
[Gibberish, Sputtering]
- He's all squished up in the stairs. - [Foghorn Blowing]
- [Foghorn Blowing] - [Elliott Blowing]
- El-Elliott? - [Gibberish]
He's real. He's really real.
[Muttering, Clicking Tongue]
- Of course he is. He's gonna light the wick. - Can he do it?
Can he? He can throw a flame clear across to Bar Harbor...
if he can get his own burner goin'!
- Come on, Elliott! - [Whining] - Go on!
[Lampie] Blow, Elliott!
[Drawing A Deep Breath]
- Wow! [Panting] - [Pete] Elliott, you did it!
[Gibberish, Clicking Tongue]
Look there!
That means the harbor is dead ahead, Captain!
Hard right rudder!
Elliott, I could give you a great big kiss.
A dragon, a dragon You bet we saw a dragon
So big and brave, he came to save a village in distress
He kept the ship from crashing when he heard the S.O.S.
He faced a group of villains and he fought them with success
He's great He's great
- A chum - A pal - A mate
A dragon, a dragon We're proud to love a dragon
Before he came to fight the storm the night was dark and dim
Now everyone in town is safe again because of him
He filled the ocean full of fish He packed it to the brim
We want it known that he's our very own
Nora! Nora!
Gather around, everyone. I'm going to have a few appropriate words to say.
Gather around. Come on. Closer, closer.
There you are, yes. It's nice to see you.
Ladies... Ladies and gentlemen,
Pete, I want you to thank Elliott the dragon...
for the council here and all the townspeople.
- You do that? - Well, he's right here.
He'd appreciate it if you'd thank him yourself.
- [Laughter] - You mean I can talk right to him, huh?
Go right to the main source. That was my campaign...
- No, he's over here. - Oh! Oh, over that side.
So, uh, on behalf of...
[Muttering] Thank you.
It's a brazzle dazzle day
- So throw off the past and everything in it - [Elliott Clicking Tongue]
That's the brazzle dazzle way
Enjoying your time from minute to minute
Oh, Elliott, you're the greatest.
You've made everybody happy, especially me.
I'm very proud of you.
We've got a real family now and a place to live.
[Clearing Throat]
You've gotta go? When will you be back?
[Gulping, Muttering, Sniffling]
You... You won't be back?
But why?
Did I do something wrong?
There's another kid in trouble?
[Muttering, Growling]
[Soft Roar]
Well, if anyone can get him out of it, you can.
- Ohh... - [Giggling]
I won't see you again, will I?
[Sniffling, Whimpering]
What are you sniffing for?
[Gasping, Sneezing]
Now, remember, don't scare people.
Good-bye, Elliott. Good-bye.
- It is a dragon! - [Pete, Lampie, Nora] It's Elliott!
[Pete] And remember, you're supposed to be invisible!
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Pepe le Moko
Peppermint Frapp 1967
Perfect Blue
Perfect Murder A
Perfect Score The 2004
Perfect World A
Persuasion CD1
Persuasion CD2
Pet Sematary
Petek13th part 7 A new blood
Peter Pan
Peter Pan (2003)
Peters Friends
Petes Dragon (1977)
Petrified Forest The 1936
Peyton Place CD1
Peyton Place CD2
Phantom The
Phantom of the Paradise
Phenomena CD1
Phenomena CD2
Philadelphia Story The 1940
Phone - Byeong-ki Ahn 2002
Phone Booth
Phouska I (The Bubble 2001)
Pianist The
Piano Lesson The
Piano The
Pickup On South Street 1953
Piece of the Action A 1977 CD1
Piece of the Action A 1977 CD2
Pieces Of April
Pietje Bell
Pink Panther The - A Shot In The Dark (1964)
Pitfall The (Otoshiana 1962)
Planet Of The Apes (1969)
Planet of the Apes 1968
Planet of the Apes 2001
Planets The 1 - Different Worlds
Planets The 2 - Terra Firma
Planets The 3 - Giants
Planets The 4 - Moon
Planets The 5 - Star
Planets The 6 - Atmosphere
Planets The 7 - Life
Planets The 8 - Destiny
Planta 4
Plastic Tree CD1
Plastic Tree CD2
Platee CD1
Platee CD2
Platonic Sex CD1
Platonic Sex CD2
Platoon (Special Edition)
Play It Again Sam
Playing By Heart
Playtime CD1
Playtime CD2
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD1
Please Teach Me English (2003) CD2
Plumas de Caballo
Plunkett and Macleane
Pocketful of Miracles CD1
Pocketful of Miracles CD2
Pod Njenim Oknom (Beneath Her Window)
Poika ja ilves
Point Break - CD1 1991
Point Break - CD2 1991
Pokemon - Movie 1 - Mewtwo Strikes Back
Poker (2001) CD1
Poker (2001) CD2
Pokrovsky Gates The 25fps 1982
Pola X 1999 CD1
Pola X 1999 CD2
Police Academy (1984)
Police Academy 2 Their First Assignment 1985
Police Academy 3 Back in Training 1986
Police Academy 4 - Citizens on Patrol 1987
Police Story (2004) CD1
Police Story (2004) CD2
Police Story 2
Poltergeist 2 The Other Side 1986
Poltergeist 3 (1988)
Poolhall Junkies
Pork Chop Hill
Porky - Awful Orphan (1949)
Porky - Dough for the Do Do (1949)
Porky - Porky Chops (1949)
Porky - The Wearing of the Grin (1951)
Pornographer The
Pornography 2003
Pornostar (Poruno Suta)
Port of Call (1948)
Portrait of a Lady The
Poseidon Adventure The
Poslusne hlasim (1957)
Possession (2002)
Possible Loves - Eng - 2000
Post Coitum 2004
Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
Pride and Prejudice CD2
Pride and Prejudice CD3
Pride and Prejudice CD4
Pride and Prejudice CD5
Pride and Prejudice CD6
Pride and Prejudice The Making of
Pride and the Passion The
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD1
Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD2
Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
Princess Diaries The CD2
Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
Project A CD2
Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
Pupendo (2003) CD1
Pupendo (2003) CD2
Purple Rose Of Cairo The
Purple Sunset (2001)
Pusong Mamon CD1
Pusong Mamon CD2
Pyrokinesis (2000)