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Phenomena CD1

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Please wait!
Is anyone home?
Is there anyone home?
Can I come in?
Please, I am a foreigner.
And I'm lost.
I know someone's there.
Please, I need help.
This is completely new for me, professor.
I simply can't imagine how a expert on insects...
...could be so helpful for the police.
Would you please explain that more detailled.
Of course. You can't see the connections on first sight.
When I decided to specialize in animal cadavers, ...
...I did not have the least idea of that.
John, do I really have to listen to that again?
Oh yes, just as you had to on the first murder case.
You came to me because you did not know how to go on.
We solved the case together.
When a dead body is exposed to nature it will be eaten by insects sooner or later.
You naughty girl
Where did you find that?
You could hurt yourself.
It is sharp.
It is not a toy.
And who, may I ask, put it out there?
Don't you ever play with this again.
I forgot to introduce you... this is Inga.
She's my nurse.
If I pick out something with my laser she'll bring it to me.
She's also my friend, too.
Aren't you?
But she is a very good nurse.
Cadaver-eating insects are divided into eight groups.
These eight groups of insects come to the corpse one after the other.
And this only in certain moments and at a precise time.
Never sooner and never later.
We call them the eight squadrons of death.
First, the common fly comes to the rotting corpse and lays its eggs.
This is the beginnig of the cycle.
Each group of insects stays for exactly fifteen days.
So, you have to multiply fifteen by eight.
The number of groups. This equals four months.
Correct. In this case the cycle seems to be complete.
Yet, it is already in the second generation.
From this we may conclude that this head is rotting for eight months.
By calculating and determining the number, the look and the kind of the insects, ... can find out the exact date of death.
or of the murder.
So our victim was decapitated some 8 month ago.
And 15 days.
You must not forget, that the body was on the bottom of the lake for fifteen days.
Before the gases which result from decomposition brought it to the surface.
Where the first flies were already waiting.
Exactly eight and a half months.
Perhaps less. It was extraordinary warm then.
However, I may assume that the person was decapitated between the 7th and the 10th.
Is that correct?
Let's think about it.
The first girl disappeard on September 9.
A sixteen-year-old tourist from Denmark.
The body was never found.
Same as with the others.
It is not nice.
Like Greta.
Poor Greta.
She is also on the list.
She is missing but we have no proof that she is dead.
After finding this what's the use of hiding from the facts.
There is a killer.
A vicious killer.
We'll get him.
Someone has to catch this monster.
Good night, professor.
Do you know this part of the country?
No, this is my first trip to europe.
People call it the swiss transylvania.
Why? - I don't know. They just do.
So, you are the Corvino girl!
You father is terribly... - Yes, he is.
I admire him very much.
I thought he might have come with you.
No, he is workin on the Philippins.
He'll be there for almost a year.
He can't even be reached by telephone.
Well in any case. He has placed you in good hands.
You know I'm sure you are going to like our school.
To begin with, we all speak english.
And the our academic program is based on the american one.
Ah... a bee...
Be carefull it may sting you.
Leave it alone!
Don't kill her.
It won't hurt me. Insects never hurt me. I love them.
You... you love them?
Yes, I love all insects.
If you mean...
Now Jennifer has arrived.
And the first night will come.
A night she'll never forget.
Take her baggage.
It is beautiful, isn't it?
The estate was once Richard Wagner's.
The school is occupied in the main building.
The others are closed because they are not safe.
Never go in there.
Come on.
I'm starved. You got anythin to eat?
No, sorry.
I haven't eaten for two days now.
What is that?
Baby food.
My parents left it when they visited me with my little brother.
He's seven months old.
I bet he is the only male who has ever seen the inside of this place.
Vegetables, how nice. I'm vegetarian. Do you have a spoon?
How is it?
Like cat food.
By the way, I'm Sophie. I'm French. - Jenniffer.
Did you see the director already?
If you talk of the devil...
You are the new girl. You were expected this afternoon.
The flight was delayed.
The school has its rules. I'm sorry, but I must confiscate this.
Hey wait. You don't know who that is. That's Paul Corvino.
Sophie that is enough. Get into bed! And if I catch you smoking again, you'll be sorry.
And you young lady... to bed.
And switch off the light.
That bitch stealing Paul Corvino.
It is all right. I have a bunch of them in the bag.
So tomorrow we put them all up all over the room.
I've seen all his movies I saw his last one three times.
Luck for you. He must have made me zip through it at least 15 times.
He said he trust in my opinon.
You mean you know him?
Yes, of course I do.
Have you been to bed with him?
Paul Corvino is my father. - Oh, sorry.
It's all right.
I do know everything about you! - Do you?
Your mother lived in India and owned a hotel. She was married again.
Not like your father.
You were only 7 when they split up.
No, 8.
You were 7!
How do you know that?
I read Fangoria. - Oh!
It was christmas. I was checking the presents when the phone rings.
Ma answered.
She said she will come soon.
It was her lover.
Then she went...
...and did never came back.
I always remember it. Dad got 12 presents.
He said he got the 13. From mother to hurt him.
You didn't read that in Fangoria?
You know I am really glad you are here.
I always had to sleep alone.
It can be very scary.
Thank's for coming.
I am the one who should thank you.
Don't let me forget that. I owe you a meal.
You know... there is a murder around here!
A maniac who kidnaps girls all ages and kills them.
Could we change the subject?
I need my sleep. I'm really tired from the trip.
You're right. Sometimes I can't sleep all night thinking about it.
What do you think about before you fall asleep?
My father.
If I thought about your father I'd never get any sleep.
Can I still watch some TV? I have headphones as well
No problem, good night, Sophie.
Sleep well, Jenniffer.
Are you hurt?
What you are doing on the street at night?
Can't you answer?
Why are you dressed like that?
Look at her eyes, she used drugs!
Can you see anything?
What are we doing now?
Lets run away.
Where are you coming from?
O.k., I'm coming with you.
Is this the first time you've been sleepwalking?
Do you know what happened?
I can't remember anything.
My savior.
Are you american?
I am studying at the academy.
Where are you from?
I am from Scotland. I came here as student and stayed to teach.
Then I had this accident.
I haven't moved since.
What do you teach?
Enthomology. Study insects.
Do insects interest you?
Yeah. A lot! I love them.
You mean that?
Absolutely! Why?
You remind me of another girl. Greta.
Used to come here somtimes and help out. Mostly secretarial work. And then...
She was supposed to come here one night. She never arrived.
The killer got her?
How do you know about that?
I thought so.
You must be frozen, child. She left a coat here.
It's upstairs. Here, she'll show you were it is.
You are wonderful, Inge.
Stop it, it hurts.
Hold that.
That beats.
They never miss.
This special is supposed to be practically blind.
Be careful, you are in range.
Won't do anythink to me.
In this coat you look like Greta. She also liked the insects.
But they didn't like her as they like you.
Can you hear the chirping?
This means something special.
It is a mating call. You are exciting him.
Smell it!
Really? - Yes, smell.
Sort of sweet.
This substance is secreted by a gland.
It is supposed to attract the female.
You are exciting him and he is doing his best to excite you.
I don't think so. We only just met.
It isn't the mating season. I don't understand.
I've never seen anything like that before.
Oh, thanks for everything.
Come by any time.
To make an old man happy...
...take the cablecar. It is only a five minutes ride from town.
I don't know. Maybe.
And mind how you go. Without sleepwalking.
If it happens to you again, you must say: I am sleepwalking, I must wake up.
I am sleepwalking, I must wake up.
I am sleepwalking, I must wake up.
I don't need that. I haven't had an attack for years.
The journey was probably to exhausting.
Or it was caused by the change of air.
Maybe the wind.
That is the foehn, a very strange wind.
It is typical for this area here.
It comes from the south over the Alps.
Such a sudden blast of warm air causes snow avalanches.
Makes the flowers grow, the larvae of the insects develop faster.
And many complain about headaches.
When it blows, they say it drives some people to madness.
This is a rather strange part of the country here.
This Swiss Transylvania.
Would someone please tell me what this examination is all about?
What you did last night is highly irregular.
No student ever left the boarding school at night before.
How many times do I have to tell you that I did not leave school on purpose.
I walked in my sleep. This can happen.
But this is not normal. And it is our duty to find the reason for that.
But don't you understand? You will find out nothing.
I've been examined by specialists before. It is not an illness.
Not yet, but it could become more serious.
And you can't remember anything?
Sleepwalking is far more serious than talking in the sleep, ...
...or ransacking the fridge.
It could even lead to a new personality trying to emerge.
Sometimes it is the first step on the path to schizophrenia.
So you think I'm crasy?
O.k., forget your EEG.
Calm down, calm down.
O.k., start it. I will show you who is crazy.
What is going on?
That is strange.
Do you suffer from epilepsy or do you take something like... drugs?
I am not schizophrenic, epileptic or stoned.
Hello, Shapero Evans?
Hi, I'd like to speak to Moris please?
Jennifer Corvino. Right, Paul Corvino's daughter.
He is out of town?
Three days?
Which holidays?
Look who is there.
Our zombie.
Have you heard, she walks in her sleep.
Walks in the sleep. If you ask me, she has got a problem.
For me, she is ill.
So thats Paul Corvino's daughter.
That doesn't give her the right to be such a show-off.
Here she comes.
Lets go.
Yes, I don't want to be close to her.
What's wrong? - Damn Moris.
Who is he? Your boyfriend?
He's my fathers agent and atourney.
I want him to get me out of this shitty school.
Why do you want to leave?
Your little brother isn't the only male to disgrace this place.
First you forgot the doctor.
He's not a man. He's got more hands than the entire basketball team.
Second you forgot the killer. - The killer?
What is the poet trying to say with these words?
Well, who is going to answer?
You, Elisabeth.
Me? - Yes you.
I think the poet took the words right out of a Bee Gees song.
That's very funny.
The poet in question is Abraham Kouli.
What if the killer saw me?
I am really scared. - I would be too.
Can you imagine if I walk in my sleep again tonight I walk right into him.
Please promise you keep an eye on me tonight. And lock the door.
And when you hear me get up do anything to wake me.
Promise? Please say yes.
Sophie? You tell us!
Me? - Yes, stand up.
The poet with it's eracular style...
The poet with it's ericular style...
Eracular style! - Ähm... , eracular style.
...tells of the danger we face, should we forget... ...the sense and the meaning of the past...
...tells of the danger we face, should we forget the sense and the meaning of the past...
And do you believe that danger exists?
Screw the past.
Screw the past.
Well done, Sophie.
And what about ancient greece? Shakespear? Richard Wagner?
And Michael Jackson.
Like it? - Nice! Were it comes from?
I put in on by mistake. Guess who it belongs to?
Paul Corvino's daughter. - The actor?
Her name is Jennifer and she is my roommate.
How is she?
He is fantastic. All those muscles.
Not him! Her?
Oh, she is pretty. She wears her hair like mine.
You know, I have to watch her at night. Because she walks in her sleep.
Walks in her sleep?
Yeah! She gets up and she walks, like this.
Come back.
I have to go.
It takes long to come home.
Oh, come on, stay a while longer.
I really have to go now.
You shit. - What did you say?
I said: Fuck you!
Sleepwalking... I must... I must wake up.
The police came this morning. My pale the head-mistress told them not to believe anything I say, ...
...because she thinks I'm crazy.
Maybe you think I'm crazy too, dad.
I mean there was really nothing I could do.
I was so scared that I couldn't say anything about what I saw or why I screamed.
Do you think the glove belongs to the killer?
Yeah! I'm sure of it! - But why are there maggots?
It is the larvae. I am going to examine it.
We know more after that if we are lucky.
Maybe I can answer your questions also.
You're the professor; I trust you. You should examine me, too.
Jenniffer. - Yes?
Don't forget your book.
Have you any idea, why they behave like that?
They have never done this before.
I guess they sense the mood I'm in.
I'm often in a bad mood. Upset about something.
But they don't carry on like this.
In ancient Greece the butterfly symbolized the soul.
The so-called psyche.
That's why we speak of a butterfly-psyche.
Is there an association between the insects and the human soul?
I think the key to this mystery can only be found in the supernatural.
And if you are a very sensitive person you feel something of that.
How about the glove.
A insect, a firefly showed me the way.
The police was there.
They asked me lots of questions.
But I didn't tell them about the glove.
I don't want them to think I'm crazy.
You can tell me, I'm not the police.
What happened?
I was alone in the dark.
And I was afraid.
A firefly came.
It was like it heard me.
And it answerd my call.
You calmed them down, just by telling that.
That's ridiculous. - No.
That's the greatest discovery I've made.
Through you my expectations were confirmed.
Now I have the facts my colleages considered absurd.
The paranormal powers that are unusual in human beeings...
...are perfectly natural in insects.
Some species communicate with each other over far distances like telepathy.
I could give you many samples.
I wrote a book about it.
You should read it.
It's perfectly normal for insects to be slightly telepathic.
It's normal for insects.
But am I normal?
Why me?
Fräulein Corvino can not be left alone.
I want someone in here with her.
I want to know everything she says and does.
I'm scared of her. She arrived and Sophie disappeared.
Plus she's crazy. Listen to this:
Dear dad... Ah, here it is.
Do you remember what the doctor said about...
...sleepwalking manifested with split personality?
It's true. My second personality is there.
Do you know how? I communicate with insects.
I mean I have discovered, I have power over them.
I'm not kidding. I even have a witness.
The famous enthemologist John Mc Gregor who lives near here.
We've become friends.
See, she is crazy.
This-is mine!
Hey Jennifer listen! - What?
I'm a spider! Look I'm a spider
Stop it.
I'm a killer-snake.
I'm a fly.
No! Stop it!
We worship you... We worship you...
I love you.
I love you all.
I love all of you.
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