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Phenomena CD2

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She's still asleep.
I called an ambulance to have her taken to the mental hospital.
They'll be her any minute.
At least they'll be better equipt to keep her calm.
Is she insane?
Well, she is not normal.
She is diabolic.
Diabolic? - Yes!
Yes, the bible also refers to the devil as Belzebub.
Which means: Lord of the Flies.
She is the Lord of the flies.
Call me as soon as she wakes up.
Does Jennifer look like the devil to you?
No, you are not the devil.
The only devil here is the killer.
But I understand how you must be feeling.
I know what it feels like to be different.
And the conditions that go with it: pityer, ironing, revotion, annoyance.
People have the ability to almost hate yourself!
There's a big difference between you and me.
When that car bashed into me, I lost something.
You gained something.
You are in a position to do extraordinary things.
With that gift of you... Come on, I want to show you something.
It is very interessant.
These were inside the glove.
The larvae of the great sarcophacus.
What a menacing name.
Apropriate to the insect that bears it.
It lives exclusivly of dead bodys.
The great sarcophacus?
A strange name.
It is capeable of picking up the scent of a dead body over fast distances.
It's sensory reception is extraordinary, quite unique.
But why do the gloves have so many lavae?
Perhaps because when the murderer hides his victims...
...he likes to keep in physical contact with them.
Conserving them.
He is a psycho.
If we need to get him, we have to call on the services of 2 of the greatest detectives ever known.
Perhaps I should say unknown. - Up to now.
But this will change.
Who were they?
You and him: the great sarcophocus.
Spread your hand.
See, he's not afraid of you. He won't do that for me.
Ask him to lead you where the dead bodies are hidden.
He'll lead you.
That fly is your magic wand.
You mean that is working?
Of course!
It will take time. It could be anywhere.
Not anywhere. On a 52 kilometer route.
The first girl to dissapear was a danish tourist.
She took a bus of the red line.
It starts on the city square on a 52 kilometer route.
Stops at various tourist traps on the way.
She was seen getting on that bus.
When you get near to the killers house, you'll know about it soon enough.
Because the sarcopocus will go crazy.
And head straight for the dead body.
All you have to do is follow him and come straight back.
Do you feel up to it?
I want him caught... for Sophia.
And Greta.
I wish you all the luck in the world, my two detectives.
Excuse me!
What do you want?
Can you please close the window?
You naughty girl.
Wait, Wait, Wait.
What are you doing here?
Ahm... I was following the...
You came here to steal, did you?
No, I was looking for someone.
The house is empty. No one's left here.
The former attendance moved out 8 month ago. The house is for sale.
I'm sorry, I'm really sorry.
May I help you? - Who are you??
I am the estate agent. If you are looking for a house, I am your man.
Anyone living in the house now?
No. By the way, where did you come from? I didn't hear you drive up.
How long has the house been empty?
I don't know. 7 to 8 month maybe. Who was living here before?
We do not give out that kind of information.
It's absolutely confidential and against our company...
I'm Inspector Geiger, Kantonpolizei.
You locked yourself out.
This damn machine.
I wonder what is going on around here?
Is there someone there?
Who... Who is it?
Hey, answer me. Who are you?
Most of our patients are kept under restraint.
Take my word for it inspector: The person you are looking for, is not one of ours.
No one's ever escaped from here.
But I'm working from the exact opposite assumption.
I gonna explain?
It isn't if someone got out of your institution but rather got in.
You have had such a case I believe?
Yes, a curious incident.
It happened about 15 years ago.
Here on our basement level. Since then it has only been accessible from members of our staff.
The more down one goes in this place the more monsterous the inmates become.
Probably the same in hell.
Until you reach the last circle. The one without a center.
Shit Moris. I'm telling you.
I won't stay a minute longer.
I wanna come home and I don't have the money for a ticket.
I run away.
The want to keep me in the clinic.
It is a long story.
Take me back and I tell you.
Where can you transfer the money?
SKA, how is the address?
Send me some money.
Do it Moris, I don't want to be murdered.
Yes, I said murdered.
Someone tried it already.
I am sorry, there is nothing here in your name.
Are you sure? - I'm afraid yes.
Maybe it has just arrived and is not in the computer yet?
I will check.
No, sorry.
Now what am I supposed to do? It is an emergency.
It could arrive at any time. Look, why don't you come back later.
Can I wait here?
Sure you can wait over there.
But I suggest you go for a walk.
I wait.
Hello Jenifer.
Your fathers atorney, Mr. Shapiro called us from New York.
He was very worried about you and extremely angry with us for, lets say, loosing you.
What a bastard.
He sounded very resonably on the phone.
He spoke to me and only calmed down when I told him I would come for you myself.
He said I would find you here.
I'm not going back to that school. - Of course not.
He said you want to go back to America immidiately?
Is that true? - Yes.
Well, he authorised me to buy you a ticket and to give you some money.
Is that all right?
Ok. - Good.
Good Luck.
What time is my flight?
Twelve noon, tomorrow. The last flight of the day has already left.
And what about tonight? - I'm not gonna sleep in the school.
I'm not going back there, I'm not gonna sleep there, I never wanna to see this place again.
Don't worry, if that's what you want, it's all right.
Mr. Shapiro said to do whatever you want.
You can stay with me tonight.
It's enormous. Do you live here alone?
You sleep in here Jennifer. I hope you find it comfortable enough.
I hope you like it here.
Looks fine, thank you.
Why are the mirrors covered like that.
I told you I don't live alone.
I have a small son. He is very sick.
I covered the mirrors for his sake. He doesn't want to see his reflection.
I worry about him very much. He's changed my life completely.
Sometimes I think he's driving me crazy.
I'm sorry.
These are things that can happen in a womans life.
But don't worry. You won't see him.
Oh, I don't mind if...
It's better if you don't.
He stays in his room with his crazy thoughts.
Would you like something? A cup of tea?
No, I don't wanna bother you.
It's no bother.
I am sorry, I kicked the train by mistake.
I've hit him. Maybe he's hurt?
Don't grab him like that. - Why not?
What on earth are you thinking?
It's only a doll. You are a very sensitive young lady.
Are you frightened? - No.
Yes, you are. I can see it in your eyes.
You are burning up. You have a fever?
No, I don't. - Yes, you do.
In this part of the country, with this wind, it's hardly surprising.
I'll get you a pill.
You don't want to leave with a cold tomorrow, do you?
Imagine what Mr. Shapiro would say.
You should take them both, but if you prefere, one is enough.
I don't want any pills.
Where is the bathroom? - The bathroom is over there.
And you will take the pills!
I never take any pills.
Do what you are told. You are my responsibility.
I'm not ill.
What kind of tabletts are this?
Against fever, now take it.
You are hurting me. - Take the pills!
All right I'll take the pills.
I'll get you some water. - I can get it myself.
Shit. Get out of the way.
May I close the door?
What a bitch.
The larvae of the great sarcophcus exclusively live of bodies.
Even of human bodies.
Jennifer, what are you doing.
Jennifer, answer me! Open the door!
Answer me! How dare you act like this.
Let me in!
Open the door!
Why didn't you open the door? What were you doing?
Did you take the pills? What were you doing?
Who do you call? - Morris, just to tell him I'm o.k.
Tomorrow. - Now.
Just a short call. - No!
Let me go.
I said no, do you understand?
You are in my house and you are doing what I say.
What I wanted to ask.
15 years ago, when you were still working in Basel, you were assaulted?
Surely you haven't forgotten the incident.
No. Look at this.
He pulled me to him to the bars.
I understand Frau Bruckner forgive me.
But we have to be precise.
So you moved here 8 months ago. Is that correct?
Yes that is so, Inspector. Please come this way.
And where were you living before that?
Outside Zürich.
Perhaps the murderer hides his victims.
He likes to keep in physical contact with them.
He's a psychopath.
Mr. Schapiero? - Yes.
Your car rental agency. Your car is right outside.
Here is the key. Do you need a map, sir?
No, thank you, I know the area.
Don't be afraid. I'm Inspector Geiger. I want to help you.
Stop shouting.
Go away. You scare me. - I won't hurt you.
I don't want you here. - I know your mother was bad.
I wanna help. - You can't help.
You don't have to worry about the mirrors anymore.
It's all over.
Morris! - Jenniffer!
He was desceived but he was my son.
And you killed him. Why didn't I kill you before?
I killed the Inspector and your Professor friend.
And now I may kill you to avenge him.
Why don't you call your insects Go on! Call them! Call them.
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