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Subtitles for Phone - Byeong-ki Ahn 2002.

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Phone - Byeong-ki Ahn 2002

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I'm your destiny
Stop it!
Please stop it!
- Yeah! - Where are you?
- Are you okay? - Why, what happened?
Things have blown up about your underage sex scandal articles
We've got calls threatening you if you don't stop writing them
I've gotten them too We were ready for that
Still, be careful
For the next feature story
let's try some of that paranormal stuff you were talking about last year
I told you this was the last article
I'm changing my cell number and disappearing tomorrow
The scared look, so sexy
Who is this?
You can't be that scared
We've only just begun
Who are you?
There's no rush We'll meet soon enough
Where are you off to so fast?
It won't help to run
You bastard!
If you've got something to say come and face me
Don't cover your voice and hide like a rat
Why aren't you following, rat?
Is this Ji-Won's phone?
Oh, Ho Jung
So? Do you know who it is?
It's probably one of the guys...
from the sex scandal articles
The justice system will take care of them
I'll just go away and finish writing that novel
What if he really comes after you?
Have you decided where to go?
No, I'm still thinking
You ought to go to Bang Bae
Our new house is empty
I bought it about a year ago. It's too big
We'll move in there when Young-Ju gets a little bigger
It's well-furnished I think you will love it
What do you think?
Thanks a lot
Ho Jung, is that okay?
Honey, do you think it's okay to be alone there?
It's dangerous
It's not dangerous
I've had a security system installed
But I'm still worried
This is great
I'm sorry
I should stay with you but Young-Ju's asleep
Will you be okay?
Aren't you scared?
I'm not a little kid
Don't worry I'll be fine
I'm just worried
Which room should I use?
Use my bedroom It's the most comfortable
It's so big I'm a little uneasy
And it's for you and your husband
I'll take the room at the end of the hall upstairs
That room?
No, it's full of junk
It's a storage room
I'll clean it up
You guys go and get some rest Ok, I'll lock up
I'll call you tomorrow
He doesn't quit
Now what is it?
Now what?
What's this?
That's weird
That's never happened before
It only gives one number
You drive well
I'm sorry
You'll need to go to another branch
I think it's fate
Just give me that number
The girl in the picture is Modigliani's daughter
He painted it when his wife was pregnant
He painted it after watching
Thinking about their unborn daughter
they must have been happy
I want...
Young-Ju to grow up like that...
in a perfect family
You ought to paint again
You have the perfect family
You're wasting your talent
I don't think I could take care of the family and paint right now
I'm satisfied just enjoying other's art
Sorry about that
Is it him again?
Since I changed my cell number I shouldn't get any more those calls
What's the number?
This is Renoir's Irene Cahen d'Anvers
Give us the phone
Give me the phone! Young-Ju!
Young-Ju! Give us the phone.
Give me the phone! Young-Ju!
Give me the phone! Young-Ju!
You're worried, aren't you?
Whatever she heard on the phone must have scared her
I don't think it was the stalker
but it's weird
Anyway call me
if you go to the doctor tomorrow
Sure I will...
Stop it
It hurts my ears
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong
Is she okay?
She's just stressed from whatever scared her
Give her some time
She'll be fine
Since you changed your number you've had 2 calls
Your friend Ho Jung and me
That's not right
I've had three strange calls since then
There are two possibilities
The phone company's records are messed up...
or the stalker knows...
how to block the calls from showing up
Those sex scandal guys
will be on trial in a few days
It's probably one of them
But be careful
Here's a present
You really think this is going to help?
Hit them once and they're out
The men involved in the underage sex scandal
have been identified
It's shocking that one of them
Dr. Cha, is a psychiatrist
A Miss Jung has testified that Dr. Cha...
repeatedly demanded perverted sex
So, who the hell are you?
Hello? What do you mean?
Slow down now
What are you going to tell?
You're going to catch cold
Studying is hard, isn't it?
A faint rose smell
I love that faint flower fragrance
Now, which way?
I love you more than anything
If you're hurting then I hurt too
So don't be hurting anymore, okay?
hurting anymore, okay?
You're such a strong woman
I thought you'd give up...
when the doctor said you couldn't get pregnant
But with that artificial program you did it
When I think of that time
I still feel faint
Do you know how nervous I get...
watching you go from crisis to crisis?
What would I do without you?
I couldn't have done it without you
- Young-Ju! - Daddy, I'm scared
What do you think she heard?
I was so scared
It started after...
she answered my phone in the museum, didn't it?
I checked the phone records
but there's nothing there
How about changing your number again?
Then he can't call
Hey, Chang-Hoon!
What's up?
Yeah, just a minute
It's Chang-Hoon
Hi, honey
You're getting big
Do you remember what you heard on my phone?
Do you know what love is?
Do you know love?
No, you wouldn't know...
what real love is
You're in love with somebody
Who is it?
So, you said you love your Daddy
What about your Mommy?
Do you love her?
Don't you love your mommy?
You're tired
Go to sleep
that woman calls again
tell her not to yell
It scares me
You don't look good
Is it the phone calls?
Did you find anything?
There is no record of a call coming in on your cell at that time
Even the department at a phone company
tracking the calls has no idea
Are we at a dead end?
This is what I've found
People who've had that number
Nothing strange in their background
But you know...
both people that had that number died
One in a car wreck the other a heart attack
It's not necessarily murder...
but it is strange
Finish eating and let's make Daddy a card
I've got everything ready
A Christmas card?
- Who is it? - Flower Delivery
What is it?
Daddy sent them
Sorry for not helping out lately I love you!
Eat it
I said eat it!
Eat it
Young-Ju what's the matter?
What's wrong with you?
He worked hard driving his taxi and...
he talked about his dream of opening a restaurant
Then his wife bought that cell phone
I don't know if it was the phone that killed him
The cell phone?
He said that after he got the cell phone
he started getting weird calls
Nobody talking! Just a bone chilling sound!
It was like his soul was gone
One day, he said he wouldn't do night duty
I asked him why
and he said something about a ghost
What caused the wreck?
Here it is
Bang Bae?
Ho Jung!
What's going on?
She has an unusually strong desire to be with her father
The long hair represents her...
as an adult thinking sexually of her father
She gets jealous when you and your husband get intimate...
and she doesn't want to leave her Dad
Is she trying to push me away?
At her age it's just a temporary thing
You mean there is anything else wrong with her?
Developmentally and health-wise she's fine
You have a very intelligent little girl
Let's do it again
Wouldn't it be great
if I were on TV if I were on TV?
Anyway she lived alone
For some reason she came home after midnight every night
Before she died you should have seen her face
You know it was ghostly white
Was it suicide?
Who commits suicide in an elevator?
They said it was a heart attack caused by some mental fit
She asked me to call when they got a trial date
Is she already asleep?
What's this?
Hey? Are you okay?
One winter day, a certain queen was sewing by the window
Then the queen pricked her finger with her needle
Three drops of blood fell into the snow
The red on the white looked so beautiful, that she thought...
"If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood..."
and as black as this frame
...and they lived happily ever after
Yeah, right!
We grow up with this crap that's why...
we have little stupid princesses around
What a stupid story!
Get away he needs surgery
I told you not to mess with me
You started all this
You're crazy
How does it feel to be hanging by a thread?
Beg me to save you
What's the matter?
Why's the fridge open?
You're going to make yourself sick
Stop worrying The doctor said she'd be fine
Let's wait a while
If she gets worse we can admit her
I don't want her admitted
I'm sorry
My little princess is awake
Give me a kiss
Young-Ju What's wrong with you?
Young-Ju What's are you doing?
You're good on the piano You are already on the Moonlight Sonata?
The Moonlight sonata?
That song you play every night
My Mom doesn't let me play at night
That's strange!
My Mom says the music comes from your house
Anybody home?
She had two cell numbers?
But there was only 1 phone
I didn't know it until she was gone
Her number was 9726-6644
When we couldn't find her
I cancelled the 9998-6644 number
I kept her number to keep hope alive
There were a lot of rumors when Jin-Hee disappeared
She ran away with a boyfriend
She worked at a bar "She was a stripteaser."
But one day...
they said she got killed...
and came back to haunt the school
Where did that come from?
We heard piano music in an empty concert hall at night
A teacher went in but nobody was there
We could hear the piano off and on
The Moonlight Sonata?
How'd you know that?
She was practicing that song before she disappeared
Sang Mi had some weird stuff happen, too
She passed out on the bathroom floor
with a cell phone next to her
Everybody said it was Jin-Hee calling from the dead
Now everybody's scared of cell phones
Okay all phones on your desks
Be quiet
Sang Mi that does it
Sang Mi Get up here
Stop it!
Stop it!
Stop it!
Jin-Hee was the first to have my phone number
And she gave it to somebody
I'm sure it's a guy
What proof do you have?
I heard stuff on my phone I didn't understand it all but...
she was mad at some guy
When she disappeared...
her Mom cancelled the number
The next two people who got that number died strange deaths
I'm sure that guy has something to do with her disappearance...
or maybe he...
Are you saying she was murdered?
And her spirit is in Young-Ju?
Does that make sense to you?
But, Jin-Hee...
Ji-Won you're not helping out
saying this crap
Your mother said she found a good child psychologist
Let's get Young-Ju some treatment...
and she'll be fine
Ji-Won enough of this phone...
and Jin-Hee talk, okay?
But Young-Ju could be in trouble
- We've got to find out why - The doctor will find out
Stay out of our business
I'll pretend
I didn't hear you
Hold still I'm trying
Look how tiny she is
Thanks a lot!
If it weren't for you we wouldn't have Young-Ju
If you hadn't provided the eggs...
No problem but...
I thought we weren't going to tell anyone
When I asked you...
I was worried you'd refuse
I think of her as my own
Just raise her to be as beautiful as you, deal?
Let's do it
The voice you heard on the phone was Jin-Hee's
The voice of sad disturbed Jin-Hee!
You're right Your number was hers
She was excited she had two phones with the same last digits
She said she was giving one to somebody she loved
She looked...
real happy
If you asked who he was she'd say it's a secret
She'd disappear after school
She wanted to hang out with me
so she could brag about him
I don't know who he was but...
she liked him a lot
He liked the Moonlight Sonata...
so she asked me to teach her
She wasn't good but she practiced very hard
What's wrong with me?
You have no feeling
You're not going to get him like that
Here watch me
You try it
One day he started avoiding her calls
Let's go in
Come on Let's go
You go in
You're going to be tardy
I said you go in
Love you please answer
Does that make love last?
Of course just like that
Tell us more
Take the letters in your name
and add them to the guy's name...
See it's 10
Then, send him this message
I'm your destiny
at 10 minutes after the hour
But if I send it he'll know my number
I'm not through
You punch in his number not yours
I'll have to try it
By the way who's this guy?
Leonardo DiCaprio
Really? How did you get his phone number?
Hey, would you shut up I can't sleep
What's the matter with her? Stupid bitch!
You got dumped So, now you're writing?
He hasn't called for several days
I sit by the phone all day long
Forget what you saw...
or I'll kill you
I don't know how to get away from her
But if you don't want to become...
like the taxi driver or that girl...
don't answer the phone...
and don't look at the phone
You didn't come alone, did you?
Jin-Hee came with you didn't she?
You're going to catch cold
I like this music
You don't like it, do you?
It's good
This phone's last 4 digits are the same as mine
I'll call you on it nobody else can answer it though
And I'm the only one that can call it
I'm sorry
I told you not to carry this handkerchief
How could you bring it when you're coming to see me?
I'm sorry, I forgot
You forgot?
You take care of everything she gives you...
and forget your promise to me?
What, she made it so you think it's wonderful?
Does that upset you?
We probably shouldn't meet
For a while
Is that up to you?
She came back from my in-laws
You're making it worse
I'm sorry
You can keep the handkerchief
I can wait for a few days
Just don't say I can't see you
I love you
I couldn't live without you
He wavered for a moment but...
this will pass
I believe in our love
What went on with Jin-Hee?
If you don't come clean...
what's going to happen to Young-Ju?
There's no time
If you don't tell
I'm going to
It'll save Young-Ju
Hi, Ho Jung
Young-Ju's gone
I don't know what to do
What do you mean she's gone?
I gave her some medicine and put her to bed
I fell asleep too and
when I woke up she was gone
Who is this?
Who is this?
That's enough
What exactly do you want?
Chang-Hoon's the one who did you wrong
Leave Young-Ju alone
What do you hope to gain from this?
He wavered for a moment but this will pass
I believe in our love
Where is Young-Ju?
- Be careful! - Young-Ju!
I'm coming
- Just stay there - Young-Ju!
Young-Ju Young-Ju
I'm sick of that
That makes me real sick!
Which one of you
would like to die for me?
Well, speak up
Young-Ju! No!
Young-Ju! Dangerous!!
It's Daddy!
That's Daddy, isn't it?
Isn't that Daddy?
That's not him He's at the office now
I'm at the park now I'll be here until you come
No night school tonight
I want to see you
Why are you avoiding me?
I'm going to tell everything
Don't you want to see me?
I really want to see you
I am going to your office tomorrow
I'm four weeks along
I'm pregnant
What's up?
I was in the area
You're busy I'm probably just bothering you
So, you're going to remodel the Bang Bae house by yourself?
Are you gonna be okay?
We're not moving for a while there's no hurry
I need to go to Japan on business tomorrow
I'll be gone about 4 days
I know you haven't been back long I'm so sorry
Are you?
That's okay
Let's meet at the park now
The phone is turned off so leave your message at the voice mail
You will be charged after the beep
At your age you could fall for
a kind, older man...
but he's not as simple as you
Men and girls are different
Don't mistake me for a child
You'll find
somebody better than him
I don't need anybody else
He'll come back to his family
You hope
Let's get real
Abort the baby
How can you be responsible for
a baby in High School?
Nobody will take care of that baby
I'm not asking you to
I'm having the baby
It's my baby made with the one I love
You wouldn't understand
because you borrowed an egg
You share nothing with him
You're in fantasyland
If he really loved you
why won't he take your calls?
Don't you get it?
He loves me
Do you want me to tell you how much we've loved?
We made love here everyday
while you were gone
He said
he's the happiest person to be with me
You only look good on the outside
Do you how much you smother him?
You think you can create love
Do you know how sick he is of you?
I'm not like you
His love... his baby...
I can take everything
That's enough
Please leave him
Then I'll give you
anything you want
Anything I want?
Divorce him
Do you think he loves you?
Get real!
You're the one in fantasyland
The woman he loves is me
You want me to prove he loves me?
You're dead
You remember...
when I found out I couldn't get pregnant and...
I just wanted to die?
When I'd see children on the street...
I wanted to grab one and run away
If I even saw a pregnant woman...
I would cry...
until my eyes felt like falling out
When I'd open my eyes in the morning
The world would be like shattered glass
It was you
that gave me strength
But do you know...
how jealous I get when you look into Young-Ju's eyes?
she's going to see you as her mother
She's mine
I carried her for 9 months I suffered having her, she's mine
I would do anything for her to be happy, anything
I will do everything if she is happy
No, I can do everything
I can...
You're so wrong
Jin-Hee didn't deserve to die
You killed her for revenge
Let's say you cover everything up
What about Young-Ju?
You think Young-Ju will be happy?
Like before?
Shut up!
She's mine
and I'll raise her so she'll never know
If you just keep your mouth shut
That's enough
Look at her
Don't you understand?
Not only Young-Ju
But you're in danger, too
Let's see he kills you...
when he finds out Jin-Hee is dead
Then he feels bad about it
and kills himself!
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