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Phone Booth

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{y:i}There are an estimated 8 million people|{y:i}in the five boroughs of New York.
{y:i}12 million in the|{y:i}greater metropolitan area.
{y:i}There are almost 10 million|{y:i}telephone exchange lines.
{y:i}Over 50 phone services.
{y:i}3 million New Yorkers|{y:i}are cell phone users.
{y:i}It used to be a mark of insanity|{y:i}to see people talk to themselves.
{y:i}Now it's a mark of status. And speed dial|{y:i}is quickly replacing the drop of a coin.
{y:i}Despite increased usage|{y:i}of cellular devices...
{y:i}... an estimated 4.5 million residents|{y:i}and 2 million visitors...
{y:i}... still utilize pay phones|{y:i}on a regular basis.
{y:i}This is the telephone booth|{y:i}at 53rd and 8th...
{y:i}... perhaps the last vestige of privacy|{y:i}on Manhattan 's West Side.
{y:i}It is the last booth of its type,|{y:i}still in regular operation.
{y:i}Up to 300 calls daily originate here.
{y:i}This location has been burglarized|{y:i}41 times in the last six months.
{y:i}Verizon has scheduled this structure|{y:i}to be torn down...
{y:i}... and replaced with a kiosk|{y:i}as of 8 a.m. tomorrow.
{y:i}Hardly two blocks away...
{y:i}... meet the man who is to be|{y:i}the final occupant of that booth.
Donny. Donny. Donny, listen to me.
I said I'd get you magazine coverage,|and I'm getting you in a magazine.
Look, you gotta trust me.|No means yes to these people.
Get "What's Up?" magazine|on the line.
Yeah, I heard you.
Donny, I got "What's Up?" magazine|on the line.
They wanna know about you,|so I'm hanging up.
This is Erica or Lars.|I can't tell the difference.
- You got Stu.|- We said no.
I didn't hear you,|so I'm giving you a second chance.
- We don't do magicians.|- Magicians?
Donny G is an artist who happens|to look like a supermodel.
"- The New Guys" is offering him the cover.|"- New Guys" wants him?
And I haven't told my client,|my favorite client...
...that I am making this call, all right?|He wants "New Guys."
I want you and I can make him|come around...
...but you'll lose us if I don't|hear from you by end of business.
Get "New Guys". Tell him "What's Up?"|Is offering a cover.
Okay. Big Q.
Adam, I know three people looking|for dog walkers. That could be you.
"Sit. Stay. Don't worry, Fluffy,|I'll clean your shit and wipe your ass. "
- You got Stu.|- What's up with my party, Stu?
I was just telling my assistant|to get my favorite client...
...on the phone,|and here you are. Nice.
Listen. Seriously, we gotta look|at a new night for your release party.
There are two premieres, a fundraiser.|All the happening places are booked.
If we move the date...
Voodoo on you-do, motherfucker,|from Big Q to Big Stu!
- Big Q, be reasonable.|- Motherfucker, I'm a gangster!
- I don't gotta be reasonable!|- You're cutting out.
Next time I'm gonna kill your cracker-ass|if you keep talking about me like that!
N.Y.P.D. Blue, 11 o'clock.
Stuey, the hardest working|PR guy. How's business?
How many times I have|to tell you, Wyatt? I'm a publicist.
- Tickets.|- Tickets.
Four for Britney Spears, right?
You put the "Ho"|in show business, Stuey.
It's Stu. What do you got for me?
They just checked Mrs. Sharp|into Bellevue again.
- Page Six. Tell Britney I send my love.|- All right.
Enjoy the show.
Hold on a sec. Page Six, this is Lana.
Bless you. Lana, it's Stu Shepard.|Bless you.
- Is it you or your boss calling?|- It's me.
I'm looking for some|mutual back-scratching.
You get my privileged N.Y.P.D. Blue|info and I get you to save my ass.
Not now, Stu. I'm a sick woman.
This is going|to make you feel better.
Tony-winning producer Jeffrey Sharp|tossed his wife back into drug rehab.
Nice. What do you want|for that little tidbit?
You better be nice to me while I'm on|the way up and taking your calls.
The higher the monkey climbs,|the more you see of his ass.
Have a heart, Lana.
Listen, today my half-wit assistant|faxed you regarding my favorite client.
Great singer,|about to turn great actress.
- Another little Miss Tits and Ass?|- Look, I'm on cell, no names.
That was strictly in-office information.|You didn't print it, did you?
- I got it.|- All right, tell me Richard didn't see it.
He didn't put it in the column?
Stu's on the phone,|scared he's gonna lose his job.
His office sent you something|by mistake. He wants it.
You tell him T.F.B.|Put that at the top of the column.
- Stu, it ran, sorry.|- Yeah?
- Oh, God. Oh, no.|- I'm really sorry.
"What's Up?" magazine offered Donny G|a photo in "What's Hot and Happening."
- Fuck them. Make them sweat.|- He's on a conference call.
He could take a while. Yeah, can he call|you back? Okay. All right, bye.
- Pretty smooth.|- Thank you.
If you can absorb|everything I teach you...
...focus and get a new wardrobe,|you can make it big in public relations.
- I got a sense.|- Cool. Cool. Cool.
- Up, T?|- How you doing, man?
Hey! Hey! Hey! Not so fast, Stu!
How come you run every time|you go past my place, huh?
- Because I'm busy, Mario.|- Yeah?
Well, no more drinks or free meals, okay?
One lousy mention in the "Post",|you expect to eat for six months? No!
Mario, maybe I could throw|the hippest party this month your way.
- Stu.|- No, I couldn't. My clients would kill me.
- What hip party?|- It's just Big Q, the hottest new rap star.
- There'll be local TV coverage...|- Nine and 11.
But I promised other clients,|people who actually pay me.
- No, you owe me.|- It's gotta be the night of the 18th.
Toss in a buffet for 80 people,|record company will pick up the booze...
...and I will deliver you celebrities.
Anything you want, okay?
Expand the menu, wallpaper|those bathrooms, for God's sake.
You only get one shot|with celebrities.
Thank you. Thank you, Stu!
- That was fucking brilliant.|- Listen.
Call Big Q. Tell him we got him|the hippest place in town on his date.
- Call "What's Up?"|- Yeah.
We'll take their offer.
Messenger a bottle of Jameson's|to Lana at Page Six...
...with a note saying... Write this down.|- Got it.
- Irish chicken soup. Love, Stu.|- "Irish chicken soup. Love, Stu. "
- All right, no harm being gracious.|- Yeah.
Okay. Actually, better off,|deliver it over yourself.
- Get to know the players.|- I'll do that.
Thank you for teaching me.
- And, Adam, don't you have a suit?|- Actually, no.
Here. Get yourself one.
- I'm gonna start paying you soon.|- Yeah, I hope so.
- You got a bunch of messages.|- I'm late for a meeting. Hold them.
- All right.|- All right.
- See you, Stu!|- See you, Adam!
- Excuse me.|- I'm trying to make a call here.
This is for you. Half-pepperoni,|half-mushroom, extra crisp.
You ever heard of delivering|a pizza to a phone booth?
I don't think so.
Gentleman occupying phone booth,|53rd, between Broadway and 8th.
It's a mistake.
What am I supposed to do|with the pie? It's all paid for.
There's a homeless guy|around the block.
Give him the pizza and say "You can turn|away, but you can't make it go away. "
He'll think I'm trying to poison him.|They always get that idea.
Get off the fucking pizza, all right?
That language is uncalled for.
Holy shit!
I'm sorry. Please return to sender.
Fuck off.
Here you go, $5. Eat the pizza yourself.|You look like you could use a good meal.
Pam, could you believe some nut case|just tried to deliver me a pizza?
Why are you always in the same|phone booth, same time, every day?
- Well, it's quitting time, right?|- Thank God, we were mobbed today.
So how's your day?
It's getting better|by the minute, sweetheart.
Who's the most famous person|you publicized today?
- You.|- Really?
I told a few columnists Mel Gibson|was looking for actresses for his film.
And I said the possibilities|were Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts...
...and my favorite client, you.
You didn't really do that.
First step toward being noticed|is being mentioned.
I just got out of a|conference at the City Hotel.
I was thinking you|could come down.
There are a couple of people and a few|martinis I'd like to introduce you to.
- Stu, I...|- Listen, Pam. Pam. Pam.
It's about time we talked|about your career. Come on.
I feel awful but I promised my scene|partner that I would rehearse for class.
We're doing a scene from "Jerry Maguire."|I'm playing Renée Zellweger's part.
That's great. Look, I rescheduled|a meeting to see you...
...but I guess I can reschedule it back.
- Are you mad?|- Don't worry about it. I'm not mad.
Maybe tomorrow.
Yeah, later.
- Look, Stu...|- What?
Big kiss.
You too.
- Yeah.|{y:i}- Isn't it funny?
{y:i}You hear a phone ring,|{y:i}and it could be anybody...
{y:i}... but a ringing phone has to be|{y:i}answered, doesn't it?
{y:i}I hope you realize|{y:i}how you've hurt my feelings.
- Who the fuck is this?|{y:i}- Don't think about leaving that phone.
- Wrong number, pal.|{y:i}- It was a perfectly delicious pizza.
{y:i}You're certainly going|{y:i}to wish you had accepted it.
Naturally, this is part of the gag.|The pizza bit. That was funny shit.
{y:i}Well, its purpose was to keep|{y:i}your strength up for what's coming next.
- What's coming next is I'm hanging up.|{y:i}- Oh, no, you won't.
{y:i}- You're going to learn to obey me.|- Obey you?
- Who is this?|{y:i}- Someone who enjoys watching you.
Watching me?
{y:i}Yes, I love the suit you're wearing today.|{y:i}Black on raspberry sorbet. Very Italian.
Where...? Where are you?
{y:i}There are hundreds of windows out there.|{y:i}Why don't you check them out?
- So, what am I doing now?|{y:i}- You're scratching your head.
{y:i}Now you're brushing your hair back.
{y:i}That's not very nice, Stu.
Did you call me Stu?
- Who's Stu? I don't know any Stu.|{y:i}- Why, do you prefer Stuart?
A lot of people in this|neighborhood know me.
{y:i}Stuart Shepard, 1326 West|{y:i}51st Street, Third Floor, front.
- Go mind-fuck some other guy, pal.|{y:i}- I know Pamela McFadden too.
{y:i}It's not in your best interest|{y:i}to disconnect me.
{y:i}Someone could get hurt.
{y:i}What's the matter, Stu?
If you're some fucked-up,|failed actor I wouldn't handle...
...or some prick intern I fired, I will|hunt you down and I will crush you.
You will never work in this town.
I can turn people into gods...
...and I can turn you into a total|fucking loser if you weren't one already.
Do you hear me?|Am I upsetting you? Hello.
Oh, you think I'm gonna, what?|Pay you off or something?
- Tell me what you want.|{y:i}- Now you want to talk to me.
Did Adam at my office|put you up to this?
{y:i}No, I thought this up all by myself.
Keep thinking. I'm hanging up.
{y:i}I'll say hi to your wife, Kelly, for you.|{y:i}Talk to you later.
What the...?
{y:i}The callback feature|{y:i}cannot be activated...
- Tell me what you want.|{y:i}- I want your complete attention.
- Are you an actor?|{y:i}- Yes. One of your pathetic failed ones.
- It's tough when you're not known.|{y:i}- Tell me about it.
{y:i}You don't have to hunt me and crush me.|{y:i}I can't get work in this town as it is.
{y:i}I've done some off-Broadway, some|{y:i}off-Manhattan plays, but that dried up.
{y:i}Now I wait tables, clean toilets,|{y:i}anything to make the rent.
{y:i}I'm a walking cliché.
I can help you.|I can get you auditions.
{y:i}Auditions? You're not an agent.|{y:i}You're a publicist.
Yeah, but I have contacts.|I know agents. I can get you an audition.
{y:i}- Really?|- Yeah.
{y:i}Well, there is someone|{y:i}I'd like you to call.
Name it.
{y:i}Try the number you dialed|{y:i}when you first got into the booth.
- I don't know what you're talking about.|{y:i}- No?
{y:i}Lucky you then,|{y:i}because I wrote it down.
{y:i}I can see every number you pressed.|{y:i}Let's see if Pam is still at work.
- No.|{y:i}- Then I guess I'll have to do it.
- Look, don't!|{y:i}- Too late. It's already ringing.
{y:i}- I'll put her on speaker so you can hear.|- You're fucking kidding me.
{y:i}Stu, I never kid.
- Hello.|{y:i}- Well, hello, Pam.
- Hi, who's this?|{y:i}- It's a good friend of Stu's.
{y:i}- And he hasn't got many.|- You know Stu?
{y:i}I know he lies.
- Who is this?|{y:i}- Don't worry about that.
{y:i}Stu's listening in. He can hear|{y:i}what we're saying about him.
- Stu, is that true? Are you there?|- Pam, hang up the goddamn phone!
{y:i}She can't hear you, Stu.
{y:i}Pam, I'm afraid Stu hasn't been|{y:i}totally honest with you.
- What do you mean?|- Don't do this.
{y:i}- Stu has been lying to you.|- Pam, hang up.
{y:i}Now, why would a man|{y:i}who has a cell phone...
{y:i}... call you every day|{y:i}from a phone booth?
- Because he said it's quiet.|{y:i}- Pam, that's just stupid.
{y:i}It's because his wife checks|{y:i}his cell phone bills.
{y:i}- No record of his calls to you.|- Jesus Christ.
- He said he wasn't married.|{y:i}- Oh, he's married.
{y:i}Her name is Kelly. I've never seen her|{y:i}but she sounds lovely.
{y:i}Why do you think|{y:i}he invites you to the City Hotel?
{y:i}- Cheap rooms for cheap girls.|- Asshole.
{y:i}He's telling you all this|{y:i}so you'll sleep with him.
- He's lying, Pam. Don't listen.|- I know that, okay?
I may be from Montana,|but we have men there also.
I wasn't planning|on sleeping with him.
I just don't know a lot|of people here right now.
And he's cute and he said|that he would help me.
- You never asked me if I was married.|{y:i}- He's never made anyone a star. Bye.
{y:i}Back to you, Stu.
Gotta hit this trick before|the next bitch takes my score.
- Go away.|- Go away? Hang up the phone, nigga.
This motherfucker,|you don't eyeball me. Bitch.
Why are you doing this?|Did I ever harm you? Did I...?
{y:i}- Now, let's call Kelly.|- She's not home.
{y:i}Oh, but I'm sure|{y:i}she's at the shop on Columbus.
How the fuck do you|know all this shit?
{y:i}Speed dial her. Press "auto one. "|{y:i}That's her button.
- What am I supposed to say?|{y:i}- Why don't you try the truth?
{y:i}- You're cheating.|- I'm not cheating on Kelly. I never have.
{y:i}- Then what do you call it?|- Look, you're a guy...
...sometimes you want to know|it's a possibility.
It's like having a beautiful home...
...but you still dream|of that quick vacation.
You know, some nice hotel room|with a great view, maybe a pool.
It's just a fantasy.|You never leave home.
- Do you hear what I'm saying?|{y:i}- Kelly is a home and Pam is a motel.
{y:i}- I'm sure they'll both appreciate that.|- Fuck you.
{y:i}Hey, that kind of language|{y:i}is uncalled for.
You can't take up the whole booth.|This here's my business.
This is not the only phone|in New York.
It's the only one on 8th Avenue|that's working.
- Bullshit! Go in a restaurant, but get lost.|- Motherfucker, this is my phone. Get...
Goddamn it, man! You done made me|hurt my dick hand.
I'm sure you're just as good|with the other hand. Yeah, go away.
I'll be back, motherfucker.|I will be back, bitch. Get out of my way!
{y:i}I was worried for you. I thought she was|{y:i}gonna put an eye out with that hand.
Whoever you are, you're obviously|a very intelligent man.
I know what stress does.|It's all I can do from going crazy myself.
{y:i}- You're calling me crazy?|- No, you're going through a difficult time.
Look, please don't call my wife.
Let me give you|my office number. We'll talk.
I know a reasonable photographer|who will do some headshots.
{y:i}Stu, do you really think|{y:i}that I'm an actor?
{y:i}I'm not an actor.|{y:i}I have no use for you, Stu. None.
{y:i}I would just like you to tell Kelly|{y:i}the truth about yourself.
{y:i}So are you going to call Kelly|{y:i}and tell her about Pam?
{y:i}- Or do I have to?|- No!
Jesus, no. I'm doing it.
{y:i}Feeling kind of nervous, Stu?
- Hello.|{y:i}- Hold it to the receiver so I can hear.
- Stu?|- Yeah.
- Where are you?|- I'm in a phone booth.
Baby, I just got this call from this guy|who said you'd be calling me...
...from a booth to tell me|something important.
There's a lot of prank calling|going on today, baby.
{y:i}- Tell her you invite women...|- Shut up.
{y:i}... to have drinks at discreet hotels.
I'm not talking to you, baby.
{y:i}Someone's got company.
- Who's that woman?|- Bitch got a cell phone!
- Some hooker is trying to use the phone.|- He just called me a hooker.
- Are you sure there's nothing wrong?|- We are escorts. Escorts.
{y:i}Tell her you want to sleep|{y:i}with other women.
There is this person|and he's saying things about me.
Things that might not be true.
And if he calls you... Get the fuck out|of here before I call the cops!
{y:i}Honey, I want|{y:i}to sleep with other women.
Look, Kelly, whatever he says,|don't believe him.
- I haven't done anything.|{y:i}- Only because Pam had to rehearse.
Shut the fuck up!
Stu, I don't know what you're|talking about, but you're scaring me.
I'm sorry, baby.
Can you just come over|to the store so we can talk in person?
- I feel kind of weird.|- Yeah. Look, I'll try. Don't worry.
- Come on!|- Yeah, bitch!
- I love you too.|{y:i}- "I love you. "
Get out of here before|I have you deported to Jersey.
- You're a fucking ass!|- And you're a dirty skank.
- What are you gonna do about it?|- Your mama is a skank, bitch!
{y:i}You didn't tell your wife|{y:i}the truth, did you, Stu?
{y:i}And you can tell she really loves you.
{y:i}Must be nice to have|{y:i}a pretty girl care for you.
Why screw up her life?|She never did you harm.
{y:i}Everybody does harm.
That's it. This mind-fuck is over.
{y:i}Stu, if you hang up, I will kill you.
What are you going to do about it|with your goddamn binoculars?
{y:i}I never said I had binoculars.
{y:i}I have a highly magnified|{y:i}telescopic image of you.
{y:i}Now what kind of device|{y:i}has a telescopic sight mounted on it?
What? You mean like a rifle?
{y:i}A.30-caliber bolt-action 700|{y:i}with a carbon-one modification...
{y:i}... and a state-of-the-art|{y:i}Hensholdt tactical scope.
{y:i}- And it's staring straight at you.|- Yeah, how's my fucking hair?
{y:i}At this range, the exit wound ought to be|{y:i}about the size of a small tangerine.
Nice try, pal. Go to hell.
{y:i}Now, doesn't that just|{y:i}torque your jaws?
{y:i}I love that.
{y:i}You know, like in the movies|{y:i}just as the good guy...
{y:i}... is about to kill|{y:i}the bad guy, he cocks his gun.
{y:i}Now why didn't he have it cocked?
{y:i}Because that sound is scary.
{y:i}It's cool, isn't it?
Look, you shoot a gun here|and there'll be pandemonium.
Do you hear me?|There will be cops all over this block.
{y:i}Do you think so? Let's see. One. Two.
{y:i}That won't help you.
{y:i}Stu, look at everybody.|{y:i}Look at all of the people screaming, Stu.
{y:i}Here come the cops.
{y:i}Sniper on the roof.|{y:i}Gunfire, hit the deck.
{y:i}Stu, you still with me?
{y:i}Stand up and be a man.
So do you mean you would whack me|for no particular reason?
{y:i}No, I have plenty of reasons,|{y:i}and you keep giving me more.
{y:i}- Shall I take care of him?|- No! No. Shit, no.
{y:i}It would be so easy.
{y:i}Stu, you just gave that gentleman|{y:i}$ 10 to walk away.
{y:i}You saved his life.|{y:i}You do have a sensitive side.
- How much to let me go?|{y:i}- Let's see how sensitive you really are.
{y:i}I'm aiming at you right now.
{y:i}Can you feel it, the heat of it?
{y:i}Come now, Stu, you can feel it.
{y:i}Take a look at where I'm going.
{y:i}You're doing so much better|{y:i}than the others.
{y:i}You read about the German porn king|{y:i}shot 10 days ago...
{y:i}... at 38th and 8th?
{y:i}He thought he was an artist and wouldn't|{y:i}admit he was just a pedophile.
{y:i}Believe me, he had plenty|{y:i}of chances to come clean.
{y:i}You must have read about the corporate|{y:i}executive shot at 47th and 10th.
{y:i}What you didn't read|{y:i}was that he cashed in all of his stocks...
{y:i}... just before the bottom fell out,|{y:i}while all the little guys lost everything.
{y:i}Now if he had been willing|{y:i}to make amends...
{y:i}... share the money,|{y:i}things might have been different.
{y:i}Please, tell me,|{y:i}where am I aiming now?
- Below the shoulder.|{y:i}- Which one?
The right shoulder.
- Love to love you too, baby!|{y:i}- That's phenomenal, Stu.
{y:i}You're doing so much better|{y:i}than the others.
{y:i}What do you remember|{y:i}about those killings, Stu?
I don't know.
{y:i}Well, you think of yourself|{y:i}as a smart guy, Stu. Try.
- They got shot. I don't know, all right?|{y:i}- Okay, I'll give you a hint.
{y:i}Wallets, watches, everything|{y:i}was left on their bodies.
Because they weren't robberies.|They were executions.
{y:i}They didn't have to be.
What did I do|to deserve this? Why me?
{y:i}If you have to ask,|{y:i}then you're not ready to know yet.
- Right here. Shit. Come on.|- Jesus. You, in the booth.
- Come on.|- Now what?
You got any idea how much pain|you're making in my life?
- Hey, look at me.|- Look, I hear you!
Look me in the eye.|Hang up the phone and walk away.
{y:i}- Don't do it.|- I got my own problems.
I'm your problem.|You know why?
My girls keep yapping at me,|"Leon, he won't share the phone. "
"Leon, he told us to fuck off. "
"We're gonna make you nuts unless you|make him get off the fucking phone. "
- I'm trying to run a fucking business.|- I sympathize, but I can't get off the call.
No, you don't understand me.|I got the G-string union here.
They're breaking my balls.
I gotta live with their shit,|but not yours.
So I'm saying this once, nice, all right?|Hang up the phone. Walk away.
{y:i}- He did say it nicely.|- He got a cell phone up in there too.
- It ain't even like he need a phone!|- I can't get off the call!
Shut the fuck up! Do you hear that shit?|It's like nails on a chalkboard.
They ain't gonna fucking stop,|till I get their way.
- I'm getting a fucking headache, pal.|- All right. I'll pay you to go away.
I don't want your money. I want you|to hang up the phone and get out.
- $ 120. It's all yours.|{y:i}- Everybody has their price, right, Stu?
You're gonna give me $ 120|to rent the booth the bums piss in?
- Yeah, I'm a nice guy.|- Something ain't right with him.
Look at that sweat pouring off|that son of a bitch.
- This one sick mother we started with.|- It's probably catching too.
- Yo.|- He's got AIDS.
- How long you want to rent the booth?|- Indefinitely.
- Indefinitely?|- Yes.
Do I look like a asshole?|Let me tell you something.
- $500 gets you indefinitely.|- Wait up! Hold the fuck up!
How come he's defying you, huh?|What, you got bitch in you now?
- Did I say shut the fuck up?|- Yeah, now talk to him like that!
Jesus Christ. Are you enjoying this?
{y:i}- Do you need help?|- Look, I'm handling it.
- Come on!|{y:i}- I can help you, Stu.
I wasn't gonna kill you before,|but you changed my fucking mind.
I would take off if I was you.|He gonna kick your ass.
- He gonna kick your ass.|- Get the fuck out!
Can you get out of here?|Will you go away?
{y:i}- He looks very angry.|- Come on. I, look...
- Hang up.|{y:i}- Get rid of him.
- Hang up the phone!|- We can work this out!
{y:i}- Get rid of him!|- Hang up the phone.
I got a watch.|It's a Solaris, $2000 retail.
Yeah? I got a gold Rolex, motherfucker.
You got five seconds to get off|the fucking phone. Five.
{y:i}- Batter up.|- Four.
{y:i}I can stop him.
{y:i}- Just say the word, Stu.|- Two. One.
No, no. Don't. Don't.
{y:i}This will count as a hang up.
{y:i}I can make him stop.|{y:i}Just say the word. Can you hear me?
- Yes.|{y:i}- What?
- Whose street is this?|- That's right, baby.
Oh, my God.
Baby, you bleeding?|You must've cut yourself...
- What's wrong?|- You cut yourself.
- What's wrong? What's wrong?|- Baby? Leon? Leon!
- He was fucking shot!|- Oh, my God!
- Motherfucker!|- He's shot!
Somebody call an ambulance!
- Call 411!|- 911, dumb bitch!
He ain't breathing.|Call the meat wagon!
- Shut the fuck up!|- You shot him.
- Why'd you fucking shoot him?|{y:i}- You said, "Yes. "
"Yes, I can hear you,"|not, "Yes, kill him! "
{y:i}You ought to be more careful|{y:i}with what you say.
Oh, my God.
- Motherfucker, why?!|- It wasn't me!
- Where's the gun? Do you see a gun?|- Fuck you!
You pumped one into him, bitch!|I saw it! He's got a Glock!
Get down! Get the fuck down!|Daddy got a Glock!
What Glock? I don't have a fucking Glock!|It's a telephone!
You shot my man, daddy!|They gonna skin and fry your ass!
You shot my baby, daddy!|Mr. Motherfucker! Mr. Motherfucker!
Please, come on! Come in here, bitch!
Better run, motherfucker!
The cops is coming and I hope|they fry your ass down!
I'm not going anywhere, am I?
{y:i}If you had dealt with the man decently,|{y:i}this might not have been necessary.
Look, I offered him money.|I offered him my watch.
{y:i}But not your respect,|{y:i}which is what he really wanted.
{y:i}You were dismissive like you dismissed|{y:i}the nice pizza guy.
{y:i}You are guilty of inhumanity|{y:i}to your fellow man.
I'm not guilty of a goddamn thing.
{y:i}Take responsibility|{y:i}for what you've done, Stu. Be a man.
I love this fucking spin. You shoot|the guy, and I'm fucking responsible?
{y:i}Well, looked that way from up here.
I don't know what I did to|you but whatever it was, I'm glad.
I wish it had been worse.|I wish you died!
{y:i}- Yes, finally some honesty.|- Just tell me who you are.
{y:i}No one you'd ever notice.|{y:i}I don't run in your circles.
- And what is it you do?|{y:i}- I watch.
- You watch?|{y:i}- Yes, well, what else is there to do...
{y:i}... when life turns on you and you've|{y:i}retreated into some small room?
{y:i}You look out your window.
{y:i}You see people come in and out of this|{y:i}phone booth. The same ones every day.
{y:i}You make up names for them.|{y:i}You imagine their stories.
{y:i}But eventually, you get tired|{y:i}of imagining and follow one of them.
{y:i}And you hear all of his lies.
{y:i}And you decide that his sins|{y:i}should be punished.
{y:i}Some guy shouting into a cell phone full|{y:i}of self-importance isn't gonna notice me.
{y:i}But I noticed that German porn king,|{y:i}and I noticed that corrupt executive.
{y:i}And I noticed you, Stu.
- I'm flattered.|- Operator 553. What is your emergency?
Will you please respond?
What was so interesting about a guy|in a phone booth on 53rd and 8th?
The Stu Show. "Better than TV."
Look, how'd I get so lucky to be|picked up by a killer with a rifle?!
{y:i}You had it made.|{y:i}Kelly at home, Pam on the side.
{y:i}I saw Pam once. I followed her|{y:i}to her restaurant. Lovely.
{y:i}Life has given you|{y:i}more than your fair share, Stu.
{y:i}But it appears you don't appreciate it.
Look, look, listen,|appearances can be deceiving.
I may look confident, but I'm really,|actually just crying out for help!
Help! You know?
{y:i}I'm trying to help you, Stu,|{y:i}but you won't help yourself.
- Fuck.|{y:i}- What's the matter, Stu?
- You shot me!|{y:i}- It's time you learn, Stu.
{y:i}- Deception can't go unrewarded.|- Deception! What fucking deception?
{y:i}"Are you in need of immediate police|{y:i}or medical response?"
Shit. You bugged the fucking booth.
That's how you knew.|That's how you knew about Pam.
{y:i}- You picked the wrong person to lie to.|- Look, I didn't pick you.
It must have been|your flashy suit that attracted me.
I get fucked on account of my clothes?|That why you killed Leon?
{y:i}I didn't kill Leon because|{y:i}of the way he dressed.
And those other two guys as well?|Did they dress too nice?
{y:i}You must feel really expensive|{y:i}when you walk out the door.
All right, here come the cops.
What are you gonna do? Run?
{y:i}No, I'm not a coward|{y:i}like some people I know.
- You can get away if you run now.|{y:i}- You'll blame me for Leon.
No, no, I'll confess I shot him|with my fucking phone.
{y:i}Well, then I urge you|{y:i}to keep one thing in mind, Stu.
{y:i}Take a look at your chest. You saw how|{y:i}accurate I can be, how lethal.
Kill me now,|and you give yourself away.
{y:i}Not with a silencer.|{y:i}It would take these guys...
{y:i}... the rest of the day to figure out it|{y:i}wasn't one of their own men that did it.
{y:i}You can be shot 41 times|{y:i}for pulling out your wallet.
Throw down your weapon|and come out with your hands raised.
{y:i}- Ignore him.|- Yeah, what if they open fire?
{y:i}They won't. Look around you, Stu.
{y:i}Do you see the tourists|{y:i}with the video cameras?
{y:i}The ones hoping the cops|{y:i}will blow you away...
{y:i}... so they can sell the tape|"to" The Most Gory Police Shootouts?
{y:i}Don't worry, they'll keep|{y:i}the police on their best behavior.
{y:i}So long as you don't take|{y:i}hostile action, you should be safe.
Safe? You call this safe?
I got a whole fucking precinct here|with guns pointed my way.
With both hands raised,|moving slowly, step out of the booth.
If we see any signs of a weapon|we will respond.
You won't because there isn't any!
Put down the phone|and raise your hands!
Look, I can't.|I'm on an important call.
Verify this information for me.
The guy in the booth|shot that guy over there...
...and stuck around|to make a phone call.
Yeah, that's what the hookers|are saying.
All right, give me the horn.
- Sir! I'm ordering you to fully comply.|- I'm busy, all right. Come back later.
{y:i}- Very good, Stu.|- Step out of the booth...
...and raise your hands.|I am giving you an order.
{y:i}I give the orders here, Stu, don't I?
This guy is looking for us|to kill him, captain.
Suicide by a cop?|Well, that's not gonna happen.
Get that body out of here fast.
Somebody get the body.|Tell the ambulance to get the body.
{y:i}Thousands of people die every day,|{y:i}but you put one dead body...
{y:i}... in the middle of a busy street|{y:i}and it makes people crazy.
{y:i}Look at these guys.|{y:i}You can smell the fear.
- Ten cops.|{y:i}- This reminds me of Nam.
- Vietnam?|{y:i}- Yes, Vietnam.
I was too young to go,|but I've seen pictures.
{y:i}Well, pictures can't do it, Stu.|{y:i}You can't imagine the fear, the stench.
{y:i}Napalm-charred bodies, children|{y:i}leaving grenades in your boots.
- Then you got blamed for the war.|{y:i}- I came home and people spit on me.
Yeah, this country|owes you an apology.
Look, I just had this vision of you,|of a kid, coming back from the war...
...inured to the killing,|not able to get work, isolated.
I think that could be made|into an affecting story...
...and, you know, one|that everyone understands.
And I think cops|are on the side of vets.
{y:i}You are pathetic, Stu.|{y:i}Why don't you wake up?
{y:i}Napalm-charred bodies?|{y:i}I'd have to be 50 to be in that war!
Stop fucking with my head, please!
I'm gonna go talk to him.
Shouldn't we wait|on the ESU negotiator?
They could take 20 minutes. I'm not|gonna take a chance on this one.
I'm gonna handle this.
Sir! I'm taking out my weapon.
Putting my weapon down on the car.
- The captain's going in.|- I'm not armed.
- Yeah, neither am I.|- My name is Ramey.
- Captain Ed Ramey.|- All right.
- What's yours?|- I don't want to be friends.
I don't know. It looks like|you could use a friend right now.
{y:i}- Tell him you've already got a friend.|- I already got a friend.
Is that who you're|talking to on the phone?
Look, I just want to hear|your side of it. That's all.
I ain't got no side of it,|and I didn't shoot anybody.
You see a fucking gun|anywhere? Look.
It's in your back pocket!|I see it! He been...
Sir, do you have the weapon|in your pocket?
No. I got a cell phone and I got|cigarettes. I got no fucking weapon.
Then what are you doing|in a phone booth making calls?
- You want to see it? Here.|- Hey!
Don't reach for that! Hold your fire!
I don't need to see it.|I know what's there.
I got plenty of witnesses over here|who saw you use it.
They didn't see it|because it didn't happen!
- Shut them up!|- He's dead, but it didn't happen?
- Then who did it?|{y:i}- Mustn't tell him, Stu.
- I don't know.|- You were the closest one to him.
- You must've saw it happen. Help me.|- No.
{y:i}- This guy is getting on my nerves.|- Look, stay the fuck out of this.
Who do you keep talking to|on the phone?
- Nobody.|- Your friend, your parent, your lover?
- Who?|{y:i}- Careful, Stuart. Careful.
My psychiatrist.
{y:i}- Excellent. I should've thought of that.|- I see. What's this doctor's name?
It would be really helpful to us|if we knew.
He says not to tell you, all right?|It's privileged information.
{y:i}Very good, Stuart.|{y:i}See, now you're having fun.
- Yeah, whatever you fucking say.|- I respect your right to privacy.
I've been through therapy myself.|The department provided it for me.
I know it's not good form for a cop|to be saying that, but sometimes... know, circumstances, stress...|I had issues. I lost my marriage over it.
{y:i}Tell him not to come any closer.
Don't come any closer. Stop there.|Go back a few steps.
- Go back to where you were!|- Okay. No problem.
- That's right.|- So you got some intimacy issues.
I got those too. All I want to know is,|what happened, man?
{y:i}- Tell him to read you your rights.|- I want you to read me my rights.
Stop asking questions.
You have the right to remain silent.|You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford one,|an attorney will be provided for you.
All right? So now, can you at least|give me your first name?
- Just your first name.|{y:i}- Don't tell him.
It's my right|not to have any first name.
- No gun, no name.|- That's right.
- You're highly underprivileged.|{y:i}- Demand your lawyer.
And go get my lawyer too. All right?
I want an attorney brought|down here to negotiate my surrender.
{y:i}- Just brilliant, Stu.|- I understand that, but...'s gonna be difficult to get a lawyer|to come and risk his life.
- Once you hand over the gun...|- How can I?
You won't let me put my hand|in my pocket?
We'll take it out for you.|All you have to do... step out with your hands raised.|Nothing will happen to you.
- It's not gonna work.|{y:i}- Stu, Stu.
- What?|{y:i}- Ask him a question.
{y:i}Ask him if his wife|{y:i}got tired of sleeping with him.
- I... Fuck. I can't do that.|{y:i}- Oh, sure you can, Stu.
{y:i}Ask him if he couldn't get it up,|{y:i}if he couldn't satisfy her.
- Are you gonna step out of the booth?|- I can't. No.
- You're not stepping out of the booth?|{y:i}- Ask him.
- Is that a no?|{y:i}- Ask him!
{y:i}- Both your lives depend on it.|- Sir?
Captain, you couldn't satisfy your wife|sexually?
- Excuse me?|{y:i}- Ask him if he abuses himself now?
{y:i}- Does he masturbate on lonely nights?|- Fuck. For God's sake!
{y:i}Say it!
{y:i}Say it or I will blow him away!
- So do you whack off now?|- Hey!
I'm gonna see about|that lawyer for you, okay?
- Yes.|- Just relax.
{y:i}- Stu, I think you hurt his feelings.|- I wanna know who's on that phone.
I want a techie here. I need|to talk to somebody about that phone.
{y:i}Do you think we went too far, Stuart?|{y:i}Should we give ourselves up?
{y:i}Maybe I'd like someone|{y:i}to negotiate my surrender.
- I'm sure we can work that out.|{y:i}- I won't just spill my guts to anyone.
{y:i}Could you get me national news?|{y:i}I mean, you've got connections, right?
- Sure.|{y:i}- Could you get Larry King down here?
Why the fuck would Larry King|come here?
{y:i}Because you're friends.|{y:i}Who else could you get, huh?
{y:i}Could you get Tom Brokaw?|{y:i}How about Dan Rather? Diane Sawyer?
- Look, I, I, I don't know. They're busy.|{y:i}- I, I, I busy.
{y:i}How about Mike Wallace? Ted Koppel?|{y:i}Peter Jennings? Katie Couric?
{y:i}Al Roker? Anybody? No! Nobody.
{y:i}Face it, Stu, you're smalltime.|{y:i}And you've got a credibility problem.
Don't fucking worry about|my credibility! All right?
What about yours?
{y:i}Look, it's our friends from channels|{y:i}two and five. Your local news, Stuart.
{y:i}You couldn't do this for your clients|{y:i}if your life depended on it.
{y:i}But me, I've made you famous.
{y:i}Stick your head out so they can get|{y:i}a better angle on you.
- They're here to cover me dying.|{y:i}- How ungrateful.
{y:i}Those cameras will make the police|{y:i}very careful.
{y:i}- So come on, smile a little for them.|- Can you tap into that phone call?
- Should be no problem.|- Except...
...we'll need a warrant|if he's on the line with his shrink.
Fuck that. I'm not gonna|jeopardize this on a technicality.
Look, tracing,|that's not a violation, right?
- As long as we don't listen in.|- Okay, this is what I want you to do.
I want you to find who he's talking to|and their current location.
All right? We get that?
I want somebody to find out|what's going on.
{y:i}Look across the street and see what|{y:i}everybody in New York is looking at.
{y:i}You're the man, Stuart.|{y:i}You're the center of attention.
{y:i}Wait till this goes national:|{y:i}ABC, CBS, CNN, UPN...
{y:i}You're gonna hit|{y:i}the whole alphabet, Stu.
I'll be forgotten about in a week.
No one ever remembers|the names of the victims.
It's the killers that get the cover|of "Time" magazine. Right?
Think about it. You'd be famous.|Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy...
...fucking Jeffrey Dahmer.|Name a victim. You can't.
Anyway, I don't deserve|to be the center of attention.
- It ought to be you they're covering.|"- That attention would embarrass me".
- I know exactly the spin to put on this.|{y:i}- How terror inspires your creativity?
Listen, this could be a media frenzy,|all right? You'd get Barbara Walters...
...I mean, Larry King|if you still wanted him.
{y:i}That approach seems predicated upon|{y:i}me surrendering without killing you.
Listen, we can make you sympathetic,|sit with a writer, bang out a book.
You know, movie of the week.|Get America on your side.
All right, you killed Leon|because he was gonna kill me.
You killed Leon to protect me.|All right?
In a city where nobody looks out|for anybody, you took a stand.
I'm your best witness.
{y:i}So you want me to trust you|{y:i}to get me out of this?
Yes, I do. I want you to trust me.|Trust me.
{y:i}Stu, you must think I'm crazy.
- Oh, shit. Here comes Braman.|- I'll take care of him.
Hey. Should've waited for me|to initiate contact with the suspect.
I established a rapport.|Let you know if I need help.
Are you grandstanding for TV cameras?
Or do you want to leave this|to a professional?
Until a professional gets here,|I'll handle it.
You're a funny guy. All right, you get|somebody else killed, it's on your head.
Got it?
This is what I want to do, okay?|This is the City Hotel here.
I want three guys in the lobby here.|And five sharpshooters up here.
See if you can get me two|in the subway.
What the fuck?
{y:i}- Not going to answer it?|- I can't. I can't reach for the phone.
- The cops will think it's a gun.|{y:i}- I'll bet it's Kelly.
{y:i}She's probably heard what you did.|{y:i}She's sick with worry.
I'm not gonna make her|feel any better, am I?
{y:i}Well, you could ask her|{y:i}to forgive you, Stuart.
{y:i}You could confess your sins|{y:i}and beg for absolution, come clean.
{y:i}You're in this position|{y:i}because you're not telling the truth.
I'm in this position|because you got a gun!
{y:i}No. Stuart, that is the sin of spin.|{y:i}Avoidance and deception.
{y:i}You're being given a chance here|{y:i}to make things right. Now, talk to her.
- Look, I can't. Please.|{y:i}- I am telling you to answer that phone!
- Excuse me! Excuse me!|- You can't cross in front of here!
{y:i}Answer it!
- Look, I can't. Please.|{y:i}- Don't make me hurt you!
{y:i}- Talk to your wife!|- It's not her calling.
{y:i}- How can you be so sure?|- It's you. It's you, you miserable fuck!
{y:i}Damn, you got me!|{y:i}You continue to impress.
You could shoot me,|but you want them to do it!
{y:i}- Yes, well, that's an option.|- Yeah.
- Captain.|- Yeah?
This lady says the perp's her husband.|Here's her ID.
- I couldn't believe when I saw this.|- Who do you think he's talking to?
I don't know. I spoke to him|earlier today and I told him...
...that there was a man who called me.|- A man?
Did this upset him, that|you were talking to other men?
Yes, he did seem a little upset,|but it's, no... It's not like that.
- I didn't even know who this guy was.|- Who's his psychiatrist?
- He doesn't have one.|- That you know of.
I've been with him three years, married for|one. I'd know if he was in therapy.
I wish to God he had been.|I saw somebody after my divorce.
It kept me from picking up a gun,|doing something I would regret.
- Look, Stu didn't kill anyone.|- Ma'am, under the circumstances... need to consider whether your|husband is who you thought he was.
'Cause according to these witnesses|over here, he has a gun...
...he has used that gun and let's pray|to God that he doesn't use it again.
If you can think of any dispute|he's having currently, please, tell me.
We're clearing City Hotel. I can stage|an assault unit within feet of the booth.
We've also got sharpshooters|securing rooftop positions.
- Let me know when you're in position.|- Absolutely.
What about that wire tap?
We're working on it.|You gotta hold tight a while, all right?
- Yeah, no problem. No problem.|- Okay.
Mrs. Shepard. Mrs. Shepard.
- Does he like being called Stuart or Stu?|- Stu. Call him Stu.
Stu. Okay.
Come with me, please.
I have your wife with me.
{y:i}That's how you knew|{y:i}she wasn't calling. You deceived me.
- Stu!|- She's not my wife.
Are you okay?
- Can you just talk to me?|{y:i}- Yes, talk to her, Stu.
Look, she's not my wife!
She's some fucked-up, failed actress|I wouldn't handle. She's stalking me!
You aren't making this up?|You are his wife, right?
Yes, here's a photograph of us|together.
I don't know what he's talking about.
Stu. Listen to your wife.
- She only wants what's best for you.|- She's not my wife!
Stu, nobody wants to hurt you.
- We just want to know what happened.|- Yeah, very good.
Go home, you fucking lunatic!|You hear me? Go home!
Please don't make things worse.|Just come out.
Just do what they tell you to do.
{y:i}Your wife is a crazy actress stalker|{y:i}and you don't know her.
{y:i}- That's an interesting match.|- Get her out of here!
- Enough. I don't want to agitate this.|- You out of your fucking mind?
- Come on, get the woman out of here!|- No. I don't know what's going on.
He's bleeding... We... We're fine.|This morning everything was fine.
You just stay here.|Just stay here, okay?
- Okay.|- I think she did some good.
- You got a number of that lawyer?|- No, we don't have a lawyer.
He asked for his lawyer to come|negotiate his surrender.
- Well, we never needed one.|- Well, you need a good one now.
Look, you'll do me best|by staying near here. Okay?
I'm gonna get your husband out alive.
- I'm not going to let you fuck this up!|- Get Mrs. Shepard out of here.
You know, get her some coffee|or something.
You're gonna lose this guy.|You need some kind of redemption.
- What are you seeing a shrink for?|- Get the fuck out of my face!
- Don't fucking touch me!|- I'm not stepping down!
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
{y:i}You'd think she didn't know|{y:i}she was being watched.
- What?|{y:i}- But beautiful women always know.
- You talking about Kelly?|{y:i}- That false indifference, superior air...
{y:i}... it's just a tease.|{y:i}They want eyes on them.
{y:i}Why does she put on her makeup,|{y:i}do her hair, dress so nicely?
{y:i}Not for her husband|{y:i}that she hardly ever sees.
{y:i}No, it's for somebody else to notice.|{y:i}I notice.
What are you doing?|Stay away from her. Leave her alone.
{y:i}I'm giving her what she wants.
{y:i}I bet you've never looked at Kelly|{y:i}the way I am right now.
- Don't you dare fucking hurt her.|{y:i}- Don't I dare?
{y:i}I'm not the one|{y:i}who has hurt her, Stuart.
{y:i}What they can't know is what we do|{y:i}to them in our minds. Right?
- You sick fuck!|{y:i}- The perfect violation.
- Leave her out of this.|{y:i}- How many times...
{y:i}... have you had sex with Pam|{y:i}in that hotel bedroom in your head?
{y:i}Would you really miss Kelly|{y:i}if she was gone?
That's it. Not another word.|I'm not talking to you.
{y:i}Your choices put other people|{y:i}in jeopardy.
{y:i}When are you gonna learn that?
{y:i}This is funny. Stuart, look uptown.
{y:i}These geniuses are still|{y:i}at the juncture box trying to tap in.
{y:i}Only I have installed an encryption|{y:i}device at both ends of the line.
{y:i}There's no chance of a trap trace...
{y:i}... so now they've gotta try some fancy|{y:i}LoJack instrument. It's really sad.
{y:i}I hope you weren't|{y:i}pinning your hopes on those morons.
{y:i}Truth is, I'm on a wireless A.D.S.|{y:i}With a cloned number.
{y:i}It'll take a half an hour to find out|{y:i}I call forwarded through Philadelphia.
{y:i}And let me tell you, this will all be over|{y:i}before they can get a dial tone.
We can't get a trace or break into the|line. It's like a ball of rubber bands.
I knew there was something weird|about this. You keep working on it.
{y:i}Stu. Stuart, come on,|{y:i}you're behaving like a child.
{y:i}Still gonna give me|{y:i}the silent treatment?
{y:i}Hello. Stuart, don't do this, please.|{y:i}Come on.
{y:i}My sainted mother used to do this.|{y:i}She used to dish this out.
{y:i}Stuart, please don't do this.
{y:i}Stuart, you're bringing back|{y:i}my unhappy childhood.
{y:i}Stuart, talk to me! Please, talk to me!|{y:i}I can't take it! Stu, please...
{y:i}I'm kidding.|{y:i}I had a very happy childhood.
{y:i}Hey, there's our girl again.|{y:i}I wasn't planning on killing her...
{y:i}... but plans change.
Just tell me|what the fuck you want from me.
{y:i}Hello. There you are.|{y:i}I thought I was talking to myself again.
Anything you want. I'll do it.|Just tell me.
{y:i}Tell Kelly about the real Stu,|{y:i}about your little motel.
- And then you'll let us go?|{y:i}- Why not?
- Kelly!|{y:i}- That's a start.
- Baby!|- Hold her back!
- Hey!|- Talk to me!
- Grab her! Keep her back!|- Yes?
I'm listening.
Kelly, I called some woman.
{y:i}- Every day.|- Every day.
I was attracted to this other woman.|And I called her and...
{y:i}- I wanted to fuck her.|- And I wanted to sleep with her.
{y:i}No. I wanted to fuck her.
{y:i}- Say it. Say it!|- And I wanted to fuck her.
- I'm sorry.|- Whatever you did, I don't care.
Please, just come out of the booth.|Okay?
That's all I did. That's all I did.|I'm sorry.
All right, I've done what you asked.|That's it. I've had enough of this.
{y:i}I haven't.
- You said you'd let us go.|{y:i}- I changed my mind.
You miserable fuck. You can't do this.|You can't do this to me.
Look, I took all your shit.|I did everything you fucking asked.
You lied to me.|I'm done with this.
I've fucking had enough.|You can go fuck yourself! Later.
- He hung up.|- Maybe they already got a trace.
- I'm giving myself up!|- He's coming out!
- Heads up!|- I want to see you toss away your weapon!
Throw the weapon outside the booth!|Stay where you are!
- First, the weapon!|- Don't hurt him! Please, don't hurt him!
- There's no fucking gun!|- Stay right where you are!
I want you to turn around. Interlock|your fingers behind your head. Okay?
- Please give them the gun!|- Kelly, no!
Get back! Kelly!
- Freeze!|- Get back! Get back!
- Get back!|- Okay! Okay!
I gotta answer it.
Freeze! Don't move.
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!
Hold your fire.
- Hold. Hold.|- Please.
- Go ahead. Answer it.|- What the fuck are you doing?
He's coming out!
Answer the phone.
- You fucking coward.|{y:i}- Hi, Stu.
{y:i}Now, you've had your little tantrum|{y:i}and you said some things in anger...
{y:i}... that I am willing to forget.
Get her back in the car!|I want her in the car.
If he's not the shooter,|then who the fuck is?
Captain, what the fuck|is up with the phone calls?
{y:i}- So can we start over?|- You lied.
{y:i}You can't know the pain of betrayal|{y:i}until you've been betrayed.
Sniper in one of these buildings.|I want you to talk to ESU.
I want you to get one of these guys,|this building.
Start looking up there from window|to window till you find the perp. Okay?
I want you to do it quickly, and|I want you to do it quietly. All right?
Where's the ESU sergeant?
You said we could go.
- You said you'd let us go.|{y:i}- Relax, Stuart.
{y:i}Nobody gets it right the first time.
{y:i}You've done better than others.|{y:i}You will get a chance to end this.
{y:i}- I'm just not finished yet.|- Yeah, well, I am.
- There's nothing keeping me.|{y:i}- Besides the fear of death?
I dive out and you've got one shot.|I'm gonna be dancing.
- You think you can get me?|{y:i}- I could go for some target practice.
One shot, they look for you.|Second shot, you give yourself away.
{y:i}Go on, Stuart, hang up!
{y:i}Trust your fate to friendly men in flak|{y:i}jackets with automatic weapons.
{y:i}I'm sure you can patch up that little|{y:i}misunderstanding about the dead body.
- Cops can't prove I killed anyone.|{y:i}- You had motive.
- No weapon.|{y:i}- Plenty of loudmouth witnesses.
No gun and I walk.
{y:i}- Are you sure?|- Yes!
{y:i}Yeah? You murder a guy and you|{y:i}forget where you stashed your gun?
{y:i}Why don't you lift the|{y:i}plastic ceiling panel and feel around?
{y:i}What's up next to the florescent bulb?|{y:i}Check it out, Stu.
Cops see me reach for something,|they'll blow me away.
{y:i}There's only one way to find out.
Look, the slugs in that dead guy,|they came from your rifle.
They're not gonna match a handgun.|I've seen enough cop shows.
{y:i}Hollow points fragment on impact,|{y:i}Stuart. There's nothing to match.
- Only there's no gun up there.|{y:i}- Don't take my word for it.
{y:i}See for yourself.|{y:i}There are rounds left in it.
- I totally couldn't give a shit.|{y:i}- Come on. Don't disappoint me.
{y:i}Use your imagination. You'd shoot me|{y:i}if you got the chance, wouldn't you?
With a big fucking smile on my face.
{y:i}There's the spirit.
{y:i}Now, what if I told you I was just|{y:i}above the theater, four floors up?
{y:i}See the pink curtains?
{y:i}There you go, Stuart. Yes.
Why would you do that?
{y:i}Because it's fun.|{y:i}The odds are even now, Stuart.
{y:i}Isn't that what you wanted?
{y:i}You know where I am,|{y:i}and you have a gun.
{y:i}If you have it in you,|{y:i}you can take me down.
- They'd kill me before I got a shot.|{y:i}- Oh, you're probably right.
{y:i}I'm not really there anyway.
{y:i}You would've just spoiled|{y:i}some nice lady's curtains.
{y:i}Looks like someone watches the news.
- Who?|{y:i}- The motel.
- Oh, God.|{y:i}- I think she could use a new headshot.
- Don't!|{y:i}- Then take down the gun.
- Look, this has nothing to do with her!|{y:i}- She has everything to do with this.
{y:i}You're here and she's here|{y:i}because you called her.
{y:i}Now, take it down!|{y:i}Don't make me hurt Pam, Stuart.
{y:i}- Take down the gun!|- Hey, everybody, get ready.
Hold on, hold on.|Let's just see what he does, all right?
Let's see what he's doing.
There's nothing there.
{y:i}Nothing but your fingerprints on the|{y:i}finest cop killer money can buy.
{y:i}- Come on, Stu. Let's see it.|- Fuck, no! It's staying there.
{y:i}Fine, then someone|{y:i}will have to take your place.
{y:i}Come on, Stu,|{y:i}you're in a perfect position.
- How do you figure?|{y:i}- You get to choose between them.
{y:i}Pamela or Kelly? Should I choose?|{y:i}One of them can take your place.
Don't do this!
{y:i}You've got to be more in touch with your|{y:i}feelings. I thought you only loved Kelly!
- It's true!|{y:i}- But you lie to her.
It's complicated.
{y:i}Then I'll uncomplicate it, Stuart,|{y:i}by removing temptation. I say Pam.
No! Look, this isn't Pam's fault.|This is all my fault!
She's innocent!
{y:i}Ticktock, ticktock.|{y:i}Time's running out. Okay, Kelly, then.
{y:i}- You decide.|- No, please!
{y:i}Come on, Stu.|{y:i}Don't you get the game yet?
{y:i}You're a selfish guy.|{y:i}Pick one and save yourself.
{y:i}Blond or brunette? Time's running out.
{y:i}You or them? Kelly or Pam?|{y:i}Kelly or Pam?
Come on, Stu!
Stop this.
- I can't take this anymore.|{y:i}- What are you doing? Get up!
- I was looking for my ring. Look...|{y:i}- Get up, Stuart!
{y:i}Stand up and be a man.|{y:i}You're embarrassing yourself.
Captain! I got it. Listen.
The rifleman reports subject pulled|a small, dark object out of his pocket.
All right. You're looking at a suicide|on national fucking TV.
You gonna let me take this over?
Tell everybody to hold on,|to hold their fire.
Everybody hold. Stay ready, but hold.
{y:i}- Stuart, you're beginning to annoy me.|- You can't do this.
{y:i}Stu.|{y:i}No more spinning, no more excuses.
What're you doing? Look, listen.|Listen, please listen to me.
{y:i}No more delays, Stuart.
Look... I'm on my knees|begging you not to kill me.
{y:i}I will if you keep up|{y:i}this pathetic spectacle.
Excuse me! He's on the phone, talking.
From up in your high window,|you could kill anyone.
{y:i}- Yes, I know that, Stuart.|- All right, and...
You could pick off any of the cops,|with your rifle.
{y:i}Shut up and stand up!
Look, why threaten Kelly?
You liked how she sounded|on the phone at the store.
Please don't hurt her.|Don't fucking hurt my wife.
{y:i}This doesn't have to end with me|{y:i}shooting you. You leave no choice.
{y:i}- Now, get up!|- All right.
Okay, how does this end?|Tell me how this ends.
{y:i}The stage is almost set.
{y:i}People are gonna be eating dinner|{y:i}watching you die.
We got a sniper situation here.
What about that phone call|to your store?
I got a phone call this afternoon.|I think it was a prank call.
He told me Stu would be calling me|from a phone booth.
How long will it take|to get a record of her calls?
If he's using that secure line,|we won't know more than now.
Say he didn't. Let's assume he's|a human, makes mistakes like all of us.
I need to get that number.|I've been waiting for that number.
It was a guy.|He sounded like mid-30's.
Mrs. Shepard? It would be safer|if you got back in the car, okay?
- Please get back in the car.|- Thank you.
I want you to divert incoming ESU|units to Broadway and hold them there.
- Want me to clear the streets?|- Yeah.
No, no, no. I don't want the sniper|to be aware of any of our movements.
He's already got position on us.
Let's not let him know|we know too much, okay?
- Hey, Jonah.|- Yeah.
Don't look up.
Get me sharpshooters|looking at those windows.
- You got it, captain.|- I'm gonna buy us some time here.
All right.
Stu! It's okay if I come out|and talk to you for a second?
- I don't know.|{y:i}- This guy is so lonely.
{y:i}- All he wants to do is talk.|- You're walking through a bad dream...
...and you can't wake up.|{y:i}- Now he's really testing my patience.
You wanna wake up, Stu?
I wanna, but I got issues|I can't talk about.
- That your psychiatrist on the phone?|- Yeah, yeah. I'm paying him overtime.
That was pretty brave what you did.
I mean,|admitting all that stuff to your wife.
- It was liberating, right?|- Should've been.
Maybe if I could be more honest|with my wife then...
...I don't know,|something would've turned out different.
{y:i}Oh, please.
- Trust is the key. You trust me, Stu?|"- Get this man a seat on" Oprah.
I wanna, but I got the issues|I can't talk about.
{y:i}Yes, lethal issues.|{y:i}Tell him to stay back.
Look, don't come any closer.
Hey, I don't wanna cause|or make anything harder for you.
{y:i}Pam, Ramey, Kelly, people on the|{y:i}street, you've got lives in your hands.
I told you it's a private conversation.|What the fuck do you want?
I wanna let you know that it's safe|outside the booth.
{y:i}- It's not.|- It's always, "Get out of the booth! "
I like it in the fucking booth!|All right? It's my world.
This is my booth, and|I'm not coming out. All right?
- Never.|- We're not gonna force you out...
...because there could be|some miscalculation...
...and then I would never find out|why this happened.
Stu, I'm afraid. I'm afraid|that I'm gonna be standing by...
...and my men are gonna shoot|some guy...
...and when we find out what's in his|hand, once we turn over his body...
...and we see what he was|threatening people with...
We realize that it was just|a little black Bible.
- Or a cell phone.|{y:i}- Don't push me, Stu.
I'm not gonna let that happen here.
I wanted to make a phone call.|One lousy call...
{y:i}That's enough, Stu.
- You got some bad news on that call?|- The worst.
I bet you want to jump off the edge.
- I've been falling ever since.|{y:i}- I'm gonna push him over the edge.
{y:i}Just say the word.
It's time to land.
- When you hit bottom, you die.|- I'm your safety net.
{y:i}Oh, please, say the word.
If I tell you what you wanna know,|you'll die too.
- I'm going.|- Good.
But, Stu, we put a call out|to your lawyer.
Your wife, she gave us the number.
And I got my best men working|on bringing him down. Okay?
{y:i}That's it. The captain gets a bullet.
Get out of here!|Hear what I said, asshole?
- Get out of here, go on, now! Go!|{y:i}- Enough of this sideshow, Stu.
{y:i}- Your sins have caught up to you.|- So this is all some religious thing?
{y:i}That explains it. Bible-crazed killer|{y:i}picks on fashion-obsessed PR guy.
- Tell me what you want, then.|{y:i}- What everyone wants...
{y:i}... for the bad guy|{y:i}to get what he deserves.
{y:i}Go for the gun.
- Kill myself?|{y:i}- Yes.
It would be a rare, unselfish act.
- We got hostile action.|- Nothing is hostile until I say it is.
- Look, I can't find it.|{y:i}- Kelly, Pam, bam! Bam!
All right! Look, I found it. I got it.
{y:i}- Then let's see it. Let everyone see it.|- The cops'll kill me.
{y:i}Yes.|{y:i}You're talking prime-time material now.
- All this shit just to watch me die?|{y:i}- No.
{y:i}To get you to do what's right.|{y:i}If you wanna save yourself, confess.
- I already told Kelly everything.|{y:i}- Everything?
{y:i}No. No more excuses|{y:i}and half-truths, Stuart.
{y:i}You look out into those cameras|{y:i}and you bare your soul.
{y:i}TV seems to help bring out|{y:i}the worst in people.
{y:i}You should be fine.
- How're those techs doing? Anything?|- No, not yet. Not yet.
We haven't found your lawyer yet,|Stu. But we're getting close. Okay?
{y:i}Stuart, I'm offering you a chance|{y:i}to redeem yourself.
{y:i}Come on, humble yourself|{y:i}in front of your loved ones...
{y:i}... and millions of strangers and me.|{y:i}It's do-or-die time.
What, you couldn't find anyone|worse than me?
Not a murderer or a child molester|but a publicist...
...who has fantasies|about pretty little actresses.
Who spends money on Italian suits|and dry cleaning... people think he's important.|Who doesn't waste time being nice... people who are of no use to him.|These are my crimes?
{y:i}Stuart, I know your crimes. Tell them.
I've never done anything for anybody...
...who couldn't do something for me.|I string along...
...a kid with promises|that I'll pay him money.
I keep him around because he|looks up to me.
Adam, if you're watching, don't be|a publicist. You're too good for it.
I lie in person and on the phone.|I lie to my friends.
I lie to newspapers and magazines who|sell my lies to more and more people.
I'm just a part of a big cycle of lies.|I should be fucking president.
I wear all this Italian shit because|underneath, I still feel like the Bronx.
I think I need these clothes,|and this watch.
My $2000 watch is a fake,|and so am I.
I neglected the things|I should've valued most.
I valued this shit.
I take off my wedding ring to call Pam.|Kelly, that's Pam.
- Somebody got a 20 on this Pam?|- Don't blame her.
I never told her if I was married,|and if I did...
...she would've told me to go home.
Kelly, looking at you now,|I'm ashamed of myself.
I mean, I work so hard on this image,|on Stu Shepard, the asshole...
...who refers to himself in third person,|that I only proved I should be alone.
I've been dressing up as something|I'm not for so long...
...I'm so afraid you won't like what's|underneath.
But here I am.|I'm just flesh and blood and weakness.
I love you so fucking much.
I take off this ring because it only|reminds me of how I've failed you.
And, I don't wanna give you up.
I wanna make things better,|but it may not be my choice anymore.
You deserve better.
- You're not gonna let me go.|{y:i}- No.
You never were.|I know a thing about lies.
I know a thing or two|about liars as well.
{y:i}Then why the confession?
I didn't do it for you.
- Right there.|- Yeah, got that.
Captain, captain. The call to his wife|originated at 2: 17... a hard line from the old|Barkley Hotel.
- You got a room?|- 604.
Second window from the corner.|ESU units holding.
Bring them in from 52nd Street.
Cover the windows, doors, fire escape,|every goddamn point of exit.
- ESU, ESU, come in from the 52nd...|- Stu!
- Your lawyer's coming down now!|- Doors, fire escapes...
{y:i}At least you'll die|{y:i}with a clean conscience.
No, you're the one that's gonna die!|Listen, you can hear them now.
They're coming to get you. Know why?
- Because I sent them!|{y:i}- You can't stop lying, can you?
I can't stop lying?|They're coming up the stairs.
They're coming to get you.|Look around.
That room's getting smaller|every second.
Inch by inch! You know what?
It's not gonna be any bigger|than this fucking goddamn booth!
- They're in position, in position.|- Get them to move!
{y:i}- There's nobody there.|- There's nobody there?
They're coming through that fucking|door to put you out of your misery.
You got a couple seconds left.|What're you gonna do?
{y:i}If this is true, I have to take someone|{y:i}with me, don't I?
{y:i}Since Kelly is the most important thing|{y:i}in your life, I'll take her.
Then take me! Take me.|This is about me!
I'm the fucking one you want!|Take me!
This is about me! Come on!
Take me! It's me you want!
This is Captain Ramey.|Somebody talk to me.
{y:i}We're too late.|{y:i}The psycho heard us coming...
{y:i}... and slashed his throat|{y:i}with a knife.
- What's his condition?|{y:i}- Critical. He's lost a lot of blood.
Get him down here.|I don't want nobody dying on me.
All right.
- Kelly, where's Kelly?|- Your wife's fine, all right?
All right, try not to sit up.
- What hit me?|- Rubber bullet.
Figured if somebody's gonna|shoot you, it might as well be us.
- Did you get him?|- You did.
- I didn't do anything.|- Give yourself some credit.
Got yourself out alive.|Doesn't always happen that way.
- Are you okay?|- It's okay. I'm okay.
God. I was so afraid.
I thought I wasn't ever|gonna see you again.
Me too.
We've got things to talk about.
I only want to talk about|what you want to tell me.
I want to tell you everything.|Everything.
Get that gurney over here.|Get over here.
We lost him.
- I want to stand up.|- I got him.
- Sure you can hold on?|- I gotta see him.
- You don't want to see this.|- Yes, I do.
- Take it easy.|- Yes, I do.
- Allow me. Allow me.|- Go ahead.
You recognize him?
Yeah. He was down here trying|to deliver me a pizza...
...10 minutes before I got the call.
I told him to fuck off.
That's enough these days.
Just give it a minute.
We'll be driving,|and you'll be flying.
Whatever you say.
What a piece of shit.
Nice shoes.
You hung up, Stu.
I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.
I feel bad about the pizza guy.
But I couldn't miss seeing|you and Kelly reunited.
You don't have to thank me.|Nobody ever does.
I just hope|your newfound honesty lasts.
Because it if doesn't,|you'll be hearing from me.
{y:i}Isn't it funny?
{y:i}You hear a phone ring,|{y:i}and it could be anybody.
{y:i}But a ringing phone|{y:i}has to be answered, doesn't it?
{y:i}Doesn't it?
Subtitles by|SDI Media Group
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