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Piano The

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I deliver perfection...|and don't brag about it! :D
'The voice you hear|is not my speaking voice...
but my mind's voice.'
'I have not spoken|since I was six years old.'
'No-one knows why. Not even me.'
'My father says|it is a dark talent,
and the day I take it into my head|to stop breathing will be my last.'
'Today, he married me|to a man I've not yet met.'
'Soon, my daughter and I|shall join him in his own country.'
'My husband said|my muteness does not bother him.'
'He writes, and hark this, God|loves dumb creatures so why not he!'
'Were good he had God's patience...
for silence|affects everyone in the end.'
'The strange thing is|I don't think myself silent.'
'That is because of my piano.'
'I shall miss it on the journey.'
Take her hand, come on.
You're with me.
I've got the lady.
You go ahead.
Paddington Station.
Over here, my lovely!
Right, lads, unbutton your muftis.
Piss like a tom.
Jesus Christ,|whose bloody coffin is this?
Christ, it's heavy!
Leave them behind.|It's what they fucking want.
Aye, leave them|and be lynched for the pleasure?
It's rough out there. Could be they|can't reach you in this weather.
Do you have things for shelter?
She says, "Thank you".
Does your mother prefer|to come on with us to Nelson?
She'd rather be boiled alive|by natives than go in your tub.
You be damn fortuned I don't smack|your puppy gob, young missy!
Damn lucky!
We're all ready now, sir.
Mother, watch out!
The hens! Are they all right? Here.
Look, I'm a very big moth.
Will it catch fire?
I won't call him Papa.|I won't call him anything.
I'm not even going to look at him.
Are we stopping?
Shall we stop?
Tai hoa. Me tatari tatou.
Me tutatou i konei.
We must get on.
Miss McGrath? Alisdair Stewart.
I've got men here|to carry your things.
I see you've got a good many boxes.|I'd like to know what's in each...
Can you hear me?
Well, that's good.|Yes, that's good.
What's in this one?
You're small.|I never thought you'd be small.
And this one? This is very large.
- What's in it, then, a bedstead?|- It's my mother's piano.
Tell them to carry in pairs.|Take all the boxes, table and...
What do you think?
She looks tired.
She's stunted, that's one thing.
And the big case?
No, no. Just the trunks|and the boxes as I explained.
- No, it can't come now.|- It must. She wants it to come.
So do I. But there are too few|of us here to carry it now.
Too heavy!
What, you mean you don't want your|clothing or kitchenware to come?
We can't leave the piano!
Let's not discuss this any further.|I'm pleased you arrived safely.
Can they come back directly for it?
Could I apologise for the delay...
After they've taken|the other things.
Might I suggest that you prepare|yourself for a difficult journey.
The bush will tear clothing, and|the mud is very deep in places.
What do they think they're doing?|We haven't time for this. Baines!
What's the matter?|Why are they stopping?
That's the way to the|burial grounds. It's tapu.
They just want more money. They're|trying to make two days out of it.
No, they know another track|to the side of this.
Septimus, now take that off!
Take that off(!)
Watch your feet! Mind your feet!
- Septimus! Please stop it!|- Stop it!
- Stop, please! You'll tear it!|- Oh, the tag is broken.
Septimus, now stop!
You'll tear it. Be careful.
Arm down.
If you cannot have|a ceremony together,
you'll have at least|a photograph.
The lace is most fragile.
My real father was|a famous German composer.
They met when my mother was|an opera singer in Luxembourg.
I want to be in the photograph.
Going to leave the cloth here?
No, no. It is just to keep|the chair dry.
The planks have gotten very greasy.
Get in that chair.
Pull the tarpaulin off.
I am sorry it rained.|We have not light enough inside.
- The umbrella on this side?|- On t'other!
Can you take this, please?
And sitting...
Very still.
And where did they get married?
In a forest|with fairies as bridesmaids...
each holding a little elf's hand.
No, I tell a lie. In a country|church in the mountains.
- Which mountains?|- The Pyrenees.
I've never been there.
Mother sang in German, and her|voice echoed across the valleys.
- Before the accident.|- And what happened?
My mother and father were singing|in the forest and a storm blew up.
So passionate was the song
that they didn't stop|as rain began to fall.
Their voices rose for the last bars|of the duet, and lightning...
came out of the sky and struck my|father, who lit up like a torch.
And as my father|was struck dead...
my mother was struck dumb.|She never spoke another word.
Oh, dear!
Not another word?
Well, from the shock. Yes.
It would be. Terrible.
Terrible, terrible.
I have to go away for some days.
Some Maori land I'm interested in|which I may buy very reasonably.
I hope you'll spend the time|to get settled in. And perhaps...
in some ways...
...we could start again.
All right?
I'm not able to read.
Please take us|back to the beach where we landed.
I am sorry. I can't do that.
I don't have the time.
I can't take you there.
I can't do it.
Whoa, whoa!
Mumma! Mumma, watch me! Watch!
Mumma! Mumma!
- Hello, there.|- Hello.
You've stopped combing your hair.|Good. It was looking overdone.
The heads will go through|the slits.
Show him, Nessie.
The Reverend will use real blood.|It'll be very dramatic.
- Very dramatic.|- Tea!
what would you think if someone
were to play a kitchen table?
Like it were a piano.
Like it were a piano?
Strange, isn't it?|I mean, it's not a piano.
It doesn't make any sound.
No, no sound.
I knew she was mute|but now I'm thinking...
perhaps it's more. I wonder|if she's not brain-affected.
- No sound at all?|- No. It was a table.
She was very violent with the gown.|She tore off a chunk of lace.
I saw it. I swear she'd have used|her teeth and wiped her feet on it.
It hasn't come to anything yet.|It's simply a concern, that's all.
Yes, of course. A concern.
There's something|to be said for silence.
Indeed. Cotton?
With time, I'm sure|she'll become affectionate.
There's nothing so easy to like|as a pet. They're quite silent.
## The grand old Duke of York|He had ten thousand men #
# He marched them up and up|and marched them down again ##
Those 80 acres across the stream,|what do you think of them?
I have no money.|What are you on about?
I'd like to make a swap.
- What for?|- The piano.
What, the piano on the beach?
- It's not marshy, is it?|- No.
The music lover. I never would have|thought. Hidden talents, George!
I'd have to get lessons. It|wouldn't be much use without them.
Yes, I suppose you would.
Ada can play. I have it in a letter|that she plays very well.
She's been playing|since she was five or six.
What on?
Well, on... on your piano.|That's the swap.
What's she saying?
It's her piano|and she won't have him touch it!
He can't read! He's ignorant!
He wants to improve himself,|and you'll be able to play it.
Teach him how to look after it!
You can't go on like this!
We're a family now. We all|make sacrifices, and so will you!
You will teach him,|and I will see to it!
A Broadwood!
A fine instrument!
I've not seen one here,
nor in New South Wales|where I've tuned 200.
They like their pianos there.
And salt, of course.
Mother says she can't stand|to teach piano
with it out of tune.
So, I'm to do scales.
I hope you've scrubbed your hands.
It's in tune.
It's in tune.
I was teaching!
Mother would like to see|what you can play.
I'd rather not play.
I want to listen,|and learn that way.
Everyone has to practise.
I just want to listen.
Oh, but tell me again.
Was he your teacher?
How did you speak to him?
What happened?|Why didn't you get married?
Shall I kiss you good night?
Get out! You need a bath!
Out! Bad dog!
Move! Go on!
Bad bloody dog!
Ada, wait. Wait.
Do you know how to bargain?
There's a way|you could have your piano back.
Do you want it back?
You want it back?
You see...
I'd like us to make a deal.
There's things I'd...
like to do while you play.
If you let me,|you can earn it back.
What do you think?|One visit for every key.
Your dress?
For every black one?
That's a lot less. Half.
All right, all right.|Then the black keys.
Poor baby!
What horrid little person|put you in the rain
and shoved you with a stick?
Hmmm, baby? Huh?
You're all right with moi.
Thank you.
Nessie! Put that down|and come and put your hand out.
Oh, no. Use Mr Stewart.
Nessie, please!
All right, Mary, come along.|Down here.
- Come on, girl.|- All right, then!
Down here. Put out your hand.
No, no. Put out your hand. Here.
Look, look! You're being attacked.
No, there you go.
With the blood,|it will be a very good effect!
Here, Flynn!
Flynn, Flynn, Flynn!
Flynn, Flynn! Bad boy!
Bad, bad boy!
Flynn, you want to be in trouble?
Flynn? Flynn!
I want to speak to my mother.
I don't want to be outside.|I want to watch.
I'll be very quiet!
I won't look at him!
- Be very careful.|- Careful.
I hardly need to give one to you,|but here you are, anyway.
Don't be late.
You accompany a performer,
and need to make the earlier|of the two times.
How are the lessons going?
Getting on all right, then, is he?
She seems quietened down.|Is she more affectionate?
Ah, well. Slowly, slowly.
Lift your skirt.
Lift it higher.
Lift it higher.
You no worry, Peini.
- I save you.|- I have a wife.
I save her, too!
- Where's your wife?|- My wife?
She has a life of her own,|in Hull, England.
Must be ugly- for you to run away.
You need another wife.
Undo your dress.
I want to see your arms.
Two keys.
"I shall listen hard at rehearsal
because I live too far|to come often."
Which sign is the word "rehearsal"?
I can't imagine|a fate worse than being dumb.
To be deaf.
Aye. Deaf, too? Terrible! Awful!
To tell you the whole truth, mother|says most people speak rubbish
and it's not worth the listen.
Well, that is a strong opinion.
Aye. It's unholy.
What do they say? Are they selling?
Offer blankets for half the land.
Offer the guns, Baines.
What do they want the land for?
They don't cultivate it,|they don't burn it back. Nothing.
I mean, how do they|even know that it's theirs?
Thought I might as well|mark it out as we agreed.
Yes, why not?
Well, Ada says|you're doing well with the piano.
I'd like to come and hear you play.
- What do you play?|- Nothing just yet.
Ada, four keys.
Why five? I just want to lie.
All right, all right - five.
## In the month of May #
# The angels were sweetly singing #
# A young man on his deathbed lay #
# For love of Barbara Allen #
We're running late!
If you haven't got your lip colour|on, line up behind Rose, please.
- Been to the lavatory?|- Yes!
No running on the stage!
They're bringing in|extra chairs!
Do not touch the blood!
Look who's here -|musical Mr Baines!
What are you going to play for us|tonight? "Twinkle, Twinkle"?
How about a little tinkle-tinkle?
Would you turn Nessi's pages?|She's playing for the children.
I'm in costume.
I'm very pleased|you've taken up the piano.
Now, where's this song?
George, how about|"Mary Had A Little Lamb"?
A polka? Come on, what's it to be?
Come on, George. Move along.
Ladies and gentlemen,|take your seats, please.
We're about to begin.
# Early in the month of May #
# The angels were sweetly singing #
# A young man on his deathbed lay #
# For love of Barbara Allen #
# Out of there|sprung a red rose full #
# And out of it a briar #
# Then they flew up|to the high church wall #
# Till they could go no higher #
# And then|they came in a true love's lock #
# The roses and sweet briar ##
So the young maid came upon each
and all of Bluebeard's|missing wives...
Their severed heads|still bleeding,
their eyes still crying!
But hush!
Who comes?
I am home early, my sweet wife!
Where art thou?
Oh! Husband!
- What a surprise!|- Yes, wife!
A surprise, indeed!
- So now you know my secret!|- No! No!
You, the youngest...
and sweetest...
...of all my wives...
- No!|...must be prepared...
to die!
No! No! Wait!
I shall not wait!
Bare your neck!
Chief, I'd like to introduce you.|This is Mrs Williams,
this is Mrs Parsons, this is|Mrs Reid, this is Miss Palmer,
and this is Miss Kerr.
Kia ora koutou, wahine mai.|Tene koutou.
Very... very nice.
Do what you like.
Play what you like.
I want to lie together|without clothes on.
How many would that be?
Yes. Ten keys.
What the clock say, Missa Tewart?
(Never behave like that.|Never nowhere.)
(I'm greatly shamed!|You've shamed these trunks!)
I know why Mr Baines|can't play the piano.
You missed some here.
She never gives him a turn.|She just plays what she pleases.
Sometimes she doesn't play at all.
When's the next lesson?
I have given the piano back to you.
I've had enough.
The arrangement
is making you a whore|and me wretched.
I want you to care for me,
but you can't.
It's yours. Leave.
Go on, go.
Stop right there!
This isn't yours. What are you|doing with the piano? Hmm?
He's given it to us.
Put that down. Put it down!
You're cunning.|I've seen through you.
I'm not going to lose|the land this way. Stay there!
Hori George don't wanna see nobody.|He's sick.
You got the tupeka for Hira?
Baines... Baines, look.
Don't give up the piano.
I'll make sure you're properly|taught. Music on sheets and so on.
I don't want to learn.
- You don't want to learn?|- No.
But our bargain...
I can't afford the piano|if you mean me to pay.
No, no payment.|I have given it back.
I'm not sure I want it myself.
It was more to your wife|that I gave it.
Oh, I see.
Well...|I expect she will appreciate it.
This is all I have.
Bring that back!
Is it all right?
Why don't you play something?
What will I play?
Play a jig.
- Do I know any jigs?|- Play a song then.
Why won't she play? We get the|thing back, she just wanders off.
Keep playing.
Wait! Wait!
Why can't I?
I shan't practise and I don't care!
Blast and damn! Bugger her!
Bloody... bloody... bugger her!
Let her fall face down|in boiling... bloody... mud!
Let a mad dog bite her|till she bleeds!
- Where's your mother gone?|- TO HELL!
So, what brings you here?
Did you leave something?
I've not found anything.
Does he know something?
The piano was not harmed?
It arrived safely?
Would you like to sit?
I am going to sit.
I am unhappy...
because I... want you...
because my mind has seized on you|and can think of nothing else.
This is why I suffer.
am sick with longing.
I don't eat. I don't sleep.
So, if you've come|with no feeling for me...
then go.
Get out.
Whisper it.
Now you are going I am miserable.
Why is that?
Ada, I need to know - what will|you do? Will you come again?
I don't know what you're thinking.
Does this mean something to you?
I already miss you.
do you love me?
Come tomorrow.|If you are serious, come tomorrow.
Mumma, stay still!
Here, Papa.
You shouldn't have gone up there.
I don't like it, and nor does Papa.
We can play cards if you like.
She's asleep. Look.
One night she was found|on the road to London.
Grandpa said|her feet were cut very badly.
Alisdair, is it|because of our play?
Have the natives aggressed you?
You've done the wrong thing here.
You've put the latch|on the outside.
Now when you close the door,
it will be the Maoris|that lock you in.
With the latch on that side,|you are quite trapped.
Quite trapped.
George Baines has been taken over.|No wonder he is leaving.
He got in too deep|with the natives.
- They sit as proud as kings...|- ... but without any manners!
He's quite altered. As if|they've tried witchcraft on him.
- Well, in two days he'll be gone.|- So Baines is packing up?
He's nothing to pack, but he's|leaving. And it is just as well.
Nessie has foolishly|grown fond of him.
- We have had tears.
Stop it! Stop!
I am frightened of the way back.
We must leave in good light.|Will we be safe?
Oh, yes - if you leave now.
Nessie, hold this.
I am thinking of the piano.
She does not play it|as we do, Nessie. Up! Up!
No. She is a strange creature.|And her playing is strange...
like a mood that passes into you.
Now, your playing is plain and true|and that is what I like.
To have a sound creep|inside you is not pleasant.
What's that?
It's a pigeon.
I should have waited.
I want to touch you.|Why can't I touch you?
Don't you like me?
Come on, Lucky! Who'll be|my friend? I'm coming to get you!
We must... get on.
I've decided to...
trust you to stay here.
You won't see Baines?
Perhaps with time...|you might come to like me.
Stop complaining, I said. Be quiet.
You can stay naked until|I finish washing your clothes.
I don't mind if you're cold.|Be quiet!
No, we're not supposed|to visit him.
## The grand old Duke of York|He had ten thousand men #
# He marched them up|to the top of the hill #
# And marched them down again #
# And when they're up, they're up #
# And when they're down,|they're down #
# And when they're only halfway up|They're neither up nor down ##
Crooked, Mister Tewart.
Mother said to give this|to Mr Baines.
I thought maybe it was not|the proper thing to do.
- Shall I open it?|- No. Give it to me.
Why? I trusted you!
Why do you make me hurt you?!
We could be happy.
Give this to Baines.
Tell him if he ever sees her again,|I'll take off another...
and another and another...
- Mumma!|- RUN!
What has happened?
Hush, hush!
What is it?
If you see her, he'll chop her up!
What happened? Tell me.
Where is she?
Ssh! Quiet down! Where is she?!
What did she tell him?|What did she tell him?
- I am going to crush his skull!|- NO! NO! NO!
He'll chop them off!
You pushed me too hard.|You cannot send love to him.
Just even... even to think|about it makes me very angry.
I meant to love you.
I clipped your wing, that's all.
## We will be together #
# You will see it will be better ##
Are you hot? My sweet love bird.
Are you feeling better?
Look at you.
It's your face.
I've had that face in my head -|hating it.
But now I'm here seeing it -
it's nothing.
You have your marks.|You look at me through your eyes.
You're even afraid of me.
Get up.
has Ada ever spoken to you?
You mean in signs?
No. Words.
Have you ever heard words?
No. Not words.
You never thought you heard words?
I heard it here. I heard her voice.|There in my head.
The lips didn't make the words.
But, yet, the harder I|listened... the clearer I heard her.
You punished her wrongly.|It was me - my fault.
She said...
"I am afraid of my will -
of what it might do.|It is so strange and strong."
She said...
"I have to go. Let me go."
"Let Baines take me away.|Let him try and save me."
I wish her gone. I wish you gone.
I want to wake up...
and find that this...
was all a dream.|That's what I want.
It was a terrible shock.
Oh, dear!
No. She needs it. She must have it.
- What did she say?|- To throw the piano overboard.
It's quite safe. They are managing.
She doesn't want it.|She says it's spoiled!
Here's the key.|I'll have it mended.
Please, Ada. Ada!
You'll regret it.|It's your piano, you must have it.
- She doesn't want it!|- Sit down!
- Throw it over!|- Stop!
All right, we'll throw it over.
'What a death.'
'What a chance.'
'What a surprise!'
'My will has chosen life.'
'Still, it has had me spooked,|and many others besides.'
'I teach piano now in Nelson.'
'George made me a metal fingertip.'
'I'm quite the town freak,|which satisfies.'
'I am learning to speak.'
'My sound is still so bad|I feel ashamed.'
'I practise only|when I am alone and it is dark.'
...kah, kah, kah,
vah, vah, vah,
bah, bah, bah,
pah, pah.
'At night I think of my piano|in its ocean grave
and sometimes of myself|floating above it.'
'Down there everything is so still|and silent, it lulls me to sleep.'
'It is a weird lullaby,|and so it is...'
'It is mine.'
'"There is a silence|where hath been no sound"'
'"There is a silence|where no sound may be"'
'"In the cold grave,|under the deep deep sea."'
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Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
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Pride and Prejudice CD3
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Pride and Prejudice The Making of
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Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
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Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
Project A CD2
Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
Pupendo (2003) CD1
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Purple Sunset (2001)
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