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The style of this film is not that of a thriller.
The author attempts to explain, in pictures and sounds
the nightmare of a young man, forced by his weakness
into an adventure for which he was not made.
Yet this adventure, by strange paths, brings together two souls,
which otherwise might never have been united.
Men who do these things keep silent...
those who talk haven't done them.
Yet, I have done them.
I was now determined.
But would I be bold enough?
I had better quit.
I thought I was mastering the world.
One minute later I was caught.
You're not sure at all!
That's why we're not holding you.
I wanted to set my ideas to rights.
I felt dog-tired, and slept like a log.
I hadn't seen my mother for a long time.
I was hesitating...
I've got the key.
Who are you..?
Jeanne, a neighbour.
How is she?
Not well. She's worrying.
She needs many things.
She needs you.
Please hand this to her.
You're not going to kiss her?
Good-bye Jeanne.
Will you come back?
Yes... yes.
Jacques was a nice and honest boy.
I'd avoided him of late. But tonight...
I'm jobless. I'd do anything.
Got any addresses?
Pocket money..?
I'm serious.
All right... once more.
You're clever with your hands.
When one can wait...
...and accepts what is offered...'s entitled to a new suit and tie.
At first, I hadn't recognized him.
I held out my hand.
You recognize me..?
I may appear careless.
But I'd nothing to fear.
Are there so many thieves?
Yes, many.
An innumerable variety of them.
All robberies aren't important.
Poverty may be an excuse.
Of course.
Can't there be thefts which would be forgiven?
You've got your theory.
Explain it.
It isn't new.
Tell me all the same.
Couldn't it be admitted that clever men... to achieve great things...
...thus indispensable to society...
...might be free in certain cases... break the law?
It'd be hard. And dangerous.
Society would profit by it.
Who'd pick out those clever men?
Themselves. Their conscience.
What man doesn't think he's clever?
It'd only be for the first four steps. Then they'd stop.
They'd never stop, believe me.
A kind of useful thief, a benefactor?
That'd be topsy-turvy-dom.
As it is so already, it'd put it right again.
Michel, can't you explain?
I just did it.
They acknowledged their mistake.
They apologized.
Of course.
You should've kept quiet...
...or thought over twice.
It's you who forced me to talk.
But it doesn't make any difference.
The addresses..?
Will you go?
Was I really expecting something?
But I hated the idea of going home.
Why did Fate force me to watch that man?
Of course, the wallet was there.
How was I to pick it?
I knew it'd be hard.
My hands were trembling... heart was beating hard.
The first success encouraged me.
It was due more to chance than cleverness.
He can't swallow your social theories.
He's only interested in you.
Did he ask you questions.
Don't worry. Now he knows who you are.
What about work?
I don't need anything.
You're crazy! Who can live on nothing?
Where are you going..?
I always travelled on different lines.
It went on for a whole week.
The booty wasn't worth the risks.
Give me my wallet back!
Want me to call the police?
I stayed home the following days...
...going out only to eat.
This lady was looking for you.
Switch on!
See where our genius dwells!
It's my mother, isn't it?
She's very ill.
She keeps repeating: "Why did he refuse to see me?"
Did you..?
You must come.
Thank you, Jeanne.
Will you?
Do you want me to go?
Yes. Go with Jeanne.
You're selfish.
And you claim you love your mother!
I do. More than myself. ...Go away now.
You're queer...
What do you want? Who are you?
I had to know.
15 minutes later, we were friends.
Come along!
There, in the cafe, he taught me most of his tricks...
...kindly, without the smallest hesitation.
I had to make my fingers supple.
For reflexes, pinball was excellent training.
I went home only to sleep.
How long had it been here?
She was sleeping. Peacefully.
I won't ask any questions, you dislike it.
I thought I was boring you. Now I understand.
Your friend told me about you.
Did he speak ill of me?
I wouldn't have let him.
No. He likes you and esteems you.
My worrying was silly.
Clever as you are, you'll succeed whenever you want.
I want it now, to make you happy.
I'm going away, my son.
I'm leaving you.
No! You'll get up in a few days.
The doc said it. Didn't he, Jeanne?
I'm sure.
Papers, letters, a few photos.
It's all over. And no going back.
Are you leaving?
Yes, to pick up my sister at school.
Jeanne, do you think we are to be judged.
Yes. But don't fear for her. She was perfect.
Judged..? After what Law.
That's absurd!
Don't you believe in anything?
Yes... in God... for 3 minutes.
A week later I entered a well-known bank..
...and sat in the hall.
I got frightened.
He escaped.
Later, we shared the loot.
We could lay out the notes openly.
Next time, we'll be three, not two.
We didn't talk much. He never knew more about me...
...then I learned about him.
Searching my things?
Where have you taken it?
There, on the table.
Those thieves are base.
Barrington wasn't lazy. He used to read whole nights.
To mislead his rich friends.
And rob them.
Wasn't he filthy?
Come on... let's go out.
He was brave. In his day, thieves were hanged.
Now, the jail...
You don't know what a jail is.
I can imagine.
It's impossible.
Would you lend it to me.
If you like.
Still the same ideas?
Yes, still.
No! Whatever you may think...
...pickpockets will never improve mankind.
I never said that.
It's crazy.
Do you think there are many people among them...
What people...
Those who should be given leave to do anything.
How can we know? They're never caught.
They exist, since you affirm it.
Maybe you know one of them?
If I did, I wouldn't tell you.
Allow me.
"Barrington". Don't know him.
Maybe one of your superior men?
No. But if you want to read it...
Bring the book to me one of these days.
Of course, he suspects me.
You too, admit it.
I... what?
Don't go there!
Yes. Give it to me.
All right. Go...
...if you think it's fun.
He made me wait a long time.
I'm bringing the book.
What book?
Oh yes. "Barrington".
You're interested in Barrington?
In everything.
Of course... a young writer.
He was making fun of me.
He used to make hooks to force into pockets.
Nuremberg culler made 15 of them.
Excuse me...
Keep it.
Why hadn't I suspected it?
It was a snare.
If I hurried home, I might perhaps catch them.
There was no disorder.
Everything was okay.
I needed help this time...
Rather more skill than I had.
One finger keeps the strap from turning...
...while the thumb opens the buckle.
I practiced it often.
On Sunday, I was to go out with Jacques and Jeanne.
How pretty!... Where's Jeanne?
Waiting downstairs.
You're sad.
You're not living in this world.
You're not interested in anything.
Let's go, Jeanne.
Coming, Michel?
Where are you going?
We intend to fly.
I'll remain here.
Where's Michel?
I had run... and fallen.
Here you are!
I was so scared.
Scared? Why?
Just scared.
Explain yourself.
You hurt yourself.
A little. It's nothing.
Where's Jeanne?
I took her home. But I can go and fetch her.
You love her, don't you?
Does she love you?
You should present her...
...with a few gifts, shouldn't you?
The watch was splendid.
My boldness had no limits now.
My associates and I were on excellent terms.
Of course, it couldn't last.
Where had I met him..?
What's the matter with you?
Jeanne summoned by the police? Why?
I don't know.
What should she do?
She must go there, of course.
Is that all?
I'm warning you so that you can take some steps?
What steps..?
Don't detain me.
Had they seen me?
I mustn't seem to be hiding.
I hadn't heard him.
It's you!
I came three days ago.
I was out for a breather.
You're right. It's unhealthy to remain in here...
...immersed in your books.
You suspect me, I know.
If you think you can arrest me, do so...
Manacle me... but don't drive me crazy.
Don't provoke me all the time.
On the contrary, I've left you alone.
Don't play with me, laugh at me!
That's enough!
Don't shout. Calm down.
Control yourself, please.
And sit down.
I'm here...
because feel an interest in you.
I don't care a damn!
...and I want you to be informed:
One year ago, a complaint was lodged...
...(you and I hadn't met yet)... a girl, at her police-station.
What girl?
It's not important.
An old neighbour of hers had been robbed.
Next day, the complaint was withdrawn.
It often happens that the thief is a relative.
That lady had a son...
Robbing one's own mother isn't really a theft.
Maybe they shared expenses.
But, one month later, that boy was caught at the races.
Lacking evidence, I let him go.
All this put together...
Who is the boy?
You, of course.
You're wrong.
I'm not wrong.
Funny methods!
Leave my methods alone.
If you wanted to be so sure...
...why didn't you send your men to search my room?
Well, while you were with me...
...your room was searched.
And what did they find?
Nothing of course.
You're tiring me!
What do you want?
I want you to open your eyes.
They're wide open!
...on yourself.
But I'd lose my time.
As to the future...
..."your" future...
Are you a prophet..? My future isn't your business!
I should say it is.
I should've asked you a few questions. It was my duty.
On the strength of it, I'll send you to jail.
Now, good-bye.
What's your purpose?
My purpose..?
I want to know!
They asked me who had withdrawn the complaint.
What did you answer?
That it was your mother.
Is that true?
So she knew. Did you know too, Jeanne?
And now... you know.
You're sending me crazy, all of you!
The police asked you about me..?
Your name wasn't mentioned.
But you can see I'm living...
...without working.
And you don't guess anything?
Think it over.
It's you?
Yes. And I'll go to jail.
My God!
There's no evidence, so they'll have to let me out.
How could you...?
There's nothing lower. Didn't you know?
One can do a low action knowingly.
But why..?
I couldn't achieve anything.
It sent me mad!
There are a thousand ways.
Of course, you accept.
You accept a father who drinks, a mother who elopes...
...and the burden is yours.
That's that.
I don't know. Maybe there's a reason.
Jeanne, how naive you are!
Speak honestly... you think I'm a thief?
Don't lie!
Yes, I think you are.
Then I won't shake your hand.
It's horrible!..
You'll be leaving?
I never thought of it before.
No.. no!
I remember I picked up a suit-case.
I was in a haze.
Would they let me reach the station?
I went right to the window.
I'll never forget that minute.
From Milan I went down to Rome. After that, England.
During my 2 years in London, I was in luck.
But girls and gambling made me lose most of my money.
I went back to Paris as broke as before.
I was there again without knowing how.
The place seemed empty.
Why was I looking at that kid?
What did your father say?
He took my sister and everything away.
To have a baby isn't a crime!
It is. I was mad.
Why didn't he marry you?
Because I refused him.
You, Jeanne?
I didn't want to dupe him.
Didn't you love him?
No... not enough.
Where is he?
I haven't seen him for three months.
I'll help you.
I'll take care of your kid.
No. You must go...
...and never come back here.
I can become honest again.
At least, let me try.
The police didn't bother me any longer.
Are you playing?
Will you go?
Won anything?
Nothing. And you?
Was I wrong..?
Funny: the winner wasn't the horse he'd bet on.
I read mischief in his eyes.
Those walls, those bars, I don't care.
I don't even see them.
It's the idea.
What idea?
I should've been on my guard.
I can't bear that idea.
You're suffering!
I confessed everything.
They'll take it into account.
During the preliminary investigation, I'll deny it.
Why have you come?
I have only you.
Must I admit that I'm bad, and that you win?
I don't need anyone!
Don't go...
There was something I hadn't told her.
Why should I live?
I hadn't decided yet.
Jeanne didn't return...
The kid has been very ill for 3 weeks.
Now he is better and I will return soon to see you in prison. Jeanne.
When I read that, my heart beat violently.
Then a sweet light came up.
Oh Jeanne, in order to reach you...
...what a strange way I had to take...
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