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Subtitles for Piece of the Action A 1977 CD2.

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Piece of the Action A 1977 CD2

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And I watch him. Some.
Mama says I have to be a man now.
...sometimes I get scared.
Because it's hard sometimes.
She don't force me or nothing...
...but if I'm gonna be a man...
...then I gotta get me|a job and help out...
...or move...
...or something.
...I got in this program... get me a job.
You know, to help out... family.
And so Mama can watch Timmy.
He almost hurt himself|a couple of times.
But he's really sweet.
And kind of a happy kid, you know?
And if I'm gonna be a man...
...I gotta get me a job.
Because of Timmy.
And Mama.
You know, Mangum...
...people laugh sometimes.
But they probably all like|Timothy as much as you do.
It's just their way, you know?
You really want a job, don't you?
Yes, I want the job.
Willie, you sure you can do the work?
-I'll learn it.|-I think you will.
You're all right, man.|You ought to have a chance.
...go out to the coffee machine and bring|me a container of black coffee.
Anybody else?
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'm Barbara Hanley,|and I'd like a job.
And I'm not gonna smile,|because I don't feel like it.
You're not feeling well?
I don't feel like it, because I'm--
I'm mad.
Why are you mad, Barbara?
-I don't know.|-Why do you want to work here?
Let somebody else go.|I'm not ready for this.
-Good morning.|-Good morning.
My name is Percy Watkins,|and I would like a job.
What makes you want|a job here, Percy?
Well, sir, I would like to have me a job|so I can buy me some grass!
Easy, son, easy!
Gonna spill my first aid kit.
I did so enjoy your visit.|Thanks for a happy birthday.
You take care of yourself|and come see us.
Bon voyage and have a safe trip.
There's something I want|you to remember: I love Nikki.
We got good eyes.|We can see you love the girl.
I can see you're happy, sugar.
You're gentle with her,|I'll grant you that.
I know what's bothering you,|and I respect you for it. It's just that...
...well, anyway, one day,|maybe Nikki and I....
Well, you see....
Maybe we'll get married.
Probably. I mean....
I mean, otherwise... would it look to her sisters|when they come to visit?
Oh, Lord.
You see, this is all the family I've got.|Right here, right now.
So I guess I gotta do what's|right for the family.
You're all right, boy.
Come on, Emma, Daniel, let's go.|It's a long, dry trip. Come on.
-What's happening?|-Hey.
-Last night I had an idea.|-Good morning, gentlemen.
Good morning, Mr. Theodore.
Last night I had an--
Is it possible he could have|a deep telephone voice?
You never know these days.
I'm going to need your permission|to escalate my ultimate weapon.
-I don't go for violence.|-I'm not talking about violence.
I'm talking sex appeal.|I'm gonna use it on Miss French.
-Be serious.|-I am serious.
I'm serious.
She's got eyes for me.
Now, all I have to do|is take her out.
One thing leads to another,|and at the end of a week...
...anything I ask her about anybody,|she will tell me.
She will smack her mama|if I tell her to.
You're the one she'll smack.
I take it that you didn't turn up|anything on those names.
No. But his name's got to|be on that list somewhere.
Now, you give me permission|to work on Miss French...
...and I will uncover that dude,|and we will get away clean.
Now, just be cool.|Let me work on her.
Poor baby.
Don't be so modest, David.
Two mailroom jobs,|firm and committed? That is great.
We still have 28 more to go.
You'll get them, I know you will.|I have confidence in you.
Thank you.
-We're off to lunch, Marsha.|-Yes, Miss French.
Of course, there are problems|I had intended to discuss with you.
For instance, the board members,|the contributors, the sponsors.
I know nothing about the backgrounds|of the contributors and the sponsors.
The big corporations want|to know the names.
Let's meet.|I'll give you what I can.
Good, I'll pick you up at 7:30.
Then, after dinner at the Grotto,|we can go to the disco in Old Town.
I thought you meant|meet in my office.
With all the hustle and tension in there?|I got to meet my boss. That's you!
There's not much to know.|I was born four blocks away.
I'm 5'7", five pounds|overweight and divorced.
Divorced? Oh, some turkey|messed over you?
He wanted to fly airplanes,|and I wanted to do this.
-He still writes from overseas.|-You still carrying a torch?
This is a business meeting,|isn't it, Mr. Anderson?
I didn't know you before, now I know|you well enough to ask you to dinner.
For business.
You're persistent. You talk fast.|I hope the work goes as quickly.
-I work fast also.|-I've noticed.
I keep my business life|and my social life separate.
What if I said I was|a teenager looking for a job?
-You ever hear of the Quantum Theory?|-Physics wasn't my best subject.
It's not physics.|It's a discotheque.
-A discotheque?|-Yes, a discotheque.
You know, like, you do the funky chicken,|the funky rhinoceros.
-I know, I know.|-Yeah. You do.
You think I'm an old spinster dedicating|her life to good works and no fun at all.
-I didn't say you was old.|-You're wrong.
-You are old?|-No, the other.
I'm sorry. I was wrong.
We'll go to dinner tonight|and down to the Quantum Theory.
What is it that you have against me?
I'm rich, I'm suave...
...and I have a clean navel.
I'm full-blooded.
-How about if I'm a veteran?|-David Anderson, you're impossible.
You just have to get to know me.
Maybe I better.
I'm gonna go damp my hair.|I can feel it tightening.
-Excuse me.|-Yes, please.
David Anderson.
You haven't danced with me all night.
Now, if you don't dance with me,|I'll holler rape.
-Is that a request?|-What? The rape or the dance?
-Don't make no never mind to me.|-Don't make no never mind to me neither.
-Look out, now.|-Look out.
-What a lovely evening.|-Want to do it again?
-Is it serious?|-Kind of serious.
That's a fence I won't try to climb.|I hope that you're happy.
I hope that he's miserable,|but I hope you're happy.
Thanks, David. You're a very nice man.
If he ever hurts you, I'll personally|come in and beat him to death...
-...with one of Manny's teenage gorillas.|-I'll keep you posted.
Now, let's talk about common courtesy.
You know what courtesy is?
That's all. Respect for other people.
And that comes from|respect for yourself.
You give respect so others will give|you respect. If they don't, it's on them.
How many here play basketball?
Hey, I'm bad, man.
All right.
Slam's my name.|That's my game.
-Denise, show that sucker.|-Yeah, show the dunk.
Earline the Pearline.|Now you see me, now you don't.
Can't miss you, the way|your sneakers smell.
Okay, okay, okay.
Now, someone feeds you a pass,|you score, you say:
"Hey, nice pass."|Now, that is a common courtesy.
Common, no big deal.
"Please" and "thank you"|are common courtesies.
Common, no big deal.
Nothing taken away from you.|But now let's discuss the psychology...
-...of common courtesy.|-Psychology!
The psychology of courtesy is... encourage someone to give|you that pass, set that pick... that you can take your best shot.
-Getting people to help you get over.|-Courtesy is to give and go.
-Give and get.|-I ain't playing with Denise.
She's a ball hog.
A job's like a ball team. You don't have|to like everybody you play with.
But the only way you'll get|your piece of the action...
...your championship ring, is....
Is for everybody to get one.
That's what winning is,|getting your piece of the action.
Now, we're gonna go|downtown, into the field... practice common courtesy.
-All right!|-Oh, yeah!
Go to the corner, make a right turn.|It's about two blocks down.
I'm looking for the McNally|Association? Associates?
They're upstairs.|You delivering something?
No, I'm looking for a job.
Eighteenth floor.
-Hey, you got a light?|-No, I don't.
Good morning.
What can I do for you?
I'm going to inquire about a job.
What do you need?
Could you direct me to the offices|of McNally Associates, please?
-They're in 1805.|-Thank you.
-Excuse me, sir, do you have a light?|-Yeah. Sure.
Here you go.
-Thanks again.|-Don't mention it. Good luck with the job.
Okay, now, here's the play.
You give courtesy and kindness|and you get them back.
Barbara, it's your turn. Pick out anybody.|Get directions to Garfield Hays Monument.
-The what?|-Damn, Barbara.
The damn Garwood Hays Monument.|Don't you know nothing?
Lord have mercy!|Jesus, help my people!
-I never heard of the place!|-There is no such place.
There's no such monument,|but get the information anyway.
Get it out. But get it with kindness.|And courtesy.
-Okay.|-Okay? All right.
Now, you ready?
-Yeah.|-Okay, let's go.
-Go on, girl.|-All right.
Sir, could you help me, please?
-What do you want, kid?|-I think I'm lost.
I have to find|the Garfield Hays Monument.
You guys know where it is?
-No, boss.|-Boss, it's a quarter of.
Oh, see, they're waiting for me.|My mother, father and my little brother.
But I don't wanna keep you.
Boss, we better go.
Take your time. The little girl is lost!
I don't want to take your time, sir.
It's all right, kid. Now, let me see.
The Garfield Monument? Monument?
I've been there lots of times.|It's a big place.
Yeah, pretty big.
I played there when I was a kid.|I used to feed the pigeons.
You see down there?
See that policeman down there?
Tell you what, go ask the cop.|He'll tell you where it is.
Thank you very much.
-Have a nice day, now.|-Okay, little girl. Be careful, now.
Sweet kid.
-Hey! Hey!|-All right, Barbara.
All right, all right.|Okay, okay.
Now, we're heading back to the center.|Let's go, let's go. Back to the center.
-What'd you find out?|-Nice lady.
But what'd you find out|for you and me?
You? Hey, man, there's a chump|already in the picture.
-The names.|-I don't know the turkey's name.
I'm talking about the names|from the safe.
I figure if I get tickets for the ballet,|I'll be able to impress her with my class.
-Dave, it's been a bad day.|-I'm working on it.
-What about the child-care center?|-I think we need more participation...
...from the parents, you know,|because we....
Excuse me.
-Everything okay?|-Yeah.
-I've changed my mind.|-About what?
I'm gonna climb that fence.
He's no more entitled|to you than I am.
I mean, who does he think|he is, anyway? I mean, who is he?
-Roger Lawrence.|-Roger Lawrence?
Roger Lawrence? Lila Lawrence?
I mean, what kind of name is that?|I mean, are you kidding me?
-No.|-You're not?
-No.|-Well, what does he do?
He's the regional sales director,|Pharaoh Products.
-Well, where is he?|-He's out of town. He's in D.C.
In Washington, D.C.? He's taking care|of business in Washington, D.C.?
Well, I'm taking care of business|right here. You know why?
-Meaning what?|-Meaning that I've changed my mind.
It means that I'm gonna be shooting at you.|It means that you are in a world of trouble.
And another thing, I'm getting four tickets|to the Dance Company of Harlem.
You are going with me.|Manny's going and Nikki's going.
Now, why? Because I'm from Tennessee|and when I get my Tennessee up...
...I will kick over a mountain,|kill a buffalo with this little finger.
No violence to yourself,|of course, my dear.
But I'm going across the hall,|I'm gonna get the 21 on the job...
...for the little lady and|gentlemen gorillas across the hall.
But at 7:30 p.m., I'm coming by|your place and I'm picking you up.
And 7:30 means 7:30, not CP time.|You understand?
Thank you.
{y:i}Lovely day, Miss Darren,|{y:i}don't you think?
{y:i}Bright and shiny, Mr. Anderson.
-Well, here we are.|-Again.
-May I show you to your door?|-This is my door.
No, I mean your other door.
Church people.
What's wrong with them?|Are they lonely?
They just ride up and|down in this building?
You know the people?
It's your building.
Are these statues, or what?
Good night.
Hey, come on! Get in line!
Get in line! Get in line|if you wanna get paid.
Please get in line. You do wanna|get paid, don't you?
So shut up!
{y:i}Oy vey!
-0-0-J....|-That's it!
That's it.
-Come on, John. What takes you so long?|-Don't give me hassle.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Tape it soft.
-Get down this weekend.|-Slow.
Mr. Durrell, I don't understand how you can|do this or what it is you're really doing...
...but I think I like it.
And they tell me Mr. Anderson is doing|so well with finding jobs too.
Keep praying, Sarah. We still gotta|housebreak them. Time is short.
-I'll be burning incense night and day.|-A few candles wouldn't hurt.
Yes, Mr. Tillman, thanks. You will not|regret it. Can you call me Thursday?
Thank you, sir. Bye-bye.
Save me from committees!
Jobs 17, 18 and 19.
-You are working miracles.|-I am a captain of industry.
And I'm gonna go straight to the top,|and when I get there...
-...l'm taking you away from here.|-Thanks, captain, but no, thanks.
This is my thing. I went away to college|just so I could come back here...
...because of a truly beautiful woman.|That one right there.
-Who?|-Martha Burke.
She started the center.|She had the job I have now.
You know that kid Barbara that Manny|has so much trouble with?
-Yeah.|-That was me.
Always mad and never knowing why|until I met Mrs. Burke.
She turned my whole life around.
She got mad every time she saw|a kid's life being wasted.
This center was her passion.|She's dead now, but not really.
-Who's this gentleman with her?|-That's Mr. Burke. And that's the Hamiltons.
Mr. Burke. Is he connected|with the center in any way?
-No, it was her baby. You know him?|-I've seen him before.
You might've, if you've had any|trouble with the law.
Oh, really?
That's Detective Joshua Burke.|Just retired, I think.
Oh, really.
Hi, Dave. Come on in.|Honey!
You know a cat named|Joshua Burke?
Detective Joshua Burke,|just retired from the force.
His wife, Martha Burke,|died about three years ago.
Now, here's the bombshell.|Martha Burke was coordinator of the center.
-Our center?|-Yes, our center.
She started it. Her baby, her pet.|Now, four years ago, she took sick.
The woman who took over her job|was the woman she had trained.
Lila. Lila French.
Yes. I think Joshua Burke|is our man.
Let's check him out.|I took down his number.
{y:i}Hello? Hello, who is this? Hello?
-Got him!|-Got him!
Now, I want him picked apart|from the day he was born.
We will find out something,|anything that will get him off of us.
I want him by the short hairs.
Give me a couple of days and you've|got him on a platter, short hairs and all.
Could you tell me where I could|find Miss French?
Right in there, miss.
City funded, yes, but the advantage is that|our kids are prescreened in the program.
Someone to see you, Miss French,|a Mrs. Quitman?
Yes, so they're already familiar|with your employee requirements.
And they want to work.
I'm Bea Quitman. I'm looking for|a Manuel Durrell. He's an old friend.
Manny's working in the field.|Would you like to leave a message?
I'm in from Copenhagen|just for the day.
I'm going to the Nash Corporation.
Hello. My name is Dave Anderson.|I work with Manny.
I got a bite on jobs 20 and 21|for the little gorillas.
-All right!|-Bye.
-I'm so disappointed.|-He'll be back by the end of the day.
Well, maybe I can get back later.
-It was nice meeting you.|-Nice meeting you.
$ 1.50.
-So?|-Yes, he works there.
-He'll be back later.|-That's nice.
-What about my grandson?|-Trust me, Grandma.
I trusted you, right?
Second car on the left.
Call Nikki, will you? And tell her to come|meet you at your house, all right?
-Lampkin called, job number 22.|-Great. Now, just call Nikki, will you?
-Okay, what's up?|-Nothing, just do what I tell you.
Okay, sure.
Name Mrs. Bea Quitman|mean anything to you?
-Yeah.|-She came in and asked for you, just left.
Got into a limo with five hood types,|two of them sitting in your car right now.
-Where's Bea?|-Drove off in a limo with the other three.
-They looking for you?|-Yeah.
Is it serious?
-Very.|-That's what I thought.
Don't get mad, but I had Lila call Nikki|to come over to her place.
That was good. Thanks.
If she gave her right name,|she must be trying to tell me something.
Well, what are you going to do?
I'm gonna stay away from my car,|for one thing.
Until I find out what's going on.|And there's only one man who can tell me.
-Detective Joshua Logan Burke?|-Right.
I don't want you in on this, Dave.|It's my problem.
Detective Joshua Logan Burke|happens to be my problem also.
-Dave, I'm trying to keep you out of this.|-But you can't.
Detective Joshua Burke, I believe.
-Can I help you?|-You damn well better.
Come in.
And they drove off with Bea.
The other two are sitting|in my car now.
Can we use the phone?|I wanna check on the women.
If the neighbor told you I was a policeman,|it's not quite true. I retired a month ago.
This is no time for games. You've had us|jumping on that string for weeks.
Mr. Durrell, is it?
Even if I knew what you were talking about,|what could I do?
Nikki's not there. Lila's been calling|ever since we left. No answer.
-We gotta go.|-Listen...
...l'll nose around,|see what I can come up with.
I'll be at Lila French's apartment.|You remember, your wife's replacement.
-Fairmont Avenue. It's listed.|-Yeah.
Miss McLean, there's a lady|waiting for you.
-For me?|-Yes.
-Yeah?|-"I want my money."
-All $475,000.|-You got Nikki?
Nikki and the old lady and you.
-You've got 18 hours.|-Listen--
{y:i}I'll call you at that place|{y:i}where you work.
You don't have to be circumspect,|Mr. Burke. They've told me everything.
Yes, everything.
What you've done isn't|very nice, Mr. Burke.
-I did it for her.|-No.
Martha Burke never used people|to get what she wanted.
Bruno called.
-He's got my woman.|-He wants his money.
And he wants you dead.
-What you gonna do?|-I want my woman free.
I've only got half the money.|I'll find the rest someplace...
...but I won't walk in there and give him|his money and my life without a chance.
I'm not gonna walk in there naked.|Now, you have got to get me an edge.
Burke, you owe me.
-For my woman.|-What are you asking me?
...Bruno has got to have some|kind of a weak link.
-Now, you're a cop.|-Was a cop.
But you still know how to get to things.|Hey, if I'm going down...
...Bruno is going down.
I don't know. I don't know.
Even if I came up|with some ideas...'ll probably need|a hell of a good safe man.
And that could get you killed|even before you met Bruno.
Burke, for my woman.
Wait here. I'll call you back.
Josh? You're looking good.
Ty, I gotta talk to you.
Well, what is it?
...l'm gonna lay it on you.
What's the matter, you in trouble?
Ty, I need some information.|You gotta give it to me. You gotta.
Hey, you want help? You got it.|What do you need?
-I don't know what you're talking about.|-Yes, you do.
I know nothing. I....
We're old friends, right?
I know about the gambling,|and I know about the loans from Bruno.
And you don't pay that money back, ever.
You pay him his way.|I know that.
-When did you...?|-I always knew.
Here's you, Ty, 19 years.|You got six years till you retire.
And I wish you well.
Ty, I got a short memory.|Soon as I hear what you got to tell me...
...l'll forget where it came from.
Ty, better them than you.
Oh, Jesus!
Let's have a cup of coffee.
You serious?
We gotta hit two places,|one you'll not believe.
Let's go.
This one's been taken care of.|We just cleaned it out.
Let's go.
No, please. No, please.|No, no.
I could have opened|the gate for you.
Mr. Durrell, your class is ready.|It's a quarter after--
Sarah, would you take the class?|We're having an emergency.
Oh, certainly.|I'm sorry. Certainly.
-Yeah?|-You got my property?
-"Yeah".|-We make the exchange...
...underneath Lakeshore Drive|and Walker, 2:00.
-I'll be there.|-"Sure you will".
It's on.
-Let me go with you.|-No.
If they see you, they won't deal.
Just take care of Nikki.
-Where's my woman?|-Let me see the money.
Where is she?
She'll be coming out of that|warehouse right over there.
Get in, con man.
Where's Manny?
No! I'm not going anyplace!|I want Manny! Manny!
So. Long time. Long time.
-You're a smart boy.|-I got your boy.
-What'd you say?|-I'm not a boy.
Look, I came here to give you this.
It's two-thirds of the money.|I'm short a third. You wanna count it?
Money isn't everything, you see?
You're an embarrassment to me.|Like a boil.
You interfere with the normal|flow of things, boy.
-Man.|-We'll see about that.
You're smart. I give you credit for that.|But now you're in trouble, see?
You shouldn't deal in other|people's money.
-You should take your own advice, Bruno.|-Mr. Bruno.
That was other people's money.|Money you took from poor people.
You preaching to me, con man?
I don't steal that money.|People give it to me.
-I provide a service.|-Dope is a service?
Gambling, whores? Twelve-year-old junkies|are informed consumers?
You got a lot of spunk, boy.|A lot of spunk.
You are not dealing with a boy,|titty-sucker.
Watch how you talk here.
So I touched you and I touched you good.|All right, I owe you.
But you owe people. You owe a lot|of people in my neighborhood... in a matter of touching other|people's money, we're even.
-Can I have him now, boss?|-No, let him talk.
It's his last testament.
Now, I wanna walk out of here|owing you nothing. Equal.
So why don't you count the money.
-I wanna talk a deal.|-Deal?
You believe that?
He wants to talk a deal.
Durrell, only deal you're gonna talk... what kind of box|you want to be buried in.
Don't talk to me about deals, boy.
Get him out of here.|You know what to do.
That's gonna be|the death of you, Bruno.
That money? You don't understand.|This is nothing.
It's two-thirds of nothing!
It's pride.
You don't understand that, smart boy.
You shouldn't get in places|where you are a lightweight.
Smart. Smart?!
You're stupid!|You think this is big money?
This is nothing! This is crap!|This is....
What is this?
That's a copy of your ownership|of Coryell Management Limited.
The Internal Revenue Service might be|interested in your imports and exports.
That might be the details|of your cigarette business.
That's a federal offense.|Interstate hijacking.
The stamps on the packs|are federal stamps.
Where did you get this?
From where you kept them,|in a safe at St. Ambrose Monastery.
That was good thinking.|Those nice monks don't know nothing.
Give them a contribution, and they let you|store things where the cops can't come in.
Nice thinking.
Check that one out.
I mean, that's important.
That's the deal between you and Foster|that got the Turk killed in Delaware.
Now, I know you're not connected...
...and the syndicate would just|as soon have you out of the way.
And that piece of paper will put|your behind deep in a marsh.
And you, Louie..., Stosh...
...and you...
...but especially him.
-I'm gonna blow him away, boss.|-You hit my safe.
I hit two safes.
And I'm sure you've noticed|that those papers are copies.
I've got 25 sets...
...around town.
You boys wanna talk a deal|with a lightweight?
I wanna walk out of here|and go back to my life.
You hear me?
Back to my woman.
Twenty-five copies?
Around town.
So anything happens to you|happens to us?
That's right.
You walk out clean, we're even. That's it?
And you stop dealing dope|in South Chicago.
Where's Bea?
The old lady?
Back in Copenhagen.
-How'd you find her?|-I've got friends everywhere.
Remember that, boy.
What happens if you drop dead|of a heart attack or something?
-Oh, baby! Are you all right?|-I'm fine.
-They didn't hurt you, did they?|-No, baby, I'm fine.
Well, what happened?
It's a standoff for now.
This center has too much excitement|for me. I'll have to get an honest job.
-Is there any money in this line of work?|-I guess we'll have to find out.
I don't care if you sharecrop, baby.|I can work.
Well, now, what you gonna do for me?
Well, first, we gonna get you|a high-school diploma.
Just a minute, now.|We still got this problem of--
Oh, my God,|Miss French! It's horrible!
Please come, Miss French!
I told him to stop bothering me!|I told him! I did!
Didn't I? Didn't I tell him?|I told him!
These commencement exercises|of the class of '77...
...which we had to give ourselves...
...are dedicated to Benjamin Banneker:
Free man, irrigation farmer... predictor,|author of an almanac...
...builder of the first|American-made clock...
...and chief surveyor|of the city of Washington, D.C...
...our nation's capital.
Our opening pageant...
...presented by Barbara Hanley|and Percy Watkins...
...exhibited a tableau in pantomime,|you understand?
Shut up, Gerald!|See, I told you not to let him do it.
-He always got to be a star.|-Quiet, y'all.
-Go ahead, Gerald.|-That's all.
I'd just ask our guests|to please excuse my colleagues...
...and let your patience overcome|the nausea and disgust... the ignorance which is,|indeed, the curse of our people.
-Get back in line, son!|-Why would do you wanna do that?
The next section|of our program is awards. Willie?
The recipient of the|class gift award is Miss French.
Oh, thank you.
This gift was commissioned|by the entire class of '77.
The artist is Timmy Mangum,|my little brother.
Hey! Let's hear it for Timmy.
Miss Thomas, it is my honor|to present you with this.
The key to the block.
And this.
The collected works of Stevie Wonder!
{y:i}Thank you.
{y:i}Thank you.
Will you two cut that out?|Really!
Now, for Mr. Durrell|and Mr. Anderson...
...the joint incentive award.
We heard y'all call us "the gorillas."|That's cool.
Now, you can take this award|and spend it on the 23 rookie gorillas... got coming in next week!
-Rookie gorillas?|-Rookie gorillas?
-Twenty-three, and they're volunteers.|-No.
I meant to tell you,|but all this excitement....
No, you didn't.
-No, no, no.|-It's honest work.
-No.|-No, no, no.
Boy! Get on that.
That's it, girl.
Move it, y'all.
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