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Subtitles for Pieces Of April.

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Pieces Of April

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X1:278 X2:440 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm sleeping.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:405 You're okay?
X1:254 X2:463 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Get up, get up! - No!
X1:309 X2:408 Y1:375 Y2:405 You try.
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:336 Y2:404 Come on, this is gonna be your big day.
X1:214 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 We don't want to miss this opportunity.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:336 Y2:404 - All right? - Who's coming today?
X1:203 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:399 You know who's comin'.
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Bobby. Bobby! - We got to, we got to.
X1:288 X2:429 Y1:375 Y2:405 No! Bobby!
X1:236 X2:480 Y1:375 Y2:403 Watch out! No, no!
X1:197 X2:519 Y1:375 Y2:405 April, you got to hurry up.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, I'll be right there.
X1:320 X2:397 Y1:375 Y2:405 April?
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm coming.
X1:277 X2:442 Y1:375 Y2:399 Here I come.
X1:295 X2:424 Y1:375 Y2:405 Joy? Joy?
X1:311 X2:409 Y1:375 Y2:405 Honey?
X1:329 X2:390 Y1:375 Y2:405 Joy?
X1:297 X2:421 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Honey... - Dad!
X1:176 X2:544 Y1:336 Y2:404 Have you seen your mother? I can't find your mother.
X1:337 X2:381 Y1:375 Y2:399 No.
X1:254 X2:463 Y1:375 Y2:405 Where are you?
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Would you knock? - Where is she?
X1:237 X2:483 Y1:375 Y2:399 I don't know. Who?
X1:274 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:399 Your mother.
X1:311 X2:409 Y1:375 Y2:405 Honey?
X1:319 X2:400 Y1:375 Y2:399 Mom?
X1:291 X2:428 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Mother? - Mommy?
X1:164 X2:552 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, everybody, let's move it!
X1:247 X2:471 Y1:336 Y2:402 - You need this? - Yeah, I think so.
X1:316 X2:403 Y1:375 Y2:405 Bobby.
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:375 Y2:399 Come on.
X1:280 X2:438 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Here. - Uh-uh. No.
X1:277 X2:441 Y1:375 Y2:403 Hot, hot, hot!
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:336 Y2:402 - It doesn't really matter anyway. - Yes, it does.
X1:186 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 Bobby, they're probably not even gonna come.
X1:192 X2:527 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hi, Mom. How you feelin'?
X1:270 X2:448 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Great. - That's good.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:404 - How'd I do? - You did great.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:375 Y2:405 Thought you'd think so.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Do you have your camera? - Absolutely.
X1:284 X2:435 Y1:336 Y2:404 - You sure? - Positively.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:399 Better check.
X1:170 X2:547 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I know it's here somewhere. - What's taking so long?
X1:190 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm just wondering if it isn't completely selfish of her,
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:336 Y2:404 asking us to come all the way to New York.
X1:157 X2:562 Y1:375 Y2:405 Should Mom even be traveling?
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:375 Y2:403 Sweetie, if not now, when?
X1:133 X2:586 Y1:336 Y2:404 It's just... I offered to make the meal, but that would've been too easy.
X1:110 X2:611 Y1:336 Y2:398 Honestly, Daddy, what makes her think she can cook all of a sudden?
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 I don't remember her ever being in the kitchen.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:405 And who got an "A" in Home Ec?
X1:197 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 And you know how proud we are of that, honey.
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Could you zip me up, please? - Of course.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:398 Okay, it's gotta be here somewhere.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Honk the horn. - I'm sure they'll be right out.
X1:183 X2:534 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Honk the horn, please. - We'll wake the neighbors.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:404 Screw the neighbors, honk the goddamn horn.
X1:271 X2:445 Y1:375 Y2:405 Mom, please!
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:336 Y2:404 Look, the zipper is not the problem.
X1:226 X2:490 Y1:375 Y2:405 Actually, it kind of is.
X1:225 X2:495 Y1:336 Y2:404 No, Dad, the zipper's not the problem.
X1:228 X2:488 Y1:375 Y2:405 April is the problem.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, okay, here they come.
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Hey. How you feeling? - Great.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Nauseous, dizzy? - I feel great.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:404 - How'd you sleep? - I slept great.
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:375 Y2:399 The camera... it's not here.
X1:281 X2:438 Y1:375 Y2:405 Better hurry.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:404 You know, Mom, all you have to say is,
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:398 "I don't feel up to it," and we'll all understand.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What now? - Forgot my camera.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Oh, Jesus. Where's your tie? - Do I have to wear a tie?
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:336 Y2:402 - You did not just ask me that. - No, sir.
X1:273 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:399 You realize...
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:336 Y2:404 - this could very likely be the last... - Dad, your breath.
X1:163 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:398 - No numbness or discomfort? - No.
X1:268 X2:450 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Headaches? - No.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Nauseous, dizzy? - You asked that already.
X1:219 X2:497 Y1:336 Y2:404 All you have to say is, "I don't feel up to it."
X1:210 X2:510 Y1:375 Y2:405 Is that all I have to say?
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:375 Y2:405 Do you feel sweaty, clammy?
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 Are your hands cold, warm? Are your fingers tingly?
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Because all you have to say... - Beth, shut up.
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:336 Y2:404 Morning, honey. How are you feeling?
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:404 You can never have enough silverware.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 Look at these plates.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:375 Y2:405 Where did you get these?
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:375 Y2:405 Those are salt and pepper.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:336 Y2:404 I know what they're for. Where did you get them?
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:375 Y2:399 From the store.
X1:153 X2:564 Y1:375 Y2:399 We had these when I was a kid.
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:336 Y2:404 The one time Joy let me hold them, she said,
X1:193 X2:525 Y1:336 Y2:404 "Be careful. They're worth more than you are."
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:375 Y2:399 That's terrible.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:375 Y2:405 Next yea r, t hey were gohe
X1:227 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 So, what happened?
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:398 A hammer I was holding fell on them.
X1:319 X2:398 Y1:375 Y2:399 Good.
X1:217 X2:503 Y1:375 Y2:405 How much were they?
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:405 It wasn't cheap.
X1:198 X2:522 Y1:375 Y2:405 How much did they cost?
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:375 Y2:405 They were 50 cents.
X1:206 X2:510 Y1:375 Y2:405 You got yourself a deal.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm sorry. I didn't know.
X1:226 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:398 Hey, we've got a lot of cookin' to do.
X1:254 X2:464 Y1:336 Y2:404 At 375 degrees and fully stuffed,
X1:189 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:398 a 15-pound turkey will take five hours to cook
X1:227 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 if you figure 20 minutes a pound.
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:375 Y2:399 Leave an hour to cool.
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What are you saying? - We got time.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:404 Mashed potatoes, gravy. Sweet potatoes...
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 cut up, melt some butter, sprinkle on brown sugar.
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:336 Y2:404 Green bean casserole made with green bean stuff,
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:336 Y2:404 another dish made with crushed crackers and oysters.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:375 Y2:399 Sounds hard... isn't.
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:336 Y2:404 Just dot it with butter, and right before baking,
X1:182 X2:537 Y1:375 Y2:405 barely cover it with hot milk.
X1:154 X2:563 Y1:336 Y2:404 Cranberry sauce... open the can, pop it on a serving dish.
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:398 - How simple is that? - What else?
X1:146 X2:571 Y1:336 Y2:404 Waldorf salad made with apples, celery, nuts, grapes,
X1:205 X2:506 Y1:336 Y2:404 and the dressing mixed with mayonnaise
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:398 and thinned with milk or cream and sweetener.
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:336 Y2:404 Pumpkin pie... store-bought from the very, very expensive store.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, watch your step.
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:375 Y2:405 N ce a hd easy
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:375 Y2:399 Don't even think about...
X1:160 X2:558 Y1:336 Y2:402 - Mom! - Beth, it's for me when I'm old,
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:336 Y2:404 so I can always remember this day.
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:375 Y2:405 N ce a hd easy
X1:272 X2:445 Y1:375 Y2:399 Almost there.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:402 - There we are. - Hi, Grandma.
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm Beth, your granddaughter.
X1:244 X2:474 Y1:375 Y2:405 Aren't you a love?
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Hi, I'm Timmy. - Timmy's your grandson.
X1:232 X2:484 Y1:375 Y2:405 Well, you don't say.
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I know you. - Hi, Mom. Did you eat?
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:336 Y2:398 Hot, Jim. Get whatever's hot.
X1:185 X2:522 Y1:336 Y2:404 Good morrhirhg. Welcome to Krispy Kreme
X1:213 X2:506 Y1:375 Y2:405 May I take yourorder?
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'll have a vanilla-covered cream-filled, please.
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Can I get... - And two glazed crullers...
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:336 Y2:404 Actually, I do want strawberry with the powder on top.
X1:197 X2:523 Y1:375 Y2:405 Do they have doughnuts?
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:336 Y2:404 Remember, everybody, April is cooking.
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:336 Y2:404 We'll need an extra dozen glazed.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:336 Y2:404 What do you think about cloth napkins?
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Think they'd be better? - Paper is fine.
X1:169 X2:550 Y1:336 Y2:404 No, I'm worried that the paper will feel kind of papery.
X1:242 X2:479 Y1:336 Y2:398 Do we have to talk about this now?
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:336 Y2:404 I could pick them up while I'm out doin' that thing I gotta do.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:336 Y2:404 - You're going out? - I gotta do that thing, you know.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 I think you'll like why.
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:336 Y2:404 I want you to go out. I want you to go out now.
X1:179 X2:538 Y1:336 Y2:404 - But I wanna help. - This is how you'll help me.
X1:157 X2:559 Y1:375 Y2:405 You go and do your thing and...
X1:299 X2:418 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm fine. - Really?
X1:230 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 Bobby, it's gonna be easier without you.
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm goin'. - Bye.
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:375 Y2:403 So, now tell me...
X1:235 X2:484 Y1:336 Y2:398 how could anyone not believe in God?
X1:144 X2:573 Y1:336 Y2:404 - There you go. - They don't deserve decorations.
X1:246 X2:471 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yeah, but you do.
X1:337 X2:381 Y1:375 Y2:399 No!
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, no, no!
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:375 Y2:399 Come on.
X1:315 X2:402 Y1:375 Y2:405 Bobby!
X1:219 X2:497 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yeah. This is Arhthorhy
X1:159 X2:555 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm out If you have a buildirhg problem. Harhg orh irh
X1:220 X2:494 Y1:375 Y2:399 I'll be back tomorrow
X1:189 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:404 Arhd. Oh. Yeah... have a rhice Tharhksgivirhg
X1:156 X2:559 Y1:336 Y2:404 We warht you to krhow that yourcall is importarht to us
X1:161 X2:554 Y1:336 Y2:404 Irh arh effort to serve you better. Yourestimated wait time is
X1:283 X2:432 Y1:375 Y2:399 48 mirhutes
X1:319 X2:400 Y1:375 Y2:399 Mom?
X1:209 X2:511 Y1:375 Y2:405 How's it going in there?
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:375 Y2:405 Good job.
X1:318 X2:401 Y1:375 Y2:399 Hello?
X1:169 X2:548 Y1:336 Y2:404 If you keep knocking like that, you are going to wake me up.
X1:153 X2:565 Y1:336 Y2:404 - That's the... - You don't want to wake me up.
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:405 If you want my opinion...
X1:170 X2:547 Y1:336 Y2:404 Nobody wa hts you r op h oh Nobody wa hts you r op h oh
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Stay out of it. - Did Dad even ask?
X1:214 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm not talking to you! - You always do this.
X1:142 X2:576 Y1:336 Y2:398 You should take charge and turn this car around. This is...
X1:290 X2:427 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Mom. - Hey, you.
X1:266 X2:451 Y1:336 Y2:402 - Here, let me. - Beth, back.
X1:197 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 We were worried, honey. Are you okay?
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm good, honey. I'm great, I feel fine.
X1:205 X2:514 Y1:375 Y2:399 I'm the excited one now.
X1:227 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 Really? Why is that?
X1:262 X2:454 Y1:375 Y2:403 Well, let's see.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I have Fritos, Cheetos... - No, Joy...
X1:197 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Oh, Timmy... Snowballs. - No, stop it!
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Mom, a Nutter Butter. - That's enough, stop it.
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's not right... not now,
X1:169 X2:550 Y1:336 Y2:404 not when April is hard at work making all your favorites.
X1:138 X2:578 Y1:336 Y2:404 Not when she called to check the ingredients of a certain recipe.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm nipping this in the bud right now.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:336 Y2:398 I bet she called collect. I will never call collect.
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:336 Y2:404 Aren't you the most perfect thing ever?
X1:206 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:405 Did someone say April?
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:336 Y2:404 Yes, Grandma, she's your other granddaughter.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:336 Y2:404 I know. I thought she was dead.
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Honey, don't. That's wasteful. - Look, I'm gonna say this once.
X1:315 X2:403 Y1:375 Y2:399 What?
X1:240 X2:477 Y1:336 Y2:404 We're gonna have a very nice time.
X1:155 X2:563 Y1:336 Y2:404 - You don't actually believe that. - It's possible, I think, yes.
X1:127 X2:590 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Well, you're a better man than me. - That's funny. "Better man."
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:404 Don't get me wrong. I'm glad we're going.
X1:129 X2:588 Y1:336 Y2:404 This way, instead of April showing up with some new piercing
X1:134 X2:583 Y1:336 Y2:404 or some ugly new tattoo, and... God forbid... staying overnight,
X1:177 X2:539 Y1:375 Y2:405 this way, we get to show up,
X1:159 X2:557 Y1:336 Y2:404 experience the disaster that is her life, smile through it,
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:336 Y2:404 and before you know it, we're on our way home.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:336 Y2:402 - We don't know it's a disaster. - I know. Believe me, I know.
X1:287 X2:431 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Miss me? - You bet.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:375 Y2:405 April's doing a lot better.
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:375 Y2:405 She's had a couple of real jobs,
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:375 Y2:405 she's found a new place,
X1:156 X2:563 Y1:375 Y2:405 Eddie the drug dealer is history,
X1:172 X2:545 Y1:375 Y2:405 and... she's met this new guy.
X1:318 X2:399 Y1:375 Y2:399 Great.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:375 Y2:405 This guy sounds promising.
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Is that so? - Oh, yeah, he does.
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:404 And why is that? Tell us, please, why?
X1:176 X2:541 Y1:375 Y2:405 Apparently, this guy Bobby...
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:375 Y2:399 reminds her of me.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:375 Y2:405 Eugene, somebody's at the door.
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:375 Y2:399 Who is it?
X1:245 X2:474 Y1:336 Y2:404 Hi, I'm in 3C. I need some help.
X1:322 X2:398 Y1:375 Y2:405 Help?
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Hi. I have a problem. - Who is it?
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:336 Y2:404 It's the new girl in 3C. Says she's got a problem.
X1:222 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What? - Problems, Eugene.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:375 Y2:405 The girl's got problems.
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:375 Y2:405 She's white, she's got her youth,
X1:208 X2:512 Y1:336 Y2:398 her whole privileged life ahead of her.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:336 Y2:404 I am looking forward to hearing about her problems.
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:375 Y2:399 That's the short version.
X1:281 X2:435 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Oh, my. - Goddamn!
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:336 Y2:404 If I told you the long version, you wouldn't have cried.
X1:232 X2:485 Y1:375 Y2:399 And she's how old?
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:336 Y2:404 She had me when she was my age, so she's 42.
X1:284 X2:433 Y1:336 Y2:398 - I'm 42. - You're 45.
X1:262 X2:456 Y1:375 Y2:405 I can't imagine.
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:375 Y2:403 The truth is, none of us know.
X1:218 X2:501 Y1:336 Y2:404 Eugene here could be chewin' on his supper
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:336 Y2:404 and choke to death on a turkey bone this very day.
X1:231 X2:485 Y1:375 Y2:405 We just don't know.
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:375 Y2:405 But to realize your time is almost up,
X1:168 X2:551 Y1:336 Y2:404 and you have one last chance to do the things you love,
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:375 Y2:405 and be with those you love...
X1:290 X2:426 Y1:375 Y2:399 Goddamn!
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:336 Y2:404 You poor thing. Your poor mother.
X1:302 X2:414 Y1:375 Y2:399 Yes. No.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:336 Y2:404 You must have a special relationship.
X1:165 X2:551 Y1:375 Y2:405 We do, yes. We're very close.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 More like sisters. She's like, my best...
X1:175 X2:542 Y1:375 Y2:405 You don't get along, do you?
X1:194 X2:525 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, not at all. Never have.
X1:289 X2:428 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Oh, dear. - Evette.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:375 Y2:405 I know, baby, I know.
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:336 Y2:398 Look, sweetie, we have our own meal to make.
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:402 - I understand. - But, wait, don't move.
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:336 Y2:398 Tina's comin' with the boys about 2:00?
X1:141 X2:576 Y1:336 Y2:404 - That's right. - And Glen will be late, as always.
X1:216 X2:504 Y1:336 Y2:404 Do we even know if Rasheed is coming?
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I know what you're thinkin'. - 'Course you do.
X1:247 X2:472 Y1:336 Y2:398 You always know what I'm thinkin'.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:375 Y2:399 Here's what.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:336 Y2:404 We'll put off cooking ours until 10:30.
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:375 Y2:405 That'll get you started,
X1:129 X2:588 Y1:336 Y2:404 and then you'll have two hours plus to find another oven.
X1:241 X2:479 Y1:375 Y2:399 How's that sound?
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:336 Y2:404 - This yours? - Yo, I got a message for you.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What? - Tyrone's lookin' for you.
X1:183 X2:534 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I don't know no Tyrone. - Yeah, well, he knows you.
X1:230 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:404 This is a nice thing you're doing for her.
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Not really. - It is. It's a nice gesture.
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Isn't it nice, Eugene? - I have a question.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 "Nice" writes letters, "nice" goes home to visit.
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:375 Y2:405 You mean you haven't been back?
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Hell, no. - Not since she got sick?
X1:159 X2:559 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's... she likes it better that way.
X1:231 X2:486 Y1:336 Y2:398 - I don't believe you. - Believe me.
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm the first pancake. - What do you mean?
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:404 She's the one you're supposed to throw out.
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Now I have a question. - What?
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:405 Did you stuff it?
X1:190 X2:530 Y1:375 Y2:399 Has the bird been stuffed?
X1:277 X2:442 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Yeah. - With what?
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:375 Y2:405 A... stalk of celery... I don't know.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:375 Y2:405 Celery's good.
X1:260 X2:457 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Onion. - Onion's good.
X1:223 X2:493 Y1:336 Y2:398 Mostly it's just the mix from the box.
X1:156 X2:560 Y1:375 Y2:405 You used store-bought stuffing.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yeah. Is that a bad thing?
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, it'll be fine.
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:375 Y2:405 What was I supposed to use?
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:398 I'm sure it's a great brand. A fine brand.
X1:129 X2:587 Y1:375 Y2:405 You don't use store-bought stuffing.
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:405 Please, Eugene, your first turkey.
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:336 Y2:398 Need I remind you of that half-cooked affair?
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:336 Y2:402 The meat all pink, no flavor whatsoever,
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:336 Y2:404 and the next year, your burnt the poor bird.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:375 Y2:405 You remember that, right?
X1:220 X2:499 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, I don't remember.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:336 Y2:404 That's why I'm here, baby, so you don't forget anything.
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:336 Y2:398 Yeah? Thanks a lot. Pass me them beans.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:375 Y2:405 April, don't worry about it.
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:336 Y2:404 Honey, what are you doing? I don't need a map.
X1:143 X2:574 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I want to take an alternate route. - Dad knows the way.
X1:213 X2:507 Y1:336 Y2:398 Back roads, see things we've never seen.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:336 Y2:404 This way, the day won't be a complete waste.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I hope we're not late. - We don't want to be early.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm giving you a choice.
X1:220 X2:497 Y1:336 Y2:404 You can either let me study the map...
X1:160 X2:558 Y1:336 Y2:404 or you can rely on my uncanny sense of direction.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Which will it be? - Uncanny sense of direction.
X1:314 X2:404 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay...
X1:258 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:399 Where are we?
X1:223 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:398 Careful now. Don't let the heat out.
X1:270 X2:449 Y1:375 Y2:399 How's it look?
X1:250 X2:469 Y1:375 Y2:399 I... wouldn't know.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:375 Y2:405 What's he making?
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:375 Y2:405 Tell her what you're making.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:375 Y2:405 Nothing special this year.
X1:185 X2:535 Y1:336 Y2:404 No. Just sweet potato soup with buttered pecans,
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:336 Y2:404 herbed oyster stuffing, giblet gravy,
X1:125 X2:593 Y1:375 Y2:405 some lemon-rosemary green beans,
X1:126 X2:592 Y1:375 Y2:405 sautéed red Swiss chard with garlic,
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:375 Y2:405 hickory nut ice cream,
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:405 and maple pumpkin pie.
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Wow. - Nothing special this year.
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Yeah, right. - How about you?
X1:261 X2:457 Y1:375 Y2:405 Turkey, gravy...
X1:252 X2:465 Y1:375 Y2:399 a Waldorf salad.
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:336 Y2:398 Waldorf salad. That sounds unusual.
X1:177 X2:543 Y1:336 Y2:398 It's made with different kinds of fruits and nuts.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 The dressing's pretty much mayonnaise.
X1:138 X2:580 Y1:375 Y2:405 Then mashed potatoes, of course,
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:336 Y2:404 and cranberry sauce, which is easy.
X1:240 X2:477 Y1:375 Y2:405 Just open the can.
X1:278 X2:440 Y1:375 Y2:403 Oh, sweetie.
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:375 Y2:399 I like it from the can.
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:375 Y2:405 Nobody likes it from the can.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:375 Y2:405 It was a squirrel, I think...
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:405 or a very small raccoon.
X1:287 X2:432 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Jim? - Yes, Joy?
X1:313 X2:405 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hop to.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:375 Y2:405 Mom's lookin' for a spot.
X1:154 X2:563 Y1:375 Y2:405 We're sorry we didn't know you.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:375 Y2:405 We hope it was quick, and...
X1:271 X2:449 Y1:336 Y2:404 That's fine. Beth, a song?
X1:341 X2:385 Y1:375 Y2:399 No.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:405 I think Tim pretty much said it all.
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:375 Y2:405 Then what are we waiting for?
X1:200 X2:517 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, pour it in, sweetie.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:398 That's it. Look at you. You're a natural.
X1:326 X2:401 Y1:375 Y2:405 Right.
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:336 Y2:404 While we're waiting for it to dissolve, you stir.
X1:238 X2:477 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yeah. You go, girl!
X1:236 X2:481 Y1:375 Y2:405 Stop it. It's nothing.
X1:168 X2:551 Y1:375 Y2:405 Have you ever done it before?
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 - No. - Then it's not nothing.
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Excuse me. I just wanna... - What's next?
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:336 Y2:404 Next, we let it simmer until it becomes a lovely texture.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Please, could you just... - Then we let it cool off.
X1:262 X2:457 Y1:375 Y2:405 Ladies, please.
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:336 Y2:404 Honey, please just use your words and we'll move.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:336 Y2:404 Don't worry about Eugene. He always gets a little fussy.
X1:149 X2:570 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Any luck finding another place? - I haven't even started.
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Probably the sooner... - Evette.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:402 The sooner you find another oven, the better.
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm coming, Eugene.
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Don't worry. Done. - Okay.
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:336 Y2:404 Hi. Eugene and Evette in 2B... do you know them?
X1:115 X2:603 Y1:336 Y2:404 They're helping me for the time being, and I was just wondering if...
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 See, my family's coming, and my mom, she's...
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's complicated.
X1:118 X2:600 Y1:336 Y2:398 Then the oven or the stove... I don't know what it's called... started...
X1:321 X2:397 Y1:375 Y2:405 Sorry.
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:336 Y2:402 The truth is, she's a rotten mother,
X1:162 X2:554 Y1:336 Y2:404 so I don't even know why you'd want to help me anyway.
X1:183 X2:535 Y1:336 Y2:404 It's funny. My mother was a mean woman, too. Nasty.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:336 Y2:404 There wasn't a nice bone in her body.
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:336 Y2:402 She smoked non-stop, cheated at cards,
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:336 Y2:404 and she complained every day of her life.
X1:244 X2:474 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Sorry. - You know what?
X1:112 X2:606 Y1:336 Y2:404 There's nothing I wouldn't do for a chance to spend more time with her.
X1:209 X2:510 Y1:375 Y2:405 So you'll help me then?
X1:245 X2:470 Y1:375 Y2:403 Mi casa. Su casa
X1:326 X2:393 Y1:375 Y2:405 Help.
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:336 Y2:404 Yo, Latrell, man, this is Bobby. I'm at the spot.
X1:270 X2:447 Y1:375 Y2:399 Call me back.
X1:227 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:399 I'm at 212-737-3858.
X1:305 X2:412 Y1:375 Y2:405 All right.
X1:146 X2:570 Y1:336 Y2:398 This is great. You don't know what this means.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:336 Y2:398 - It's such a big help. - Good.
X1:178 X2:539 Y1:336 Y2:398 - By the way, I'm April in 3C. - Tish in 4A.
X1:214 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 Thank you, Tish in 4A. Thank you, thank you.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:375 Y2:405 My family thanks you.
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, last one.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:402 There's our Christmas card. Come on, Mom.
X1:122 X2:597 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Without April? - Since when was she in the picture?
X1:284 X2:431 Y1:375 Y2:399 Wait. Wait!
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm coming.
X1:206 X2:510 Y1:375 Y2:405 You can keep the mitts.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Where's the strainer? - Good luck.
X1:307 X2:411 Y1:375 Y2:399 Thanks.
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Hi, it's just me. - Can I talk to you for a second?
X1:309 X2:409 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Sure. - Alone.
X1:279 X2:437 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yeah. Okay.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:404 There's something I need you to know.
X1:235 X2:484 Y1:336 Y2:398 I never eat anything that has a face.
X1:140 X2:578 Y1:336 Y2:404 Don't worry, you won't be eating it. I'll just be using your oven.
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:336 Y2:404 But for me, that was once a living, breathing soul.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm a vegetarian. I understand. - But I'm a vegan.
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:405 Even the smell of flesh cooking...
X1:190 X2:529 Y1:375 Y2:405 I don't think I can help you.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:336 Y2:404 Latrell, man, this is Bobby. I'm at the spot.
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:375 Y2:405 Can anybody hear me?
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:336 Y2:398 Does anybody have a stove I can borrow?
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Please? - Try Wayne in 5D.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:375 Y2:405 He's got a new stove.
X1:248 X2:469 Y1:375 Y2:405 Talk louder, lady.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:404 Try Wayne in 5D. He's got a new stove!
X1:288 X2:430 Y1:375 Y2:405 Thank you.
X1:291 X2:428 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hey, babe.
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm just callin' to see how everything is goin'.
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 If you don't need me, you don't have to pick up.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm just callirh' to make sure you're doirh' firhe
X1:292 X2:423 Y1:375 Y2:405 I love you
X1:321 X2:395 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:375 Y2:399 I need this.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 - If I could borrow your... - They don't speak English.
X1:287 X2:432 Y1:375 Y2:399 I know that.
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:404 - If I could borrow... - You're wasting your time.
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:375 Y2:399 Excuse me.
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:375 Y2:399 Excuse me.
X1:251 X2:466 Y1:375 Y2:405 Are you Wayne?
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:375 Y2:405 Wayne with the new stove.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:336 Y2:398 Technically, it's a self-cleaning convection oven.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:402 It has an automatic meat thermometer,
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:402 audible preheat signal, dual bake element,
X1:154 X2:565 Y1:375 Y2:405 hot surface lights, roasting rack,
X1:249 X2:469 Y1:375 Y2:405 and my favorite...
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:375 Y2:405 the frameless glass oven door
X1:172 X2:544 Y1:375 Y2:405 with deluxe big-view window.
X1:235 X2:481 Y1:375 Y2:399 Wow. It's beautiful.
X1:298 X2:418 Y1:375 Y2:403 Yes, it is.
X1:162 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I don't know how to ask this... - Be my guest.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Really? - We'd be delighted.
X1:285 X2:433 Y1:375 Y2:399 Bernadette.
X1:175 X2:544 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's all right. She doesn't bite.
X1:185 X2:534 Y1:375 Y2:405 Latrell, where you at, man?
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Where am I? - Yeah, where you at?
X1:165 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:398 So the big marh warhts to krhow where Latrell is
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 Hell, yeah, I wanna know where you at.
X1:289 X2:430 Y1:375 Y2:405 Right here.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 Where you been, man? You're gonna make me late.
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Where you been? - I been standin' right here.
X1:212 X2:507 Y1:375 Y2:405 Do we know a Tyrone?
X1:301 X2:417 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Tyrell? - Tyrone.
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:375 Y2:405 Anyway, how far we got to go?
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:375 Y2:399 Here she is.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:375 Y2:405 You gotta be kiddin' me.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:336 Y2:398 - You said you worked in retail. - I didn't lie.
X1:277 X2:441 Y1:375 Y2:405 Help me out.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:375 Y2:405 Quality men's clothes?
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:336 Y2:404 You told me you can get me a deal on quality men's clothes.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:398 You'll get some quality men's clothes. Trust me.
X1:259 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:402 Trust you. Come on, man.
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I had you all wrong, man. - You had me wrong.
X1:198 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 'Cause I thought you was the type of brother
X1:128 X2:589 Y1:336 Y2:398 that ain't really need no fancy labels or no Armani Prada bullshit.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:403 Get outta here, man.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 Ninety percent of the people in the world
X1:145 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:399 would love to have these clothes.
X1:181 X2:535 Y1:336 Y2:404 What I'm tryin' to tell you is, as long as it's useful,
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:375 Y2:405 as long as we can wear it,
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:336 Y2:402 as long as people that we love can wear it,
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:375 Y2:405 it's gonna be on that rack.
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:375 Y2:405 So, best get to lookin'.
X1:153 X2:563 Y1:375 Y2:405 Were I you, I'd start down there.
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:336 Y2:404 Were I you, if I don't find nothin', you better not be here.
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:336 Y2:402 Pull over, Jim. Pull over now, now!
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Are you woozy? - Do you feel sick?
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Do you feel tired? - Do you need some fresh air?
X1:169 X2:548 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Mom, you should probably... - I'm fine.
X1:263 X2:456 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm fine. I just...
X1:191 X2:525 Y1:336 Y2:404 It's just... I keep waiting for a good time to tell you,
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:375 Y2:405 but there's really no good time.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:375 Y2:405 I need everyone to listen.
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:375 Y2:405 I don't know how to say this.
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 We need to discuss how each of you... Oh, God...
X1:247 X2:472 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's okay, sweetie.
X1:249 X2:470 Y1:336 Y2:404 How each of you, in your own way,
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:375 Y2:405 is going to handle...
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:404 discarding food without letting our hostess know.
X1:284 X2:433 Y1:336 Y2:404 Oh, please. Joy, really.
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:375 Y2:405 That's not very funny.
X1:209 X2:510 Y1:375 Y2:405 Here's what I suggest...
X1:136 X2:583 Y1:336 Y2:404 Take a bite of whatever it is... let's say the green bean casserole.
X1:204 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:404 Pretend to chew, cough, bring napkin to mouth,
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:336 Y2:404 spit food into napkin, excuse yourself.
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:375 Y2:405 Drop food in toilet.
X1:320 X2:399 Y1:375 Y2:399 Flush.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:375 Y2:405 Honey, roll it tighter next time.
X1:281 X2:437 Y1:375 Y2:405 Sorry, Mom.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:375 Y2:405 Won't you tell me why?
X1:277 X2:441 Y1:375 Y2:405 Tell me why.
X1:137 X2:580 Y1:375 Y2:405 The thing about Smack Daddy is...
X1:256 X2:461 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Who? - Smack Daddy.
X1:231 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 Have I ever heard of Smack Daddy?
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:398 He's a black singer, Dad. You wouldn't know him.
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:336 Y2:404 Oh, no, I never heard of... James Brown or Barry White,
X1:251 X2:466 Y1:375 Y2:405 or Puffy the Dog.
X1:270 X2:449 Y1:336 Y2:398 - May I finish? - Please.
X1:145 X2:572 Y1:336 Y2:404 The thing about Smack Daddy is, you know with him,
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:398 it's no one-night stand, that it's forever.
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:375 Y2:403 Millions want him,
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:336 Y2:404 but it's as if he's only singin' to me... baby.
X1:232 X2:484 Y1:375 Y2:405 Age doesn't matter.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:336 Y2:404 He doesn't care that I'm old and sick and falling apart.
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:375 Y2:405 He sees my soul. He's not fickle.
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:336 Y2:398 - He's there for me. - Like Dad?
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:375 Y2:405 Well, your father can't sing.
X1:169 X2:550 Y1:336 Y2:404 But Smack Daddy... man alive, is he sexy, which...
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:336 Y2:404 it does lead to this whole sexual thing.
X1:288 X2:430 Y1:375 Y2:403 I mean, it...
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:336 Y2:398 does bring up some sort of nice memories.
X1:179 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:402 - You mean with Dad, right? - Him, too.
X1:318 X2:401 Y1:375 Y2:399 Hello?
X1:318 X2:401 Y1:375 Y2:399 Hello?
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What? - Hello. It's you.
X1:157 X2:562 Y1:336 Y2:404 I was knocking on a lot of doors looking for you.
X1:257 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:405 Yours was ajar.
X1:266 X2:453 Y1:336 Y2:404 Come in. How's it goin'?
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:375 Y2:405 No foreseeable problems.
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:404 I was about to check your turkey myself.
X1:259 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:404 Then I thought, since it's yours,
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:404 maybe you'd prefer to do the checking.
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:336 Y2:404 I certainly could do it for you, and will, if you'd like.
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:375 Y2:405 Didn't want to presume...
X1:221 X2:496 Y1:375 Y2:403 That's fine, whatever.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's a common misconception
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 that you can just stick a turkey in the oven.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:336 Y2:404 Turkey needs to be tended to, he needs to be cared for lovingly.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 One must pay close attention to poultry.
X1:324 X2:393 Y1:375 Y2:399 Sure.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:375 Y2:405 So much can go wrong.
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:336 Y2:402 A turkey can burn in places, be overcooked, undercooked...
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:404 which is a health hazard... and what about basting?
X1:182 X2:537 Y1:336 Y2:404 Look, Wayne, I'll be up in a second, okay?
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:375 Y2:405 The second's up.
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:375 Y2:405 Just give me a minute.
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:375 Y2:399 Tick-tock.
X1:296 X2:422 Y1:375 Y2:399 Tick-tock.
X1:228 X2:489 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Wait. Here I come. - I don't think so.
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:336 Y2:404 Bernadette has a small bladder, and if I don't get her outside...
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Can't I just pop my head in? - I'm afraid not.
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:336 Y2:398 - I'll be real quick. - No.
X1:122 X2:595 Y1:336 Y2:404 Do you know that good feeling that often comes from being helpful?
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Yes. - I'm not having that feeling here.
X1:159 X2:561 Y1:375 Y2:405 Look, I'm sorry. I didn't realize...
X1:257 X2:460 Y1:375 Y2:405 So I ask myself,
X1:195 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 "Wayne, it's very clear what you're doing for her,
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:336 Y2:404 but what are you getting out of this?"
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:336 Y2:402 I think you need to take some time and think about that,
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:336 Y2:404 so that maybe later, you help me understand
X1:120 X2:597 Y1:336 Y2:404 what I'm getting from this exchange... if we can even call it an exchange.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:375 Y2:405 Come along, Bernadette.
X1:256 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:405 All crap, Latrell!
X1:277 X2:441 Y1:375 Y2:405 Keep lookin'!
X1:165 X2:551 Y1:375 Y2:405 These are pimp clothes, man!
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Money green. - No!
X1:254 X2:464 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Lapel surprise. - No!
X1:269 X2:448 Y1:336 Y2:402 - Velvet. - Hell, no! No!
X1:145 X2:574 Y1:375 Y2:405 How am I supposed to wear this?
X1:180 X2:537 Y1:336 Y2:404 Big man... look, I was savin' this little number for myself,
X1:187 X2:531 Y1:336 Y2:404 but I think it's more your size, try that.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:375 Y2:405 What do you have there?
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:336 Y2:402 These are some photos I've taken of Mom, before and now.
X1:154 X2:563 Y1:336 Y2:404 - How nice. - I got a camera for my birthday.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:375 Y2:405 Timmy is very talented.
X1:152 X2:565 Y1:336 Y2:402 - All of our children are talented. - Yes, Beth's talented, too.
X1:270 X2:448 Y1:375 Y2:403 Oh, how nice.
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:375 Y2:405 Maybe this isn't the best time.
X1:126 X2:591 Y1:336 Y2:404 - This was before. - So I could remember them always.
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Okay, that's enough. - I think so.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:336 Y2:404 There's one more I want to show you.
X1:239 X2:478 Y1:375 Y2:399 Where's that one?
X1:237 X2:480 Y1:375 Y2:405 This is my favorite.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:375 Y2:405 Look how the light and...
X1:250 X2:470 Y1:375 Y2:399 the arm is.
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:375 Y2:405 I think I prefer Beth's singing.
X1:308 X2:417 Y1:375 Y2:405 Wayne?
X1:157 X2:562 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hey, you ever hear the phrase...
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:398 "Beware the occasion that warrants a new suit"?
X1:207 X2:510 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Nope. - I'm tellin' you, beware.
X1:207 X2:509 Y1:375 Y2:399 You never been in love.
X1:126 X2:593 Y1:336 Y2:404 I never been in love, and I don't want to be in love, thank you.
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:375 Y2:405 It does things to you.
X1:291 X2:429 Y1:375 Y2:399 Like what?
X1:191 X2:527 Y1:336 Y2:404 You do things you thought you never could ever do.
X1:155 X2:562 Y1:336 Y2:404 - My mama, God rest her soul... - Lord, not another mama story!
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:336 Y2:398 - She was drivin'. - Your mama can't drive.
X1:145 X2:571 Y1:336 Y2:404 You didn't even know my mother, and I pity you for that.
X1:192 X2:524 Y1:336 Y2:398 You don't have to pity me. You the one in love.
X1:157 X2:560 Y1:336 Y2:404 Anyway, my mother was drivin', and I was just a baby.
X1:149 X2:567 Y1:336 Y2:404 The car flipped over, and I was trapped underneath the car.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:336 Y2:404 You know what she did? She lifted up the car.
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Bullshit. - I'm tellin' you.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 She lifted up the car, and she pulled me to safety.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:336 Y2:404 She had this moment of unbelievable strength,
X1:227 X2:490 Y1:375 Y2:399 'cause she had love.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:375 Y2:399 That's what love does.
X1:247 X2:470 Y1:336 Y2:402 - Bravo, bravo! - Encore, encore!
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Any requests? - That you stop.
X1:225 X2:494 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm sorry. I'm terrible.
X1:267 X2:450 Y1:375 Y2:405 Who are you?
X1:228 X2:488 Y1:336 Y2:398 Don't start with that. You know who I am.
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:375 Y2:405 I know who you say you are,
X1:182 X2:536 Y1:336 Y2:404 but my daughter is kind and sweet and soft-spoken.
X1:273 X2:445 Y1:375 Y2:405 Not anymore.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:375 Y2:405 Then I don't know you.
X1:304 X2:413 Y1:375 Y2:403 Oh, shit!
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:375 Y2:405 Joy, honey, are you all right?
X1:262 X2:457 Y1:375 Y2:399 I am so critical.
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's one of my worst faults,
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:398 and some of the reasons for this are obvious.
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:375 Y2:405 But why, I keep asking myself,
X1:190 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:404 why am I so hard, for instance, on you, Beth,
X1:175 X2:541 Y1:336 Y2:404 when, for years, you've been the daughter of my dreams?
X1:162 X2:555 Y1:375 Y2:405 You have. You know you have.
X1:138 X2:579 Y1:336 Y2:404 Apart from your weight problems, we're practically the same person.
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:375 Y2:405 So why am I so hard on you?
X1:135 X2:584 Y1:336 Y2:404 Forget the fact that you're making the same mistakes I made,
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:375 Y2:405 and I wish you'd make your own.
X1:135 X2:585 Y1:336 Y2:404 But I think I'm hard on you because we've had so many good times.
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:336 Y2:404 And I think it's likely, as this gets worse, Timmy,
X1:155 X2:564 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'll be hard on you, too, because we've had so many good times.
X1:118 X2:600 Y1:336 Y2:404 So then, why am I hard on April when we didn't have any good times?
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:375 Y2:405 That's not true, though.
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:336 Y2:404 For days, I've been trying to think of nice April memories,
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:375 Y2:405 and I can only come up with one.
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:336 Y2:404 One vivid, beautiful memory. There's gotta be more.
X1:229 X2:490 Y1:336 Y2:404 - One can be a lot. - Okay, what was it?
X1:249 X2:470 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's not important.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:336 Y2:398 Like hell, it's not. Tell us. What was it?
X1:153 X2:564 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, she had just turned three.
X1:150 X2:569 Y1:336 Y2:404 She was looking out the picture window on Locust Street,
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:336 Y2:404 and it was early in the morning, but it was already sunny.
X1:125 X2:592 Y1:336 Y2:402 She was just gazing out the window, and she turned back to me,
X1:167 X2:552 Y1:336 Y2:404 and she said, "Oh, Mother, don't you just love every day?"
X1:271 X2:447 Y1:375 Y2:399 That was me.
X1:318 X2:400 Y1:375 Y2:399 It was!
X1:192 X2:524 Y1:336 Y2:398 April was six when we lived on Locust Street.
X1:280 X2:439 Y1:375 Y2:405 Is that right?
X1:123 X2:593 Y1:375 Y2:405 Well, what about the crayon drawing
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:336 Y2:404 she did of the Mayflower... the one you had framed?
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:336 Y2:398 - That was me, too. - Cut it out!
X1:190 X2:530 Y1:336 Y2:398 I'm sorry, but it's important that we're accurate here.
X1:160 X2:558 Y1:336 Y2:404 - These are my memories, too. - Are you sure?
X1:217 X2:500 Y1:336 Y2:398 She's absolutely right, God freakin' dammit.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:398 Just off the top of my head, I have one.
X1:157 X2:560 Y1:375 Y2:403 She was... I don't know how old,
X1:227 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:404 but she was wearing a pink nightgown.
X1:271 X2:447 Y1:375 Y2:399 That was me.
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm kidding. - Funny. Very funny.
X1:196 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 And I was coming back from a trip, or maybe not,
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:336 Y2:404 but I came into her room, and she was sleeping...
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:375 Y2:405 in her crib, and it was lovely.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:336 Y2:402 - That's it? - Yes, that's it.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:405 That's lovely.
X1:129 X2:591 Y1:336 Y2:404 No, it's not. Your happiest moment? She was asleep!
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:336 Y2:404 I didn't say it was my happiest moment,
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:375 Y2:405 it's just what came to mind.
X1:310 X2:409 Y1:336 Y2:398 Joy Momh?
X1:276 X2:440 Y1:375 Y2:405 Joy, watch...!
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:336 Y2:404 - What are you doing? - It's shitty, Jim.
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:404 All I can remember is the petulance,
X1:220 X2:497 Y1:336 Y2:398 the shoplifting, the fire in the kitchen.
X1:203 X2:513 Y1:375 Y2:399 Which was an accident.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 Was it an accident the way she used to light matches
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:375 Y2:399 and throw them at Beth?
X1:167 X2:551 Y1:336 Y2:404 Or the time she used a lighter to trim Timmy's bangs?
X1:133 X2:584 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Joy, come on. - I mean, the drugs, the ingratitude!
X1:163 X2:553 Y1:336 Y2:398 She bit my nipples whenever I tried to breastfeed.
X1:239 X2:478 Y1:375 Y2:403 Sweetie, come on.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:336 Y2:398 No wonder there's cancer. She's the cancer.
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:375 Y2:399 Get back in the...
X1:232 X2:484 Y1:375 Y2:399 Get back in the car!
X1:287 X2:430 Y1:375 Y2:405 Stop! Stop!
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:375 Y2:405 What's going on?
X1:151 X2:567 Y1:375 Y2:405 Mom needed to stretch her legs.
X1:259 X2:457 Y1:375 Y2:405 Joy, stop. Stop!
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:404 I tried, okay, but I can't go, I can't.
X1:148 X2:569 Y1:336 Y2:404 I can't... I can't have another bad experience with her.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:336 Y2:398 - It won't be like that. - You don't know that.
X1:181 X2:538 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's the whole point of going.
X1:195 X2:521 Y1:375 Y2:405 We're making a memory.
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:336 Y2:404 You're not listening to me. I have too many memories!
X1:156 X2:560 Y1:336 Y2:404 A good memory. We're making something good.
X1:257 X2:460 Y1:375 Y2:399 What if it's not?
X1:235 X2:483 Y1:375 Y2:405 It will be. I promise.
X1:180 X2:538 Y1:375 Y2:405 I promise it will be beautiful.
X1:239 X2:481 Y1:375 Y2:405 How do you know?
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:375 Y2:399 Because I told her it had to be.
X1:267 X2:451 Y1:375 Y2:399 And if it's not?
X1:257 X2:460 Y1:375 Y2:399 Then I'll kill her.
X1:308 X2:408 Y1:375 Y2:405 Wayne!
X1:149 X2:569 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hi. I'd like to report a kidnapping.
X1:223 X2:497 Y1:336 Y2:404 I said I'd like to report a kidnapping.
X1:197 X2:521 Y1:336 Y2:404 This man who lives in my apartment building,
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:375 Y2:405 he's taken my turkey hostage,
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:336 Y2:402 and he's had it for over an hour now, and I can't...
X1:294 X2:423 Y1:375 Y2:405 My turkey.
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 Turkey. Turkey! Yes.
X1:240 X2:476 Y1:336 Y2:404 No, look, I know... that's why I called.
X1:201 X2:515 Y1:336 Y2:402 You have to understand. No, no, no!
X1:306 X2:412 Y1:375 Y2:405 Bad girl!
X1:252 X2:466 Y1:375 Y2:405 I want my turkey.
X1:184 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 - So this is the thanks I get. - Give me my turkey.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm looking for a word.
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:336 Y2:404 Please give me my stupid fucking turkey.
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:375 Y2:405 Ah, yes, that's better.
X1:280 X2:439 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's all yours.
X1:171 X2:546 Y1:336 Y2:404 - You don't have to thank me. - Don't worry.
X1:231 X2:487 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Thank Bernadette. - What?
X1:199 X2:519 Y1:336 Y2:398 Without her, we wouldn't have found a solution.
X1:145 X2:573 Y1:375 Y2:405 She prefers her meat lightly fried.
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:336 Y2:404 Would sweetie like it cut into little pieces?
X1:248 X2:468 Y1:375 Y2:405 You're a bad girl!
X1:228 X2:488 Y1:375 Y2:405 A very, very bad girl.
X1:286 X2:432 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, I'm not.
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:375 Y2:399 Welcome to our home.
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:375 Y2:405 Tyrone's lookin' for you.
X1:212 X2:507 Y1:375 Y2:405 How you been, Bobby?
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:336 Y2:402 - Eddie. - No, Eddie's dead.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'm sorry? - Yeah. I changed my name.
X1:257 X2:461 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm Tyrone now.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:336 Y2:404 - So you're Tyrone? - Yeah. I changed my name.
X1:175 X2:542 Y1:336 Y2:404 Everybody else is changin'. The whole world is changin'.
X1:147 X2:571 Y1:375 Y2:405 My who e wor d, wh ch was Apr
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I gotta get goin'. - Hey, man.
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:336 Y2:402 Even if I wanted to hurt you, and I kinda do,
X1:202 X2:516 Y1:375 Y2:405 I won't, so you can relax.
X1:256 X2:461 Y1:336 Y2:398 - Thank you. - It's her choice.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:336 Y2:398 If she wants to be with you, that's fine.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's just... there's something I...
X1:238 X2:481 Y1:336 Y2:404 You could tell her something for me?
X1:165 X2:552 Y1:375 Y2:405 What you want me to tell her?
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:375 Y2:405 Happy Thanksgiving.
X1:305 X2:413 Y1:375 Y2:405 Let's go.
X1:302 X2:416 Y1:375 Y2:399 'Cause...
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:336 Y2:404 Once, there were people here called "Indians."
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:375 Y2:403 Native Americans, whatever.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:404 Then a boat came called the "Mayflower."
X1:178 X2:539 Y1:336 Y2:404 Landed on a big rock carrying people just like me.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:336 Y2:398 The first year on their own was hard.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:375 Y2:405 It was... really, really hard.
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:375 Y2:405 Let me start again.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:375 Y2:405 This was long ago...
X1:141 X2:577 Y1:375 Y2:403 before we stole most of their land,
X1:132 X2:585 Y1:336 Y2:398 killed most of them, and moved the rest to reservations.
X1:164 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:398 Before they lost their language and their customs.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:375 Y2:405 Okay, forget what I just said.
X1:175 X2:543 Y1:375 Y2:405 Once there was this one day
X1:149 X2:567 Y1:336 Y2:404 where everybody seemed to know they needed each other.
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 This one day when...
X1:174 X2:542 Y1:336 Y2:404 they knew for certain that they couldn't do it alone.
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:375 Y2:405 Why did we stop?
X1:255 X2:464 Y1:375 Y2:405 Daddy thought...
X1:325 X2:395 Y1:375 Y2:399 168...
X1:314 X2:404 Y1:336 Y2:398 - 160... - 163.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:375 Y2:405 I think they get... Daddy!
X1:259 X2:459 Y1:375 Y2:403 Dad, watch out!
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Who are they? - 154. It should be up here.
X1:276 X2:440 Y1:375 Y2:405 Oh, my God!
X1:308 X2:409 Y1:375 Y2:405 Oh, my.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:375 Y2:405 This is the wrong street.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:336 Y2:402 - No, I think we're here. - No, it can't be.
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:375 Y2:405 We have obviously...
X1:150 X2:566 Y1:336 Y2:404 We've obviously got the wrong... the wrong address.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:375 Y2:405 Daddy, I think this is it.
X1:242 X2:476 Y1:375 Y2:405 Goddamn it, April.
X1:241 X2:478 Y1:336 Y2:404 I don't understand. How did you...?
X1:315 X2:403 Y1:375 Y2:399 What?
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:336 Y2:404 - It's carved dough. - Carved dough.
X1:288 X2:430 Y1:375 Y2:405 Thank you.
X1:253 X2:465 Y1:375 Y2:405 Lock your doors!
X1:228 X2:492 Y1:336 Y2:404 Hey, welcome! How you guys doin'?
X1:243 X2:474 Y1:375 Y2:403 Mom, don't! Mom!
X1:293 X2:426 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm Bobby.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:375 Y2:405 Aren't you April's family?
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:375 Y2:399 That hurts.
X1:198 X2:519 Y1:375 Y2:399 You must be her mother.
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:336 Y2:404 Well, um... I'm gonna go get her.
X1:240 X2:475 Y1:375 Y2:405 April, they're here!
X1:169 X2:548 Y1:375 Y2:405 Hey, babe, your family's here!
X1:273 X2:443 Y1:375 Y2:405 They're here!
X1:261 X2:458 Y1:336 Y2:398 - They're here? - Yeah.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:336 Y2:404 Oh, my God, what happened to you?
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:336 Y2:398 - I'm good. - You need first aid.
X1:273 X2:447 Y1:375 Y2:403 No, no, look...
X1:195 X2:521 Y1:375 Y2:405 your family is downstairs.
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:375 Y2:405 Look at your lips and your eye.
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:375 Y2:405 I'm good. I'm fine.
X1:136 X2:582 Y1:336 Y2:404 They're downstairs waiting for you. You gotta go.
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:375 Y2:405 Are you sure you're okay?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:375 Y2:399 Go.
X1:158 X2:560 Y1:336 Y2:404 - The cranberry sauce is ready. - They're here.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 I don't understand. They were just down there.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:336 Y2:398 Maybe they went and ran an errand.
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:336 Y2:404 Why would they come all this way?
X1:186 X2:533 Y1:336 Y2:404 Bobby, what are we gonna do with all the food?
X1:261 X2:457 Y1:375 Y2:399 This is so nice.
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:375 Y2:405 Something smells good.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:336 Y2:404 I'm sure we'll be able to find something for everybody here.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:336 Y2:404 - You okay? - I need to go to the bathroom.
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:336 Y2:404 - I'll... l'll... - Timmy can take me.
X1:195 X2:524 Y1:336 Y2:404 Don't be hard on yourself. We did the right thing.
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:375 Y2:405 It's much better this way.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:336 Y2:404 Good afternoon. Happy Thanksgiving.
X1:225 X2:493 Y1:375 Y2:405 Happy Thanksgiving.
X1:284 X2:435 Y1:375 Y2:399 Let me see.
X1:226 X2:491 Y1:336 Y2:404 That's it! I'm leaving. You're on your own.
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:375 Y2:405 Let's see how you like that.
X1:322 X2:394 Y1:375 Y2:399 Mom!
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:375 Y2:405 Momh, a re you okay?
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:375 Y2:399 Excuse me.
X1:163 X2:556 Y1:336 Y2:404 French, Russian, bleu cheese, Thousand Island, vinaigrette,
X1:203 X2:515 Y1:375 Y2:405 Italian, we've got Ranch.
X1:158 X2:559 Y1:375 Y2:405 They're made on the premises.
X1:121 X2:596 Y1:336 Y2:404 We've got a great Black Forest cake. We also have great pies.
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Doesn't that sound good? - We have great pumpkin pie.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:336 Y2:404 Do you have whipped cream with the pie?
X1:291 X2:426 Y1:375 Y2:399 Of course.
X1:274 X2:444 Y1:336 Y2:398 - This piece? - Yeah.
X1:231 X2:488 Y1:336 Y2:404 - Want me to get it? - No, I'll get it.
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