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Pietje Bell

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Lovely eggs, 3.5 cents each.
3.5 cents?!
That's very expensive, for an egg.
But it's a lovely egg. - A cent cheaper last week.
What's a cent? - A cent? A cent?
Don't you know how much thread costs?
A lot less than a new sock. - We have to skimp.
I just bought new spectacles.
It looks awful.
I have these eggs.
They're a size smaller. - I'd like to see that...
Now I'll get old baldy!
My glasses!
That must be naughty Pietje Bell!
My new glasses...
Grab him!
Take a look at that! Joseph moves!
Angel! Carrot! Spread out!
Hello, officer. Dozing on the job?
He attacked me. Stop him!
Why is paper falling from the sky? - It's for me. I'm a millionaire.
And I'm Pietje Bell. Bye. - What? Brat!
Don't you have any shoes?
The paper is losing lots of money.
Your father did what he could. There's a stiff competition.
The other paper had a procession, because he's earning millions.
It was painful. Hundreds of people cheering.
Then having a party, and it's our funeral.
That's because your father died.
I didn't come back from America to stand by and watch.
What do we have for this evening's paper?
The procession of course, on the front page.
Then the usual foreign and home news.
Sport, a few thefts...
...and a small item "Boy disrupts millionare's procession", with photo.
The photo is not bad. - Give it to me.
We'll put this on the front page.
Are you crazy? - No.
What's the boy's name? - Pietje Bell.
You should never give your shoes away, you hear me?
Can only give away things you don't need.
Forks and spoons! Plenty to spare!
What are you doing?
We have tons of forks and spoons!
I have a bone to pick with you.
Go help your father, out of my sight.
Your dear son is in the paper, Bell!
On the front page! What you have to say?
About time.
Good news in the paper at last! Instead of all that bad news.
The whole city is disgusted. What will become of him?
You should try my upbringing, Bell.
My Joseph never did anything wrong.
He was never on the wrong side of the police.
And he'll never make the front page.
I'm not surprised. The paper isn't interested in boring clods!
And his broken specs?
They cost me a fortune.
I'll pay for the glasses.
Your son can't walk around like a blind chicken.
What did you do with the beads?
Played marbles...
You can laugh.
If you can't laugh, you can't live.
I'll lose my job like this!
We can't have that! Listen to your sister.
Even if you are my teacher, I won't do what you say.
Joseph, you're wearing glasses!
You have bad eyesight? - No. It just looks more intelligent.
Just glass.
You like them, Martha? - Yes, but they are broken.
Teacher, they're throwing things!
Who is? - I don't know, teacher.
Martha! Open the door.
Good evening, Miss, sister. - You are late and look terrible.
I have... - Shut up.
You should be ashamed. This isn't your home.
I know, but it isn't yours either. - In you come!
Here comes Pietje Bell!
First your late and second you threw chestnuts at me.
You're going straight to the headmaster.
What! - No, not the headmaster!
It's time you changed your tune.
I'm not singing! - Shut up when you talk to me! Home!
He only just arrived. - He should be punished. Home!
My your own business.
Yes, Joseph. Look at your own class. I think you have a problem.
Silence! Or you'll all get 100 lines.
And you too!
Holland is known for its bulbs...
...such as tulips, crocuses, hyacinths and daffodils.
In the area around Haarlem...
...are the bulb fields and the bulbs are sold worldwide for flowers.
Stand in front and tell us what I just said...
...about Haarlem and the bulb fields.
The flowery fields...
The field bulbs...
The bulb flowers in Holland...
...which is part of Haarlem...
You're quite a comedian. - My sister's better.
Martha, shall I get some water?
Never mind, I've just got the...
Just sit down and I'll stop hiccupping.
And don't even think about startling me!
Stop it, Pietje!
The headmaster...
The headmaster instructed me... show this new boy to his classroom.
I've had more than enough of you! - I need an umbrella.
You'll get kicked out of school.
Hello, Freckle.
Pietje, Pietje...
Go straight home and shut your eyes to temptation.
You mean Joseph sent Pietje home!?
Yes, about two hours ago.
Poll, and he won't fall in the canal.
Dad, can I speak to mum?
I've been told Pietje Bell is missing. - What?
He was last seen on the quayside. He may have drowned.
Shall I send a reporter? - No. I'll go myself.
Yes, that's his cap... - Fine, the divers can go in.
I write for The Latest News. Are you the boy's father?
His name is Pietje Bell.
Yes, I know that.
And he's very special to me.
He'll come home. Ill weeds grow apace!
Pietje isn't a weed. As far as I am he concerned he's a...
A stinging nettle? - No, a rose.
Well they both prick.
Martha, if they find him, would you...
...go out with me at some time?
I'll do anything if he comes home.
Thank goodness we fished you out!
Hey! Dad!
Buy the Latest News. Pietje Bell missing for hours.
All that panic for nothing.
That silly rag is making a big mistake.
They're turning a dumb kid into world news...
...and I say no one is interested.
What are you doing?
You can't wipe your bum on Pietje Bell. No way!
You can use the rest.
Who's Pietje Bell, Freckle? - Let go!
He's my friend.
And this hangs here.
Dad, what does Aunt Cato look like?
If you see a woman like a battle axe, it's her.
Will she bring gifts? - I doubt it.
If she spends a farthing, it's big news.
Peter Bell, come and help!
Goodness me, what a load of baggage.
How long will you stay? A year?
I've had a terrible journey.
It took four hours. I had to change three times.
You should have come by train. - It's much too expensive.
Who are you?
I'm little Pietje. - Well, are you Pietje.
I've never seen you. - I haven't seen you either.
Give me a kiss.
You should go and see a doctor.
Really? Why? - You have a terrible mole on your nose.
Is the child always so cheeky?
I taught him to speak the truth.
Shall we take a taxi? - No, we'll walk. It'll do us good.
I hope she buzzes off soon.
You will mend them for free, won't you? I wasn't planning to pay.
I didn't have anything to wear, so I had to come and see you.
Now I'd like to take a nap.
All that luggage exhausted me.
Pietje, ask your father to be quiet while I have a sleep.
You wonder why...
Be quiet. Aunt Cato wants to sleep.
Shall I show you my room? You're sleeping in my bed.
I hope your mother cleaned it.
I say, Aunt... - Yes?
Are you made of iron? - Me? Iron?
Why do you think that?
Dad said you're a battle axe. - Your dad said I'm a battle axe?
And aunt, are you a bee?
Why do you want to know? - Dad wants you to buzz off soon.
Can you say things like that to me? - Yes, I can say anything.
As long as I stay polite. - Well you're not very polite now.
Yes I am.
Did you bring presents?
I want a big bag of marbles.
Those who ask, don't get.
Those who don't, don't either.
Just look at the folds in my skirt.
It looks lovely on you, Martha.
I hope your knight in shining armour is there...
...and dances all night with you.
Ouch, my nose. What're you doing?
Don't touch! - What's that thread on my nose?
You must have done that?! Nasty boy.
But I'm not nasty. I just wanted...
Don't stick your nose in my affairs. Out of my sight!
But aunt, you'll never get rid of them all.
Don't call me your aunt! I'm not!
I'm your father's aunt. That's bad enough!
Well, aunt, whoever... it's up to you.
Are you pushing a baby? - Well...
Is it the boy or girl?
A boy, but he's a sleep.
Can I look? - No...
That's how I go shopping.
Clever! Saves carrying it.
There you are at last.
Thank goodness.
Han is starving!
Who's that with you? - That's Pietje Bell.
The famous boy from the paper.
Do come in.
Freckle never brings anyone with him.
He must be a real friend.
If we get food, we don't give it to strangers!
What are you doing here?
Get out of here, snotty brat!
Go on, get lost!
What's the matter, Freckle?
Did you fight? Who with?
Tell me who did it! I'll pay them back!
No. - Are you crazy?
You don't let someone beat you up.
Who is it?
My father. - What? Your own father?
When he's upset, he beats me.
And how often is he upset? - Too often!
It's always money and we don't have any. My father has no job.
No, you don't have to do.
I can give away what I don't need. We're friends, aren't we?
Yes, we are friends.
Two things are important, Dad says.
The first is you can share things.
Come on.
And the second?
That you can trust each other.
Don't go away, I won't be a minute.
1, 2, keep in time or Aunt will see my crime
she's a battle axe - That's quite enough of your jokes.
Don't make fun of old people. It's disgraceful.
I hope I never see you again!
Don't take pictures! She doesn't have her teeth in!
Oh, look at that! My new dress! It's ruined!
Aunt Cato did that!
Now shut up for a change.
Why did you do that?
Take me to the tram. I won't stay here.
You never hit me before...
Even my jokes make the headlines. - Yes, the whole city can enjoy them.
I didn't do it on purpose. I wanted to earn money for Freckle.
Who is Freckle?
The new boy at school.
And did Freckle ask you? - Of course not.
Otherwise his father would beat him up, just like you.
Don't compare me with Freckle's father.
What are you looking at?
I can see a hole in your dress. - Oh that.
It's a new dress. Do you like it?
There shouldn't be holes in a new dress.
And there is a strange crease in that flap.
A strange crease? Where? Here?
Did you buy it in the sale?
It had an accident. - I can see that.
Pietje put it on as fancy dress and things got out of hand.
It always does! You're much too tolerant.
It's time someone sorted him out.
He's been punished. But we're grateful he saved us from Aunt Cato.
My mother repaired it. - I could have done it better.
You? - Yes, me.
Don't you believe a young man can sew?
I mend my own socks.
Your mother can't sew for toffee.
Shall we dance?
I haven't finished my orange squash.
Pietje Bell!
Joseph, it's you. You startled me.
Call me Mr Geelman.
This way!
Have to go to my sister! She's waiting for me.
Let's turn the tables. It's time for you to wait for us.
Let's see who can hold out longest.
Miss, I can see smoke.
Goodness me!
The door's locked! There's no key! - That's strange... is it locked?
Martha, I can't get out! - Pietje! Pietje's inside!
Joseph has the key! - Life can be so simple.
Can you tell me what happened?
He wanted to get his own back on me!
He was there... I personally...
This rubbish sells well.
Our sales are dropping...
...while that's little rag is doing better and better!
Maybe we should put that boy... You know, that boy...
...on the front page with the headlines.
I refuse flatly.
I won't print a word about Pietje the Creep.
His name is Pietje Bell!
From now on, the Slump on the front page.
200,000 OUT OF WORK
who's going to pay, my little goat
Yes, who is going to pay?
Pay what?
Let's see if you're big enough for this work?
I need a big sturdy boy.
Very good.
Now listen to this. You know where Mrs Slieper lives?
Old Squint from Water Street? - That's the one.
She doesn't pay for her repairs. She's six months behind.
Six months? What a mean woman.
Yes, but she is not the only one...
Nobody's got any money.
How can I buy food if people don't pay me for my work?
I'll make sure Mrs Slieper pays.
How will you do it?
Start politely...
You will see, we won't get any money.
Quiet, we certainly won't get any like that.
What d'you want? - Mrs Slieper, I'm glad you're home.
I have a bill from my father, Bell the shoemaker.
You haven't paid yet.
Tell your father I'll come round next week. - You've said that for 6 months.
I can't believe that. And now get lost!
My father's waited long enough. He can't keep begging for it.
He wouldn't have time to mend shoes. - Now get lost!
She's just ignoring you! - That's what she thinks.
I should jam it. Then I wouldn't hurt my thumb.
You can't do that. Throw water over people!
The bucket was meant for us. She hasn't paid my father for six years.
We came for the money, she throws water and hits you.
Mrs Slieper, come down if you dare...
...and I'll beat you until you see straight.
Wait, you shouldn't do it like that. Watch this.
Her name is Mrs Slieper? - Yes.
Mrs Slieper, if you don't come down...
...and pay the shoemaking and offer your apologies...
...then there'll be a piece in the paper tomorrow saying... throw water over innocent bystanders and wrecked my camera.
Thank goodness, it's still works.
All jobless...
Mrs Slieper paid!
"I'm going to school," what tense is that?
You get tense if I'm late.
It's the present tense, sir. - Very good.
And what about: "I went to school."
The past tense. - Right.
And what is:
"I have gone to school"?
Pietje Bell, what did I say?
Where? - Here, of course. Don't you have ears?
What did I just say? - You said: "Don't you have ears?"
Are you deaf?!
Yes, and now I can't hear anything, any more.
What did I just say? - I wouldn't know.
No, you were asleep at your desk.
"I have been to school." What time?
A waste of time?
In your case, I really believe it is a waste of time.
Stay after school and write 100 times:
I waste my time at school.
Joseph wastes his time at school.
Joseph wastes his time at school.
Joseph wastes...
...his time at school.
Fred Meier...
Where's Fred Meier?
Is he late again?
He's always late and unreliable.
Let me do it.
You? Snotty?
There's no way I'd let you do it. And that's not funny.
Oh, give him the job. The boy needs money.
The water man!
We all want to be millionaires, eh?
Right. A paperboy can have a great career.
Really? - Yes, from paperboy to millionaire.
Millionaire... - This isn't America.
The Latest News! Read the Latest News!
The Latest News. Buy the Latest News.
Buy the Latest News.
That boy looks familiar to me.
He looks very like...
You're getting forgetful...
Klaas van Diepen...
Jos Snoek...
Pietje Bell...
A million guilders... - No one has that much money.
Maybe the Queen does. - Yes, she does.
She could give some away. - Her?
Are you crazy? Without money you're no one.
Who wants some dumb circus? - We do!
But we don't have any money.
I have a carrot. - And I have an idea.
I worked all day.
Work? What's that?
We helped put up the circus tent.
Show me your money.
Not for money, for this.
Two free tickets for the circus. One for you and one for me.
That's more like it, boy.
I heard all the shows are sold out.
This will earn a lot on the black market.
Damn it, Pietje! You know what that crockery costs?
When I finished my circus, you can buy ten sets!
Pietje Bell's Town Circus!
This is a gold watch.
I'll put it on this stone...
...take a hammer...
...and smash it.
But now watch this.
I'll conjure the same watch from my mouth.
And here's the watch!
Now I need a hat. Who has a hat?
I hope nothing will happen to it? It's new.
Oh no, it'll be just fine.
I'm going to bake a cake.
First two eggs...
...then some flour...
...then some sugar...
...then some salt.
Oops, too much!
Now I stir it.
I hold it above a flame.
Watch out! You'll burn my hat.
And here's the cake!
And now it is high time for the watch!
The money!
It's all been for nothing. - Even worse: It'll cost us!
Do you dare go home? - Are you crazy?
The police will be waiting for me.
No, I'm running away.
Me too...
Where shall we go?
I'm going to America. To be a millionaire.
To America? You have to cross the sea.
Plenty of boats here...
Throw away the hats, they can dive for them
Buy a new hat with this. - Thank you.
Dad, I can't find my watch...
He smashed a gold watch on a piece of rock.
What did you say? - It was a real laugh.
It's unheard of! I mean to say! Unheard of!
Your dear son set fire to the sawmill.
The whole city is talking about it. What a mess!
Heavens above. Was anyone hurt?
No, they weren't. But it was one gigantic mess!
My son Joseph saw everything.
He'll grow up to be a crook. I'm glad he's not my son! My Joseph...
Shut up about your Joseph. I'm looking for Pietje Bell.
We've set sail.
Can you see skyscrapers?
No, I can see two men.
Grab a rope from the fo'c'sle.
Tony, come quick!
What are you screaming about? Keep quiet.
There's someone there. I felt a hand.
Clock, Clock, Clock...
Had too much to drink? - No, I'm sure.
It may be a policeman. Or a grass...
If they catch us, we'll get ten years. - Can you shout it any louder?
If only we had a gun.
A gun...
What rubbish...
Honest skippers like us never carry guns:
What shall we do? - Let's see his face.
But what if he flies at us? - Flies at us? It's not an owl!
Look what we've got here.
Two boys...
Come out of there. - That boy looks familiar.
Don't be so stupid.
Well, here we are.
I can't see a thing.
If only I knew a conjuring trick.
Yours never work out.
Really? Hocus-pocus...
I wish I were free!
Have you ever seen so many beautiful things together?
It's a robbers' den.
This is their booty.
Would Martha tell the difference?
They even went to the circus...
We have to get out of here.
Hey, stop!
Can we hitch a lift?
Very well!
Get out, boys!
Do you know where we are? - I've never seen this part of town.
"Pietje Bell fugitive"?
Let's go, they're looking for us.
Well I never! Pietje Bell!
Right in front of my nose!
Who is she? - She is my aunt Cato.
What are you doing in Delft? - Delft?
We got lost!
Aunt, can we buy something to eat? I'm starving.
Don't come to me. You'd eat my nose and ears.
Well, I'd leave the nose.
Aren't you Pietje Bell?
And what if he is Pietje Bell?
You'll find out. He comes with me.
But I'm his aunt and I'm taking him home.
Even if you're the Empress of China, the boys come with me.
Well really! How cheeky!
Pietje Bell, Commissioner.
Aha, the terror of the city.
And who are they?
This is my Aunt Cato and that's my friend Freckle.
I'm his aunt from Delft. I should say his father's aunt.
And I don't want to put my nose in other people's business, officer...
Well don't then! - Excuse me...
I'm only a spinster and I have a cheap flat in Delft...
...because rents are lower in Delft, they say...
...but I still pay a lot, officer...
I'm not an officer, I'm the Commissioner!
Sorry, your Excellency, I only...
Don't say anything. Sit down.
What's all this? - I don't know.
Pietje Bell...
...did you steal that?
I'd told that woman she could be the Empress of China, but personally...
Are you listening?
Pietje's story about Clock and Tony...
Is it true? - No, it's all lies.
We never went to a farm.
Freckle! - You think you can stay away all night?
Don't hit me. - Don't hit him.
I have to go to the police tomorrow.
The police?
It was here, wasn't it?
It's obvious who's lying.
That's arranged...
Well, robber baron. Here at last?
I'm not a robber, I'm Pietje Bell.
Is Pietje Bell your son? - He always has been.
I'm sorry, but I will find another shoemaker.
That's going to cost you some customers, Bell.
They all read the paper.
Hey you, Pietje Bell...
I'll count every cent you bring in.
If I catch you fiddling the books, you're finished.
Come on, boys.
"Pietje Bell speaks the truth."
"Pietje Bell speaks the truth."
"Pietje Bell speaks the truth."
That friend of yours gets blamed for everything.
He lies and he steals. - He's not my friend.
Look, the boy from the paper.
Tell your mother not to send a thief. We don't like them.
This is the limit!
It's true, all the newspaper writes about you! You're a monster!
Hitting the teacher!
Put your hands there. Stretch your fingers!
I'm going to have a word with your father.
What are you doing? Get lost!
I'm looking for Freckle. Is he home?
Freckle is ill. He doesn't play with scum like you. Get lost!
Freckle! I know you're there. You're not ill.
Open up. Please open up, Freckle.
There's a fly on your head. - What?
A dead one.
That naughty Pietje Bell!
I'm not selling that paper. It's full of lies.
I didn't do that.
Pietje Bell, you're sacked.
You don't have to do, I'm going!
I don't want to work for this crap paper.
Which fool wrote it? I'll tell him what I think of him.
Hey, water man.
Who's the creep who writes those stupid pieces!?
The creep?
I wouldn't know.
Liars work at this paper. You too!
You know him but won't betray him.
If that's the way to become a millionaire, I'm not interested.
I've waited long enough! This stupid paper won't find me!
The newspaper magnate William Hearst...
...whose newspapers made him one of the richest men on earth... making a spectacular journey around the world in the Zeppelin.
Here you can see the airship flying above New York...
...but this year, the Zeppelin will come to Holland...
...and to the port of Rotterdam.
Can I help you?
No, I'm waiting. My father's in there.
I don't really smoke.
I'll hold it under the tap.
Oh, thank you.
I'm glad there are men with manners.
My father's came for the creep who writes lies about my brother Pietje Bell.
Your brother?
The creep is Paul Velinga. A policeman told us.
That man almost sleeps at the police station for news of my brother.
That wouldn't be too bad but he lies in black and white.
Interesting pun... - He calls himself a reporter.
What's your name?
Hey, Velinga, a woman is looking for you.
Oh, I see she's found you.
You pig. My brother would never do that.
Yes, but I have a very reliable source.
Leave him alone!
They don't have any hard evidence.
Pietje, I have to talk to you.
Okay, Dad.
A lot happened today. Too much for a little boy in one day.
So I'll just say this: Don't swot flies on teacher.
Oh no? - No.
Some flies only live for one day. - Only one day?
That's why they are called dayflies.
Would you like it if you only had one day to live...
...and then got swatted on the head of Joseph Geelman?
But I have this.
Joseph... He can't stand you, because he's jealous.
Who of? Me? - Yes, of you.
You are someone. Not a dayfly or a nobody.
You have a free spirit.
People feel that and recognise it. That's why you're in the paper.
That isn't nice.
Pietje, my mum says I can't play with you.
It's gone down the hole.
Angel! Come here!
I need you.
This is a robbers' den. - A robbers' den? Whose?
It's ours. This will be our secret hiding place.
We'll battle the newspaper from here.
How can you do that? - I don't know yet.
But Pietje Bell will be invisible.
From now on they'll face...
We have to think of a name.
The angels from hell? - That's no good.
It'll be the...
...Black Hand!
I can buy anything.
Not me, you can't.
You don't know what you're turning down. This is crisis.
If the wind changes, you go bankrupt.
I'm not that fragile.
Until you lose Pietje Bell.
There's more news in the world. - Right.
I'll buy your paper and you can work for me. That's the Latest News.
The answer is no.
I'll buy you or break you.
The city is full of black hands. What is it?
Who's behind it and why?
You can all get on this case. I bet we can solve the mystery.
What are we waiting for?
Pietje Bell's teacher. What can I do for you?
Can I have a word in private?
I gave you some nice stories about Pietje Bell.
I know a lot about him. I was wondering...
Would you be willing... buy the information for money?
We are an honest paper.
At least we try to be one.
But I am honest too.
I wanted to be a priest or gravedigger.
But fate decided different.
That's because of the woman of my dreams.
I had to become a teacher to stay close to her.
That's very sensible.
I know where to find you.
But right now we are looking for the Black Hand.
Good day to you.
Who is the Black Hand?
The stupid papers keep writing the same thing.
They are clumsy oafs...
Robbers, we've done well.
Our best weapons are...
...invisibility and secrecy.
Where did it all go?
The Black Hand?
Look, there's something behind there.
Ah, Joseph's twin brother.
Come on...
A warehouse. Let's go back.
Who has a warehouse underground? - Well, you can see.
A warehouse full of things.
This is no good, boys.
This isn't a warehouse.
This is a robbers' den.
Yes, Ali Baba's gang. - You're imagining things.
I saw something like this at Clock and Tony's farm.
Didn't you invent that story? - If you believe that, you can go now.
Sorry, I heard it from Freckle. - Don't mention his name!
If they're stolen goods, we have to tell the police.
No, we don't. I warned the police before.
But they don't believe me. - Just leave these things here.
No, we are robbers. And what do robbers to? They steal.
You mean we're going to... ...steal?
The thieves steal from the rich, and we steal from them.
They have enough.
What you want to do with this rubbish?
Give it away.
I'm hungry. - It's all gone, look in the pan.
Mum, the Black Hand brought something!
The Black Hand?
I'd like to thank the church for these things.
You want to thank the church? - Who else could be so generous?
In that case, thank God.
Santa Claus, we want to thank you for the gift.
Which gift did you get, dear children?
The gift from the Black Hand. - The chimney sweep's black hand.
Shouldn't we take one for Freckle?
Very well, add him to the list.
Freckle, shut the door!
There's something here.
Who thinks we're poor? Get lost with your rubbish!
Leave it for the rats. Come on!
"Unknown benefactor at work."
No one has laid a finger on the Black Hand.
We've been publishing more questions than answers for weeks!
And you lost Pietje Bell. - Shut up, I'm going crazy!
No one buys our boring paper.
It's a little too quiet around Pietje Bell.
Readers are like children. We've stopped their sweets for weeks.
You have problems? - I have no problems.
Problems with the Black Hand.
No way out, you're stuck.
Don't be silly, the Black Hand is a different story.
In the meantime...
...I'm looking for news about Pietje Bell.
Does it earn anything?
Hello Martha. - Hello Joseph.
It's been a while since we danced.
I can remember us going to a dance hall...
...but not that we danced.
That's true, you're quite right.
I couldn't dance.
But I solved that now. I've done a dance course.
Joseph, especially for me?
Especially for you, Martha.
And after 18 months, I have my diploma. Now I'd like to ask you...
...if you'll go out with me.
Yes, fine.
Thank you, Martha.
Look, I bought you a newspaper.
There's a story about your brother.
That reporter has a nerve!
"Pietje Bell knocks boy out?" - I'll ask the director to sack him.
They really won't sack Paul Velinga. - Is that his name?
Yes, Paul Velinga. I asked him to leave you alone.
He writes all that rubbish.
"The boy beaten up two days ago in High Street...
"...and admitted to hospital with severe injuries is still unconscious.
"Reliable reports suggest that fearless Pietje Bell is the culprit."
Here comes trouble.
I'm looking for Paul Velinga.
I am Paul Velinga.
The water man. You disappoint me.
Come with me.
Why write lies in the paper?
Are they lies? I don't think so.
You're crazy! You keep writing lies.
I want to know where the lies come from.
I have my sources.
What's a source? Water comes out, doesn't it?
That's someone who provides information. - And a water man needs water.
The source must be reliable. - Even if it's poisoned?
It isn't poisoned. - Who is it?
I can't tell you.
You can't betray your source.
My reporter, you always know better! Did you ever ask me?
Pietje, wait! - I don't talk to traitors.
I'm not a traitor. I just said I wouldn't betray my source!
You don't betray your sources, you betray the truth.
You're useless as a reporter.
And they should sack the reporter on the Black Hand.
Good evening madam. - Good evening.
I'm Martha Bell. I want to speak to the director.
I didn't know you were visiting too.
I'm not visiting. I live here.
You're the director?
I am.
Come inside. - No, I can't come in.
But you wanted to talk to me?
Not you, the director. I have to go.
What did you want to say? - Sack that crazy Paul Velinga.
We don't have enough.
I'll get some more.
Listen to me, Tony.
I think they're just rats or mice...
Clock, Clock, Clock. Don't be stupid.
Stupid? I'm not stupid.
And not fat either.
Someone's been at our stuff.
All the valuable stuff is still here. - Who could it be?
Maybe the police. - You and your police!
It's possible. Like last time, at the farm.
If I hadn't warned you, they'd have nabbed you.
You bought your way in nicely. - One favour deserves another.
Fortunately the farm was empty. - Thanks to me.
Thanks to your son. - Three cheers for Freckle!
Shut up, someone will here.
Look, the diamonds are still here.
We'll load up at 8 this evening.
We have to be at the Zeppelin at 10.
I'll get the money myself.
After tonight, we'll be rich.
I heard something.
Can you see anything, Freckle?
No, I can't.
The robbers are back. - What?
Clock and Tony. They had diamonds. - Goodness!
Tonight the newspaper magnate's boarding the Zeppelin.
Undoubtedly invited by William Hearst. - Indeed.
A big headline. Good for sales?
I'd like to see the Zeppelin. I'll break all the records.
It's a pity you're leaving, girls. You'll miss the spectacle.
I'll be home late. I'm going dancing with Joseph.
Can he dance?
What are you doing here, Aunt Cato?
She came to see the Zeppelin. - I brought you a big bag of marbles.
Pietje, go to Geelman and get black boot polish.
Don't peel so much off.
I have to take out the eyes. - Yes, but not too much.
They're old potatoes, soft.
How many are you peeling?
Six. - There'll be leftovers!
I'm going to ask Martha to marry me tonight.
Think of the money.
A glass of squash doesn't cost much.
A woman costs money. She'll want an engagement ring.
I know that cheap second-hand place.
Just mind yourself.
As long as she says yes.
Where are you taking her?
To the Horseman Dance Hall. Tonight at 8.
At 8!
What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
I saw you come in.
I gather you're expecting more family? Not if I can help it.
You have to do something. You must help.
Hello Paul, you want the latest news about Pietje Bell?
Not really.
I'll tell you what he's been up to now.
So you're the one! - What?
He is the source. - Yes, he is a source of evil.
I wouldn't betray him, but he betrayed himself.
You, my teacher, neighbour and soon...
Oh yes, I need black shoe polish. I mean my father does.
Again? Shoemaker Bell is using a lot!
And he complains he has no clients.
Oh, what can I do?
I wanted to apologise.
It's not fair to blame Joseph for everything. I was wrong too.
And you were right. I ignored the truth for the effect.
And you sure have an effect.
The Zeppelin.
Yes, the Zeppelin.
Listen, the boy in the hospital has come round.
He has said who the real culprits were.
Hospital? You have a source there?
What d'you mean? - Keep my sister away from that creep.
I don't know how.
Joseph, I have a letter from Martha. She's in hospital.
She broke her leg.
What does she write? - Mind your own business.
You have to go. She's crazy to go out with you.
Pardon? - Crazy about you, I mean.
I'll stand beside her for better...
...and worse.
I'm looking for Martha Bell. She has a broken leg.
Yes, I know. This way.
She's in the fourth bed.
Thank you.
Hello dear Martha. Does it hurt?
It's a pity about dancing. But I can do it here.
I wanted to ask something.
Martha, will you marry me?
Talking to me?
Martha Bell, how nice to meet you.
Don't you dare.
Some women are beautiful when they're mad.
May I put this out of harm's way?
Waiting for someone? - Yes.
He should be here. He's very prompt. - Not very nice of him.
What? - To leave you in the lurch.
How come?
A rose...
...shouldn't be left as a wallflower. - Really?
A rose... press to your heart.
Maybe he doesn't see me as a rose...
...but as a stinging nettle.
That Pietje Bell!
If I get my hands on him...
What's this?
What is the meaning of this? Mummy?!
You deserve it.
Boys, back to the robbers' den.
Goodness, Joseph...
Too late...
Freckle, you are skinny.
I can count your ribs.
But that's quite useful tonight.
No one will know what you're carrying.
Here, in case anything goes wrong...
Come on.
Thank goodness, there are three of them. - What did you think?
Freckle's father! What now? - Nothing, stick to the plan.
That guy gives me the creeps.
You wouldn't dare. - I wouldn't? Get off your bike.
Clock, stay out of it.
You want to be late?
Tony, open your eyes.
We can't get past!
It worked!
I really knocked him out.
Only joking.
You go that side, the others there.
9:30 pm...
This letter is from your brother. I could open it at 9:30.
From my brother? I didn't know he knew you.
Is this some kind of game? - No.
This is something between men.
I wrote him a letter and he gave me this one.
The Black Hand?!
This is Pietje's handwriting, I'm sure.
"Tonight at 10 by the Zeppelin, the Black Hand in action.
Wait: Pietje is...
...the Black Hand. Come on!
Hands up!
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see inside the Zeppelin.
Don't tell stories. What's that?
I know you have diamonds. You're thieves.
Damn! Freckle betrayed us!
Freckle? He's good at that.
It's a shame if you can't trust your son.
Hands up! And quick!
How else would you know?
The Black Hand?
That gang was giving our stuff away.
"Your" stuff? - I'm warning you. No jokes.
Who else is the Black Hand?
How many of you are there? Tell me!
I'm not a traitor.
Dad, wait! If you hurt Pietje...
...I'll throw the diamonds away.
So it's true...
Go on then.
Throw them away!
Just look in the box! Open it up.
It's only glass! - Exactly!
The real diamonds are here.
We'll deliver this glass and fill our pockets with money.
If you don't do as your told...
...your friend will die.
I'm not happy with him picking up the money.
He's got the diamonds too.
I'll take this side, you the other.
Goodness, our competitors too!?
I'm sure they want to fight.
Your ghost stories...
Hey, you startled me.
Who's that?
Mr Stark. Newspaper magnate and millionaire...
...and determined to ruin my paper.
Can you see Pietje?
No, not here.
Thank you!
Please go away, sir, this is only for passengers.
My son wants to give Mr Stark a gift.
A box of his favourite cigars.
Very well. But you can't smoke in the Zeppelin.
I suggest we take champagne...
You agree? You too?
Well, young man, you have a gift for me?
My father... your favourite cigars.
The rest is cargo...
Cash up front...
Here, take this.
The steward is watching. He's afraid you'll light one.
Hey! Stop that boy! Bring him back!
Don't shoot! Don't shoot!
Put the guns away!
The whole Zeppelin will explode!
Sir, you can't go past. - But Pietje needs me!
If your son's life means anything...
...then give me what I paid for.
You heard what he said. Pietje needs him.
I mean it. I'll throw him down.
I don't have them. I was tricked. - He does! Under his sweater!
You know, Pietje...
We can never be friends.
That's my fault.
I betrayed you.
You know why?
Because you're Pietje and I'm not.
Shall we swap?
You can't give yourself away.
I can give away what I don't need.
Send for an ambulance, fast!
Is he your friend?
Yes, he's my friend. He's in the Black Hand.
The Black Hand?
Yes, with my other friends.
The Black Hand caught these thieves.
Commissioner, these are Clock and Tony.
Stop complaining.
It hurts. - Clock, Clock, Clock...
Look, he had this on him.
The rest of the stolen goods are in the hold.
All the boxes have a black hand on them.
He's my hero.
The city's hero.
You're talking about my nephew.
Is Pietje Bell your nephew? - He always has been!
That boy has driven world news off the front page.
Get the newspaper out!
Pietje, a great honour awaits you...
A procession will be organised for you...
...and your friends from the Black Hand.
Then you'll be decorated. - Is that nice?
You'll get the reward from the mayor.
Well, tell the mayor I'll only come when Freckle is better.
A baton twirler waves like this...
...and Joseph like this...
...and the Queen like this...
And how do you wave? - As myself?
I close my eyes and wave like a millionaire...
Who'd have thought...
In the paper it says Pete Bell is a millionaire.
From newspaper boy to millionaire... America.
I don't believe a word of it. The newspapers print lies.
You think so? - I'm sure.
They lie in black and white. - And what if it's the truth?
The truth? That hurts...
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