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Subtitles for Pitfall The (Otoshiana 1962).

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Pitfall The (Otoshiana 1962)

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Oh? What did you make?
Hey, it's noon. Come out for lunch.
Okay, I'm coming.
It's really hot.
It's hot! It's hot!
We better make a strike soon.
Oh yeah? You think we might hit?
Yeah, I think so.
It's getting sticky, isn't it?
Is that so?
Sticky, real thick. I think we're getting close.
If we hit coal, you'll be a mine owner, gramps.
No kidding?
Hey, look here.
Smell that!
That's the sweet smell of coal, man.
Let's break for a bite.
Come over here.
Wash your hands.
Say, there's no wheat mixed in.
Sorry I can't pay you in money as well.
We're out of work, anyway.
If you paid in money, we'd have to give it back when we didn't strike.
How are you going in the morning?
I'm taking the first bus.
Where are you heading?
Into town.
Think I'll be okay.
I don't think that jerk has caught on yet, though.
But he will. So I'll go while the getting's good.
I hear there're agents round here who're after deserters like us.
Why kick it away like that?
We could fix dog meat stew, you know.
We could?
Hey, doggie, come back here.
Come back.
He's gone.
Smart, too! Gets while the getting's good.
If I get out of here now, I might end up working at another mine.
And at a worse one, too.
We started out in the mines and we'll finish that way, too...
...taking anything that comes along...
...getting from bad to worse...
...till we drop in our tracks.
What if you could be born again sometime?
I've had enough of this.
I wouldn't do it all over again for anything.
I, for one...
I want to work where there's a union.
Union, eh?
I could die in peace...
...if I could have my say and give my boss a good kick in the ass.
Next time I'd like to be born a devil.
Sure. If I was born again I'd be in hell, anyway.
Then it'd be much easier if I was a devil.
You might be right at that.
Want a caramel, kid?
It's yours.
Hey, look there.
They want workers.
Yes, sir. Very good, sir.
At the Marusan Warehouse by 8 o'clock. Yes, sir.
Standing there like that, you'll get pissed by a dog.
I'm sorry. Our place is packed now.
From a mine, eh?
Have your identification cards?
Can do without them.
Let's see you jump.
Just jump up.
You'll do. you're not crippled.
What's that?
280 yen.
300 yen.
Next, 250 yen.
Hey, you. I mean, you.
Come over here.
What is it?
Isn't this your photo?
Looks like it.
But why's it here anyhow?
Don't worry. You're going to get a job.
Just follow this map and your new boss will be there.
I'll phone him about you now.
What's going on around here?
Don't worry. You can't afford to be choosy.
And you're a very lucky feller, too.
I'll get a job.
I'm no cripple.
Anybody home?
Hello, in there!
Anybody here?
I'm glad you're at home.
I just dropped in... ask the way.
Thought you were the mailman.
I want to get to this place.
You'll have to take this way, then.
I thought so, too.
This map says it's a straight road.
But this must be that there hill.
People all cleared out of here, huh?
The pit was abandoned and they say the ground could cave in.
So they all got out of here.
...owing me 7,000 yen.
Tough, huh?
It sure was.
Aren't you going, too?
I can't roam out like a stray dog before I find some place to go.
A friend of mine is going to send for me just as soon as...
...he gets himself settled.
Well, got to go now.
Why the devil doesn't he write to me, anyway?
Didn't he mean it?
You were watching that, weren't you?
It doesn't matter.
I want you to cooperate with me.
If the police ask, tell them...
"...The killer looked like a miner."
"He wore rubber shoes so you can trace his way."
"He threw the blade into the pond."
"Then he came here and told me he'd kill me if I talked."
"And then he headed north in a hurry."
"He looked..."
"...35 or 36."
"Had a round face... and a bald spot above his right ear."
Got it all?
Am I dead?
Where the hell, did he go anyway?
Why'd he do that to me?
Pop, didn't you see a man in a pair of white gloves?
Didn't you see a man in white gloves?
Didn't you?
You deaf?
What's the matter?
Can't you hear me?
Maybe so... because I'm dead now.
The living can't hear a ghost.
She can't see me, if she can't hear me?
She can't, I guess.
Things weren't so bad when I was alive...
...this is a damn sight worse.
Take my word for it, lady. Being dead's rough.
Hey! Your daddy's dead!
Take it. I've paid for that.
Wait for me right there!
Who're they, anyway?
Yes, sir.
He had a round face... and here was... a round bald spot.
Bald spot?
Right ear?
Big one?
No... about like this.
He was wearing miner's clothes.
A split among miners, I suppose.
You slut! Why do you tell such dirty lies?
Split... among... miners, eh?
All right. Details can wait until tomorrow.
Why don't you stop her?
I'm too busy just now.
Touch the dead body?
Hello, a murder case has been reported.
Yes, sir. I'll give you the complete details.
Morning, sir.
It's over there.
That's... where it took place.
Step over the rope.
You see, I was looking out from my place, when...
...I saw two men up there.
They started fighting and one fell dead.
You were in that house?
Take an establishing shot with the body.
Then put down the position, and other data, in detail.
The killer ran this way?
Post a mark.
Keep away from the foot prints.
Where shall I stand?
That spot'll do.
Morning. Murder, is it?
Yes, I think so.
Traced the suspect's movements?
They're under investigation now.
I hear there was an eyewitness?
A candy-store woman.
The wounds are... here and here.
The one in the heart was the fatal wound.
Uncover it, please.
Let's take it.
Pretty bad, eh?
Was that your dead body?
You can see me?
Why not? I'm a ghost myself.
What happened?
Huh? Oh, a cave-in, you know.
You can't straighten it?
A dead man has to stay as he died.
Did you eat just before dying?
No, I didn't.
Too bad! Too bad, indeed!
You'll be starving forever.
Too late now, though.
That woman! Why did she tell all those lies?
Skip it. It's all over now, you know.
They can't nab the killer, unless she tells the truth.
Never mind the living now.
Let's go. Forget about them.
I've got to know why!
I want to see that guy in the white gloves taken in.
And find out why I'm this way.
What for, man?
I can't rest in peace until I know it.
The new ones all talk like that.
They think it'll help them rest in peace.
But they never succeed.
The more you find out, the more you'll suffer.
You'd better go now.
The best thing is just to forget.
Then I'll always be wondering.
I tell you all the new ones say that.
I warn you, it'll be worse if you find out.
That was the Secretary of the Hirakawa 2nd Union.
This might be a big scoop.
Detectives may come later for the knife, you know.
So keep outsiders away from the pond.
It's horrible. I got to move away from here for sure.
I may have to patrol round your place tonight.
The killer might come back for revenge since you reported him.
Notify me at once if anything happens.
Thanks, I will.
Is this the Hirakawa Mine 2nd Union?
This is the Nishikuni Times.
Is the Secretary in?
Yes, the Secretary.
Hello, is that Mr. Otsuka?
Are you sure?
You're alive?
Oh, pardon me.
You think it's so easy to get a scoop?
It's terribly hot.
Here it is!
What is it now?
The ghost is alive.
He's alive.
He came to the phone in person.
I felt like a fool.
He couldn't have! Look at this!
Check this! Perfect likeness, eh?
More than that!
Absolutely the same man!
This is no place for a woman alone.
Now that I got some money, I better get out of here.
Who is it?
It's me.
What in the world are you doing?
You're a material witness, you know.
I have to leave this place, sooner or later.
I know. It's no place for a woman to live alone.
No one came after that?
No, not a soul came here.
An out-of-the-way place at that.
Yes, it's awful scary, this place.
Yes, I know how you must have felt.
What's the matter? Come on over here.
Come on, god damn it.
We're all alone, you know.
Let me go.
Shy, eh?
I don't like... doing this.
Doing this? Don't be silly.
We're from the Times.
What is it?
I want to see the Secretary.
Where's the Chief, do you know?
He's at the dressing-plant.
So this is a Union Office, eh?
A very large mine, too.
Anything more?
Can you spare us a moment?
What do you have to say about this?
Looks like it's me.
Lying on the ground?
You really think so?
I do, yes.
He's dead.
It's me who's dead!
Stabbed, eh?
Bloodstains, eh?
Stabbed in the side, neck, and heart.
Do you have a brother?
No, I don't.
Naturally, this isn't you.
Can it be just a coincidence, then?
I'd think so.
Striking resemblance!
How about this?
Well, do you remember this scenery?
Isn't this near the abandoned pit?
It is.
Familiar, eh?
Sure. It's along the way to our New Pit.
I see.
You might've come along there.
You say, he was killed there?
Here, marked with a white line.
When was it?
Between 7 and 8 this morning.
A trap!
He was scheduled to pass here before 8 this morning!
He was, eh?
That was the schedule, yes, but it was changed... the last moment.
Then it's reasonable to think this way.
The target was you.
But your schedule was changed unexpectedly...
...and a passer-by who resembled you was killed.
Yes, it must have been like that.
It was no accident!
The police didn't find the map I had on me.
Some gangsters.
You mean, you suspect a group or something?
That is, for instance, a thug from the 1st Union?
Yes... I'd say so.
Better inform the police, don't you think?
Yes, but... how can we explain to the police?
Just a minute. I still can't believe that.
They may hate me but that much.
Since they'd be cutting their own throats.
You're right.
Wouldn't it be a warning to those who betrayed?
That's it! They're trying to suppress the Old Pit Group.
Old Pit Group?
Our mine's made of the Old Pit and the New Pit.
And in the Old Pit we organized the second union.
But we have taken a modest attitude.
I was supposed to visit the New Pit...
...cause eight from the first union came over to ours.
We wanted to stop them.
Stop them? Why?
The New Pit boys say we're traitors...
...and the company's lackeys.
But it isn't that simple.
At first, the New Pit was the mainstay since ours was small.
So we were only the Old Pit branch, you see.
And we should be able to get along O.K.
But the company tried to outfox us.
It all began like this:
They first decided to lay off some of our guys in the Old Pit.
We weren't united enough to fight back though.
And the New Pit guys were inactive.
The first step towards our split.
The company's stand became tougher and tougher.
Our branch would have been squelched if the union had compromised.
I see your point.
So the confrontation was aggravated more.
Oh, I see.
But then...
Just then the Company approached us...
...saying they'd keep all of us, if we secede from the Union as a new body.
Wasn't that a bitch!
We were in session for three days and nights.
Should we betray the Union?
Or let 'em betray us?
We shed tear when we finally decided to split up.
It was really tough... as fellow miners.
You mean, the situation isn't so tense as to bring about murder?
Sure, it's that tense!
They're facing a major job cut right now.
One wrong move and we'll never be at the same table again.
Well, it might, yes.
By the way, do you know a man who has a bald spot round here?
Not Toyama?
1st Union's Vice Secretary!
I see.
What has Toyama done?
He'll be arrested soon.
There's an eyewitness.
A woman from a candy store saw the whole thing.
She told the police that the killer had a bald spot.
You're too good-natured, Chief!
At any rate, the 1st Union will be broken up as planned, huh?
Serves them right. They can't win with violence.
Thank you very much.
You just said "as planned," didn't you?
"As planned"? Did I say that?
What did you mean?
I don't remember saying that.
A slip, maybe.
Let's get the police.
Why not?
That reporter was... suspicious of me!
A trap!
Not only he, but even the police will begin to doubt me.
How is that?
It isn't the 1st Union but we...
...who'll gain.
Besides, why should a man so like me come along...
...the very road I was scheduled to take?
I know. I was suspicious about it.
Any fool can see it was a put up job.
What about the witness?
That's a question, yes.
She might've been bullied into it.
Are they as through as that?
Who is it?
Just me again.
What is it? Did you forget something?
Who'd you want?
Get me the New Pit Union Office.
Be careful!
They might be pulling something.
Union Office? Is Mr. Toyama there?
Yes. Mr. Toyama, please.
I'm Otsuka of the Old Pit.
Mr. Toyama.
Call from Mr. Otsuka of the Old Pit.
We have nothing to talk about.
Toyama speaking.
What is it now?
I have to see you.
A reporter just left here for your office.
What do you mean?
I don't believe it, but you're a murder suspect.
I don't believe it, though.
It's incredible.
What are you talking about?
Anyway, I've been with my men day and night since the strike.
I don't have to listen to that!
No, really, I'm deadly serious.
I can't explain over the phone.
The plot's unbelievable.
Can't you see me?
No need for that. My slate's clean.
But there's a witness against you.
A candy-store woman in that ghost village told the police.
But you can't ignore that.
Well, I may as well hear it out.
Let's see her together.
...and get to the bottom of this now.
All right. Where?
Hold on.
I'm not in to any reporter.
Hello. I'll be right over.
Yes, what is it?
We're from the Times. We have to see Mr. Toyama.
Isn't he here?
I'm afraid not. We're on strike, you can't just barge in like that.
It's important.
You want Toyama?
He's out now.
Will be back in a couple of hours.
I'll wait.
I'm dead.
I'm a ghost.
What does it say, anyway?
But it's useless. It's all over.
What a brute!
I did what he told me to.
Why should he kill me?
The bastard!
And that cop!
Hello. Can I see you a moment?
Sorry, but I can't answer you now.
I'm dead.
No one home?
I'm home all right, but I'm dead.
You better not open it.
Is she out?
Don't blame me! I got killed, too, you know.
Even if I'd refused his money, you'd still be dead, right?
Why, you're still alive?
Alive, eh?
Damn! I've come too late!
Don't tell me that!
You pretended to be dead, eh?
And yet I had to get killed!
What a lousy break!
Who could've killed her?
You were in cahoots with him!
A trap!
Come here.
Hey, stop!
Is it he?
Not that man.
What is he up to?
He wouldn't answer me, anyway.
Well, the Union Secretary! So it was you, eh?
You killed her and made a fall guy out of me!
The dirty scum!
Only the devils like him can live.
Hey! I saw that dead body!
It wasn't any of my doing.
I saw it with my own eyes!
Wait a minute and listen to me.
Listen, will you?
It's too late to be lying.
No, no! I didn't do it, I tell you!
Yeah, yeah.
Did he kill you?
Why, you're dead, too, aren't you?
I was made his scapegoat.
You see, we look alike.
Disgusting, isn't it?
It wasn't he who killed me.
Who did it?
The same man who murdered you.
He came back?
Wearing with white gloves and with a leather bag.
Who was he?
I don't know him.
You lied for him. Isn't that right!
I'm sorry.
I wanted money.
But then... why were you killed?
I can't understand it.
He just killed me... took the money back... and left.
Who... who gained by murdering me?
Just like a traitor, you tell a good story.
It was you who didn't come through.
You fell for the company's line, you fool!
Okay! They'll soon find out who the real criminal is!
You're rotten all the way through.
We'll both lose, blockhead!
Nobody listens to small shots!
Murder, eh?
You don't stop at anything, do you!
Good lesson to our members!
Where do you think you're going?
You can't get away!
You lousy bastard...!
They're really going at it.
Who are you?
Why did you kill me?
Tell me!
Who put you up to it?
Why did you kill me, anyway?
Who gained by my death?
Very precise.
Wh... What's that?
Look here! Tell me!
There has to be a reason to kill a man!
Why you killed me?
Say something! Speak up!
Why the silence?
Why did you kill me? Who was it for?
Oh... how famished I am!
My God!
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