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Planta 4

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The 4th Floor
Script based on the theatrical piece "The Baldies", by Albert Espinosa.
We were tied throughout the game. You'd shit your pants with the Clinic's team.
Two cripples and three one-armeds.
Against our three cripples. One of the cripples had a prosthesis.
Their one-handeds were really good.
They pulled some tricks not even Michael Jordan would make.
Dude, to the point, dammit.
10 seconds to the end of the game.
We were losing by 2 points.
What did I do? I grabbed the ball.
Passed it to Izan.
Izan to Pepino, Pepino to Dani. Dani to Antonio.
We played a hell of a game.
Izan, Pepino, Dani, Antonio--
And Antonio grabbed it.
Took the shot and it went in clean.
Just as I planned it.
We qualified and we'll be playing the final against San Pablo.
Come on, gentlemen. Each of you to your workout machines.
How many times do I have to tell you not to gather around?
Stop talking!
Wait up! You can place your bets in my room.
They're gonna kick our asses, they're gonna kick our asses, mate!
Thanks for the support, Francis.
Mister Miguel Angel, shut up.
And focus on the electrodes.
How many times do I have to tell you not to interrumpt me...
when I comment a game?
It's just that you take too long, dude.
I don't, I just give it some punch, which is way different.
Besides, weren't you supposed to be upstairs keeping watch...
for Antonio's discharge?
Yeah, they discharged him 5 minutes ago, dammit.
And now, who's gonna score the three-pointers?
Couldn't Francis play as center?
Pepino, stop talking nonsense.
Francis plays as point guard, and he's bad, so go figure.
- Anything else? - Someone called you on the phone, Miguel.
You know who.
Anything else?
There's a new kid in your room.
- My room? - Yes.
- And what's wrong with him? - He had an accident, with a motorcycle.
Excellent, another faggot.
"It wasn't my fault, it was the other guy who came from behind."
You're wrong, dude. When they had his leg X-rayed, they found...
a spot on his tibia.
Man! Antonio! What's up?
- How's it going, mate? - What's up?
Damn, you look great.
- Yup. - Though blue suits you better.
- Well... - You'll change the passport, right bud?
- Yes, now. - Before you leave you'll do the walk.
- What walk? - Dammit, you plan to leave this place...
without doing a super walk with your hydraulic orthopedic super leg?
Of course Antonio, you have to do a walk for your public.
What public?
- Do it! - Come on!
Ladies and gentlemen, today I shall present to you Antonio Valle...
he's wearing a hydraulic orthopedic super leg.
As you can see, for this spring-summer season, he's wearing...
a "Terminator 2" style leg.
Very different from the "Robocop" model he was wearing this winter.
Ok guys, so long!
Damn, awesome, bravo!
Go get the ball, I'll go get something to eat.
Jorge, I leave your pajamas here, so you can put them on whenever you feel like it...
and get to bed.
Oh, my! Look who's here! Izan! Hello Izan!
He's your room-mate, Jorge.
I'm sure you two will get along just fine.
- Hello Izan, how are you? - Hello.
Ok, let's get back to where we were, let's continue.
Time Schedule: at 7 in the morning, breakfast.
At 12 supper, quite early.
At 4 afternoon tea, and at 7, dinner.
Very early, and at 11:30, before they go to bed...
we give them a glass of milk, with cookies.
And I think that would be all. Oh yes, I'll need your signatures...
for the entry papers, that's all as far as I'm concerned.
- Do you have any questions? - Yes, it's just that we're a little lost...
with so many floors.
This is the Oncology building right here.
No, that's a typical question, you know?
That's why I laugh.
No, this is the main building.
And then, on each floor, we have different patients.
For example, this floor's Traumatology.
Here we have kids who have problems with their bones.
Or because they've had a motorcycle accident.
Or because they've had a ski accident.
And then here we have my little baldies.
Who are here trying to recover. Aren't we, son?
This just seems complicated now, in the beginning.
But soon you'll get the hang of it.
Shall we take care of the formalities? Alright?
Yes, ok.
- Very good. - We'll be right back, honey.
Don't mind the nurse.
If you ever are in doubt about how something goes...
you ask me.
- Izan, for today! - Well, I have to go.
I'll see you around, ok?
It was about time, dammit. What were you doing?
Nothing, meeting the new kid.
You didn't get chocolate muffins?
You're late and demanding, heh.
- Hey, Alfredo! - Yeah, partner.
What's up with "Estopa's" poster?
I've already told you it was a matter of days. Take it easy.
- But it has to be autographed. - Yes, bloody hell. Don't be a nuisance.
Oh, one more thing. Tonight I'll be waiting for you in my concert, ok?
- Ok! See you later! - Ok!
- It's clear he doesn't really know Estopa! - That's clear!
I think she's not there anymore. They must have discharged her.
Lighten up, dude. Lighten up. Just keep your eyes on that window...
and you'll see her.
Have any of you seen her?
No, right?
Well, I don't think she exists.
If you don't believe it, take a hike. You're missing it.
And why do you guys think she's a model?
Because she appears in magazines.
She's the same one, I'm positive. Plus she's...
absolutely hot.
Any of you want to see how I score from 7 meters?
No, dammit! You're a drag!
C'mon! Not even from 7 meters, mate!
Get real, mate. You suck pretty bad.
Did you see her?
That chick's the best. She's number one.
And she's fucking hot!
You know what, dude?
You can't fool me.
So I'm outta here. I've had enough of playing dumb with you.
Why don't you let me watch! I want to watch the cartoons!
Go fuck yourself, dude! We always have to watch what you want!
That midget's so stroppy!
Because he was afraid.
That's a lie. He's always afraid.
What? Couple problems?
TV problems. Different tastes.
You left the new kid by himself?
He pretends to be asleep, and doesn't want to talk.
- Shall we order something to eat? - Yeah.
Again? My God, they're a pain in the neck.
Stay there, I'll answer.
Yes, Miguel Angel, what's the matter?
A ham pizza, please.
Oh, a ham pizza.
And only ham in it?
You are right.
A supreme pizza will be better.
Very good.
A supreme pizza. Coming up.
Nothing to drink, or for dessert?
An icecream maybe, a little coffee, a glass of whisky?
If they play it along, it ain't funny.
Though... I'm dying for a pizza.
- With double cheese. - And ham.
- And green pepper! - And tuna!
- And pineapple! - And canneloni!
- On top of the pizza? - Yes.
And on top of that fried eggs with potatoes, bacon and sausage!
And on top ham and melon.
Those juicy melons. And prime ham.
- And on top a chicken. - With potatoes.
No, with your fingers. If someday I have enough dough...
I'll open a restaurant and I'll name it "With your Fingers".
And people will only eat with their fingers.
And I'm sure I'll hit it big, 'cause there's so may dirty people out there!
- And on top a whopper. - And on top a whopper.
- And on top strawberries. - And on top sour cream.
- What a pizza! - What a pizza!
- Are you thirsty? - Man, a lot. I always am...
when I eat pizza.
- You want to go out? - Shall we tell Dani?
Nah, leave him alone.
They must have thought they also wanted potatoes.
Say what you will, but they've gone too far.
It's not Miguel Angel. It's the guys from 417.
Hello, nurse. Francis here.
I relieved myself in my bed.
Could you please come?
Yes, right away.
Shall I go get the cart?
Hold on just a moment, I'm going to yell a little at this pizza maker.
No, Ruth, leave them.
They must be asleep by now.
- Yes, let's not awake the beast. - Yes.
Come on, Francis. We're going to change your diapers.
But, what's going on?
I'm picturing the look on Francis's stupid face.
Basement - Maintenance!
- Thank you! Thank you! - Bravo!
So, what next? Shall we do the "La Cucaracha"?
I'm sorry, Alfredo. We already made plans with some baldie friends.
Listen, Izan.
Let's see who can make this little girl laugh first.
The one with the yellow pacifier.
- You start. - Ok.
What is it? What is it?
My turn.
What is it, girlie girl? Who's pretty? Look.
Damn! The one with the yellow pacifier won't even crack a fucking smile.
Look, look! Look at that one opening his mouth.
He looks like a hippopotamus.
You start with him.
I wanted to talk to you about my new room-mate.
I feel a little sorry for him.
He hasn't even put on the pajamas.
I'll try with the hippo.
- What is it? What is it? - He laughed!
No way! He burped.
I guess the new kid thinks that if he doesn't wear that pajama...
it's as if he wasn't ill.
I bet he then ends up wearing pajamas one wears at home.
With lots of colours, and tiny hearts.
Let's try with the biggest one.
- Look at the baldie. - What is it, little fella? What is it?
Little guy! Oh, he laughed. I've won!
- He's laughed at both of us. - No. He was looking at me.
No, no way.
Damn, he was looking at me. I swear.
Alright, I won't argue about that.
- But, you know what, Miguel Angel? - What?
Newly-borns can't see.
Which means, they can't laugh 'cause we pulled faces.
- Never. - That last one laughed at me.
They laugh because they have dreams.
Cool dreams, but not because they saw you.
Yesterday I had a really cool dream.
I was at the beach, with a very beautiful girl.
We bathed and kissed under the water.
I had both legs.
- Hello, baldie. - Damn, Dr. Marcos.
You bring in more people every other time.
Are you lining up a soccer team?
So? How's everything going?
Well, I can't complain. Having breakfast in bed at 10 in the morning.
Can one ask for more?
This is going fine, but try to get more sun and air on your stump, ok Miguel?
Doctor, present the case to your coleagues.
Ok, very well.
14 year old pacient with cancer in his tibia.
He requiered a supracondyliar amputation...
of his right leg.
Excuse me, but it's not the right leg.
It's my left leg. Don't you leave me without my good leg, Doctor.
Goodbye, baldie. Ok, let's move. Let's move.
Will you be so kind to do 10 exercises?
And don't get distracted.
Yes, my brother.
Why didn't you call me last night to go out?
I'm sorry, my love. I had other plans.
Can you let go of me?
Next time, let me know. Ok?
Ok, honey. Whatever you say.
Four. Five.
Do you think it's funny?
Well, so last night... I wet my bed, right?
Look, midget... next time you pull another joke on me...
I swear I'll trash you. Ok?
Remove the weights, you fucker!
I said remove the weights!
Pepino, you're right on time.
I overheard a nurse saying they're gonna take me to the Wing.
What? That's impossible.
You are not fully recovered yet.
Remove the weights, Pepino.
I don't want to go to the Wing, dude.
I can't tolerate the chemotherapy.
You're not going to the Wing. They haven't even asked you...
to have a blood test.
Remove the weights, dammit! Or are you blind?
Dude, you look like a pig waiting for its throat to be cut.
How funny.
Mister Miguel Angel!
When are you going to stop acting like a clown?
Won't you eat your yoghurt?
- What? - I said, won't you eat your yoghurt?
No, it's just... I'm not hungry.
If you like, I could get you an orange.
I said, if you like, I could get you an orange.
Oh. And what am I gonna do with an orange?
I don't know, maybe you like that better.
Well no, thanks.
Hey, want to come to the sun?
And what's the sun?
It's a basketball court we have here in hospital.
We sunbathe, and now we're training for a final.
Well no, thanks. I don't feel like it.
I see.
Hi, baldie! You doing ok?
Fine, fine.
Hello, Jorge.
I'm Dr. Gallego. Section Chief of this floor.
Dr. Marcos and I are following your case.
If you ever need to talk, or have any doubts...
you can turn either to him or to me.
Now he grabs his discman.
Sounds good. Who are they?
Green Day.
- Never heard of them. - They have lots of rythmn.
They have lots of rythmn.
Now he gives him the notebook.
Listen, Jorge. Here, take this notebook.
Should you have any doubts, any, tiny though they may seem...
you write them down, so when you see me, you won't forget to ask.
See you later, kid.
- Enjoy, baldie! - Thanks.
I'm worried about the new kid.
He doesn't get on his feet.
He has his biopsy next Thursday.
It's his problem, leave him alone.
Ok. But, he reminds me of myself when I first came here.
Without knowing anything. They told me everything all at once.
I don't want him to suffer as bad as I did.
- And what do you want to do? - Help him.
And what if the biopsy turns out bad?
Will you escort him to the Wing?
Stay out of it, Izan.
Yesterday someone called you on the phone again.
- Who? - You know perfectly well who.
What did you tell him?
That you weren't in the room. That I didn't know where you were.
But, Miguel Angel. Why don't you want to talk to him?
He's your father, dammit!
I've already told you to stay out of this.
It's my business.
Why do those guys have to be out there...
while we're in here?
Huh? Tell me. Why?
A quirk of fate.
Shit, shit, shit!
- Name? - Javier.
Ok. Shoot.
This guy sucks really bad.
How many have we tested already?
This one is number fourteen.
Well, shoot.
- Mother of God! - Next!
Damn! Next.
- Good! - Good!
- Very good! - Very good!
- Awesome! - Very good!
- Damn, this one's the best. - I'm telling you, dude, he's awesome.
We got ourselves a center.
Hey, mate.
- You're one hell of a player. - Thanks.
And I'm even better playing in a team than on my own.
Hey, what's your offensive tactic?
Spread offenses, blind blocking using the sidelines...
Try to score as soon as possible.
Yes, ok. But zone defense or man-to-man?
2-3 Zone defense. 3-2-2-1 Zone?
With how many forwards do you guys play?
I dunno, how many?
I think you guys aren't the ideal team for me.
But, thanks for the offer. Later.
Just so you know, we didn't even want you, smart-ass!
- Dickhead! - Smart guy!
# Poppies, are the sighs of your flakes... #
# Which are the gunshots that hit the soul, if you want to see me I'm on the branches. #
# Offer yourself another goal, 'cause I'm like a red wine. #
# And if you drink me cold I mislead... #
# And as the years go by I get smarter. #
Turn off the music, time to eat, everybody!
Soft diet for Miguel Angel.
Izan, gluten-free.
Low-salt for Francis.
Rich in fiber, for Dani.
Hey, what about mine?
You have to fast.
We're going to have your blood analyzed.
Didn't the doctor tell you?
Well, I'll bring it to you later, ok?
- Ok. - Great.
- Enjoy, kids. - Thanks.
- Ham for sausage. - Ok.
- Kiwi for apple. - Sounds good.
- Rice for macaroni. - Okey dokey.
- A half omelet for crème caramel. - No.
- My potatoes for crème caramel? - No.
I'm keeping my crème caramel.
Hey, Pepino...
Why do they have to analyze your blood?
So they can tell whether I have to go to the Wing or not.
What are you saying? Who told you that?
Dr. Marcos.
And what's the Wing?
The place where they give you chemotherapy. Fucking hell on earth.
Dude, you're a damn brute.
We've all had chemotherapy, and we're healthy people.
But not cripple. Healthy people!
Chill, Pepino. I'm sure you still aren't recovered to go to the Wing.
Hello, guys. Which one of you is Guillermo Ruiz?
My goodness, man. I got the comedians gang, uh?
I've had a day... so don't get on my nerves. Don't get on my nerves.
Who's Guillermo?
Don't get pissed, dude.
Guillermo, come. It's just a tiny weeny prick.
Yes, there you go.
I'll tell the nurse to bring your food now, ok?
- Am I going to the Wing? - I beg your pardon?
I said, am I going to the Wing?
The doctor will tell you that, ok?
Alright. Later, guys.
Hey, dude.
Here, have the crème caramel.
# Once upon a time there was a real quiet baldie! #
# Once upon a time there was a real quiet baldie! #
# Who didn't want, who didn't want, who didn't want to go away. #
# One, two, three, four, five, six weeks went by. #
# One, two, three, four, five, six weeks went by. #
# And the baldie, and the baldie, and the baldie was cured. #
Well, enough already?!
Miguel Angel!
Does the model exist?
Damn, of course she does.
You'll see her when you get back.
You can be sure of that, Pepinillo!
I dunno what we're staring at. No model's going to show up.
Chill out, dude. Chill out, you'll see her.
And when you see her, you'll shit your pants.
- You know what? - What?
I've been told my leg is ready.
I'm going through my first test this week.
- Excellent, dude! Congrats! - Damn dude, you're so lucky!
- Thanks, mate. - I wish I was you.
You'll soon be chasing all the chicks out in the street, uh.
- What is it, hydraulic? - No, mechanic.
- It has steel, titanium... - No shit.
- ...and carbon. - Look, look!
Did you see her? She just passed.
Don't bullshit me, dude! I'm not buying it!
Everytime she shows up we're never looking.
Dani's right, she doesn't exist.
You always make her up, Miguel.
- Alright, you want to see her? - Yes.
- You want to see her? - Yes.
- Here she is. - You had it pretty well hidden.
They brought it to me this morning, smart guy.
- This is her? - Yes.
The same one as in the window?
The same one, her name's Lucía Mardones.
- Damn! - Damn!
She's fucking hot.
I'm telling you...
Shall we play bathroom music?
- Ok! - Yeah, let's do it!
- Are you guys ready? - Yes, yes.
As of recently these baldies can't stop listening to this music.
Yes. They're very fond of that new year concert.
Ground floor, Radiology.
# There's guns, that though they're unloaded, they fire on me. #
# All the clocks separate me. #
# And I can't find myself even in bed. #
# Poppies... are the sighs of your flakes. #
# Which are... #
- Whose are these gloves? - Gloves?
You bastard!
Son of a...! Dickhead!
Breathe in.
Don't breathe.
Photo and breathe!
Breathe in.
Don't breathe.
Don't breathe.
Don't breathe.
Photo and breathe!
- Are you guys there? - Yes, we're here.
You dickhead! You scared the shit out of us!
What? Trying to score in the hospital, huh?
You bastards! You sent me to--
Pose for the picture and shut up.
Come on.
Just a moment, guys.
Pay attention.
Moisten your lips.
Wonderful, you're wonderful.
Oh, and smiling, always smiling.
Make room, I'm coming.
We're not cripple! We're healthy people!
May I ask what you're doing here?
But Marcos, do you think it's normal for three kids to wander...
through the hospital with absolute freedom at 2 in the morning?
Because I think that's not very normal.
Ruth, can you explain how those kids escaped from your floor?
Firstly, I don't think they're in prison.
So I don't consider myself a warden that has to write escape reports.
And secondly...
I think these kids are quite special.
Because they have cancer?
Not because they have cancer.
But because they're overcoming their cancer.
You're mistaken.
I think those kids haven't overcome it.
And acts of immaturity like nightly outings...
and other thousands of examples... corroborate that.
I disagree completely, Gallego.
I think those things you call acts of immaturity...
are typical behaviours in adolescents.
Let me remind you, there's other adolescents of that same age...
in our floor, and I'm under the impression that not all of them...
go out partying at night.
Those other kids broke a couple of ribs in a car accident.
Accidents that where paid with bone fractures instead of deaths.
They receive visitors every day, with presents of all kinds.
Bonbons, cakes.
Being in that floor is a reward. A journey back to life.
For mine, being in that floor, is the beginning of the drama.
It may be the road to death.
I think you're making a mistake by dramatizing it.
I think you're making a mistake, by undramatizing it!
Alright, easy now, gentlemen.
No one's mistaken here.
We all want what's best for these kids.
I think we mustn't overexaggerate things.
Simply, Ruth... try to prevent them from escaping again.
And you, Marcos, talk to them.
Have them understand they're not here... to go out and party.
That during the night, in this hospital...
we sleep.
Well, and that should be all.
Let's move on to other matters.
I think the doctors are very pissed off at us.
Because of last night. We'll be punished!
They won't do anything to us. Doctor Marcos wouldn't allow it.
We just gotta stop going out for a couple of nights.
- No, I'm not planning to do so. - Well I am.
You just want to stay with the guy with the flashy pajamas.
Cut the crap. Besides, tomorrow he gets his biopsy.
- You should drop by and see him. - Don't give me that shit.
Look, here comes your leg.
How long is it since you have only one leg, Izan?
Eight months.
Well, let's get to it. Take it easy.
Lift it.
That's it.
There you go.
Does it make you uncomfortable?
Now stand up.
make a step towards me.
Come on, don't be afraid!
First the good one, then the other.
- Come on, dude, that's the spirit! - Come on, baldie, you can do it!
Good, good.
Now... let go of your hands.
Come on, don't be afraid, let go of your hands!
Let go. Move forward and let go of your hands.
- Come on, you're almost there! - Come on! Go!
One more step!
You're, you're almost...
- Great! - Great!
- Very good, dude! - That was awesome, dude!
You're tha bomb! You've done real well!
Great, man! You've done so well!
- That's what I'm talking about! - You're the best!
Yes, come in.
- May I? - Come in, come in.
Hi, Ramón! How are you? Come in.
- How are you doing? - I'm doing fine.
How's your mother?
She's fine, there, as always.
Dude, what a surprise.
Well, I'll leave you guys alone, I'm sure you have lots to talk.
Ok? Bye bye.
- So, how's it going? - Good.
- You? - Perfect.
Can't wait to see all of you guys again.
What's with the ball?
Nothing, I've brought it for you to practice whenever you can.
It's autographed by everybody, except that dickhead Roque.
You know he can't stand being your substitute.
Damn, it's very nice.
Really, I like it a lot.
Come on, some passes.
- Jorge? - What?
- Do you have cancer? - What?
Who... who told you that?
I overheard the coach.
Well, and it is rumoured within the team.
Great, and that's why you bring me the fucking ball, right?
So I happen to be the sick boy, who gets an autographed ball...
instead of receiving his friends' visits!
What do they fear? Becoming infected?
Jorge, dude... they're just scared. They... they don't know what to do.
Fine, just awesome. Fucking great.
What about you? They've sent you as a spy, so you can tell them how I am.
Look, Ramón, piss off! Come on, get he hell out!
- Listen, dude... - I said piss off.
And tell them I've only three months left to live, yeah.
And that I was pitiful.
You're still like that?
Well, you're not leaving until you eat everything.
I'm warning you.
I'm lost.
Oh, yes? You're lost?
Yes, I was looking...
for a street, a store, a disco?
No, the gym.
I don't know where it is.
- My name's Dani. - So what? You want a prize for that?
Did you ever stop to think about what the bread did?
The bread?
Yes, he must've done something bad since they've imprisoned him.
He must get into fights with the meat or the fish...
and that's why they wrap him.
Just as I supposed.
He's tough. He's a tough guy.
Very interesting.
May I?
Yuck! This is disgusting, it's cold!
Yes. They brought it two hours ago.
Nobody can eat it like this.
Explain that to the old bag.
I'm leaving.
Hey, you.
My name's Gloria.
- Hello, Izan. - Hello.
- Are you staying for the night? - No.
Where's Jorge? This is going to get cold.
I don't know, he left without saying anything.
I'm sorry that you see him behaving like that.
Normally he's very outgoing.
He has lots of friends, you know?
And he plays in a basketball team.
Jorge plays in a basketball team?
Yes, every sunday since he was seven years old or so.
And he's a very good player.
- What's his position? - Center.
And I'm not just saying this because I'm his mother... but he's the best.
Everybody says that.
- There he is. - Hi.
So, what have you decided?
That I'm leaving. We'll come tomorrow at a quarter to 8.
- Take good care of him. - Ok.
Ok, sleep well.
Miguel Angel! Miguel Angel!
Are we going out?
Yes, but right here. To Izan's room.
What for? To see the guy in the flashy pajamas?
- Yes, that's right. - Damn...
You've changed. You couldn't even see him.
Hold on to your chair, Dani. The guy with the flashy pajamas is a hell of a center.
- How do you know? - Izan told me.
And we're gonna go see him right now.
Tomorrow he gets his biopsy.
Which means we mustn't tell him anything about the game.
And we have to be nice to him. Very nice.
Good evening, Jorge.
Good evening.
I was very anxious to meet you.
Izan has told me a lot about you.
- Me too. - Right.
How are they treating you around here?
- Do they feed you well? - Look at that.
Well, this is ready. You want to play shadows, Jorge?
- It'll be a lot of fun. - It'll be a very good time.
No, thanks.
Let's get started.
Bleh, a dog, as always.
- No. - A horse.
A wolf.
It's a... deer!
Right, man, that's cheating! You just gave it the horns!
My turn.
Uh, a dog.
A giraffe.
A cow.
I know, it's a llama!
- Exactly, it's a llama. - Yeah, riiight, a llama.
You don't know anything, so shut it. Your turn, Dani.
- An eagle. - No.
- A vulture? - No.
A seagull.
- It goes like this. - A sparrow.
No man, jesus. It's a dove.
Yes, sir! Very good, mate!
Damn, but I had said it was a seagull!
A seagull's not the same thing as a dove.
And how do you know it's a dove?
Because of the beak. Am I right?
Damn, Jorge! You take notice of everything! The beak!
Are you awake?
Yes, what is it?
were you afraid when you had your biopsy?
Were you afraid?
Yes, a little. Are you afraid?
A little too.
Have you ever had surgery?
Yes, when I was little, phismosis.
But it was nothing, a tiny cut and I was back home.
What about you, many times?
What's with the bracelets?
They give you one each time you're operated.
They put your name on, and your blood type.
And why are you still wearing them?
I don't know. We just like to wear them.
Do they use much anesthesia?
Does anesthesia scare you?
Yes, a little.
I was scared of anesthesia too.
I thought I wouldn't wake up from it.
Yes, that and forgetting who you are.
I have a trick. Whenever I go into an operating room...
I think of the first part of a saying.
And when I wake up... I try to remember the last part.
If I remember it, it means I haven't forgotten anything.
And what saying do I have to say?
Whichever you like.
The early bird...
Catches the worm.
No matter how early you get up...
You can't make the sun rise any sooner.
Well, it doesn't have to be only about getting up early.
The Shoemaker's son...
Always goes barefoot.
A pair of tits...
draws more than a pair of oxen.
With this shot you'll get to sleep right away, Jorge.
You'll see.
A pair of tits...
A pair of tits...
A pair of tits...
How long is it already?
45 minutes.
- And how long did he say it'd take? - 30 minutes.
Don't you worry. They always tell you one thing...
and then do whatever they want.
All these doctors think they're gods, and they're just punks with robes.
Shut up, dad.
If you had listened to me and if you hadn't given him that bloody bike...
- we wouldn't be here. - There you go again.
Didn't you hear what the doctor said? He was very clear.
The accident's been providential.
Otherwise, it would have taken months for us to unveil this.
And it may have been too late.
What a fucking disgrace. Poor chap. Life is unfair.
If there's someone up there, he forgets of the people down here.
Please, dad! Don't say that!
This... no, this has nothing to do with it.
Let's call things by their names! This is a fucking disgrace!
If they want to call it something else, so be it. But let's...
call things by their names, what happened to this kid is truly a fucking disgrace.
- Mr. and Mrs. Navarro... - Yes, how did it go?
Very well, it was a handbook biopsy. We've opened and extracted a sample.
Now we have to wait about three days, for the laboratory to give us...
the result of the biopsy.
But how did it look to you?
We have to wait and see what the lab has to say.
But do you think it's bad?
We'd better wait for the results.
Did it look bad to you?
Mrs. Navarro, I don't want to give you false hope...
It didn't look bad to me, the cyst was quite localized...
and the bone looked intact.
- And that's a good thing, isn't it? - Yes.
Had the cyst invaded the bone area, it would have been a bad sign.
But let me remind you again that we have to wait for the results.
- Is Jorge ok? - He's perfectly well.
He'll be at the ICU for a couple of hours, and when he wakes up...
we'll take him to his room.
Thank you.
Thank you.
This is a fucking disgrace. This is a fucking disgrace.
...draws more than...
...draws more than...
...draws more than...
- draws more than... - How are you feeling?
What are you saying? What do you need?
...draws more than...
Draws more than what?
Than a pair of oxen.
- Than a pair of oxen. - I'm sorry?
A pair of tits draws more than a pair of oxen.
A pair of tits draws more than a pair of oxen.
You can't see him until 5.
A pair of tits draws more than a pair of oxen. I haven't forgotten it!
Good God, is this kid horny!
What is it?
A pair of tits draws more...
than a pair of oxen!
How did you get up here?
Well, you know, I was looking for a street, a store, a disco...
but... I think I've got the wrong place.
I see, you're lost again, right?
Want to come watch how I don't eat?
Uh, it's just that... my friends are waiting for me.
I may eat something, for a change. And we could set the bread free...
and witness the combat of the century: bread vs. meat.
Would you like that?
- Ok, let's do it. - Great, come on.
- Hello, Jorge, good evening! - Hi.
- Look what I have for you. - Damn, it's very nice.
Come on.
Hey, guys, I have a bracelet!
- You guys heard about Pepino, right? - What's wrong with him?
Esther just told me. He's not at the Wing anymore.
They weren't able to give him chemotherapy.
And they've sent him home?
Yes, until they can give it to him, of course.
Damn, he's so lucky, isn't he?
May we?
Come in, baldies.
Hey, Alfredo! What's up?
Dude! How's it going?
- Hi. - Hi.
You've lots of hair, so you must be new, right?
- Yes, nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you.
So, what's up, how's the training going?
Have you guys found a new center?
What is it?
I told you we have a basketball team, didn't I?
We know you're a hell of a center and we need one for the final.
Right, but I don't know if with the stitches from the biopsy and--
- Not a problem, chill out. - I can assure you it doesn't hurt a bit.
Not at all.
Ok, fine. Count on me.
- Great! - Perfect!
Alright, now to celebrate it, let's score some beats, uh?
- Ok, go ahead. - Ok, ok.
Why don't we score some "Estopa" posters too?
Right now they're very busy with their gala, but everything will come, in time. Chill.
- Ok, whatever you say. - Come on.
Alright, come on. Shall we make some beats?
Guys, the concert is over. They're calling me from the 5th floor.
Hey, doesn't Alfredo tell you guys go out at night?
No way! He's a cool guy.
He says he's for anything that's revolutionary.
- He's cuban, right? - Yes, from Habana.
He told us it's the best place in the whole world.
Incredible beaches, brunettes to die for.
My father's promised me that when I recover...
he'll take me to Cuba.
I remember the day when Doctor Gallego told me...
he was going to cut off my leg.
Alfredo was there, in the room.
Fixing the window. And he heard everything.
I think he went away crying.
How about sneaking into an operation room?
Dude, that doesn't appeal much to me.
- I just came out of one. - That's true.
Hey, what if we go to the rooftop?
Maybe we can see an emergency helicopter land.
Maybe we won't see any.
Well, if you can't make up your minds, I'm off to bed.
No more outings for me.
You shitbrick!
How about stuffing our faces with crème caramel in the kitchen?
No, I'm not hungry.
Check it out! He didn't stop at the fourth floor.
- Where's this dude going? - Look, look, look!
He stopped at the sixth floor.
Son of a...! He kept it so quiet!
But what's in floor six?
- Girls! - Girls!
Let's go!
Go straight, Dani.
To the right.
To the left.
- So where did you go yesterday? - We went out.
Where to?
To the sixth floor.
So you followed me.
Your girlfriend's very cute.
Drives real well.
She's not my girlfriend.
And you don't have a right to follow me.
- What is she, then? - A friend.
And what about your friend?
Does she have good tits?
Cut it out Miguel Angel! You're going too far.
You bastard! For your information, she has anorexia!
Hungry chicks are the best.
- They always end up eating your-- - Fuck off, you fucking midget!
I just... this son of a bitch!
Dani! Hold on, Dani!
- Chill out, mate. - I don't want to chill out.
I'm sicking tired of him!
He laughs all day long at anything I do.
I have a friend, and he has to insult her.
He's suffering, understand him.
We're all suffering! How about that?!
He's lonelier than us, Dani.
His parents split up.
His mother ran off with another guy.
A couple of months ago his father came to see him.
Miguel kept his mouth shut for two hours, he wouldn't talk to him.
He hates his father. I don't know why.
But he thinks he's to blame for his being here.
- What the hell are you talking about? - We talk about anything we want.
You can't control everything, midget.
I control whatever I want, and don't call me midget.
I'll call you whatever the fuck I want.
Easy, easy! Cut it out, cut it out!
- Fucking midget! - Will you guys stop it?
Are you guys insane or what?
If you got the balls, I'll wait for you tonight at 12 at the end of the corridor.
- I'll be there. Don't chicken out! - Stay back!
- Stop it, fuck! - Stop!
Why don't you stop it?
Like that! Come on, Dani! Come on, come on!
Come on, Dani! To the left!
Go, Dani! Go, Dani!
Hold it, hold it! Hold it, hold it!
May I ask what you're up to?
Come on!
Are you crazy?!
An authentic chariot race right here in hospital.
As in the movie "Ben-Hur".
Your baldies, Marcos, have crossed the line.
And I feel bad saying this, but I had warned you about it.
I'm very sorry for their behaviour.
I'll have to talk to them.
If I'm not mistaken, you did that last time...
and it looks as if they don't take you very seriously.
In my opinion, we should increase the security during the night.
And since staff nurse Ruth is unable to do that...
I propose to take measures against her.
I also propose to suspend the sun passes for the patients involved.
And the basketball game against the patients of San Pablo.
I think that's excessive.
If we don't let them go out, what's this any different from a prison?
While we're at it, why don't we strap their hands to the beds as in psychiatry?
Gallego, do me a favour and have a meeting with them...
and say in consequence what course of action we should take.
Very well, guys! I was eager to meet up with you.
Would you like something to drink? A coca-cola?
A soda? Orange juice?
- I'll have a malibu with lime. - I'll have a cuba.
I'll have a pina colada with rum.
So... that was a really impressive race.
Who played "Ben-Hur"?
- I did! - I did!
- No, it was me! - It was me!
Enough, kids!
I'm not here to play games.
I want us to talk and communicate, so let's be serious.
Who'd like to start?
- My cellphone, I gotta run 'cause-- - I must leave--
Enough already!
Let's run over your clinical records.
Daniel Serrano.
Daniel, you had osteosarcoma in your right leg...
and you had a prosthesis implanted.
Izan Espinosa.
Miguel Angel Fernandez.
You guys had a prosthesis implanted too.
But then had a relapse, and both of you...
had to have your legs amputated.
Are these clinical records correct?
Well, I once had angina, but you haven't mentioned that.
And I had measles.
And my nuts swell because of the mumps.
My nuts swell too, because of you.
But I just want us to talk about your life in hospital...
and how you see your future.
I'd like to work in a tollbooth.
You get your own office, you can put posters...
handle cash, speak languages, see a lot of people... who depend of you.
If you don't raise the tollgate, they're screwed!
And I bet you can jack off inside the booth...
- looking at the foreign chicks. - Yes, I bet you can.
Alright, Miguel Angel. You want to work in a tollbooth.
Let's talk about it. You're 14 years old.
Do you think you'll live long enough to work in a tollbooth?
You're not a doctor. You're a stroppy man who scares kids.
- Have I scared you, Izan? - No, you haven't scared me.
- Aren't you afraid of death? - No.
We're invincible 'cause we ain't cripple! We're healthy people!
That answer would be alright if you were seven years old.
But you're 15, and have been fighting your cancer for 4 years.
That answer's no good for me.
Why don't you go fuck yourself?
We know how to solve our problems.
We've been here for a long time, and we haven't done so bad.
I think it's the other way around.
You've been allowed to do many things.
You've built a fake world to avoid facing the truth.
For example you, Daniel. Your report says you don't want to go through...
the rounds of chemotherapy, once you've recovered...
from the prosthetic implant.
No, I don't want to.
Do you know you can die?
I know that I'll feel like shit with the chemotherapy.
I don't want to go through that again.
No gains without pains.
I don't want my hair to fall off again!
I don't want to puke until my ribs hurt!
I don't want to get a shot which will make my cock burn and render me impotent!
- Do you understand that? - Yes, I understand perfectly.
But thanks to chemotherapy you're alive right now. The same as your partners.
It's true that sometimes chemotherapy is too late and there's nothing to be done...
such is the case of your friend Guillermo.
- What happened with Pepino? - What do you mean?
No one told you guys about your friend Pepino?
That he was sent home.
They sent him home because nothing could be done.
He had lung metastasis and there he passed away, after two days.
Shit! Shit!
Shit! Shit!
Why don't you have a leg?
Why do you think I don't have it?
A shark ate it.
Yes, that's right. A gigantic shark, the size of a giraffe.
Where do you have your leg?
Well, it's in the shark's stomach.
You have to eat your spinach.
What for?
So your leg can grow back.
Ok, I'll keep that in mind.
Can I touch the little piece?
What little piece?
The little piece of leg.
Yeah, why not?
It's soft.
Javi, come here right now!
Hey, don't you get any visits?
See for yourself.
Well... don't forget to eat your spinach!
That was wrong. Very wrong.
Great news! Doctor Gallego lets us go out at night...
and play the game.
I've brought chocolate cookies, canned goods...
and a sponge cake, the kind you like so much.
My mother baked it for you.
Hello! It's Izan.
How are we doing?
Yes, we're all alright around here.
Yes, hold on just a moment.
- Miguel Angel, your father. - What?
But are you crazy or what?
Don't you know I don't want to talk to him?
Leave me alone.
Your father, Miguel Angel.
I'm telling you I don't want to talk to him.
Tell him I'm not here. I ignore him. Hang up on him.
Hi, dad.
Well... you're...
How can I put it?
Yeah, a little different.
Neither changed, nor different. You look weird as hell.
It's ok that you want to impress your girl. But...
you don't have any clothes to put on.
Damn! With these clothes I was admitted here.
It doesn't look good?
- No! - No!
Here, this is the shirt I was using when I was admitted.
Come on, try it on, it's very nice.
- It's really cool, dude. - Yes.
- I also brought some cologne. - I think I'll pass with the cologne.
Come on, don't be a filthy maggot. Wear some cologne.
- No, I don't want to, no! Fuck it! - Yes, come on. A little cologne!
No, no! Don't spray any more, it smells really bad!
- Come on! - Jorge, dude!
The plane's heading to the airbase!
You've made her eat a bite.
Perfect. You'll have to come here more often.
Yes, that'd be real nice.
You look very handsome with street clothes.
- You like how I look in this, uh? - Yes, but with less cologne.
Oh, boy! Do you smell! Easy on the cologne next time.
It's my friends' fault, they sprayed it on me.
Well, but you look cute.
You look pretty too.
I wanted to tell you that...
I don't know...
What is it you don't know?
You're the coolest girl I've ever known.
And I would've liked...
What is it? Tell me, please.
I would've liked... you to meet the boy I was before all this.
I like the boy you are.
I have something to tell you too.
The other day, your friend Miguel Angel came to see me,
and told me about the chemotherapy.
He shouldn't have.
He did so because he cares a lot about you.
What do you think if we make a pact?
A pact?
Yes, a life pact.
We both do whatever's in our hands to get well.
- Will you try to eat? - Will you go through that chemotherapy?
If you eat, I go.
If you go, I eat.
I'll go.
I'll eat.
- And these bracelets? - War memories.
They give us one each time we are operated.
I collect them.
One, two, three...
- They operated you three times? - As you can see.
Here, have this one.
Thanks, Dani.
And this one... what battle is it from?
This one's...
from when all this began.
I don't think it's a good idea.
Why don't you wait until tomorrow?
Marcos will tell you. Your family will be by your side.
No. I want to go to the lab now and get my results.
Right now.
There they are. Turn on the flashlight.
So... so what does it have to read if I'm ill?
Somewhere it'll read there's symptoms of osteosarcoma.
- And if I'm ok? - Then there's no osteosarcoma.
Damn. And where could it be?
It must be in an envelope.
On the desk of the Chief Laboratorist, surely.
Hematology. Hematology.
Nothing here.
Jorge! It's this one!
Damn! Great! Great! Great!
Dad? Dad, it's Jorge.
Hi, I'm sorry to call you this late, but I have good news.
Yes, I've been looking at the results of the biopsy and...
and I'm alright! I don't have cancer! Honest, I don't have anything!
Hey, tell mom. And tell everyone.
Hey, I have to go. Ok, lots of kisses.
See you.
San Pablo! San Pablo!
San Pablo! San Pablo! San Pablo!
San Pablo! San Pablo! San Pablo! Hooray for San Pablo!
Very well, Baldies. You know, what's important isn't winning...
- but participating. - Bullshit!
Come on, come on, there's no need to get angry, kids!
You've had bad luck, that's all.
Congratulations, Jorge. Tomorrow I'll remove the stitches, and you can go home.
Thanks a lot, doctor.
By the way, how did your parents know the results of the biopsy?
I haven't told them.
Someday I'll tell you, Doctor Marcos.
There's no need. I've been told that there was a certain mess...
with the envelopes in the lab.
We're cripple! Healthy people!
We're cripple! Healthy people!
Damn, dude, don't get mad, but we were told you were...
a star and that was a little overrated.
You're nothing special.
Damn, I did what I could.
Besides, I'd never played in a wheelchair.
Plus you guys, are pretty bad.
Yeah right, but you have two legs, and we only have one.
And what does that have to do with anything? We're sitting!
Besides, I'm starting to get used to the chair.
Five more minutes and we would've won the game.
Don't worry, Jorge. We're used to losing.
The game's not really that important. What comes after it is.
What comes after it?
Alfredo has prepared everything in the gym.
It'll rock!
Dani, Dani, Dani!
Jorge, Jorge! Jorge, Jorge!
- Alright! - Come on, mate!
Knock them over!
Your attention, guys. Pay close attention.
With all of you... "Estopa"!
- Estopa! Estopa! - Thanks!
Estopa! Estopa! Estopa!
We'd like to dedicate this song to our very special friends.
The Baldies.
Baldies! Baldies! Baldies!
Hit it!
# I was born for joy... #
# Never says no to some potatoes. #
# Sometimes he suffers from agony. #
# He sells his soul very cheap. #
# He wakes up everyday... feeling like going to the park. #
# His manias disappeared with the fire of a Cuba Libre. #
# Let 'em say it's morning already... Let dawn die... #
# Let the last breeze blow... Last poisoned hour... #
# He goes to bed at noon. #
# With a pretty face. #
# Thinking of a thousand stupid things. #
# Looking for the bed on all fours. #
# With a lost look on his face... Dilated pupils... #
# No one can laugh here. Damn the early light. #
# 'Cause when one gets into an entanglement, dawn plays tricks on you. #
# And the nine symphonies Can be heard from the pillow. #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
# And close the windows 'cause the early dusk breeze is starting to blow. #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
# And close the windows 'cause the early dusk breeze is starting to blow. #
# And one night of party. #
# When he left his home... #
# It was a very cold night, even the rats froze. #
# I found him sleeping, covered in frost. #
# Come with me, it's freezing, come on, let's go home. #
# You shouldn't have gone out... You've been going out too much. #
# I find you worn out... I feel my heart shrinks. #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
# And close the windows 'cause the early dusk breeze is starting to blow. #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
# And close the windows 'cause the early dusk breeze is starting to blow. #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
# And close the windows 'cause the early dusk breeze is starting to blow. #
- # And honestly... # - # Honestly... #
- # That chap... # - # That chap... #
- # Isn't doing... # - # Isn't doing... #
- # Bad at all... # - # Bad at all... #
# And honestly that chap isn't doing bad at all, #
# 'cause he knows time's running out. #
- # Honestly... # - # Honestly... #
- # That chap... # - # That chap... #
- # Isn't doing... # - # Isn't doing... #
# Bad at all! #
- # Honestly... # - # Honestly... #
- # That chap! # - # That chap! #
- # Isn't doing... # - # Isn't doing... #
# Bad at all! #
I'd like to propose a toast to friendship.
The Fourth Floor is based on a real-life story.
Its co-writer, Albert Espinosa, lived the experiences recreated...
in fiction by the character of Izan.
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Port of Call (1948)
Portrait of a Lady The
Poseidon Adventure The
Poslusne hlasim (1957)
Possession (2002)
Possible Loves - Eng - 2000
Post Coitum 2004
Postman Blues (1997)
Posutoman Burusu
Power Play (2002)
Practical Magic
Predator (1987)
Prem Rog
Presidents Analyst The (1967)
Presidio The
Prevrashcheniye (Metamorphosis)
Prick Up Your Ears
Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice CD1
Pride and Prejudice CD2
Pride and Prejudice CD3
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Pride and Prejudice The Making of
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Prime of Miss Jean Brodie The CD1
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Prince and the Showgirl The
Princess Blade The
Princess Bride The
Princess Diaries The CD1
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Princess Mononoke
Princess Of Thieves
Princess and the Warrior The
Prisoner of Second Avenue The
Private Life of Sherlock Holmes The (1970)
Private Parts
Producers The
Profondo rosso
Project A CD1
Project A CD2
Psycho (1960)
Psycho - Collectors Edition
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD1
Public Enemy (2002 Korean) CD2
Public Enemy The
Pulp Fiction (1984)
Pump Up The Volume
Pumping Iron (1977)
Punch-Drunk Love
Punisher The (2004)
Punisher The 1989
Pupendo (2003) CD1
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Purple Sunset (2001)
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